Friday, October 31, 2003

Build Great Enterprise Dashboards in Less Time with Klipfolio Dashboard Developer Edition

Build Great Enterprise Dashboards in Less Time with Klipfolio Dashboard Developer Edition

The easiest and fastest way to extend the visibility of your KPIs and build better Klips for Klipfolio Dashboard

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) September 14, 2010

Klipfolio, Inc., developer of Klipfolio Dashboard – the KPI Dashboard – today announced the immediate availability of Klipfolio Dashboard Developer Edition (http://www. klipfolio. com/products/developer-edition). The new product makes it fast and easy for database administrators (DBAs), web developers and enterprise architects to build great enterprise dashboards.

New in this edition of Klipfolio Dashboard is the development workflow assistant: a simple, integrated, step-by-step guide to building custom dashboard modules called Klips. From connecting to your data sources to processing and presentation, the workflow assistant streamlines development with guidance and links to documentation and APIs, right when--and where--you need them.

Also new are more than three dozen built-in templates, samples and demos to kick start your next dashboard project, saving you time and money.

Klipfolio Dashboard Developer Edition (http://www. klipfolio. com/products/developer-edition) has a tightly integrated debugger to help you evaluate and trace dashboard output, catch script errors and test code more efficiently. And with a tailored user interface, developer tools are front-and-center, exactly where they should be, and accessible through keyboard shortcuts.

To see Klipfolio Dashboard Developer Edition (http://www. klipfolio. com/products/developer-edition) for yourself, please watch the video on our website. Klipfolio Dashboard Developer Edition (http://www. klipfolio. com/products/developer-edition) is available as a subscription for $395 per user. Purchases can be made online or by contacting sales at +1.613.233.6149.

About Klipfolio Inc.
Klipfolio develops Klipfolio Dashboard – the KPI Dashboard – to help the Fortune 1000 increase the visibility of key performance indicators for informed decisions that improve performance and profitability. It is the only business dashboard that presents operational information directly on the desktop where it's always visible, accessible, and actionable. Clients include Intel, Staples, Baxter Healthcare, EMC and Lufthansa. For more information, visit www. klipfolio. com. For more information visit www. klipfolio. com, call +1.877.233.6149 US and Canada or +1.613.233.6149 Worldwide, or email sales(at)klipfolio(dot)com.


Accelerated Small Business Recovery Plan – 4 Steps For 2010

Accelerated Small Business Recovery Plan – 4 Steps For 2010

Author Ainslie Waldron’s Plan Draws Company Leaders

Portland, OR (Vocus) January 23, 2010

Company leaders are praising the accelerated small business recovery plan recommended by visiting Australian author Ainslie Waldron at packed venues on her West Coast book tour. Her message to business leaders? Create your own profitability turnaround while competitors cling to the status quo.

“Economic recovery will happen one company at a time,” said Waldron, a company turnaround expert and author of the new book The Ultimate Secret for Business (http://www. secretforbusiness. com/). “The 2010 winners aren’t waiting for things to ‘get better’ or for the government to swoop in with a Main Street bailout; that’s not going to happen. The success stories we read about in December are of company owners who did what the competition would not.”

Waldron, sometimes referenced as Australia’s Leading Business Thinker, is known for hands-on turnaround solutions for companies that plateau or hit profitability problems. For businesses looking to leap from the economic doldrums Ainslie Waldron (http://www. ainsliewaldron. com/) is telling California, Oregon, and Washington audiences to start with 4 action steps:

1st – Eliminate your firm’s biggest success-barrier right away. “It’s easy to identify,” counsels Waldron. “What frustrates you when you arrive at the office, infuriates you on the drive home, and wakes you up at night with irritation? That is what’s blocking your success. Do whatever is necessary to eliminate it immediately.”

2nd – Get some additional suppliers. “Most managers are spending their time squeezing every last dime out of their suppliers; that’s unhealthy for everyone. Smart company leaders are expanding their vendor base; bringing in fresh ideas, better cost models, and some surprising opportunities.”

3rd – Test a new market. “In a troubled economy most companies stick too closely to their core business; that’s a sure way to slowly slide out of business. Fortune favors the bold and now is clearly the time to try new markets, products, and ideas where there is no competition because others in your industry are deeply entrenched in ‘Safe Mode’.”

4th – Win some new customers. “Too many companies are reducing customer service and cutting corners on quality as they try to reduce costs. That creates an immense opportunity for smart business leaders to step in and capture the business with quality and great customer service.”

Author Waldron’s The Ultimate Secret for Business offers 10 Keys to Maximum Profits in 6 Months or Less but her in-person message to small business audiences from Los Angeles to Seattle is to immediately implement her 4 step plan to create an Accelerated Business Recovery in 2010.

About Ainslie Waldron mba

Ainslie Waldron heads the Accelerated Business Success (http://www. accelerateyourcompany. com/) consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia with clients across the country, in the United States, and the UK. She is on the board of several companies, heads Australia’s largest Mensa organization, and is a high-level consultant to the United Nations.

For company information: www. accelerateyourcompany. com

About Ainslie’s book: www. secretforbusiness. com Sample chapter, cover art, author bio…

Media Contact: maggie(at)platformstrategy(dot)com

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Local Marketing Firm Helps School of Healing Arts Re-Brand

Local Marketing Firm Helps School of Healing Arts Re-Brand

Epiphany Marketing, a San Diego marketing agency, assisted the School of Healing Arts, an educational institution for students seeking to become holistic health practitioners, to re-launch its brand with the opening of its newly remodeled and expanded facility in Pacific Beach. Epiphany Marketing assessed the school's brand, and then created a new logo, corporate identity system and advertising for the school.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 1, 2005

Epiphany Marketing, a San Diego marketing agency, assisted the School of Healing Arts, an educational institution for students seeking to become holistic health practitioners, to re-launch its brand with the opening of its newly remodeled and expanded facility in Pacific Beach. The school also provides affordable bodywork to the public in its wellness center. Epiphany Marketing assessed the school's brand, and then created a new logo, corporate identity system and advertising for the school.

"We chose Epiphany Marketing because of its expertise in helping companies define and communicate their unique brands," says Heather Mitchell, chief operating officer of the school. "As we embarked on a complete remodel and expansion of our school, we wanted to expand public awareness of the holistic education and health services we provide to the greater San Diego community. Epiphany Marketing created an updated image for us to use in our marketing communications which will help us promote our mission of providing professional holistic therapy and promoting a life of wellness and balance."

In addition to branding strategy, Epiphany Marketing helped the school with a public relations campaign to announce the grand re-opening of the school and promote the importance of holistic health therapy in reducing the negative effects of work-related stress, a growing problem in the U. S. The campaign resulted in community press mentions, with interviews by both the San Diego Union Tribune and the San Diego Business Journal.

"The school offers a great service," says Ron Marcus, principal and founder of Epiphany Marketing. "They provide a first-rate education in holistic health care in a very supportive environment. They also offer professional massage at very affordable rates. On top of that, they donate services and education to the community to promote wellness for all. We were excited to help them tell their story to San Diego."

About Epiphany Marketing

Epiphany Marketing is a San Diego-based full-service integrated marketing agency. The firm assists companies with strategic planning and tactical execution of marketing communications programs, from top-line branding and positioning strategies, to creative development of advertising, literature, and public relations. Underlying Epiphany Marketing’s strategy is its philosophy of building a personal connection between customers and the products, services and causes they promote. The agency was founded in 2003 and serves a mix of clients in industries including: Technology, B2B, Retail, Media, Franchising, Educational, Financial and Non-profit.

About the School of Healing Arts

Founded in 1990, the School of Healing Arts (SOHA) in Pacific Beach, California is a state-approved education facility providing comprehensive programs for students desiring to work as practitioners of holistic health and massage therapy. SOHA is dedicated to helping as many people as possible achieve wellness and balance in their lives by providing holistic services and classes that include: therapeutic bodywork, aromatherapy, nutrition, herbology, hypnotherapy, yoga, tai chi, communication and much more. The school combines expert instruction in many modalities with flexible class scheduling to meet the individual needs of students. The school also incorporates a complete wellness center providing very affordable, professional therapeutic bodywork to the community. In addition, the school provides free wellness seminars, bodywork at local care facilities, and many more free services to the community. Exciting, versatile classes and top-quality services provided in a tranquil environment, combined with extensive public outreach, provide inspiration to all who experience SOHA. More information about the SOHA can be found at www. SOHArts. com.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

LifeLink Foundation Selects Compliance 360

LifeLink Foundation Selects Compliance 360

Leading Health Care Organization chooses Compliance 360 to optimize compliance management across its divisions including those regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 16, 2006

LifeLink Foundation, a leading health care organization responsible for the recovery and transplantation of organs and tissue, selected Compliance 360 as its policy and procedure compliance solution for all Foundation divisions including those regulated by the federal government. With this solution, LifeLink will organize and centralize documentation storage, automate workflow between divisions located in West Central Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico, and link all policies and procedures to the pertinent regulations and standards governing organ and tissue recovery. This strategic move assists in the organization’s initiative to reduce manual processes, improve agility, and provide greater visibility to overall compliance status.

“We chose Compliance 360 because their solution fit our needs and has the ability to integrate with our learning management system,” stated Art Heinrichs, Vice President, Corporate Compliance Officer, LifeLink Foundation, Inc. “Our mission of saving lives through organ and tissue donation and transplantation involves many policies, procedures, state and federal guidelines. Since we have multiple locations we believe the hosted, on-demand solution fits perfectly into our day to day operations. Compliance 360 allows all of our divisions - regardless of location - the ability to access, collaborate, and manage documents while demonstrating compliance Foundation-wide.”

