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PeerConnect, Inc. and Hyperspace Communications Bring 'Trusted Transactions' to the Internet

PeerConnect, Inc. and Hyperspace Communications Bring 'Trusted Transactions' to the Internet

PeerConnect has acquired exclusive rights from Hyperspace Communications to commercialize Trusted Transaction technology into specific markets in North America. These patented technologies enable round-trip authentication of online transactions. By incorporating Electronic Postmarks from the U. S. Postal Service, Trusted Transactions benefit from the protection of postal law.


PeerConnect, Inc. and Hyperspace Communications, Inc. announced today that they will collaborate to bring Hyperspace patented technologies and products to selected commercial markets in North America, focusing on healthcare, education, and financial services. These technologies incorporate an Electronic Postmark from the U. S. Postal Service or other postal authorities into a digital receipt to authenticate any type of electronic transaction, bringing the full protection of postal law to email, peer-to-peer, and Web-based data transfers.

“We’ve worked very hard with our partners to bring the value of the Electronic Postmark to bear on the issue of ‘trust’ on the Internet,” said Jason Curtis, CEO at PeerConnect. “Now we are positioned to capitalize on that investment by protecting electronic transactions from beginning to end.”

Hyperspace Communications CEO Maurice Haff said, "PeerConnect has demonstrated their capabilities to bring our innovations to the market in an effective way, and we believe they can drive the concept of trusted transactions as a standard that everyone will want to use to protect their identity and their sensitive information while conducting business online."

“This collaboration solidifies our ability to develop channels to bring our solutions to targeted industries where it is imperative to prove not only the content of a message, but that it was sent and received without the information being compromised,” said Andy Vaughan, PeerConnect Vice President.

PeerConnect, Inc. offers patented technologies that bring trust to electronic communications and commerce by providing “round-trip” transaction certification. Through channel partners and strategic alliances, PeerConnect is driving global adoption of the Electronic Postmark as a standard for authenticating and protecting all types of digital transactions.

Hyperspace Communications, Inc. develops technology and products focused on trusted information sharing and electronic transaction authentication. Hyperspace has developed and implemented patented technologies that make possible private, secure, and credible exchange of information over both public and private computer networks. Hyperspace technology patents cover a range of functionality in peer-to-peer communication between computers, and third party authentication of data transfers. Data exchange authentication using a digital receipt with an electronic postmark of a postal authority is specifically covered. Hyperspace products are constructed in accordance with software industry best practices and standards. Hyperspace core products have received certification and accreditation by the U. S. Postal Service, as well as approval for use by several Federal agencies, including approval for use for Medicare and Medicaid data exchange applications. Hyperspace products using the EPM make it possible to authenticate electronic transactions at reasonable cost.

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CENTURY 21 Thomas Let's Vacationers Know How To Get The Most From Family Travel In North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

CENTURY 21 Thomas Let's Vacationers Know How To Get The Most From Family Travel In North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Century 21 Thomas, North Myrtle Beach's oldest full service vacation rental and real estate firm is helping vacationers discover why renting a vacation home, condo, or villa is a favorite choice for many instead of a hotel

North Myrtle Beach, SC (PRWEB) February 8, 2010

CENTURY 21 Thomas (http://www. century21thomas. com), North Myrtle Beach’s oldest full service Real Estate (http://www. century21thomas. com/index-sales. htm) and Vacation Rental (http://www. century21thomas. com/index-rentals. htm) Company is pleased to be able to offer vacationers important tips for planning the perfect vacation when renting professionally managed vacation home or condo.

With a TV commercial highlighting vacation rentals aired in Sunday’s big game, football fans and more are discovering why renting a vacation home, condo, or villa is a favorite choice for many instead of a hotel. Beyond the experiences that families and friends build by staying in a home away from home in North Myrtle Beach, there are numerous benefits to choosing vacation rentals – sometimes in ways they’d least expect.

Whether you’re trying a vacation rental for the first time or you’re one of the nearly nine of 10 travelers who plan to rent again*, North Myrtle Beach travel and vacation rental experts at Century 21 Thomas Beach Vacations offer the following planning tips and insights as a post-game update for visiting South Carolina’s Grand Strand.
 Know your destination (http://www. century21thomas. com/about-bch. htm): Whether you are a first-time traveler to the Myrtle Beach area or not, it’s recommended that you become familiar with the special events and festivals our area offers. Here are some activities and coming events that our guests and locals enjoy:

O Exciting Entertainment at the Carolina Opry and Alabama Theatre
O Concerts at the House of Blues and South by Southeast Music Feasts
O BI-LO Myrtle Beach Marathon, February 13th
O SOS Spring Safari Beach Music Festival, April 16th – 25th
O Rivertown Jazz & Arts Festival, May 1st
O 29th Annual Blue Crab Festival, May 15th – 16th
O Myrtle Beach Sun-Fun Festival, June 3rd – 7th
O GOLF. com World Amateur Handicap Championship, Aug 30th – Sept 3rd
 Look for packages (http://www. century21thomas. com/book/golf/index. html): During certain seasons, vacation rental packages can provide even more value, some with up to SIXTEEN bedrooms with all of the typical amenities of a resort and more. Visit www. NMBTrips. com to become familiar with various vacation rental types, reservation rates as well as vacation specials available in North Myrtle Beach, SC.  Avoid airline baggage fees: Most Century 21 Thomas Beach Vacation rentals come equipped with washers and dryers so travelers may choose to use these perks to pack less clothing and toiletries, avoiding commercial airlines’ baggage fees and restrictions.  Use space to your advantage: North Myrtle Beach vacation homes and condos can be from one to eight or more bedrooms, often costing less than a single hotel room by sleeping 30 or more guests versus just a few.  Save on dining out: With full kitchens and, sometimes, outdoor grills, vacation rental travelers can often make meals and keep snacks on hand for less, including football favorites like nachos & dips, hot wings, burgers and more during postseason trips. Use local ingredients and recipes for more memorable mealtimes, like fresh Carolina shrimp and seafood. This also can provide healthy travel options, allowing travelers to tailor their meals to their needs.  Ask about after-hours service: When looking into any vacation rental accommodations, check to see if there is an accessible customer service number for emergency needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and for after-hour requests. Century 21 Thomas Beach Vacations provides service 24/7.  Entertain for free: Most of Century 21 Thomas Beach Vacations’ homes, villas and condos include amenities not found in hotels, some with private swimming pools, whirlpools, game rooms, wide-screen televisions, DVD players, WIFI, game consoles and more. Many are oceanfront or within easy walking distance of the beach.  Ask about our golf packages (http://www. century21thomas. com/book/golf/golfpackages. html): Beyond the ability to live like a local in North Myrtle Beach, you can also take advantage of our in-house golf vacation experts. With nearly 100 championship golf courses available, our seasoned golf directors can arrange your best golf vacation ever – whether for a twosome or a group of twenty or more. Golf groups love our spacious 6 to 8 bedroom homes and villas.  Remember big events: Whether it’s for football championships or national Bowl games, concerts, baseball series, basketball or other events, vacation rentals can save fans from the hassle of finding multiple hotel rooms during big events, and on the cost of multiple reservations.  Transportation: Getting to the Myrtle Beach area is easier than ever with new non-stop jet service from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Grand Rapids and Toronto just added. Major carriers including Delta, USAirways, Continental, United, Spirit and Myrtle Beach Direct connect us with locations across the country.

To learn more about available vacation rental options in North Myrtle Beach, SC visit www. Century21Thomas. com as a comprehensive resource. Also, visit our Beach Fun Forecast & Calendar, which lists more ongoing events in the area.

For general answers to frequently asked questions about vacation rentals or for more information, visit http://www. DiscoverVacationHomes. com (http://www. DiscoverVacationHomes. com) as an official category resource. Also connect with travelers and experts in the Facebook vacation rental community at http://www. facebook. com/DiscoverVacationHomes (http://www. facebook. com/DiscoverVacationHomes), and join the conversation on Twitter @GoVacationHomes.

About CENTURY 21 Thomas Beach Vacations:
CENTURY 21 Thomas, established in 1962, is North Myrtle Beach’s oldest full-service real estate agency and vacation rental management company. CENTURY 21 Thomas lists and handles the sale and purchase of retirement properties, vacation homes and condominiums, investment properties, and primary residences. They also manage a large selection of vacation rental homes and condominiums, with properties located oceanfront, waterfront along the channels of Cherry Grove Inlet, and within easy walking distance of the beach. Their reputation as a real estate leader, knowledge of the area and the exceptional service provided to clients and customers are the keys to their success and longevity.

CENTURY 21 Thomas can be found on the web at www. CENTURY21thomas. com and be reached via phone at 800-249-2100. CENTURY 21 Thomas is proud to a member of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA).

*PhoCusWright’s Vacation Rental Marketplace: Poised for Change


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Feng Shui Stress Busters

Feng Shui Stress Busters

Easy to do modern Feng Shui solutions to quickly reduce stress levels during these high stress times from two of the top experts in the field.

(PRWEB) February 1, 2002

Feng Shui Stress Busters

We love to ask people at our seminars "Does anyone here live a stress-free life?" In seven years, only one person ever raised their hand and they were delusional. If there's any place where traditional Feng Shui techniques fail us, it's in dealing with the new stresses unique to our highly technological societies. Most of these stress-producing culprits didn't exist centuries ago, but there are still Feng Shui solutions.

Chief among these stress creators is the electrical wiring around you. Your body and diet was never designed to deal with so much canned lightning! That's how the body reads the alternating electrical current used in homes, as lightning, because that's the only place it's found in nature. How does it affect you? By making your muscles tighten slightly, but constantly, clamping down on your veins and arteries. If you work on computers and under fluorescent lights, that "AC" current really hammers away at your body.

In response the body relaxes your circulatory system by using the relaxing mineral, magnesium, which it pulls from the muscles and bones. Magnesium's counterpoint is calcium, which makes things tighten. Our diet and taste buds evolved before the creation of these powerful, modern electromagnetic environments, so foods and supplements are much higher in calcium than magnesium. Today, people are going through their magnesium very rapidly.

