Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Inc. Editor Gets Real with Women in Business: Jane Berentson of Inc. Magazine to Serve as Moderator of The Principal Women in Business Teleclass Series

Inc. Editor Gets Real with Women in Business: Jane Berentson of Inc. Magazine to Serve as Moderator of The Principal Women in Business Teleclass Series

Two groups committed to the success of the women business owner community have united. The Principal(R) Women in Business Teleclass Series is pleased to announce Inc. magazine Editor Jane Berentson as moderator of five classes during the 2008 program.

DES MOINES, Iowa (PRWEB) March 17, 2008

 "Inc. is the handbook for the American entrepreneur," said Michelle Swanson, advertising officer, the Principal Financial Group(R). "We are honored to have Jane steering our discussions. She knows what keeps more than ten million woman business owners awake at night. Side-by-side our speakers, she'll inspire, energize, and inform with Inc.'s trademarked straight talk."

Berentson will serve as moderator for five classes:

March 25: "One Company's Award-Winning Equation: Employee Financial Fitness + Physical Fitness = Fiscal Fitness"

April 29: "A Woman Business Owner's Multi-Million Dollar Success Story: Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow"

May 27: "A Discussion with the Author of The Girls' Guide to Building a Million-Dollar Business"

June 24: "Why It's So Hard to Find Good Employees - But Easy to Keep Them Once They Are Happy"

Oct. 28: "Make Your Brand a Household Name: Seven Buzz Tactics Money Can't Buy"

"Inc. provides practical yet imaginative solutions for today's business owners," said Berentson. "With The Principal, we'll take a fresh spin on issues that matter most: managing people, finances, sales, marketing and technology."

About The Principal Women in Business Teleclass Series:

Annually, The Principal(R) hosts a series of 10, complimentary 60-minute classes conducted over the phone for women in business. Classes are held at 12 p. m. Central (1 p. m. Eastern, 11 a. m. Mountain and 10 a. m. Pacific) on the dates scheduled. Audio and notes of past classes can be accessed on the Web site 24 hours a day.

The Principal(R) Women in Business Teleclass Series, launched in 2003, features accomplished leaders and advice gurus, from bestselling author Suzy Welch to visionary Katrina Markoff of Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Speakers share information that provides owners an edge in growing their businesses. Topics range from how to evolve a marketing program to employee benefit best practices.

To learn more about The Principal(R) Women in Business Teleclass Series or how The Principal can help owners of growing businesses attract, retain and reward employees through the use of employee benefits, visit www. principal. com/women (http://www. principal. com/women).

About Inc. magazine:

Inc. magazine, the handbook of the American entrepreneur, and Inc. com, the daily resource for entrepreneurs, are dedicated to helping business owners and CEOs start, run, and grow their businesses more successfully. Inc. and Inc. com deliver real solutions for today's innovative company builders.

Annual features include the Inc. 500, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States and Entrepreneur of the Year, awarded to the business owner who has the greatest impact each year.

Inc. com features extensive daily content, including Breaking Entrepreneurial News, expert columns, and online-exclusive stories. The site's multimedia offerings include slideshows, podcasts, and video.

About the Principal Financial Group

The Principal Financial Group(R) (The Principal (R))(1) is a leader in offering businesses, individuals and institutional clients a wide range of financial products and services, including retirement and investment services, life and health insurance, and banking through its diverse family of financial services companies. A member of the Fortune 500, the Principal Financial Group has $311.1 billion in assets under management(2) and serves some 18.6 million customers worldwide from offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. Principal Financial Group, Inc. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PFG. For more information, visit www. principal. com.

(1) "The Principal Financial Group" and "The Principal" are registered service marks of Principal Financial Services, Inc., a member of the Principal Financial Group.

(2) As of December 31, 2007

Monday, April 28, 2003

January 2nd is National Motivation & Inspiration Day

January 2nd is National Motivation & Inspiration Day

The United States Congress passed H. Res. 308 on December 18, 2001, acknowledging January 2nd of every year as National Motivation & Inspiration Day.

Long Island, NY (PRWEB) January 2, 2004

MOTIVATE AMERICA, Inc. , The Nautilus Health & Fitness Groups / Schwinn and SPORTIME FITNESS CLUBS Celebrate National Motivation & Inspiration Day by Breaking Guinness World Record!

Each year begins with January 1, New Year's Day. A day to start a new, to establish New Year's resolutions, to becomeÂ…fitter, thinner, smarter, smoke-free and better in some way.

Well, Kevin L. McCrudden, founder of National Motivation & Inspiration Day is working with The Nautilus Health & Fitness Group, owner of Schwinn Cycle equipment and Sportime Fitness Clubs of Long Island to set the Guinness World Book Record for the most simultaneous participants on "stationery/static cycles" on January 2nd, National Motivation & Inspiration Day.

The intent of setting the Guinness World Record on National Motivation & Inspiration Day is to increase visibility and recognition of this day and bring motivation and inspiration "top of mind" within every day American culture. Mr. McCrudden states, "This is a difficult time for America, with our corporate, financial, religious and political leaders in question of wrongdoing and scandals are seemingly uncovered weekly. Our mission is not to "sell" anything, however, to redirect America during this troubling time of war and social uncertainty. A grass-roots movement to increase our social consciousness and commitment to being more and better tomorrow than we are today."

Annually, this is a traditional time to commit to "New Year's Resolutions" and inevitably most of us fail meeting our expectations. These "resolutions" are really no different than "goal setting." Through the establishment of this date Mr. McCrudden hopes to create a national curriculum for young adults that will teach them how to set achievable goals and increase individual performance.

"If we can teach and train our children, and refocus adult energies on how to be inspired enough to set goals for ourselves and how to stay motivated enough to achieve them, hopefully, adults and children alike can evolve and grow to respect themselves through new levels of fitness, health and personal achievement. The more we respect ourselves, the more willing we will be to accept cultural diversity, less willing to make judgments of those that are "different" and ultimately establish a culture where the very best of each child and adult can be accepted and enhanced." says Mr. McCrudden.

The Guinness World Record for "mass participation stationary/static cycling" was set in Bogotá, Columbia in 2001 with 300 participants, according to Guinness World Book Records. Jeff Crowne of Sportime Fitness Centers, based on Long Island states, " Sportime fitness personnel are always looking for new tools to motivate their members to reach their fitness goals. National Motivation & Inspiration Day will help our members, as well as fitness enthusiasts across the country stay focused and committed to their workouts by participating in an organized event while motivating and inspiring others to health and wellness. Sportime is proud to participate for the second year in National Motivation & Inspiration Day and we look forward to spinning into the Guinness Book of World Records."

The event, which is being called MOTIVATE AMERICA ~ CycleQuest 2 will begin at 9:00 a. m., Eastern Standard Time on January 2nd. Participants will sign up at health clubs across America before cycling in order to establish an accurate accounting of participants for the Guinness World Book Record. Participants will be

Required to cycle for a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes, although the American Heart Association recommends 20 minutes, three times a week. Coordinators at each of the participating health clubs will obtain the sign up forms and report back to Sportime and National Motivation & Inspiration Day on the total number of participants in order to break the record.

Mr. McCrudden is currently working to get one of the national morning TV programs to participate in breaking the record. "I hope to have MOTIVATE AMERICA ~ CycleQuest 2 initiated on national TV so that participants across the country can see the program kick-off and increase awareness of National Motivation & Inspiration Day and MOTIVATE AMERICA." said McCrudden.

Mr. McCrudden is a national motivational speaker for management, sales and sports teams. He also specializes in sales training and Media Convergence.


CONTACT: Kevin L. McCrudden

COMPANY: National Motivation & Inspiration Day and MOTIVATE AMERICA

PHONE: (631) 979-2224 or Cell: (631) 431-6198

DATE: December 31, 2003

~ 30 ~

Kevin L. McCrudden

President ~ Motivate America

Founder ~ National Motivation & Inspiration Day ~ Jan. 2nd

(631) 979-2224

Www. MotivateAmerica. us

$50,000 Donation to The United Way of Cass-Clay Made By Swanson Health Products

$50,000 Donation to The United Way of Cass-Clay Made By Swanson Health Products

Fargo-based vitamin superstore, Swanson Health Products, gives back to a community that has been its home for over 40 years by donating $50,000 to The United Way of Cass-Clay.

Fargo, ND (Vocus) January 12, 2010 —

Swanson Health Products, an industry leading producer of health supplements, announced their support today for The United Way of Cass-Clay. The United Way of Cass-Clay is committed to making the Fargo-Moorhead community a better place to live, work and raise families. A $50,000 donation was made to support the programs and services offered to meet the diverse needs of the community.

The United Way is a worldwide network in 45 countries and territories, including nearly 1,300 local organizations in the United States. The Fargo-Moorhead chapter currently allocates funds to 57 local agencies and programs. They are heavily involved in flood relief efforts, assisting individuals with basic needs and helping children to succeed early in life through educational programs.

Swanson Health Products, along with three other local businesses, donated $50,000 each to help exceed the 2009 goal of $4.875 million. The total dollars collected is a 4% increase over 2008. “I would like to thank the community and the volunteers that worked tirelessly to achieve our goal. Thank you to the individuals, businesses and media partners that supported United Way for the first time, and thank you to those who have supported us for years,” said Mike Solberg, 2009 United Way of Cass-Clay Campaign Chair.

“Swanson Health Products is proud to support United Way of Cass-Clay,” explains Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products. “Directly or indirectly, the programs and services United Way provides impact every person in this community. Their contributions to the health and welfare of our young people help secure our future; their support of individuals and families in need gives hope and opportunity to those facing the toughest of life's challenges; and their commitment to promoting volunteer action strengthens the ties that bind us together and make Fargo-Moorhead a great place to live and work.”

“I am in awe over the generosity of spirit of Swanson Health Products and the three other businesses graciously extended to United Way. Please know that these gifts are made to this Cass-Clay community. The commitment and contributions are shining examples of leadership, inspiration and dedication to those from birth to end of life that are served by United Way dollar,” said President of The United Way of Cass-Clay, Judy Green.
About The United Way of Cass-Clay

The mission of The United Way of Cass-Clay is to bring people together to create lasting change that will improve lives. We are driven by this mission because underneath everything we are, underneath everything we do, we are all people; connected, interdependent, united.

