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New, High Commission Affiliate Program Launched at 21DayBodyMakeover. com May Revolutionize the Body Cleanse Market

New, High Commission Affiliate Program Launched at 21DayBodyMakeover. com May Revolutionize the Body Cleanse Market

A brand new affiliate program for 21DayBodyMakeover. com has launched and is now offering affiliates the opportunity to receive between a $40 and $50 CPA.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 24, 2009

The 21DayBodyMakeover. com is offering an affiliate program for a product that may revolutionize the industry of body cleansing. The idea of the 21 day body cleanse recently gained attention when Oprah decided to try a 21 day cleanse of her own. This cleanse consisted primarily of following a vegan diet and meditation. The 21 Day Body Makeover (http://21daybodymakeover. com/) program offers much more than this or other cleansing diets like the Master Cleanse, such as:
 Expert support whenever needed from Dr. Jeremy Webster, 21 Day Body Makeover's weight-loss and nutrition authority. Dr. Webster can address any question or comments about the program in a matter of hours.  An exclusive eating protocol with eating instructions designed specifically to help the body get the nutrition it needs. The protocol shows users how to eat, not starve the body, and users can even dine out on the program. Other cleanses just offer recipes, not a comprehensive eating plan.  21 Day provides professional grade supplements based on the concept of natural body detoxification. This allows the organs and glands of the body to do their jobs optimally. Other cleanses rely on diet to do their work, which may not be enough. In June 2009, the Endocrine Society's Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism journal issued a powerful warning that endocrine disruptors, including phthalates, are "a significant concern to public health." The body absorbs far more toxins than it can break down on a daily basis. Losing weight is no guarantee of better health. A health plan must help the body rid its organs of toxins, which purely diet-based cleanses do not necessarily do. The 21 Day Body Makeover program uses a combination of methods to cleanse the major organs of the body of toxins and promote overall health.

As George DeJohn, creator of the 21 Day Body Makeover explains: "Everyone is toxic! The body cannot break down all of the chemicals it is exposed to on a daily basis without professional grade supplements to aid the body to do what it naturally wants to do. The body needs the professional grade supplements with natural Vitamin C and E that 21 Day Body Makeover provides, not the cheap, synthetic supplements people buy in stores."

Purely supplement-based body health programs are often no better than the diet-based cleanses, shoving synthetic chemicals into the body and hoping for the best. 21DayBodyMakeover. com is a full body makeover system that offers natural supplements and a comprehensive eating plan for total body health for life.

GeorgeDeJohn states: "It is my goal to build ultimate health through a diverse community of professionals. My mission is to create awareness about why we all need to detoxify our bodies and how toxins from our environment and daily conveniences affect us from weight/fat gain to numerous colds and disease."

Considering the fact that 21DayBodyMakeover. com (http://21daybodymakeover. com/) has recently undergone a complete site redesign and interface enhancement that is simultaneously being promoted on radio and, of course, the Internet, Affiliates should expect excellent conversion rates.

21 Day Body Makeover is looking to create long-term partnerships with affiliates. In order to secure them, 21 Day is working towards showing the highest commissions in the supplement industry and guaranteeing serious and continued profits for its affiliates' efforts through a support staff with real experience and retention strategies that are proven to work. Affiliates will be sending traffic to specific offers like 21 Day Cleanse Landing Page (http://21daybodymakeover. product2web. com/offer/1) and it's the affiliate management team's mission to continually optimize the affiliate marketing creatives to ensure affiliates receive the best results for their marketing dollar.

The 21DayBodyMakeover. com commission structure is based on a flat-rate CPA of $40 for new affiliates and $50 for super affiliates (affiliates with the ability to sell 10-15 orders per day), calculated monthly and payments are sent twice a month using the most common payment methods that affiliates use.

Sign up to be a 21DayBodyMakeover. com Affiliate today! (http://21daybodymakeover. com/affiliate-marketing. html)