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Accelerated Small Business Recovery Plan – 4 Steps For 2010

Accelerated Small Business Recovery Plan – 4 Steps For 2010

Author Ainslie Waldron’s Plan Draws Company Leaders

Portland, OR (Vocus) January 23, 2010

Company leaders are praising the accelerated small business recovery plan recommended by visiting Australian author Ainslie Waldron at packed venues on her West Coast book tour. Her message to business leaders? Create your own profitability turnaround while competitors cling to the status quo.

“Economic recovery will happen one company at a time,” said Waldron, a company turnaround expert and author of the new book The Ultimate Secret for Business (http://www. secretforbusiness. com/). “The 2010 winners aren’t waiting for things to ‘get better’ or for the government to swoop in with a Main Street bailout; that’s not going to happen. The success stories we read about in December are of company owners who did what the competition would not.”

Waldron, sometimes referenced as Australia’s Leading Business Thinker, is known for hands-on turnaround solutions for companies that plateau or hit profitability problems. For businesses looking to leap from the economic doldrums Ainslie Waldron (http://www. ainsliewaldron. com/) is telling California, Oregon, and Washington audiences to start with 4 action steps:

1st – Eliminate your firm’s biggest success-barrier right away. “It’s easy to identify,” counsels Waldron. “What frustrates you when you arrive at the office, infuriates you on the drive home, and wakes you up at night with irritation? That is what’s blocking your success. Do whatever is necessary to eliminate it immediately.”

2nd – Get some additional suppliers. “Most managers are spending their time squeezing every last dime out of their suppliers; that’s unhealthy for everyone. Smart company leaders are expanding their vendor base; bringing in fresh ideas, better cost models, and some surprising opportunities.”

3rd – Test a new market. “In a troubled economy most companies stick too closely to their core business; that’s a sure way to slowly slide out of business. Fortune favors the bold and now is clearly the time to try new markets, products, and ideas where there is no competition because others in your industry are deeply entrenched in ‘Safe Mode’.”

4th – Win some new customers. “Too many companies are reducing customer service and cutting corners on quality as they try to reduce costs. That creates an immense opportunity for smart business leaders to step in and capture the business with quality and great customer service.”

Author Waldron’s The Ultimate Secret for Business offers 10 Keys to Maximum Profits in 6 Months or Less but her in-person message to small business audiences from Los Angeles to Seattle is to immediately implement her 4 step plan to create an Accelerated Business Recovery in 2010.

About Ainslie Waldron mba

Ainslie Waldron heads the Accelerated Business Success (http://www. accelerateyourcompany. com/) consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia with clients across the country, in the United States, and the UK. She is on the board of several companies, heads Australia’s largest Mensa organization, and is a high-level consultant to the United Nations.

For company information: www. accelerateyourcompany. com

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