When you're running low in magnesium, problems like headaches, neck aches, constipation, leg cramps and heart palpitations become part of your daily life. Lots of people think those kinds of challenges are normal. They're not supposed to be! They can all be easily avoided, as long as you simply stop using electricity and never even look at a computer or television again.

Failing that, you can do some things to defend your health against these potent sources of stress. Get extra magnesium in your diet. If you already take a calcium-magnesium supplement, take extra magnesium tablets separately. How much? Until you feel more relaxed and your head and neck aches go away. Usually 700 to 1000 milligrams of extra magnesium is enough. If you take too much, your bowels become loose, at which point just reduce the amount a little, but take it on every day that you're planning on using electricity or having any stress.

Keep electrical devices far away from your very sensitive sleeping body. Throw out your clock radio and replace it with a battery operated travel clock. Even a television or computer on the other side of the wall from a bed or crib can cause a problem. Keep electrical sockets as far from your sleeping head as possible. Don't sit too close to your computer and whenever possible, use a laptop. They create a much smaller electrical field.

Placing plants around electronic devices tends to protect you, although it's difficult for the plants. Rotate your plants often to allow them to discharge. Otherwise your little green friends are going to be totally fried. There are an increasing number of technologies available to neutralize these problematic fields. Place them between you and your gadgets, but remember that distance is your best defense.

Finally, certain herbs help protect the body from radiation: Black Walnut, Astragulus and Kelp are especially helpful as daily supplements. "May you live in interesting times" can be a blessing or a curse, depending upon how well you adapt to change. Electricity is a great helper as long as you adapt well to its demands.

Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis are directors of one of America's largest and most modern professional Feng Shui Schools, based in Philadelphia. Their ground-breaking book, Feng Shui and the Tango, and their articles are available at their website www. FengShuiAmericanStyle. com, and can also be ordered at 888-998-BOOK (2665) ext. 3

© Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis 2002

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JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS’ CEO/President Purchases Firm

JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS’ CEO/President Purchases Firm

JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS (JCP), a specialized management consulting and executive search firm that focuses on the commercial and residential development/construction industry recently announced that its CEO/President Veronica Ramirez purchased the firm.

Houston, TX (Vocus) March 17, 2010

JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS (http://www. josephchris. com) (JCP), a specialized management consulting and executive search firm that focuses on the commercial and residential development/construction industry recently announced that its CEO/President Veronica Ramirez purchased the firm.

Ramirez joined JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS in 1998. She was named CEO/President in March 2008 when Joe Ramirez, founder and Chairman and Victoria Ramirez, CFO, announced their retirement.

Ramirez, originally developed as a producer, has been instrumental in the growth of JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS over the past 12 years having served the firm in various capacities, including executive vice president and president. Her expertise in the industry has established her as one of the most sought after liaisons for building strategic alliances in the consulting field, and her leadership of the company during the market challenges of the past several years has positioned JCP very well for the pending economic recovery.

“I learned so much working side-by-side with my father,” said Ramirez. “His example of excellence helped form my thinking and inspired me to push harder, yet smarter for increasingly lofty goals. As we continue to move forward, I will continue the legacy that JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS has established in the marketplace, and our firm will serve its clients with the same honesty and integrity that has epitomized the company since its founding in 1977.”

Recently, Ramirez has been the leading force in the firm’s foray into better business practices through offering new services and improving its internal integrated database system. The firm also recently launched a social media campaign. In addition to entering the world of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS will launch their new Web site in April and blog in early May.

JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS is the parent company to JCR Executive Search International and Real Estate Grad International. They are a leading executive search firm serving the commercial and residential development and construction, finance, investment, restoration, transit/transportation, civil infrastructure, and medical/healthcare industries both nationally and internationally. Since 1977, JCP has conducted over 5,000 search assignments for clients in over 46 states and in many countries worldwide. In addition, they have developed a comprehensive professional and resource network in every sector of their targeted industries. JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS’ team of tenured professionals works closely with each client to understand their needs and embrace their company culture. This partnership enables JCP to identify and recruit leaders, managers and high achievers that will meet or exceed their clients’ expectations and perform in concert with their client’s vision and long-term business objectives. For more information, visit, www. josephchris. com.


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DiabeticFamilyLife. com Perspective Targets Rise In Primetime Diabetes Advertising

DiabeticFamilyLife. com Perspective Targets Rise In Primetime Diabetes Advertising

Primetime Diabetes: If there is anyone out there that doesn't feel the impact of diabetes on today's family structure, I can't imagine who they might be. Is there anyone that is not related to someone who is diabetic, or is a dear friend of someone who is diabetic, or is diabetic themselves. This may be a dramatic statement - surely not the entire world is tuned into diabetes, right? Not every family is touched by diabetes? Well, if every family is not somehow touched by diabetes, certainly, more and more, their televisions are - and in primetime.

CHERRY HILL, NJ (PRWEB) July 21, 2005

DiabeticFamilyLife. com, a leading, independent online news and information resource for today's diabetic families, recently featured an editorial perspective calling attention to the rise in diabetes-themed advertising hitting the primetime airwaves.

"Whether a shaving cream company advertising its commitment to finding a cure for diabetes, a groundbreaking technology that is built-into select vehicles as the ultimate safety and security mechanism or a variety of multi-million primetime advertisements by major diabetic supply innovators, there is a steady stream of bigtime, primetime television commercials targeting the billions of Americans watching television each and every day," reports Marie Alonso, editor of DiabeticFamilyLife. com.

Alonso states it is no wonder that primetime advertising targeting the rising diabetic community is escalating. Recently, Medtronic reported results of a health economic analysis that predicts the U. S. economy could save up to $72 billion in medical expenses and other costs if Americans with diabetes kept their blood sugar (glucose) levels in line with current treatment guidelines. Data from the Medtronic-supported study were presented at the 65th annual Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association.

The predictive health economic analysis showed that lowering A1C to levels recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE) in Americans with type 1 and type 2 diabetes would save between $35 and $50 billion in direct medical costs, such as hospitalizations, over a 10-year period. When indirect cost savings were included, the total savings would increase to between $50 and $72 billion. Indirect costs of diabetes include lost work time, premature mortality and disability.

And with more than 18 million diabetics in the United States alone, those numbers are even more of a reality jolt - to all families, touched by diabetes or not.

"Next time you watch primetime television, take note of the commercials that are speaking to today's diabetic families," Alonso says. "And, more important, share their messages - with members of your family and friends, diabetic or not. The messages are targeting all of us - the global community - and they are well worth watching.

Marie Alonso is the editor of DiabeticFamilyLife. com. Share your thoughts with her by emailing marie@diabeticfamilylife. com.

About DiabeticFamilyLife. com

Welcome to DiabeticFamilyLife. com - an online news, interview, product and technology reviews and information resources for diabetic families, from diabetic families.

Delivered by a team of caring, experienced and diverse journalists - all touched by diabetes - DiabeticFamilyLife. com is a refreshing online home for recent diabetic headlines, views on life with diabetes, suppliers news and product reviews, fast facts and resources, unique perspectives and diverse family voices. DiabeticFamilyLife. com is here as a new home to share the special concerns, obstacles, accomplishments and triumphs of families living with diabetes.

DiabeticFamilyLife. com is an online information resource for the diabetic family community - from diabetic families. Perspectives, insights, diabetes news, diabetic product profiles and diabetic family life resources are presented for the education of visitors to DiabeticFamilyLife. com. The editorial team at DiabeticFamilyLife. com understands the special demands, challenges and unique accomplishments and character of families touched by diabetes.

The content of DiabeticFamilyLife. com is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your doctor for any questions, issues or concerns you or any family member may have regarding diabetes care and management.


Optical Image Technology, Inc. and SER Solutions, Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance

Optical Image Technology, Inc. and SER Solutions, Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance

Combined Technologies Enable SER and OIT to Deliver Superior Intelligent Data Capture and Document Management Solutions to Market

State College, PA & Dulles, VA (PRWEB) February 26, 2004

SER Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent data capture and document management solutions, today announced a strategic alliance with Optical Image Technology, Inc. (OIT), developer of the award-winning DocFinity® Suite of document and content management software. Under this agreement, SER will integrate DocFinity Workflow into its SERdistiller™ intelligent data capture and SERsynergy™ document management solutions. As part of the agreement, OIT will also integrate, market, and sell SERglobalBrain®, SER’s advanced natural-language search technology and SERdistiller’s intelligent data capture products as part of its DocFinity Suite.

DocFinity Workflow electronically simulates the way organizations currently process their business documents and files. Integrating it into SERdistiller will make it possible to automate exception handling by automatically routing documents flagged for review to the correct person within a multi-company and/or multi-departmental environment. Likewise, by integrating DocFinity Workflow with SERsynergy, users will be able to automatically route scanned documents, COLD-ERM reports, invoices, loan files, benefits statements, and PC files within an organization. Designed to streamline collaboration and accelerate the completion of critical business tasks, DocFinity Workflow eliminates the need to pass documents from desk to desk, making information more manageable, people more productive, and companies more profitable.

“We partnered with OIT because they offer a robust workflow system that can be easily set up and modified by end-users and therefore does not require expensive consulting engagements as an organization’s requirements grow and evolve,” said James Andrews, Chief Operating Officer, SER Solutions, Inc. “Enhancing our solutions with workflow capabilities enables us to offer more comprehensive end-to-end solutions and penetrate new markets including healthcare, insurance, education, manufacturing, and others.”

To further its ability to address the varying needs of its customers, OIT will integrate, market, and sell SERÂ’s intelligent data capture product and advanced natural-language search technology into the DocFinity Suite. Specifically, SERdistiller will enable OIT customers to accelerate the time required to index and archive electronic documents into the DocFinity Imaging archive. SERdistiller delivers a rapid return on investment by virtually eliminating the need for expensive manual sorting of documents and extraction of information required to complete business transactions. SERdistiller will be used to automatically sort electronic documents, including scanned images, and extract individual fields to automate indexing of documents into the DocFinity Imaging solution.

