Tuesday, April 30, 2002

UDENT Launches Dental Social Network Connecting Dental Professionals Worldwide

UDENT Launches Dental Social Network Connecting Dental Professionals Worldwide

UDENT. com is redefining dental health with an online social network designed for dental professional to engage their peers. http://www. udent. com.

Pomona, CA (PRWEB) November 3, 2009

UDENT. com the online leading source of dental health information, today announced the launching of new professional dental social network designed to connect dental professionals, students, and consumers to the world of dental information, tools, and services.

The platform connects dental professionals and students to their dental community. Members can create their online profile http://www. udent. com/dental-members. aspx (http://www. udent. com/dental-members. aspx), joint dental groups, create their own blog, write dental articles, upload pictures and videos, and exchange dental health information throughout a comprehensive dental forum.

The website allows dental professionals to gain and exchange clinical and non-clinical information on topics ranging from patient care, drug information, dental products, dental legislation and practice management to non-clinical areas of interest.

For consumers, it has variety of dental resources, access to up to date articles and videos about many dental conditions and procedures, cosmetic dentistry, gum disease, dental implants, dental braces, root canals, and many more topics.

UDENT. com. builds on more than 10 years of online experience to provide dental professionals with online destination to communicate in areas ranging from clinical issues to politics.

UDENT also feature:
 Latest dental and health news headlines throughout the day.  The largest online dental directory on the web.  Online job assistance and career advancement.  Practice sales listings.  Online dental products store. http://www. udent. com/dental-supplies. aspx (http://www. udent. com/dental-supplies. aspx)

About UDENT:
UDENT, Inc. is the online leading provider of dental health information and services, serving consumers, and dental professionals. Its online presence is located at http://www. udent. com (http://www. udent. com).


Monday, April 29, 2002

Cirrus Allied Rolls Out Licensing and Credentialing Support Program In Texas For Travel Therapists

Cirrus Allied Rolls Out Licensing and Credentialing Support Program In Texas For Travel Therapists

Cirrus Allied is offering licensing and credentialing support for PTs, OTs, and SLPs in Texas.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 28, 2010

Cirrus Allied President Greg Allen announced today that the travel therapy staffing firm (http://www. cirrusallied. com) is rolling out a Comprehensive Licensing and Credentialing Support Program for travel therapists looking to obtain credentials in Texas.

“The state of Texas is abundant with opportunities for travel physical therapists (http://www. cirrusallied. com/Travel-Physical-Therapy), occupational therapists (http://www. cirrusallied. com/Travel-Occupational-Therapy) and speech language pathologists (http://www. cirrusallied. com/Travel-Speech-Therapy),” said Allen. “Our new Comprehensive Licensing and Credentialing Support Program is designed to offer free support for individuals seeking these positions and to guide them through Texas’ unique and sometimes daunting licensing and credentialing requirements.”

To help PTs, OTs, and SLPs figure out what credentialing and licensing is needed for permanent and travel therapy assignments in Texas, Cirrus Allied has a team ready to help you with any of your licensing and credentialing needs. If you have a specific question or concern regarding credentialing and licensure, therapists can call Cirrus Allied’s toll free credentialing hotline: 866-518-1750. The hotline is manned with a member of the Cirrus Allied team Monday through Friday from 8 a. m. – 6 p. m. EST. If a therapist leaves a message after hours, Cirrus Allied guarantees a 24 hour response from a credentialing professional.

“Cirrus Allied is the first rehabilitation therapy staffing firm in the country to offer a free credentialing support service for therapists with no strings attached,” said Allen. “Of course we’d love to have these therapists join the Cirrus team, but it’s not required.”

Texas, known as the Lone Star State, is home to twenty-four million people and boasts rugged mountains, majestic canyons and beaches. Travel OTs, travel PTs and travel SLPs can hike through Big Bend National Park, explore the Johnson Space Center and visit The Alamo to learn about the heroic struggle that took place there in 1836. Cities such as Houston and San Antonio are home to some of the best restaurants and professional sports teams in the country as well as many great places to visit in groups or as a family.

For more information, visit our Texas Therapy Jobs page (http://www. cirrusallied. com/Texas-Therapy-Jobs) or call 866-518-1750 and ask for therapist credentialing help.

About Cirrus Allied:
Cirrus Allied is one of the nation’s leading rehabilitation therapy staffing firms. With offices in Atlanta, Charlotte and Houston, our firm specializes in placing experienced rehabilitation therapists and assistants into travel, contract and permanent employment assignments that help them to further advance their careers. For our healthcare facility clients, our focus is providing a one-stop solution to their staffing and HR needs.

Cirrus Allied is a member of the Cirrus Healthcare Group, an international healthcare group specializing in providing US healthcare companies with customized domestic and international staffing and HR solutions. The Group consists of Cirrus Medical Staffing, Cirrus Allied and Cirrus Global. The companies are all A. Soriano Corporation (ANSCOR) companies.


Sunday, April 28, 2002

Alleged Ethics Violations Plague Case of Disabled Georgia Writer

Alleged Ethics Violations Plague Case of Disabled Georgia Writer

Georgia's longest pre-trial detainee, writer Ed Kramer has been under house arrest for 7 years -- still awaiting his day in court. Arrested in 2000 (Georgia v. Kramer, 00-B-03771-5), one day following an anonymous phone call, he has always maintained his innocence. Now, a 'Motion for Permission to Receive Continued and Necessary Medical Treatment' entered in Gwinnett Court this week (in the case Georgia v. Kramer, 00-B-03771-5), documents the county's offer to Kramer's attorneys, requiring him, an American-born citizen, to be banished from the US in order to receive physician-ordered care. Additional information and filings are online at a Yahoo Group supporting Kramer's legal defense (www. edkramer. org).

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 15, 2007

Georgia's longest pre-trial detainee, writer Ed Kramer has been under house arrest for 7 years -- still awaiting his day in court. Arrested in 2000 (Georgia v. Kramer, 00-B-03771-5), one day following an anonymous phone call, he has always maintained his innocence. Now, a 'Motion for Permission to Receive Continued and Necessary Medical Treatment' entered in Gwinnett Court this week (in the case Georgia v. Kramer, 00-B-03771-5), documents the county's offer to Kramer's attorneys, requiring him, an American-born citizen, to be banished from the US in order to receive physician-ordered care. Additional information and filings are online at a Yahoo Group supporting Kramer's legal defense (www. edkramer. org).

The motion, filed on behalf of Kramer by attorney McNeill Stokes, noted: "The Defendant received a traumatic brain injury while detained at the Gwinnett County Detention Center (GCDC), and as a result, remains permanently disabled. Throughout multiple surgeries on his cervical spine to avert full paralysis below the neck, the Defendant has received hundreds of medical treatments, and according to medical affidavits, will continue to do so for the remainder of his life." A similar motion for 'Continued Medical Consultation and Treatment,' filed to the Gwinnett Court in January 2007, remains unsigned.

Medical and jail records entered as exhibits to each motion show that following Kramer's injury, jail medical providers, Prison Health Services (PHS), treated him with aspirin and Motrin, even though an MRI in his jail medical record documented cervical spine damage. Atlanta Jewish Life Editor, Benyamin Cohen, has followed the case for years. In his investigative report, 'Truth, Justice and Edward Kramer' (October 2004), "According to those present, the guards left a golf ball size extrusion on Kramer's head," wrote Cohen.

The 'Affidavit of David Foster' filed in a 2002 civil rights complaint (Kramer v. Gwinnett, et. al., 1-02-cv-2124) witnessed, "A big deputy in black riot gear forced Edward Kramer's head into the wall so hard, his head actually bounced off the wall. At no time did Edward Kramer disobey orders or do anything to provoke the deputy's assault." In Cohen's article, Reverend Thomas Coley concurred, "This deputy was telling me that they damn near broke his neck and he was happy about it."

"I wouldn't have believed it had I not been there," continued Coley. "The anti-Semitism there was horrendous. As a black detainee there's only one thing that I can think that would've been worse for me -- and that's if I was Jewish." Coley's Affidavit (Kramer v. Gwinnett) filed as part of the complaint recounted, "Sheriff's Deputies informed inmates to stay away from Kramer because the Sheriff's Department is going to hang that Jewish son-of-a-bitch."

In Gerald Blackford, Jr.'s Affidavit, also filed in the case (Kramer v. Gwinnett), "I saw inmates being prodded with the stun gun while strapped into the chair -- I think it's called 'four-point' restraint -- and even sprayed with pepper gas while strapped down. One man was sprayed with a water hose while strapped down, pushed into a cold cell and left to dry. In my opinion, these men needed special attention, not physical punishment."

Two black GCDC inmates, Ray Charles Austin and Deacon Fred Williams, died following TASER stun gun incidents in 2004, while restrained. During the investigation, WXIA-TV (April 25, 2005) played clips from a police-surveillance videotape (http://video. google. com/videoplay? docid=-1964707186772642906) of the incident involving Williams and 11 Deputies. According to the station, "District Attorney Danny Porter provided details of the investigations to a grand jury and that grand jury decided not to pursue an investigation of their own. They, however, chose not to view the videotape taken at the jail."

"It appears that the medical and security staff at the Gwinnett County Detention Center violated every moral, ethical and professional standard that could apply," noted attorney Isaac M. Jaroslawicz, former Director of Legal Affairs of The Aleph Institute, a national non-profit organization providing assistance to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

In October 2006, Attorney John Carmichael filed a 'Motion for Dismissal With Prejudice,' citing gross 'speedy trial' rights violations in the case against Kramer (Georgia v. Kramer). In Georgia, a hearing must occur within 8 months of an indictment (Scandrett v. Georgia, 279 Ga. 632). The motion revealed an unprecedented Court Order, signed by Judge Debra K. Turner, which permitted Kramer to travel to Israel for 10 days earlier that year, according to Carmichael's motion, to "tempt him into remaining there, where he would be convicted in absentia." Court records show Kramer returned as scheduled.

