Friday, December 5, 2003

Quality Questioned over Online Drug Purchase!

Quality Questioned over Online Drug Purchase!

A basic measure of the quality of prescription drugs is lacking when it comes to many generic medications ordered online, a new study says. This raises the specter that other measures may also be substandard, or that some of the drugs may be counterfeit, the authors stated. - By Amanda Gardner - HealthDay Reporter -

(PRWEB) July 25, 2004

Are you on heavy medicines due to any physical ailment? Are you spending a good amount of money for your well being? Chances are that you might be purchasing medicines online. This can be due to your hectic schedule or even money saving process.

Internet is a huge resource to buy medicines at highly discounted prices. But wait a moment. The July 23 issue of SCIENCE states that there are over 1000 Online Pharmacies, which are selling prescription and OTC drugs online! Sometime it may happen that the drugs are counterfeit or their effects are not up to the mark. This generally happens with generic drugs. The Generic drugs are the same as their brand name. Their deliver the same results as their brand-products. But somehow the user has to be cautious. Make sure you purchase drugs from a genuine pharmacy – which have their contact details in clear-cut manner.

Moreover, the cost of medicines in US is very high. This invites illegal supplies of the drugs from other countries. The spurious drug market is mainly due to some other existing market. Subscribing medicines from the neighboring US countries is a cheaper preposition. There were several cases reported lately on the smuggling of numerous prescriptions from nearby countries like Canada and Mexico.

There are over 1000 pharmacies online and it is difficult to judge, which are the genuine ones. Take www. rxmaxpharma. com for instance. The online pharmacy is one of the most seeking resorts for buying medication online.