“LifeLink selected our policy and procedure management system as an important component of their comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management. An effective GRC program will help protect their brand, reduce risks, improve efficiencies, and enhance global visibility of compliance activities,” said Steve McGraw, President and Chief Executive Officer, Compliance 360, Inc. “We are excited to have LifeLink join our customer community and we look forward to assisting them in achieving their overall strategy and goals.”

“The Compliance 360 solution is seamlessly integrated with our web learning platform, an integral part of LifeLink’s intranet web based Content Management System (CMS) redesign project. Several solutions were evaluated including the internally-developed Microsoft SharePoint and CoraWorks web components, stated John Rhon, Vice president of Information Systems, LifeLink Foundation, Inc. “The Compliance 360 Policy and Procedure solution had more advanced automated workflow functionality, stronger collaboration features and enhanced single sourcing of documentation to manage our web based document and content management cycle.”

About LifeLink

LifeLink Foundation is a not-for-profit community service organization dedicated to the recovery and transplantation of an increasing number of high quality organs and tissues for transplant therapy. The Foundation attempts to work sensitively, diligently, and compassionately with donor families to facilitate the donation of desperately needed organs and tissues for waiting patients. The Foundation is committed to working closely with and in support of, the United Network for Organ Sharing's (UNOS), goals and objectives. The Foundation supports research efforts that will enhance the supply of available organs and tissues for transplant patients and improve the clinical outcome of patients post transplantation. The LifeLink HealthCare Institute implements critical pathways for transplantation care and end-stage disease treatment, allowing for superior patient outcomes while carefully monitoring costs. LifeLink has divisions in Florida, Georgia, and Puerto Rico. To learn more about LifeLink visit www. lifelinkfound. org.

About Compliance 360

Compliance 360 helps companies in regulated industries address the most important facets of a comprehensive governance, risk and compliance management program—reducing risks, reducing costs, improving efficiencies and protecting a company’s brand. The Compliance 360 on-demand software suite includes products that address IT governance, policies and procedures management, incident management, surveys, Sarbanes Oxley compliance and enterprise risk management. Compliance 360 has headquarters in Atlanta, GA and serves over 300 customers in healthcare, financial services, managed care and other highly regulated complex business environments. For more information, visit Compliance 360 at www.


Saturday, October 25, 2003

Preventing Injuries In Firefighters Nationwide is New Research Focus for Top Sports Doc James Andrews, M. D. and Athletes' Performance

Preventing Injuries In Firefighters Nationwide is New Research Focus for Top Sports Doc James Andrews, M. D. and Athletes' Performance

"Occupational Athletes" such as firefighters, policemen and the military have high work related injuries and new research could lead to advances in on-the-job physical training and health care. Reducing injuries could save municipalities, taxpayers and the families of firefighters thousands of dollars in health care related costs.

Gulf Breeze, FL (Vocus) October 3, 2009

Renowned orthopaedic and sports medicine surgeon Dr. James Andrews and performance training company Athletes' Performance are widely known for taking care of elite professional athletes. However, both organizations continually provide care and training for many types of "athletes" and new research is now focused on them. Researchers located at the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Gulf Breeze, Fla., founded by Dr. James Andrews (http://www. theandrewsinstitute. com), have recently finished collecting biomechanical data that may identify the potential for firefighter injury. The collaborative research study has been lead by two Ph. D. students from the University of Waterloo in Canada in conjunction with the Andrews Institute, Athletes' Performance and over 75 members of the Pensacola Fire Department.

Due to the physically demanding and unpredictable nature of their work, "occupational athletes" such as firefighters, soldiers, and police officers are frequently injured in the line of duty. These noble "occupational athletes" are frequently placed in high risk, volatile environments wherein it would be difficult if not impossible to implement ergonomic strategies to reduce the associated risk. Consequently, many public protectors and servants are forced to accept the risk of damaging their body and must selflessly cope with chronic pain and disability. Injured firefighters, soldiers, and police officers are not only a danger to themselves, but the safety of their co-workers and the people they serve can be compromised.

A healthy firefighter is an effective and safe firefighter. If injury prevention is attainable, more lives will be saved. It will also save on the bottom line for many municipalities, not to mention the financial burden an injury could place on the family of a firefighter. Billions of dollars are spent each year on disability payments, medical treatments, duty restrictions, and lost work/training time, not to mention the countless human-related sacrifices being made. While it is unlikely that all firefighter injuries can be eliminated, risk management and training applications might offer ways to reduce present injury levels.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) along with the U. S. Department of Commerce released a report in 2005, "Economic Consequences of Firefighter Injuries and Their Prevention." They found that the estimated cost of addressing firefighter injuries and of efforts to prevent them is $2.8 to $7.8 billion per year. The study was able to obtain workers compensation information that was specific to occupational codes for firefighters, injured and non-injured alike. Estimated health care costs alone accounted for $830 to $980 million of direct and indirect costs.

The research study screened firefighters to determine if specific training can improve their movement patterns during occupational tasks and prevent injury in the field. To accomplish their goal, the research team performed biomechanical analyses of the firefighters while they performed various work-related and non work-related physical duties. The data collected will provide insight into why some firefighters may be susceptible to injury when fulfilling their occupational duties, and provide information that can be used to develop evidence-based physical training programs.

Too often, measures of "fitness", such as strength or muscular endurance are used to identify occupational readiness, with disregard for how the tasks are performed. Interestingly enough, the individuals appearing to be the most physically prepared could in fact move their body's in ways that predispose them to a higher risk of injury. There is some indirect evidence to suggest that firefighters who have trouble controlling their normal body mechanics may be more susceptible to low-back and other musculoskeletal injuries than firefighters who exhibit excellent body control.

"Firefighters and their families already understand the hazards of being on the job, whether it is rushing into a burning building or suffering from physical exhaustion and injury. That is why this research is so important - it could potentially save lives," says Dr. James Andrews. "If we are able to identify injury trends and suggest improvement for training modifications, this could have a profound impact on an international scale...not only in the firefighting community but in other occupations as well."

Additional information including video and photos of the research study can be found at: http://www. theandrewsinstitute. com/ResearchEducation/Firefighters. aspx (http://www. theandrewsinstitute. com/ResearchEducation/Firefighters. aspx)

B-Roll can be directly accessed at:
Http://www. theandrewsinstitute. com/ContentVideos/AI_Firefighters. wmv (http://www. theandrewsinstitute. com/ContentVideos/AI_Firefighters. wmv)]

About the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine:
Located minutes from Pensacola, Florida in Gulf Breeze, the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine provides world-class care and service for the athlete in everyone. The Institute's 40 physicians and medical experts provide top-notch service to every patient and it's the only place in the world to offer surgery, diagnostic imaging, rehab and athletic performance training all on one campus. The one-of-a-kind center focuses on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries while using the expertise of nationally and internationally renowned orthopaedic surgeon James Andrews, M. D. Dr. Andrews is best known as physician to some of sport's greatest professional athletes. http://www. theandrewsinstitute. com (http://www. theandrewsinstitute. com)]

The Andrews Institute is an affiliate of Baptist Health Care (http://www. ebaptisthealthcare. org/). Nationally recognized for performance excellence and quality achievement, Baptist Health Care includes four hospitals, two medical parks, Baptist Manor, Baptist Home Health Care and Durable Medical Equipment, Baptist Leadership Institute, Andrews Institute for Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine and Lakeview Center.

About Athletes' Performance & Core Performance (http://www. coreperformance. com/)
Founded in 1999 by Mark Verstegen, Athletes' Performance (http://www. athletesperformance. com (http://www. athletesperformance. com)]) has set the standard for providing athletes with cutting-edge training based on the latest sports science. Athletes' Performance provides world-class methodology, specialists and facilities seamlessly integrated to efficiently and ethically enhance its athletes' performance.

Athletes' Performance operates elite world-class facilities at its original site in Phoenix, Arizona; the Home Depot National Training Center in Carson, California; and Gulf Breeze, Florida as part of the Andrews Institute.


Friday, October 24, 2003

Foster Care System Survivor, Author, Public Speaker, Activist is Available for Speeches Before your Organization or Company

Foster Care System Survivor, Author, Public Speaker, Activist is Available for Speeches Before your Organization or Company

Lawrence P. Adams, author of Lost Son? A Bastard Child's Journey of Hope, Search, Discovery and Healing: shares an inspiring story in both book and speech needed to be heard by everyone. While it depicts the life of the author, it also addresses the flaws in the foster care system in this country and the consequences that befall the children in our country...those who do not have a voice. It is heart-wrenching, and hard not to be moved when read or heard. You journey through his life story feeling as though you are a part of it...feeling the heartache, the betrayal and the good. He writes of his pain and suffering, turning those into forgiveness, growth and healing offers a lesson in perspective to all of us. Never once does the author portray himself as a victim...but as a survivor who savors life! He will inspire and motivate you to change your life as well as the system in which he was forced to grow up in.

