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Dramatically Improve Home Health Clerical Productivity

Dramatically Improve Home Health Clerical Productivity

Thornberry Ltd is sponsoring a free Webinar series for home health and hospice agencies. The series provides educational, practical information on how agencies can prepare for both the challenges and the opportunities of home health and hospice. The next Webinar in the series is, "Dramatically Improving Clerical Productivity." It will be offered on Oct. 20, at 2 p. m. EDT.

Lancaster, Pa. (PRWEB) October 12, 2009

Thornberry Ltd is sponsoring a free Webinar series for home health and hospice agencies. The series provides educational, practical information on how agencies can prepare for both the challenges and the opportunities of home health and hospice.

The next Webinar in the series is, "Dramatically Improving Clerical Productivity." It will be offered on Oct. 20, at 2 p. m. EDT. Learn how one agency leveraged technology to improve the productivity of the administrative support team while reducing costs. This free, one-hour Webinar will provide a road map for you to achieve the same success, enabling you to accomplish more with the same, or even fewer, resources.

Space is limited. Home care and hospice managers and executives may register for this free, one-hour Webinar at www. thornberryltd. com/webinar (http://www. thornberryltd. com/webinar).

Past Webinars in the series can be viewed free of charge at http://www. thornberryltd. com/pastwebinars (http://www. thornberryltd. com/pastwebinars).
Call 717.283.0980 ext. 153 or email learnmore(at)thornberryltd(dot)com with questions.

About Thornberry Ltd
Thornberry Ltd provides strategic technology platforms to home health and hospice agencies. Focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical, clerical and executive staff, Thornberry provides proven solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare industry. Challenges met by Thornberry's highly respected NDoc point of care and billing solution. Challenges met by the connected care provided by Thornberry and its broad network of technology partners that provide fully integrated telemedicine, mobile technology, e-faxing, benchmarking and other essential services. Visit www. thornberryltd. com or call 717.283.0980 to find out how Thornberry can provide a game-changing solution for your organization.


Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Center for Direct Marketing Announces Free Advertising Consultation to jumpstart ad campaigns using the Internet & Direct Response Television

Center for Direct Marketing Announces Free Advertising Consultation to jumpstart ad campaigns using the Internet & Direct Response Television

Center for Direct Marketing offers Free Consultation. Advertisers learn what it takes to sell products/services on the Internet or through Direct Response Television. Attention focuses on client-specific goals & needs. First steps are taken at www. dmcenter. com.

(PRWEB) July 18, 2003


Contact: Jan Carroza



Anacortes, WA (PRWEB) July, 2003 -- Companies making the leap to advertise on the Internet now get a free consultation with the Center for Direct Marketing (CDM), an Internet media placement firm and web publisher. CDM assesses advertiser needs and directs client entry to sell products/services on the Internet. Interested advertisers can find out more at www. dmcenter. com.

CDM expertise spans from banner & permission email advertising, & affiliate program management as well as search engine marketing, stressing whatÂ’s needed to get started such as creative, web site and affiliate program software, and budget parameters, to what efforts work and what donÂ’t.

CDM provides ongoing consulting services to address specific client needs in Direct Response Television and Internet advertising. Strong on pay-for-performance, CDMÂ’s ad campaigns include the likes of Norton, AT&T, Chase, SmartPrice, Columbia House, Trim Life and Dish Network.

CDM client categories of products and services run the gamut of beauty, business opportunities, community, education, electronics, entertainment, free stuff, gifts, health services and products, software, technology and web as well as telecommunications offers.

“The cost of entry is minimal and time to sales results can be as little as 24 hours. We understand the need for advertisers to educate themselves to reduce risk & maximize sales performance,” says Jan Carroza, CDM partner. “We’re offering a free consultation to speed up the learning curve and get advertisers on the right track from the start.”

About Center for Direct Marketing

Center for Direct Marketing offers direct marketers & advertisers solutions to achieve multi-channel goals of acquiring, retaining and growing customer relationships. CDM has offices in Dallas, TX and Anacortes, WA and has advised and placed advertising for over 100 companies and innumerable campaigns like NetFlip, DentalPlans & Discover.

For further information contact:

CDM office: 1004 Commercial Ave. #205, Anacortes, WA 98221

Telephone: 512-784-0415

Info@dmcenter. com

Www. dmcenter. com

Www. shopfling. com

Over $2.4 Million Committed to Support 7 Initial CCSVI Grants to Determine the Role of CCSVI (Venous Insufficiency) in Multiple Sclerosis Disease Process

Over $2.4 Million Committed to Support 7 Initial CCSVI Grants to Determine the Role of CCSVI (Venous Insufficiency) in Multiple Sclerosis Disease Process

Expedited international review and new Rapid Response Fund facilitates July 1 launch of CCSVI research projects

New York, NY (Vocus) June 12, 2010

Over $2.4 million has been committed by the National MS Society (USA) and the MS Society of Canada to support 7 new research projects focusing on the role of CCSVI (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency) in MS.

All research applications underwent a rigorous expedited review process by an international review panel that included experts drawn from all key relevant disciplines including radiology, vascular surgery and neurology. The U. S. National MS Society and the MS Society of Canada worked collaboratively to assemble the reviewers who considered scientific merit, responsiveness to the Request for Applications, experimental design, likelihood of producing definitive data, and the experience of the applicant teams in making their recommendations.

These new studies are necessary because we don’t yet know whether, or if so how, CCSVI contributes to MS disease activity. They will achieve several important goals. First, the new studies will carry out significant steps needed to confirm the phenomenon originally described by Dr. Paolo Zamboni who reported abnormalities in the veins draining the brain and spinal cord in people with MS and resolve the questions raised by him and others as to whether CCSVI is a cause of MS or related to MS in some other manner. Second, these studies will resolve conflicting data from previous research, such as how frequently CCSVI occurs in MS, and how often it occurs in people who do not have MS. Third, if blockages are found, the findings will speed the way to determining whether therapeutic trials to correct them will be helpful in improving or altering MS disease process.

The new projects take a comprehensive look at the structure and function of the veins draining the brain and spinal cord in people representing a spectrum of MS types, severities and durations, and compare them to structure and function of veins in people with other diseases and healthy volunteers. The studies incorporate accepted high standards of experimental blinding and controls designed to provide unbiased results. They also use a variety of imaging technologies including the Doppler ultrasound technology originally used by Dr. Zamboni and his team.

Together, these studies aim to further understand the role of CCSVI in MS and identify optimal methods for screening for the condition, which would be necessary to determine
The next steps required in advancing this CCSVI lead. They will also be of value in designing protocols for possible exploratory therapeutic trials that might be independently undertaken in North America or overseas.

Although there were a number of promising submissions, for this initial round of grants, the international review panel recommended studies they agreed combined the strongest science with the research goals necessary to most quickly determine the scope and meaning of reported abnormalities in blood drainage from the brain and spinal cord in MS. It is hoped these findings will provide clarity regarding the need for next-step therapeutic trials to correct such blockages as MS Societies around the world pursue this CCSVI lead. The two-year grants will begin July 1, 2010.

The funded teams, which include an integration of MS and vascular experts, are led by:
 Dr. Brenda Banwell, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario: studying vein abnormalities in children and teenagers who have MS, and healthy controls of the same age. The team is seeking to determine whether the veins are abnormal at an early age among pediatric MS patients. These findings will add additional depth to studies of CCSVI in adult MS. More information: http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-banwell-team/index. aspx (http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-banwell-team/index. aspx)

 Dr. Fiona Costello, Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta: examining a cross-section of people with MS compared to other neurological diseases and healthy volunteers. The team is seeking linkages between vein abnormalities and different aspects of MS activity and tissue damage to gain insight into the significance of differences in vein drainage and their implications for the future treatment of MS. More information: http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-costello-team/index. aspx (http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-costello-team/index. aspx)

 Dr. Aaron Field, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison: using magnetic resonance (MRI) scans to generate detailed images of the head and neck veins in people with early and later MS, healthy volunteers, and controls with other neurological conditions. This team is also using the ultrasound techniques originally used by Dr. Zamboni. If they obtain similar results as those published by Dr. Zamboni, it would represent a powerful confirmation of the CCSVI hypothesis and help lead the way toward trials of appropriate treatment. More information: http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-field-team/index. aspx (http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-field-team/index. aspx)

 Dr. Robert Fox Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland: studying people with MS or who are at risk for MS (CIS) and comparison groups including healthy volunteers and people with brain atrophy (shrinkage) from Alzheimer’s disease. This team is using the ultrasound techniques originally used by Dr. Zamboni, as well as magnetic resonance studies of the veins (MR venography), MRI scans of the brain, and clinical measures to determine MS activity and atrophy. They are also examining neck and spinal cord tissue from MS patients at autopsy to provide a tissue-based evaluation of CCSVI and its possible relationship to MS. More information: http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-fox-team/index. aspx (http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-fox-team/index. aspx)

 Dr. Carlos Torres, The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa, Ontario: employing powerful MRI technology to explore vein anatomy and assessing for iron deposits in the brains of people with MS and in age-matched healthy volunteers. These studies work towards mapping out normal variations in brain vein anatomy and providing insight into CCSVI in MS. More information: http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-torres-team/index. aspx (http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-torres-team/index. aspx)

 Dr. Anthony Traboulsee, UBC Hospital MS Clinic, UBC Faculty of Medicine and Dr. Katherine Knox, Saskatoon MS Clinic, University of Saskatchewan: studying the prevalence of CCSVI in people with MS and controls without MS, using catheter venography, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance venography. Unique to this study is the inclusion of family members, such as identical twins of MS patients who have not developed MS, in control groups. They also hope to verify the usefulness of techniques that would make it easier to screen for CCSVI. More information: http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-traboulee_knox-team/index. aspx (http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-traboulee_knox-team/index. aspx)

 Dr. Jerry Wolinsky, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston: replicating the ultrasound methods used by Dr. Zamboni to investigate the association of CCSVI with major clinical types of MS and in non-MS control groups. The team is also testing whether other imaging methods can confirm the ultrasound findings, while identifying the most reliable technique to screen for CCSVI. More information: http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-wolinsky-team/index. aspx (http://www. nationalmssociety. org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/ccsvi-study-by-wolinsky-team/index. aspx)

“We don’t know yet whether CCSVI contributes to MS disease activity, and there have been conflicting data as to the frequency of this condition in people with MS,” said National MS Society Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Aaron Miller, Professor of Neurology and Medical Director of the MS Center at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. “The newly funded studies should bring clarity to the debate, and we should know very soon what this phenomenon means in MS and what the next steps should be.”