Turner denied the motion for dismissal, and since, has recused herself from the case. A 'Motion for Appeal' (Georgia v. Kramer) has been filed, but months later, remains undocketed. According to code, the district court must forward the motion along with court transcripts within 20 days, to the Georgia Court of Appeals. According to Kramer's attorney's, court transcription staffing issues are responsible for the delay.

Following a trip to the State Capitol in search of Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, Kramer's 84-year-old mother received a letter from Perdue's office thanking her for making him aware of her son's urgent need for medical care, but that "The Georgia Constitution prohibits me from intervening... I regret that I cannot help you further and hope you understand the limitations of my authority in this situation." She has never met or spoke with Perdue herself.

Kramer's legal expenses have now exceeded $200,000 and medical expenses over a quarter-million. The National Center for Reason and Justice (www. ncrj. org) set up a tax-deductible fund for donations on Kramer's behalf. A collection stories and commentary by supportive writers and journalists, tentatively entitled, Injustice, is in the works by editor Bill Fawcett, to raise funds.


Voxeo Partners With Four Key Voice Biometrics Providers

Voxeo Partners With Four Key Voice Biometrics Providers

Voxeo Delivers Voice Verification With All Major Vendors, Providing Solutions For Every Need

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) February 9, 2010

Today Voxeo (http://www. voxeo. com), the leading provider of Unlocked Communications, announced partnerships with four leading voice biometrics providers: CSIdentity, PerSay, TradeHarbor and Vocalect. Existing and prospective Voxeo customers can now easily try, test and deploy voice biometrics as part of existing or new applications on Voxeo’s network.

Voice authentication makes it possible for companies to provide the security of voice biometrics to verify and protect customer transactions. A person’s voice is as unique as a fingerprint. Enterprises, financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare and insurance providers, telecommunications and service providers all look to enable voice biometrics to take advantage of the added security at a time of increasing identity theft and fraud. Customers appreciate the ease of use, avoiding long or difficult to remember pin numbers or easily penetrated security questions.

“A growing number of IT and customer care professionals have indicated that voice authentication implementations are on their roadmap for 2010,” said Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research. “An ‘on-demand’ approach, like Voxeo’s, provides the combination of flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness that the marketplace requires during this phase of development and deployment.”

Voxeo enables companies of all sizes to develop and deploy IVR and VoIP systems, and with today’s announcement offers verification and other voice biometric solutions for every industry, geography, and scenario. Voxeo and its voice biometrics partners have facilitated an easy-to-use trial process through Voxeo's Prophecy Hosting and Prophecy On-Premise platforms. Partners include:

CSIdentity's VoiceVerified® provides unique value to businesses and consumers, as it is the only voice biometric solution with an integrated identity verification and authentication platform. The multi-factor authentication system allows organizations to reliably verify and authenticate an individual’s identity before enrolling their voice print. CSIdentity's VoiceVerified solution supports Red Flag and HIPPA compliance while simultaneously combating fraud and enabling businesses to enhance the customer experience and security while reducing average time per call. CSIdentity VoiceVerified offers solutions for securing online data, call center transactions or mobile commerce connections.

PerSay’s voice biometrics products are based on 14 consecutive years of research and development, originally targeting military and intelligence applications. PerSay’s state of the art algorithmic engines and its unique and easily deployed platform are the infrastructure of its VocalPassword™ and FreeSpeech™ products. These products enable verification of customers as well as identification of fraudsters and are the underlying infrastructure of the world’s largest customer facing text dependent and text independent voice biometrics deployments - successfully automating and securing millions of transactions a year. PerSay’s customers include: Bell Canada, British Telecom, Vodafone Turkey, Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim, Discount Bank, Philippines Government Insurance Services as well as US Immigration Control and Enforcement among others. Multiple US-based banks and credit card companies and government agencies around the world are currently piloting PerSay’s products.

TradeHarbor’s Voice Signature ServiceSM uses a person’s voice as their unique identifier, enabling real-time authentication and authorization of telephone and Internet transactions anywhere in the world. The Voice Signature ServiceSM can be added to existing VoiceXML applications with simple sub-dialog calls or added to web pages or applications using simple server-side scripts. TradeHarbor’s service can be used to provide protection against identity theft, protected access to financial information, secure login for remote workers, secure mobile devices and payments, automated authentication and increased call center operator efficiency, protection for personal health information and increased customer satisfaction.

Vocalect's team has over three years of proven experience operating voice authentication services via a seamless integration with the Voxeo platform. Vocalect’s next generation voice biometric engine is text and language independent and supports static pass-phrases, numbers, and natural speech – giving customers maximum flexibility. And, Vocalect’s simple VoiceXML API allows dialog designers to quickly and easily integrate enrollment and verification functions into their Prophecy applications – without the need for advanced programming skills. Vocalect has customers in the financial services, real estate, law enforcement, and online educations industries.

"One of the barriers to adoption of voice biometrics technology has simply been the difficulty of trying and deploying the technology cost-effectively. We are working with all the leading biometrics companies using our free developer hosting and free downloads to make it easier for all developers and enterprises to discover the value the technology can bring them," said John Amein, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Voxeo Corporation. "I am confident that many of Voxeo's 100,000 developers will find creative ways to apply the technology and deliver a new generation of valuable communication applications."

To find the best voice biometrics solution for your company please visit: http://www. voxeo. com/biometrics (http://www. voxeo. com/biometrics) where you can find more information about these partners and also instructions for how you can easily try these voice biometric solutions with your existing VoiceXML and IVR applications.

About Voxeo
Voxeo unlocks communications. We loathe the locks that make voice, SMS, instant messaging, Twitter, web chat, and mobile web unified communication and self-service applications difficult to create, manage, analyze, optimize and afford. Every day we work to unlock the neglected value of these communications solutions with open standards, disruptive innovation and a passion for problem solving--fueled by a company-wide obsession with customer success. We do so for more than 100,000 developers, 45,000 companies and half of the Fortune 100 from our headquarters in Orlando, Beijing, Cologne, and London. Visit us or join our conversations on the web at www. voxeo. com, blogs. voxeo. com, or twitter. com/voxeo


Saturday, April 27, 2002

Multiculturalism At Work: Great Tips to Take Note When Working with Global Team Members

Multiculturalism At Work: Great Tips to Take Note When Working with Global Team Members

Managing Global Teams can be both challenging and frustrating at times. In this article, Nicholas shares a few tips to manage and motivate global team members.

(PRWEB) May 8, 2007

Nicholas Goh, Executive Director of Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd, a leading provider of Translation and Localization services, is pleased to provide the following tips, which help businesses better manage multicultural teams.

The modern workplace is a borderless one. Globalisation has opened up vistas of potential partnerships and collaborations around the world. Supply chains span entire continents and project management teams comprise members of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Managers then find themselves with a tough mandate as they are plunged into a merry cacophony of culturally-informed behavioural patterns, ranging from communication styles to decision-making processes.

Indeed, multicultural teams often pose frustrating managerial dilemmas. Cultural differences present marked hurdles to effective teamwork--but these are often subtle and difficult to recognise until significant damage has been done. These ostensibly mundane working problems among team members will prevent them from realising the very gains they were set up to harvest, such as familiarity with different product markets and culturally sensitive customer service.

The challenge in managing multicultural teams effectively is to recognise underlying cultural causes of conflict and to intervene in ways that set strategic objectives for the team and empower its members to deal with future challenges that might arise.

1. Differing Modes of Communication

The most prominent challenge that can arise from multicultural teams is ambiguity and murkiness in communications. Different cultures have differing styles of communication. In general, westernised cultures favour direct and explicit means of communication. Crucial information about the other party's preferences and priorities can be gleamed via asking direct questions. Other cultures may not be as vocal and forward in expressing their opinions. These cultures favour an indirect means of communication where meaning is embedded in the way the message is presented. Negotiators will then have to infer preferences and priorities from changes--or the lack of changes--in the other party's business proposal.

Such uncertainty is detrimental to the health of any business. When team projects run into trouble, a member's unwitting approach to the problem may violate the other's norms for uncovering and fixing glitches in the programme. This can cause serious damage to relationships, resulting in isolation and alienation of key team members, restricted information access and the generation of interpersonal conflicts.

2. Linguistic Proficiency

The most obvious and practical means would be to implement a highly selective evaluation process. Personally, as a purveyor of Multilingual Communications services, it is thus fitting and appropriate that the criterion for selection be proficiency in the language. Suppliers and partners need to be impeccable in their command of the language, since this serves as a direct gauge to the standards of translations they are able to provide. Even for firms not in the Language industry, other than the profiles, past projects and achievements, linguistic competence should be considered when settling on a partnering organisation or a supplier. Having this criterion will help reduce misunderstandings that result from incomprehension and misinterpretation. 

3. Open Communications

One way to prevent such complications from arising is by fostering open communications. Project Managers need to value and be receptive to the output of individual members. Team members also need to be amendable to one another's perspectives and viewpoints so that members do not have misgivings about vocalising their opinions. Misinterpretations can then be nipped in the bud and addressed, before they develop into full-fledged disasters.

4. Active Feedback Loops

To rein in divergent segments of the business cycle, project managers need to consolidate and centralise core processes while receiving rigorous feedback from the periphery. Follow-up supervisory feedback from managers overseeing global outsourced teams is instrumental in evaluating and determining the efficiency and rapport of team members. Members can then be provided with clear guidelines to be assessed on their abilities to act upon initiatives and deliver relevant and profitable solutions. Such collaborative experiences will allow managers and team members alike to be familiarised with cultural issues while adhering to neutral and objective operational procedures.

5. Acknowledgement and Adaptation

For a team to be effective, team members must acknowledge cultural gaps openly and work around them. One of the projects handled by my company involved the translation and typesetting of marketing corollaries into Arabic, a language widely known and studied in the Muslim regions of the Middle East. The contents of the materials had been designed for a beach resort; several photographs depicted women clad in bikinis. Several of the team members in the Middle East were unwilling to be involved in the project because it went against the conservative tenets of their religion. The opposition was especially apparent in the typesetting process where the translated text had to be integrated with the photographs.