For more information on The United Way of Cass-Clay, visit http://www. uwcc. net/ (http://www. uwcc. net/).

About Swanson Health Products
Swanson Health Products is an industry leader in bringing vitamins direct to consumers at the lowest prices possible. Swanson Health Products, located in Fargo, ND, offers the highest quality vitamins, supplements and natural health care products and is GMP certified (http://www. swansonvitamins. com/html/SHPaboutus_policies. html? SourceCode=INTN026#GMP). Swanson Health Products goes a step beyond its competitors by offering powerful guarantees. All products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee and Double the Difference Lowest Price Guarantee. For more information, please visit swansonvitamins. com (http://www. swansonvitamins. com/).


Saturday, April 26, 2003

MedSurge Advances, the Medical Spa Leader, Has Launched More Than 25 Percent of U. S. MedSpas: MedSurge Advances Founder Scott Day Discusses Aesthetic Medicine Trends, Market Success Factors, Future Plans

MedSurge Advances, the Medical Spa Leader, Has Launched More Than 25 Percent of U. S. MedSpas: MedSurge Advances Founder Scott Day Discusses Aesthetic Medicine Trends, Market Success Factors, Future Plans

Since its founding in 2002, MedSurge Advances has emerged as the leading independent supplier and consultant for the medical spa industry -- having launched 228 medical spas and provided assistance to more than 350 physicians who have entered the field of aesthetic medicine.

DALLAS (PRWEB) July 26, 2007

 More physicians are entering the medical spa business each year, with an estimated 915 of these facilities operating in the United States, according to the International Spa Association. With its professional services team of business consultants and clinical experts, MedSurge Advances has helped physicians make the transition successfully. More than 90 percent of MedSurge Advances-supported spas have been successful financially, according to company data and reports from lenders who provide financing to MedSurge Advances customers.

"I sometimes hear about medical spas that have failed. Failures do happen -- but in virtually every case, they can be avoided," said Scott Day, founder and chairman of MedSurge Advances. "Patient demand is growing very rapidly. The U. S. market can support a greater number of medical spas than those currently out there."

Day said that medical spa failures typically result from one of three fatal mistakes:

1. The physician has started the medical spa without seeking expert help, and has been overwhelmed by the unique challenges of running a cash-based business.

2. The physician has purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment from a manufacturer that promised -- but then did not adequately deliver -- consulting support.

3. The physician has chosen a consultant or consulting firm without a proven track record of success.

"When medical spas fail, it is generally because the physician owner is ill-prepared to market and manage a retail practice. In many cases, the doctor believes that running a medical spa is easier than it actually is," Day said. "At MedSurge Advances, we work hard to help our doctors understand that managing a retail business is tough - and that if they don't focus on creating and implementing a sound business plan, they are unlikely to succeed."

"No other company provides the kind of comprehensive support MedSurge Advances offers," said Dr. Jason Holbrook, a Georgia internist and medical spa owner. "They're truly a one-stop source for everything physicians need - from equipment to clinical training and business support. They help doctors create medical spas that exhibit both high professional standards and high success rates."

MedSurge Advances Founder Discusses Industry Growth

Why are doctors - from family practitioners to OB/GYNs and emergency room physicians - deciding to start medical spas? MedSurge Advances reports that most doctors cite HMO frustrations and a desire for life balance as their key reasons for considering this new career course.

"Medical spa growth is the product of two complementary trends in healthcare today," Day said. "The first trend is growing patient demand, particularly among Baby Boomers, for non-surgical procedures that will help them fight the aging process. The second trend is a growing supply of motivated physicians, which is fueled by their increasing dissatisfaction with the insurance-based healthcare system."

Medical spas utilize lasers, intense pulsed light technology, microdermabrasion, and other treatments to rejuvenate the skin and combat the effects of aging. During the past decade, the number of such non-surgical aesthetic procedures performed in the United States has grown by well over 700 percent, far outpacing the increase in plastic surgery, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Most - but not all - medical spas are owned by physicians today. Day said he formed MedSurge Advances because he knew the booming demand for light and laser therapies would require an increasing number of experienced physicians to enter the aesthetic field. MedSurge Advances helps doctors by supplying them with the clinical and technical support they need to own and manage their own medical spas.

The Importance of Physician-Owned Facilities

"By helping more doctors start medical spas, we're ensuring that aesthetic procedures are performed in a safe, professional environment - which, unfortunately, is not always the case with spas that are not physician-owned," Day said.

Currently, many states do not require medical spas to be owned by physicians. Recent media reports have highlighted the potential dangers of medical spas that are improperly supervised or operated by non-physicians. Some states have passed legislation mandating physician ownership of medical spas, and others are considering such regulations.

"Physicians are responsible for every procedure performed under their medical license," Day said. "MedSurge Advances only works with experienced medical doctors who either perform aesthetic procedures themselves or closely supervise trained and licensed staff members. This provides patients the ultimate in safety and accountability."

Consumers should be just as vigilant in choosing a medical spa as they are in choosing a family doctor, Day added.

Why More Doctors Are Starting Medical Spas

Many physicians say that opening a medical spa releases them from the shackles of insurance companies and provides a boost to their careers. Unlike traditional medical practices, aesthetic medicine is a cash-based business, eliminating issues with insurance reimbursement.

Dr. John Pickel, an OB/GYN for more than two decades, said his aesthetic practice also has helped him to achieve a better life balance. Dr. Pickel was able to drop obstetrics from his practice after he began offering aesthetic procedures.

"Being able to quit doing obstetrics changed my life dramatically," he said. "Not being on call, not being up all night. There is a high level of intensity that goes along with obstetrics. It's a younger man's game. The pace and intensity of what I'm doing now is much better for me. It's made a huge difference in my life."

Dr. Pickel said treating aesthetic patients has emotional benefits as well.

"No one wants to have a heart attack. No one wants to have pneumonia. In a traditional practice, people are forced to come see you," he said. "With aesthetic medicine, people want to see you. It's a nice feeling."

What Does the Future Hold for Medical Spas?

Even with the significant growth of the past five years, Day sees tremendous opportunity ahead for the medical spa market. "Physicians have only scratched the surface of the market opportunity," he said. "Patient demand will continue to grow."

But Day isn't resting on the company's laurels. In May, MedSurge Advances unveiled a new, technology-driven concept in health and fitness called the futureperfect(TM) Total Body Management Center, located in the Dallas suburb of Plano.

"It's a new concept that we call a 'fitness spa'(TM) or 'fitspa(TM)' -- an evolution of the medical spa that provides women an alternative method for getting and staying in shape," Day said.

Utilizing breakthrough fat-burning and body-sculpting technologies from Europe and Japan, together with nutritional guidance and physician oversight, the futureperfect center is an innovative alternative to traditional health clubs. The company plans to team with physicians to launch futureperfect centers nationwide beginning later this year

B-roll available upon request

Interested members of the news media may obtain video of physicians describing their reasons for opening medical spas, as well as video of MedSpa and futureperfect technologies. Please contact Rob Huckels at 214.540.3807 or rhuckels@medsurgeadvances. com.

About MedSurge Advances

Based in Dallas, MedSurge Advances helps physicians across the United States build and manage their practices in aesthetic medicine, one of the fastest-growing healthcare segments. Since its founding in 2002, MedSurge Advances has provided technology and business resources for hundreds of physicians who have started stand-alone businesses or added aesthetic procedures to their existing practices. For more information, contact MedSurge Advances at 972.720.0425, or visit www. medsurgeadvances. com. For more information about futureperfect, visit www. futureperfect. com.

PharmMall Launches Online Pharmacy for Prescription Medications

PharmMall Launches Online Pharmacy for Prescription Medications

No prior prescription is required to order brand-name prescription medications for anxiety, weight loss and others disorders.

(PRWEB) February 15, 2005

PharmMall announces the launch of their new online pharmacy website available at http://cpanel5.amihost. com/~pre111/index. html (http://cpanel5.amihost. com/~pre111/index. html)
With prescription medications for anxiety disorders, pain relief, sleep aids and menÂ’s health. Large selections of weight loss drugs are also available including Phentermine, one of the industryÂ’s largest sellers.

With the obesity epidemic at unprecedented proportions, America's love of excess is coming home to roost in the form of a dramatic increase not only in obesity but diet related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, even cancer. In response to this, physicians, researchers, health professionals, prescription medication companies and even insurance companies have developed and or endorsed some form of weight loss, and lately, weight loss with the assistance of a prescription medication.

Medical authorities are careful to clarify that these new prescription weight loss medications are not for cosmetic weight loss; they are to be used for people suffering from obesity or otherwise at risk to secondary diseases because of their weight. For cosmetic weight loss, that is, weight loss that is of a relatively minor amount and not because of looming health complications from the extra weight, the best plan is still a healthy diet and exercise. The new prescription medications, according to the National Institute of Health and the FDA, should never be used by or prescribed to people who are not clinically obese.

If you are in need of medical assistance for weight loss issues, PharmMall offers free medical consultations for each private and confidential order. Here is another site that may offer more information or to place an order. http://phentermine. lunarpages. net/index. html (http://phentermine. lunarpages. net/index. html)


Friday, April 25, 2003

May, National Fitness Month-Get 10% Off Fitness Phone Coaching!

May, National Fitness Month-Get 10% Off Fitness Phone Coaching!

May is National Fitness Month. Kathleen Pileggi, a Master Fitness by Phone Coach, announces 10% off Fitness by Phone Coaching, and gives tips for exercise Motivation.

(PRWEB) May 14, 2003


For Information Contact: Kathleen Pileggi


May, National Fitness Month-Get 10% Off Fitness by Phone Coaching!

Kathleen Pileggi, of Lansdale, PA, a Master Fitness by Phone Coach and ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Personal Trainer is offering 10% off a Fitness by Phone coaching program during May, National Fitness Month!

What a perfect time to re-focus on motivation and exercise. Let's move Americans to move themselves in a healthier way this month (and throughout the year). Here are some tips for reaching out during National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, observed since 1983.

Attend or participate in a health fair or lecture sponsored by a local health or educational institution. Upcoming event to plan for: the Summer Fitness Explosion at the PA Convention Center in June. Participate in Distance/Fun Runs or Fitness Walks. LaCrest Health Club is sponsoring the Kugel Ball run/walk on June 7, to host Lansdale Day. Take advantage of "Family Fitness Days" sponsored by health clubs where all family members can enjoy fitness activities together. Sign up for Fitness Testing sponsored by hospitals, health clubs, health food stores, or personal trainers and coaches. Get your baseline body composition, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular endurance tested. Commit to a Fitness by Phone(r) program to finally take accountability for your fitness results!

