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Best University related Genealogy and Family History Internet sites, with examples

Best University related Genealogy and Family History Internet sites, with examples.

Key Worldwide Educational Internet Genealogical Databases and Resources

(PRWEB) November 7, 1999

Genealogy and Family History Internet Web

Directory: Index to over 5,000 quality site

Listings. Professional worldwide genealogy and

Family history homepage, connected to thousands

Of related sub-sets, with billions of primary

Or secondary database records.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/ (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/)

Academic Education and Learning Resources:

Quality education and learning resources for

Teachers, educators, students, parents and

Research specialists.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/academiceducationlearningresources. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/academiceducationlearningresources. htm)

Ancestor Roots Information:

OneSource Genealogy and Family History Searchable

Databases: cemeteries, funeral homes, obituaries,

Census records, searchable databases, immigration

And migration, inheritance and wills, land and

Property records, lookups, social security

Worldwide and vital records.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/ancestorrootsinformationdatabases. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/ancestorrootsinformationdatabases. htm)

Archives and Knowledge Management:

Scholarly Online Resource Evidence and Records

For use by Genealogists and Family Historians:

Worldwide Genealogy and Family History Sources

& References with Topical Indexes to:

(Archive Sources & Library References),

Business, (Community, Maps & Geography),

Government, (Legal & Court), Military,

(Pedigree & Lineage), Personal,

(Religion & Culture), (Research & Learning),

(Surnames & Names), and (Web Pages for

Scholarly Societies).

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/archives. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/archives. htm)

Books - Publications: Genealogical Materials:

Books: Dealers - Publishers – Distributors,

Education Publications, General Publishing

Information, Journals, Magazines, The Marketplace:

Genealogy - Family History, Newspapers, Periodical

& Microform Resources, Publishing & Resource

Tools, and Writing Systems & Manuscripts.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/bookspublicationsgenealogical. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/bookspublicationsgenealogical. htm)

CALIFORNIA State Information: Archives, Education,

Families, Genealogy, Government, History,

Libraries and Tourism.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/californiastateinformation. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/californiastateinformation. htm)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Mormon Family History and Genealogy Search -

LDS Family History Centers and Temples:

Includes information about the Church of

Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and

LDS or Mormon Church History and doctrine.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaintsldsmormon. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaintsldsmormon. htm)

City Of Davis and Yolo County, California:

[Brooks, Capay, Clarksburg, Davis, Dunnigan,

Esparto, Knights Landing, Madison, Rumsey,

West Sacramento, Winters. Woodland, Yolo, Zamora]

Places of interest, general information,

Organization, genealogy and history resources.

DAVIS: Diversity, Agriculture, Vision,

Intelligence and Service.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/cityofdavisyolocountycalifornia. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/cityofdavisyolocountycalifornia. htm)

Computer - Internet - Software Genealogy Programs

Support for Genealogists and Family Historians:

Computer and Internet resources for experienced

Computer users, genealogists, family historians,

Or Newbies just beginning to learn about the


Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/computerinternetsoftware. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/computerinternetsoftware. htm)

Documentation and Publications - Professional Genealogical Sources:

How to document and publish Genealogy and Family

History, with listings of scholarly Internet

Tools, resources and examples.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/documentationpublications. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/documentationpublications. htm)

Family History and Genealogy articles in the

Ensign and New Era, the official publications of

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

(Mormon – LDS.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/ensignfamilyhistorygenealogy. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/ensignfamilyhistorygenealogy. htm)

Foreign Languages - Translations and Translators:

Translators, foreign language tutorials,

And basic to advanced resources for students,

Educators and language specialists.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/foreignlanguagestranslations. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/foreignlanguagestranslations. htm)

Genealogy Webmasters:

The what, how and why of the construction

And maintenance of Internet genealogy web sites.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/genealogywebmasters. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/genealogywebmasters. htm)

History and Social Studies:

History in all its aspects from personal,

Local to regional, national and worldwide

Applications, for educators, students,

Amateur historians and genealogists.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/historysocialstudies. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/historysocialstudies. htm)