Under such circumstances, Project Managers have to act promptly and appropriately, conducting research and evaluation sessions so that cultural concerns could be identified and acknowledged. Team members participated in solving the problems, learning from one another in the process. With the correct mind-set, members can be creative about protecting their own substantial differences while acceding to the processes of others. A satisfactory compromise was then reached--deferring to the religious beliefs of our Muslim partners, project managers outsourced typesetting operations to China and negotiated with the original Arabic translators to review/approve the end-product before final delivery to the client.


With the advent of globalisation, businesses can adroitly capitalise on worldwide opportunities to reduce costs and enhance productivity. Nevertheless, they need to possess the sensitivity and expertise to weather the potential complications that might arise from such collaborations.

Nicholas Goh is the Executive Director of Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd, a provider of Translation and Localization services. For more information on Verztec's services, please visit their site at http://www. verztec. com (http://www. verztec. com).


New Research Finds Food Intolerance Key to Understanding Chronic Inflammation Disease

New Research Finds Food Intolerance Key to Understanding Chronic Inflammation Disease

According to new research carried out by York University and YorkTest Laboratories, a person’s diet can lead to chronic inflammation disease. The research found that 75 percent of participants in the study showed improved symptoms once problem foods were removed from their diets.

Leeds (PRWeb UK) August 3, 2010

Eliminating problem foods from the diet can dramatically reduce chronic inflammation disease (http://www. yorktest. com/) (CID) symptoms, according to new research carried out by York University and YorkTest(1), leaders in food allergy research. The research, “Dietary advice based on food-specific IgG results,” was published in volume 37 of Nutrition and Food Science.

Supporting recent clinical findings that identified the direct link between diet and various inflammatory diseases of the body(2), the new research offers potential hope to the 45 percent of the population who are thought to suffer from CIDs such as irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis and psoriasis.

“This robust survey, the largest of its kind, gives a clear indication of the benefits that dietary change can make on some of the most common chronic conditions,” said Geoffrey Hardman of the University of York, co-author of the study.

The research, taken from a section of 5,000 participants, showed that over 75 percent showed moderate to high improvement of their symptoms within three weeks by removing the problem foods identified by an IgG antibodies test, commonly used to identify food intolerances.

Notable improvements among sufferers included ‘moderate to high’ reduction in symptoms (%) of: flatulence / wind (91%), upset stomach (90%), general aches and pains (88%); colitis (88%), fatigue (87%), rashes (84%) and arthritis (74%). Those with IBS symptoms (http://www. yorktest. com/en/allergy-or-intolerance/ibs-symptoms/) showed a significant reduction in stomach distension, bowel dysfunction and general well-being, and also showed a reduction in factors such as pain and fatigue(3).

Family health expert and media GP, Dr Hilary Jones, also commented: “Over the years, in my work as a GP, I have met many patients who suffer with chronic conditions such IBS and arthritis. These new, exciting findings, which show that these conditions may be linked to food intolerance (http://www. yorktest. com/en/allergy-or-intolerance/food-intolerance-symptoms/), offer real hope for the many who suffer from the painful and debilitating symptoms of these conditions. It offers them a chance to get to the root of their problem by tackling the possible cause, rather than relying on long-term treatments for chronic conditions.”

Food intolerance -- not to be confused with a full-blown food allergy -- is a delayed response to certain foods and can be a debilitating condition that affects long term health and quality of life with symptoms such as IBS, bloating, tiredness, migraines and digestive complaints. Some common food intolerances include dairy, corn, oat, and gluten intolerance (http://www. yorktest. com/en/allergy-or-intolerance/gluten-intolerance/).

Sufferers often react to more than one food, which means it can be a timely process identifying which foods are causing the problems. Getting rid of food intolerance is about identifying the foods that are making you ill and subsequently eliminating them from your diet. Currently the NHS advocates an arduous process in treating food intolerance involving an elimination diet and food diary which often proves a lengthy process.

The YorkTest is a simple finger-prick home testing service, which offers a simple solution to identifying up to 113 problem ‘trigger foods’. Individuals can first take the FirstStepYorkTest which provides a positive or negative result as to whether a person is food sensitive or not. If results prove positive the sufferer can then upgrade to the YorkTest to begin eliminating problem foods from their diet.

The YorkTest includes a finger prick blood collection kit with detailed instructions on how to take the test so it’s easy to use and straightforward. Results are based on the presence and amounts of food-specific IgG antibodies and are analysed by scientists at YorkTest Laboratories who can accurately identify which foods are causing the food intolerance.

The results will give a breakdown of which of the 113 individual foods from cow’s milk to yeast, tea to tomatoes, wheat to walnuts, egg yolk to mustard seeds, gluten, tuna, beef, lamb and lentils are causing the food intolerance and give advice on which foods to avoid, those that are borderline and foods that are fine to continue consuming.

The YorkTest food intolerance testing (http://www. yorktest. com/) service is available as a two stage process. The first step is currently available at the special price of £9.99 (RRP: £20.00). Following the first step, if your result is positive you can then upgrade to the comprehensive laboratory analysis and aftercare for £245. The test is available from www. yorktest. com or by calling 0800 074 6185.
For further information please contact:

Katie Stray / 020 3031 3726
Jo Jarvis / 020 3031 3723

(1) Hardman, G. and Hart, G. (2007), “Dietary advice based on food-specific IgG results”, Nutrition and Food Science, Vol. 37, pp.16-23.
(2) Vojdani, A. (2009), “Detection of IgE, IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies against raw and processed food antigens”, Nutrition and Metabolism, Vol. 6, pp22
(3) Atkinson, W., Sheldon, T. A., Shaath, N. and Whorwell, P. J. (2004), “Food elimination based on IgG antibodies in irritable bowel syndrome: a randomised controlled trial”, Gut, Vol. 53, pp.1459-64. See attached.

# # #

Get Published in ArcaMax Publishing's 24,000 Subscriber Parenting Ezine

Get Published in ArcaMax Publishing's 24,000 Subscriber Parenting Ezine

ArcaMax Publishing, a company offering family-friendly online newsletters, is giving its readers an opportunity to share and publish parenting tips in its 24,000 subscriber Parents ezine, as the back-to-school season descends upon us.

Newport News, VA (PRWEB) August 20, 2005

ArcaMax Publishing (www. arcamax. com), a company offering family-friendly online newsletters, is giving its readers an opportunity to share and publish parenting tips in its 24,000 subscriber Parents ezine, as the back-to-school season descends upon us.

"The reason you want your kids to pay attention in school is you haven't the faintest idea how to do their homework." For those who can relate to the words of children's author and poet Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz, ArcaMax Publishing (www. arcamax. com), a company offering family-friendly online newsletters, is giving readers an opportunity to share tips in its 24,000 subscriber Parents ezine, and Web site in the spirit of making the new school year more fun and practical.

Readers can submit their parenting tips to ArcaMax Publishing via email. From there, ArcaMax editors read through the entries and publish the most original and informative comments they receive on the ArcaMax Back-to-School page (http://www. arcamax. com/cgi-bin/news/page/1044/promo#submittip (http://www. arcamax. com/cgi-bin/news/page/1044/promo#submittip)) and in Thursday editions of its parenting ezine. Tips about healthy snacks and lunches, meeting your children's teachers, and transitioning from playtime to homework time have already been published.

"We are really excited about this promotion because it gives our readers a chance to interact," said ArcaMax CEO Scott Wolf. "Readers can exchange valuable tips on subjects such as dealing with food allergies in school to what brand of clothing holds up the best during recess."

Although not all submissions will be published, every reader who submits an entry will be entered into a prize drawing for their participation. There will be a total of four prize drawings for the opportunity to win one of four prize packages. Visit http://www. arcamax. com/cgi-bin/news/page/1044/promo#prize (http://www. arcamax. com/cgi-bin/news/page/1044/promo#prize) for more information on the prize packages.

"The prizes are definitely fun, but we think the biggest appeal about the Back-to School promotion is the opportunity for parents to share tips with each other," said Hugh Spain, ArcaMax Publishing Managing Editor. "I think readers will find it is pretty cool that they can show their family and friends something they wrote on the Internet."

Visit ArcaMax Publishing's contest page (http://www. arcamax. com/cgi-bin/news/page/1044/promo (http://www. arcamax. com/cgi-bin/news/page/1044/promo)) for complete rules and more information on how to get published.

ArcaMax Publishing is home to the Parents ezine and 24 other family friendly newsletters. Subscribe to an ezine, or view the complete list of free ArcaMax ezines at http://www. arcamax. com/cgi-bin/reg (http://www. arcamax. com/cgi-bin/reg).

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Friday, April 26, 2002

Reynolds Plantation Site of First ANNIKA Boutique

Reynolds Plantation Site of First ANNIKA Boutique

Store to open today – ‘We’re thrilled to partner with Annika Sorenstam’

Greensboro, GA (Vocus) May 4, 2010

The world’s first ANNIKA Boutique opens today at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation (http://www. ritzcarlton. com/en/Properties/ReynoldsPlantation/Default. htm) adjacent to the resort’s grand lobby entrance.

The upscale specialty shop will feature the ANNIKA Collection golf attire by Cutter & Buck, Callaway golf products and ANNIKA Syrah and Chardonnay. Specialty items, including a Swedish line of baby clothing, Polarn O. Pyret, worn by Annika’s young daughter, Ava, also will be available.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Annika Sorenstam and further develop her business interests in a retail setting,” said Bob Mauragas, vice president of golf operations. “The Reynolds Plantation (http://www. reynoldsplantation. com/) setting and lifestyle mesh well with Annika’s personal tastes and interests.”

After a brilliant 15-year professional career that saw her re-write the record book in women’s golf, Annika stepped away from professional golf at the end of the 2008 season to further pursue the ANNIKA brand of businesses. She authored her second book, “Golf Annika’s Way,” and partnered with Cutter & Buck to develop the ANNIKA Collection, her very own apparel line.