Pileggi offers a novel phone coaching program that is guaranteed to get clients motivated and committed to an exercise program and get results. She offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee within the first 6 weeks!

Ms. Pileggi is the "Alive & Well" WNPV fitness expert, offers talks on motivation and fitness, and welcomes all questions from the media or the general public. You can contact her by telephone at 215-588-6701, via e-mail at kpileggi@earthlink. net, or by fax at 215-855-0525. Visit the Fitness by Phone(r) website at www. fitnessbyphone. com.


Thursday, April 24, 2003

Health Fairs Plus...Health & Wellness event planning services will dramatically cut Corporate Benefits & Insurance Costs!

Health Fairs Plus...Health & Wellness event planning services will dramatically cut Corporate Benefits & Insurance Costs!

About Us: Health Fairs Plus offers customized, efficient, and no-cost health and wellness event planning solutions for corporations, human resource manager, employees and family members.

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) December 17, 2003

Health Fairs Plus offers Dramatic Cost Savings to corporations looking to lower employee health benefits & insurance costs and raise awareness about fitness, nutrition, stress reduction, and more!

Health Fairs Plus is a Northern Virginia corporate resource and self-booking health fair service that provides no-cost health and wellness fairs and other contracting health services readily available to corporate human resources and benefits managers.

Health Fairs Plus offers unique logistics by allowing corporations to stretch their budget and optimize the effectiveness and focus of their existing wellness and benefits program, all while stressing health, well-being, and nutrition education.

Through Health Fairs Plus vast exhibitor database, professional benefits and human resource managers have access to local practitioners in various fields in the Northern VA area.

By directly utilizing the Health Fairs Plus experienced staff and application model, companies bypass the substantial time and money associated with contacting and contracting with numerous exhibitors and outside organizations. This increase in both time and cost efficiencies through the utilization of the application is an advantage that several prominent Northern VA corporations currently enjoy, and more and more companies can no longer afford to ignore.

Another advantage the utilization of the Health Fairs Plus application creates is the optimization of a companyÂ’s human resources force through the vast amount of time saved in organizing employee events.

The average 80 to 100 hours spent setting up a company-wide event, such as a health and wellness fair, can be reduced to less than 5 hours through Health Fairs Plus services. This allows a corporationÂ’s human resource professionals to focus their time and effort talking to employees and addressing important issues instead of exhibitors, sponsors, and support staff.

In todayÂ’s highly competitive corporate landscape, most companies are looking for ways to significantly cut added benefit costs and increase employee morale and productivity simultaneously. Health Fairs Plus has provided its clients an overall 2/3 reduction in the administrative costs associated with planning a corporate health and wellness event. By implementing the Health Fairs Plus system, companies are able to concentrate these savings on objectives that are more conducive to their core competencies.

Healthy Employees Make For Healthy Business!

Contact us at:  703.709.1002

Fax us at:  866.583.7430

Visit us online at: www. healthfairsplus. com


Americas Watchdog Investigates Digitek

Americas Watchdog Investigates Digitek

Americas Watchdog's US Drug Watchdog has expanded its national investigation of the drug called Diditek. In April 2008, Actavis Towtowa recalled all lots of Bertek and UDL Laboratories Digitek (digoxin tablets, USP, all strengths) for oral use, due to a manufacturing defect. Since that time many consumers or their families have received notification of the drugs recall. The US Drug Watchdog wants to talk to any consumer who took this drug and suffered any side affects or complications to include death. Consumers who were exposed to this drug can call the US Drug Watchdog at 866-714-6466 anytime.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) July 9, 2008

Americas Watchdog's US Drug Watchdog is expanding its national investigation into the drug called Digitek. According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), "the Digitek defect could expose users to twice the amount of active ingredient, which could cause serious and even fatal reactions". The best known side affect of this drug is death. If you or a loved one suffered an injury after taking Digitek, the US Drug Watchdog wants to talk with you. A victim or a family member can call the group anytime at 866-714-6466 or visit their web site at Http://USDrugWatchdog. Com

So What Happened With Digitek?

The Digitek defect could expose users to twice the amount of active ingredient, which could cause serious and even fatal reactions. According to Americas Watchdog, "symptoms could include, an extremely low pulse rate, vision problems, fatigue, death. Many people we have talked with had no idea why a family member or loved one died until they received the recall letter from their pharmacy or health care provider.

What Kind Of Drug Is Digitek?

Digitek is a form of digitalis, a chemical derived from the foxglove plant that has been used as a heart medicine since the 18th century. The medication is sold generically as digoxin by several companies.

According To The FDA

"The Digitek defect could expose users to twice the amount of active ingredient, which could cause serious and even fatal reactions".

Consumers who took this drug can call the US Drug Watchdog at 866-714-6466 or visit their web site at http://USDrugWatchdog. com (http://USDrugWatchdog. com)

So What Happened?

On April 25, 2008 Actavis Towtowa recalled its Digitek tablets because there existed a possibility that tablets with double the appropriate thickness may have been commercially released. The FDA deemed the Digitek recall a Class I recall, meaning that the defective Digitek tables could cause serious health problems or death. Most if not all US consumers have now been told not to take Digitek by their physician or pharmacist. If a family member of a person who was taking Digitek & then died received the recall letter, please call the US Drug Watchdog at 866-714-6466. The recall letters should have been received in early May 2008. The US Drug Watchdog's web site is located at Http://USDrugWatchdog. Com

If a family member died or has suffered other side affects related to the possible use of Digitek Americas Watchdog is available to consumers or their family members 24-7 at 866-714-6466

Americas Watchdog and its US Drug Watchdog is all about consumer protection and corporate fair play.


SurfNet Media Group Hires Seasoned PR Expert to Carry Its Message to Market

SurfNet Media Group Hires Seasoned PR Expert to Carry Its Message to Market

Capital Media Partners will handle public and media relations.

Phoenix, Ariz. (PRWEB) June 2, 2005

SurfNet Media Group, Inc. (OTCBB: SFNM) announces the engagement of Capital Media Partners to handle its public relations and media relations. CMP will also focus on brand development and management, media strategy and strategic alliances.

“Our services are designed for aggressive growth and emerging companies,” stated Mick Hall, CMP’s cofounder. “With over 100 weekly Internet radio programs, a unique, next-generation content distribution model predicated on its patented Metaphor® iportal, and a pipeline of new business deals, SurfNet gives us a lot to talk about.”

“We believe CMP’s engagement will result in heightened brand awareness, improved media strategy and key strategic alliances,” stated Robert Arkin, SurfNet’s Chairman and CEO.

About SurfNet

SurfNet Media Group (http://www. surfnetmedia. com/ (http://www. surfnetmedia. com/)), founded in 1999, is an online broadcast media company and the leading producer and distributor of online, talk radio content, streaming over 100 programs weekly to targeted audiences on its flagship VoiceAmerica™ Channel (http://www. voice. voiceamerica. com/ (http://www. voice. voiceamerica. com/)), VoiceAmerica™ Business Channel (http://www. business. voiceamerica. com/ (http://www. business. voiceamerica. com/)) and VoiceAmerica™ Health & Wellness Channel (http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/ (http://www. health. voiceamerica. com/)). Additionally, SurfNet is pioneering a unique, next-generation content distribution model based on its patented Metaphor® iportal, creating innovative “community centers” that transform any web site into a broadcast portal for syndication of online content, including on-demand libraries, webcasts, MP3 downloads, ecommerce, email, community links, blogs and podcasting.

About Capital Media Partners

CMP focuses on building brand, perceptive value and market awareness through traditional and unique media campaigns. Partner experience includes AOL, Circuit City, Coca Cola, DirecTV, EA Sports, Fox Broadcasting, GE, Hard Rock Hotel, Hilton Hotels, Kitchen Aid, La-Z-Boy, RCA, Sega, Sirius Satellite Radio, Starbucks, Sunkist, Warner Brothers Records, Whirlpool, Virgin Interactive and 1-800-Collect.

This release contains certain “forward-looking statements” for purposes of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s “safe harbor” provisions under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and Rule 3b-6 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause our actual results to differ materially from those currently anticipated, including the risk factors identified from time to time in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Denise Dion



R & R for Golfers and Wine Lovers in Napa

R & R for Golfers and Wine Lovers in Napa

Taking a break from your hustle and bustle lifestyle to take care of yourself and your golf game

Napa, CA (PRWEB) July 19, 2006

For those looking to experience the wine country in style look no further than the golf and lifestyle packages through Kris Moe Golf Schools.

"This isn't your typical golf school where golfers hit balls until the point of exhaustion. Golf improvement is a significant part of our package, but I understand more than ever people are going 24/7 and at some point have to disconnect and recharge themselves. Golf is great outlet but we've got so much to offer in this region. I want my guests to have a deep and rich experience of the wine country. When they make their booking we'll co-create an amazing itinerary (sample itinerary) (http://www. krismoegolfschools. com/napa_luxury. pdf) with them that fits them."

Offering activities that encourage health and well being, guests may also immerse themselves in cooking and racecar schools or an actual day of wine making from vine to barrel with Kris Moe, an accomplished winemaker (Kris Moe Wines, Nineteenth Hole).

The golf training takes place at a private practice area with playing lessons on the twenty-seven hole Chardonnay Golf Course. "Golfers could actually hit the vines that makes the wine he will receive later as a gift", mentions Kris. "there are Chardonnay and Syrah vineyards in and around the golf course."

The hotels of choice recommended for this package is the Carneros Inn (http://www. thecarnerosinn. com), one of Travel and Leisure's top hotels in the world or the newest Auberge resort, Calistoga Ranch (http://www. calistogaranch. com). Both are ultimate luxury resorts that make the visit to the wine country even more extraordinary.

Some notable students who have enhanced their game with Kris Moe include actor Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Smothers, Joe Montana and numerous corporate CEOs.

All packages are available at the Kris Moe Golf Schools web site. For more information, or to talk with Kris Moe, please contact him at 707-939-0523.