How Do I Begin To Document and File

Family History? An Introduction:

How to document and file family history

And genealogy, in preparation for computer

Online Internet publication.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/documentfilefamilyhistory. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/documentfilefamilyhistory. htm)

Libraries and Museums:

Information for the amateur to professional

Researcher, with Library of Congress, Harvard,

Worldwide library links and their Library of

Congress, Dewey decimal, or other library

Classification systems.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/librariesmuseums. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/librariesmuseums. htm)

Living FAMILY and FUN Portal:

Strengthen family ties with fun times,

Shopping, finances, home life, working,

Education, recreation and social interactions.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/livingfamilyfun. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/livingfamilyfun. htm)

Medical and Health -

Genetics, Genealogy and History:

Genetics and genealogy databases, combined

With all essential medical, medicine and health

Care services for families, educators, students

And health care providers.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/medicalhealthgenealogygenetics. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/medicalhealthgenealogygenetics. htm)

Melvyl® System - University of California

Worldwide Genealogy and Family History Research:

Use the UC Melvyl® catalog and system, an index

Of millions of items in various library holdings,

Digital collections and online worldwide

Searchable databases.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/melvyluniversityofcaliforniagenealogyfamilyhistory. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/melvyluniversityofcaliforniagenealogyfamilyhistory. htm)

News, Media and Travel:

Worldwide information for the genealogist,

Family historian or other research specialists

Involved in research, travel and accommodations.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/newsmediatravel. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/newsmediatravel. htm)

Professional Library Sources:

Scholarly information for professional librarians

And reference volunteers assisting genealogists,

Family historians and local research specialists.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/professionallibrarysources. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/professionallibrarysources. htm)

Reference and Homework Help:

Key reference and homework help search

Sites for students, parents, educators

And the general public.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/referencehomeworkhelp. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/referencehomeworkhelp. htm)

Regional Genealogy and Local History Research:

Regional - World Wide, Regional - Continental

Sources, North America, Canada, United States,

Central & South America, Europe,

Middle East-Africa, The Pacific & Asia.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/regionalgenealogy. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/regionalgenealogy. htm)

Schools, Colleges, Universities,

Alumni and Genealogy Education:

Worldwide comprehensive resource

Of educational institutions, past

And present students, alumni,

Associations, faculty, friends

And military personnel.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/schoolscollegesuniversities. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/schoolscollegesuniversities. htm)

Surname Newsgroups - Genealogy Newsletters

And Periodicals:

Core information on how to create, establish,

Manage, publish and communicate through Surname

Newsgroups, One-Name Societies, Genealogy or

Family Organization Newsletters and Periodicals.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/surnamenewsgroupsperiodicals. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/surnamenewsgroupsperiodicals. htm)

Top Search Engines and Directories - Genealogy

And Family History Internet Portals and Browsers:

World Wide Search Engine information and databases

For Webmasters, Research Specialists, Genealogists

And Family Historians.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/topsearchenginesdirectories. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/topsearchenginesdirectories. htm)

University of California at Davis - "Genealog*"

Catalog and Periodicals Database Search -

Using the Melvyl® Legacy System:

General UCD campus departments and library

Information, UCD Shields Library Tour and

Transportation, with additional regional

Genealogical resource depositories near

The UCD Shields main campus library.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/genealogyucd. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/genealogyucd. htm)

Who Can Find People?:

Information and resources for genealogists,

Family historians and Researchers to FIND

People, Places and Things.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/whocanfindpeople. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/whocanfindpeople. htm)

Respectfully yours,

V. Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr.

Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/tinneygreenebakerquibellfamilyorganization. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/tinneygreenebakerquibellfamilyorganization. htm)
Http://www. academic-genealogy. com/thelordjesuschristjewsjosephgentilesheathenstinneyelijah. htm (http://www. academic-genealogy. com/thelordjesuschristjewsjosephgentilesheathenstinneyelijah. htm)
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