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Customers Praise Ceridian’s Service and Support

Customers Praise Ceridian’s Service and Support

Customer comments highlight Ceridian’s Account Executive programs and Service Centers of Excellence

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 24, 2009

Ceridian (http://www. ceridian. com/293pr6a) Corporation, a leading provider of managed human resource (http://www. ceridian. com/293pr6b), employee benefits administration (http://www. ceridian. com/293pr6c), tax filing (http://www. ceridian. com/293pr6d) and payroll outsourcing (http://www. ceridian. com/293pr6e) solutions, continues to receive numerous accolades regarding its customer service (http://www. ceridian. com/293pr6f) solutions. During INSIGHTS 2009, Ceridian’s annual customer conference recently held in Denver, Colorado, many attendees praised Ceridian’s account executive program and Service Centers of Excellence (COE).

“In terms of enviable customer service, Ceridian has presented us with two representatives that serve us well,” commented Pat Cuejilo, an application specialist with Waddell & Reed Financial Services. Cuejilo was referring to Waddell & Reed’s dedicated account executive, and its call center service representatives.

All of Ceridian’s customers enjoy the support of a dedicated account executive (AE). Ceridian AEs periodically meet with Ceridian customers and strive to understand their company and how Ceridian’s solutions provide value to their business. Ceridian’s AEs are human resource (HR) professionals who understand the industry and know where to turn in order to get the sometimes detailed, in-depth answers customers require.

“One of the things I really enjoy about Ceridian is the customer support, particularly from our account executive,” notes Yvonne Lutz, HR director for the Scoular Company. “The first thing she did was come out and meet with us, review our products, really learned about our business and talked about some other things that might be of assistance to us.”

Ceridian’s account executives also provide customers with valuable HR expertise, a sense of best practices, competitive benchmarking information, a broad perspective on HR solutions, and most importantly support for Ceridian’s products and how they are currently being used by their customers. “One of the things we enjoy is the interaction with our Ceridian account executive,” comments Dale Fleddermann, senior HRIS analyst with CoBank. “She visits our office at least once a month. And she does a great job of bird dogging issues we might have. If there's a problem, a functionality that's not working the way we need it to, she makes sure we get in touch with the right people, the correct Ceridian experts who can really resolve our issues.”

Over the past two years Ceridian has also implemented powerful changes in the way it provides customers with customer care support, including the use of call center technology that has significantly accelerated response times and that makes it possible to assign the most knowledgeable service representative to respond to customer issues. “That's the kind of thing that makes me stay with Ceridian, that the support is so much better,” explains Chris Scott, senior HRIS analyst with Aviva, when comparing Ceridian’s level of service support with other companies. When Aviva uses Ceridian’s support they feel “you can just have such a close relationship that you forget it's the vendor.”

“From time-to-time, I have to contact Ceridian customer service with questions,” comments Betty Rifford, corporate payroll coordinator for Huhtamaki Americas. “And they are very good about getting right back with you. If that person isn't sure of the answer, they go to level two. And we find that we have very good feedback with them.”

“I do enjoy the interaction that I have with the Ceridian customer service department,” concludes Leah Johnson, payroll manager, Gerresheimer Glass. “We do have to use them frequently and they're very helpful, the entire department.”

Ceridian’s customers are praising the company’s approach to providing the industry’s finest customer service and support. “I've actually had a lot of experience with Ceridian service,” explains Chris Scott. “When you get down to comparing products, everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. I can tell you … the service is why I've actually been more loyal to Ceridian than other products I've used.”

“I've been with … competitors of Ceridian,” concludes Julie Bridwell, payroll manager, Tire Centers, LLC. “And the service is not the same.”

Interested readers can find more customer comments –- written and in video format –- by visiting Ceridian’s enviable service (http://www. ceridian. com/293pr6g) Web page.

About Ceridian:
Ceridian is a global business services organization that offers a comprehensive range of innovative solutions. From human resources and benefits to accredited employee assistance, work-life and health and productivity services, Ceridian helps organizations maximize their human, financial and technology resources. As a leader in payroll outsourcing, gift cards and controlled spending, Ceridian is also a driving force in payment innovation. Whether partnering to improve employee productivity, save money or minimize financial risks, Ceridian's business is to help organizations stay focused on their business. For more information about Ceridian’s comprehensive array of human resource solutions, visit www. ceridian. com or call 800-729-7655.

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