Recruitment guidelines for participation in each of the funded studies have not yet been released and will differ by project. Funding is expected to flow as of July 1, 2010 and recruitment will begin sometime after this date. The National MS Society plays no role in selecting people to participate in studies but if a there is a broad call for recruitment, the information will be posted on http://www. nationalmssociety. org/ccsvi (http://www. nationalmssociety. org/ccsvi) when it becomes available.

As part of the Society’s commitment to providing timely information as work on these grants proceeds, researchers will be asked to provide 6-month interim updates to the Society on their grant progress. Publication in peer-reviewed journals will occur as results are established.

The U. S. and Canadian MS Societies are also in discussion with the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation to establish an international CCSVI Research Coordinating Committee to consider CCSVI research that is underway around the world.

New CCSVI grants are only one of many exciting research avenues that address ways to stop MS progression, restore function and end MS forever. The National MS Society has established a Rapid Response Fund to pursue new and unexpected research opportunities when they arise, such as expedited funding of these CCSVI grants.

Check the Society’s Website for information on an upcoming live Webcast, June 30 on What’s New in MS Research and Treatment http://www. nationalMSsociety. org/june30webcast (http://www. nationalMSsociety. org/june30webcast)

About the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
MS stops people from moving. The National MS Society exists to make sure it doesn’t. The Society addresses the challenges of each person affected by MS by funding cutting edge research, driving change through advocacy, facilitating professional education, collaborating with MS organizations around the world, and providing programs and services designed to help people with MS and their families move their lives forward. In 2009 alone, through our national office and 50 state network of chapters, we devoted over $132 million to programs that enhanced more than one million lives. To move us closer to a world free of MS, the Society also invested nearly $40 million to support 375 research projects around the world. To learn more about multiple sclerosis and the service programs the Society offers visit http://www. nationalMSsociety. org (http://www. nationalMSsociety. org).

About Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system, interrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with MS. Symptoms range from reduced or lost mobility to numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with at least two to three times more women than men being diagnosed with the disease. MS affects more than 400,000 people in the U. S., and 2.1 million worldwide.


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No More Gray with Catalase Dietary Supplement Developed to Prevent Gray Hair and Restore Natural Hair Color

No More Gray with Catalase Dietary Supplement Developed to Prevent Gray Hair and Restore Natural Hair Color

Supplement Replenishes Enzymes Lost During the Aging Process and Helps Stop the Chain Reaction Leading to Gray Hair

Union City, TN (PRWEB) September 9, 2010

Top of the World Distributors® is excited to announce the addition of No More Gray with Catalase to their vast line of RaNisa Naturals health and wellness supplements. Formulated based on the extensive research of the antioxidant enzyme catalase (http://www. tophealthsource. com/cms. php? page_id=45&utm_source=prweb&utm_medium=prweb&utm_term=catalase&utm_campaign=nomoregray), No More Gray could offer a simple solution to an age old problem. Containing the powerful ingredient catalase, this phenomenal supplement can slow the graying process and restore natural hair color (http://www. tophealthsource. com/cms. php? page_id=45&utm_source=prweb&utm_medium=prweb&utm_term=hair%2Bcolor&utm_campaign=nomoregray).

“No More Gray provides a healthy alternative for those who want to retain their natural hair color without frequent trips to the salon for artificial dyes,” says Theresa Strain, RN and Vice President of Top of the World Distributors. “We are excited to offer this new supplement to our customers who, with health and wellness in mind, strive for a youthful appearance.”

Research has shown that catalase enzyme (http://www. tophealthsource. com/cms. php? page_id=45&utm_source=prweb&utm_medium=prweb&utm_term=catalase%2Benzyme&utm_campaign=nomoregray) supplements can help restore and rebuild levels depleted with the aging process. With increased catalase levels, the body’s natural ability to restore and maintain hair color can be rejuvenated and possibly maintained for years. Armed with this exciting news, Top of the World Distributors developed their new No More Gray (http://www. tophealthsource. com/cms. php? page_id=45&utm_source=prweb&utm_medium=prweb&utm_term=nomoregray&utm_campaign=nomoregray) dietary supplement with high quality catalase enzymes as well as other needed nutrients to promote healthier, thicker hair.

The role of catalase, found in all living organisms, is to break down the body’s naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Without this breakdown, hydrogen peroxide damages the body and affects its natural defense and health. During the aging process, catalase levels begin to decrease while hydrogen peroxide continues to increase within the hair follicle. The over-production of hydrogen peroxide begins to bleach the hair and the follicles cannot produce enough melanin (hair color pigment) to overcome this increase. Since the natural defense against hydrogen peroxide decreases with age, the hair is actually bleached from the inside out, thus causing gray hair (http://www. tophealthsource. com/cms. php? page_id=45&utm_source=prweb&utm_medium=prweb&utm_term=grayhair&utm_campaign=nomoregray).

No More Gray could be the key to preventing or reversing gray hair for millions struggling with a natural, cost-effective answer. This revolutionary new product may give them the opportunity to say no to chemicals, no to costly salon visits and no to gray hair.

About Top of the World Distributors®
Top of the World Distributors® is the owner and distributor of the RaNisa Naturals line of health supplements and personal care items manufactured entirely in the United States. Founded in 1997 by Lisa and Randy Roney, this family-owned company offers over 200 products including vitamins, nutritional supplements, hair and skin products, weight loss formulas and personal care items. The company’s flagship supplement, Calotren®, is one of the first all-natural collagen-based weight loss formulas developed in the United States. Top of the World Distributors is devoted to providing customers with top quality health care products, competitive pricing and a dedicated customer service department staffed with health professionals and nurses. The company’s products are sold directly to consumers and through a network of retail and wholesale distributors worldwide. For more information, visit the company website at www. toploss. com.


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Snooth Launches Food & Wine Pairings Application, Reaches More than 40 Million Monthly Visitors

Snooth Launches Food & Wine Pairings Application, Reaches More than 40 Million Monthly Visitors

Hand built algorithm debuts as new, featured application on My Yahoo!

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 7, 2009

Snooth, the world's largest wine site, today announced the launch of its Food & Wine pairings application for My Yahoo!, the most popular personalized start page with more than 40 million worldwide monthly visitors.

My Yahoo! users are now able to peruse thousands of recipes from leading publications such as Food & Wine, Cooking Light, Real Simple and Health, among others, and get automatically generated wine pairings based on each individual dish.

The app will also highlight the most popular recipes, pairings, and wines of the day, with links to purchase the corresponding bottle.

For example, for a Tomato-Chicken Pasta dish, Snooth's digital sommelier recommended "Fontaleoni Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2007" with the rationale, "This mineraly white offers nice acidity with a medium bodied feel, allowing it to partner perfectly with this meal."

The functionality was hand built using Snooth's database of the world's wines and the decades of accumulated wine knowledge among Snooth's employees, particularly that of Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth's Community Manager. Snooth's expertise in systematically analyzing and categorizing wine data was transferred to analyzing and categorizing recipe data in order to create the complex pairing algorithm.

"This algorithm is an interesting combination of our backend tech functionality, as well as the human expertise of our resident wine guru Gregory Dal Piaz," said Philip James, CEO of Snooth. "We're trying to democratize the wine experience and make finding good wine easier, and now everyone has access to a top-tier sommelier with the click of button."

Since its inception in June 2007, Snooth has grown to be the world's largest wine site, with over 500,000 users per month, 1 million wines and prices from 11,000 merchants and wineries worldwide. The site currently handles over 2 million searches per month and has over 125,000 registered users.

About Snooth
Snooth is the world's largest wine site with over 500,000 monthly users. Launched in June 2007, Snooth is a free, highly interactive, social database of the world's wines, offering both casual and expert wine drinkers the ability to search, obtain personalized recommendations, interact with fellow wine lovers, as well as seamlessly buy from a global network of over 11,000 merchants.

Designed to be easy to use, users have the ability to search by their own personal preferences (bold, peppery, fruity, etc), by a specific meal-pairing, price, or by region or producer. Snooth's recommendation engine also provides customized selections based on stated preferences and user feedback. The more information a user gives on wines they enjoy, the more personalized and detailed the recommendations become.

Snooth's massive database of 1 million wines and 2 million reviews, powers many third-party wine applications and functions as a central repository of wine data. Snooth is available on-the-go using its iPhone application.

Snooth was awarded the Model of Excellence by Infocommerce in 2008, and is the recipient of multiple medals from the Wine 2.0 trade organization. Snooth has garnered much press within the tech, wine and food spaces from publications including Forbes, Oprah, Techcrunch, Mashable, the Guardian, and many others.

Snooth's team is comprised of experts in data management, user experience, and wine. Snooth's advisors and investors include past and current management of Blue Fly, Price Grabber, Experian, Quigo, Inertia Beverage Group, and Global Wines and Spirits amongst others.

Please visit http://www. snooth. com (http://www. snooth. com) for more information on the largest wine site in the world.


Patient Placement Systems Announces New Pricing Plans for its Referral Management System for Automating Long-Term Care Admissions

Patient Placement Systems Announces New Pricing Plans for its Referral Management System for Automating Long-Term Care Admissions

New pricing plans for the Web-based software solution enable all types and sizes of continuing care providers to realize the benefits of automated admissions

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 16, 2009

Patient Placement Systems announced today the launch of its new low-cost tiered pricing plans for its Web-based Referral Management System for automating admissions. The new pricing structure gives continuing care providers several options to best fit their unique admissions needs and budgets.

The PatientPlacement. com Referral Management System is an easy, low-cost Web-based software solution (http://www. patientplacement. com/) designed for nursing homes, home health agencies, hospice services and other long-term care providers to automate and accelerate admissions and intake. Patient Placement designed the low-cost Web-based subscription service specifically to automate every step of the long-term care admissions process, including insurance verification, marketing activity tracking, form creation, and reporting. Inbound faxes convert automatically to electronic documents--eliminating long fax waits and mountains of paper. The simple solution provides the functions of a fax server, document database and archive, and communications service.

"We recognized that with tens of thousands of nursing homes, home health agencies and other continuing care providers, our plans must accommodate various facility types and sizes, from standalones to large nationwide chains," said Eric Christ, president of Patient Placement Systems. "We now offer a several packaged plans to meet every long-term care provider's individual requirements. And with plans starting at just $99, there is no solution more affordable that provides a better return on investment than the Referral Management System (http://www. patientplacement. com/rmsdemo)."

