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A Daily Dose Of Humor Pills Cures What Ails You

A Daily Dose Of Humor Pills Cures What Ails You

Friendly, Fun, and Highly Informative. "ASK YOUR PHARMACIST - A Leading Pharmacist Answers Your Most Common Health Questions" Covers 250+ Top Health and Wellness Topics

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A Dose of HUMOR PILLS to Tackle the Top 250 Health Concerns

The feisty, funny Drug Lady answers the most frequently asked health questions (as well as those we’re often too embarrassed to ask in public) in Ask Your Pharmacist – A Leading Pharmacist Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions (St. Martins Press, NY). From print and Internet media, pharmacist Lisa Chavis’s friendly and humorous style of tackling our everyday health questions has reached millions. With real life problem solving advice for callers and the inside scoop on prescription, over-the-counter, and natural medicine for over 250 unique symptoms, this is an indispensable reference for every home and the author makes an engaging guest.

Health information expert and pharmacist, Lisa Chavis, gives readers the inside scoop on which products really work, which are a waste, the best home remedies for common problems, and answers to those embarrassing questions you’d rather not ask in person. From “Getting Older – Getting Better” to “Oh, Baby!” Chavis’s Ask Your Pharmacist covers them all!

  **Publishers Weekly calls Ask Your Pharmacist “The Best RX”! **

**Library Journal – “Highly Recommended For Consumer Health Collections”**

**LA Times – “This book covers all the bases.”

ASK YOUR PHARMACIST is organized in chapters for “Teens – Dude, Like What Do I Do About This? “Children’s Good Health – Oh, BABY! ,” or “Aches and Pains – Oh, My Aching Body” with snippets called HUMOR PILLS liberally dispensed. Interspersed through the text readers will also find plenty of entries under the heading “The Drug Lady Recommends,” these are small, valuable pieces of advice that cover everything from how to save money on the necessary medicines to how to control embarrassing gas. All categories are presented in an easy-to-understand format:

· Q: Does hay fever mean IÂ’m allergic to hay? I have this every year for a couple of months and it makes me miserable. What can I do?

Try: Stinging Nettle or bitter gentian root if you want to go the herbal route, if not Nasalcrom is a favorite over-the-counter remedyÂ

· Q: IÂ’m 11 and have started to smell a little. You know, body odor – BO – or whatever else it is called. I shower every day. What else can I do?

Try: The most effective way to wipe out body odor is to wipe out the bacteria that cause it. You donÂ’t smell bad right after a shower, right?Â…Teen Spirit, Shower To Shower, and Dial soapÂ

CONTACT: Jennifer Reeve, Publicist (212) 674-5151 ext. 704 Jennifer. reeve@stmartins. com

or Lisa Chavis, RPh, Author Lisa@webayp. com Available for Interview, Nation-wide by arrangement, Media Review Copies, Press Kit On Request.

Ask Your Pharmacist (St. Martins Press, $29.95) available in bookstores and on the companion web site www. webAYP. com