Midland, MI (PRWEB) August 9, 2004

This is the true story of a child born to a nineteen year old unwed mother. Placed lovingly for adoption, he is instead thrust into the quagmire of the Michigan foster care system. "Stability" would be a word found in a dictionary, not in daily life, as he is moved fourteen times in eleven years. He is finally rescued and given a "home" at Boys Town. At eighteen, cast into the world of the unknown, without anyone or anyplace to call home, he goes forth with only hope and determination. Growing into adulthood, he searches for birth parents, an unknown heritage and sexual identity. Discovery of "true self" enables him to confront and overcome brutal and emotionally damaging realities from childhood which can no longer stay buried deep within his memory. This is the story of his difficult life battle, but more importantly, his ultimate victory...healing!


Birth Place: Detroit, MI USA

Resides In: Midland, MI USA

Mr. Adams received his education at Boys Town, Nebraska and Midland Lutheran College. He has had a professional career in government, non profit, academia and private industry.


Recipient of Presidential Volunteer Award from President Reagan in 1982. Recipient of New York's Eleanor Roosevelt Volunteer Award 1983. Recipient of numerous awards for web site presentation 1998-2003. Founder & former Director of Helping Hands; a program providing respite to parents of children with disabilities. Former Director CityMeals-on-Wheels Program; a NYC based foundation providing meals to the elderly on weekends and holidays where federal funds did not provide. Volunteer for a variety of AIDS programs in cities from 1980-1998.

Mr. Adams has written articles on the need of reform to the foster care system for Adoption. Com Weekly E Magazine, Fostering Families, and Today Magazine. He has begun a quarterly column in Spotlight Recovery Magazine, the first column to appear in the summer of 2004. He is also currently working on his second book entitled Reflections of a Foster Child. It includes his poems, short stories and articles about the need to completely revamp the foster care system so "in the best interest of the child" becomes a reality rather than the current myth.

He has also associated, on a volunteer basis, as an advocacy ambassador for IAC (Intercountry Adoption Congress). This non profit group provides a program to streamline the foster care system and adoption programs in the United States as well as foreign countries to make "in the best interest of the child" a reality. He recently did a well received presentation before this group in Atlanta, GA.

He is available for radio, telephone or television interviews with prior arrangements. He is available to speak before organizations or companies for expenses and a negotiable speaker's fee. His speeches are inspirational and motivational for any audience. He can also speak directly about the need for foster care/adoption system reform, the search and reunion process for birth parents and adoptees. Contact the author directly via E mail or telephone for further information.


It is the author's intention that ALL royalties received from his book will go to IAC. (http://www. iacongress. org)It (http://www. iacongress. org)It) is hoped that through the organization he will be able to help other "throw away kids" have one or more of the opportunities in life that he has been blessed with. Therefore, he will receive no financial enrichment from this book. His enrichment will come from knowing, in some small way, the world has become a better place.


"Another traumatic yet inspiring story told on the level of David Pelzer's "A Boy Called It." Mr. Adams and David Pelzer should not only shake hands but join together in their efforts to inspire others that anything can be overcome as well as reform the foster care system. Why do I have this feeling that he will be traveling all over the nation soon? What a noble task to undertake. I admire him. It humbles me to think there are people such as David and he that will tackle such difficult tasks.

"One day he will appear on Oprah's show and the rest will fall into place. His story is incredible and is from the heart. He not only survived, he has accomplished much and have yet more to conquer!

Good luck and God Bless you and your work."

A Fellow PublishAmerica Author

"In Lost Son, Adams takes you on a heart wrenching journey of loss, pain, reunion, and joy. He leaves no stone unturned when he illustrates the horrific inadequacies of the foster care system—which were plentiful. This book should effect a change in the existing foster care system. Touched by foster care or adoption or not, we can all take heed of his advice. Triad members and mental health professionals need to read this book to learn about the issues that are general to adoption but specific to foster care survivors. Lawrence, your message will not soon be forgotten by this reader for sure."

Kasey Hamner, M. S., adoptee in reunion, psychologist, and author of Whose Child? and Adoption Forum

"Lost Son" is a book for everyone. While it depicts the life of Author, Lawrence P. Adams, it also addresses the flaws in the foster care system in this country and the consequences that befall the children in our country...those who do not have a voice. It is heart-wrenching, yet inspiring and motivational story. You journey through his life story feeling as though you are a part of it...feeling the heartache, the betrayal and the good. Never once does the author portray himself as a victim...but as a survivor who savors life!

Lost Son? takes you through more than one-half century in his life. He was put up for adoption at birth, when his unwed mother was unable to care for him.

From there, he basically "fell through the cracks" of the foster care system. He was institutionalized and moved to numerous foster care homes. One family, with whom he spent six and one-half out of his first eleven years attempted to adopt, but were refused. This

Included attempts by both the foster parents, and also their oldest married son and his wife.

The Michigan foster care system finally gave up on him at age eleven, and sent him to Boys Town, Nebraska to let them deal with him. He arrived there a terrified, angry young boy. Fortunately, with the guidance of some concerned teachers and Msgr. Wegner, who was at the time in charge, he was able to turn his life around and look to the future...leaving Boys Town with a full college scholarship.

During his college years, he began to question his sexual identity, fearing he might be gay. He eventually met his life partner, with whom he shared 22 years...ending only when his partner proved to be unfaithful.

In his early 30's, he suffered his first heart attack. He was embarrassed that he was not able to provide family history.

Shortly thereafter, while planning a vacation to Greece, and in need of a passport, he realized he needed a copy of his birth certificate. Boys Town was able to provide this, and for the first time, he saw the name of his mother.

He was determined to find her, at first just to obtain medical information. After much searching, they were reunited during an emotional visit she made to New York City, where he then resided.

He was also eventually reunited with his siblings, but that proved to be fruitless.

He also located his birth father, but again, communication was sparse, and only one strained visit was ever held. Sadly, the rocky relationship with his mother ended 12 years later when she found out he was gay, and wished him dead because of it. All further attempts to contact her were in vain, with phone calls being aborted by hang ups, and letters being returned. She died three years later.

From information gathered from his mother, he was able to find his Polish heritage, and several "leads" that began a journey into his ancestry.

Over the years, he has located and met many extended family members who have welcomed him with open arms and made him feel he is truly a part of their family. Writing the book and publicly speaking out is a part of his healing process. Sharing the book may cause some awareness in those of us who take so much in life for granted.

How he has dealt with his pain and suffering, turning those into forgiveness, growth and healing offers a lesson in perspective to all of us. This is truly a must read and be heard story! It is a story that will touch your heart and soul and will not soon be forgotten!

Carol G.

Editor, Lost Son?

Lawrence P. Adams has penned his autobiography. Some may say "Who is he?"...after reading this amazing book I feel as if I really know who Lawrence P. Adams is and I also know that he now knows who he is, too.

Some might say, "Why is this so important?" To this I say, it is more important than anything else. You see, Lawrence P. has overcome a pitiful past with grace and class and strength. He is to be commended. Living in numerous foster homes, going from place to place with his possessions in a paper bag and ending up at Boys' Town could have left him broken and bitter. But this remarkable individual overcame his less than ideal upbringing to become one of the finest people I have had the pleasure to get to know via email.

I am an adoptive mother and Larry has encouraged me through a rough time of feeling the loss of my daughter after her birth relative reunion. His caring ways and wisdom have given me insight into the mindset of the adopted/foster child. But it was nothing compared to the in depth glimpse I experienced by reading this incredible autobiography.

Two thumbs up for this must read! Now I get it!

Lynn Barry, author of "Puddles"

Lawrence P. Adams gives us a taste of reality so few of us ever experience. Yet, with so little in common with him, his story reached straight in and grabbed a hold of my heart. Eleven foster homes, Boys Town, college and an impressive career path are all, the backdrop to the search for family and love in this a journal of a life. His struggles and personal growth overcoming a society plagued with red tape and trite deserves more than a brief summary. It deserves to be read.

Gaylen M. H. Sharp, Author of "Tipple's Eve"

The casual book shopper may think that anyone who grew up in this country's child welfare system could write a memoir of his or her experiences. It's not that easy. First, you've got to physically survive the system itself. With the all too common excessive numbers of foster home placements and replacements and the inconsistent quality of physical, emotional and medical care in those homes, that's not easy to do. Stability is a word such kids find in a dictionary, not in their daily lives.

Not all the kids who enter such a system do survive. Too many of those who do are so damaged in one way or another that they wind up in prison or mental hospitals. Of those who do survive their passage through the child welfare system and manage to make something of their lives, many may wish to leave those experiences buried 'way back in some distant corner of memory rather than share them with others. How many would want to recall such difficult experiences and share them with those who may find such accounts incredible and unbelievable? How many would even have the strength to try to share such experiences?

That's why Mr. Adams' willingness to share his life as a bastard child, a newborn infant consigned to the not-always-tender-mercies of Michigan's child welfare system, is so amazing.

His journey through the strange and bewildering world he had entered through no fault of his own has enormous emotional impact. The cost of surviving in such a world was high, very high!

This is a story of great pain and suffering. It's also a story of what one can accomplish when someone has great strength and, every once in a while, discovers that someone may actually care about him. Pain can't be erased, but perhaps one can move beyond it. Sometimes that hope may be enough to survive.

Mr. Adams tells his story with grace and warmth. It is highly readable and filled with a humanity which is all the more surprising in coming from one who experienced so little of it.

Roger P., former employee Michigan Department of Child Services

Lost in the foster-care-system, he was NOBODY'S CHILD. Through the turmoil and tears he survived and became strong. Now the one nobody would listen to as a child; found his voice somewhere along his journey in life, and shares his story.