Subscription fees for Referral Management System are on a monthly, per location basis. Flexible billing options make payments simple and convenient. Continuing care providers have the option of one-year subscriptions or month-to-month plans. The four subscription plans, Standalone, Team, Corporate and Enterprise, offer functionality, usage volumes and support coverage appropriate for providers of every size and type.

The Standalone plan, starting at $99 per month, is designed for individual facilities receiving up to 40 referrals per month and up to 750 pages of faxed documents. The plan includes the following features:
 Track and manage all referrals from all sources  Manage task and marketing activities  All inbound and outbound faxes convert to electronic documents  Standard reports  Up to 3 users

The Team plan is geared towards organizations with up to 3 locations, and starts at $179 per month, per location. The plan includes 80 referrals and 1,250 faxed pages per month, per location.

 Includes all Standalone plan features  Management console for managing multiple locations  Enhanced document management, form and template merge features  Enhanced reports  Up to four users

Starting at $249 per month, the Corporate plan is designed for larger organizations with up to 6 locations, each receiving up to 120 referrals and 1,750 fax pages per month.

 Includes all Team plan features  Insurance Verification included  Virtual printing feature  Complete reporting package  Up to 6 users per location  One custom training session  10 free support calls per month

The Enterprise plan is a customizable plan to suit large multi-location providers needing unlimited users, referrals, facilities and support, as well as customization and increased support for data exchange with other systems. The list price of the comprehensive Enterprise plan is $450 per location, with volume discounts typical in Enterprise subscriptions.

 Includes all Corporate plan features  Unlimited support  Unlimited referrals  System and report customization  Support for data interfaces  Centralized admissions option  Data import services  Dedicated account manager

About Patient Placement Systems: Patient Placement Systems helps continuing care providers admit more patients (http://www. patientplacement. com/rms-free-trial. aspx), generate more revenue, compete better and respond faster with simple, efficient Web-based healthcare software that automates and accelerates admissions and referral management. Patient Placement Systems is a proud Jackson Healthcare company, sharing a common dedication to providing the world's best healthcare software, technology and services. For more information, visit www. PatientPlacement. com or call 877-748-6656.


Saturday, January 25, 2003

A New Year’s Resolution Like No Other: One Couple’s Unusual Crusade Inspires Others

A New Year’s Resolution Like No Other: One Couple’s Unusual Crusade Inspires Others

Usually by this time, 95% of people have already broken their resolutions. But Kim and Jason Kotecki have come up with an unusual plan that is not only going strong, it’s attracting people from all over the world to join them.

Madison, WI (PRWEB) January 18, 2006

New Year’s resolutions are pretty typical. Health and fitness. Finances, relationships, and organization. Yada yada yada. Usually by this time, 95% of people have already broken their resolutions. But Kim and Jason Kotecki have come up with a plan that is not only going strong, it’s attracting people from all over the world to join them.

“Kim and I were fed up with the stresses of life. We call it Adultitis,” says Jason Kotecki, cartoonist and author. “So we came up with a 40-day plan to get us thinking and acting in a more childlike way.”

The couple calls their project The Escape Plan, and they created a blog to document their progress. Each day, they compete against each other in a series of challenges, such as “do something that is seen as inappropriate for someone of your age,” and “find a reason to celebrate and do something to celebrate it.” For the latter, Kim and Jason celebrated the year’s first Hump Day and Earth at Perihelion Day, respectively. Since they began, people from Wisconsin to Australia have joined in and have been posting their experiences.

“It’s been very exciting to see how other people are responding to the challenges,” said Kim, a former kindergarten teacher. “For us, this is about becoming more childlike, not childish. It’s about re-programming our grown-up selves to see life through a different lens.” For more information, please visit http://www. TheEscapePlanBlog. com (http://www. TheEscapePlanBlog. com)

To interview Kim and Jason, call 608-278-1880.


The Lean Six Sigma Approach

The Lean Six Sigma Approach

Author Explains the Human Cost of Inefficient Processes

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 14, 2004

What do Lean Six Sigma and your health have in common? Have you ever stopped to think about the human cost of inefficient processes, lack of error-proof systems, and other obstacles that could keep you or someone you know from receiving proper health care? "Lean Six Sigma In Sickness and In Health," by Forrest Breyfogle and Arvind Salvekar addresses these issues head-on.

Many companies have benefited from implementing Six Sigma as a quality initiative which can significantly reduce the likelihood of process-generated defects; however, not all problems are defect-based. The novella describes a business strategy for improving customer satisfaction and profit, taking Six Sigma to new heights. This book illustrates various aspects of the statistics-based Lean Six Sigma Methodologies in a compelling, yet highly informative format.

"Lean Six Sigma In Sickness and In Health" brings back "Wisdom on the Green" hospital executive Jorge Santos. Jorge's wife is seriously injured in a car accident, and Jorge is faced with an unprepared emergency room and broken processes that are not error proof. Jorge must now confront obstacles that can prevent his wife from receiving proper medical care. While his wife is undergoing treatment, he reflects on how his hospital across-town avoided similar problems by implementing an enhanced Lean Six Sigma improvement system.

"Lean Six Sigma In Sickness and In Health" is not intended to be an implementation guide. Rather, it seeks to explain Beyond Lean Six Sigma techniques in a thorough but entertaining and easy-to-understand way. This easy-to-digest format is perfect for executives and managers scanning for the right management initiative. This format is also useful in allaying the nervousness (and the accompanying loss of productivity) that middle and lower-level managers often experience when a new management initiative is introduced. Armed with the information found here, the implementation experience can be one of confidence, optimism, and new energy for everyone involved. The methods work for all businesses, no matter if they are manufacturing, service, or development. Hospitals and other organizations can, and have, saved millions of dollars by applying Beyond Lean Six Sigma principles to their industry.

Forrest Breyfogle III is considered an expert in the wise implementation of Lean Six Sigma. He is the author of several highly-acclaimed books, including "Implementing Six Sigma, 2nd Edition," and "Managing Six Sigma." Mr. Breyfogle is the CEO of Smarter Solutions, Inc., where experts provide a variety of organizations with Six Sigma and Lean training, coaching, and implementation assistance.

Susan Howard


Susan. h@smartersolutions. com


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Marta I. Rendon M. D. Examines The Environmental Working Group Study With An Eagle’s Eye

Marta I. Rendon M. D. Examines The Environmental Working Group Study With An Eagle’s Eye

Founder of the Dermatology and Aesthetic Center Supports the Continued Benefits of Sunscreen.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) July 21, 2010

Celebrations of summer are underway, but many consumers are left feeling confused and concerned about how to best protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Apprehension is now heightened with the release of a study by the Environmental Working Group, cautioning consumers that an ingredient found in many sunscreens may speed cancerous cell growth. Marta I. Rendon, M. D. a board-certified dermatologist, medical director and founder of the Dermatology and Aesthetics Center in Boca Raton, Fla., and global celebrity dermatologist for Procter & Gamble's Head and Shoulders, wants to ease consumer’s distress and set the record straight.

According to the study conducted by the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit public health organization, nearly half of the 500 most popular sunscreens have an ingredient that may increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer, such as melanoma. The findings look at data from a 2009 FDA study of retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A that is often used as an antioxidant in anti-aging cream formulations.

The EWG study, however, is a single study conducted on animals and it is questionable whether that activity would actually mimic what may occur in humans. "It is true that vitamin A might have some phototoxicity, however, that does not necessarily correlate that it will increase your risk of skin cancer." says Dr. Rendon. “The concern comes from a sole study conducted on animals and not humans. Sometimes these animal studies are extrapolated to humans, when in reality it might have no relevance. We can not eliminate many years of detailed research and make a decision based on one simple study. There is more evidence captured from years of research that point to the benefits of vitamin A."

Clearly, there are many factors in reviewing the study that leaves physicians skeptical. In addition to the animal testing, the absence of sunscreen in the study is a significant missing element, as the study only tested plain vitamin A cream, not sunscreen containing vitamin A. The preliminary data has created a buzz among consumers, and after review of the study, doctors are still urging patients to continue use of sunscreen. Despite the findings in the new study, consumers should still feel confident in the protection they are getting from their sunscreen, and seek comfort in the fact that all FDA-approved sunscreens have undergone rigorous trials to prove their efficacy and hold up against safety standards.

"Do not throw away your sunscreen!” says Dr. Rendon. “Remember that every hour an American dies of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. I urge my patients and all consumers that will come into contact with the sun, to not let this report stop or limit the use of sunscreen.”

Added counsel of high importance for consumers seeking advice for the appropriate selection of sunscreen is to ensure that the sunscreen that they are using blocks both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply to cause aging issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, while UVB rays can cause sunburn and are more responsible for increasing the risk of cancer. Additionally, sun protection factor (SPF) is not regulated by the FDA, and surprising to many consumers is that the difference between an SPF 30 and SPF 60 is approximately only five percent. Finally, consumers should ensure that their sunscreen includes zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which act as physical barriers and help to keep out ultraviolet light.

“Sunscreen does not stand alone and should only be one part of your overall sun protection routine,” says Dr. Rendon. “In addition to using an SPF with UVA/UVB coverage, hats, sun-protective clothing and seeking shade are a must during the sunny months. With proper education about the benefits of sunscreen, our goal is to help consumers understand the preventable yet damaging effects of sun exposure and help them to seek out additional information on the prevention and early detection of skin cancer.”

For more information on this study or to contact Dr. Rendon, please visit www. drrendon. com.

About Dr. Marta I. Rendon
Dr. Marta I. Rendon, M. D., founder and medical director of the Dermatology and Aesthetic Center with a clinical trials research division in Boca Raton, Fla., is double board certified in dermatology and internal medicine, the past president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery, a member of the board of directors of the exclusive Skin of Color Society and Pigmentary Disorders Academy, the former Chief of Dermatology at the Cleveland Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, a professor of dermatology at Florida Atlantic University and has served as a clinical associate professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine for over 20 years.

Dr. Rendon directs her practice’s clinical trial research division that tests new skin care technologies, products and treatments developed by worldwide brands. In addition, Dr. Rendon serves on the advisory boards of Sculptra™, Restylane® and Perlane: and on the medical education faculty for Radiesse™. For more information on Dr. Rendon and her practice, please call (561) 750-0544 or visit www. drrendon. com.

