Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Liberty League International Offers a Financial Solution for People who have Discovered 'The Secret'

Liberty League International Offers a Financial Solution for People who have Discovered 'The Secret'

Tony Rush, Summit Advisor with Liberty League International, explains how to tap into the law of attraction and the movie "The Secret" to create your the life, finances, relationships and physical health that you want.

Dothan, AL (PRWEB) February 21, 2007

You heard about it on Larry King Live. You saw it on the The Ellen Degeneres Show. You saw two segments about it on Oprah. It's called "the law of attraction" and it's a world-wide topic of discussion.

One of the companies at the core of this whirlwind is Liberty League International, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. As one of the world's leading personal development companies, their focus has been on spreading this message since the company's inception.

"It's the basis of what we do," said Tony Rush, a recognized leader with Liberty League International. "Our core product, the Beyond Freedom Home Study Course, is a 90-day multimedia course that's designed to show a person exactly what is required to use the law of attraction to create the life they want."

The law of attraction says that each person is attracting their own circumstances by the quality and direction of their thinking.

Rush clarifies, "Said another way, you have a mental blueprint...a mental thermostat that is created by all your beliefs, choices, habits of thinking, etc. And this mental thermostat determines what your experience in life: your physical health, your relationships, your bank account, etc. This mental thermostat dictates the people, the things and the circumstances that you attract into your life. And you're already doing it. The question is whether or not you're doing it deliberately."

The concept has been taught in various forms for thousands of years but it recently reached worldwide popularity when it was released in the form of a movie called "The Secret" that featured Bob Proctor, a recognized leader in the personal development industry. Proctor was instrumental in the founding of Liberty League International and assisting in the development of its products.

Liberty League's products include the 90-day Beyond Freedom Home Study Course as well as several live events held each year.

Liberty League also provides a financial aspect facet other resources do not. Rush explains, "Many people are learning that their bank account is a reflection of their mindset. But, they lack a financial vehicle that can assist them in reaching their financial goals. Liberty League's reseller program is an opportunity where an average person can start earning an executive-level income in a matter of weeks."

Unlike many home business opportunities, Liberty League uses a business model that is distinctly not multi-level in nature. "Instead, we show people how to create wealth through a unique direct sales program that involves no personal selling, explaining or having to do presentations. Overall, it's the perfect marriage between business and personal development."

More details about the law of attraction, Liberty League's products or the reseller opportunity can be found by contacting Tony Rush directly at 334-794-4442 or at http://www. IFoundTheSolution. com (http://www. IFoundTheSolution. com)

About Tony Rush: Tony Rush is a full-time, home-based entrepreneur living in southeast Alabama. He's one of the real characters of the home business industry, earns a significant income that he uses to indulge his passion for family travel. He provides practical, "what it really takes," nuts-and-bolts business-building strategies coupled with a keen understanding of the mindset that's required to attract abundance and prosperity into your life at http://www. tonyrush. com (http://www. tonyrush. com).

About Liberty League International:

Liberty League International offers individuals and families a home-study seminar system based on the premise of creating a lifestyle by design through wealth, happiness, security and free enterprise. Liberty League International is committed to helping people reach financial freedom and independence, leading the way to a superior lifestyle with financial strength and reassurance.

Their website is http://www. libertyleague. com/start (http://www. libertyleague. com/start)

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

First Facility to Efficiently Convert Corncobs and Bioenergy Crops to Cellulosic Ethanol Opens

First Facility to Efficiently Convert Corncobs and Bioenergy Crops to Cellulosic Ethanol Opens

DDCE, UT/Genera Energy, and State of Tennessee Mark Grand Opening in Vonore

Vonore, TN (Vocus) January 30, 2010

Leaders from DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol (DDCE), University of Tennessee and Genera Energy cut the ribbon on one of the world’s first cellulosic ethanol demonstration facilities, located in Vonore, Tenn. The 74,000-square-foot plant has started producing ethanol and will deliver low-cost, fully-integrated technology for commercial production of ethanol from agricultural residue and bioenergy crops, including corncobs and switchgrass.