Annika has a golf course design business with projects under construction around the world. The ANNIKA Financial Group, LLC was created as a result of Annika’s passion to help other professional athletes protect their wealth while assuring their peace of mind. In addition, she has her own golf academy near Orlando, Fla. and the ANNIKA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, to teach children the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle through fitness and nutrition and offer aspiring junior golfers opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Annika serves as an Ambassador of the United States Golf Association with the goal of making the game of golf more accessible and more relevant to players of all skill levels. Along with Jack Nicklaus, designer of the Great Waters golf course at Reynolds Plantation, she was named a Global Ambassador by the International Golf Federation in and successfully advocated to bring golf to the 2016 Olympic Games.

The ANNIKA Boutique at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation will be open seven days, from 10 a. m. to 7 p. m. and is open to the public, as well as to resort guests.

About Reynolds Plantation
Named the “Best of the Best” Golf Community by Robb Report and the community with the “Best Golf” in America by the editors of GOLF Magazine, Reynolds Plantation, located between Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia, is situated along 374 miles of shoreline on Lake Oconee. Reynolds Plantation features 117 holes of championship golf from designers Bob Cupp, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Rees Jones and Jim Engh. Reynolds Plantation is also home to The Reynolds Golf Academy, as well as the exclusive TaylorMade Kingdom. The community offers members a variety of dining options, swimming pools, pedestrian trails, four full-service marinas and The Lake Club Wellness Campus with its award-winning Tennis Center. Reynolds Plantation is also home to The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, a 251-room lakefront resort and spa ranked No. 5 in the “Top 100 Golf Resorts” worldwide by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine. For more information or real estate inquiries, call 800-800-5250 or visit www. reynoldsplantation. com.

The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation, an AAA Five Diamond resort, provides guests legendary Ritz-Carlton service highlighted by gracious southern hospitality. The Lodge has been recognized by Parents magazine as one of the Best Family-Friendly Resorts and Travel + Leisure Family named it one of their Top 50 Family Resorts. The 251-room Lodge is secluded on the lazy shores of Lake Oconee with 99 holes of golf designed by the greatest architects of the game, award-winning Spa with southern-inspired service and exclusive Lodge adventures from fishing for large mouth bass to waterskiing or canoeing. For information or room reservations, please call toll free (800) 241-3333, the resort directly at (706) 467-0600, a travel professional or visit the Web site at www. ritzcarltonlodge. com.

Media Contact
Karen Moraghan
Hunter Public Relations
Www. hunter-pr. com

# # #

Thursday, April 25, 2002

IPCPR Says Smoking Bans Are Like Gun Controls as Mansfield, TX City Council Considers Tightening Existing Ban

IPCPR Says Smoking Bans Are Like Gun Controls as Mansfield, TX City Council Considers Tightening Existing Ban

The sleepy city of Mansfield, Texas, has become a hotbed of controversy over a move that could force restaurants to completely enclose their separately ventilated smoking areas. "Smoking bans, like gun controls, are emotional issues. They both fly in the face of our constitutional rights," said Chris McCalla, legislative director of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association. The Mansfield City Council is expected to consider the move at an upcoming Council meeting.

Mansfield, Texas (PRWEB) October 31, 2008

The sleepy suburban city of Mansfield, Texas, with its 58,000 residents located some 25 miles southeast of Fort Worth, has become a hotbed of controversy over a move that could force restaurants to completely enclose their separately ventilated smoking areas.

The Mansfield City Council is expected to consider the enclosure requirement at an upcoming meeting.

A city ordinance nearly a decade ago banned smoking in all city buildings, public elevators, stairwells, restrooms and service lines. Owners of restaurants could allow smoking only in areas of their businesses equipped with separate air purification systems. Restaurants with fewer than 50 seats were exempted. .

"Smoking bans, like gun controls, are emotional issues. They both fly in the face of our constitutional rights," said Chris McCalla, legislative director of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association.

"Business owners have the right to decide whether or not to allow smoking in their places of business. And their employees and customers have the right to decide whether or not to work in or patronize those businesses," said McCalla. "They've already taken that right from most business owners in Mansfield and now City Council is considering to impinge further on the rights of restaurant owners by telling them how to design their restaurants. When will it stop?"

McCalla blamed anti-smoking forces for spreading misinformation regarding secondhand smoke adding that even if secondhand smoke were an issue, the Council still does not have the right to tell Mansfield restaurant owners how to configure their establishments.

"The Surgeon General's Report of 2006 has been misinterpreted regarding secondhand smoke. The 707-page report says no fewer than 108 times that evidence regarding the health ramifications of secondhand smoke is inconclusive. Even OSHA - the Occupational Safety and Health Administration - does not consider secondhand smoke to be a workplace issue of any consequence." McCalla explained.

"No one who catches an occasional whiff of secondhand smoke is putting their health at risk. That's a fallacy. Will we ban cheap perfume next just because we don't like the smell?" McCalla asked.

Contact: Tony Tortorici
 tony @ tortoricipr. com


Guiding Light’s Tina Sloan Is Booked for the Next Chapter of Her Career – CHANGING SHOES

Guiding Light’s Tina Sloan Is Booked for the Next Chapter of Her Career – CHANGING SHOES

Tina Sloan's CHANGING SHOES is a book about change. It's a book about finding the courage to transform yourself, to learn how to twinkle again after your lights have been dimmed. This book is for anyone who has ever stood in front of the mirror and asked, “Can I stay in the game?” The answer is: “Yes! You just have to change your shoes!”

(PRWEB) September 14, 2010

CHANGING SHOES is a book about change. It's a book about finding the courage to transform yourself, to learn how to twinkle again after your lights have been dimmed. This book is for anyone who has ever stood in front of the mirror and asked, “Can I stay in the game?” The answer is: “Yes! You just have to change your shoes!”

“CHANGING SHOES, which discusses the challenges of getting older with dignity, style, and humor, is now my latest indulgent weakness. I love the charming philosophies...” – Liz Smith

At 48, Tina felt like she was invisible. "Everywhere I turned, there seemed to be signs that my life was changing, and not for the better: My parents' health was in decline. My son had recently joined the Marines and would be going to Iraq. My skin was duller. My body softer. My 26 year career as an actress on Guiding Light was being diminished. When I started out, I was the star of the show. As time marched on, I became the mother of the star and then the grandmother of the star.” Gone were the sexy, strappy, silver high heels —Tina's go-to shoes were now a pair of scuffed and broken-in black flats with Dr. Scholl's insoles. Something had to change. Tina decided to stick it out (patience) and reinvent herself (transformation) in order to keep the career she loved.

Charmingly written and humorously honest, CHANGING SHOES is the story of one woman who refuses to let her light be dimmed. In a warmly relatable way, Tina tackles the issues all women face—eventually—including weight gain, caring for aging parents, children leaving home, evolving romantic relationships, and adjusting to aging looks and a dwindling career. Tina not only shares hilarious stories, she also provides practical advice learned in the trenches and in the hair and makeup rooms of movie sets and Guiding Light and on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

About Tina Sloan
For twenty-six years, Tina Sloan, played the role of nurse Lillian Raines on Guiding Light, which aired its final episode in 2009 after a seventy-two-year run on radio and television. Tina has appeared in the Woody Allen films Celebrity and The Curse of the Jade Scorpion. She can also been seen in The Brave One with Jodi Foster, Changing Lanes with Ben Affleck, The Guru with Marisa Tomei, and People I Know with Al Pacino. On television she has appeared in Somerset, Search For Tomorrow, and Another World. She has been seen on Law & Order SVU and Third Watch. Tina has three films coming out: Black Swan (2010 post-production) with Natalie Portman, Happy New Year (2010 post-production), Oh My Love (2010 post - production) and is touring nationally in her acclaimed one-woman show, CHANGING SHOES, which has sold out in New York City.

Http://amzn. to/changingshoes (http://amzn. to/changingshoes)
Http://bit. ly/bnchangingshoes (http://bit. ly/bnchangingshoes)
Http://bit. ly/borderschangingshoes (http://bit. ly/borderschangingshoes)
ISBN: 978-1-592-40568-8


Sunday, April 21, 2002

Secrets to a superb search engine

Secrets to a superb search engine

Today's message boards search engine offer sophisticated features for less amount of money. One of the best is Messageking message board service, “Human Tool” offers the visitors the ultimate satisfaction in searching for better information. With its human categorized directory system, “Human tool” can fit in well with any type of site."

(PRWEB) January 17, 2002

Milipitas, CA – January 20, 2002, Messageking. com the search engine for message boards announced that it has developed a search engine technology to precisely find and display information contained on the Internet message boards and forums.

Messageking released the Human tool service, shifting the landscape for Web-based community by offering a friendly device with extremely rapid deployment that allow visitors to browse message boards and online discussion in a particular topic area from thousands of sites on a comprehensive basis.

The search engine has a mass of sources that joint to bring users the best results in subject like computers, arts, entertainment, finance, marketing, relationships, travel, sports, games and health. The firm plans to introduce a new layout for Messageking in the near future. The spokesman of Messageking said it would offer “precision search system” where the users can expose to more online classified and links to huge databases.

Messageking. com is planning to establish agreements with several e-commerce partners, the spokesman said.

About MessageKing™ : Search Message Boards

MessageKing™ allows Internet users to search for and keep track of discussions on online message boards. Messages from various web sites, which offer differing content, are manually categorized. This unique feature allows users to browse and search for more relevant information in a specific category.

About Message King Corp.

Founded in 2000, Message King Corp. is a company based in Milipitas, CA that provides innovative Internet solutions.

Exact Software Partners with Cleo

Exact Software Partners with Cleo

Cleo Communications, the leading supplier of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communications products for over 20 years, and Exact Software, provider of manufacturing, distribution, financial and business process management (BPM) solutions, have reached an agreement in which Exact Software will offer its customers Cleo LexiCom, a secure, automated data-transfer software.