By integrating SERglobalBrainÂ’s advanced natural-language search technology into the DocFinity Suite, users will be able to quickly and easily locate documents without the restrictions of indexes or the use of Boolean operators. This breakthrough functionality also compensates for spelling errors and typos, both in the actual document and in the query text entered by the user. Using SERÂ’s powerful content-based search and retrieval technology, OIT customers will be able to unlock the value stored in their DocFinity Imaging archive.

“In our 18 years of providing organizations with leading-edge document and content management solutions, our focus has always been centered around offering our customers a comprehensive product suite to address every business need. By integrating SERdistiller into the DocFinity Suite to enhance our users’ capability to quickly index documents for storage and retrieval, we are confident in our solution’s ability to address any challenge our customers may encounter,” said Scott M. F. Buchart, President and Chief Executive Officer, Optical Image Technology, Inc. “We’re very excited about the possibilities our partnership with SER brings to the DocFinity Suite. This agreement ensures that both OIT and SER customers will be provided with Best of Breed solutions designed specifically for their unique needs.”

About Optical Image Technology, Inc.

Since 1986, OIT has been developing award-winning integrated document management solutions that include Document Imaging; Enterprise Report Management; Workflow and Process Management; Storage Management; Email, Print and Fax Management, OITÂ’s DocFinity Suite of Document Management Solutions has gained prominent industry recognition by organizations such as AIIM International, Transform Magazine, Doculabs, and Kinetic Information.

OIT serves customers throughout the world and across all major industries, including financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, education, healthcare, government, manufacturing, retail, utilities, and publishing. By dynamically coordinating and managing the transfer of content, and empowering enterprise-wide business processes, OIT enables organizations to realize increased profitability, improved productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit www. docfinity. com.

About SER Solutions Inc.

SER Solutions Inc. provides innovative software solutions to help companies achieve unprecedented efficiencies, maximize workplace productivity and enhance customer service. Over 1,800 financial institutions depend on our integrated document management system for their document imaging, COLD/ERM, and check imaging needs. Leading Global 2000 companies rely on products from SER to streamline their accounts payable processes. Behind SERÂ’s products and services is a team of professionals who are fully committed to delivering quality customer service to 3,000 customers worldwide. SER Solutions Inc. is headquartered in Dulles, Va., with operations in North America and Europe. Additional information on SER Solutions Inc. is available at www. ser. com.


Dallas: A City That Embraces the LGBT Community

Dallas: A City That Embraces the LGBT Community

Dallas gears up for its immensely popular Gay Pride celebration taking place September 18-20, 2009. Members of the LGBT and straight communities alike come together to enjoy the colorful extravaganza, which includes such events as the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade, Gaybingo Dallas, Gay Day at the Six Flags Over Texas theme park and the Pride Festival at Lee Park. Be sure to save the date!

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 20, 2009

Get ready, as Dallas gears up for its immensely popular Gay Pride celebration taking place September 18-20, 2009. Members of the LGBT and straight communities alike come together to enjoy the colorful extravaganza, which includes such events as the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade, Gaybingo Dallas, Gay Day at the Six Flags Over Texas theme park and the Pride Festival at Lee Park. Be sure to save the date!

"Live Large, Think Big" is not only the motto for the city of Dallas, it's also a way of life. Known as a progressive and diverse city with a strong economy, Dallas continues to shatter all stereotypes as its local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community paves the way for stronger relationships across all areas of the city.

"Anyone can say they're LGBT-friendly, but when cities like Dallas actually do what they say, it adds that essential component that shows commitment to diversity," said Phillip Jones, president and CEO of the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau (Dallas CVB). "We're excited that the real power in positioning Dallas as a diverse city comes from our own local LGBT community."

The City of Dallas does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and offers domestic partner benefits to its employees. Dallas' LGBT community is represented, on the city council and among the city's top elected officials, including Dallas County Judge Jim Foster and Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez. Both Foster and Valdez are open about their sexuality and continue to shine as role models for gay men and women alike.

Rich in spirit, many notables call Dallas home. For example, the largest gay and lesbian church in the world, the Cathedral of Hope, is located in Dallas, boasting more than 30,000 members nationally. In addition, the most recorded all-male chorus in the world, the Turtle Creek Chorale, has called Dallas home for 30 years.

LGBT nonprofit organizations thrive in Dallas, as there are numerous groups that offer everything from health and support services, to housing and business development. Many of these organizations can be found centrally located in the Oak Lawn neighborhood, the epicenter of Dallas' LGBT community for more than 26 years.

"The Dallas CVB recognized the strong LGBT community years ago and has since launched a comprehensive initiative to get the word out about all that Dallas has to offer," said Jones. "In addition, Dallas provides a bustling nightlife for the LGBT community with more than 25 gay bars and clubs, the best shopping destinations in the Southwest and the nation's largest urban arts district spanning 19 blocks in downtown."

For more information or to plan a trip to Dallas, please visit http://www. glbtdallas. com (http://www. glbtdallas. com).


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Skincare and Anti-Aging: Best Skin Care Alternatives to Botox

Skincare and Anti-Aging: Best Skin Care Alternatives to Botox

Skincare-News. com delves into the many topical treatments available as an alternative to Botox®, and compares five of the top-selling products.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) September 11, 2008

Botox® is considered a "hot topic" these days. Some people swear by it, while others cite recent safety controversies. Still others might want to avoid needles or a visit to a professional facility. Whatever the reason, Skincare-News. com's latest article, "Best Alternatives to Botox®" compares five topical alternatives to Botox® that are currently on the market.
http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? ArtID=702 (http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? ArtID=702)

There are a myriad of factors responsible for causing lines and wrinkles: facial expressions, environmental damage, UV rays and cigarette smoking. Additionally, skin naturally loses collagen and moisture as we age, making it appear drier and more fragile. Look for some of the following effective ingredients: Alpha hydroxy acids, ceramides, peptides, retinol and antioxidants. Products that contain these ingredients can help to both correct wrinkles and fine lines, as well as prevent future damage from happening.

Skincare-News. com product ratings**

StriVectin SD
Rating: 5
Originally designed as a stretch mark cream, StriVectin SD actually does much more -- in fact, this topical cream is now hailed as a non-invasive alternative to Botox® and other fillers. What's more, StriVectin SD smoothes wrinkles and fine lines that Botox® treatments often leave behind, providing longer-lasting results that continue to improve over time.

Rating: 4
Created by the Cosmedical Aesthetics of Beverly Hills, CosMD-3 works on wrinkles, scars and stretch marks to firm and soften skin. A great choice for delicate skin that's beginning to show signs of aging, this product is especially effective in preventing new wrinkles by reducing musclecontractions -- particularly those around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

Rating: 3
Unlike your everyday moisturizer, Bellaplex restructures the skin and repairs damage in deep tissues, leaving you with a youthful and vibrant complexion. You can also use Bellaplex on just about any place where wrinkles are a concern.

Alterna 7 Minute Lift
Rating: 2
This dermatologist-tested product is natural and hypoallergenic and treats all skin types -- even sensitive skin. It works to smooth frown lines, laugh lines, crow's feet and other signs of aging --without the use of toxins, muscle relaxers or harsh chemicals.

Hydroderm Age-Defying Wrinkle Serum
Rating: 1
This product works on deep wrinkles, helping to refresh and rejuvenate aging skin. Helping to tone the skin and improve texture, Hydroderm Age-Defying Wrinkle Serum is formulated with proteins and peptides that treat wrinkles and fine lines for vibrant looking skin.

Skincare-News. com covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles:

Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? Page=4 (http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? Page=4)
Alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs are natural acids derived from fruit, milk or sugar cane, which dissolve dead skin cells and allow fresh, healthy cells to emerge. With so many kinds of AHAs, including glycolic, lactic, citric, mandelic and malic acids, the degree of exfoliation depends on the particular acid and its pH level. Because of their ability to boost cell regeneration, AHAs are used for everything from fine lines and wrinkles to acne and age spots. Dermatologists and other skin care professionals use higher doses of up to 70 percent for chemical peels.

Amatokin for Anti-Aging
Http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? ArtID=570 (http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? ArtID=570)
One of the goals of stem cell research is to find ways to repair damaged parts of the human body. So naturally, it was only a matter of time before stem cell technology extended to the skincare industry. Launched in the spring of 2007, Amatokin is a revolutionary product that claims to harness the power of epidermal stem cells to generate fresh, brand new skin cells, untouched by age, pollution, sunlight or other environmental stresses.

Idebenol and Idebenone
Http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? ArtID=563 (http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? ArtID=563)
Used to treat Alzheimer's disease, depression and stroke, idebenone only recently entered the skin care market with a big, exciting bang; dermatologists and patients alike anticipated its arrival. Idebenol, a similar ingredient, has also enjoyed surging popularity. And it isn't merely hype: there's research to suggest both idebenone and idebenol are effective anti-aging ingredients. For one, idebenol and idebenone guard skin against free radical damage. It's free radicals, or environmental factors, including chemicals, pollutants and cigarette smoke, that damage skin and cause signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dryness and age spots.

Http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? ArtID=585 (http://www. skincare-news. com/articles. php? ArtID=585)
While grapefruit is typically associated with one's diet, it can also do amazing things for the skin. First documented in 1750 by Reverend Griffith Hughes in a theological discussion on Biblical fruit, grapefruit is considered one of the "Seven Wonders of Barbados" because of its health and skin benefits. Today, skincare companies are taking full advantage of this natural ingredient by including grapefruit in a variety of products.

About SkinCare-News. com -- "Your Source for Intelligent Skin Care"
Skincare-News. com is the online source for consumers seeking intelligent beauty and skin care news, advice, tips and articles. Founded in 2005, SkinCare-News. com features articles, news items and frequently asked questions on skincare and beauty related issues. SkinCare-News. com is located in Sacramento, California, but receives visitors from all around the world. For more information, visit http://www. skincare-news. com (http://www. skincare-news. com).

