Monday, September 8, 2003

SCCRM Names New Director of Embryology Laboratory

SCCRM Names New Director of Embryology Laboratory

Reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Robert Anderson welcomed today Dr. Mitchel Schiewe into his new role as Embryology Lab Director at Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine (http://www. socalfertility. com).

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) July 30, 2007

With his diverse working knowledge of fertility treatment, Dr. Schiewe will be an excellent addition to the embryology lab team. He will be in charge of leading the four members of the embryology staff, which primary focus is to provide the highest quality of patient service and state-of-the-art fertility techniques including, but not limited to assisted hatching, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

"We are thrilled to have such a wealth of experience added to our already talented team," comments Dr. Anderson, "Finding the right fit for the team is so important when it comes to fertility treatment and I'm confident that Dr. Schiewe will take us to the next level of quality fertility care."

Prior to joining SCCRM, Dr. Schiewe devoted his efforts as Laboratory Director to Clinical IVF at Fertility & Surgical Associates in Thousand Oaks. He also served as the Laboratory Director of IVF & Embryology at California Fertility Associates in conjunction with the Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center for five years and as a Guest Scientist at the Studio Interdisciplinare Fecondazione e Transfer in Rome, Italy for six years. He received his Masters Degree from the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and his Ph. D. in Health Sciences from the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Schiewe is serving as the Program Chair and Chairman-elect to the Reproductive Biologist Professional Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and co-published over 70 papers in the field of Human Embryology on the topics ICSI, embryo biopsy, oocyte freezing, laser hatching, embryo culture and blastocyst hatching mechanisms.

For more information about Dr. Schiewe, please view his biosketch and curriculum vitae on our website at http://www. socalfertility. com/fertility-laboratory. html#fertility_lab_staff (http://www. socalfertility. com/fertility-laboratory. html#fertility_lab_staff).
About SCCRM: With two locations in Orange County, Newport Beach and Aliso Viejo, the Center has two fertility specialists, Dr. Robert Anderson and Dr. Edward Dourron. They are an independent, full service fertility clinic specializing in the treatment of infertility, reproductive endocrine disorders and miscarriage. The convenient geographic locations in the Los Angeles area and the full range of fertility services allows the Center to treat couples from all over the world including Europe, South America, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, Canada and Mexico. For more information visit http://www. socalfertility. com (http://www. socalfertility. com).