Fern Cole: F(dot)Cole(at)admcorp(dot)com
Alex Rendon: A(dot)Rendon(at)admcorp(dot)com

Dermatology and Aesthetic Center
880 N. W. 13th St., Suite 3C
Boca Raton, FL 33486-2342
Phone: (561) 750-0544 Fax: (561) 750-9873
Www. drrendon. com.


Thursday, January 23, 2003

BioInvest 2005, the Biotechnology and Discovery Informatics Investment Meeting Selects 9 Companies to Present in London

BioInvest 2005, the Biotechnology and Discovery Informatics Investment Meeting Selects 9 Companies to Present in London

Register now to attend BioInvest 2005, the bioinformatics and biotechnology investment conference to be held at the DTI conference centre in London. The conference will be a showcase for emerging international biotechnology and bioinformatics companies. Investor pitches by companies will be focused on biotechnology companies in the morning, drug discovery and life sciences informatics in the afternoon. Venue: DTI Conference Centre, 1 Victoria Street, London SW1E 0ET - Web site: www.

(PRWEB) March 18, 2005

Register now to attend Bioinvest 2005, the bioinformatics and biotechnology investment conference to be held at the DTI conference centre in London. The conference will be a showcase for emerging international biotechnology and bioinformatics companies. Investor pitches by companies will be focused on biotechnology companies in the morning, bioinformatics in the afternoon.

Northbank Communications is the communications partner for the new BioInvest 2005 Conference, an initiative of the UK Bioinformatics Forum and Oxfordshire Bioscience Network and Oxford Science Enterprise Centre, Said Business School. BioInvest 2005 is offering 50% off registration for a second company delegate and free entry for a third company delegate. First delegate rate is just £100. Includes refreshments, lunch and wine reception.

Networking drinks reception from 16.30 – 19.00 at the conference venue.

Attendees will include seed fund managers, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity managers and biotech/pharmaceutical executives, all looking for investment opportunities within the biotech and bioinformatics industries.

BioInvest 2005 allows investors to meet with leading and emerging biotechnology and informatics companies. Companies presenting include*:

Robert Feldman, CEO, Riotech Pharma

David Laskow Pooley, CEO, Surface Therapeutics

Yasmin Crawford, Director, Opal Healthcare Limited

Dr Dan Daly, Director, Lein Diagnostics

Christian Rohlff, CEO, Oxford Genome Sciences

Andrew Payne, CEO, Intellidos

Mark Tucker, CEO, G-Nostics

Will Saurin, CEO, Genomining

Adlan Hercus, Director, Synamatix

*Company appraisals available on the web site www.

Bioinvest 2005 is a joint initiative of the UK Bioinformatics Forum and Oxfordshire Bioscience Network, and Oxford Science Enterprise Centre, Said Business School.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Sizzling New Spicy Food Website Awards Named by The Ratings Guy

Sizzling New Spicy Food Website Awards Named by The Ratings Guy

The Ratings Guy has recently named new websites that meet the grade for quality, trust and experience in its spicy food award category. Quickly find new trusted websites for Summer BBQ, from grilling and smoking recipes to sources for spicy sauces and rubs, buy reviewing these new award winners.

Belfast, ME (PRWEB) July 2, 2007

The Ratings Guy (http://www. TheRatingsGuy. com) has recently named new award-winning Spicy Food websites, found at www. TheRatingsGuy. com. The top spicy food websites incorporate new, interesting and educational information about grilling, including some sources for unique food products.

Websites receiving the Great Site award were reviewed by independent librarians who recognize resources that deliver high quality consumer content. Sites are critiqued for relevance, timeliness, source content, and quality of interactive experience. Consumers can save time and energy using the websites that deliver a trusted, quality and unique experience. Each site has earned The Ratings Guy Great Site seal of approval.

Some of the Spicy Food websites include:
BourbonQ. com - a blend of Kentucky's best with rich gourmet BBQ blends
Chow. com - informative, creative, tasty and sweet media make this a Bees Knees site!
InsaneChicken. com - sauces, condiments, rubs and gifts for Summer BBQ
JHBuffaloMeat. com - Jackson Hole serves up the best wild game for the grill…
JustSimplyGoodStuff. com - seasonings, herbs, spices and rubs, all custom mixed…

A full listing of Award Winning websites can be found at www. theratingsguy. com (http://www. TheRatingsGuy. com)

The Ratings Guy has recognized websites in order to help consumers find the great sites sooner. Personal experience with the websites helps consumers find superior, safe and reliable information websites that meet or exceed high standards.

"Improving Foodies on-line experience is one thing we do, but finding websites that appeal to Foodies and educate while being entertaining at the same time is another", said Katherine Morrow, co-founder of TheRatingGuy. com. "Finding great on-line sources for products is also part of our purpose, it isn't a great site unless the products are worthy", she added.

The Ratings Guy was developed by a team, experienced in the consumer research and ratings field and frustrated with the search industry's inability to separate advertising from editorial. The company reviews and rates websites across an array of popular consumer lifestyle categories including: health, travel, house & home, pets, gourmet food, kids, shopping, and more. The Ratings Guy is an independent and objective resource, supported by research librarians and researchers (the original search engines) who seek to identify the very best Web resources. The company uses a proprietary review methodology to test sites against its own benchmarks for transparency, accuracy, timeliness, functionality, trust, and usefulness. For more information about all of the lifestyle categories visit The Ratings Guy

John Morrow, Principal
The Ratings Guy, LLC
Tel: 207-338-0440
Fax: 207-636-8060
Www. theratingsguy. com.
Electronic Media Kit: http://www. theratingsguy. com/PressKit/presskit. html (http://www. theratingsguy. com/PressKit/presskit. html)

Editors note: The Ratings Guy rating and review data is available at no charge to members of the working press. Use of the annotations from this list must be accompanied by: "Copyright 2007 by TheRatingsGuy. com."


Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center Return to Toronto with Mind-Body Healing Workshop

Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center Return to Toronto with Mind-Body Healing Workshop

Learn a Powerful Approach to Optimal Health and Preventive Medicine. Join Deepak Chopra, M. D. and David Simon, M. D. for the “Journey into Healing” Mind-Body Healing Workshop this May in Toronto

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) January 11, 2010

This May 12–16 the Chopra Center for Wellbeing is coming to Toronto with the “Journey into Healing” (http://www. chopra. com/journey) workshop taught by renowned physicians, best-selling authors, and co-founders – Deepak Chopra and David Simon.

“We’re at an exciting turning point where people are no longer passively deferring to their doctors’ recommendations but are taking an empowered role in their health care. . . actively seeking out the best options for healing and preventing illness,” said David Simon.

“Journey into Healing is an in-depth immersion into mind-body healing that empowers people with knowledge and teaches practical tools and techniques that they can immediately apply in their daily lives,” Dr. Simon added.

This May in the magnificent setting of the Westin Harbour Castle Resort in Toronto, Drs. Chopra and Simon will lead participants on an in-depth exploration of healing that combines the healing arts of the East and the best in modern medicine. The Journey into Healing workshop (http://www. chopra. com/journey) includes:
 The power of integrative preventive health care  The science of ayurveda – India’s 5,000-year-old healing system  Food as medicine  The keys to emotional well-being, restful sleep, and healthy digestion  Instruction in meditation   Holistic approaches to relieving stress, anxiety, and depression  Morning and evening yoga classes (for all levels)  Delicious ayurvedic meals culled from "The Chopra Center Cookbook"  And much more. . .

In addition to sessions with Deepak Chopra and David Simon, "Journey into Healing" features other renowned specialists in complementary and alternative medicine, including Daniel Vicario, M. D., oncologist and co-founder of the San Diego Cancer Center; and ayurvedic physician Dr. Sunil Joshi. Health care providers can earn continuing medical education credits for attending this workshop.

Journey into Healing will take place this May 12–16 at the Westin Harbour Castle Resort overlooking Lake Ontario. Just a half-hour drive from Toronto’s international airport, the Westin Harbour offers elegant accommodations, a tranquil atmosphere, and a complete luxury spa. Guests at Journey into Healing will receive a special room discount.

To register for the workshop or get more information, call 888.736.6895 or visit http://www. chopra/journey (http://www. chopra/journey).

About the Chopra Center
The Chopra Center for Wellbeing was founded by Deepak Chopra, M. D. and David Simon, M. D. in 1996. Located in Carlsbad, California, the Center offers a wide variety of programs, retreats, and teacher training programs that integrate the healing arts of the East with the best in modern Western medicine. The Chopra Center has helped millions of people around the world find peace of mind, physical balance, and emotional healing. The website http://www. chopra. com (http://www. chopra. com) is your starting point on the path to wellness.

Media Contact:
Tee Taylor
(760) 494-1652
Http://www. chopra/journey (http://www. chopra/journey)

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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Independent Scientist Announces Methyl Bromide Safe

Independent Scientist Announces Methyl Bromide Safe

In 1987, The Montreal Protocol called for the phase out of certain chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, that were found to have a direct effect on the depletion of the ozone layer. But the public should know that the continued use of methyl bromide, at levels of 30% of baseline, is sound policy.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 14, 2007

In 1987, The Montreal Protocol called for the phase out of certain chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, that were found to have a direct effect on the depletion of the ozone layer. According to biochemist Michael Shaw the continued use of methyl bromide at levels of 30 perecent of baseline is safe.

Improving current methyl bromide policy is urgent, and cannot wait years more until the full ozone depletion story becomes known. We now present some policy recommendations and strategies that will secure the supply of methyl bromide, while addressing the sources that actually cause the most harm to the ozone layer:

1. The United States must lobby the international community that it is in their best interest to stop the removal of methyl bromide.
2. The international community must reassess the Montreal Protocol and implement policies that will effectively curtail the harmful effects of naturally produced CFCs on the ozone layer.
3. The UN should promote the use of clean energy and alternative fuels.

The current policy implemented by the Montreal Protocol, to ban and phase out methyl bromide, is deeply flawed. Methyl bromide has far less of an effect on ozone depletion than originally thought. Soil, oceanic uptake, and the lower atmosphere break down the chemical and reduce its estimated atmospheric life.

Sources: US Environmental Protection Agency, "Anthrax spore decontamination using methyl bromide." US EPA Web Site. July 2007. Accessed 29 August 2007. http://www. epa. gov/pesticides/factsheets/chemicals/methylbromide_factsheet. htm (http://www. epa. gov/pesticides/factsheets/chemicals/methylbromide_factsheet. htm).

Margaret A Juergensmeyer, Bruce A Gingras, Rudolf H Scheffrahn, Mark J Weinberg. (2007). Methyl Bromide Fumigant Lethal to Bacillus anthracis Spores. Journal of Environmental Health, 69(6), 24-26. Retrieved July 24, 2007, from Health & Medical Complete database. (Document ID: 1201923441).