*Botox® is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.
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Monday, May 24, 2004 Launches New Online Insurance Quotes Web Service to Provide Carriers Comparisons Launches New Online Insurance Quotes Web Service to Provide Carriers Comparisons

Finding the right insurance policy has always been a challenging task. But with http://www. customers can find the right insurance coverage for yourself. Also, this website provides all types of insurances to facilitate your purchase process all the more.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 17, 2010

Insurance is of immense importance and one must not overlook this aspect. These days having auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, homeowner insurance, renter’s insurance, business insurance, condo insurance, annuity, burial insurance, disability insurance, cancer insurance, motorcycle insurance and long term care insurance is no more a luxury. Some of them are compulsions and some are necessities. But to find the needed insurance coverages is a task in itself. But, now with the coming of the http://www. (http://www. finding the right insurance coverage has become much simplified.

At website customers can receive quotes from leading insurance companies to make the comparison process all the more simplified. Their process is quite simplified. A simple form needs to be filled wherein all the necessary details need to be mentioned. Customers are to give personal, financial and social details to make the insurance purchase online. It would not be wrong to say that this website is one stop shop for all insurance needs. is one website where customers can find information on all types of insurance. Also, customers can find tips and tricks to know how to buy the insurance coverages, how to save most of their money and also know about the various types of insurance coverages, their features and advantages. Also, the website explains the needs and importance of having different kinds of insurance covers.

“The aim of the website is to provide a platform to the insurance buyers to compare the insurance quotes obtained from the major insurance companies and the insurance agents. Our research team is very extensive and makes all the possible details needed by the buyer to make the right insurance purchase,” founder of stated.

With everything coming online, buying goods and services have become quite simple. Making the purchases online is gaining popularity as it means economization of time, efforts and money. Buying insurance online saves from the pain of going from one insurance agent to another to collect the insurance quotes. Also, this site will save from botheration of filling in insurance quote forms for various insurance companies. Just fill in the details and the information is sent to the insurance providers. And in a while the quotes are sent to the customer, to make the comparison process easier.

So, if you need insurance coverage but are postponing the decision to avoid running from one insurance agent to another then you must look to www. "Here, you are sure to find the best insurance coverage for yourself at the most economical prices. This website is sure to enhance your insurance buying procedure manifold times as it saves you from lot many," founder of added.

About is an online independent comparison insurance agency that provide free insurance quotes for all types of insurance.

For more information, visit http://www. (http://www.

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No Place Like Home TV Announces New Website

No Place Like Home TV Announces New Website

No Place Like Home TV is please to announce the launching of their new program website.

(PRWEB) February 9, 2005

This new state-of-the-art website now offers viewers a complete programming guide, as well as video previews of upcoming shows.

No Place Like Home is a half-hour, newsmagazine format television series, focusing on the most common and important topics facing families today. This program offers ideas and solutions for today’s unique and diverse families, working their way through some of the happiest, most exciting and challenging times of life. No Place Like Home is an eclectic, fast-paced, television journal, which covers the spectrum of issues families face, and offers options and alternatives. Whether our viewer is an individual or a diverse family consisting of “all ages and sizes”, our objective is to showcase practical suggestions on how life may be lived more creatively and inclusively, regardless of age, health, or family budget.

There are thousands of interesting stories in the midst of American families and homes. No Place Like Home has committed its television resources to bring the best of these stories to the American public. To learn more about No Place Like Home prior to airing, visit Tricom Pictures on the web at www. NoPlaceLikeHomeTV. com.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Anxiety, Depression and Brain "Hits" Test Now Available Online

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Anxiety, Depression and Brain "Hits" Test Now Available Online

An assessment designed by Dr. Neil Nedley, M. D., to measure level of depression, anxiety, emotional intelligence (EQ) and brain "hits" (factors which may lead to depression or anxiety) has just been made available to be taken online.

Ardmore, Oklahoma (PRWEB) January 22, 2008

An assessment designed by Dr. Neil Nedley, M. D., to measure level of depression, anxiety, emotional intelligence (EQ) and brain "hits" (factors which may lead to depression or anxiety) has just been made available to be taken online.

"Previously we had to have the tests sent here, grade them, and return the results," says Dr. Nedley. "This process was quite time-consuming, with the many factors and complicated scoring involved."

During the past few months, the Nedley Health Solutions team has worked with computer programmers to develop a solution capable of scoring the test.

"With the custom website software we recently developed, people can now take the test anonymously and see the results immediately online," says Dr. Nedley.

Dr. Nedley, an internal medicine physician, became interested in treating depression when he realized that 25% of patients who came to see him were depressed, and that depression was linked to many of their physical ailments. Combining his medical knowledge with proven natural remedies and a practical approach, Dr. Nedley developed a "20-week turnaround". He authored the best-selling book, Depression: The Way Out (http://drnedley. com/pc/BK-DWO/BOOKS/Depression+The+Way+Out. html), and lectures extensively on the topic.

Results of this well-rounded program have been extremely promising. Since 2004, 97% of attendees at Dr. Nedley's 10-day Residential Depression Recovery Program who came with major depression had a significant improvement by the end of the session. Almost one-half of depressed participants no longer qualified as having any depression at the end of the 10-day program. Seminars utilizing Dr. Nedley's materials have been presented around the world, in addition to a home study DVD course (http://drnedley. com/pc/DVD-DRP-WB/DVDCD/Nedley+Depression+Recovery+Program+DVD+and+Workbook+Series. html) available online.

One of the tools in Dr. Nedley's depression-fighting arsenal is a 75-question assessment, which, in addition to measuring the level of depression, also identifies brain "hit" areas which are likely contributing to the condition.

"When an individual has four or more of these ten hit areas," Dr. Nedley explains, "they are likely to be depressed." Understanding the underlying factors causing depression is the first step towards combating the disease."

The test also measures anxiety level, which is closely related to depression, and emotional intelligence (EQ). Raising EQ can help prevent or even treat depression.

"Studies have shown that emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important to a person's success than IQ," says Dr. Nedley. "The good news is that while IQ doesn't generally change once a person reaches adulthood, EQ can be raised."

Resources developed by Dr. Nedley have been helpful to many in improving overall health, overcoming depression and bettering mental performance. Dr. Nedley also authored the book Proof Positive (http://drnedley. com/pc/BK-PP/BOOKS/Proof+Positive. html), and a new book is set for release this year, "The Lost Art of Thinking: 30 Strategies to Achieve Peak Mental Performance".

Dr. Nedley recommends that individuals take the EQ-Depression-Anxiety test, which is available under the Depression self-test (http://drnedley. com/c/ASSESS/Depression+Self-test. html) section at drnedley. com, as a tool to measure progress in working to raise EQ, reduce anxiety levels or depression.


Friday, May 21, 2004

Open Space Pays -- LI Open Space and Parks Provide Twice the Payback in Economic Benefits

Open Space Pays -- LI Open Space and Parks Provide Twice the Payback in Economic Benefits

Long Island Gets $2.74 Billion Annually and Saves More on Government Costs

Patchogue, NY (PRWEB) October 1, 2010

Today the Trust for Public Land (TPL) released their report, "The Economic Benefits and Fiscal Impacts of Parks and Open Space in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York. TPL, a national conservation organization found that parks and open space provide a $2.74 billion annual economic boon to local governments and taxpayers on Long Island. The report details how conservation of parks and open space generates income and increases property values, even as it reduces the costs associated with new government services, if the land were developed.

"Long Islanders have always appreciated their parks and preserves for their aesthetic, recreational and health benefits," said John McNally, Rauch Foundation. "Now, they can appreciate the economic benefits and cost savings represented by the land they love," he added.

The report says Long Islanders are willing to pay $1.48 billion annually to recreate in public parks, with non-residents spending $615 million in the local economy, producing $27.3 million in sales tax. 611,000 Long Islanders engage in physical activities in parks that generate measurable health benefits of $164 million a year. Proximity to parks and open space increases the value of residential properties (an aggregate one time increase of $5.8 billion). Increased tax revenues generate $58.2 million annually.

"There's an ancillary benefit to the conservation of open space and parks," said Jessica Sargeant of TPL. "The annual cost of new residential development in Nassau and Suffolk is $33,000 per acre, while the cost of open space and parks in the two counties is just $3,750 per acre, more than eight times less costly than development. So, Long Islanders get 'twice the economic benefit' from open space and parks, relative to more residential development."

The report was commissioned by the Long Island Community Foundation and the Rauch Foundation and was released at a 12:30 p. m. news conference, held at the Fire Island Visitors Center and Watch Hill Terminal in Patchogue. The Keynote Speaker was New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and dozens of Long Island leaders were on hand to await the findings.

"The report highlights the broad base of support for open space conservation and the many benefits that open space provides. An earlier study by my office made similar findings. The Long Island Pine Barrens Protection Act is clear evidence that with sound planning, we do not have to choose between economic growth and protection of natural areas. In order to preserve our communities, we all must continue to foster smart growth and the conservation of open space," said Comptroller DiNapoli.

The report called attention to the thriving agriculture industry on Long Island, worth $288 million annually. This includes visits to wineries and to pick strawberries in the spring, pumpkins in the fall and shop for Christmas trees in the winter.

In addition, protecting the source of underground drinking water reduces the cost of water up to ten-fold and parks and open spaces capture precipitation or slow its run-off, reducing storm water management costs by $23.9 million annually. Trees and shrubs also remove air pollutants, reducing pollution control costs by $18.9 million a year.

Copies of the report can be downloaded at http://www. tpl. org/longislandanalysis

About Trust for Public Land:
The Trust for Public Land is a national nonprofit land conservation organization dedicated to preserving land for people to enjoy as parks, open spaces and gardens. TPL was founded in 1972 and relies upon the support of individuals, foundations and corporations. Visit TPL at http://www. tpl. org.

About Long Island Community Foundation:
The Long Island Community Foundation (LICF) is a 31-year-old operating division of the New York Community Trust. The mission of the Long Island Community Foundation is to enhance the well being of the people and communities of Long Island. The Foundation does this by identifying current and future community needs, strengthening the capacity of the Island's not-for-profit sector to respond to community needs, and encouraging philanthropy and building a permanent endowment to address these needs. Visit LICF at http://licf. org/

About the Rauch Foundation:
The Rauch Foundation is a Long Island-based family foundation that supports innovative and effective programs designed to: Give disadvantaged children a better start in life; Improve the natural environment in Long Island and Maryland; and Build management skills and develop leadership in the nonprofit sector. The Foundation is also the convener and publisher of the Long Island Index. The Index provides data about the Long Island region in order to promote informed public debate and sound policy making. For more information, visit http://www. rauchfoundation. org or http://www. longislandindex. org.


