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Enlighten Designs Décoria Online

Enlighten Designs Décoria Online

Agency builds new home décor brand from the carpet up

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) May 21, 2010

Created to deliver the professional design advice and product expertise that's missing from the typical consumer home decorating experience, Décoria has launched as a brand new source for custom window coverings, drapery and carpeting. But before it did, the company turned to Enlighten to help build a brand worthy of the high-end products it offers, and to develop an online presence that, like its consumer-focused approach to in-home product consultation, sets Décoria apart.

To define and design the Décoria brand, Enlighten called on the expertise of its Experience Design group, a team specializing in brand strategy, digital campaign development, and user-centric site development. The group first conducted research into the interior decorating marketplace by way of interviews with Décoria's partner designers. It then built personas of the company's target users and used these to perform branding exercises as well as to identify a core sample of potential customers, who the agency also interviewed.

The results of this primary and secondary research allowed Enlighten to create every aspect of the Décoria brand, from its name to its personality and tone, logo, color palette and font set. The resulting brand and style guides will inform all online marketing efforts and future promotional materials. Finally, Enlighten produced three original videos introducing the Décoria brand, all of which are available to consumers at Decoria. com.

After developing the brand itself Enlighten began the process of building Décoria's online presence, which was of critical importance to the company's sales process. All of the products offered by Décoria are customized for the consumer's home, therefore Décoria offers an in-home shopping experience whereby customers meet with a Décoria designer -- many of whom are certified by the American Society of Interior Designers -- to receive a decorating and product consultation. Because these designers are experienced professionals who will be entering consumers' homes, the site needed to convey not only a sense of expertise but also a sense of warmth, all while focusing on the value of the service that's being provided.

The company's site is the single source for generating these in-home consultations, and the gateway to all of its sales. At Decoria. com, consumers can familiarize themselves with the wide array of premium Hunter Douglas and Shaw products offered by the brand by way of two site channels: Window Coverings and Carpet & Rugs (the latter of which will be expanded over the course of the year). Product galleries highlight the features and benefits of overarching product lines as well as individual offerings, and visitors can view videos of many of the products to learn more about their functionality. In addition the site will feature success stories from Décoria clients who have purchased through a no-pressure in-home consultation, at which they are given a product recommendation based on their unique style and needs.

Users can sign up for an in-home consultation through an online form, which upon submission prompts a follow-up phone call from a Décoria designer. Links to the form appear throughout the site for accessibility and ease of use.

"Decoria. com has some of the properties of a microsite or campaign landing page in that the focus is on conversions, but this is also the company's brand site," says Laura Detwyler, Account Director with Enlighten. The challenge, Detwyler explains, lay in uniting the personality of the brand with the beauty of its products, and presenting both in a way that ushers consumers toward an essential action.

"We want to convey the value of the premium Hunter Douglas and Shaw brands Décoria sells, but ultimately we want the user to understand the critical role that the in-home designer plays in helping her select the right product for her home, her family and lifestyle, and her personal decorating style," Detwyler says. "She needs to feel that she has made the right choice, and that's exactly what the personalized designer experience -- and the Décoria site -- does for her."

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