(PRWEB) June 5, 2003

Rockford, IL— Cleo® Communications, the leading supplier of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communications products for over 20 years, and Exact Software, provider of manufacturing, distribution, financial and business process management (BPM) solutions, have reached an agreement in which Exact Software will offer its customers Cleo LexiCom, a secure, automated data-transfer software.

Cleo LexiCom integrates with Exact SoftwareÂ’s Macola ES (Enterprise Suite) solution to provide secure EDI communications over the Internet. The solution allows users to connect directly with trading partners, VANs, and other TCP/IP networks.

“The ability to send EDI over the Internet is a key component of the total solution for our customers,” commented Glenn McPeak, Product Marketing Manager for Macola ES at Exact Software, “We’ve provided Cleo solutions to our customers for many years and are pleased to now offer Cleo LexiCom.”

Macola ES is a next-generation ERP software that allows users to define business rules and exceptions as an integral part of their distribution, manufacturing and accounting software activities. The integration of LexiCom and Macola ES allows the two programs to function seamlessly, thus further improving business process efficiencies.

Cleo LexiCom, a secure data communications software, is certified eBusinessReady™ for AS2 interoperability and also supports the major Internet communications protocols FTP, FTP/S, HTTP, and HTTP/S. Pre-configured connections are available for many major servers and value-added networks (VANs) helping users to get up and running quickly and achieve a quick return on investment. The software runs on Windows, Unix, Linux and AS/400. Full details on LexiCom can be found at www. cleo. com.

About Exact Software

Exact Software offers innovative manufacturing, distribution, financial and BPM solutions that provide a strong backbone for today’s business environment. Exact Software's products make it easier for small to mid-sized organizations to do business with customers, suppliers and partners – 24/7. The company’s highly adaptable solutions provide a real-time view of activity across an entire organization, maximizing productivity by increasing access to information. For more information on Exact Software, visit www. macola. com.

About Cleo Communications

Cleo Communications provides reliable, secure data transfer products and services that enable users to easily establish and manage communications sessions, and easily integrate these solutions into their mission-critical e-business applications.

CleoÂ’s products have been proven in over 100,000 installations. Customers in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and financial services industries, among others, rely on Cleo products and services to help them achieve complete, automated data transfer solutions.

Additional information is available from Cleo Communications, P. O. Box 15835, Loves Park, IL 61132-5835. Phone: 815/654-8110. Fax: 815/654-8294. E-mail: awisch@cleo. com. Online: www. cleo. com. Toll free: 800/233-CLEO.

# # # -

EditorÂ’s advisory: Cleo is a registered trademark of Cleo Communications. All other company, brand, and product names are or may be trademarks of their respective holders.

Climbing Frames and Swing Sets - the Popular Choice

Climbing Frames and Swing Sets - the Popular Choice

Dunster House, providers of timber climbing frames and swing sets, explain to the trade industry why climbing frames are proving a popular choice. www. dhleisureandgarden. com

(PRWEB) May 27, 2005

The British public are being urged by the media, the politicians and now even Jamie Oliver to focus on the health of todayÂ’s children. This focus falls in two key areas: diet and nutrition and exercise and fitness.

With a rise in computer technology, an increase in the number of television channels aimed at children and an apparent decline in urban play spaces with sports areas and climbing frames etc., there seems to be a growing trend of passive inactivity in children from the UK. This inactivity combined with recent nutritional concerns is starting to have an impact on some childrenÂ’s health.

“Our trade customers are able to offer parents the perfect solution to getting their children out in the fresh air. Our climbing frames keep children entertained, active and safe.” Alex Murphy, Director at Dunster House explained

“We have taken our inspiration from play parks, where children relish the chance to run, climb on climbing frames and swing and never seem to be missing their television or computer!” he continued “and as our climbing frames are modular they are the ideal investment, parents can keep adding and adapting the climbing frames to meet the needs of their children.”

With summer approaching and more and more parents looking for ways to encourage their children to play outside and stay active, it could be the ideal time to add climbing frames and swing sets to your product range.

Dunster House is a family run business providing climbing frames and swing sets to trade customers throughout the UK. The Dunster House climbing frames are made from pressure treated timber and are compliant with European Safety Standards EN71-1, EN71-3 and EN71-8 .

Dunster House climbing frames can be sold as self-assembly products to your customers or installed by you to maximise profits. Dunster House can deliver the climbing frame to your premises or direct to your customer, they also offer additional sales and marketing support to help you launch your new product range, such as leaflets that you can stamp with your own address details which can be given out to your customers.

The trade price for the wooden climbing frames starts from £76 + VAT for the Manhattan which comprises of 2 swings, rope climb and 4 ground anchors. The most popular of the climbing frames is the Mini-fort Discovery Mk 2 (starting from £225 + VAT) with tower, 2 swings, rock climb, ladder and monkey bars. The frames are modular which means you will always be able to offer your customers add-ons and additional options.

For Further Information:

For further information on the climbing frames and swing sets provided by Dunster House, contact 01234 272 445 or visit www. dhleisureandgarden. com


Saturday, April 20, 2002

Wireless and Mobile Health Service Targeted at 30 Million Family Carers

Wireless and Mobile Health Service Targeted at 30 Million Family Carers

Wireless Healthcare, who develop new concepts in healthcare delivery, have created a demonstration website, www. alphadaughters. com to illustrate how a range of ehealth applications and care services could be brought together and accessed via a mobile device.

Cambridge, UK (PRWEB) December 16, 2009

There are over 30 million people in the US providing care for members of their family, most of whom are elderly. Providing this hidden army of care workers with better tools to do their job would make a significant contribution to reducing the spiralling cost of healthcare. In the UK it is estimated that the 20% of adults looking after elderly parents are providing care worth £39 billion per annum. Cambridge, UK based Wireless Healthcare, who develop new concepts in healthcare delivery, have created a demonstration website, www. alphadaughters. com to illustrate how a range of ehealth applications and care services could be brought together and accessed via a mobile device.

Peter Kruger, analyst with Wireless Healthcare, points out: “Much of the time ‘alpha daughters’ spend caring for their parents is taken up with basic organisational tasks such as arranging transport, scheduling visits from domiciliary care workers and shopping for goods and services. The next generation of family care workers, who will be looking after the ageing baby boomers of their families, are unlikely to spend their time thumbing through the phone directory looking for care and support services. As they have grown up with mobile technology, these carers will expect services to be one click away on their mobile phones.”

Alphadaughters. com also shows how a shared calendar and a medication reminder application could coordinate the care provided by the patient’s GP with that provided by family members. “New SMS text messaging applications will enable healthcare providers to build on the success of electronic patient reminders and open up a communication channel with family carers. This will be important for healthcare providers who are struggling to implement nationwide patient administration platforms,” Kruger comments. In an earlier study on the use of wireless communication with outpatients, Wireless Healthcare identified SMS messaging as a potential platform for a number of basic mobile health services such as medication planning and treatment compliance monitoring.

Wireless Healthcare’s demonstration service also illustrates how a mobile device, with access to a collection of basic care services, could provide a platform for a range of wireless medical devices. The drivers for these devices could be ‘plugged into’ the alpha daughters service as and when the patient’s condition required. “This flexibility would give mobile health device companies access to a large and ready made market and allow them to achieve scale much faster than if they relied on marketing a stand-alone service,” explains Kruger

The Alphadaughters. com demonstration service can be found at www. alphadaughters. com

About Wireless Healthcare

Wireless Healthcare specialises in developing new concepts in healthcare delivery focused on mobile and wireless technology.

Www. wirelesshealthcare. co. uk


Friday, April 19, 2002

World Golf Village Renaissance Resort Announces New Kids Club

World Golf Village Renaissance Resort Announces New Kids Club

New family and children's activities program at the World Golf Village Renaissance Resort in Florida.

(PRWEB) September 13, 2002

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL (September, 2002) – The World Golf Village Renaissance Resort has launched a unique program that enables families to enjoy organized daily excursions to nearby St. Augustine. While the resort encourages family explorations, they have also created the Little Legends program to allow children ages four to 14 the opportunity to participate in supervised, fun-filled activities while parents enjoy other activities at World Golf Village or the surrounding area.

 Little Legends is scheduled and priced per session (discounts available for siblings) and is designed to be flexible for family and individual preferences. Little Legends activities include supervised swimming at the Renaissance Resort or at the exclusive, oceanfront Serenata Beach Club, breakfast and movie mornings and playground activities. In the event of rainy weather, children can spend the day at the resortÂ’s indoor “tree house” while playing games, watching movies or reading childrenÂ’s stories.

In addition, children or entire families can choose from a variety of regular excursions into St. Augustine or have the resort’s recreational department customize their own. Popular excursions—including lunch or dinner and refreshment breaks—include:

-A visit to the oceanfront, Serenata Beach Club featuring a 4,000 sq. ft. heated family pool with 12 ft. cascading waterfall and a kidÂ’s play pool.

-A Pirates and Indians Tour with tales of Timucua Indians living along FloridaÂ’s First Coast more than 8,000 years ago, stories of the many pirates who sailed the seas off St. Augustine and a visit to the oldest masonry fort in North America, the Castillo de San Marcos;

-A visit to world-famous RipleyÂ’s Believe It or Not Museum and a sight-seeing boat cruise along Matanzas Bay aboard Victory III;

-An exploration of rich maritime past at the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, a working lighthouse that preserves and interprets the history of the restored light station built in 1876;

-For those on the wild side, an Alligator Farm Safari that brings guests through St. AugustineÂ’s Alligator Farm to meet the 23 species of crocodilians found on the planet; and


-None other than a visit to the local Family Fun Factory where kids and adults can choose from paint ball, video games, batting cages, miniature golf, go-carts and more.

 Â“Traveling with families is a popular choice for many visitors and we want to enhance the overall experience for guests of all ages, making their stay at the World Golf Village Renaissance Resort as memorable as possible,” said Jeff Johnsen, general manager.