Thursday, May 20, 2004

New Sinus Buster Bottle Hits Big With Physicians and Consumers

New Sinus Buster Bottle Hits Big With Physicians and Consumers

Last Friday, SiCap Industries, makers of “Sinus Buster” the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray, launched their long awaited metered dose bottle. Within the first week, SiCap’s new bottle has boosted Sinus Buster sales by more than 40%. The new metered dose applicator is a big hit with consumers and physicians alike.

(PRWEB) September 13, 2004

Last Friday, SiCap Industries, makers of “Sinus Buster” the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray, launched their long awaited new metered dose bottle. Within the first week, SiCap’s new bottle has boosted Sinus Buster sales by more than 40%, but SiCap officials say the new bottle has had little impact on sales of the original stream spray bottle which continues to be a hot seller.

“It’s seems like many of our wholesale accounts – especially doctors and health food shops are ordering both bottles now. For instance, many of our existing accounts who regularly buy sinus buster in bulk quantities are now buying double their regular orders instead of ordering less of the original bottle to make up the difference. That’s a very exciting start with the new bottle, and best of all people are getting the concept right away. They realize that the new metered dose bottle and the original spray bottle both work together for many people depending on the symptoms they’re experiencing,” says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries.

Perry says the new bottle has many advantages over the original bottle, but the original bottle also has itsÂ’ own advantages over the new one. For people with chronic allergies and sick sinus symptoms, the metered dose bottle is more effective as a daily preventative tool that can alleviate chronic sinus and allergy symptoms within a couple weeks of regular daily usage.

“The new metered bottle delivers a regulated dosage in a super fine mist pattern that really lessens the bite of the pepper without decreasing the effectiveness of the product. This metered bottle works best for daily preventative use because the dosage is strictly regulated so it cannot be over used due to variable doses. The metered bottle will still stop a headache better than anything else out there, but when it comes to a full fledged cluster or migraine attack, many people find the original stream sprayer bottle is more effective. So just like I do, many people are now using the metered bottle as their daily regimen, but they keep the original bottle around for headache emergencies and severe bouts with sinus infections,” Perry adds.

SiCap’s new Sinus Buster bottle also increases the shelf life of their “all natural” pepper formula since less outside air is introduced into the bottle during each use. Furthermore, the new bottle is easier to use than the original for most people since it spreads the formula out, thus lessening the length and degree of that infamous Sinus Buster bite.

"The new bottle is great with your morning cup of coffee too because it really wakes you up with little pump, and it doesn’t run down the back of your throat the way the original bottle can when it’s squeezed too hard. It’s the first thing I do every morning – a couple shots of buster and a big mug of coffee. A lot of our customers don’t even have sinus or headache problems, they just use sinus buster for the burst of endorphins it gives you when take a squirt. Who knows, it’s probably a safer way to wake up in the morning than a cup of coffee. It definitely works for people whether you have sinus and headache problems, or you just want to get some quick wake up power,” says Bob Haines, VP of Manufacturing for SiCap Industries.

Another fan of the new Sinus Buster bottle is Steve Fellows, webmaster of the popular pepper website, (pepperhealth. com ). Fellows says heÂ’s very impressed with the metered bottle, but the original bottle is still his favorite.

“I got a chance to try the new bottle before sicap started marketing it since they do sponsor parts of our site. They wanted my honest opinion of the new bottle, and I told them it’s definitely a winner, but pepperheads like myself gotta have the original bottle for that big blast of pepper. It’s only been a week since they quoted me in a press release for the new bottle, and I’ve already heard from dozens of visitors to our site who got their first metered bottle and loved it. The thing people seem to like the best about the new bottle is that it doesn’t allow the formula to go down the back of your throat, and it lets squeamish people get an adequate dose of pepper without squeezing out too much formula at one time. I’d say the new bottle will be their best seller ever, but hopefully SiCap will keep selling the original bottle also,” says Fellows.

Fellows and other “pepper heads” like him will be happy to know SiCap officials say they will continue to sell the original Sinus Buster bottle along with the new one. The management team at SiCap recognizes many chronic headache sufferers need that powerful soaking stream spray during certain major headache emergencies, and they believe both bottles will fill their own niche in the multi-billion dollar sinus, allergy, and headache market.

“We also know the metered bottle levels the playing field for us when it comes to competing with the big boys in the retail chain stores. We’ve had so many people begging us to get into to chain stores so they can get sinus buster whenever they need it, but we’ve been hesitant to pursue that since many of our competitors already offer a metered dose bottle on chain store shelves. Even though the original bottle will continue to be a big seller, it’s just not as well suited to the big chain stores as the metered dose version. We have lots of small health food shops and health practitioners carrying sinus buster in the original bottle with great success, and now they’re starting carry both versions. But these small shops move smaller more controllable quantities of product than the big chain stores, and they don’t have the same issues to face as the big stores do when it comes to the overall presentation of the bottle on store shelves. In the chain stores, especially pharmacies, any of our big competitors tend to promote a metered dose bottle of their own. So in order to compete on that level, we need to promote a metered bottle over the original stream sprayer so that we can out perform the competition on the chain store level,” adds Perry.

So with their new metered dose bottle, Sinus Buster nasal spray offers something for everyone at a far more reasonable price than their competitors. Of course Wayne Perry is quick to remind us that Sinus Buster has no “real” competitors because it’s the world’s first and only nasal spray made with “Capsaicin”, the natural chemical that puts the “Hot” in hot peppers. “Our sinus buster is the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray so there is no real competition for us. And best of all it works circles around anything else out there claiming to spell relief for chronic sinus, headache, and allergy symptoms. We get thousands of letters and calls from people who say this product has changed their lives when nothing else ever could – including prescription drugs. And just think this is a completely all natural dietary supplement,” says Perry.

Indeed the strength of Sinus Buster sales is completely attributable to the incredible reputation this innovative product has built through a constant stream of media exposure. Early on, this product was considered to be some sort of gimmick, or even “snake oil”, but now the Sinus Buster formula is being touted by dozens of physicians and thousands of users as a true breakthrough for relieving a multitude of chronic sinus, headache, and allergy symptoms.

In truth, the medicinal power of hot peppers has been shown in many well regarded studies as having the potential to relieve various symptoms of pain and swelling – from sinus and headaches to arthritis, but the Sinus Buster formula has taken it one step further showing that natural pepper extract is a real cure for thousands of people who suffer from chronic headaches including migraines, clusters, sinus, hangovers, and menstrual headaches. Furthermore, the Sinus Buster formula has proven to be a champ when it comes to relieving chronic sinus congestion and Sinusitis, and even Rhinitis and other related infections.

The anecdotal evidence generated by the long list of Sinus Buster users is perhaps the most important and broad reaching study ever conducted concerning Capsaicin because although itÂ’s not a controlled clinical trial, it is based on the records of real world sinus and headache sufferers. The thousands of testimonials from satisfied Sinus Buster customers are undeniable, and the increased acceptance of this innovative product within the medical industry is further proof that hot peppers may soon be considered the cure for what ails the more than one billion chronic sinus and headache sufferers throughout the world.

To learn more about Sinus Buster hot pepper (Capsaicin) nasal spray, visit the company website at (www. sinusbuster. com ).

You can also find lots of great pepper info at (www. pepperhealth. com )

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

New, CLinically Proven Medicated Discs Heal Canker Sores Quickley Cankermelts„¥-GX Now Sold at Drug Fair and Cost Cutters

New, CLinically Proven Medicated Discs Heal Canker Sores Quickley Cankermelts„¥-GX Now Sold at Drug Fair and Cost Cutters

50 million Americans are plagued by canker sores recurrently. Researchers at the University of Washington School of Dentistry say Cankermelts-GX medicated discs with glycyrrhiza herbal extract (GX) have been shown to shorten the duration of new sores and heal them in one to four days. Cankermelts-GX is now available at Drug Fair and Cost Cutters.

Somerset, NJ (PRWEB) February 12, 2005

Orahealth USA, Inc. today announced that Cankermelts„¥-GX, the first clinically proven over-the-counter medication to speed the healing process and relieve the pain of canker sores, is now available at Drug Fair and Cost Cutters.

Canker sores afflict 50 million Americans (20 percent of the population) numerous times each year. Researchers at the University of Washington School of Dentistry say Cankermelts - GX medicated discs with glycyrrhiza herbal extract (GX) have been shown to shorten the duration of new sores and heal them within one to four days.

¡§Preliminary trials tested glycyrrhiza extract delivered as an oral topical, timed-release patch on subjects with newly developed canker sores,¡¨ said Michael Martin, DMD, Ph. D., associate professor, Department of Oral Medicine, University of Washington. ¡§Patients using the GX patch on a sore up to 16 hours per day reported healing times between one and three days for 98% of the ulcers treated. These results are remarkable considering that the typical healing time is seven to 14 days. Patients also reported that the discs relieved pain while they were in place.¡¨

The oral patch is a unique delivery system that adheres (within one to two minutes) to the inside of the mouth on or near the sore. As the medicine is delivered, the disc naturally dissolves over two to six hours. Cankermelts-GX can be used comfortably during any normal activity, including sleeping and exercising, and do not interfere with normal functions such as swallowing or talking.

Introduced in retail stores last September, Cankermelts-GX has quickly become the best selling remedy for canker sores wherever it is sold.

¡§As a lifelong canker sore sufferer, I tested more than 250 different ingredients before discovering the medicine in Cankermelts-GX,¡¨ says Jeff Haley, founder and chief scientist, Orahealth USA Inc. ¡§We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Drug Fair and Cost Cutters and are happy to provide its customers with the best canker sore treatment available.¡¨

About Orahealth USA, Inc.

