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FitnessMagazine. com Becoming Daily Destination Website with Daily Sweepstakes and Fitness Tips

FitnessMagazine. com Becoming Daily Destination Website with Daily Sweepstakes and Fitness Tips

Fitness Magazine Features Easy Healthy Recipes and Workout Tips at All Levels.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 1, 2009

With daily sweepstakes offering a chance to win fitness gear and content updated daily, FitnessMagazine. com (http://www. fitnessmagazine. com/) is fast becoming a website women visit on a daily basis. It also has loads of healthy recipes, a suggested daily workout routine and fitness tips for women at any level.

"We're really excited and gratified that women are coming to us on a daily basis to become motivated and get suggestions for daily exercise and food," said Stephanie Jones Wagle, Site Director for FitnessMagazine. com. "Our Facebook content is proving especially popular, too, with our community sharing their daily workout routine and daily motivation quotes. And it's a chance for women to let us know what they are looking for so we can provide what best suits their fitness needs."

For the opportunity to win fitness gear in the FitnessMagazine. com sweepstakes, women can go to http://win. FitnessMagazine. com (http://win. FitnessMagazine. com) on a daily basis. Prizes include several different types of shoes, fitness clothing, exercise accessories and more.

Among the site sections that women are visiting on a daily basis on FitnessMagazine. com, the most popular are:

Healthy recipes (http://www. fitnessmagazine. com/recipes/) are where women find ideas for easy, healthy meals that take advantage of food that's in season. There is information about grocery shopping and suggestions for which foods to buy and which ones to stay away from to stay fit and save money, along with a quick and easy guide to the healthiest foods in the grocery store.

Women wanting to follow a daily workout routine (http://www. fitnessmagazine. com/workout/tips/) find exercises for every area of the body, which they can mix and match to create fresh new workouts. There are videos and photos that make putting together a daily routine easy and flexible. Women interested in specific workouts, such as running and yoga, find in-depth training information and routines.

Women are invited to ask questions, swap advice, and share information with members of the Fitness Magazine community on Facebook at: http://www. facebook. com/fitnessmag (http://www. facebook. com/fitnessmag)

Tweeters can get daily meal ideas, exercises, and news from our editors on the go by following Fitness Magazine at: http://twitter. com/fitnessmagazine (http://twitter. com/fitnessmagazine)

FitnessMagazine. com distributes an online daily newsletter with fitness tips and advice. Click here (https://secure. fitnessmagazine. com/common/profile/quicksignup. jsp? regSource=7634) to sign up.

About FitnessMagazine. com:
Developed by the experts at Fitness Magazine (http://www. fitnessmagazine. com/ (http://www. fitnessmagazine. com/)), this is the premiere Web site for exercise, health, and nutrition information. From our Personal Fitness Trainer to our healthy recipes, from video workouts to our free exercise logs, FitnessMagazine. com is the guide you need to help you reach your fitness goals and celebrate your successes.

Like the magazine, FitnessMagazine. com is dedicated to delivering strategies and tools that help women make little changes to achieve big success. With a you-can-do-it attitude, our workouts, health and beauty advice, diet plans and success stories motivate readers to get strong in mind, body and spirit. The magazine empowers women to embrace fitness as a lifestyle -- not an age or dress size -- and to change the conversation from "skinny" to "healthy."