He was no one's son. At birth he became a ward of the state as a foster child. Thus began his eighteen year agonizing journey. It took him to eleven foster homes, three institutions, finally a modern day orphanage...Boys Town, Nebraska.

He got use to the unfamiliar, to switching schools, leaving behind friends and struggling to make new ones. He called foster parents "mom" and "dad", as he felt it was expected of him. Most of them were nice enough. They provided the basics and did the best they could.

Arrival at Boys Town helped him to chart a new path for his young life. By then, he already realized that he had to take care of himself, because nobody else would. He was only eleven years old!

"Instead of becoming jaded and bitter," he hoped to see the world full of opportunities to make a difference. Yet, he would always carry the burden of his past. He shares the years after foster care. His journey goes through his accomplishments, his struggles with himself, the search for his biological family and finally the healing that was necessary for him to be made whole.

"Some wounds of the past will never completely heal," but he shows how they can be overcome. Reading and hearing his story has truly been a journey of hope, search, discovery and healing. It is a story that should be read by all within the foster-care-system and anyone who cares about children.

Mr. Adams has a wonderful way of capturing his audience. I believe part of that charismatic catch comes from his honesty and sincerity. His emotions and feelings ring so real and true. His words have a way of gently tugging at one's heart-strings. When one begins reading this book, you won't be able to put it down.

This story will touch your every human emotion. It's impact will have a real healing effect on many. It could also bring about the beginning of change within the foster-care-system.

I highly recommend it!

Sharon, a 30 year foster parent, Ohio

His life is one of tragedies and triumphs. He never portrays himself as a victim. He feels he is responsible for what becomes him and accepts that responsibility. He shows in the end, no matter what one is faced with, if one has faith, hope and works can overcome anything. He proves it and is an inspiration to anyone who reads his story. He appropriately titled his story a journey of hope, search, discovery and healing.

Mr. Adams has written a spellbinding book. He grabs you from the very beginning and holds his grip on you until the very final word.

Each chapter leaves the reader wanting to know what happens puts one in the position, no matter the hour, to keep reading and reading.

Mr. Adams does not use flowery words to tell his tale. He uses everyday language that anyone can understand. However, in using simplicity of words his sincerity and honesty are made to shine through. You can more than picture yourself traveling his journey with him, feeling his pains and well as his joys.

This book should be required reading for all who play a role within our child welfare system. It will show the potential damage that can be done to a child if their "best interest" are not always kept to the fore front of their work.

Anyone dealing with problems in their lives, children or adults, would also greatly benefit from reading this work or hearing him speak. You will realize you do not have it so bad. More importantly, you will realize, if he can can you!

You will never regret having picked up this book and begin reading it, however, you will not put it down until you are finished.

A long time Foster Parent in Australia

Visit the author's web site at http://www. larrya. us (http://www. larrya. us) or

Http://www. authorsden. com/lawrencepadams (http://www. authorsden. com/lawrencepadams) for more

Information. E mail is: larry@larrya. us

Lost Son? A Bastard Child's Journey of Hope, Search,

Discovery and Healing

By: Lawrence P. Adams

ISBN: 1-4137-1709-8, 166 pages / US $19.95

Publication: June, 2004

Publisher: Publish America

Http://www. publishamerica. com (http://www. publishamerica. com)

The book is available on line at: Publish America,

Amazon, Barnes & Noble

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Enlighten Designs Décoria Online

Enlighten Designs Décoria Online

Agency builds new home décor brand from the carpet up

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) May 21, 2010

Created to deliver the professional design advice and product expertise that's missing from the typical consumer home decorating experience, Décoria has launched as a brand new source for custom window coverings, drapery and carpeting. But before it did, the company turned to Enlighten to help build a brand worthy of the high-end products it offers, and to develop an online presence that, like its consumer-focused approach to in-home product consultation, sets Décoria apart.

To define and design the Décoria brand, Enlighten called on the expertise of its Experience Design group, a team specializing in brand strategy, digital campaign development, and user-centric site development. The group first conducted research into the interior decorating marketplace by way of interviews with Décoria's partner designers. It then built personas of the company's target users and used these to perform branding exercises as well as to identify a core sample of potential customers, who the agency also interviewed.

The results of this primary and secondary research allowed Enlighten to create every aspect of the Décoria brand, from its name to its personality and tone, logo, color palette and font set. The resulting brand and style guides will inform all online marketing efforts and future promotional materials. Finally, Enlighten produced three original videos introducing the Décoria brand, all of which are available to consumers at Decoria. com.

After developing the brand itself Enlighten began the process of building Décoria's online presence, which was of critical importance to the company's sales process. All of the products offered by Décoria are customized for the consumer's home, therefore Décoria offers an in-home shopping experience whereby customers meet with a Décoria designer -- many of whom are certified by the American Society of Interior Designers -- to receive a decorating and product consultation. Because these designers are experienced professionals who will be entering consumers' homes, the site needed to convey not only a sense of expertise but also a sense of warmth, all while focusing on the value of the service that's being provided.

The company's site is the single source for generating these in-home consultations, and the gateway to all of its sales. At Decoria. com, consumers can familiarize themselves with the wide array of premium Hunter Douglas and Shaw products offered by the brand by way of two site channels: Window Coverings and Carpet & Rugs (the latter of which will be expanded over the course of the year). Product galleries highlight the features and benefits of overarching product lines as well as individual offerings, and visitors can view videos of many of the products to learn more about their functionality. In addition the site will feature success stories from Décoria clients who have purchased through a no-pressure in-home consultation, at which they are given a product recommendation based on their unique style and needs.

Users can sign up for an in-home consultation through an online form, which upon submission prompts a follow-up phone call from a Décoria designer. Links to the form appear throughout the site for accessibility and ease of use.

"Decoria. com has some of the properties of a microsite or campaign landing page in that the focus is on conversions, but this is also the company's brand site," says Laura Detwyler, Account Director with Enlighten. The challenge, Detwyler explains, lay in uniting the personality of the brand with the beauty of its products, and presenting both in a way that ushers consumers toward an essential action.

"We want to convey the value of the premium Hunter Douglas and Shaw brands Décoria sells, but ultimately we want the user to understand the critical role that the in-home designer plays in helping her select the right product for her home, her family and lifestyle, and her personal decorating style," Detwyler says. "She needs to feel that she has made the right choice, and that's exactly what the personalized designer experience -- and the Décoria site -- does for her."

About Enlighten
Enlighten (www. enlighten. com) is an award-winning digital marketing, online advertising, web development, data analytics and strategic consulting firm building innovative online experiences for major brands including Hunter Douglas, Richmond American Homes, John Frieda Collection, Jergens, Bioré, illy caffè, Olympic Paint and Stain, Fruit2O, Jimmy John's, HealthMedia, Comerica, Central Bancompany and more. Based in Ann Arbor, the independent digital marketing agency was founded in 1983.


Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Giving the Gift of Good Health

Giving the Gift of Good Health

America is the fattest nation on earth and Fitbug is dedicated to reversing that sad fact. Myfitbug. com, is for people who know they ought to lose weight and get in shape but don't have spare time in their busy schedules. Fitbug tracks activity and even knows how much is aerobic. Online nutrition and fitness gurus offer personalized support and encouragement to reach realistic goals set by the user.

(PRWEB) December 10, 2005

When it comes to choosing holiday presents, it is both the thought and the gift that counts. This year thousands of Americans will get the gift of good health in the form of a nifty little computerized fitness coach called Fitbug™. Fitbug, www. myfitbug. com, accurately tracks every step you take and calculates calories burned, distance covered and even can tell how much of your activity is aerobic. As soon as you clip the little “bug” on your belt or slip it in a pocket, you can see the results adding up. The bug also lets you save the information online to track your progress.

According to the Center for Disease Control, America is the fattest nation on earth and that’s no laughing matter because inactivity and poor eating habits can lead to obesity, diabetes, and lost productivity in the workplace.

The good news is that physicians and nutritionists agree that regular exercise, specifically walking, can help reverse the trend. Simply walking a little more at home, work and leisure directly affects weight loss and improves overall fitness.

Fitbug membership includes personalized online advice and support from trained fitness and nutrition gurus who help you set goals that fit into your busy schedule. Suggestions include target numbers to work towards, menu ideas and relaxation techniques. Users set the pace, and Fitbug helps them get a little bit more fit every step of the way.

One of the motivations to keep moving is an online community feature that lets users join walking leagues. Friends, families or co-workers around the world can see how far other members are walking each week. Instead of competition, it’s a friendly environment that encourages and supports everyone in the league.

For more information, take a free tour at www. MyFitbug. com. For information on setting up a Fitbug walking league.

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Ceridian Partners with ACI to Provide Tax Credit Services

Ceridian Partners with ACI to Provide Tax Credit Services

Ceridian Tax Credit Services can reduce tax liability, improve bottom line financial results

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) April 15, 2009

Ceridian Corporation, a leading provider of managed human resource (http://www. ceridian. com/292pr4a), employee benefits administration (http://www. ceridian. com/292pr4b), tax filing (http://www. ceridian. com/292pr4c) and payroll outsourcing (http://www. ceridian. com/292pr4d) solutions, announced today it has partnered with Associated Consultants, Inc. (ACI) to offer businesses a new tax credit solution. Ceridian Tax Credit Services (Ceridian TCS) helps clients use government tax credit programs to reduce their tax liability and improve their bottom line results.