Formed in 2002, Orahealth USA, Inc. is committed to providing the most effective medical treatments for healing and preventing canker sores and other ordinary mouth ulcers. The privately owned company is based in Bellevue, Washington.

About Drug Fair and Cost Cutters

Community Distributors, Inc. owns and operates 42 Drug Fair stores and 14 Cost Cutters throughout New Jersey.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

14 Human Clinical Studies Prove the Efficacy of Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverages

14 Human Clinical Studies Prove the Efficacy of Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverages

No Network Marketing Superfruit Company Has More Research Behind Their Products

Provo, UT (Vocus) April 9, 2010

Tahitian Noni International (http://www. tni. com/united_states/english/tahitiannoni/index. html? np=1) (TNI) now has 14 human clinical studies that prove the efficacy of their bioactive beverages (http://research. tni. com/united_states/english/research/bioactives. html)–and more are on the way. TNI has more human clinical studies than any network marketing superfruit company and strongly believes in backing up their product claims with scientific proof. They also have 52 scientifically-validated patents, the largest dedicated noni (http://research. tni. com/united_states/english/research/difference. html) research facility in the world, and scientists on staff that have collectively authored over 35 peer-reviewed publications.

These are just some of the reasons that noni has now been recognized as a world class adaptogen, containing bioactives from a validated medicinal plant. Tahitian Noni® Original contains over 150 bioactive compounds—including 12 unique iridoids—that deliver a multiplicity of benefits to the human body. Iridoids (http://research. tni. com/united_states/english/research/iridoids. html) have been studied for over 50 years and there are over 2,000 papers published on the health benefits of iridoids.

“What makes noni really unique is its phytochemical makeup,” says Jeff Wasden, TNI’s new vice president of Global Marketing. “The most celebrated nutrients in food plants are flavonoids and carotenoids. These nutrients have great potential when eaten fresh, but when they undergo processing and pasteurization, they degrade rapidly and fail to deliver their promised benefits.”

Wasden says noni is much different. “The 12 different iridoids in noni retain their potency after processing because the iridoid bonds don’t crack under pressure. They stand up to extremes. That means that, unlike our superfruit competitors, you’re getting all the promised health benefits of the noni fruit when you drink Tahitian Noni® Bioactive Beverages™.”

About the Company
Tahitian Noni International is a global, research-driven bioactive products company that was the first to introduce the health benefits of the noni plant—a bioactive-rich, adaptogenic plant, containing iridoid compounds—to the world outside of Tahiti. Tahitian Noni International is the leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of noni-based bioactive products including beverages, beauty, and weight loss lines. Tahitian Noni International has a presence in over 70 markets worldwide, and is the world-wide leader in bioactive beverages.


Stepping Up: D. C. Wards 7 and 8 Teens to Teach Prevention of HIV, Obesity in Summer Youth Program

Stepping Up: D. C. Wards 7 and 8 Teens to Teach Prevention of HIV, Obesity in Summer Youth Program

Mayor’s Summer Job Program, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Give 40 in District Opportunity to Help Community Prevent HIV/AIDS

Washington, D. C. (Vocus) May 11, 2009

The Summit Health Institute for Research and Education (SHIRE (http://www. shireinc. org/events. htm)), Inc., is reaching out to 40 young men and women in D. C. Wards 7 and 8, ages 15-20 to help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS and childhood obesity. The five-month paid program works in partnership with Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s 2009 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP (http://preview. tinyurl. com/dm72om)) and is funded with a $99,797 grant by CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst).

Dr. Pierre Vigilance said of the program, “HIV and obesity are both preventable, and they pose a major threat to the public's health. Today's grant will educate a group of District youth so they can make healthy choices, teach others what they have learned, and pass on these valuable life skills and tools to their families, friends, and neighbors.”

According to the District’s HIV/AIDS office, more than 15,000 D. C. residents over the age of 12 are infected with HIV, exceeding epidemic thresholds. The city also has a childhood obesity epidemic, ranking last in the nation with 25 percent of young men and women ages 10 to 17 either overweight or obese.

“We have HIV infection and childhood obesity rates that should alarm us into action,” said Ruth T. Perot, Executive Director and CEO of the SHIRE. “HIV does not ask if you are young or old. It spreads and kills without discretion. We are appreciative for CareFirst’s support and encouraged by the promise this program offers for Ward 7 and 8 teens.”

Participants in the program will receive training in HIV/AIDS, nutrition and health education, advocacy, and career guidance. Upon successful completion of the education part of the program, SHIRE teen health educators take their knowledge and peer influence to the stage, both in community health workshops and a live theatre production designed for 12-19 year olds living in Wards 7 and 8.

“We are fighting two killers with this grant, in HIV and obesity,” said Chet Burrell, CareFirst President and CEO. “CareFirst’s partnership with the Summit Health Institute’s summer education program is a great complement to the many programs we support to improve the overall health of District residents.”

Recruitment for the HIV/AIDS Teen Health Educators Program is being coordinated with community based organizations, including: Ward 8 ANC leaders, the Childhood Obesity Prevention Collaborative, Howard University, Maya Angelou School in Ward 7, and the DC Summer Youth Employment Job Fair.

The Summit Health Institute for Research and Education, Inc. (SHIRE) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the promotion of health and wellness for all people. SHIRE works to eradicate health disparities and aid vulnerable populations in attaining optimal health. Communities, government agencies, corporations, and foundations look to SHIRE as an effective and trusted resource to identify inequities, propose solutions, and galvanize grassroots groups to address access to health care and quality of care issues among the underserved, particularly communities of color.

In its 72nd year of service, CareFirst, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, is a not-for-profit health care company which, through its affiliates and subsidiaries, offers a comprehensive portfolio of health insurance products and administrative services to nearly 3.4 million individuals and groups in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. Through its CareFirst Commitment initiative and other public mission activities, CareFirst supports efforts to increase the accessibility, affordability, safety and quality of health care throughout its market areas.

To learn more about CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, visit our Web site at:
Www. carefirst. com

*Source: National Center for Health Statistics
** District of Columbia HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Report 2008


Http://www. washingtonpost. com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/03/14/AR2009031402176.html (http://www. washingtonpost. com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/03/14/AR2009031402176.html)

Http://www. dc. gov/mayor/news/release. asp? id=1499&mon=200903 (http://www. dc. gov/mayor/news/release. asp? id=1499&mon=200903)

Http://www. carefirstcommitment. com/html/index. html (http://www. carefirstcommitment. com/html/index. html)

Http:// q=cache:TIlyMA98dAgJ:www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2007/08/070827155540.htm+D. C.+obesity+rate&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us ( q=cache:TIlyMA98dAgJ:www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2007/08/070827155540.htm+D. C.+obesity+rate&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us)

Http://www. title24uscode. org/JUVCENSUS. doc (http://www. title24uscode. org/JUVCENSUS. doc)

S:Public Policy & Community AffairsMEDIA RELATIONSMRReleases 2009 DraftsMaySHIRE Release 5-11-09.doc

Contact: Kevin Kane
1-800-914-NEWS (6397)


Free Tax Help and Tax Software Aid Working Families in Getting the Returns They Deserve

Free Tax Help and Tax Software Aid Working Families in Getting the Returns They Deserve

The Beehive will help as many as 8,000 households receive up to $10 million in refunds.

Washington (PRWEB) February 9, 2008

Taxes are complicated -- so complicated that an estimated 70 percent of working families receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) paid for professional help preparing and as many as 25 percent of families who qualified for the EITC did not receive it. One Economy, a global nonprofit that uses innovative technology to help people build better lives, today launched its 2008 online Tax Tools (www. theBeehive. org/taxes (http://www. theBeehive. org/taxes)) to help families build financial literacy, understand tax preparation, and file for themselves.

"The Beehive's Tax Tool helps families get the refunds they deserve and returns millions of dollars to communities in need," said One Economy Chief Executive Officer Rey Ramsey. "The Beehive's information and resources arm families with the tools they need maximize their tax returns for free."

The Beehive, One Economy's consumer self-help web site, has offered free tax help since 2004. Last year, Beehive users received more than $5 million in refunds. For individual families, the average return can be as significant as an extra month's salary or a $2 per hour raise on a minimum wage income. This year, the Beehive expects to help as many as 8,000 households receive as much as $10 million in refunds.

In addition to free preparation and e-filing powered by H&R Block, the Tax Tool brings together easy-to-understand educational material that explains credits, helps reduce the frustration of tax preparation, and offers ideas on ways to save and spend your refund. Information and resources include:
 Free tax preparation and filing of federal and state taxes for households earning less $54,000 (70 percent of Americans) powered by H&R Block  Information about the Earned Income Tax Credit and other tax credits  Educational resources on avoiding scams and spending your return wisely  Tips to get organized for tax time and decrease the frustration in tax preparation  Contact information for community-based free tax help  "Learn the Language" section explaining tax and financial terms  Special instructions for immigrants and victims of the California wildfires One Economy Corporation is a global nonprofit that uses innovative approaches to deliver the power of technology and information to low-income people, connecting them to valuable tools for building better lives and entering the economic mainstream. We help bring broadband into the homes of low-income people, employ youth to train their community members to use technology effectively, and create socially responsible media properties that offer a wealth of information on education, jobs, health care and other vital issues. Visit www. one-economy. com for more information.


Monday, May 17, 2004

Research and Markets: Market for Organic Food and Beverages Growing At A Rapid Pace

Research and Markets: Market for Organic Food and Beverages Growing At A Rapid Pace

Research and Markets (researchandmarkets. com/reports/c14255) has announced the addition of Organic Foods and Beverages Assessment Report 2005 to their offering.

(PRWEB) March 23, 2005

Research and Markets (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c14255 (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c14255)) has announced the addition of Organic Foods and Beverages Assessment Report 2005 to their offering.

This report attempts to comprehend and analyze the present trends and opportunities in the organic food sector. Organic foods comprise those vegetables, fruits, grains and other edible agricultural and dairy products that are produced without the use of any harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, or genetically improved seeds, or livestock. Of late, the demand for organic foods has swelled, which has further secured continuous supply, lower prices, and ensured their availability to each and every customer.

