Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Innovative Health and Fitness teams up with professional bodybuilder Jimmy Mentis!

Innovative Health and Fitness teams up with professional bodybuilder Jimmy Mentis!

In 2004 I. H.F will launch it's marketing campaign by releasing a 28 minute infomercial on it's proprietary product... "the THIN PILL!" The host, Jimmy Mentis will introduce products and programs to assist others in weight loss and control.

(PRWEB) January 16, 2004

In an effort to obtain a portion of the now more than 50 BILLION dollar supplement industry, Innovative Health and Fitness is preparing to launch its national marketing campaign in February. Partners William Tornatore 111 and Sean La Gasse' Sr. have teamed up with Jimmy Mentis, (see www. jimmymentis. com) professional bodybuilder and personal educator, to market and distribute its health and diet supplements. The trio has a 55 Million dollar budget that includes mergers and acquisitions; the production of multiple infomercials and a future weekly infomercial show revealing new INNOVATIVE health products and their creators.

The first product to be launched through this national television campaign is the company’s biggest seller the "THIN PILL." (see www. thinpill. com) The EPHEDRA free product has helped thousands lose weight with its jitter free Advanced Lipocatabolic Formula. IHF has teamed up with marketing experts Tri-Com Pictures and Mirage productions in this effort. Tri-Com expects to brand mentis in 2004 to become a household figure for Health and Fitness products. A massive television, magazine, billboard, and even direct mail campaign is set to launch in February. The team’s goal is to reduce the number of obese people in America thru weightloss education. The format of the show will include testimonials from MANY men and women whom have benefited from the Thin Pill along with personal training tips from Mentis, meal programs and exercise techniques. I. H.F plans to co-market its multi-vitamin / multi-mineral product as a continuity product in its first campaign. Mirage was recently featured in an article in the Miami Herald as a leader in the infomercial production industry. Expect to hear a lot from Innovative Health and Fitness and Mirage studios “incredible discoveries” division in 2004!