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Inches versus Pinches

Inches versus Pinches...

Skin Inc’s SculptFIT therapy, a safe, healthy way to rid your fats

Singapore (PRWeb UK) April 14, 2010

Having already shaken up the skincare industry by storm, multi-award winning skincare brand Skin Inc is taking another momentous step forward with an innovative yet holistic approach to providing total skin solutions - this time not just for the face, but for the entire body.

The success of the brand’s innovative product offerings to date, have captured the attention of those looking for fuss-free results, and this May will see the launch of the brand new SculptFIT Therapy. Designed as part of Skin Inc’s new Total Wellness programme, the skincare experts are proffering to end the perpetual bane of slimming treatments in the market that promise everything yet deliver little.

Specifically targeted at anyone who has cellulite, excess body fat or is simply in need of toxin, water and waste drainage, the SculptFIT programme stimulates the body by giving it precisely what it needs to improve blood circulation, increase metabolism and optimise metabolic processes all whilst training the body to a natural state of fitness.

The hour-long treatment begins with a non-invasive infusion of a multi-action Speedslim Serum using Skin Inc’s signature no-needle mesotherapy (NNM). This is followed by a machine-based programme that restores the body’s ‘chi’ energy by synergising two key technologies; far infrared therapy (FIR therapy) and low frequency therapy, using heating pads placed in spots requiring fat and/or cellulite reduction.

“Skin Inc’s SculptFIT program is one of the few treatments on the market for cellulite that not only works during the treatment but also for some time afterwards” says Skin Inc CEO, Sabrina Tan

STEP 1: INFUSE via No Needle Mesotherapy using Speedslim serum

Focusing on the areas that need to be treated, the SpeedSlim Serum is infused into the deepest layer of the skin using Skin Inc’s signature, and ever popular no-needle mesotherapy.

Speedslim serum is a highly effective fat-reducing concentrate made of pure, active ingredients. It is comprised of carefully selected natural plant extracts such as the seaweed derivative Soluble Organic Silanol (SOS), Bladderwrack extract, - a kelp seaweed rich In mineral, vitamins and amino acids, Birch extract – a valuable tree in herbal medicine and antioxidant-rich tea extracts. These ingredients contribute to reducing cellulite, restructuring tissues, toning and re-firming skin muscles and moisturising the skin. The increased circulation contributed by these extracts speed up the dissolve of excess fats and detoxification.

Step 2: STIMULATE using Far Infrared and Low Frequency Therapy

FIR therapy (based on principles of acupressure and reflexology) and Low Frequency therapy are known to promote blood circulation and increase metabolism. SculptFIT leverages from this age-old theory as the ideal combination of these two therapies. When increased, the metabolic rate consumes more calories for energy and burns more fat. The lymphatic system is stimulated, ridding the body of the toxins responsible for cellulite build up. The skin and underlying tissue is also firmed, improving the appearance of cellulite. The skin and underlying tissue is firmed, improving the shape of the client and making them look slimmer.

The treatment is deployed by placing a special heating pad on the area requiring fat and/or cellulite reduction. This harnesses the body’s powerful mechanisms of self-repair by raising the body’s core temperature and allowing it to naturally eliminate fats, chemicals and toxins, excess sodium associated with hypertension, carcinogenic heavy metals and uric acid (known for causing pain).

“What we care about is providing a deep fix of the root cause and an all-rounded approach that is in line with how the body works versus providing “shock treatments’ that may provide initial quick results that are not sustainable.” says Skin Inc CEO, Sabrina Tan.


The SculptFit Treatment is available at all Skin Inc stores at $368 per treatment, or $98 for the first trial session with each session lasting one hour. Packages of unlimited treatments over a three month period (limited to four treatments per week) are available at $3,688 including serums. Skin Inc’s SculptFIT treatment will be available at all Skin Inc stores from May 2010, and bookings can be made by calling our stores at ION Orchard and at Republic Plaza.

SculptFIT Treatment

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