“Surveys have shown most CFOs do not believe their companies are taking advantage of all the government incentives and tax credits being offered, particularly in today’s new regulatory environment,” says Web Hill, senior vice president of Ceridian Tax Services. “Currently there are thousands of incentive programs in existence, so keeping abreast of the ever-changing legislation and documentation required to use these tax credits can be daunting.”

Historically, Congress has authorized billions in incentives to encourage economic development in cities and rural areas throughout the country. Many government economic development incentives go unclaimed because businesses are simply unaware of them or they do not have the time or the tools to take advantage of the programs.

“In many cases, employers can take tax credits and apply them directly to their corporate tax liability, or in the case of pass through entities such as sub “S”, LLC or Partnerships the tax credits can impact owner or shareholder tax liability” notes Alan Newcomb, chief executive officer of ACI. “Tax credit services like those offered by Ceridian and ACI can work with you and your tax advisor to determine your ability to utilize these credits.”

Ceridian TCS uses a straight forward process to help companies take advantage of government tax incentives. First, Ceridian TCS works with a client to help identify tax credit programs for which the client might be eligible. Then Ceridian TCS determines the client’s ability to utilize tax credits, and analyzes the client’s payroll data to identify tax credits. After the payroll analysis, Ceridian prepares the audit support documentation required to claim the tax credits. And finally, Ceridian TCS keeps the client abreast of tax credit legislation changes.

Ceridian continues to help companies remain compliant and make the best use of today’s challenging new regulatory environment. Ceridian’s proven integrated solutions and valuable expertise can help companies anticipate and plan for the new laws and regulations certain to be enacted through the rest of 2009 and beyond.

About ACI:
ACI is a closely held corporation headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. ACI is a full service administrator of federal and state tax incentive programs and provides its services to a wide variety of industries. ACI specializes in administering geographic and demographic federal and state tax credit programs, new hire, job creation, and – through its alliance network – property tax, sales and use, capital investment and cost segregation services. ACI’s goal is to keep its clients abreast of all relevant programs to maximize tax savings and improve bottom line results. For more information visit www. acitaxbiz. com or call 800-925-0557.

About Ceridian:
Ceridian is a global business services organization that offers a comprehensive range of innovative solutions. From human resources and benefits to accredited employee assistance, work-life and health and productivity services, Ceridian helps organizations maximize their human, financial and technology resources. As a leader in payroll outsourcing, gift cards and controlled spending, Ceridian is also a driving force in payment innovation. Whether partnering to improve employee productivity, save money or minimize financial risks, Ceridian's business is to help organizations stay focused on their business. For more information about Ceridian’s comprehensive array of human resource solutions, visit ceridian. com (http://www. ceridian. com/292pr4e) or call 800-729-7655.

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


Saturday, October 18, 2003

Onlineshoes. com and Dansko Unveil Contest for Hardworking Soles

Onlineshoes. com and Dansko Unveil Contest for Hardworking Soles

Onlineshoes. com and Dansko Unveil Contest for Hardworking Soles Enter to Win A Pair of Free Dansko Professional Clogs or Other Dansko Shoes, Sandals or Boots--Valued up to $250--From December 7 through December 20

Seattle, Wash. (PRWEB) December 7, 2010

Onlineshoes. com and Dansko shoes are well aware of the demands that certain professions place on feet. As the peak of the holiday season draws near, the two companies will be joining forces to bring relief to those who spend much of the workday walking and standing instead of sitting: Nurses, doctors, technicians and other medical professionals; teachers at all levels of instruction; chefs, servers and other restaurant and hospitality industry workers; and more. (Read on to learn more about Dansko's most popular comfort shoes and find out how to enter to win your own pair at the Onlineshoes. com blog between December 7 and December 20.)

Dansko styles from certain collections, chiefly the Dansko Professional Collection--often referred to generally as 'Dansko nursing shoes' or Dansko clogs--are beneficial for common, painful foot ailments including arthritis, diabetes, bunions, over - or under-pronation and plantar fasciitis. Many Dansko clogs and Dansko shoes for women and men carry the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance, a recognition awarded to footwear that promotes good foot health. (Note: Those suffering from minor to severe foot problems are advised to consult a doctor before selecting footwear intended to alleviate specific conditions.)

Women's Dansko shoes, sandals and boots are offered in an increasingly wide range of styles, but a handful stand head and shoulders above the rest in popularity, for the simple reason of comfort. With enhanced shock absorption, energy return and foot-cradling support, Dansko shoes keep feet feeling nearly as good at the end of a long day as they did at the beginning.

The standard-bearer for hours-on-your-feet comfort is the Dansko Professional, from the Dansko Stapled Collection. Dansko may come out with new, wild colors and exotic finishes every year, but this basic slip-on is like a trusted best friend, a go-with-everything classic to complement every woman's work or leisure wardrobe. In fact, the Dansko Professional is the shoe largely responsible for opening up clog-wearing to a wider U. S. male audience and bringing into the mainstream: Men's Dansko shoes include not only closed-back clogs and open-back clogs, but also ankle boots, casual loafers and lace-up oxfords that add high quality and unparalleled comfort to any men's footwear wardrobe.

For occasions when a little bit of dressy flash is called for, the Dansko Sonja in patent leather blends casual comfort with a sophisticated finish. The added bonus is that splashes and spills are easily wiped away from the shiny patent upper, so it always looks as good as new.

The excellent Dansko Ingrid clog combines the best of both worlds, offering the convenience of a slip-on plus the security of a closed-back clog, thanks to a convertible strap: Leave the strap over the padded instep as a decorative detail, or let it out a few notches and flip it back to secure the heel. That degree of versatility makes it one of the most popular styles of Dansko shoes.

From the Sausalito Collection comes a twist on the closed-back Dansko Professional slip-on that boasts a more feminine silhouette, the Dansko Solstice. A strap-and-button accent, notched vamp and an angled topline--not to mention a touch of elastic goring for comfortable flex and easy on/off--make the Solstice a stand-out mix of support and chic style.

"Dansko shoes in general and Dansko Professional Clogs in particular have an outstanding reputation as must-have shoes for professions that require long hours on the feet, but they're also worn every day by people who simply love being comfortable. Not only are they available in a wide range of colors, patterns and finishes, but the basics are also offered in wide and narrow widths, so virtually anyone can find a pair that fits perfectly," says Onlineshoes. com Senior Buyer Michelle Juno.

About the Contest: In honor of hardworking feet everywhere, Onlineshoes. com will be giving away two pairs of women's or men's Dansko shoes. To enter, visit the Onlineshoes. com blog Get in Gear contest and answer the question, "What person in your life--friend, family member or even yourself--most deserves the gift of Dansko comfort, and why?" (200 words max). Entries will be accepted from December 7, 2010 through December 20, 2010; the two winners selected at random will receive a free pair of Dansko Professional clogs, shoes or boots of their choice, with a value of up to $250. See the complete contest rules and regulations for more information.

Be sure to check out the full range of Dansko shoes for men and women at Onlineshoes. com and prepare to be amazed.

About Onlineshoes. com: Established in 1996, Onlineshoes. com is the nation's first online shoe retailer. With a history that began decades ago in a family-owned corner shoe store, the company is committed to delivering exceptional value and service. Onlineshoes. com offers the latest high-quality footwear for men, women and kids with more than 240,000 shoe and clothing choices from more than 250 name brands, as well as a wide selection of bags and accessories. Customers are entitled to a 110-percent price guarantee, a 365-day return policy, and free shipping and exchanges on most orders. For more information, visit http://www. onlineshoes. com.

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Nanobiotix and BiotechCorp Announce Initial Focus of Their Collaboration: P-O-C Diagnostics and Drug Delivery Systems for Tropical Diseases, Such as Malaria

Nanobiotix and BiotechCorp Announce Initial Focus of Their Collaboration: P-O-C Diagnostics and Drug Delivery Systems for Tropical Diseases, Such as Malaria

Nanobiotix, an emerging nanomedicine company focused on cancer therapy, announced today that the Company and its partner, Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd (BiotechCorp), will initially focus their collaboration on developing point-of-care (P-O-C) diagnostics and drug delivery systems for tropical diseases, such as malaria. BiotechCorp has acquired an exclusive, global license to a Nanobiotix nanotechnology platform for non-cancer purposes. As part of the collaboration, three BiotechCorp scientists will take up residence at Nanobiotix for a period of 12 months to undergo the technology transfer training.

PARIS (PRWEB) September 24, 2008

Malaria is a disease that can be transmitted to people of all ages through the bites of infected mosquitoes. Approximately 40% of the world's population is at risk of malaria. Every year, more than 500 million people worldwide become severely ill with malaria. Early diagnosis and effective treatment of malaria disease will shorten its duration and prevent the development of complications and the great majority of deaths from malaria.

"We are proud to be the first partner of Nanobiotix outside of its cancer focus," said BiotechCorp's CEO Datuk Iskandar Mizal Mahmood. "We firmly believe that the opportunity to help save millions of lives is in fact a near-term possibility as a result of this collaboration between BiotechCorp and Nanobiotix. Additionally, this collaboration is a significant testimony to the readiness of the Malaysian biotechnology industry in commercializing science to market, whilst addressing challenges in our part of the world."

"BiotechCorp offers Nanobiotix a direct route through Asia," said Laurent Lévy, Ph. D., President and CEO of Nanobiotix and Co-President of the French Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (FTPN). "Certainly, their strategic location in the heart of Asia, along with Malaysia's pro-business government, political stability, and cost-effective base for doing business are among the many good reasons we have chosen to partner with BiotechCorp."