# # #

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Early Signs of Recovery for Australian Economy Shown in Latest Franchise Industry Survey

Early Signs of Recovery for Australian Economy Shown in Latest Franchise Industry Survey

Topfranchise. com. au has today released the results of its third quarterly review into the satisfaction of Australia's franchisees, revealing interesting changes in the Australian franchise business industry, with a strong rise in satisfaction in the mortgage franchise sector.

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) August 7, 2009

Franchisee satisfaction ratings for financial services businesses have recovered and even improved their performance, with three major players in the Australian mortgage franchise sector climbing the ladder within and into the top 10. ANZ Mobile Lending (http://www. topfranchise. com. au/15-ANZ-Mobile-Lending-Franchise/View-details. html), a core subsidiary of ANZ Bank, which in 2008 was assessed as the leading bank globally on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the second year in a row, moved from rank 10 to rank 7, ASX listed Mortgage Choice (http://www. topfranchise. com. au/6-Mortgage-Choice-Franchise/View-details. html) progressed from its position as the number 9 company to rank 4, and first time surveyed franchise company Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers (http://www. topfranchise. com. au/47-Smartline-Personal-Mortgage-Advisers-Franchise/View-details. html) claimed the title as Australia's new number 1 company in franchisee satisfaction as rated by topfranchise. com. au's survey of participating Australian franchise business opportunities (http://www. topfranchise. com. au/).

The housing and mortgage sectors are leading indicators for the greater economy. Ian Krawitz, Head of Intelligence at 10 THOUSAND FEET (http://www.10thousandfeet. com/) and founder of topfranchise. com. au (http://www. topfranchise. com. au/), said the increase in franchisee satisfaction in the mortgage sector is an interesting indication that the Australian Federal Government's first home owners scheme has at least stabilised the sector in the short run. "It is yet to be seen whether the government initiatives will pay off in the long run but the first home owners grant has definitely benefited mortgage providers that specialise in home loans to first home owners so far, and has improved sentiment that the middle market for home buyers will pick up as well."

While ratings in the area of rewards did not see a significant increase in the mortgage franchise sector or the franchising industry as a whole, lifestyle and passion continued to increase.

"Indications are that the ship is starting to turn towards economic recovery, yet momentum against that turn remains, with very few businesses currently in the position to generate greater financial rewards than a year ago. It is not surprising that we didn't see improvements in the rewards category for this update, and I don't expect to see major movements in the next update of topfranchise. com. au either. At the same time, the number of franchisees saying that they will renew their agreement beyond the current term remains high, which is a reflection of the continuing instability in the labour market. Franchisees know that salaried employees are fighting for their existence just as much, if not more, than they are, but as a franchise business owner, they have greater control over their professional future," said Krawitz.

"The other side of the coin is that in times where growth in monetary rewards is low, people look for satisfaction in other areas of their life. This is reflected in the increase in satisfaction with lifestyle among franchisees who have taken on franchise opportunities (http://www. topfranchise. com. au/)."

In the area of lifestyle Xpresso Delight, a set and forget coffee vending business, remains the number 1 choice for those looking for a good lifestyle business, closely followed by mobile car cleaning and detailing business Car Care and appliance rental service Mr Rental. Among this quarter's most passionate franchisees are those of mortgage franchise Smartline's, cookie retailer Mrs Fields' and sleep specialist Snooze's.

Notes to editors:
Topfranchise. com. au is a free consumer service in Australia, supported by subscription fees paid by franchisors. It allows users to benchmark franchisors against average industry performance across seven categories and provides links to franchisor websites, news articles, video profiles & testimonials. Ratings in each category are updated quarterly, based on the results of 10 THOUSAND FEET's ongoing Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys. topfranchise. com. au was launched in October of 2008.

This quarter's overall top 10 franchise systems in franchisee satisfaction in Australia as voted by their franchisees are as follows:

1. Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers
2. Mrs Fields
3. Car Care
4. Mortgage Choice
5. Xpresso Delight
6. Snap-on Tools
7. ANZ Mobile Lending
8. Mr Rental
9. Just Better Care
10. Fernwood Women's Health Clubs

The seven categories taken into account by topfranchise. com. au include;
 Renewal: intention of franchisees to renew their agreement beyond the current term  Recommendation: willingness to recommend a franchise to friends and colleagues  Rewards: level of financial & social rewards franchisees feel they receive  Lifestyle: whether franchisees are satisfied with the lifestyle their franchise affords them  Passion: how passionate franchisees are about the brand, product or service they offer  Support: examining levels of support offered by the franchisor  Opportunities: whether franchisees feel there are opportunities to expand their business within the system

For further information or to arrange interviews with Head of Intelligence Ian Krawitz, or spokespeople from the new top 10 please contact:
Andrea Martin
Tel: +61 2 8080 7544

# # #



The cheerful red Happy Tooth logo on a pack of confectionery is good news for people who want to look after their teeth and prevent dental decay. It is especially helpful to those who also have concerns about their childrenÂ’s oral health.

(PRWEB) October 25, 2002

Press Release: Immediate

Toothfriendly Sweets International

Bundesstrasse 29

CH-4054 Basel


Tel +41 61 273 77 00

Fax+ 41 612 73 77 03

Contact: Jasmin Kossenjans

Email: contact@toothfriendly. ch

Web : www. toothfriendly. com



The cheerful red Happy Tooth logo on a pack of confectionery is good news for people who want to look after their teeth and prevent dental decay. It is especially helpful to those who also have concerns about their childrenÂ’s oral health.

This distinctive symbol indicates that a confectionery product has been independently tested by an accredited dental institute and proved to be harmless to teeth. It is used for labelling and advertising to communicate a clear and consistent message to consumers.

A product that is labelled “sugar free” in not necessarily harmless to teeth. However, when an item carries the Happy Tooth logo, consumers know right away that it is guaranteed “toothfriendly”.

The Happy Tooth logo is the registered trademark of Toothfriendly Sweets International (TSI), a non-profit association set up in Switzerland in 1989 which now has sister organisations in other countries in Europe, in the Far East. Run by representatives of the dental profession, TSI’s purpose is to reduce the incidence of dental caries around the world by promoting dental hygiene and encouraging “toothfriendly” eating habits. It licences the Happy Tooth symbol to confectionery manufacturers and distributors whose products are found to be “toothfriendly”.

Dental cavities result from a combination of sugar and bacteria. Plaque bacteria lives in the mouth and thrives on sugar. Over a period of time, acid produced by the plaque bacteria attacks tooth enamel and, eventually, this erodes the enamel and causes dental caries. Sugar-based food and drink is therefore a major culprit in tooth decay.

To carry the Happy Tooth symbol, confectionery must be shown to be entirely safe for teeth. To this end, TSIÂ’s testing procedure is unique. It involves monitoring any acid build-up on the teeth while sweets are actually being consumed.

In Europe, testing is undertaken within the dental departments of two universities in Switzerland and Germany. Evaluating the “toothfriendly” potential of a confectionery product involves a highly scientific procedure called the “pH-telemtry test”. This measures the plaque-pH in vivo in the mouths of individuals during consumption, and for 30 minutes afterwards. Products which do not lower plaque-pH below 5.7 can carry TSI’s trademark.

Currently, more than 60 confectionery manufacturers around the globe are licensed to use the appealing Happy Tooth logo. Most produce “toothfriendly” boiled sweets and chewing gum but the Happy Tooth symbol can also be found in certain countries on

Chocolate, water-based ice cream and chewable vitamins. All these products are made with sugar substitutes plus, in some cases, intense sweeteners.

Consumers can find the Happy Tooth on a range of different boiled sweets, and chewing gums which is being sold worldwide. Products are found in health food shops, chemists, kiosks and supermarkets. Brands using the Happy Tooth include SMINT, Stimorol, Chupa Chups, Fisherman’s Friend, Neslté and Läkerol, to name just a few. **

-ends -

Date 15.10.2002

Find out more www. Toothfriendly. com

R&J Public Relations Named Finalist in PR News' National Nonprofit PR Awards

R&J Public Relations Named Finalist in PR News' National Nonprofit PR Awards

PR News recently named R&J Public Relations as a Nonprofit PR Awards finalist in the category of Crisis Management for the agency's "Freedom of Choice for Nurses" crisis communication program. PR News' Nonprofit Awards Program, a national program dedicated to honoring the most talented communicators and teams in the nonprofit sector, is judged by an elite panel of judges, bringing out the nation's most effective and creative nonprofit communicators.

Bridgewater, N. J. (PRWEB) November 6, 2009

PR News recently named R&J Public Relations as a Nonprofit PR Awards finalist in the category of Crisis Management for the agency's "Freedom of Choice for Nurses" crisis communication program. PR News' Nonprofit Awards Program, a national program dedicated to honoring the most talented communicators and teams in the nonprofit sector, is judged by an elite panel of judges, bringing out the nation's most effective and creative nonprofit communicators.

"We are pleased to have earned a spot among the finalists for this prestigious award," said John Lonsdorf, President of R&J Public Relations. "The public relations function is critical to the successful navigation of any crisis situation, and it's during times of crisis that our clients need us to be at our best. We are proud to have risen to that challenge with the development and execution of the Freedom of Choice for Nurses program."

R&J strategically planned and implemented the "Freedom of Choice for Nurses" program for a major regional health system that was facing the prospect of a nursing strike during contentious contract negotiations with the nurses' union. Focusing on each nurse's "Freedom of Choice," the R&J team led the health system and its nurses toward a successful compromise while simultaneously maintaining the public's confidence in the system.

PR News held an awards ceremony judged and sanctioned by a select group of communications experts on November 3 in Washington DC and will additionally highlight the winners in PRNews and on PrNewsOnline. com. The Nonprofit PR Awards identify the nation's best practices in the field of nonprofit communications and recognize the numerous challenges facing nonprofit organizations worldwide.

In this year's Nonprofit PR Awards, R&J stands among an elite group of finalists, including the American Heart Association, the US Postal Service, MWW Group, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and The American Society of Anesthesiologists.

About R&J Public Relations
R&J Public Relations LLC is a leading brand-building public relations firm specializing in assisting companies that are driven to become market leaders, or who are passionate about defending their market leadership position. Based in Bridgewater, N. J., the firm has a highly successful track record in the development and implementation of communications and promotional programs for companies ranging from divisions of large, multi-national conglomerates to regional market leaders. For more information on R&J Public Relations, visit www. RandJpr. com.


