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Become a Morning Person, Overnight

Become a Morning Person, Overnight

All Natural Supplement For Waking Up On Time

Sparta, NJ (Vocus) May 12, 2010

A new pill taken before bedtime can help sleepers to wake up at least one hour earlier in the morning. Rise-N-Shine L. L.C., created an all natural supplement called, Wake Up On Time. It's the first product of its kind, taken before bedtime to help people to wake up earlier, feeling alert, refreshed and full of energy. Millions of people struggle with waking up every morning. Now there is finally a solution; and it has become wildly popular with men and women of all ages.

Wake Up On Time is a proprietary blend of B vitamins, Amino Acids, Guarana Seed Extract and Siberian Ginseng that are geared to address the psychological and physical reasons why people have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. This supplement will never prevent people from falling asleep because it is specially formulated with a natural coating over the tablets to delay the release of the ingredients. This way it can dissolve over time and deliver its benefits when you need them most when the alarm clock rings.

“It's more than a vitamin, it's time in a bottle because, instead of hitting the snooze button over and over again, our exciting new product allows you bounce out of bed ready to go,” said Cathy Beggan, founder of Rise-N-Shine and creator of this groundbreaking supplement.

The product helps you to effortlessly wake right up in the morning feeling alert, happy, and ready for anything your demanding schedule throws at you. It’s just like an alarm clock inside of a pill. This supplement is good for you too. It boosts energy levels and immune systems, while elevating moods and enhancing metabolism. Wake Up On Time does have one important side effect…it promotes weight loss and improves your mood.

Filomena Pinto, a mother of two in Wayne, New Jersey is a big fan of this supplement. “I've never been a morning person stemming back from my college days when I worked at night to earn money to pay my tuition,” said Pinto, who learned about the pill at a health and fitness show. Pinto continued, “With two young kids, there's no choice about getting up in the morning. I used to have a hard time with it, but now I wake up with ease and have energy by 6:30 A. M.”

A patent is currently pending. Wake Up On Time is available at select stores across the US, or you can order it direct at www. wakeupontime. com].

Call Cathy Beggan for more information at 1-973-903-1127 or email: cathy(at)wakeupontime(dot)com

About the Company

Rise-N-Shine, LLC was founded in 2006 by Cathy Beggan. A minority/woman owned business, Rise-N-Shine is continuously bringing groundbreaking products to the nutritional marketplace. Our company was founded on the foreground of providing natural solutions to everyday problems. Our products include:
"GO AWAY GRAY" -- A natural supplement containing Catalase, which prevents gray hair from starting and reverses existing gray hair; "Stay Up All Day" -- An all natural, time released energy supplement formulated to give you energy for 8 hours; "Wrinkle Remedy" -- Treats wrinkles from the inside out; "Don't Forget" -- Improves memory, clarity and thinking; "Stress FREE" -- Eliminate the symptoms of stress & anxiety; "Sleep Tight All Night" -- All natural formulation to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night long; "Light'n Up" -- Healthy Weight Loss supplement made with Acai; "Royal Flush" -- Safe & effective digestive cleansing product; “Menopause Chill Pills" -- Eliminate the symptoms of menopause; "Get Healthy" -- A MultiVitamin that has everything you need and more to be healthy and to feel great. Our products are manufactured for safety in the United States of America in a world class, fully climate-controlled, 150,000 square foot FDA-inspected facility that ensures purity and accuracy of materials through inspection and evaluation at every step of production and packaging.