Dr. Lévy will be a keynote speaker on nanotechnology at "Bio Malaysia 2008"—the Malaysian global biotechnology event that will take place from October 7-9 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For further details about this event, please visit www. biomalaysia. com. my.


BiotechCorp is the lead development agency for the biotech industry in Malaysia and acts as a central contact point providing support, facilitation and advisory services for life sciences companies in Malaysia. Since its establishment in 2005, BiotechCorp has played a key role in building the biotech business in Malaysia. To date, BiotechCorp has facilitated the development of 71 BioNexus-status companies in Malaysia, with total approved investment of US$400 million (RM1.3 billion). BioNexus-status companies are international and Malaysian biotech companies that qualify for fiscal incentives, grants and guarantees administered by BiotechCorp. For further details, please visit www. biotechcorp. com. my.


Nanobiotix is an emerging nanomedicine company combining dramatic advances in nanotechnology and molecular biology to develop nanoXray™— a technology platform that is expected to be turned 'on' and 'off' outside the body to selectively treat a variety of cancers safely and noninvasively. Use of nanoXray is intended to resolve radiation therapy's biggest drawback: destruction of healthy tissue and its subsequent deleterious side effects when a high dose of Xray is necessary. The core of a nanoXray nanoparticle is an inactive and inert substance—not a drug—that can be activated to locally (intratumor) increase the dose of Xray, which is then expected to lead to higher efficiency. After nanoXray nanoparticles accumulate in the target tissues, a standard X-ray is applied that is intended to generate a local therapeutic effect, designed to destroy only the targeted tumor cells. This mechanism suggests total control of the intended therapeutic effect.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Unrequited Love Can Be Dangerous, Especially around Valentine's Day: How to Handle It Properly

Unrequited Love Can Be Dangerous, Especially around Valentine's Day: How to Handle It Properly

Unrequited love can feel like agony and lead to serious feelings of depression and more -- especially around Valentine's Day. Here is what people should do to free themselves from unrequited love and move on from the potentially dangerous heartbreak.

Sedona, AZ (PRWEB) January 29, 2007

While Valentine's Day is a welcome occasion for those in love, it is a particularly tough time for those whose love is unrequited.

Unrequited love -- loving or desiring someone who does not love or desire you in return -- is often the sorrowful subject of fairy tales and romance novels. As virtually everyone knows from first-hand experience at some point in their life, it also exists in real life -- and can sometimes have devastating consequences.

"People can die from a broken heart," says Professor Alex Gardner, a clinical psychologist in Glasgow. "You get into a state of despair and hopelessness."

The condition of "lovesickness," accepted as a natural state of mind for thousands of years before the 18th century, according to Frank Tallis, a clinical psychologist in London, has some experts calling for greater awareness of this real "illness."

In some cases, unrequited love can cause debilitating heartache, extreme fatigue, insomnia and depression. In the most serious cases, health experts say, unrequited love can even drive a person to suicide.

As for solutions, time is the greatest healer when it comes to healing a broken heart; though it may feel like agony at first, the more time that goes by the easier the experience a person will have dealing with unrequited love.

When a person feels ready, it is important to talk to someone (a close friend or family member, a therapist, a spiritual figure, etc.) about how they are feeling. This will help them to remember previous interests, open their mind to meeting someone else, and help get some joy out of life again.

"It is also necessary for people to allow themselves to let go of the negative feelings they have regarding the experience," according to Hale Dwoskin, New York Times bestselling author of The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being and CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates. There are likely a lot of these negative feelings to let go of, from grief and anger to low self-esteem and hopelessness. The Sedona Method is a simple, incredibly effective and widely proven tool -- it has even been scientifically validated by researchers at Harvard Medical School (http://www. sedona. com/html/scientific-evidence. aspx) -- that can help people with this process of letting go.

The Sedona Method consists of a series of questions you ask yourself that lead your awareness to what you are feeling in the moment and gently guide you into the experience of letting go. Hundreds of thousands of people have already used the Method successfully to:

-Experience dramatic shifts in self-esteem and self-confidence

-Enjoy deep feelings of inner peace that bring more joy and happiness to everyday life

-Experience freedom from long-standing emotional challenges (such as those churned up by unrequited love)

-Effortlessly find the courage to take massive action toward being, doing and having the most exciting things life has to offer

Best of all, The Sedona Method is a process people can use anytime, anyplace to improve emotional aspects of life, including moving on from unrequited love.

Right now everyone can get the free Insiders Guide to The Sedona Method email course sampler (http://www. sedona. com/lp-unrequited-love. aspx) by inputting just their name and email in the sidebar on the right at http://www. sedona. com/lp-unrequited-love. aspx (http://www. sedona. com/lp-unrequited-love. aspx).

For more insights on the topic of unrequited love (http://www. sedona. com/lp-unrequited-love. aspx) and related topics, Hale Dwoskin, New York Times Best-Selling author of The Sedona Method, and CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates (http://www. sedona. com/html/about-us-and-sedona-method. aspx), is available for interviews. Sedona Training Associates is an organization that teaches courses based on the emotional releasing techniques originated by Hale Dwoskin's mentor, Lester Levenson. Dwoskin is an international speaker and featured faculty member at Esalen and the Omega Institute. He is also a featured speaker in the made-for-TV movie, "The Secret." For over a quarter century, he has regularly been teaching The Sedona Method techniques to individuals and corporations throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Visit www. sedona. com.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Siemens Medical Solutions Honoured with Two Frost & Sullivan Awards

Siemens Medical Solutions Honoured with Two Frost & Sullivan Awards

For outstanding achievements on both the products as well as the services offerings, Siemens Medical Solutions has been recognised with two Frost & Sullivan Awards for Product Line Strategy Leadership and Service Differentiation Innovation.

(PRWEB) April 7, 2004

For outstanding achievements on both the products as well as the services offerings, Siemens Medical Solutions has been recognised with two Frost & Sullivan Awards for Product Line Strategy Leadership and Service Differentiation Innovation.

The Product Line Strategy Leadership Award was conferred on Siemens for its commitment to address current customer requirements, and the latest strategic re-positioning of its product range to this end.

The Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated the most insight into customer needs and product demands. Siemens Medical Solutions has optimised its product offering by introducing three distinct product lines with various price, performance, and feature points required by the market.

SIENET, The Integrated Radiology Suite, is now available in the three product lines SIENET Sky, SIENET Cosmos, and SIENET Magic. The suite offers highly scalable modules capable of being integrated with both existing as well as future imaging equipment and information systems. This pioneering initiative has allowed Siemens to effectively accommodate all levels of radiology service providers in the market. It has helped Siemens to offer economical solutions tailored to customer demands.

As the first vendor to offer three systems with differing capabilities under discrete brand names, Siemens has proven to be a leader in the PACS industry. Competitors are expected to follow SiemensÂ’ approach and leverage their respective product lines for the benefit of customers. "Frost & Sullivan applauds the efforts made by Siemens Medical Solutions in optimising its product line and enhancing the key features offered in the distinct solutions within the SIENET Radiology Suite and believes that the company will continue to increase its market share and goodwill through such initiatives", comments Frost & Sullivan Analyst Siddharth Saha.

On the service side, Siemens has developed a unique information technology services portfolio to meet rising demand from healthcare providers for information technology systems to rationalise operations, improve clinical outcomes, minimise medical errors and ensure the integrity of patient data.

For its commitment towards building a professional services portfolio with highly innovative customer-focussed elements, Siemens also received the Service Differentiation Innovation Award in the European PACS professional services market.

Siemens' IT services are designed to support the provider institutionsÂ’ business objectives. The service strives to ensure that clientsÂ’ IT management needs such as planning and designing, implementation, systems integration and managed services are taken care of.

“Frost & Sullivan honours the efforts taken by Siemens Medical Solutions to enhance the delivery mechanism for professional services in healthcare information technology. This has resulted in considerable benefits to the end users. Frost & Sullivan believes that Siemens is set to garner a large share of the European professional services market,” concludes Mr. Saha.

About Frost & Sullivan

Founded in 1961, Frost & Sullivan is recognized as a global leader in growth consulting. Frost & Sullivan Awards are presented to companies that demonstrate excellence in their industry, commending the diligence, commitment and innovative business strategies required to advance in the global marketplace. Frost & Sullivan rigorously analyses specific criteria to determine award recipients in a vast variety of market industries and landscapes. For further information, visit www. frost. com.


Katja Feick

Corporate Communications

Frost & Sullivan

Clemensstrasse 9

60487 Frankfurt/Main


Phone: +49-69-77033-12

Katja. feick@frost. com

Http://frost. com (http://frost. com)

About Siemens Medical Solutions

Siemens Medical Solutions is one of the largest suppliers of healthcare equipment in the world. Med is renowned for its innovative products, services and complete solutions, ranging from imaging systems for diagnosis and therapy equipment for treatment, over IT solutions that optimize workflow and increase efficiency in hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices to electromedicine and hearing instruments.


Dr. Ulrich Viethen

Group Vice President

Health Services Soarian Imaging Enterprise

Siemens Medical Solutions

Henkestr. 127

91052 Erlangen


Phone: +49 9131 84 4081

Http://www. siemens. com/sienet (http://www. siemens. com/sienet)

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Alzheimer's, Memory Loss and Beta Amyloid

Alzheimer's, Memory Loss and Beta Amyloid.

