Sunday, August 3, 2003

New Glove is the Latest Weapon in the Food Service Industry

New Glove is the Latest Weapon in the Food Service Industry

Revolutionary technology in disposable gloves enables glove to kill bacteria on contact, continuously. These antimicrobial gloves will eventually be used in every establishment that serves food.

Marcy, NY (PRWEB) August 31, 2010

Restaurants are vulnerable to claims from customers who state they were sickened after eating there. Salmonella, E. coli and other diseases can destroy a restaurant.

Omni International LLC is introducing a new weapon in the fight against fungi and bacteria. The AMS Antimicrobial Gloves (http://www. mountainside-medical. com/products/Antimicrobial-Disposable-Vinyl-Gloves. html), designed especially for food service workers, provides a built-in protection that lasts for the life of the product. Mountainside Medical Equipment is one of the first to carry the glove.

"This Antimicrobial Glove is unlike anything we have ever seen before - a disposable vinyl glove that actually kills bacteria on contact continuously and stops the spread of harmful bacteria,” said Marty Zarnock Jr. vice president of Mountainside Medical Equipment. "I can see this glove being used in every establishment that serves food; from the local diners to the largest food chains in the world."

How does it work? Antimicrobial refers to any compound, including antibiotics, sanitizers, disinfectants, a number of food preservatives and other substances, that acts to inhibit the growth of or kill microorganisms. The AMS Technology kills bacteria by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms by using an electro-chemical mode of action to penetrate and disrupt their cell walls. When the cell walls are penetrated, leakage of metabolites occurs and other cell functions are disabled, thereby preventing the microorganism from functioning or reproducing.

"The food service industry is ecstatic about the new antimicrobial glove. They have been waiting for this glove for a long time,” said Marty Zarnock Sr., president of Mountainside Medical Equipment. "This revolutionary new antimicrobial glove is proven effective. It kills E. coli and several kinds of harmful bacteria on contact.”

The gloves have been proven to kill E. Coli, Listeria (Gram Positive Bacteria), Gram Negative Bacteria, MRSA, Staph, Strep, Fungi and all Black Mold. They use all-natural components that are environmentally friendly and are non-carcinogenic and non-allergenic.

"If you owned a restaurant, wouldn't you feel safer at night knowing that your kitchen staff is using a product that would kill any bacteria on food that they come in contact with and wouldn't contaminate the customer’s food?” Zarnock Jr. asked.

To order the glove visit http://www. mountainside-medical. com/products/Antimicrobial-Disposable-Vinyl-Gloves. html (http://www. mountainside-medical. com/products/Antimicrobial-Disposable-Vinyl-Gloves. html).

Boilerplate: Mountainside Medical is a family owned and operated company established in June of 2002 by Marty Zarnock Sr. and his son, Marty Zarnock Jr. With more than 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry, the company has developed into one of the fastest growing medical supply companies today. You can learn more about the company at http://www. mountainside-medical. com (http://www. mountainside-medical. com/).