The World Golf Village Renaissance Resort, another exceptional award-winning resort by John Q. Hammons Hotels, is located 10 minutes from the historic beaches of St. Augustine and 50 minutes south of the Jacksonville International Airport. The 301-room resort is adjacent to the St. Johns County Convention Center and features a heated outdoor pool and whirlpool spa, access to a combined

76,000 sq. ft of meeting and conference space, a 24-hour business center, room service, a virtual reality golf simulator, a 24-hour health club and sauna and the Cypress Pointe restaurant and lounge. The property is located at World Golf Village, which is home to the World Golf Hall of Fame, the PGA TOUR Golf Academy; two 18-hole championship golf courses, King & Bear and Slammer & Squire; and the Walk of Champions with the PGA TOUR STOP retail center among other stores, World Golf Village IMAX® Theater and two restaurants, Murray Bros. Caddyshack and Sam Snead’s Tavern. Visit the resort’s website at www. worldgolfrenaissance. com.

Hoodia4Weightloss Announces Pre-Summer Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss Pill Special

Hoodia4Weightloss Announces Pre-Summer Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss Pill Special

For hundreds of years, the San Bushmen of South Africa have used hoodia gordonii cactus as an appetite suppressant to stave off hunger on long hunting expeditions. Hoodia4Weightloss, a company that features the plant's appetite suppressant extract in tablet form, is guaranteeing that its customers will lose pounds with their special offer.

Rocklin, CA (PRWEB) May 4, 2005

Hoodia4Weightloss, a company that features hoodia gordonii cactus extract in its weight loss pill products, announces a pre-summer special just in time to shed those stubborn pounds before the swimsuit season approaches.

The special offer, good through Memorial Day weekend, includes a free diet plan brochure and a free bottle of hoodia gordonii Super Slim 400 capsules with the purchase of two bottles. Customers who follow the diet plan for 30 days are guaranteed to shed pounds, or a full refund will be issued.

The free brochure is a daily, step-by-step guide on how to slim down with Hoodia4Weightloss' products. It includes instructions on when to take a weight loss pill and when to eat, and also features a progress-tracking sheet.

“There is never a perfect time to begin a diet program, but many people choose April and May so they can look their best during the summer months,” says Laura Schneider, owner of Hoodia4Weightloss. “Our weight loss pill combined with the free Diet Plan is guaranteed to help people lose weight before Memorial Day.”

Hoodia gordonii is a six-foot cactus native to the Kalahari Desert region of South Africa, and contains an active ingredient which research has shown could reduce an appetite by up to 2,000 calories a day. The San Bushmen of South Africa have used hoodia gordonii for centuries as an appetite suppressant and thirst quencher to stave off hunger on long hunting expeditions across the desert.

Hoodia4Weightloss products are safe and natural; unlike many other weight loss pill brands and other diet products, they do not contain caffeine, ephedra or any other stimulants. The company's product line features several weight loss pill brands (Diet Extra, Super Slim and Chia Fat Blaster) and a power shake formula, and will soon include tea and gum. Hoodia4Weightloss recommends combining the natural benefits of their products with a healthy diet and exercise in order to achieve weight loss and health goals.

With the pre-summer special at http://www. hoodia4weightloss. com (http://www. hoodia4weightloss. com), customers who purchase two 90-tablet bottles of Super Slim 400 at $39.95 each will receive a third bottle free. For more information about the company's hoodia gordonii weight loss pill or other products, please visit www. hoodia4weightloss. com.


Laura Schneider

Hoodia4WeightLoss. com


# # #

Driving Quality in Hospitals' Intensivist ICU Programs Hot Topic at Critical Care Congress

Driving Quality in Hospitals' Intensivist ICU Programs Hot Topic at Critical Care Congress

Health care experts to introduce ICU performance measurement system at mid-February event

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) February 14, 2007

As a broader range of diagnostic and treatment options for critically ill patients becomes available, caring for them becomes more complex and expensive. To better manage their critical patients' care, many hospitals are implementing "intensivist" programs in their ICUs, a more aggressive treatment approach than current critical care.

Intensivists are critical care specialists who provide continuous assessments of ICU patients' conditions in order to make certain that they receive the right care at the right time. But hospital executives are leery about assuming the expense of such programs and are asking two important questions:

1. How will they know that their patients are receiving safe, quality care?

2. How will they know they are getting value for the subsidy for which they are paying?

This uncertainty can make committing resources to an intensivist program a difficult decision, even though pressure to implement is increasing.

To help hospital administrators better define the impact of the intensivist model, Christopher Saunders, RN, MHSA, and Dr. John Hoyt, FACCM, will present a system for measuring the performance of ICU care delivery models at the Society for Critical Care Medicine Congress in Orlando, Florida, on February 17th. Benchmarking Intensivist Models in the ICU Setting demonstrates how internist program effectiveness can be accurately assessed by comparing key indicators using APACHE IIB and a Microsoft® Access Database.

Mr. Saunders, senior healthcare consultant with USC Consulting Group, says, "This may sound simple, but the reality is that such key indicators as average time of mechanical ventilation, return to ICU in less than 24 hours of transfer, central line infections, and ventilator associated pneumonia are not readily accessible to either caregivers or administrators who need it to best treat their critically ill patients. In some 90% of hospitals, this information is currently collected manually. We plan to show how our PHLo™ technology*, which leverages Microsoft platforms, provides the confidence and stability needed to get maximum value for the patient, physicians, and the hospital. In the end, this will result in more timely care and a decrease in adverse outcomes."

PHLo: Proactive Healthcare Logistics

About the Society of Critical Care Medicine

The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) is the only professional organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of multi-professional critical care medicine through excellence in patient care, education, research, and advocacy.

SCCM has a worldwide membership of more than 13,000 from a diverse group of highly trained professionals including intensivists, critical care nurses, critical care pharmacists/pharmacologists, respiratory therapists, technicians and social workers. The Society was created in 1970 to educate medical professionals and the community about the need for intensivists and critical care practitioners. The organization is headquartered in Des Plaines, IL.

About Dr. John Hoyt

John W. Hoyt, MD, is a Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine and the American College of Chest Physicians. He is also a diplomat, American Board of Anesthesiology and is board certified in special qualifications in critical care.

During the past 30 years, Dr. Hoyt has initiated critical care programs in numerous hospitals, among them Naval Regional Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA; surgical ICU at the University of Virginia; St. Francis Hospital, Forbes Regional Hospital, and Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh; and the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen, Texas.

He is a past president of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and a clinical expert in IPS for The Leapfrog Group.

About Christopher Saunders, RN, MHSA

Chris Saunders is a senior healthcare consultant with USC Consulting Group, LLC. He has been providing clinical leadership for the firm's healthcare practice since 1997. He also serves as primary nurse care coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He has 19 years of experience in the critical care nursing, intermediate care, surgical step-down and liver transplant settings. During his tenure with USCCG, he has worked with such clients as HCA, St. David's Healthcare, South West Texas Methodist healthcare System, and the university of Pittsburgh medical Center.

Mr. Saunders holds a BSN from Waynesburg College and an MHSA from the University of St. Francis. His professional credentials include Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN), Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse (CCTN), Operational Leaders Certification from Development Dimensions International, and graduation from the Perfecting patient Care University, the Toyota Production Model in the healthcare setting. He is a member of the Nurse Navigator Fellowship, Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative and is a member of the Advocacy Committee for the Society of Critical Care Medicine.

About USC Consulting Group

USC Consulting Group, LLC (www. usccg. com) is an independent management consulting firm headquartered in Tampa, FL, with offices in Chicago, Montreal and Toronto. USCCG helps hospitals adapt as the hospital environment changes by providing the basis for achieving and sustaining new levels of patient safety and satisfaction. Using a unique and innovative approach, the firm's PHLo™ (Proactive Healthcare Logistics system) delivers an enduring platform for higher performance. More than a one-time event, the methodology comports with the realities of health care challenges, today and tomorrow.

To read more about why hospitals struggle to achieve the superior quality and the operational effectiveness demanded today and how they can overcome these difficulties, visit USCCG's blog at http://phlo. typepad. com (http://phlo. typepad. com).


Institute Pasteur Korea and Euroscreen Form Strategic Alliance for GPCR Drug Discovery

Institute Pasteur Korea and Euroscreen Form Strategic Alliance for GPCR Drug Discovery

The Institute Pasteur Korea (IPK) and Euroscreen s. a. today announced a partnership to perform screening of G protein coupled receptors using internalization assays. The development at the Institute Pasteur Korea of a visual-based High Throughput Screening platform offers unique opportunities for the identification of drug candidates activating receptor internalization while Euroscreen’s receptor cell lines and GPCR library compounds will provide the initial direction and components for this drug discovery collaboration.

Coppell, TX (PRWEB) February 27, 2006

The Institute Pasteur Korea (IPK) and Euroscreen s. a. today announced a partnership to perform screening of G protein coupled receptors using internalization assays. The development at the Institute Pasteur Korea of a visual-based High Throughput Screening platform offers unique opportunities for the identification of drug candidates activating receptor internalization while Euroscreen’s receptor cell lines and GPCR library compounds will provide the initial direction and components for this drug discovery collaboration.

This partnership takes thus advantage of both IPK expertise in the image analysis and HCS fields and Euroscreen competence in GPCR biology and Chemistry tools.

“We are delighted to be working with Euroscreen s. a. on this GPCR Drug Discovery project. This partnership highlights the increasing interest in visual-based screening technologies to identify more selective drug candidates. It validates the screening approach we develop at IPK” commented Dr. Thierry Christophe, Head of Screening Technologies and Pharmacology at Institute Pasteur Korea.

“Collaborating with one of the World’s leaders in the GPCR science sector signifies an important step in materialising IPK’s innovative approach. We are enthusiastic to have found a highly competent partner in Euroscreen, to take HCS screening to the next level.” added Dr. Ulf Nehrbass, Director and CEO of IPK.