Tuesday, April 22, 2003

American Institute of Architects Survey: Continued Weakness in Housing Market Prompting Shift Away from High-End Kitchen and Bath Features

American Institute of Architects Survey: Continued Weakness in Housing Market Prompting Shift Away from High-End Kitchen and Bath Features

Homeowner preferences lean to energy efficiency and simplicity in design

Washington, DC (Vocus) March 10, 2010

Without the rapid appreciation in home values seen between 1995 and 2005, design of kitchens and bathrooms has recently been somewhat more modest. Functionality is now preferred to more and larger kitchens and bathrooms within U. S. homes. Households are placing a premium on products and features that promote energy efficiency, and adaptability in the use of space for seniors and those with accessibility concerns.

Residential architects continue to report declining business conditions, indicating that the housing market is not yet entering a full recovery phase. These findings are from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey for the fourth quarter of 2009, which focused specifically on kitchen and bathrooms.

“The general consensus is that homes will continue to be smaller on average than they were in the past decade,” said AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon. AIA. “But since kitchens remain the nerve center of the home, doing more with less space is a key consideration. Integrating kitchens with family space remains a design priority, as does including areas devoted to recycling, pantries, computer workstations, and spaces devoted to recharging laptops, cell phones and PDAs.”

Baker added, “Homeowners are moving away from glitzy features such as steam showers and towel warming drawers/racks, and instead looking for water-saving toilets, radiant heated flooring and LED lighting options to manage utility costs.”

Housing market business conditions

AIA Home Design Survey Index for Q4 2009 (any score above 50 is positive)
 Billings: 32 (down from 38 in Q3 2009)  Inquiries for new projects: 45 (down from 46 in Q3 2009)

“It’s still too early to think the residential market has fully recovered, but there are two encouraging signs – overall business conditions are far better than they were a year ago at this time, and we are seeing improvement in those housing sectors that need to lead a broader improvement in the housing market: remodeling and alterations of existing homes, and at the entry-level of the new construction market.” said Baker.

Specific construction segments (index score computed as % of respondents reporting improving minus those reporting weakening conditions)

 Kitchen and bath remodeling: 28  Additions / alterations: 21  First-time buyer / affordable home market: -4  Move-up home market: -31  Custom / luxury home market: -44  Townhouse / condo market: -46  Second / vacation home market: -71

About the AIA Home Design Trends Survey
The AIA Home Design Trend Survey is conducted quarterly with a panel of 500 architecture firms that concentrate their practice in the residential sector. Residential architects are design leaders in shaping how homes function, look, and integrate into communities and this survey helps to identify emerging trends in the housing marketplace. Business conditions are also monitored on a quarterly basis. Future surveys will focus on overall home layout and use (June 2010) specialty rooms and systems (September 2010) and community design trends (December 2010).

About The American Institute of Architects
For over 150 years, members of the American Institute of Architects have worked with each other and their communities to create more valuable, healthy, secure, and sustainable buildings and cityscapes. By using sustainable design practices, materials, and techniques, AIA architects are uniquely poised to provide the leadership and guidance needed to provide solutions to address climate change. AIA architects walk the walk on sustainable design. Visit http://www. aia. org


DuPont Leader: Agriculture is Critical for Improved Nutrition and Health Worldwide

DuPont Leader: Agriculture is Critical for Improved Nutrition and Health Worldwide

Collaboration Required to Increase the Quality, Quantity and Accessibility of Food in a Sustainable Manner

Des Moines, Iowa (Vocus) October 13, 2010

“Agriculture plays a critical role in improving the quality of nutrition and health for people around the world,” said Paul E. Schickler, president – Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, at the second annual Global Health Conference presented by the Heartland Global Health Consortium being held in conjunction with the World Food Prize activities here.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to address global health challenges by increasing the productivity of the world’s farmers, expanding the availability of nutritious food and empowering farmers around the world to improve their families’ standards of living,” said Schickler.

In developing countries, more than 60 percent of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. “As a farmer improves agricultural productivity, income can increase, and so does the ability to buy food and enhance the family’s quality of life.

“Improvements must be made at the local level, including developing seeds, products and management practices specific to an area, but also ensuring access to credit, markets, crop storage facilities, roads and equipment.

“Agriculture holds significant promise to improve health conditions, but that promise will only be realized with collaboration from governments, organizations and businesses to increase the quantity, quality and accessibility of food in a sustainable way,” he said.

There are a number of examples of successful programs around the world. In Thailand, local farmers partnered with Pioneer to improve the quantity and quality of student lunches at area schools. Pioneer donated seed and inputs for farmers to plant corn on land owned by the school. The harvested crop was sold by local grain traders to provide additional funds for school lunches. In the program’s first year, one school reported nearly a 5 percent decline in underweight students.

“Innovative science also is important. Researchers around the world are developing crops that not only yield more, but also provide increased nutrient content and digestibility even in harsh conditions,” Schickler said.

This reflects DuPont’s overall commitment to feeding a growing population by delivering advanced seed genetics to improve productivity, crop protection products to help guard crop yield and quality, innovative packaging that protects food quality and testing systems to ensure food safety.

Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, is the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, providing high-quality seeds to farmers in more than 90 countries. Pioneer provides agronomic support and services to help increase farmer productivity and profitability and strives to develop sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere. Science with Service Delivering Success™.

DuPont is a science-based products and services company. Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 90 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture and food; building and construction; communications; and transportation.

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Monday, April 21, 2003

The Healthy Start Program - Improving the Lives of America's At-Risk Pregnant Women and Their Babies

The Healthy Start Program - Improving the Lives of America's At-Risk Pregnant Women and Their Babies

What if we told you there's a Federal government program that reaches thousands of America's most disadvantaged people, dramatically improves access to essential pre-natal health care, and, quite probably, saves taxpayers at least as much as it spends every year? You'd probably say "Tell me more!". The program is called Healthy Start and it's funded and administered by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

WASHINGTON (PRWEB) August 7, 2007

 Healthy Start focuses on reaching at-risk pregnant women and providing access to pre-natal care, counseling, education, coaching, and encouragement. Research has repeatedly shown that these at-risk pregnancies often result in premature births, low birth weight infants, and numerous complications for both the mother and newborn. Healthy Start teaches "moms-to-be" about the importance of good nutrition, the need to eliminate cigarette and alcohol consumption, and other key lifestyle changes that dramatically improve the odds of a healthy infant at birth. The costs of health care alone for a significantly premature infant can exceed $1 million in the first few months of life. Low birth weight babies have substantially greater health problems as well as a greater risk of delayed learning. Reducing these and other consequences by changing the behaviors of the mother during their pregnancies can result in substantial cost savings, making Healthy Start a program that may, in fact, pay for itself.

Once a child is born, Healthy Start promotes breastfeeding as research has shown that it can significantly benefit both infant and mother. Breastfeeding provides nutritional advantages as well as bonding time for mother and child. Here again, the improved outcomes are physical as well and emotional for both mother and her infant.

The total annual budget for the Healthy Start program is just over $100 million, an amount about equal to what the federal government spends every 20 minutes of every hour of every day. The return on this investment in Healthy Start is nothing short of extraordinary. For example, the state of Maryland estimates it saves at least $7 million annually thanks to the results of Healthy Start.

There are nearly 100 Healthy Start program operating across the U. S., most serving lower income and/or minority populations including six that specifically address the needs of Native American and Native Hawaiian communities. These communities face some of the greatest challenges due to high levels of unemployment and poverty as well as geographic dispersion. Infant mortality rates among Native American and Native Hawaiian communities are two to three times higher than for White Americans.

Rick Haverkate, Director of Public Health for the Michigan Inter-Tribal Council, a consortium of Native American tribes in Michigan, said, "Healthy Start's community-based maternal and child health care model is succeeding where other programs have failed with Native populations. Healthy Start is uniquely positioned to address racial and ethnic disparities experienced by Native people, to support the development of innovative, holistic and culturally appropriate strategies to address risky behaviors, and to put Native people at the helm of educating the public - all of this from the grass-roots, community level. In addition, Healthy Start programs seek to combat racism, discrimination, and unequal treatment, and as such, are agents of social justice within health care arenas."

Mary Beth Badura, Director of the HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau, notes 'Healthy Start is a truly effective program that brings resources directly to the people who need them. The program reaches over 80,000 pregnant women each year in 37 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Many of the women we serve are young, alone, and scared. Their Healthy Start contact is a lifeline during a time of need. The ability of the program to reach so many at-risk pregnant women significantly improves the chances that these women can have healthy babies that get a great start on growing up healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally. That good start gives these youngest Americans a much better chance to be lead successful and productive lives."

Traci Karaja is a participant in Healthy Start who lives in the Hannahville Indian Community in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. "Becoming pregnant introduced me to a supportive program called Healthy Start and, most importantly, to an amazing friend, Lori, the Healthy Start nurse. With this program, I became a mother with knowledge to help my babies grow healthy and strong."

For more information on how Healthy Start is changing lives for the better in your community, a list of Healthy Start programs is provided below. Please contact the individuals listed or Peggy Sanchez Mills, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Healthy Start Association at (202) 296-2195.