Radiology Professionals Get a Dedicated Community for Live Coverage of ECR 2008 at Medicexchange

Radiology Professionals Get a Dedicated Community for Live Coverage of ECR 2008 at Medicexchange

Medicexchange. com has launched a dedicated European Congress of Radiology (ECR2008.medicexchange. com) online community to include coverage of highlights from product launches, expert interviews, plus industry and clinical analysis.

London, UK (PRWEB) March 7, 2008

Medicexchange PLC (Subsidiary of MGT Capital Investments Inc, Amex: MGT) has launched a dedicated European Congress of Radiology (ecr2008 coverage (http://ecr2008.medicexchange. com)) online community to include coverage of highlights from product launches, expert interviews, plus industry and clinical analysis. The community is intended to be the focal point of breaking news and information during the ECR 2008 congress, March 7-11, Austria Center, Vienna, Austria -- which is expected to have over 17,000 participants, from more than 90 countries.

The community currently includes sections for show announcements, displays of scientific material, company interviews, video interviews and product information in the lead up to ECR 2008. Medical companies can also submit their press releases directly to the Medicexchange editorial team for immediate release online in this community. This follows the great success of the most recent show channel covering the 2008 Arab Health Congress, Dubai.

As the ECR congress progresses, the Medicexchange editorial team will be covering many of the scientific symposia and industrial releases directed to the radiology community. These will all be updated on a daily basis giving the reader the most up to date coverage of the congress.

"Medicexchange continues to give professionals the very best radiology conference, news and product coverage", says Medicexchange CEO Adam Boyse. "We have recently expanded our editorial team allowing us to cover every key event during the year with in depth industry and clinical analysis. We can now offer both imaging manufacturers and users the most up to date and extensive global medical imaging coverage online."

The latest information from ECR can be delivered straight to laptop or PDA through specific ECR RSS feeds that visitors can subscribe to, one each for both Industry and Clinical news, in the run up to and during the congress.

The coverage of ECR is another community offered to Medicexchange visitors, following on from the successful launch of the channel covering RSNA 2007, and the largest online medical imaging jobs portal earlier in the summer of 2007.

The Medicexchange team will be based on booth #556, with free internet access to read ECR coverage as it happens, and an exciting prize to be won during the conference.

About Medicexchange. com
Medicexchange, launched at RSNA 2006, is one of the fastest growing online portals for radiologists and related medical imaging professionals. Medicexchange offers a global portal covering the latest medical imaging news, educational resources and jobs, and is the only multi-vendor online sales channel for medical imaging products. Our dedicated, specialist communities in Abdominal-Pelvic, Breast, Cardiac, Neuro, Musculoskeletal and Thoracic imaging modalities, as well as the newly launched PACS community provide users with quick access to relevant news and information within their chosen area of interest, and is indexed in Google News, Google Finance and Google Search. To ensure radiologists are given the best service possible, all users of Medicexchange are provided with free customer support.

Medicexchange. com is owned and operated by Medicexchange Plc. Medicexchange Plc is a subsidiary company of MGT Capital Investments, Inc.

About MGT Capital Investments, Inc.

MGT Capital Investments is a holding company with investments in two direct subsidiaries that focus solely on the dynamic and consolidating HCIT sector. The first subsidiary, Medicsight plc. Medicsight's CAD and CAR products help clinicians identify, measure, and analyze suspicious pathology, such as colorectal polyps and lung lesions. The second subsidiary, Medicexchange plc, owns and operates Medicexchange. com.

Andy Harris, Editor
Medicexchange Plc
Tel: +44 (0)20 7605 7990
Fax: +44 (0)20 7605 7991
Medicexchange. com (http://www. medicexchange. com)

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Saturday, January 18, 2003

Creative Indoor Advertising Inc. Forms Partnership

Creative Indoor Advertising Inc. Forms Partnership

Carmel based Creative Indoor Advertising, Inc. (CIA) has established a new partnership with local business women Andrea Hiner. Hiner purchased a fifty percent equity stake in the advertising firm that markets restroom advertising in over 280 venues throughout Indiana. Hiner will officially serve as President and oversee the sales responsibilities for the business.

Carmel, IN (PRWEB) March 25, 2005

Todd and Vicki Muffley originally purchased the business in 2001, known then as Johnny Advertising. The Carmel couple has grown the business dramatically since that time as the advertising medium became more embraced by advertisers as a viable way to market to a captive audience. Local venues include the Pepsi Coliseum, Texas Roadhouse, ApplebeeÂ’s and many area fitness centers and movie theatres.

Prior to forming the partnership in CIA Hiner served as a Business Broker for Beacon Business Exchange. Hiner also spent twelve years in management for UPS. "I am excited to be joining the creative team at CIA and look forward to extraordinary growth," stated Hiner. The unique form of advertising caught Hiner’s attention. “When you consider the average person eats out over 12 times per month and many of those people visit the restroom, we can tell advertisers people will see their message between 30 seconds to 3 minutes with our medium,” Hiner explained.

More information about CIA is available online at www. getindoors. com or by calling 1-877-713-5646.

About CIA:

Creative Indoor Advertising, Inc. (CIA) is a lifestyle marketing company that provides advertisers with the medium to target the 21-54 year-old demographic. CIA, Inc. focuses on effective and efficient methods of reaching these valuable consumers through targeted media and marketing programs.

Locally, CIA, Inc. has 280+ venues with over 3800 ad spaces waiting to be absorbed by over 3 million “captive” viewers each month. Ads are strategically placed in restrooms and common areas of restaurants, health clubs, nightclubs, malls, stadiums, and golf courses across Indiana.

Through our membership in the Indoor Billboard Advertising Assoc., CIA can place your ads regionally and nationally in any of the top markets.


Friday, January 17, 2003

A Healthy Weight Loss Option for College Students

A Healthy Weight Loss Option for College Students

Three simple steps can help students avoid rapid weight gain while attending college. Students should exercise regularly, eat healthy, and adhere to a five meal diet plan. Online shopping is a great way to purchase snacks at reduced prices that can be used on the diet plan.

Bloomington, IN (PRWEB) January 10, 2006

There are three simple steps that a student can engage in to avoid rapid weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle in college. One needs to exercise, eat healthy, and adhere to a diet plan. It is a well-known fact that when many young people head off to college for the first time, they are prone to gain weight and often times lack the discipline or motivation to eat healthy. With the internet becoming a hot bed for exercise equipment and nutritional products, dieting and eating healthy has become an easy endeavor and an attractive option for college students.

Simple alterations to a students’ hectic schedule could aid the constant battle with weight gain and poor health. Instead of taking the bus to go study at the library, one could walk and use a pedometer to monitor the distance. While at the library, a student could bypass the vending machine and bring a nutritious snack instead, like a high protein bar, low carb bar, or an energy drink.

As the last week of the semester approaches and intense studying begins, students should monitor how many times they eat each day, what they eat, and at what time. It has been said that eating big meals once or twice a day is not good for the body. A student should eat five small meals throughout the course of a 24-hour period. For convenience, nutrition bars are a feasible option for mid-morning and afternoon snacks.. Following the five meal plan guideline and engaging in exercise will produce dramatic results. There will be a decrease in the craving of junk foods, a boost in energy, and a noticeable difference in body image.

“After my first semester at college, I discovered the benefits of nutrition bars and healthy eating habits and eventually noticed an improved body image,” says an Indiana University Senior.

Eating properly requires an individual to purchase the right products. However, a lot of college students could claim that it is easier said than done. For most students, every penny counts. Purchasing nutrition bars, vitamin supplements, and health books at traditional stores near the campus is too expensive for students. However, online health and fitness stores are a welcomed alternative. These websites cater to convenience and provide cost-saving options. An added benefit for the college student is that it is also a way to “get some mail”.

Visit www. fit-n-hip. com to view several weight loss and nutritional products at affordable prices.


Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Moringa Super Herb: Next Big Green Product

Moringa Super Herb: Next Big Green Product

This is a introduction of Moringa Super Herb Supplement Product presented by ECO VITA that is one of the most nutritious and powerful blend of 100% Moringa leaves

Rockleigh, NJ (PRWEB) October 16, 2009

"Why doesn't everybody already know about this plant? - This is a common reaction that people have when they discover the astounding nutritional benefit of Moringa.

Moringa olifera is a natural herb that single-handedly provides over 90 different kinds of nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other beneficial compounds, according to the ancient medicinal practice in India, called Ayurveda. Ancient civilizations recognized and used the Moringa plant to provide nutrition and to use as natural remedies for numerous kinds of ailments. It has been used as part of traditional folk medicines in cultures from South America, Africa to Asia. More recently, several NGOs have begun promote the use of Moringa to fight against malnutrition.

For these reasons and more, ECO VITA started to explore the benefits of Moringa. In a gram-by-gram comparison, Moringa has been found to contain: Seven times more Vitamic C than oranges; four times more Vitamin A than carrots; four times more Vitamin B than pork;four times more Vitamin E than black sesame seeds; four times more Calcium than milk; two times more Protein than yogurt; three times more Potassium than bananas; twice as much Zinc than oysters; more than 30 times more Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) than sprouted brown rice; and more than 8 times more Polyphenol than red wine. All this from one plant!

From this and other research, ECO VITA is proud to introduce Moringa Super Herb. Moringa Super Herb is one of the few Moringa supplements with an extremely high nutritional composition made of 100% natural, sterilized Moringa oleifera herb, free of common allergens. Studies have shown that dried Moringa herbs are more easily absorbed by the body. This means that Moringa Super Herb is the most potent form of nutrition available today.

Those who have used Moringa have found Moringa to support: weight control and metabolism, digestion, healthy skin and hair, eye and bone health, the immune system and more. One customer notes: "The Moringa Super Herb capsules are really effective! My husband and I started taking it and right away we noticed that our digestion was so much better! (That was the most noticeable benefit.) With that I just had more energy to cope with a lot of different things -- although work was really stressful (for a lot of various reasons, including having to move) but I was able to manage it really well. It's so easy to take and I feel good being able to care for my body in such a simple way."

Further, the production of the Moringa Super Herb brings more than just health benefits to the consumer. ECO VITA is committed to sound environmental and social entrepreneurial practices. Currently, ECO VITA is partnering with the Shape Live Foundation in Ghana. Alexander Kedje, the Project Manager of the Shape Lives Foundation reports, "With wages received from processing moringa for export to ECO VITA in the US, these women were able to purchase maize seeds and planting materials and also hired labor on their farms."