The organic food industry has been growing remarkably for the past several years. The market has grown by 30% in value since the year 1997-98 and again by 32.6% in the year 2001-02. According to Nutrition Business Journal of San Diego, California, U. S. consumer sales of organic food in 2003 was $7.9 billion as compared to the sales in 1997 at $3.7 billion. The market for organic foods and beverages is still growing at a rapid pace and is expected to generate sales of $32.3 billion by 2009, according to a new report from ‘Packaged Facts’. Against the 2 to 3 percent growth in the conventional food industry, the organic industry has been experiencing annual growth between 17 and 22 percent over the past several years.

One of the key factors behind this growth is, the increasing consumer awareness of health and environmental issues along with an increasing resistance towards genetically modified food products and GM farming. The aggressive and targeted marketing and promotion by the retail sector is also an important factor. Also, the fact that the countryÂ’s leading food manufacturers are now diverting their attention to developing organic product lines is also assisting the growing figures.

Report Highlights:

Information on the global market size, as well as regional shares. Detailed product wise retail sales classification. Overall view of the import and export market. SWOT analysis of the organic food industry. In-depth information on the new opportunities that are opening up, and the challenges facing this industry. Close examination of the consumer behavior pattern.

Report Features:

This report on Organic Food Market provides the most detailed and up-to-date analysis and insight into the Organic food Market. It concentrates on the market for organic foods and focuses on the market trends for organic products worldwide. Chapter 3 of the report presents the organic food market in perspective, while Chapter 4 talks about the 4 ethical and strategic regulations related to organic faming. Chapters 6 and 7 discuss the global scenario, and Chapter 10 enlists the challenges and market opportunities.

Contents include:

The Organic food Market in Perspective Ethical and Strategic Regulations Relative to Organic Faming Marketing Organic food Market Trends for Organic products Organic food Market: World Perspective Organic Food Retail Market  Organic farming: SWOT Analysis  Challenges and Market Opportunities Organic Food Market: Consumer Preferences Outlook

For more information visit http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c14255 (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c14255)

Laura Wood

Senior Manager

Research and Markets

Press@researchandmarkets. com

Fax: +353 1 4100 980


EVCO Insurance Services, Inc. Announces the Launch of New Digital Marketing Campaign

EVCO Insurance Services, Inc. Announces the Launch of New Digital Marketing Campaign

Independent insurance agency, EVCO Insurance, is proud to announce the launch of their new digital marketing campaign and virtual insurance office. This new system will make the insurance buying process easier and more efficient for today's insurance consumers.

Walnut Creek, Calif. (PRWEB) October 30, 2009

EVCO Insurance Services Inc., an independent insurance agency located in Walnut Creek, California, is proud to announce the launch of their new website and digital marketing campaign.

EVCO has partnered with Astonish Results, LP, a digital marketing and training company for the insurance industry, to create a new online marketing campaign. The Astonish Results marketing strategy has been implemented by EVCO to help the agency find and keep new customers. Featuring a "Virtual Insurance Office" and "Virtual Insurance Agent," EVCO is confident that its new system will better meet the needs of its clients.

EVCOInsurance. com was created to make the experience of online insurance shopping easier. EVCOInsurance. com is divided into clear categories, making it simple for insurance consumers to visit the site, find the type of insurance they are looking for, and gain a better understanding of their policy options. If you have questions about health, life, or group products, http://www. EVCOInsurance. com has a "Frequently Asked Questions" page you can visit for answers. EVCO also provides current and prospective customers with ways to contact the agency at any time by filling out a quote form or calling 888.399.7631.

About EVCO Insurance Services:

EVCO was founded by Everett Lebherz, an Honors Finance graduate from Saint Mary's College in Moraga, California. EVCO brings high levels of expertise, strategy development, and current product knowledge to their clients. It is EVCO's mission to provide clients with the essential service needed to keep consumers satisfied with their insurance policies. EVCO also assists the lower income and the medically needy who have a difficulty finding an affordable insurance plan.


Kirk Communications is Retained by Treeno Software to Increase Brand Awareness and Create Demand

Kirk Communications is Retained by Treeno Software to Increase Brand Awareness and Create Demand

A New Public Relations Strategy Will Include Website Development and Search Engine Optimization

Portsmouth, NH (PRWEB) August 20, 2009

U. S.-based Kirk Communications (www. kirkcommunications. com) announced today that it has been retained by Treno Software (www. treenosoftware. com). Treno Software recognized that it needed to build brand awareness and increase its demand generation activities. It initiated a search to find a new agency that excelled at brand building and creating demand, and could demonstrate that its programs maximize marketing ROI. Kirk Communications was selected because of its skill at combining comprehensive public relations programs with cost-effective interactive marketing. Plus, it offered advanced SEO that will enable Treeno Software to track marketing ROI.

"In looking for a partner to help build our business," said Will Tibidoue, CMO of Treeno Software, "it was relatively easy to find a good PR agency, SEO company or interactive marketing agency. But it wasn't until we found Kirk Communications that we found an agency that could successfully execute all these activities -- and show us metrics and case studies to prove it."

Treeno Software provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, a field that is highly competitive. To differentiate Treno Software from its competition, Kirk Communications will rework its website architecture to better communicate its value proposition and enhance lead capture. It will also use creative website design to improve branding by highlighting its corporate identity. In addition, Kirk will use its proprietary, advanced SEO techniques to improve Treeno Software's organic search ranking and provide monthly SEO maintenance to ensure long-term success.

"We've been very successful at integrating SEO and PR," said Nate Tennant, principal of Kirk Communications. "And with our in-depth keyword analysis and comprehensive keyword management program, our search engine marketing enables us to get consistently great results for our clients."

As a company that offers advanced technology, Treeno Software expertly evaluated Kirk Communication's website development expertise. "We were happy to discover," said Doe, "that they could handle all of our custom web development needs and that they are really creative as well - as their flash animation talent shows. Plus, their CRM integration knowledge will make lead tracking and sales response much easier for us, for our e-campaigns, pay-per-click marketing and all our demand creation activites."

About Kirk Communications:
With offices in Portsmouth, N. H. and New Delhi, India, Kirk Communications is a global provider of integrated marketing solutions that include public relations, graphic design and interactive services including advanced 2D and 3D animation, website development and e-marketing. Our philosophy is based on a focused commitment to strategic and tactical corporate communications that is shared with clients across a broad range of vertical markets including technology, financial services and healthcare. Kirk Communications offers a suite of state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) analytics, that, in conjunction with innovative message formation, helps our customers refine their brand, increase visibility and stay ahead of their competitors. Kirk Communications counts among its clients CipherOptics, IDG, Sagamore Systems, ITelagen, SeaNet Technologies and Animetrics. For more information, please visit us on the web at www. kirkcommunications. com.

About Treeno Software:
Treeno Software is a proven leader in enterprise content management (ECM) with its flexible, feature-rich and affordable suite of document management and workflow solutions, designed to meet the needs of companies of any size. Treeno Software delivers its Content Server and Express solutions for document management, document imaging, email management and business process management (BPM) in a stand-alone software package, on-demand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or by a unique network appliance. With a reputation for reliability and the highest levels of customer service, Treeno Software consistently demonstrates that its products immediately increase productivity and operational efficiency by streamlining the workflow necessary to complete critical business processes. Easily configured for instant return-on-investment, Treeno's solutions also meet the highest standards for comprehensive security. For further information, please visit us on the Web at www. treenosoftware. com.


Saturday, May 15, 2004

Gauntt & Associates Adds HumWare Media CorpÂ’s Wellness Planner to its Suite of Cost-Effective Solutions That Enable Businesses to Influence Employee Health and Safety

Gauntt & Associates Adds HumWare Media CorpÂ’s Wellness Planner to its Suite of Cost-Effective Solutions That Enable Businesses to Influence Employee Health and Safety

Employees are both a businesses' biggest asset or liability, mostly depending on whether or not they or their family are healthy. Wellness programs in the office encourage health and almost always save the business considerable money. But how does an employer reach the employeeÂ’s family, where lifestyle factors emerge and 80% of benefits are used? A significant step towards the solution can be found in the Wellness Planner, which enables business to extend their quest for employee health to the home.

(PRWEB) January 24, 2005

Gauntt & Associates, a risk management firm focusing on helping businesses become proactive in the health and safety of their employees and their families, has added HumWare Media CorporationÂ’s Wellness Planner to its product line. The Wellness Planner is designed to target the families of the insured employees to ensure health and safety messages get to the people who use 80% of the employeeÂ’s benefits and where lifestyle factors of the employee emerge. The ability to connect with this group is a major coup for businesses everywhere, for this is where the health savings truly materialize.

The Wellness Planner is a Windows-based point-and-click desktop software powered by Healthology, a leading producer of physician-generated health and medical information on the Internet. The health portal features the largest and most distinguished library of original streaming health programs and articles for health information and laymanÂ’s education. The Wellness Planner enables users to log / track / print all health-related information for individual members of the family.

If only one person in an organization used this tool to understand the health ramifications of excess weight and by practicing better health avoided a heart attack, home-based accident, or workersÂ’ compensation injury, the return on investment of the retail price of $9.95 would be enormous.

For additional information or a trial download of the Wellness Planner software, please contact Judy Gauntt at 714-893-0389 or 714-334-3982.

About Gauntt & Associates

Gauntt & Associates is a risk management company based in Orange County that works to protect employers from expensive, often easily correctable workplace situations. Consultants have backgrounds in safety, personnel, operations, and general and product liability. We help companies reduce their exposure, reserves, and expenses by as much as 70%; our innovative health and safety processes have helped companies hold the line on insurance increases and reduce injury rates by half.


Hawaii CME Cruise December, 26, 2004

Hawaii CME Cruise December, 26, 2004

CME Cruise 7 Night Hawaiian Islands "Critical Cardilogy Updated."

