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New UK Based Veggie Internet TV Station

New UK Based Veggie Internet TV Station

An internet TV station to promote a vegetarian lifestyle in a positive way thats suitable for everyone.

(PRWEB) July 25, 2005

TV presenter and businesswoman Karin Ridgers has spent the past 18 months liaising with TV stations to get a healthy compassionate TV programme off of the ground. Not to be deterred after being told she's "too ahead of her time", Karin decided to produce her own internet TV station and VeggieVision. com was born.

World leading poet Benjamin Zephaniah and English actor Jerome Flynn of Solider Solider fame have already been filmed for exclusive interviews about their lives and being vegetarian and vegan.

Driven by a passion to promote non meat and non dairy eating in a positive way, Karin's venture will have a combination of celebrities, information, cookery and real peoples stories - all with a positive attitude.

VeggieVision. com has already received an amazing response from all over the UK, Germany, Holland, Italy and even America, Australia and Israel.

Its said that in a few years we will all be watching programmes differently and watching the internet more. So maybe being ahead of time is a positive attribute and not a set back!

"At the moment we have a selection of mini programmes that people can click and watch - with many more coming soon. More and more people are going over to broadband which means now is the right time. VeggieVision is quick, informative, fun and educational

with the benefit of worldwide 24/7." - Founder Karin commented.

The team are all professional cameramen, editors and presenters - from private production companies and Sky TV.

Award winning Karin Ridgers, a former director of The Vegan Society UK has worked with Essex based production companies as well as the BBC and The Discovery Channel. The school reunion she organised in 2002 was made into a

Documentary for Channel 5 and was 'pick of the day' in most national media.

For more information please contact:

Karin Ridgers - info@veggievision. com


Veggie Internet TV station - cookery, celebs, info* www. veggievision. com

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