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Caltrol Deploys Roaming Messenger Wireless Application to Enhance Customer Service and Manage Workflow

Caltrol Deploys Roaming Messenger Wireless Application to Enhance Customer Service and Manage Workflow

Communicate with Employees on Their Wireless Devices Wireless Automation of Business Processes Continues to Grow

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2004

Roaming Messenger(TM) (OTCBB: RMSG) announced today that process control products and services firm, Caltrol, Inc., has deployed the Roaming Messenger product to extend customer service and workflow processes to its mobile employees.

Caltrol's first use of the Roaming Messenger technology is to provide time-critical, roaming, self escalating notification of critical customer service issues during non-business hours. The assurance of delivery, timeliness, and accurate routing of these notifications to the appropriate service technician is critical to providing Caltrol's customers with excellent customer service and meeting Caltrol's service level agreement (SLA) commitments to its customers.

Caltrol's multitude of sales engineers and service technicians can now be contacted via Roaming Messenger technology on any of their wired or wireless devices, no matter where they are. In order for service technicians to be contacted in the minimal amount of time, Roaming Messenger notifications attempt to reach the technician by roaming through their various personal devices, such as cell phone, PDA, wireless laptop and wired computers to deliver critical information regarding Caltrol's client service requests.

Caltrol provides process control equipment and services to the power, oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and water & wastewater industries throughout the Southwest portion of the United States. Caltrol's clients depend on Caltrol and their fleet of technicians to maintain critical systems. When there is an issue with their equipment, Caltrol can automatically dispatch a Roaming Messenger to the appropriate technician.

Harinder Dhillon, Roaming Messenger's Vice President of Operations, said "Roaming Messenger'S messaging and communication capabilities allow Caltrol to diminish client's downtime and helps Caltrol meet or exceed certain Service Level Agreements (SLA) in place with their clients. This results in happier clients for Caltrol which means a healthier bottom-line."

Erik Van Curen, Caltrol's Manager of Information Technology, said, "Before deploying Roaming Messenger, we were using a manual dispatch process to contact our technicians. This manual process had a lot of problems such as not finding the right technician, not knowing whether the customer was called back, etc. When installing the communication network to handle customer service calls in our new headquarters, we introduced Roaming Messenger as an adjunct to the phone system. I was extremely excited by the fact that Roaming Messenger capability had been integrated into our system and was up and running in a very short period of time. With Roaming Messenger integrated into our business process, we can confidently know that our customer requests will be serviced in a timely fashion."

"We are already excited about and developing additional innovative uses for this fantastic technology, and we look forward to working with the folks at Roaming Messenger to automate other business processes of our engineering and process control businesses, extending them out into the mobile world," concluded Mr. Van Curen.

About Roaming Messenger

Roaming Messenger is the provider of a breakthrough interactive messaging solution that allows corporations and government agencies to deliver critical information in a more secure and effective manner. The company, based in Santa Barbara, California, has developed a proprietary technology that enables messages to automatically roam across wired and wireless devices, tracking down people and escalating through chains of command to deliver information as needed -- text, voice, GIS data, photos and documents. The product addresses two key concerns in wireless messaging -- interoperability across devices and end-to-end government grade security. Roaming Messenger can be easily integrated with existing solutions. It delivers powerful capabilities to any application that requires real-time information to be communicated and acted upon in a highly secure manner, such as homeland security, emergency response, automation and control, enterprise messaging and supply chain management. http://www. roamingmessenger. com (http://www. roamingmessenger. com).

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