Biotrex Memory+ nutriceutical formula may help restore memory.

(PRWEB) January 25, 2003

Biotrex Memory+ Nutriceutical formula may help reverse beta amyloid build up in the brain. Remember more -- NOW!

The effect of the buildup of beta amyloid in the brain, caused by a variation of a gene known as CYP46, is memory loss and dementia better known as Alzheimer's. After autopsy, people who suffered from Alzheimer's more often had high levels of beta amyloid which collect in clumps, called senile plaques in the brain. Most researchers now agree that beta amyloid buildup is most certainly involved in the disruption of thinking. Excessive buildup of beta amyloid is associated with high levels of cholesterol in the brain along with the CYP46 gene variation.

It makes sense then to incorporate good nutrition in your daily life and take supplements that may help reverse memory loss. The makers of Biotrex Memory+ clim that this product contains several key ingredients that are believed to help improve memory. Some of the ingredients may even slow down the build up of beta amyloid.

Biotrex Memory+ contains the following ingredients that have been recognized to help restore cognitive memory.

Phosphatidal Choline Serine stimulates acetylcholine output and the synthesis and release of dopamine. Phosphatidal Choline Serine is also thought to reverse memory decline. Human trials have demonstrated memory improvement, improvements in lucidity, in outlook upon life, and in the general ability to cope with the concerns of the day and to function socially.

Vitamin E is a powerful biological antioxidant. Antioxidants such as vitamin E protect your cells against the effects of free radicals which are potentially damaging byproducts of the body's metabolism. Free radicals can cause cell damage that may contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Coenzyme Q10 helps to prevent neuron damage that leads to Alzheimer's disease. CO Q10 is naturally produced by the body but its level declines with age. Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that also protects the body from free radicals and helps preserve vitamin E, the major antioxidant of cell membranes.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are said to help regulate mental health problems because they enhance the ability of brain-cell receptors to comprehend mood-related signals from other neurons in the brain. In simpler terms, the omega-3s are believed to help keep the brain's entire traffic pattern of thoughts, reactions, and reflexes running smoothly and efficiently.

Acetyl L-Carnitine has been shown to protect brain cells against aging-related degeneration and improve mood, memory and cognition. The most important effect of acetyl-L-carnitine, however, is to maintain the function of the cell's energy powerhouse, the mitochondria.

L-Glutamine contains two ammonia groups, one from its precursor, glutamate, and the other from free ammonia in the bloodstream. One of glutamine's roles is as a 'nitrogen shuttle,' which helps protect the body from high levels of ammonia. Glutamine can act as a buffer, accepting excess ammonia, then releasing it when needed to form other amino acids, amino sugars, nucleotides, and urea. This capacity to accept and donate nitrogen makes glutamine the major vehicle for nitrogen transfer between tissues. In times of metabolic stress, glutamine is released into circulation, where it is transported to the tissue in need.

Gingko Biloba is a powerful antioxidant. Ginkgo biloba, a botanical, has been the focus of recent media reports as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease. Because of its antioxidant properties, scientists at McGill University in Quebec have demonstrated (in tissue culture) that one form of gingko biloba can prevent the oxidative damage by beta amyloid. Scientists examined how taking 120 mg a day of a ginkgo biloba extract affected the rate of cognitive decline in people with mild to moderately severe dementia due to Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia. At the end of the study, they reported a small treatment difference in people given the ginkgo biloba extract.

So watch your diet, and it may make perfect sense to use Biotrex Memory+ as a memory enhancement supplement. Memory+ is only available online at BiotrexVitamins. com

Dynamic Clinical Systems Awarded National Cancer Institute Contract

Dynamic Clinical Systems Awarded National Cancer Institute Contract

$1.2 Million Project to Improve Quality of Life for People Living With Advanced Cancer.

Hanover, NH (PRWEB) September 30, 2010

Dynamic Clinical Systems (http://www. dynamicclinical. com/) has been awarded a $1.2 million National Cancer Institute (NCI) contract to develop a patient-reported surveillance system that improves the care and quality of life for people living with advanced cancer and their caregivers.

The two-year Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract will facilitate the development of an interactive system that actively monitors palliative and hospice care patients' symptoms, care plan adherence and quality of life. Depending on their responses to patient-completed online health questionnaires administered by the system along with clinical entry, patients and their caregivers will receive tailored care plans, condition-specific education and automatic referrals to specialists. The extensive data generated by the system will also be used by palliative and hospice care teams to support clinical decision making.

"Health care providers and researchers will have a much greater understanding of not only a patient's medical condition, but how that condition is affecting her quality of life and what can be done to improve it," said Chris Weiss, president and CEO of Dynamic Clinical Systems. "As a result, patients with advanced stages of cancer will be more comfortable because they will receive the treatment, advice and counseling they need when they need it."

Dynamic Clinical Systems will partner with University of Pennsylvania clinicians and researchers at the Penn Pain Medicine and Rena Rowan Breast centers, as well as care providers at Jefferson Health System's Home Care Network hospice. Health care IT industry leader Ingenix will be also be a contract partner.

The project is the fifth NCI project awarded to the Hanover, N. H.-based Dynamic Clinical Systems since 2005.

"We are very proud of our track record with NCI," said Weiss. "These projects give us opportunities to make an even greater difference in the lives of patients battling a number of conditions, including cancer."

The project will build on a SBIR Phase I contract awarded to Dynamic Clinical Systems in 2008 and the commercial success of its flagship product, Integrated Survey System® (ISS). Currently in operation at a number of the nation's leading academic medical centers, private practices and health agencies across the country, ISS is the most comprehensive and technically advanced patient-reported outcomes platform available today.

Established in 2004 with concepts and technologies originating from Dartmouth Medical School, Dynamic Clinical Systems is an industry leader in providing systems that collect patient-reported history and outcomes to improve patient care and provide data for research. The company's solutions are available in, and integrated across, more than 20 clinical areas.

This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. HHSN261201000086C.


Friday, October 10, 2003

Best University related Genealogy and Family History Internet sites, with examples

Best University related Genealogy and Family History Internet sites, with examples.

Key Worldwide Educational Internet Genealogical Databases and Resources

(PRWEB) November 7, 1999

Genealogy and Family History Internet Web

Directory: Index to over 5,000 quality site

Listings. Professional worldwide genealogy and

Family history homepage, connected to thousands

Of related sub-sets, with billions of primary

Or secondary database records.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/ (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/)

Academic Education and Learning Resources:

Quality education and learning resources for

Teachers, educators, students, parents and

Research specialists.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/academiceducationlearningresources. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/academiceducationlearningresources. htm)

Ancestor Roots Information:

OneSource Genealogy and Family History Searchable

Databases: cemeteries, funeral homes, obituaries,

Census records, searchable databases, immigration

And migration, inheritance and wills, land and

Property records, lookups, social security

Worldwide and vital records.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/ancestorrootsinformationdatabases. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/ancestorrootsinformationdatabases. htm)

Archives and Knowledge Management:

Scholarly Online Resource Evidence and Records

For use by Genealogists and Family Historians:

Worldwide Genealogy and Family History Sources

& References with Topical Indexes to:

(Archive Sources & Library References),

Business, (Community, Maps & Geography),

Government, (Legal & Court), Military,

(Pedigree & Lineage), Personal,

(Religion & Culture), (Research & Learning),

(Surnames & Names), and (Web Pages for

Scholarly Societies).

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/archives. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/archives. htm)

Books - Publications: Genealogical Materials:

Books: Dealers - Publishers – Distributors,

Education Publications, General Publishing

Information, Journals, Magazines, The Marketplace:

Genealogy - Family History, Newspapers, Periodical

& Microform Resources, Publishing & Resource

Tools, and Writing Systems & Manuscripts.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/bookspublicationsgenealogical. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/bookspublicationsgenealogical. htm)

CALIFORNIA State Information: Archives, Education,

Families, Genealogy, Government, History,

Libraries and Tourism.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/californiastateinformation. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/californiastateinformation. htm)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Mormon Family History and Genealogy Search -

LDS Family History Centers and Temples:

Includes information about the Church of

Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and

LDS or Mormon Church History and doctrine.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaintsldsmormon. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaintsldsmormon. htm)

City Of Davis and Yolo County, California:

[Brooks, Capay, Clarksburg, Davis, Dunnigan,

Esparto, Knights Landing, Madison, Rumsey,

West Sacramento, Winters. Woodland, Yolo, Zamora]

Places of interest, general information,

Organization, genealogy and history resources.