“The Tennessee Biofuels Initiative already is creating new jobs and opportunities, and I believe the Vonore facility is going to be a real catalyst for additional economic activity in Tennessee,” said Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen. “I’m pleased with the progress of this partnership and believe this marks an important step forward in our state’s efforts to develop clean energy technology.”

“The world should be watching Tennessee,” said DDCE President and CEO Joe Skurla. “Here in Vonore, DDCE and Genera Energy are well ahead of the curve as we develop the entire value chain, from feedstock to production. We delivered on our promise to investors, customers and the industry by initiating start-up at the end of last year and are on track to provide the industry with investment-grade packages that meet demands for low-cost, scalability and sustainability.”

U. S. Representatives John J. Duncan Jr. (R-Tenn.) and Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.), state officials, leaders from DDCE, DuPont, Danisco, Genera Energy and the University of Tennessee commemorated the plant’s completion and production startup. It is a major achievement for DDCE, Tennessee’s Biofuels Initiative and for the cellulosic ethanol industry, which is under federal mandate to deliver 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel by 2022, of which 16 billion gallons must come from cellulosic sources.

The University of Tennessee’s Biofuels Initiative, championed by the governor, established a bioenergy crop research and production basis for the burgeoning industry and attracted second generation biofuels leader DDCE to participate as an industrial partner in the development of the cellulosic ethanol biorefinery. The University of Tennessee Biofuels Initiative (UTBI), with the support of Genera Energy, is establishing a supply chain for the development of fuel.

The state-of-the-art facility in Vonore has capacity to produce 250,000 gallons of ethanol annually, though its focus is on optimizing technologies for large-scale production. It represents an investment of more than $50 million, including funding from UTBI and DDCE. The project also integrates about $100 million investment in proprietary research by DuPont and Danisco, highly valuable intellectual property platforms and talent pools from both companies and DDCE’s commitment to pay operating costs not covered under UTBI. The Vonore facility currently has a full-time staff of about 20.

Kelly Tiller, CEO of Genera Energy and director of external operations for the UT Office of Bioenergy Programs, said, “The University of Tennessee Biofuels Initiative is the only fully integrated program that is working with farmers and agricultural industry to reliably supply the necessary feedstock so biorefineries can produce plentiful, affordable, renewable and sustainable fuels.” She said plans are for Tennessee farmers to place an additional 4,000 acres of switchgrass into production this spring, bringing the total production in the state to nearly 7,000 acres of the dedicated energy crop.

About DDCE
DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC (DDCE), based in Itasca, Ill., is dedicated to the development and deployment of reliable, low-cost comprehensive solutions for cellulosic ethanol production, thereby contributing to energy independence, rural and national economic development and a low-carbon transportation sector. For more information, visit http://www. ddce. com.

About Genera Energy
Genera Energy is a for-profit limited liability company wholly owned by the University of Tennessee Research Foundation. Genera provides a vehicle to leverage state and federal funding with private research and development investments, strategic partnerships and collaborations to further the research, economic development, and clean energy objectives of the state and the University of Tennessee. Genera focuses on developing integrated biomass supply chain solutions and strategic partnerships to support the bioenergy industry in Tennessee. Genera’s portfolio of public-private clean energy projects includes biomass, biofuels, and solar solutions. For more information, visit http://www. generaenergy. net.

About the University of Tennessee
The University of Tennessee is the state of Tennessee's land-grant research institution, encompassing campuses at Knoxville, Chattanooga and Martin; the Health Science Center in Memphis; the Space Institute at Tullahoma; the statewide Institute of Agriculture; and the Institute for Public Service. With a statewide enrollment of more than 48,000, the University of Tennessee's strategic role and mission is student access and success, research and outreach. UT campuses produce about 9,000 graduates each year, and UT has more than 300,000 alumni living throughout the U. S. and the world. For more information, visit http://www. tennessee. edu/.

