Monday, September 1, 2003

Debi Kiontke / World Vision Artist - To Host National Radio Show "Prosperity for God's People"

Debi Kiontke / World Vision Artist - To Host National Radio Show "Prosperity for God's People"

Christian Traders CEO, DeWayne Reeves is currently visiting New Hope Orphanage and School in Kampala Uganada, East Africa. During his two week trip abroad, Ms. Kiontke will bring her special flavor of "Grace Notes" to the show.

(PRWEB) October 28, 2004

Christian Traders (http://christiantraders. com (http://christiantraders. com)), the fastest growing online Christian investment community in market history, has recently added A. G. Media Group Inc and the movie "A Choice to Cherish" to its list of the top investment opportunities available to investors worldwide.

During CT's absence, World Vision Artist, Debi Kiontke will be hosting Christian Traders national radio show "Prosperity for God's People" by remote from MA. Ms. Kiontke will be interviewing a variety of guests and addressing investors questions regarding the greatest anomaly to ever hit Wall Street - CMKM Diamonds Inc. - CMKX.

CT sends each and every listener his best wishes from Africa and requests that you remember him and his missionary team in your prayers as they strive to fulfill God's wish, "to care for orphans and widows in their affliction." CT chose Ms. Kiontke to fill in for him not only because of her in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and her savvy trading ability, but becuase she also has a heart to care for children who have lost their parents to the deadly ravages of AIDS. Please visit the new Christian Traders site at http://forums. christiantraders. com (http://forums. christiantraders. com), where you will find a link to Ms. Kiontke's site, CMKX - DAY OF HOPE, where she has set a goal of finding sponsors for 29,000 children. That is a very significant number as it represents how many children die each day worldwide from starvation. Together, we CAN make a difference.

CT will be returning to the air on November 9th.

The show airs live at 2:30PM PST in Phoenix AZ from our flagship station KXEG 1280, and worldwide via the internet at http://familyvaluesradio. com (http://familyvaluesradio. com). An archive of each show will be available 24/7 immediately following the broadcast.

Unlike the typical investment relations firm, Christian Traders does not accept cash, stocks, warrants, or the promise thereof to promote or profile any company or stock. CT gives new meaning to "Investor Relations." He actually works for you - the individual investor or fund manager.

CT Members watched their investment in UCAD and AMGJ triple after being profiled on the show and recently enjoyed a 300% gain on Desert Health Products. CT is confident that the next one to move will be Azco Mining Inc. - AZMN. A copy of Azco Mining's most recent press release is available at the company website and details the acquisition of what may well be one of the largest proven Gold reserves in North America.

CT was asked to comment on the press release and offered the following remarks - "Since Dr Carson is one of the foremost, accomplished explorationists of our time with a proven track record of not only a string of substantially valuable discoveries over his 33 year career, he's also been the architect of a dozen major projects and therefore it stands to reason he means what he says on the AZCO website -

"I intend to redirect the strategic future of this company to include identification and acquisition of high quality Gold, Silver and Copper resources." - Dr. W. Pierce Carson President - CEO Azco Mining Inc

In my opinion, this recent acquisition and planned future acquisitions, have greatly enhanced Azco's current intrinsic value and will enable the company to grow towards a much more richly deserved valuation of $300 million plus. Once the results are in on the independent valuation of the Gold property, the share price of the company could literally go to $3.00 plus, overnight. I believe AZMN is on an upward path towards what really could be a realistic future valuation. Such heady valuations would put AZMN's share price in the $7 to $12 realm or some 50 times or 5,000% upwards from here."

Additional commentary from CT regarding AZMN is available exclusively at http://christiantraders. com (http://christiantraders. com).

Current CT "Portfolio Builders" are -

A. G. Media Group Inc. - AMGJ - http://www. agmediagrp. com (http://www. agmediagrp. com)
AZCO Mining Inc. - AZMN - http://azco. com (http://azco. com)
Desert Health Products - DHPI - http://dhpi. com (http://dhpi. com)
Dale Jarrett's Racing Adventure - DJRT - http://racingadventure. com (http://racingadventure. com)
Diamond Powersports - DPWS - http://www. diamondpowersports. com/ (http://www. diamondpowersports. com/)

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