“This should provide our companies with a rapid, joint opportunity to develop drug candidates which selectively cause the internalization of GPCRs for their therapeutic action in vivo,” said Dr. François Roman, the Head of Drug Development R&D at Euroscreen.

For further information, please contact:

Euroscreen s. a.: Tel: +32 71 348 500

Michel Detheux, Ph. D.

Head of New Target & Drug Discovery Programs Initiatives


Thierry Christophe, Ph. D.

Head of Screening Technologies and Pharmacology

Tel: 0082.2.3299.0341

Web site: www. ip-korea. org

About IP-Korea

Institute Pasteur Korea (IP-Korea) has been created in 2004 with the strategic focus on enabling technologies and therapeutics development in disease models pertaining to public health. In order to meet this goal, IP-Korea was one of the few world research centers to develop High Throughput Screening facilities based on internal and collaborative development of new screening assays. Today IP-Korea can take advantage of the diversity of its research, including biology groups, image mining, new microscopy development or medicinal and nano chemistry.

IP-Korea is a part of the International Network of Pasteur Institutes, which allows IP-Korea the access to the research developed through the 28 other Institutes. In addition, IP-Korea has agreements with the French CNRS (Centre National pour le Recherche Scientifique), the KRICT (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology) and the KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology).

In the screening area, the goal of IP-Korea is to develop disease-based assays to visualize the physiological effect of the disease on the cellular level. To this end, IP-Korea has implemented the first worldwide uHTS platform from Evotec Technologies in a BSL-3 lab including an automatized confocal microscope (Opera) but also fluorescence/luminescence readers to perform High Content and HTScreens.

For more information, please contact Dr. Philip Bernstein (philip. bernstein@pasteur. or. kr)

Institute Pasteur Korea is a non-profit organization based in Seoul, South Korea.

About Euroscreen SA

Euroscreen is a world leader in G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). The Company integrates its research expertise in this area with its patented high-throughput AequoScreen™ cellular assay platform to patent new GPCR targets and drug candidates.

The Company is building its own patent portfolio of GPCR targets and novel drug leads for licensing to biopharmaceutical companies, and to date has agreements with Amersham/GE Healthcare, Cephalon, ChemDiv, Evotec, ICOS, Merck & Co, Pfizer Inc, Solvay, Syngenta and UCB. Euroscreen has also established collaborations with numerous academic centers for access to licenses to help in making available its broad menu of GPCR-based products (recombinant cell lines and membrane preparations) and services (custom screening and cloning).

Euroscreen has grown significant and strong patent positions to protect many key drug targets for licensing. Such patents include CCR5, ChemR23, GPR43, GPR7/8, purinergic receptors (P2Y4, P2Y11 and P2Y13) and SHIP2 for type II diabetes. Euroscreen is able to offer intellectual property rights to companies for the development of therapeutic drugs that act through the above-mentioned targets. For more information regarding the Euroscreen’s portfolio, please contact Dr. Vincent Lannoy.

Euroscreen is a privately held company based in Brussels, Belgium with 80 employees of which 50 are in R&D.

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CodeGear(TM) Enhances JBuilder(R) IDE with Instantiations Swing GUI Designer: Move Helps Java Developers Easily Create Swing-based Graphical User Interfaces

CodeGear(TM) Enhances JBuilder(R) IDE with Instantiations Swing GUI Designer: Move Helps Java Developers Easily Create Swing-based Graphical User Interfaces

CodeGear, a leader in developer tools, today announced it has teamed with Instantiations, Inc., a leading provider of software quality and productivity solutions, to fully integrate the Instantiations Swing Designer visual layout tools into CodeGear JBuilder, making it the first commercial Java IDE to include this technology. The companies are demonstrating the technology this week at the EclipseCon(TM) 2008 Conference in Santa Clara, California.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (PRWEB) March 17, 2008

 Java developers using JBuilder will now be able to quickly construct more sophisticated and reliable Swing-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that enhance the user experience for enterprise applications. In addition, JBuilder developers will have complete control over how they develop their GUI code as a result of Swing Designer's bi-directional code generation, round-trip editing capabilities, and comprehensive support for Swing layouts, controls, containers, and other capabilities.

CodeGear plans to offer Swing Designer as a fully integrated feature of its Java IDE with the introduction of JBuilder 2008 later this year. For customers eager to get started with this new capability now, CodeGear is currently offering a promotional bundle of the Instantiations Swing Designer with any new or upgrade purchase of JBuilder 2007.

"There is a great deal of innovation coming from Eclipse Foundation members like CodeGear and Instantiations," said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation. "Combining the individual innovation from these two member companies into an integrated offering allows developers to make more productive use of the Eclipse platform, and is a perfect example of our vision in action."

JBuilder 2007 is an IDE built on the open source Eclipse framework, which makes collaborative development of Java SE, Java EE, and Web-based applications faster and more reliable. It combines the advantages of the Eclipse framework with innovative rapid application development (RAD) functionality, ease-of-use and productivity, and team development capabilities that help developers and organizations more effectively manage complex projects across locations and teams.

Instantiations Swing Designer is designed exclusively for the Eclipse framework. With the fully integrated Swing Designer, Java developers using JBuilder can quickly and visually create rich user interfaces, easily add controls using drag-and-drop, add event handlers to controls, and change properties of controls using a familiar object inspector. Unlike alternative solutions, the Swing Designer transparently handles code generation without proprietary markers or fragile intermediate files.

"Swing Designer has been meeting the needs of Java developers since 2004, enabling them to create rock-solid user interfaces for enterprise applications," said Mike Taylor, Instantiations CEO. "Combining Swing Designer, part of our WindowBuilder product family, with CodeGear JBuilder gives Java developers an unparalleled and powerful development platform."

"We're all familiar with the Java GUI solutions of late which are either feature light, too fragile, or inject proprietary footprints. Java GUI developers have been vocal about wanting a more advanced out-of-the-box GUI construction experience and feature set that is easy-to-use and fully source-code driven," said Michael Swindell, CodeGear Vice President of Products and Strategy. "We've integrated the Instantiations Swing Designer into JBuilder to meet these expectations, and are excited to be the only Java IDE vendor to have such an offering."

For more information on CodeGear's JBuilder product line, visit www. codegear. com/products/jbuilder (http://www. codegear. com/products/jbuilder) or come by CodeGear Booth 102 at EclipseCon.

About Instantiations

Instantiations serves professional software development organizations by focusing its products and services on improving quality, productivity and time-to-market. This innovation is backed by more than 20 years of helping global companies reap the benefits of leading-edge software technology. Instantiations is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation. Based in Portland, Ore., Instantiations is led by a team of internationally recognized pioneers in software development technology. The company has been named as one the fastest-growing Oregon companies and has been ranked among the top 100 companies influencing software development. For more information, visit www. instantiations. com or come by Instantiations Booth 100 at EclipseCon.

About CodeGear

CodeGear from Borland Software Corporation (NASDAQ:BORL) delivers innovative, high-productivity development tools for a wide spectrum of software developers ranging from individuals to enterprise teams. CodeGear products enable developers to freely develop on their platform of choice while focusing on simplifying complex technologies and tasks so they can concentrate on application design, not infrastructure, to enable on-time project delivery. With more than 3.2 million users in more than 29 countries, CodeGear supports some of the most demanding vertical industries including financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare and government. To learn more about CodeGear and its products, visit www. codegear. com. CodeGear. Where Developers Matter.

CodeGear and all CodeGear brand and product names are service marks, trademarks or registered trademarks of Borland Software Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

Safe Harbor Statement:

This release contains "forward-looking statements" as defined under the U. S. Federal Securities Laws, including the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and is subject to the safe harbors created by such laws. Forward-looking statements may relate to, but are not limited to, the features available in, and the potential benefits to be derived from, CodeGear products and solutions, and the release dates, plans and market acceptance of such products and solutions, including the CodeGear JBuilder product line. Such forward-looking statements are based on current expectations that involve a number of uncertainties and risks that may cause actual events or results to differ materially. Factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially include, among others, the following: rapid technological change that can adversely affect the demand for CodeGear products, shifts in customer demand, shifts in strategic relationships, delays in CodeGear's ability to deliver its products and services, software errors or announcements by competitors. These and other risks may be detailed from time to time in Borland Software Corporation periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including, but not limited to, its latest Annual Report on Form 10-K and its latest Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q, copies of which may be obtained from www. sec. gov. Borland is under no obligation to (and expressly disclaims any such obligation to) update or alter its forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Information contained in our website is not incorporated by reference in, or made part of this press release.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Director of Human Resources Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is With A Weight Loss Challenge To All Employees At Lily Transportation Corp

Director of Human Resources Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is With A Weight Loss Challenge To All Employees At Lily Transportation Corp.

Lily Transportation Corp. is serious about promoting the importance of health & wellness to its employees. To prove it, their Director of Human Resources founded the 'Beat the HR Guy' Weight Loss Contest as a new incentive for good health in 2011. Any employee who loses a larger percentage of weight or pounds than 'The HR Guy' wins.

Needham, MA (Vocus/PRWEB) January 18, 2011

Lily Transportation Corp. is serious about promoting the importance of health & wellness to its employees. To prove it, their Director of Human Resources founded the 'Beat the HR Guy' Weight Loss Contest as a new incentive for good health in 2011. Any employee who loses a larger percentage of weight or pounds than 'The HR Guy' wins.

“This contest gives employees who need to shed some pounds the opportunity to lose some and win some”, explained John Bunevith, Director of Human Resources at Lily Transportation Corp. Participants who lose a minimum of 5% of their beginning body weight qualify to win.

The weight loss challenge runs through June 30th of this year and it has already begun to bring out the competitive spirit in employees. "It’s building a sense of community," said Bunevith. Employees from as far as our California operations have accepted the challenge and we’re thrilled with the response." Regardless of who wins, every overweight person who drops their weight lowers their Body Mass Index (BMI), and this can significantly lower their risk of future serious health diseases.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that anyone with a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25.0 and 29.9 is overweight, and anyone above 30.0 is considered obese. “Let’s just say I personally have some room for improvement," said Bunevith, "and as Director of Human Resources creating and participating in this contest gives me the opportunity to inspire employees and improve my own health in the process".