Birmingham - Birmingham Healthy Start - Rickey Green (205) 324-4133

Mobile - Mobile Teen Center - Kelly Warren (251) 694-5039


Mississippi County - Mississippi County Healthy Start Initiative - Maria Towery (870) 776-1054


Phoenix - South Phoenix Healthy Start - Lisa Derrick (602) 304-1166


San Leandro - Alameda County Healthy Start - Dani Taylor - (510) 618-2080

Fresno - Babies First - Sandra Arakelian - (559) 445-2746

Compton - Shields for Families Healthy Start - Charlene Smith - (310) 668-9091 x106


Aurora - The Healthy Start Project - Debbie Kunkel - (303) 695-1670 x111


New Haven - New Haven Healthy Start - (203) 777-2387 x219

District of Columbia

DC Healthy Start Wards 5&6 - Diane Davis - (202) 698-0772

Healthy Families healthy Start - Laura Charles-Horne - (202) 420-7104


Jacksonville - The Magnolia Project - Rhonda Brown - (904) 924-1570 x12

St. Petersburg - Pinellas Healthy Start - (727) 824-6900 x11249

Boynton Beach - Boynton Beach Healthy Start - Kim Bradley (561) 70-7000 x2216

Tallahassee - Gadsden Healthy Start - Maurine Jones - (850) 577-1421

Tampa - Central Hillsborough Healthy Start - Estrellita "Lo" Berry - (813) 974-0312


Augusta - Augusta Partnership for Children, Inc. - Robettea McKenzie (706) 721-1040

Augusta - Enterprise Community Healthy Start Sandra Pittman (706) 721-8311

Atlanta - Atlanta Healthy Start - Jemea Smith (404) 688-9202 x19

Dublin - Heart of Georgia Healthy Start - Margaret Turner (478) 274-7616


Honolulu - Big Island Disparities Project - Althea Momi Kamau (808) 733-4044


Chicago - Chicago Healthy Start - Jerry Wynn - (312) 793-4662

Chicago - Greater Englewood Healthy Start - April Watkins (312) 745-1309

Chicago - Healthy Start Southeast Chicago - George Smith - (708) 841-9515 x2234

Chicago - Westside Healthy Start - Marsha Herring - (773) 257-2425

Chicago Heights - Aunt Martha's Healthy Start - Alice Sartore - (708) 754-1044

East St Louis - East Saint Louis Healthy Start - Paula Brodie (618) 271-2503


Indianapolis - Indianapolis Healthy Start - Yvonne Beasley - (317) 221-2312

Hammond - Northwest Indiana Healthy Start - Rise Ross Ratney - (219) 989-3939


Des Moines - Des Moines Healthy Start Project - Darby Taylor - (515) 557-9012


Wichita - Northeast Wichita Healthy Start Initiative - Susan Wilson - (316) 660-7386


Louisville - Louisville Metro Healthy Start - Ryan Irvine - (502) 574-5275

Williamsburg - Voices of Appalachia Healthy Start - Peggy Henderson - (606) 549-9296


Baton Rouge - Family Road Healthy Start - Charletta Montgomery - (225) 201-8888

Lafayette - Family Tree Healthy Start - Glynis DeRoche - (337) 295-7021

Monroe - Healthy Start ABCs - Gatha Green - (318) 330-7700

New Orleans - New Orleans Healthy Start - Pharissa Dixon - (504) 658-2809


Baltimore - Baltimore City Healthy Start - Natasha Ramberg - (410) 396-7318


Boston - Boston Healthy Start - Xandra Negron - (617) 534-7828

Worcester - Worcester Healthy Start - George Mike Portuphy - (508) 854-2124


Detroit - Detroit Healthy Start - Carolynn Rowland - (313) 876-4902

Flint - Genesee County Healthy Start John McKellar - (810) 424-4352

Grand Rapids - Strong Beginnings - Peggy Vander Meulen - (616) 331-5838

Kalamazoo - Healthy Babies - Healthy Start in Kalamazoo - Carmen Sweezy (269) 373-5165

Saginaw - Great Beginnings Healthy Start - Dawn Shanafelt - (989) 758-3853

Sault Ste Marie - Maajtaag Mnobmaadzid - A Start of a Healthy Life - Rick Haverkate - (906) 632-6896 x134


Minneapolis - Twin Cities Healthy Start - Doriscile Everett O'Neal - (612) 673-2622


Greenville - Delat Health Partners Healthy Start - John Bierma - (662) 335-4300


Kansas City - Kansas City Healthy Start - Jean Craig - (816) 283-6242 x225

Portageville - Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start - Cynthia Dean - (573) 379-2020 x327

St. Louis - Maternal, Child and Family Health Coalition - Sandii Handrick - (314) 289-5680


Omaha - Omaha Healthy Start - Judith Hill - (402) 455-2229

New Jersey

Camden - HMHB Healthy Start - Wanda Roby-Dutton - (856) 963-1013

East Orange - Isaiah House Healthy Start - Sandra Schwartz - (609) 292-5616

Trenton - Childrens' Futures - June Gray - (609) 989-3307

New Mexico

Deming - Luna County Healthy Start - Linda Macias-Miller - (505) 546-9254

Las Cruces - Dona Ana Healthy Start - Jonah Garcia - (505) 524-0767

New York

Brooklyn - Healthy Start/Brooklyn - Tamara Benjamin Green - (646) 253-5618

Manhattan - Central Harlem Healthy Start - Segrid Renne - (212) 665-2600 x324

Rochester - Healthy Start Rochester - Patricia Brantingham - (585) 546-4930 x211

Syracuse - Syracuse Healthy Start - Kathleen Coughlin - (315) 435-2920

North Carolina

Pembroke - Healthy Start Corps - Linda Greaver - (910) 521-6181

Raleigh - NC Eastern Baby Love Plus Healthy Start - Belinda Pettiford - (919) 707-5699

Raleigh - NC Northeastern Baby Love Plus Healthy Start - Belinda Pettiford - (919) 707-5699

Raleigh - NC Triad Baby Love Plus Healthy Start - Belinda Pettiford - (919) 707-5699


Cleveland - Cleveland Moms First - Lisa Matthews - (216) 664-4281

Columbus - Columbus Healthy Start/Caring for 2 - Grace Kolliesuah - (614) 645-1697


Oklahoma City - Central Oklahoma Healthy Start - Don Anderson - (405) 769-3301 x1263

Tulsa - Tulsa Healthy Start - Corrina Jackson - (918) 595-4404


Medford - Family Foundations - Lillian Koppelman - (541) 774-8095

Portland - Healthy Birth Initiative - Sharon Smith - (503) 988-3387


Chester - Crozer-Keystone Healthy Start - Joanne Craig - (610) 497-7460

Philadelphia - North Philadelphia Healthy Start Project - Deborah Roebuck - (215) 685-5255

Philadelphia - Southwest & West Phila. Healthy Start Project - Deborah Roebuck - (215) 685-5255

Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh/Allegheny County Healthy Start - Cheryl Squire Flint - (412) 247-4009

Uniontown - Fayette County Healthy Start - Cheryl Squire Flint - (412) 247-4009 x 344

West Chester - Healthy Start for Chester County - Renee Fairconeture - (610) 344-5370 x107

Puerto Rico

San Juan - Puerto Rico Healthy Start - Teresa Taboas - (787) 274-5677

South Carolina

Columbia - Palmetto Healthy Start - Kimberly Alston - (803) 296-2786

Denmark - Low Country Healthy Start - Virginia Berry White - (803) 793-6000

Florence - Pee Dee Healthy Start - Madie Robinson - (843) 662-1482

South Dakota

Rapid City - Northern Plains Healthy Start - Lisa Dobyns - (605) 721-1922


Memphis - Memphis & Shelby County Healthy Start - Calondra Tibbs - (901) 545-7099


Dallas - Dallas Healthy Start - Gerilyn Laurence - (214) 590-2586

Ft Worth - Forth Worth Healthy Start - Barbara Beaty - (817) 534-0814 x3923

Harlingen - Valley Primary Care Network Healthy Start - Gloria Casas - (956) 425-6205

Houston - Sunny Futures - Healthy Start - Walter Jones - (713) 669-5250

Laredo - BCFS Healthy Start Laredo - Cindi Garcia - (956) 712-4700

San Antonio - San Antonio Healthy Start - Paola Tovar-Kurth - (210) 299-5035


Richmond - Richmond Healthy Start - Rose Stith Singleton - (804) 646-3340

Richmond - Virginia Healthy Start Initiative/Loving Steps - Linda Foster - (804) 864-7764

West Virginia

Morgantown - West Virginia Healthy Start H. A.P. I. - Penny Womeldorff - (304) 293-1560


Lac du Flambeau - Honoring Our Children With a Healthy Start - Barbara Stoddard - (715) 588-3324 x122

Milwaukee - Milwaukee Healthy Beginnings - Pat McManus - (414) 933-0064

Cardinus Issue Workstation Safety Plus with New Content for New and Expectant Mothers

Cardinus Issue Workstation Safety Plus with New Content for New and Expectant Mothers

Cardinus (a THB Group plc member company) - providers of online injury reduction solutions and risk management within the safety, fleet and property sectors, have issued an exciting new edition of Workstation Safety Plus, their online ergonomics (DSE) training and risk solution, that includes brand new content for new and expectant mothers.

(PRWEB) August 26, 2009

Cardinus (a THB Group plc member company) - providers of online injury reduction solutions and risk management within the safety, fleet and property sectors, have issued an exciting new edition of Workstation Safety Plus, their online ergonomics (DSE) training and risk solution, that includes brand new content for new and expectant mothers.

The risks associated with pregnancy at work are well known. As the body changes shape it becomes increasingly difficult to comply with best practice requirements. The affect can be increased pressure caused by sitting poorly and not supporting the body properly. Hormonal changes can add to this vulnerability so extra care is needed to protect the tendons and other soft tissues in the shoulders, elbows and wrists.

The new content provided by Workstation Safety Plus is particularly engaging and easy-to-use. Having been through an expert review by Health & Safety Laboratories the content is appropriate and accurate way of ensuring your pregnant employees remain safe at work.

Barbara Snape, Cardinus Operations Director said, "Workstation Safety Plus has been at the forefront of good ergonomics and DSE management for a number of years. The safety challenges associated with pregnancy are complex so we are especially excited about the solution we can now offer. New and expectant mothers will now be supported throughout each trimester and empowered to manage their risk effectively"

For further details or a link to view Workstation Safety Plus please visit www. cardinus. com or telephone 01342 301639.

About Cardinus

Cardinus is a member company of THB Group plc, the specialist insurance & reinsurance broker. Cardinus provides online injury reduction solutions and risk management within the safety, fleet and property sectors.

Established in 1995, Cardinus has an enviable track record of working with government and leading blue chip organisations. Cardinus provides solutions to customers across the United Kingdom, the US and worldwide. Other online solutions include 'Workstation Safety Plus', designed to reduce the risks associated with using DSE; Safe Driving Plus, the risk assessment and e-learning solution selected by RAC Risk Management; Security Awareness, Understanding Disability and many other programmes.


Sunday, April 20, 2003

New Investment Club Identifies Cash Flow Opportunities on the Texas Gulf Coast

New Investment Club Identifies Cash Flow Opportunities on the Texas Gulf Coast

A TexasGulfCoastOnline. com investment club market research report identifies real estate opportunities on the Texas and Mexican coastlines with strong market fundamentals for income producing properties at below market value.