These small, community based non-profits are working to build a sustainable economy and help provide for and sustain families in their community. ECO VITA is working to expand its networks through a business model that nurtures growth and productivity. ECO VITA is also a proud participant of the UN Global Compact and subscribe to working with groups that are committed to good business practices.

Recent environmental studies have begun to find that the Moringa plant is not only a nutritional powerhouse but it has been found to absorb astounding amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and there are preliminary studies that find that the Moringa seeds may be effective in reclaiming poor soils and in purifying water! These are just more reasons to further expand research into the possibilities that Moringa has to offer in bettering our health, our communities and the earth.

In short, ECO VITA is trailblazing a different approach to business.

In uncertain economic and environmental times, businesses need to lead the way to change. ECO VITA is making it easier by creating a model that promotes health, responsibility and sustainability.

If you're interested in learning more about Moringa Super Herb and Moringa Activity, go to www. ecovitausa. com or www. moringasuperherb. com


The Charles Bronfman Prize Awards $100,000 to Dr. Alon Tal, Israeli Environmentalist

The Charles Bronfman Prize Awards $100,000 to Dr. Alon Tal, Israeli Environmentalist

The Charles Bronfman Prize, a $100,000 humanitarian award, named Dr. Alon Tal, Founder and Director of Research for the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and the Israel Union for Environmental Defense, the 2005 recipient at a ceremony in Jerusalem, announced on January 10, 2006. Tal, 45, has challenged and helped reshape Israel’s environmental policies.

Jerusalem, Israel (PRWEB) January 11, 2006

The Charles Bronfman Prize, a $100,000 humanitarian award, named Dr. Alon Tal, Founder and Director of Research for the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and the Israel Union for Environmental Defense, the 2005 recipient at a ceremony in Jerusalem, on January 10, 2006.

Tal, 45, has challenged and helped reshape Israel’s environmental policies. He was recently appointed by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to join the government’s delegation to the United Nations for Combating Desertification.

In 1996, Tal founded the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies on Kibbutz Ketura. Set up under the auspices of Tel Aviv University, he recruited students throughout the Middle East. The Institute has established itself amongst the region’s primary pipelines for environmentalists. Today, eighty percent of its graduates hold key regional environmental positions.

A dozen Jordanian protégés of Dr. Tal attended the Prize ceremony in support of their unifying mentor. Earlier in the day, they met with officials from the Ministry of Environment to discuss pressing issues of the day.

At age 29, Tal founded Adam Teva V’din, the Israel Union for Environmental Defense, to fight for Israeli environmental rights. Considered Israel’s most effective environmental organization, it has won countless legal actions, garnered more stringent regulations, tougher enforcement policies, and increased environmental initiatives.

Dr. Tal was unanimously voted chairman of Life and Environment, an umbrella group for Israel’s environmental community. The organization initiates national environmental projects and under his stewardship, has grown from 24 to 80 member organizations.

Charles Bronfman praised Tal, the Prize’s second recipient: “I am so grateful that my children established this prize. Alon Tal epitomizes its true spirit. His life has been an impressive tapestry of initiatives sewn together to better the world, reflecting the best of Jewish and universal values alike. Through his profound commitment, he has inspired Israelis and others throughout the Mideast to find common ground in preserving the region’s environmental health. He set out to change the world, and he has done so, impacting not only our world today but the world we shall leave behind for the next generation.”

Accepting the Prize, Tal said, “Israelis are tremendously committed to the environment. We can move mountains if optimism motivates us.”

"In addition," Tal continued, “The Prize provides a once-in-a-life-time philanthropic opportunity to create a foundation to support Israeli grassroots activists who face emergency situations, fulfilling a lifelong dream.”

In 1994, Tal was a member of the initial Israeli environmental delegation to attend a conference for NGO’s in the Arab world. The first regional environmental initiative was organized under his direction, and now is called Friends of the Earth, Middle East. Its leadership includes Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian representatives.

Chair of an international panel of judges who selected Tal as the 2005 Prize recipient from an international field of candidates, James D. Wolfensohn said, “Dr. Tal has clearly demonstrated the exciting breadth of possibilities in the Middle East when Arabs and Israelis work together for the good of the region and its shared resources. His work proves that joint efforts can yield benefits far beyond those accomplished by working alone. His selection as Prize winner should encourage us all.”

One of his nominators, Dov Khenin, Chairman of Life and Environment, noted: “Even though he is only 45, Alon has managed to start or transform many of the leading environmental institutions in Israel. One can see the impact in coastlines that have been preserved, industrial discharge permits that have been toughened and enforced, and open spaces that have been preserved. Four environmental laws that he wrote have passed the Knesset and he has influenced many court precedents.”

The Charles Bronfman Prize Foundation, a United States 501(c)(3) corporation headquartered in New York, administers The Charles Bronfman Prize. Ellen Bronfman Hauptman and Andrew Hauptman and Claudine Blondin Bronfman and Stephen Bronfman, founded the Prize in honor of their father’s 70th birthday. They are co-chairs of the Foundation.

# # #

Sunday, January 12, 2003

"Team BARKA," 3 Quebecois Long-Distance Runners Join NYC Marathon To Run For Water

"Team BARKA," 3 Quebecois Long-Distance Runners Join NYC Marathon To Run For Water

US-Based BARKA Foundation Joins Hands With Canadians To Raise Awareness And Funds For Community-Led Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Project In Burkina Faso, West Africa

(PRWEB) October 12, 2010

When three Québécois long-distance runners run in the annual New York City Marathon in November, they will not only fulfill a life-long dream of participating in this challenging major marathon, they will also run for water. One of the largest events with almost 44,000 finishers in 2009, the marathon winds 42.195 km (26.219 mi) through all five boroughs of NYC.

Monique Laurion and husband-and-wife team Marcelle Belanger and Robert Bouchard, long-time friends and running partners have teamed up with two non-profits from the USA, The BARKA Foundation and All For Africa to put each of their steps in this marathon toward making clean water available to an impoverished village in one of the poorest countries on the planet, Burkina Faso.

"My sister Erika is a volunteer with The BARKA Foundation. She told me they were looking for a marathoner to race the NYC Marathon and help them raise funds for their clean water project in Burkina Faso. I jumped at the chance because I have been yearning to support Africa in some way and this was the perfect way for me to do it," said Ms. Laurion, one of Team BARKA's runners.

The BARKA Foundation is a UN-affiliated NGO based in Maine and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Its mission is to serve as a catalyst for the achievement of the UN's Millennium Development Goals in Burkina Faso. In particular, BARKA is pioneering a model for inter-cultural, grassroots sustainable development. BARKA Foundation works with numerous communities in the US to connect schools, women, faith-based organizations, politicians and artists with their counterparts in villages and cities in Burkina Faso.

"We are thrilled to join hands with the community of Quebec and seek to build long-term relations with schools, Rotary Clubs and local organizations in Canada. A marathon is the perfect metaphor because this type of bridge-building requires endurance, tenacity and vision," BARKA co-founders Ina & Esu Anahata said.

Team BARKA's initial fundraising goal was $15,000. After Canadians donated more than $10,000 in the first month of fundraising, the goal was raised to $45,000-- $1 for each of the 45,000 runners in the 2010 NYC Marathon. The $1 is a symbolic number because 64% of Burkinabe live on less than $1/day.

Join the Runners Virtually

The marathoners will have a computer chip in their running shoes which will allow their start and end times to be calculated. Those wishing to follow Team BARKA as they race the marathon can do so online in virtually real time. Visit Team BARKA's website: https://afamarathon. dojiggy. com/pledge/index. cfm?585F2208097E787C641601637B770461157A71147B060D7B7565734F535D400C710B71037304 to make a tax-deductible donation and to sign up to receive emails as Team BARKA passes timing mats placed throughout the course. 'Barka' is an African word of gratitude, blessing & reciprocity.

About Team BARKA
Monique Laurion: Family doctor for the past 25 years. She specializes in palliative care and mental health and does clinic and private consultations. She has worked in remote areas and was a military doctor for 3 years.

Robert Bouchard: Mediator and Certified Trainer of the International Center for Nonviolent Communication, a professional coach, lawyer and involved in team building and conflict resolution since 1977. He is an instructor in nonviolent communication and conflict management at Laval University and at the University of Sherbrooke, and president and co-founder of Conscientia Group Inc.

Marcelle Belanger: Mediator and trainer in conflict management and non-violent communication for Conscientia Group and for Laval University, co-founder of Conscientia Group Inc.

About The BARKA Foundation:
The BARKA Foundation is a UN-affiliated NGO established in January, 2006. Its mission is to serve as a catalyst for achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Burkina Faso. BARKA's methodology is community-led, collaborative, grassroots and combines indigenous and modern technologies to develop a set of best practices in areas of water accessibility, irrigation, sanitation, sustainable agriculture, women's empowerment, education, and healthcare. BARKA places its work within the context of co-creating a culture of peace. One concrete example is through building bridges between communities in North America and villages in Burkina by connecting schools, youth groups, women's associations, faith-based organizations, businesses, artists and civic leaders in order for our gifts to be shared with each other.

Http://www. barkafoundation. org

About All For Africa:
All for Africa, a 501(c)3 non_profit organization, takes a collaborative approach to poverty reduction by working with the private sector to foster projects that generate economic and social benefits in the communities in which they are located. Programs focus on agriculture, clean water, community health, education, energy, environmental impact, micro_financing and skills training/livelihood creation. All for Africa provides a forum for collaborative conversation and education amongst all stakeholders including private sector, NGOs and civic organizations through a coordinated program of events and information support through our web site, electronic newsletters and extended reach through our network of strategic partners in the private and public sector.


Wednesday, January 8, 2003

A-1 Cleaning Will Provide a Clean Healthy, Warm and Safe Environment for Your Family. A-1 Cleaning's "Baby Safe"

A-1 Cleaning Will Provide a Clean Healthy, Warm and Safe Environment for Your Family. A-1 Cleaning's "Baby Safe"

A-1 Cleaning Services was established in 1985 as a residential and commercial cleaning service. A-1 Cleaning Service partners with distinguished homeowners, building contractors, realtors and renters by providing professional cleaning services. Our employees are fully trained, licensed and insured thereby offering you peace of mind

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 29, 2010

Although many Atlanta-area housecleaning firms claim to be “green”, many talk the talk and don’t walk the walk. Essie Powell, owner of A-1 Cleaning serving Dunwoody, GA, Fayetteville, Peachtree city and Coweta county aim to change all that, starting with her own company.