"Losing weight can be a difficult endeavor for many people. A contest offering significant rewards can be a great incentive to drop some extra pounds. Besides, who doesn’t want to ‘Beat the HR Guy’?” Lily Transportation regards the health of their employees as a top priority and they are prepared to put their money where their mouth is offering a Grand Prize worth up to $1,000 and smaller prizes valued at $250. “It’s an investment in the well-being of our employees that we’re happy to make”. We’re confident that as with any other task they take on, our employees will exceed our expectations!

Lily Transportation Corp. is a leading provider of dedicated logistics systems with a commitment to delivering on time, on budget, every time. To learn more about Lily, visit us at http://www. lily. com or follow us on Twitter @LilyDLS.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Flor-Essence Resource Launches Informative Website on the Herbal Tea Flor-Essence

Flor-Essence Resource Launches Informative Website on the Herbal Tea Flor-Essence

The recently launched FlorEssence-Resouce. com website is the foremost information site on the health altering herbal tea Flor-Essence.

(PRWEB) May 6, 2005

Flor-Essence Resource, an online herbal health company is proud to launch the informational website http://www. floressence-resource. com (http://www. floressence-resource. com)

Flor-Essence Resource is the foremost educational source for information, studies, resources, and price comparisons on the profound herbal tea Flor-Essence. Made by the Flora Corporation, Flor-Essence has had deep effects in the herbal supplement industry. Composed of 8 herbal ingredients derived from a long history of individuals, Flor-Essence is one of the premier herbal health supplements on the market today.

With todayÂ’s processed and genetically modified foods, our bodies need special attention and help to detoxify the poisons that accumulate within the liver and kidneys. Flor Essence was specifically designed to help cleanse the body of those toxins. Helping to balance, stimulate, strengthen, and heal the immune and waste removal systems. Flor-EssenceÂ’s unique formula will leave you feeling active and revitalized.

FlorEssence-Resouce. com includes information on the health benefits from taking Flor-Essence, studies & research on its effects, ingredients that make up the herbal tea, and the latest in health news.

A Flor-Essence price comparison section lists the latest and best online dealers offering the Flor-Essence herbal tea. The constantly updated price comparison guide will give interested visitors a single quick and easy source to find the absolute best deals on the Flor-Essence products. Flor-Essence is sold in a 17oz ready made tea, as well as a 2.2oz powder for home brewing. The shopping comparison guide can be found at: http://www. floressence-resource. com/shopping-resources. php (http://www. floressence-resource. com/shopping-resources. php)

Distributors of the Flor-Essence herbal tea should contact Flor-Essence Resource for advertising options.

With an expanding research and information base, Flor-Essence Resource will continue to grow as the webÂ’s foremost educational source for herbal tea and health related issues. FlorEssence-Resource. comÂ’s goal is to educate the world on the detoxifying benefits of the Flora CorporationÂ’s Flor-Essence products.

As the foremost educational resource for Flor-Essence information, http://www. floressence-resource. com (http://www. floressence-resource. com) offers visitors a quality informational source on the profound health effects of the herbal tea Flor-Essence.

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Saturday, April 13, 2002

B2B Eco-Friendly Packaging Directory Launched by Five Industry Leaders

B2B Eco-Friendly Packaging Directory Launched by Five Industry Leaders

Leading sustainable packaging distributors develop first green packaging supplier directory designed specifically for the B2B market.

Plainfield, IL (PRWEB) August 11, 2010

In an effort to broaden the online space for B2B eco-friendly packaging suppliers, five leading U. S. distributors of sustainable packaging have recently launched the Green Packaging Group website (www. greenpackaginggroup. com). The directory is the first of its kind, featuring a detailed product guide, a green packaging blog, and an in-depth analysis of packaging products and applications.

“B2B companies seeking more environmentally-friendly solutions for retail and industrial packaging now have access to an essential resource,” said Dennis Salazar, creator and owner of GreenPackagingGroup. com. “Our B2B sustainable packaging directory allows B2B buyers, engineers and operations personnel to find multiple high-quality suppliers all under one roof – saving the time, money and frustration that come along with searching for truly eco-friendly packaging products.”

Salazar’s firm, Salazar Packaging, Inc., (www. salazarpackaging. com) is one of the suppliers included in the Green Packaging Group’s directory. His firm is joined by Distant Village Packaging, Nashville Wraps, Eco-Bag Products, Inc., and Globe Guard Products. Through these leading packaging companies, buyers can find packaging products that are fully vetted and authentically sustainable.

The online directory provides easy navigation, with such categories as bags, baskets and containers, boxes, filler and cushioning, films and wraps, stationery, mailers and envelopes, and more. The Green Packaging Group blog introduces visitors to the latest in sustainable packaging solutions and discusses new, simple and effective approaches to eco-friendly packaging.

“I’m very excited to join such leading experts in the sustainable packaging industry to work toward a healthier, safer future for packaging and the environment,” said Salazar. “Now, businesses and retailers have a single destination for unique products and perspective regarding sustainable packaging. Our goal is to provide visitors with the products, advice, guidance and information they need to make the best choice for their business and the environment.”

The group welcomes inquiries from sustainable packaging firms that are interested in becoming members and featuring their products on the site.

About the Green Packaging Group: The Green Packaging Group (www. greenpackaginggroup. com) is the Web’s first comprehensive buying guide and information resource for green minded B2B companies. Launched in 2010 by Salazar Packaging, Inc., the online directory was developed by five leading sustainable packaging firms: Salazar Packaging, Inc., Distant Village Packaging, Nashville Wraps, Eco-Bags, Inc., and Globe Guard Products. The Green Packaging supplier directory includes detailed information on retail and industrial packaging products, services and solutions.


Hospitals Provide Healthy Infusion of Economic Activity and Employment to Southern California Economy, says LAEDC Study

Hospitals Provide Healthy Infusion of Economic Activity and Employment to Southern California Economy, says LAEDC Study

Contributing 12.1 percent ($85.5 billion) to the region’s $708 billion economy, Hospitals keep Southern California’s economy and employment healthy and thriving, according to new LAEDC study.

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) February 28, 2006

With the Southern California economy facing new challenges each year, hospitals and related services contribute a substantial portion to the region’s $708 billion economy, according to a new Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) study released today. The study – “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Economic Contribution of Southern California Hospitals & Related Services” – is available for viewing at www. laedc. org/reports/ (http://www. laedc. org/reports/) and www. MayoCommunications. com/home. htm (http://www. MayoCommunications. com/home. htm) -

(click on “What’s New”) .

“We really take hospitals for granted. We expect them to be there when we need them, but rarely do we stop and realize what a huge economic boon they are to the local economy. The $85.5 billion economic contribution is impressive,” said Greg Freeman, LAEDC vice president of Public Policy and author of the study.

The study notes that while hospitals are primarily about health, healing, and wellness, they are also hubs of employment, payers of wages, purchasers of goods and services, and generators of tax revenue. In fact, the estimated total economic output of hospitals and related services in the six-county Southern California region (including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, and Ventura) accounts for 12.1 percent of the region’s $708 billion economy, or $85.5 billion. More than half of that comes from Los Angeles County at $47.2 billion. Additionally, hospitals and related services accounted for 640,000 full-time equivalent jobs and $29.1 billion in wages in 2004. The tax revenue generated by the region’s hospitals and related services is equally impressive at more than $2 billion.

“While we all recognize the critical role hospitals play in public health, it is remarkable to see what a huge impact they have on the health of our regional economy,” said Bill Allen, president and CEO of the LAEDC. “It is also worth noting that unprecedented demands are being placed on our region’s hospitals and we must be vigilant in monitoring their own economic health to be sure they will continue to be here for us when we need them.”

According to the study area hospitals will spend at least $8.2 billion on construction projects during the years 2005-2009. “This level of spending is expected to have a total economic output in excess of $20 billion dollars and create 166,600 FTE one-year jobs with wages of $6.6 billion.

The health care industry is changing and will continue to face challenges in the future, according to the study. Expenditures for health care services are rising at a faster pace than the economy as a whole. Also, while rapid advances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease are contributing to better outcomes and longer life expectancy, these can also be very expensive.

Other challenges outlined in the study include:

 The number of patients using hospital facilities in Southern California is growing – 17 percent increase in hospital discharges from 1995 to 2004, and 10 percent increase in outpatient visits.

 The Southern California population is rising; ensuring that demand for hospital services will grow even more in the future.

 Big buyers (including Medicare, Medi-Cal, and managed care) play a large role in Southern California health care.

 Hospital costs are rising.

 Hospitals’ bottom lines linger at the very margin of profitability – with total operating revenues of $20.6 billion in 2004 and operating expenses of $21.4 billion, regional hospital have an implied loss of $800 million when taken as a whole.

 Southern California hospitals are investing in new facilities – due to aging facilities as well as natural disasters (1994 Northridge and 1971 Sylmar earthquakes), rebuilding the region’s hospitals will be a financial burden, especially for hospitals in weaker financial shape.

“The bottom line, hospitals are impacted by rising prices as much as their patients,” said Executive Vice President Jim Lott of health Care Policy and Communications, Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC). “In fact, 107 out of 212 Southland hospitals reported operating losses during 2004. Hospitals in the six-county region reported total operating revenues of $20.6 billion in 2004, but operating expenses came to $21.4 billion, which means the regional group lost $800 million that year.”

The 72-page report released today is divided by county, with the economic impact of hospitals and related services in each of the six counties displayed in full detail.

[Editors: For advanced interviews call: George McQuade @ 818.340.5300 or 818.618.9229.

The full report is available on the internet at: www. MayoCommunications. com/home. htm (http://www. MayoCommunications. com/home. htm) (click on “What’s New”) or www. laedc. org/reports/ (http://www. laedc. org/reports/).