Galveston, Texas (PRWEB) June 9, 2009

A market research report by TexasGulfCoastOnline. com's investment club, the region's leading market analysis company, has identified real estate opportunities on the Texas and Mexican coastlines with strong market fundamentals for income producing properties at below market value.

Their new investment buyers club has been put together by the region's most respected brokers and property managers to further leverage the opportunities and reduce the risks.

Affordable oceanfront property with strong rental demand and steady appreciation has been the hallmark of the Texas coast resort markets - and the emerging markets on the southern pacific coast of Mexico, said Michael Stuart, retired software entrepreneur turned real estate CEO for TexasGulfCoastOnline. com.

"The current global recession has created a slowdown in sales and cautious consumers. Most of the properties on these coastlines are a good value, even though we have had a few failures due from financial problems. Yet a few unique opportunities clearly stand-out," says Stuart.

The new report has identified several rare and remarkable opportunities that continue to have all the textbook real estate fundamental indicators combined with below market pricing and backed by solid financing. This makes these opportunities clear winners for future appreciation and positive income, despite today's current economic climate.

The report looked at rental history and demand, location within location, proximity to water, modern storm proof & energy efficient construction techniques, insurance issues, coastal erosion, maintenance costs, home owner association (HOA) costs, improved community and property aesthetics, walk-able self-contained resort setting factors, local health care, transportation, climate, job growth, government investments, consumer interest levels, uniqueness of product, supply limitations, emerging market factors and appreciation potential.

To make these identified rare and remarkable opportunities even more attractive for vacation home ownership, the TexasGulfCoastOnline. com network of brokers and property managers have formed an investment club managed by local expert Harvey Demand to pool the buying power and take full advantage of today's depressed market to offer even further savings and a better return on investment (ROI).

"Sensing the bottom of the market, investor minded consumers are already returning to the coast and our new investment club offers even better values and peace of mind for these uncertain times," said Alice Donahue, of South Padre Island's leading brokerage.

"Given the forecast-ed reduction in buying power predicted for the U. S. Dollar and other currencies, now is an ideal time to move cash into income producing - appreciating assets," said Harvey Denman, the investment club's manager.

The analysis report and investors club has been put together by the region's most esteemed group of brokers and property managers and is something worth looking into if you are interested in taking advantage of today's market conditions.

"Investments opportunities such as the ones identified in the report rarely demonstrate this type of short and long term returns - with such solidly backed companies and properties located in branded resort locations," said Denman.

The developers, brokers, property managers and projects represented in the club read like a who's-who list of credible real estate industry experts who intimately know the local markets and have an established a track record of trust and success that make taking a look at what they have put together a must-do action item for anyone wanting to create wealth and improve their quality of life.

For a copy of the report, go to the investment club website at http://www. texasgulfcoastonline. com/buyersclub. aspx (http://www. texasgulfcoastonline. com/buyersclub. aspx) and request more information.

TexasGulfCoastOnline. com is the region's voice for real estate and market analysis and receives over 300,000 visitors a year who view over 4 million pages. TexasGulfCoastOnline. com is supported by real estate agencies on the Texas coast including: AliceDonahue. com, Port Aransas Realty, Swedes Real Estate and Edith Personette and Associates


Study Confirms Use of CalleX Dry Heel Ointment Reduces Dry, Flaking or Thickened Skin on Feet

Study Confirms Use of CalleX Dry Heel Ointment Reduces Dry, Flaking or Thickened Skin on Feet

The results of a four-week, in-use evaluation of CalleX Ointment by insulin-dependent diabetics confirms that CalleX Ointment effectively exfoliates dry, flaking or cracked skin on soles and heels. While marketed to the general population and sold in the foot care section of major drug chains, the study shows that CalleX Ointment is also diabetic-friendly.

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) March 20, 2007

The results of a four-week, in-use evaluation of CalleX Ointment by insulin-dependent diabetics confirms that CalleX Ointment effectively exfoliates dry, flaking or cracked skin on soles and heels. The study was conducted by Consumer Products Testing Company of Fairfield, New Jersey for Xenna Corporation. While marketed to the general population and sold in the foot care section of major drug chains, the study shows that CalleX Ointment is also diabetic-friendly.

The majority of those who participated in the study reported CalleX Ointment left their feet softer, smoother and eliminated cracked skin, while it also reduced areas of thick skin after two to four weeks of daily use.

C. J. Buck, CEO of Xenna Corporation (www. xenna. com) which distributes CalleX Ointment to pharmacies, catalogs and podiatrists, says, "The thing that makes CalleX different than other products for dry feet is that it's formulated with natural enzymes and is free of potentially-irritating acids, parabens and lanolin. The enzymes help thin and soften hardened, thickened skin and remove dry, cracked, or scaly buildup, while leaving normal skin unaffected. CalleX Ointment also moisturizes and rejuvenates dry, cracked heels due to its petrolatum base."

Dry feet are a particular problem for older individuals, but people of all ages find flaking, cracked heels and soles unattractive. Buck says, "Women especially hate to expose their dry, rough heels in sandals or sling-backs and frequently rely on pedicures to keep their feet attractive for the pool or beach. CalleX Ointment offers an alternative to pedicures, which can be expensive. CalleX is used daily for two to four weeks and then once or twice weekly for maintenance."

Xenna's innovative, natural foot care products were developed and patented using formulations that focus on the exfoliation of keratin - the protein contained in skin and nails. Xenna also distributes patented NonyX® Nail Gel, a topical, easy-to-use gel that breaks down and removes keratin debris - the discolored, yellow or thick granular buildup under nails which causes toenails and fingernails to appear yellow, dark or discolored. Also diabetic-friendly, NonyX uses natural ethanoic acid to exfoliate keratin debris buildup, leaving nails clear and healthy-looking with regular use.

CalleX Ointment is money-back guaranteed, and sold in the foot care section of Walgreens, Rite Aid, Longs, HEB grocery stores, Kerr Drug and many Medicine Shoppe pharmacies, and online at www. drugstore. com and www. xenna. com.

NonyX Nail Gel can be purchased in the footcare section of Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Wal-Mart, Longs, Eckerd Pharmacy, Brooks Pharmacy, Duane Reade, HEB grocery stores and most Medicine Shoppes. Online, it is also available at www. drugstore. com and www. xenna. com.

For photos of toenails and heels before and after using Xenna products, click on www. xenna. com.

Xenna Corporation is a privately-held, woman-owned company based in Princeton, NJ which develops and distributes natural personal care products for skin, hair and nails. To contact them call 800-368-6003 (business hours, Mon-Friday Eastern Time) or email info@xenna. com.


Saturday, April 19, 2003

Fred Karutz Joins Norvax as Senior Vice President of Business Development

Fred Karutz Joins Norvax as Senior Vice President of Business Development

Norvax, the leading provider of online sales technology to the health insurance industry, announced that Fred Karutz has been named Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 8, 2007

Norvax, the leading provider of online sales technology to the health insurance industry, announced that Fred Karutz has been named Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Karutz brings nearly 20 years of health care industry experience across payer, provider and supplier segments. Most recently, he was Corporate Vice President of the Consumer Markets Strategic Business Unit of Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), the fourth largest health plan in the country which includes Blue Plans in Illinois, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

"Fred's broad industry background and impressive experience managing all aspects of a consumer-focused health plan makes him a natural fit for Norvax, as we extend our commitment and broaden our products to engage consumers through the internet and the Norvax technology platforms," said Brandon Cruz, President and Chief Technical Officer, Norvax. "To support our rapid growth, we are building an outstanding management team with experience, leadership, and vision. Fred possesses all these qualities. We are thrilled to have him on board to help lead our growth in this exciting business."

At Norvax, Karutz will be responsible for business development, seeking to build new products and industry relationships to extend the use and value of Norvax' offerings.

"Norvax is positioned to be the true champion of individual health, from engaging consumers with the right dialogue and purchase experience, to building loyalty by extending customer relationships and delivering more meaningful value," commented Karutz.

At HCSC, Karutz was responsible for all aspects of the business including strategy, planning, product development, sales and marketing, customer loyalty and operations as well as membership and financial performance for nearly one million customers. Previous work at HCSC included the development of their first consumer-directed product portfolio, as well as a range of corporate strategy and affiliations assignments.

During his tenure at HCSC, he succeeded in increasing top-line revenues by $500M, producer sales by 50%, and customer retention by 20%. In addition, he oversaw 26 distinct product launches in three states.

Prior to HCSC, Karutz served as a management consultant and held key positions at CSC Healthcare, APM Management Consultants, and Monsanto/GD Searle.

He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA from Northwestern University.

About Norvax
Norvax Inc. is a leading developer of Web-based sales and online insurance (http://www. norvax. com/products/agent. html) tools for the health insurance industry, helping insurance brokers, agents and carriers connect with customers and transact business more efficiently. From insurance websites (http://www. norvax. com/products/websites. html) to insurance software (http://www. norvax. com/products/agent. html) and lead management tools (http://www. norvax. com/products/broker-office. html), the Norvax product suite lets insurance agents increase sales, cut administrative time and reduce expenses. Founded in 2001, Norvax is privately held and based in Chicago.


Friday, April 18, 2003

Mercy Ships Finds Savings With FuelSaver Technologies

Mercy Ships Finds Savings With FuelSaver Technologies

Africa Mercy Is First Hospital Ship to Benefit From Special Diesel Conditioner

Colorado Springs, Colorado (Vocus) September 25, 2008

While the general public is cutting back at the pump and looking for ways to save fuel and maintenance costs, Mercy Ships (http://www. mercyships. org), which operates the world's largest charity hospital ship, is no exception.

Skyrocketing diesel fuel prices and increased maintenance costs sent Mercy Ships marine engineering crew looking for answers as the charity relies on donations to bring life-saving healthcare toWest African nations.

For the past year, Mercy Ships has tested products by FuelSaver Technologies, Inc. (http://www. FuelSaverInc. com), headquartered in Colorado Springs, in an effort to maximize the hospital ship's fuel efficiency. In turn, those funds could be used to provide more free surgeries to patients in the Liberian port of Monrovia where the ship's surgeons and crew have docked since last February.

"So far, we've achieved a 3% improvement in fuel economy this past year and our engineers have noticed less carbon and soot buildup, resulting in less maintenance required," stated Engineering Superintendent Michel Zandbergen.