For more than three decades, housecleaning professionals have used solvent-based cleaners, phosphate-based soaps; carbon-based deodorant sprays in harmful ways for the simple reason that the cleaning professionals before them did the same. And while scientists released study after study citing the harmful effects of these products both on the homes in which they were used and the workers who used them, the majority of cleaning firms continued to use these products simply for short-term convenience.

In October 2009, A-1 Cleaning was officially certified a “green” housecleaning firm by Green Home Audit Consultants, an independent firm that monitors leading environmental research and incorporates that knowledge into best-practices for cleaning firms.

For Essie Powell, this new business standard isn't driven only by a desire to improve her product. It's also personal.

“I was recently diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. It was big wake-up call for my family and me. I realized that I had been supervising the cleaning of homes for 30 years using chemicals that weren't created with long-term health in mind. God has been good to my family. Now it's time to use what I've learned to educate our customers and protect our employees.”

So what does it mean to clean “green”?

A-1 applies solvent-based cleaners using techniques that avoids creating vapors that can enter the respiratory system. This can be done by spraying directly onto the cloth instead of the cleaning surface.

A-1 also uses soap-based cleaners instead of solvents when possible. “This sometimes requires more elbow grease on the part of our staff,” admits Powell, “but it's well worth it.”

A-1 educates every customer about carpet stains. When carpet stains occur at an office or home, people are often in the habit of “letting the cleaning crew deal with it.” But catching a carpet stain before sets often makes the difference between an environmentally friend solution and one that requires strong cleaning agents. Says Powell, “We help our customers keep cleaning agents strategically placed around the area so stains can be dealt with quickly and painlessly. Our staff is happy to finish the job, but a little effort upfront makes for a cleaner planet.”

A-1 Cleaning now uses what are called HEPA filters on all company vacuum cleaners. Historically, vacuum cleaners kick up dust and particles into the air that can be harmful to both residents and workers. A HEPA filter is an additional filter that prevents this from happening.

And perhaps most dramatically, A-1 now has a policy to avoid using fragrance sprays. “Customers love that 'just cleaned' smell, it's really just high-density perfume.”, says Powell. It's been standard practice for cleaning crews finish each cleaning session by spraying the area with a deodorizing spray to stimulate that extra sense. But a flowery fragrance created by harmful chemicals does not actually make an area cleaner. “It just things smell better for a while”, says Powell.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see.” A-1 Cleaning is doing just that by earning the “green” certification from Green Home Audit Consultants, incorporating that knowledge and improving their products and services for the benefit of their customers, their employees and the globe.

# # #

Monday, January 6, 2003

Lake Image Systems Releases Privacy Protection & Audit Trail Solutions for Printed Document Verification

Lake Image Systems Releases Privacy Protection & Audit Trail Solutions for Printed Document Verification

IntegraVision by Lake Image Systems enables transactional document processors to verify and prove the production of healthcare, financial and transactional documents.

(PRWEB) September 7, 2003

Lake Image Systems has expanded their ViSolution suite of Printing and Mailing Integrity solutions with the introduction of IntegraVision™ line scan verification system. IntegraVision™, designed for inserter output and continuous printing verification, images up to an 8-1/2” x 11” document or 9” x 12” envelope and can provide up to ten simultaneous inspections at production speeds, on each piece. Based on ViSolution’s NT/XP/2000 platform, IntegraVision’s capabilities include: base stock verification, sequential document verification, postal code verification, masking detection, missing/duplicate document detection, presence/absence detection of key criteria, batch/zip break control, “pull” document detection, live comparison of production to “print file” data, and production integrity reporting.

“Building on the success of our camera based integrity solutions, IntegraVision enables transactional document producers to verify and prove the integrity of production without camera and lighting adjustments” states Pat Hoskins, VP of Sales and Marketing. “With privacy protection initiated by legislative actions such as HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley impacting the statement processing industry, this solution enables our customers to ensure privacy protection of processed documents while achieving incremental value such as reduction in returned mail, errantly metered mail and reduced labor expense for inspection and reconciliation.


For additional information, please contact:

Pat Hoskins, VP - Sales & Marketing

Lake Image Systems

Phone (585) 421-9290

E-mail: phoskins@lakeimage. com

The Rise of India

The Rise of India

Larry Edelson discusses six reasons why he thinks investing in India could prove successful. In this issue of Money and Markets, Mr. Edelson takes a closer look at how the rise of India can benefit natural resource markets.

Jupiter, Fla. (PRWEB) June 7, 2008

Larry Edelson discusses six reasons why he thinks investing in India could prove successful. Mr. Edelson takes a closer look at how the rise of India can benefit natural resource markets.

India is one of the up and coming economies on the planet and holds tremendous profit potential for investors. It's growing at a 9% rate, ten times faster than the U. S. and only a couple of percentage points behind China. The Indian economy is not merely outgrowing the U. S. by leaps and bounds; it's also at the very epicenter of the booming natural resource markets.

According to Edelson, there are six reasons why investing in India could prove to be a highly lucrative proposition.

1. India has the fastest-growing population in the world, expanding at the rate of approximately 16 million per year. At this rate, India's population will exceed 1.4 billion people and be larger than China's by 2030. Per-capita income in India has risen steadily over the past five years, from $285 to currently around $550. Some studies suggest that India's per-capita income can eventually reach six times that of China.

2. Government investment in the country's infrastructure is soaring, jumping 9.9% from 2007. Auto sales are moving along at a 17% growth rate. Airline passenger traffic is expected to more than triple over the next five years from 14 million per annum to around 50 million. Over the next four years, by 2012, the government plans on spending a total of $500 billion to build out and improve India's infrastructure.

3. Manufacturing now accounts for almost 30% of India's economy. When most analysts and investors think of India, they think of agriculture, textiles, and usually its famed information technology service industry, which handles the outsourcing for hundreds of U. S.-based computer hardware and software manufacturers and telecoms. But in fact, the largest employer in India is the manufacturing sector, which employs more than 100 million people, more than 25% of the total employed in India, and which is growing at a very healthy 8.8% rate.

4. Corporate earnings in India are growing at an astounding 35% annual rate. The 30 largest companies in the Mumbai Sensex index increased their earnings at an incredible 35% in their first quarter of this year, blowing away estimates. Revenues jumped 20%.

5. Private equity investors are now putting more money in India than in China. Nearly $20 billion in private equity poured into India in 2007, a 156% jump versus 2006, and 34% more than went into China in 2007.

6. The Indian middle class is 330 million and growing. They are spending their newly earned money, ramping up retail sales growth that should average 13% or more for the next several years.

Natural resources also benefit from the rise of India.
"India's steel industry expects growth of about 8% a year as demand nearly doubles from the current level of 36 million tons of steel per year to 65 million tons by 2012. Its copper consumption stands at about 2.5% of world consumption and even less than China's per capita consumption. But India has already had to rely on copper imports to meet demand. As India's emerging middle class rises, the demand for copper could cause prices to soar. Also, coal consumption is expected to increase 20% in just the next two years. India's aluminum consumption can be expected to climb sharply. And let's not forget oil demand. Oil provides about 30% of India's total energy consumption, and the country's net oil imports already run at more than 1.4 million barrels a day. Oil consumption in India is expected to rise sharply, effectively doubling over the next two years to 2.8 million barrels a day," Edelson states.

To read this issue online, please visit:
Http://www. moneyandmarkets. com/Issues. aspx? Six-Reasons-to-Invest-in-India-1855 (http://www. moneyandmarkets. com/Issues. aspx? Six-Reasons-to-Invest-in-India-1855)

About Larry Edelson and Money and Markets
With nearly three decades of experience in precious metals and natural resources markets, Larry Edelson has played a pivotal role in training Weiss Research staff and in guiding Weiss Research's customers to prudent investments in the sector. His Real Wealth Report, Gold Trader Hotline and Energy Options Alert provide a continuing education on natural resource investments, with recommendations aiming for both profit and risk management. His team of technical analysts helps enhance the timing of investment recommendations with the aim of continually improving the performance results for investors.

Mr. Edelson is also a regular contributor to the daily e-letter, Money and Markets. Recognized as an expert in precious metals and natural resources, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Mr. Edelson has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNBC as well as The New York Times, New York Sun, and Marketwatch. com
Mr. Edelson holds a B. A. degree from Columbia University.

Money and Markets (www. moneyandmarkets. com) is a free daily investment newsletter from Dr. Martin Weiss and Weiss Research analysts offering the latest investing news and financial insights for the stock market, including tips and advice on investing in gold, energy and oil. Weiss Research, Inc. is located in Jupiter, Florida. For more information about our editors, or to set up an interview, please contact Jennifer Moran at 561-627-3300 or visit www. moneyandmarkets. com.

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Sunday, January 5, 2003

Morehead Webinar Examines How to Enhance Retention Strategies in Healthcare Settings

Morehead Webinar Examines How to Enhance Retention Strategies in Healthcare Settings

Company explores how generational and career stage factors impact recruitment and retention strategies.

Charlotte, N. C. (PRWEB) November 8, 2007

High employee turnover increases operating costs and compromises quality of care and patient satisfaction in healthcare settings. The human capital research (http://moreheadassociates. com/) firm Morehead will host a webinar on enhancing human capital strategies by leveraging predictive analytics and shifting focus from why employees leave to why they stay.

The webinar, titled "The Impact of Generational and Career Stage Factors," will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2007 at 1:00 p. m. EST. Morehead’s Vice President of Research & Development David Rowlee, Ph. D., and Morehead’s Vice President of Business Development Robin Sanders, M. A., will present the hour-long free webinar.

Rowlee and Sanders will examine how generational and career stage factors impact recruitment and retention strategies (http://moreheadassociates. com/events/). Additionally, they will illuminate attitudinal and behavior differences observed among employees in academic healthcare settings versus those in other healthcare settings, and how those differences influence recruitment and retention options.

To sign up for the webinar, visit http://moreheadassociates. com/events/contents_event33.html (http://moreheadassociates. com/events/contents_event33.html).

About Morehead
Morehead conducts predictive human capital research that enables organizations to select and shape human capital initiatives, prioritize systemic change, and inform work unit interventions. Through its formalized feedback and analytic systems, Morehead identifies the most powerful attitudinal and behavioral factors that empirically drive an organization’s performance, thus reducing uncertainty and enabling good decisions about people. Morehead’s clients include healthcare providers, financial institutions, government agencies, universities, service providers, and manufacturers. For more information, visit www. moreheadassociates. com.