DAVIS: Diversity, Agriculture, Vision,

Intelligence and Service.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/cityofdavisyolocountycalifornia. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/cityofdavisyolocountycalifornia. htm)

Computer - Internet - Software Genealogy Programs

Support for Genealogists and Family Historians:

Computer and Internet resources for experienced

Computer users, genealogists, family historians,

Or Newbies just beginning to learn about the


Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/computerinternetsoftware. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/computerinternetsoftware. htm)

Documentation and Publications - Professional Genealogical Sources:

How to document and publish Genealogy and Family

History, with listings of scholarly Internet

Tools, resources and examples.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/documentationpublications. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/documentationpublications. htm)

Family History and Genealogy articles in the

Ensign and New Era, the official publications of

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

(Mormon – LDS.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/ensignfamilyhistorygenealogy. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/ensignfamilyhistorygenealogy. htm)

Foreign Languages - Translations and Translators:

Translators, foreign language tutorials,

And basic to advanced resources for students,

Educators and language specialists.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/foreignlanguagestranslations. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/foreignlanguagestranslations. htm)

Genealogy Webmasters:

The what, how and why of the construction

And maintenance of Internet genealogy web sites.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/genealogywebmasters. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/genealogywebmasters. htm)

History and Social Studies:

History in all its aspects from personal,

Local to regional, national and worldwide

Applications, for educators, students,

Amateur historians and genealogists.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/historysocialstudies. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/historysocialstudies. htm)

How Do I Begin To Document and File

Family History? An Introduction:

How to document and file family history

And genealogy, in preparation for computer

Online Internet publication.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/documentfilefamilyhistory. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/documentfilefamilyhistory. htm)

Libraries and Museums:

Information for the amateur to professional

Researcher, with Library of Congress, Harvard,

Worldwide library links and their Library of

Congress, Dewey decimal, or other library

Classification systems.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/librariesmuseums. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/librariesmuseums. htm)

Living FAMILY and FUN Portal:

Strengthen family ties with fun times,

Shopping, finances, home life, working,

Education, recreation and social interactions.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/livingfamilyfun. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/livingfamilyfun. htm)

Medical and Health -

Genetics, Genealogy and History:

Genetics and genealogy databases, combined

With all essential medical, medicine and health

Care services for families, educators, students

And health care providers.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/medicalhealthgenealogygenetics. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/medicalhealthgenealogygenetics. htm)

Melvyl® System - University of California

Worldwide Genealogy and Family History Research:

Use the UC Melvyl® catalog and system, an index

Of millions of items in various library holdings,

Digital collections and online worldwide

Searchable databases.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/melvyluniversityofcaliforniagenealogyfamilyhistory. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/melvyluniversityofcaliforniagenealogyfamilyhistory. htm)

News, Media and Travel:

Worldwide information for the genealogist,

Family historian or other research specialists

Involved in research, travel and accommodations.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/newsmediatravel. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/newsmediatravel. htm)

Professional Library Sources:

Scholarly information for professional librarians

And reference volunteers assisting genealogists,

Family historians and local research specialists.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/professionallibrarysources. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/professionallibrarysources. htm)

Reference and Homework Help:

Key reference and homework help search

Sites for students, parents, educators

And the general public.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/referencehomeworkhelp. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/referencehomeworkhelp. htm)

Regional Genealogy and Local History Research:

Regional - World Wide, Regional - Continental

Sources, North America, Canada, United States,

Central & South America, Europe,

Middle East-Africa, The Pacific & Asia.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/regionalgenealogy. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/regionalgenealogy. htm)

Schools, Colleges, Universities,

Alumni and Genealogy Education:

Worldwide comprehensive resource

Of educational institutions, past

And present students, alumni,

Associations, faculty, friends

And military personnel.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/schoolscollegesuniversities. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/schoolscollegesuniversities. htm)

Surname Newsgroups - Genealogy Newsletters

And Periodicals:

Core information on how to create, establish,

Manage, publish and communicate through Surname

Newsgroups, One-Name Societies, Genealogy or

Family Organization Newsletters and Periodicals.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/surnamenewsgroupsperiodicals. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/surnamenewsgroupsperiodicals. htm)

Top Search Engines and Directories - Genealogy

And Family History Internet Portals and Browsers:

World Wide Search Engine information and databases

For Webmasters, Research Specialists, Genealogists

And Family Historians.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/topsearchenginesdirectories. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/topsearchenginesdirectories. htm)

University of California at Davis - "Genealog*"

Catalog and Periodicals Database Search -

Using the Melvyl® Legacy System:

General UCD campus departments and library

Information, UCD Shields Library Tour and

Transportation, with additional regional

Genealogical resource depositories near

The UCD Shields main campus library.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/genealogyucd. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/genealogyucd. htm)

Who Can Find People?:

Information and resources for genealogists,

Family historians and Researchers to FIND

People, Places and Things.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/whocanfindpeople. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/whocanfindpeople. htm)

Respectfully yours,

V. Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/tinneygreenebakerquibellfamilyorganization. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/tinneygreenebakerquibellfamilyorganization. htm)
Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/thelordjesuschristjewsjosephgentilesheathenstinneyelijah. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/thelordjesuschristjewsjosephgentilesheathenstinneyelijah. htm)
Who's Who In Genealogy and Heraldry

Who's Who In The West, 1998/1999

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Privatizing Governmental Functions Provides you with a Detailed Discussion and Analysis of the Procurement Process and its Political Setting

Privatizing Governmental Functions Provides you with a Detailed Discussion and Analysis of the Procurement Process and its Political Setting

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Privatizing Governmental Functions to their offering.

Dublin (PRWEB) April 11, 2006

Research and Markets (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c35364 (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c35364)) has announced the addition of Privatizing Governmental Functions to their offering.

You’ll find detailed discussion and analysis of the procurement process and its political setting; strategies for contractors; and financing issues. Individual chapters are devoted to such areas as public housing, correctional facilities, waste disposal, telecommunications, public housing, military support, public land and amenities, healthcare, schools, and surface transportation. Whether you are an attorney, contractor, government official, consultant, or scholar, this unique, comprehensive treatment will help you structure pragmatic solutions for virtually any situation. This book is updated as needed, generally two times each year.

Chapters are as follows:-

Chapter 1.


Patrick M. McGeehan


Chapter 2.

How to Privatize: the Government Perspective

Phil Bomersheim

Chapter 3.

The Contractors Perspective on Privatization

William B. Bierce

Chapter 4.

Privatization: What Works and What Doesnt

James Dobbs

Chapter 5.

Financial Restrictions in Privatization Projects

Mary Gassmann Reichert & Derek Rose

Chapter 6.

Surface Transportation:"Tools" in the Privatization "Tool Box"

The Infrastucture Practice Group Nossaman, Guthner, Knox & Elliott, LLP

Chapter 7.

Water and Waste Water Primerfor Public-Private Partnerships

David M. Lick

Chapter 8.

PrivatiZation of Municipal Solid Waste Management Services

Constance Hornig, Esq.

Chapter 9.

Mixed-Finance Development: Privatizing Public Housing Through Public/Private Development Partnerships

Megan Glasheen & Julie S. McGovern

Chapter 10.

The Privatization of Correctional Facilities

J. Michael Quinlan, Charles W. Thomas & Sherril A. Gautreaux

Chapter 11.

Privatization of Health Care Providers

Anne B. Camper, Robert N. Falk, & James D. Standish

Chapter 12.

Public Land and Amenities

Wayne M. Babovich

Chapter 13.

Privatization of Public Education

Frank J. Fekete

Chapter 14.


John H. Gibbon, Janet Alter & William R. Hanna

Chapter 15.

Privatization of Military Support Services

Richard B. Nettler, Keith R. Styles & G. Brent Conner

Chapter 16.

International Privatizations

Charles Friedlander & Vera Rechsteiner


For more information visit http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c35364 (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c35364)

Laura Wood

Senior Manager

Research and Markets

Press@researchandmarkets. com

Fax: +353 1 4100 980


Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Surgery to Fight Off Obesity-Related Diabetes

Surgery to Fight Off Obesity-Related Diabetes

Researchers have recently identified genetic variants that could determine an individual's predisposition to developing type 2 diabetes. This very serious disease is being seen in higher proportions of the population, most significantly in children.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 27, 2007

Researchers have recently identified genetic variants that could determine an individual's predisposition to developing type 2 diabetes. This very serious disease is being seen in higher proportions of the population, most significantly in children.

Type 2 diabetes - often caused by excess weight and inactivity - is a condition in which insulin is not properly used to convert sugars and starches into energy for the body. According to the American Diabetes Association, an estimated 20 million people in the United States have diabetes, 6.2 million of whom have yet to be diagnosed. Management of type 2 diabetes includes reducing stress, limiting alcohol intake, smoking cessation and weight loss.

"Many of our patients struggle to lose weight for years before coming to us for gastric bypass surgery," said Laurence Tanaka, M. D., F. A.C. S., surgeon at Scripps Mercy Hospital and Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group (http://www. pbsmg. com (http://www. pbsmg. com)). "As a surgeon it's very rewarding to see the difference this procedure can make in the life of an individual."

Weight loss can be more difficult for some than others. For those people who are significantly overweight or obese, gastric bypass surgery may be a good option. This safe, and often permanent, weight loss procedure may set the stage for significant weight loss, but it's important to know that even surgical weight loss requires long-term lifestyle modification.

Surgeons at Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group have performed more than 9,500 procedures on adult and adolescent patients at Scripps Mercy Hospital. Laparoscopic bariatric surgery, one of the surgical options available, offers a shorter recovery time with faster healing, less scarring and less pain. A healthy diet, support groups and a customized exercise plan help lead patients on the path to losing weight and staying healthy for life.

Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group, Inc. and Scripps Mercy Hospital are nationally designated by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery as a Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery. Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group, also known as Hillcrest Surgical Medical Group, Inc., has an 80-year tradition of surgical excellence and leadership in San Diego County. For more information, visit http://www. pbsmg. com (http://www. pbsmg. com).

Established in 1890 by the Sisters of Mercy, Scripps Mercy Hospital serves the San Diego and Chula Vista communities. With 700 licensed beds, more than 3,000 employees and 1,300 physicians, Scripps Mercy Hospital is San Diego's longest established and only Catholic hospital. With two campuses, Scripps Mercy Hospital is the largest hospital in San Diego County and one of the 10 largest in California. For more information, visit www. scripps. org.