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Parity Reflects on the IT Spending Outlook for 2006

Parity Reflects on the IT Spending Outlook for 2006

Parity takes a look at the new skills landscape in IT Management and the impact on future skills.

(PRWEB) March 23, 2006

The outlook for IT spending is expected to be fairly conservative for 2006 (source: Forrester Research). This is because, say Forrester, IT departments are now expected to support business goals more efficiently than they have done in the past. A greater prioritisation on the business and less on new investments in IT will see just a 1.6% increase in IT spending this year for European enterprises.

The skills landscape is changing, say Parity, with fewer technicians required and greater demand for business roles such as those that have PRINCE2 and ISEB qualifications. Clearly this shift has a major impact on education, internal training departments and recruitment.

“The new skills landscape has been apparent to the Parity Group for some time”, says David Plummer, Managing Director at Parity Resources. The shift in demand for project management and program management training (http://www. parity. net/training/courses/_/project-managment-training (http://www. parity. net/training/courses/_/project-managment-training)) and for the ISEB training in IT Service Management (http://www. parity. net/training/courses/_/IT-service-management (http://www. parity. net/training/courses/_/IT-service-management)) plus year on year increases in demand on recruitment right across the UK of these job roles supports the rationale behind a cautious IT spending outlook.

The theory that the education system will take too long to meet demands for IT/business analysts, IT architecture specialists, project managers and vendor managers - skills that firms expect to need in greater numbers in the future - is looking to be a reality unless firms themselves invest in developing the skills necessary to meet the needs of the business. Standard ‘best practice’ approaches and ‘frameworks’, and a good set of underlying business skills are vital in today’s business environment.

For more information in skills and recruitment services for these job profiles: http://www. parity. net/training (http://www. parity. net/training).

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