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Sleep Professionals and Bloggers Asked To Help Consumers 'Tune Out, Turn Off and Drop Off' Naturally With the GLO TO SLEEP Mask

Sleep Professionals and Bloggers Asked To Help Consumers 'Tune Out, Turn Off and Drop Off' Naturally With the GLO TO SLEEP Mask

There is a safe, effective alternative to sleeping pills that sleep professionals and bloggers should know about - and its called the GLO TO SLEEP™ mask. Information can be found at http://www. santacruzholistics. com

Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) April 3, 2008

Today, California wellness products promoter, Santa Cruz Holistics (http://www. santacruzholistics. com) announced that it wants America's health professionals who treat, and bloggers who advise, up to 70 million Americans who spend the night in a restless half-sleep and 'Tune out, Turn off and Drop Off' naturally with the GLO TO SLEEP™ mask because of the side-effects of both over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Santa Cruz Holistics recommends that sleepless Americans switch to the 'GLO TO SLEEP™' mask that naturally changes troubling beta waves to relaxing alpha waves, in preference to the many sleep aids that can be accompanied by bizarre behavioral side effects such as sleep-eating and sleep-driving, in addition to the more common experienced "next day drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, lightheadedness…and difficulty with coordination and memory loss" (a direct quote from the website of the top sleep-aid companies).

Peter Mackeonis, a spokesperson for Santa Cruz Holistics, commented, "We all know that sleep problems have been around since Roman times, but the Romans did not drive on freeways, pilot aircraft, or run nuclear power plants, whereas millions of tired Americans do every day. And, now that sleep issues are widely recognized as causing obesity and diabetes, the drug companies are using massive advertising campaigns to push sleeping pills down the throats of consumers, while soft-peddling the down-side of their products." He continued, "And when you consider the fact that most pills stop working after your body builds up immunity to them, yet are addictive, the consumer is experiencing the worst of all worlds."

Santa Cruz Holistics suggest that whether sleep issues are caused by anxiety, an overactive mind, unusual work schedules or time zone travel, doctors owe it to their patients, and bloggers to their readers, to suggest the drug-free and side-effect free GLO TO SLEEP™ mask, so the sleep-deprived can 'Tune out, Turn off and Drop Off' naturally as the wearer's own body functions transform active beta brain waves into calming alpha waves.

GLO TO SLEEP™ masks:
have no moving parts, wires or batteries are assembled in a medical-grade facility in California - not China are manufactured from lightweight, hypoallergenic (including the adhesive) materials are constructed from completely breathable materials feature a comfortable genuine Velcro strap and not a scratchy imitation retail for $59.95, and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

For more information, retailers and distributors should visit http://www. santacruzholistics. com and consumers should visit http://www. glotosleep. com.

So, 'Tune out, Turn off and Drop Off' naturally with GLOtoSLEEP™