(PRWEB) July 21, 2004

Join this nationally renowned expert in cardiology to discuss: Pathophysiology of Acute Coronary Syndromes * Advances in the Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes * Role of Primary PCI in ST elevation MI * Role of Thrombolysis in Management of Acute MI * Role of Drug Eluting Stents in Management of Chronic Coronary Artery Disease * Renovascular Disease * Thromboembolic Ischemic Stroke * Non-Pharmacologic Stroke Prevention * Role of Patent Foramen Ovale in Pathogenesis of Stroke * Status of Extracranial Carotid Artery Stenting * Advances in Neuroprotection during Carotid Artery Revascularization * Indications for Lower Extremity Arterial Revascularization * Advances in Minimally Invasive Strategies for Revascularization of Aorto-Iliac and Femoro-Popliteal Disease * Role of Catheter Based Therapy in Management of Limb Threatening Ischemia * Role of Global Vascular Revascularization

Great Reasons for CME at Sea in Hawaii

In 7 days, see 5 unique Hawaii islands. No repacking luggage, transferring to and from airports.

The ONLY US flagged vessel, U. S citizen staffed, and 100% tax deductible for corporate and individual CME meeting expense.

Food and entertainment included - no unforeseen expenses.

6 Restaurants, 13 Bars & Lounges, 2 Swimming Pools, 5 Hot Tubs, Spa and Fitness Center, Jogging Track, Basketball Court, Teen & Children's Clubs. The World's Best Golf Courses on each Island, with efficient advanced reservations.

Day-long & Overnight stays in Kauai, Maui and on the Big Island. Critical

Opportunity for pre - or post-cruise stays on any island.

Earn 8 Category 1 CME Credits*.

Register NOW and receive the following:

1. 10% CME Course Discount

2. $100 Certificate for referring a colleague who attends

3. 50% off CME Course for the 2nd MD in the same facility.

CME Course is $495. Cabin prices are based on double occupancy, plus taxes. Subject to availability, call now for Cabin Reservations 1-888-923-4004.

Cardiology Update

With Sandeep Khosla, M. D.

Chief, Cardiology Section; Director, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories and Endovascular Therapeutics, Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center, Chicago * Associate Chief of Cardiology, Finch School of Health Sciences, The Chicago Medical School * Program Director, Adult Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, The Chicago Medical School

*This activity has been planned & implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas & Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education through joint sponsorship of Benchmark Medical Consultants & Medical Destination Hawaii. Benchmark Medical Consultants is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Benchmark Medical Consultants designates this education activity a maximum of 8 hours in Category 1 Credit towards the AMA/PRA. Each physician should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.

Call 1-888-923-4004

# # #

Thursday, May 13, 2004

AmniSure Test for ROM Featured in the American Journal of Perinatology

AmniSure Test for ROM Featured in the American Journal of Perinatology

A new test for ROM (Rupture Of (fetal) Membranes) in pregnant women that is both reliable and non–invasive is featured in a clinical study in the July issue of the American Journal of Perinatology.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 14, 2005

PRWEB) September 14, 2005 -- A new test for ROM (Rupture Of (fetal) Membranes) in pregnant women that is both reliable and non–invasive is featured in a clinical study in the July issue of the American Journal of Perinatology.

The purpose of this study was to compare the AmniSure rapid immunoassay with standard methods for diagnosing rupture of fetal membranes. In the final analysis, the AmniSure diagnostic test demonstrated a sensitivity of 98.9%, specificity of 100%, positive predictive value of 100%, and a negative predictive value of 99.1%.

AmniSure™ is the first FDA approved ROM immunoassay. AmniSure detects Placental Alpha Microglobulin-1 (PAMG-1), a protein that is abundant in amniotic fluid. Eliminating the need for nitrazine, ferning and a speculum exam, AmniSure™ simply involves collecting a sample with a sterile swab, inserted only 2-3 inches into the vagina for one minute, then placing the swab into a vial with a solvent for one minute, followed by dipping an AmniSure™ test strip into the vial. The test result is indicated visually over the next 5-10 minutes by the presence of one or two lines. AmniSure is highly specific; semen, urine and vaginal infections do not interfere with the efficacy of the test. Clinical studies and additional information about AmniSure is available at: http://www. sepalsolutions. com (http://www. sepalsolutions. com).

To view the clinical study abstract please visit:

Http://www. thieme-connect. com/ejournals/abstract/ajp/doi/10.1055/s-2005-870896 (http://www. thieme-connect. com/ejournals/abstract/ajp/doi/10.1055/s-2005-870896)

Sepal Reproductive Devices is a distinguished leader in the design, discovery and marketing of innovative medical products. Sepal supplies a full range of devices for assisted reproductive technologies as well as the latest advances in diagnostic testing devices that promote the health and well-being of women. SepalÂ’s range of testing kits includes ovulation and menopause detection kits, and a rapid diagnostic test that detects rupture of (fetal) membranes (ROM). Sepal is a privately held company based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Since its inception in 2000, Sepal has serviced hundreds of healthcare professionals, infertility centers and hospitals around the world. We continue to expand our product line and reinforce our commitment to becoming the vanguard of womenÂ’s healthcare by bringing the most advanced technologies and devices to the medical industry. For additional information please visit: http://www. sepalreprodevices. com (http://www. sepalreprodevices. com)


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Unum Expands Partnership with Ceridian to Launch an Enhanced Free EAP for its Group Disability Clients in U. K

Unum Expands Partnership with Ceridian to Launch an Enhanced Free EAP for its Group Disability Clients in U. K.

New research indicates personal and work related issues are impacting work performance of over half the U. K. workforce

Minneapolis (PRWEB) October 22, 2008

Unum (NYSE: UNM) , the leading disability insurer in the U. S. and U. K., has expanded its partnership with Ceridian, one of the world’s largest providers of human resource services, to launch an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in the United Kingdom. The new service will be offered under the name Unum LifeWorks and cover all employers and employees insured by Unum Group Income Protection (GIP) policies.

Importantly for employers, the program raises the bar in the provision of EAPs in the U. K. by providing access for employers to online and telephone legal and employment help lines for managers and supervisors.

The program is based on a best practice EAP service design which has worked extremely well for Unum and Ceridian in the United States. Unum US and Ceridian have been partnering since 1992 and offer a similar integrated EAP and work-life service to over 39,000 customers. Unum’s work-life balance EAP in the U. S. offers many modes of access to the service including online, face-to-face and telephonic to accommodate generational preferences and convenience. Employees can receive consultation and assistance with issues such as selecting a child care agency, parenting skills, elder concerns, financial worries, interpersonal problems at work, grief and relationship concerns just to name a few.

The U. K. program, which will begin in November 2008, has been specifically designed to provide a unique range of services that will benefit both employees and employers by aiding them with potentially stressful situations and issues. Stress-related illness is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst workers in the U. K. and offering an EAP will allow employees to seek advice at an early stage, before issues may start to impact on their health and work performance.

The launch comes on the heels of new research1 from Unum, which reveals that over half (51%) of all U. K. workers believe that their work has been impacted over the past two years due to stresses and worries.

The most common stresses cited by workers were worrying about personal health issues (38% of respondents) or other personal issues (37%), followed by stress due to the cost of living or not being able to pay off debts (32% and 25% respectively).

The research also revealed that work issues and personal issues are likely to have the greatest impact on an employee’s work performance; 72% and 71%, respectively of respondents who admitted that their work had been greatly affected by stresses and worries in the past two years cited these problems. These are followed by stress due to personal health issues (66%) and the cost of living (57%).

“As our research shows, personal and work issues can have a significant impact on an employee’s ability to perform their role at work,” said Wojciech Dochan, Head of Commercial Marketing at Unum UK, “This can result in unnecessary levels of stress, which in turn can impact upon an employee’s health.

“Unum LifeWorks will add value to our current GIP offering by not only helping both employees and employers to resolve potentially stressful and complicated personal and work-related situations at the earliest stage possible, but also supporting organizational management in the areas of legal and employment information. We are committed at Unum to supporting U. K. businesses as much as possible through the introduction of this new service.”

Jeremy Campbell, director of Ceridian HRO sales, said: “We are delighted to be working with Unum to provide well-being services to their policy holders. It is unrealistic to expect employees to leave personal issues at home, but by the same standard, with today’s PDA and Blackberry culture work rarely stops when you leave the office. Unum LifeWorks provides guidance to individuals on a range of life issues, whilst also advising businesses on how best to support their employees with balancing work and life.

“As well as providing emotional support from qualified counselors and support for everyday issues, users can benefit from access to a range of health, educational/career development and debt/financial specialists. In addition, the Unum LifeWorks Online website offers practical resources to enable users to be proactive and tackle their concerns before they impact on work and personal life.”

Further services available for U. K. employees include access to telephone and face-to-face counseling, matched referrals for child and elder care and tips and advice online on a wide range of subjects. This is reinforced with printed materials and CDs which can be sent to employees’ homes, at their request, on topics that are relevant to them.

(1) Independent research agency ICM interviewed a random sample of 2092 U. K. adults aged 18+ from its online panel between 22nd-25th August 2008. Surveys were conducted across the country and the results have been weighted to the profile of all U. K. adults. ICM is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Further information at www. icmresearch. co. uk

About Unum
Unum (www. unum. com) is one of the leading providers of employee benefits products and services, and the largest provider of group and individual disability income protection insurance in the United States and the United Kingdom. Through its subsidiaries, Unum paid more than $6 billion in total benefits to customers in 2007.

About Ceridian
Ceridian is a business services company that helps its customers maximize the power of their people, lower their costs and focus on what they do best. Globally, the company serves more than 25 million employees with a range of HR, payroll, Employee Assistance Programs and funds transfer services, making it one of the few providers delivering services both locally and internationally.

For more information visit www. ceridian. co. uk or www. ceridian. com
John Hutson
Unum UK Head of Public Relations
John. Hutson@unum. co. uk
(011) 44 1306 873 641

MC (Mary Clarke) Guenther
Unum US Director of Corporate Communications
Mguenther@unum. com
Toll free: (866) 759 8686

Cindy Matalamaki
Ceridian LifeWorks Marketing Manager
Cindy. matalamaki@ceridian. com
(952) 853-4291 

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.