Media Contact:
Wanda Craig
800.849.2292 x 5515
Wcraig @ moreheadassociates. com

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


Saturday, January 4, 2003

Psychic Medium Offers Unique Approach to Infertility and Family Planning

Psychic Medium Offers Unique Approach to Infertility and Family Planning

America's Foremost Psychic, Tana Hoy, will hold a special teleseminar class, "Connecting with the Soul of Your Future Baby".

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 25, 2008

San Diego, CA - April 25, 2008 - America's Foremost Psychic, Tana Hoy, will hold a special teleseminar class, "Connecting with the Soul of Your Future Baby".

Geared towards women who are thinking of having a baby, are trying to conceive, or have had issues getting pregnant, the class will cover:
 The reincarnation process  How to connect with the soul of one's future baby  Common spiritual issues that cause infertility and problems getting pregnant  Spiritually increasing fertility

The class is also suitable for those in the medical field who are studying or providing healthcare related to infertility and genetic counseling. The materials discussed on the call will offer medical professionals a unique, spiritually-based approach for counseling those who are trying to conceive.

The class will be held via teleconference on April 29th from 5pm to 7pm PST. The registration fee is $97/person.

For more information and to sign up for the class, visit: www. tanahoy. com/psychic_classes. html (http://www. tanahoy. com/psychic_classes. html)
Members of the press, please contact us for a free press pass for the event.

About Tana Hoy
Psychic Medium Tana Hoy first became famous when he predicted the tragic Oklahoma City bombing on national radio. His prediction was on file with the FBI for over four months before it the tragic blast occurred.

He was the recent star of Court TV's Psychic Detectives, where he went back to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio to help police solve a double homicide. He was also invited to be a special guest on The Jenny Jones Show five times.

He is a regular guest on many top radio stations around the country. He has appeared on The Wendy Williams Experience, The Box (KBXX FM) in Houston, AJ's Morning Playhouse (KHTS FM) in San Diego and on The Coco, Foolish and Mr. Chase Morning Show (WJLB FM) in Detroit.


Friday, January 3, 2003

Cell Therapy Society (ISCT) Supports Latest FDA Step In Assuring Safety of Cells and Tissues for Human Transplantation

Cell Therapy Society (ISCT) Supports Latest FDA Step In Assuring Safety of Cells and Tissues for Human Transplantation

International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) supports the intent behind the FDA's new rule on Good Tissue Practice. ISCT remains committed to facilitating supporting education and dialogue between industry and the FDA to ensure safe and effective pursuit of new cell and tissue-based therapies.

(PRWEB) November 20, 2004

The International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) (www. celltherapy. org) acknowledges the work of the U. S. Food and Drug Administration in today's issuance of the final rule on current good tissue practice (GTP) as part of the Agency's overall plan to ensure the safety of human cells and tissue products as they are used in the development of new therapies.

With 1 million cell transplants expected to be performed this coming year, ISCT supports the intent of the GTP rules in protecting public health. As one of the parent organizations of self-accrediting agencies such as the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapies (FACT) (www. factwebsite. org), the Joint Accreditation Committee EBMT-EuroISCT (JACIE) (http://www. jacie. org/ (http://www. jacie. org/)), and FACT's collaborative accrediting initiative with the NetCord Foundation (https://office. de. netcord. org/index. html (https://office. de. netcord. org/index. html)), ISCT has been a leader in promoting standards and quality in cell and tissue transplantation.

ISCT will continue to work the Agency and industry in the pursuit of education, guidance, and dialogue to assist cell therapy facilities with compliance with the regulations such as this new rule.

"ISCT is pleased with all the effort this new rule represents both from within and without the FDA", says ISCT President, Dr. Donna Przepiorka, MD, PhD. "We look forward to continuing our role in facilitating education and dialogue between industry and the Agency as issues arise, clarification is sought, and guidance is developed around the regulatory framework of cell and tissue-based therapies that our research constituency is pursuing for the cure of currently incurable disease."


Wednesday, January 1, 2003

'Conversations with Mrs. Claus' Podcast Show Releases New Series of Festive Holiday Christmas & New Year Shows

'Conversations with Mrs. Claus' Podcast Show Releases New Series of Festive Holiday Christmas & New Year Shows

Mrs. Claus, aka Bernadette Dimitrov, brings the spirit of Christmas to every podcast. In this new series of four shows she and her guests inspire, educate and entertain. The next four weeks of podcasts feature Mrs. Claus visiting Christmas singer and songwriter Sharon Kizziah-Jones (listeners get to sample some of her fabulous new Christmas songs and hear her inspiration and personal insights behind each song); Christmas story teller and singer Gary Sundblad sings and tells his magical Christmas story "Snowlight Snowbright";, Mrs. Claus herself shares the amazing German folk tale "The Christmas Fairy of Strasburg" that is said to reveal the origin of the Christmas tree; and Nina Amir, writer, speaker & teacher who reveals secrets to manifesting your dreams and desires in the New Year.

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) December 15, 2007

'Conversations with Mrs. Claus' podcast show on global media network Yaktivate. com's www. TheFamilyYak. com channel, starts a new series of festive holiday Christmas and New Year shows. Guests will keep listeners excited and inspired this holiday season as they join show host Mrs. Claus (wife of Santa Claus, the jolly fellow synonymous for his generosity and keeping the spirit of Christmas alive).

Mrs. Claus, aka Bernadette Dimitrov (Christmas author and 'Conversations with Mrs. Claus' show host) visits North Pole characters, fascinating guests and experts from around the world each week who share tips, tools and resources to help everyone live a happier, healthier, joyous, full-filled and more enriched life.

Here is the line-up for this exciting new series:

1. Mrs. Claus visits Christmas singer and songwriter Sharon Kizziah-Jones in her home town in Missouri in the USA. Sample Sharon's great Christmas songs and discover insights and stories behind Sharon's "Christmas Songs for You" CD. Plus Sharon shares some personal Christmas insights & traditions. Sharon inherited her famous father's musical talents, and at the age of 12 began writing songs. Today Sharon spends her spare time writing novels, writing songs, playing in her studio and enjoying her family and her dogs. On this show Sharon shares not only samples from her beautiful new Christmas album but stories and insights behind the songs on this great album.

2. Mrs. Claus visits Christmas story teller and singer Gary Sundblad in Michigan, USA. Listeners will delight in meeting Gary and listening to his magical Christmas story and song "SnowLight Snowbright" as well as enjoying samples from his Christmas CD "Me and My Drum". Through the ups and downs of his life Gary found inspiration and shares his story, insights and amazing creative talents which is the perfect Christmas holiday delight.

3. Mrs. Claus visits Nina Amir an acclaimed author, speaker, journalist, editor, workshop leader and teacher based in California, USA who reveals on this show secrets to manifesting your dreams and desires in the New Year. Discover what to do so you don't become one of the four out of five people who make New Year's resolutions and fail to keep them. While Nina's work focuses on Jewish spiritual and mystical subjects she incorporates much broader metaphysical and spiritual concepts which apply to Jews and non-Jews alike. Her writing and teachings help people of all faiths live their lives fully, manifest their dreams and desires and transform empty religious rituals into meaning-full and spirit-full practices. Nina guides you to develop positive spiritual approaches to life and teaches how to manifest goals and dreams. She is awesome and not to be missed.

4. Mrs. Claus reads the famous German Christmas folk-tale "The Christmas Fairy of Strasburg" adapted by J. Stirling Coyne and according to the good folk of Strasburg reveals the origin of the Christmas Tree. It's a magical story that you'll want to get a warm cocoa, relax in your favorite chair and let Mrs. Claus take you on a Christmas adventure to a magical fairy land. No matter what age you are this story has something for everyone. If you are a child you will delight in its magic, if you are an adult you will get the added bonus of the wisdom in this story; a reminder to treasure our relationships and not take them for granted because while they are here today they could vanish tomorrow with the utterance of the wrong words. This is the perfect holiday story for the New Year - let's start by remembering to treat each other with the highest respect.

Every week Mrs. Claus reveals a magic secret from the North Pole that will reveal how listeners can transform their life. Christmas is revealed as being not just about one day of the year but about living and projecting the 'spirit' of Christmas every day for a truly fulfilled and great life from the inside out. Mrs. Claus inspires with timeless wisdom and insights from around the globe.
Listeners can win prizes including the world's best Christmas eBook and audio book "The HoHoHo Factor" full of insights, symbols, meanings, traditions and everything one wished they had known about Christmas. Plus children have the opportunity each week to ask Mrs. Claus a question. Mrs. Claus reveals what goes on at the North Pole and insights about Santa you never knew. It's a lot of fun for young and old.

This series sponsors are:
New inspirational Christmas story "Bluey Santa's New Recruit", "The HoHoHo Factor" & "The Secret Elves Club" http://www. HoHoHoChristmas. com (http://www. HoHoHoChristmas. com);, Chef Alexi Bracey, Conscious Health http://partnersinhealth. info (http://partnersinhealth. info); Kadance International, the mind whisperer http://www. themindwhisperer. net (http://www. themindwhisperer. net); Kidz Safety Education Group http://www. kseg. org/ (http://www. kseg. org/); Lynn Ward, The Red Hot Mama and Life Coach http://www. agelessthinking. com/ (http://www. agelessthinking. com/); Women Safety Education Group http://www. wseg. org (http://www. wseg. org); Moodseer magic home entertainment system http://www. moodseer. com/ (http://www. moodseer. com/); and, Lullabyland, great resources for parents-visit
Www. lullabyland. net

'Conversations with Mrs. Claus' podcast show is a family show that provides a weekly stream of inspiration, insight and connection to fascinating guests world-wide. In 'Conversations with Mrs. Claus' listeners can share in the wisdom of experts and inspiration from authors and movie-makers with stories that lead to insights about transformational secrets for living a happy and fulfilled life. It's a fun show with something for both young and old. This is a family show that entertains from the heart on Yaktivate. com's The Family Yak channel. Visit www. thefamilyyak. com to listen to "Conversations with Mrs. Claus" which includes archives of previous insightful and fun shows.

Yaktivate. com is an internet marketing and podcast network that features podcast shows on channels that reflect a wide range of topics - from golf to business strategies to Christmas and beyond. Yaktivate. com is always on the lookout for new podcasting talent and for businesses that are seeking a way to reach their niche marketing audience in an effective and cost-effective manner.

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