The Africa Mercy has to fuel every three months to the tune of 220,000 US gallons, stated Zandbergen. Usually this is done by bunkering by an ocean going tanker. So that's amounted to roughly $26,000 savings each time we re-fuel.
"All that means we can help more people." he said.
FuelSaver's CEO Rich Lieber explains how the fuel conditioner works. "Our special conditioner enables more of each gallon of fuel to combust, it keeps injectors and combustion chambers clean and free of deposits. It also improves lubricity, fights algae growth and stabilizes both gasoline and diesel fuel in storage."
For example, a fleet using 1 million gallons of diesel fuel per month at $4.50/gallon would achieve a net savings of approximately $1.7 million per year with only a 4 percent improvement in fuel economy. A variety of fuel conditioner products are available, including one to treat Bunker Fuel (heavy fuel oil), one to treat fuel in storage for long periods of time and a diesel fuel anti-gel winter blend.

FuelSaver Technologies (http://www. FuelSaverInc. com) was recently awarded a 5-year contract with General Services Administration (GSA) of the U. S. Federal Government to inspect, clean and repair Department of Defense bulk fuel tanks in numerous locations, to filter and treat the stored fuel and put the tanks back into service again.

Small 2oz bottles of conditioner to treat 100 gallons of gasoline or 50 gallons of diesel fuel are available for individual consumers. FuelSaver's Fuel Conditioner has been used to improve fuel economy an average of 8 to 12 percent in motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, RVs, boats, and locomotives. All products may be purchased securely over FuelSaver's website at www. FuelSaverInc. com.

Mercy Ships (http://www. mercyships. org) was founded in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens and is the leader in using hospital ships to deliver free world-class health care and community development services to the forgotten poor. Over the past 30 years, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 70 countries providing services valued at more than $670 million, directly impacting more than 1.9 million people. More than 850 crew worldwide representing more than 30 nations are joined each year by thousands of short-term volunteers. Professionals including surgeons, dentists, nurses, community developers, teachers, cooks, seamen, engineers and agriculturists donate their time and skills to the effort.

FuelSaver Technologies, Inc. is the premier distributor of a proprietary brand of fuel conditioners patented as DurAlt®, consisting primarily of a combustion modifier coupled with a polar compound. This unique combination enables fuel to more fully combust, thus increasing fuel economy while reducing air pollution. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, FuelSaver works with individual consumers as well as commercial/governmental fleets to help them reduce operating expenses while improving air quality through reduced emissions. These products first came to market in the mid-1980's. DurAlt® technology and other products are protected by 54 patents and trademarks worldwide.

Mercy Ships
Pauline Rick, U. S. Public Relations Manager
Tel: 903-939-7649
E-mail address: rickp@mercyships. org
Website: www. mercyships. org

FuelSaver, Inc.
Jenine K. Holtz Dobie, President, FuelSaver, Inc.
Toll Free 866-768-7811 or 719-622-6046
E-Mail Address: Info@FuelSaverInc. com
Website: www. FuelSaverInc. com


Encore Fitness First Gym to Adopt X-Biking in Southern California

Encore Fitness First Gym to Adopt X-Biking in Southern California

Encore Fitness, as the first gym in Southern California, announces its launch of Trixter X-Biking, the hottest new trend in high-intensity cardiovascular workouts

Sherman Oaks, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2004

Encore Fitness, a provider of quick, effective and high-intensity workout facilities, today announced it is the first gym in Southern California to have adopted X-Biking from Trixter to lead the market with cutting-edge full body indoor cycling. The announcement was made by Jennifer Benson, CEO and co-founder of Encore Fitness.

Encore Fitness has a long history of being at the forefront of the latest fitness developments. Formerly Billy Blanks original Taebo Center, it was also one of the first gyms in the country to provide indoor group cycling classes.

"We see X-Biking as the future of high-intensity cardio workouts", says Benson. "The fitness community is constantly on the outlook for better results, quicker workout turnarounds and a more enjoyable cardio experience. X-Biking is delivering a fun, extremely effective and quick cardiovascular workout that we expect to quickly become a dominant trend across the country.”

The X-Bike™ incorporates a unique articulating handlebar with adjustable resistance to provide an unparalleled 30-minute full-body cardiovascular workout that feels “true-to-cycling”. This is not accomplishable through spinning or regular stationary biking with fixed handlebars.

Encore Fitness and Trixter have been formulizing a partnership since May of this year, which will also involve joint marketing and public relations efforts in addition to Encore FitnessÂ’ in depth involvement in the ongoing development of Trixter products and services such as the X-Bike and X-Biking programming. The partnership will also turn Encore Fitness into the only location in Southern California to provide high-level instructor training and certification services for Trixter.

“The relationship that we have successfully crafted with Trixter is a major step towards Encore Fitness’ goals of providing the most innovative and effective group exercise workouts available, as well as our ambitions of regional expansion”, continues Benson. “With venture capital recently secured by Funk Ventures Capital Partners (www. funkventures. com), we are poised to implement our expansion plans as early as next year.”

About Encore Fitness

Encore Fitness is a provider of high-intensity workout facilities. Having always been at the forefront of the latest fitness developments, the company started out with a focus on spinning, an indoor cycling trend that has found millions of enthusiastic followers worldwide. Best known for having been operating one of the largest spinning facilities in Los Angeles, and having been rated "Best Spinning Gym in LA" twice in a row, Encore Fitness has recently changed directions when it became first in Southern California to adopt the newest indoor cycling technology, X-Biking by Trixter, at its spinning facility. Encore Fitness is planning to continue to invest and expand its presence in the Southern California region. For more information, please visit www. encorefitness. com or call (818) 823-1920.

About Trixter

Fit, Fun and Fast. Founded in 2000, Trixter Developments Ltd. designs, manufactures, and markets indoor cycling equipment and programs built to energize people of all ages and enhance their health and fitness. Trixter's Stroud, England offices serve as the company's corporate and new product development headquarters. Trixter Europe Ltd. and Trixter North America, Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Trixter Developments Ltd. For additional information, visit www. x-biking. com

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Local ED Physician Group Providing Emergency Care at Two Tennessee Hospitals

Local ED Physician Group Providing Emergency Care at Two Tennessee Hospitals

Appalachian Emergency Physicians, LLP, will now practice within the emergency departments at Sycamore Shoals Hospital in Elizabethton, Tennessee, and Indian Path Medical Center in Kingsport, Tennessee. Both of these facilities are part of Mountain States Health Alliance, the largest healthcare system in the region.

Traverse City, MI (Vocus) August 17, 2010

Appalachian Emergency Physicians, LLP, will now practice within the emergency departments at Sycamore Shoals Hospital in Elizabethton, Tennessee, and Indian Path Medical Center in Kingsport, Tennessee. Both of these facilities are part of Mountain States Health Alliance, the largest healthcare system in the region. The system includes 14 hospitals; it is named one of the Top 100 Most Wired Healthcare Systems in the United States and has received the Excellence Award from the Tennessee Center for Excellence. U. S. News & World Report has named both Sycamore Shoals Hospital and Indian Path Medical Center as two of America’s Best Hospitals.

The 14-bed emergency department at Sycamore Shoals Hospital sees approximately 25,000 patients per year. The department has lab, radiology, and pharmacy services available 24 hours a day.

Indian Path Medical Center's 20-bed emergency department offers 24-hour lab, pharmacy, and radiology to promote maximum efficiency. The department treats over 32,400 patients each year and offers double physician coverage to speed up departmental flow and decrease wait time.

ED opportunities are now available at both of these facilities. Please contact Jason Clark at Emergency Consultants, Inc. for more information on Tennessee ED careers.


Monday, April 14, 2003

Corazon Announces Online Executive Learning Series - June “Webinar” Forum with Interactive Discussion Promises Smart Answers for Timely Issues

Corazon Announces Online Executive Learning Series - June “Webinar” Forum with Interactive Discussion Promises Smart Answers for Timely Issues

Corazon Consulting, a national leader in providing specialized consulting services to hospitals for development of cardiac and vascular programs, today announced that it will hold the first of five online Executive Learning forums beginning on Tuesday, June 14th, 2005 at 1pm Eastern Time. The interactive, 90-minute session titled, “Laying the Foundation: Smart Strategic Planning for Your Cardiovascular Services Line” is geared to helping busy executives dot their I’s and cross their T’s while laying a strategic foundation for their cardiovascular service line.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) May 20, 2005

Corazon Consulting, a national leader in providing specialized consulting services to hospitals for development of cardiac and vascular programs, today announced that it will hold the first of five online Executive Learning forums beginning on Tuesday, June 14th, 2005 at 1pm Eastern Time. The interactive, 90-minute session titled, “Laying the Foundation: Smart Strategic Planning for Your Cardiovascular Services Line” is geared to helping busy executives dot their I’s and cross their T’s while laying a strategic foundation for their cardiovascular service line. Web Seminar attendees can receive 1½ hours of pre-approved Category II continuing education credit, which can be applied toward advancement or recertification in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Corazon Heart Expert and session co-presenter Jim Burns stated, “Cardiovascular services can be responsible for up to 40% of an acute care hospital’s net revenue; so it should come as no surprise that this service line represents the most strategic for any organization regardless of size or scope of services.” Burns added, “Planning is critical to ensure service line profitability, which can translate to whole-hospital success.” To register for the conference, call 412-364-8200 or visit “Our Conferences” at www. corazon-consulting. com

About Corazon Consulting

Corazon Consulting is a recognized leader in strategic cardiovascular program development, assisting clients through the full spectrum of consulting services from feasibility study and business planning through implementation of services. The Corazon team of Heart Experts has assisted healthcare leaders and physicians in tertiary centers and community hospital settings toa bring specialized advice and progressive thinking in cardiovascular services to strategic planning, market assessments and financial analyses, clinical operations and new technology, Heart Centers and Heart Hospitals, physician-hospital partnering, best practice benchmarks, and staffing models and staff education for well-developed or newly established cardiovascular programs. Corazon pioneered the application of the Universal Bed in cardiovascular care delivery and brings firsthand experience with service line management as a progressive organizational means for healthcare providers. Corazon is a 2003 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Company and one of the 2004 “Pittsburgh 100” Companies. Call 412-364-8200 or visit www. corazon-consulting. com for more information.

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