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WatchDox Survey of 500 IT Professionals and C-level Executives Highlights Pressing Need for Secure, Electronic Document Exchange Solutions

WatchDox Survey of 500 IT Professionals and C-level Executives Highlights Pressing Need for Secure, Electronic Document Exchange Solutions

As Information Leakage Incidents Grow, Report Shows Security is Top of Mind; But Solutions in Place Leave a Lot to be Desired

Mountain View, Calif. (PRWEB) September 27, 2010

Confidela, the maker of WatchDox (http://www. watchdox. com), a document control, tracking and protection solution, today announced survey results based on responses from more than 500 IT professionals and C-level executives. As the need to share and collaborate increases and serious incidents of data leakage are on the rise, and the research helps professionals understand the limitations of current market solutions and determine a greener, more secure way to share documents.

The WatchDox survey indicates that document security is a top issue of concern for organizations, but the actions they take to protect and share documents are mostly flawed or incomplete.

WatchDox surveyed these C-level executives and IT professionals within enterprise-wide pharmaceutical, insurance, healthcare, semiconductor, software and IT organizations. According to the survey:
 Sixty-five percent share sensitive data; more than 50 percent do so on a regular basis.  Ninety-six percent are concerned or extremely concerned about this data getting into the wrong hands.  One in three admitted to having at least one incident when data had leaked. About one in four does not know of any links, or is unwilling to say.  Eighty-five percent of leaks are not from malicious intent.  Eighty-three percent ranked document and intellectual property security as very important, ahead of anti-virus and network security.  Only 12 percent are using a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) or Digital Rights Management (https://www. watchdox. com/enterprise-digital-rights-management)(DRM) system.

Those surveyed also reported that because their organizations have yet to invest in truly secure, digital document sharing, they are hesitant to embrace otherwise highly valued cost-cutting and green initiatives. Several professionals stated that while online document distribution could easily replace resource-intensive mail shipments, such as faster, greener delivery solutions make it all too easy for document recipients to forward materials to unauthorized parties, print or duplicate them. WatchDox is helping organizations go green while simultaneously plugging security gaps with the most protected document exchange solution, providing a way for professionals to share sensitive material electronically with complete control over who views, shares or prints the documents.

"This research is further confirmation that secure document management (https://www. watchdox. com/secure-document-sharing) and exchange is truly a concern and priority for organizations,” said Moti Rafalin, CEO and founder of Confidela. "Our WatchDox service solves this concern by leveraging the latest technologies, such as cloud computing and SaaS, as well as new authentication techniques, delivering almost seamless protection, control and tracking for documents, wherever they go. By using WatchDox, customers are able to go green, save money and become more efficient, while knowing their documents and intellectual property are safe.”

Additionally, WatchDox has released a calendar summarizing 2010’s top information leakage incidents to date. To view it, please visit www. watchdox. com/m/LeakCalendar2010.pdf (http://www. watchdox. com/m/LeakCalendar2010.pdf).

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About Confidela 
Confidela provides the easiest way to share and collaborate on sensitive documents with customers, partners or suppliers. Confidela’s flagship product, WatchDox®, is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that allows companies to maintain full control and tracking over documents – wherever they go. The company’s WatchDox Virtual Data Room service facilitates mergers and acquisitions (M&A), licensing and other transactions with unprecedented security and ease of use. Privately held, Confidela is venture capital backed by Gemini Israel Funds and Shlomo Kramer (co-founder of Check Point and Imperva). Confidela is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, please visit www. watchdox. com.

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