Media Contacts:

Jennifer Hutchins (DDCE)
+1 630 390 8337

Jennifer Burke (Genera Energy)
+1 865 414-6835


ATI Receives APICS 2008 Corporate Award of Excellence

ATI Receives APICS 2008 Corporate Award of Excellence

ATI Industrial Automation and Consona Corporation recognized in the Technology Partnership Category for use of the Intuitive™ERP System to improve efficiency.

Indianapolis, IN (Vocus) October 8, 2008

Consona Corporation (Consona), a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) (http://www. consona. com/consona/default. aspx? pagename=Enterprise-Resource-Planning-Software) and customer relationship management (CRM) (http://www. consona. com/consona/default. aspx? pagename=Customer-Relationship-Management-Software) software and services for the enterprise, today announced that its Intuitive ERP software customer, ATI Industrial Automation (ATI), an Apex, N. C.-based manufacturer of robotic end effectors, is a winner of the 2008 APICS Corporate Awards of Excellence that recognize companies for their significant contributions and performance excellence in the field of operations management. Winners were recognized at the 2008 APICS International Conference and Exposition in Kansas City, MO.

“Seeing ATI win this award from APICS with the assistance of our software underscores our commitment to providing ERP software that will help manufacturers achieve increased productivity, lower costs, and happier customers,” said Scott Malia, general manager of the Consona ERP division. “We are proud to have been a part of ATI’s achievements.”

One of ATI’s most significant achievements included adding thousands of new products to its inventory -- at an average of 250 items per month. With the support of Consona’s Intuitive ERP software, ATI was also able to:
 Increase revenue by 70 percent within the first two years of using the Intuitive solution.  Reach unprecedented levels of on-time delivery and inventory control.  Significantly improve its ability to track its thousands of serial numbers, thereby improving quality control, inventory accuracy, and customer service.  Help purchasing personnel manage about 2,500 items each, which would not have been possible with the previous system.  Create an ASP. NET intranet that allows employees to find important information quickly.

“We are pleased to recognize organizations committed to continuous improvement, innovation and excellence,” said Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, CPA, CAE, and APICS executive director. “The APICS Corporate Awards of Excellence winners set a standard of leadership for the profession.”

The 2008 APICS Corporate Awards for Excellence are divided into three categories: The APICS Technology Partnership Award of Excellence; the Innovation in Sustainability Award of Excellence and the APICS Education Award of Excellence.

Visit the APICS International Conference and Exposition website to learn more about the 2008 APICS Corporate Awards for Excellence recipients: www. apicsconference. org.

About APICS: The Association for Operations Management
APICS: The Association for Operations Management is the global leader and premier source of the body of knowledge in operations management, including production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing, and logistics. Since 1957, individuals and companies have relied on APICS for its superior training, internationally recognized certifications, comprehensive resources, and worldwide network of accomplished industry professionals. Visit APICS online at www. apics. org.

About Consona Corporation:
Consona Corporation (Consona) is a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) (http://www. consona. com/consona/default. aspx? pagename=CRM-Solutions) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) (http://www. consona. com/consona/default. aspx? pagename=Cross-Industry-ERP) software and services for the enterprise. Consona is dedicated to becoming a valued business partner by helping each and every customer continuously improve business processes over time. Toward this mission (http://www. consona. com/consona/default. aspx? pagename=Vision), Consona invests in the people, processes, technology and tools needed to provide its customers with a unique combination of customer care; product fit; a broad range of consulting, IT and business services; and industry expertise. Consona serves more than 4,500 customers worldwide and across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, health care, high tech, and local government. Battery Ventures and Thoma Bravo jointly own Consona. For further information, visit www. consona. com, e-mail info @ consona. com, or call (888) 8 CONSONA.

Mitch Briggs 
Consona Corporation
Direct: (317) 249-1620 
Mobile: (317) 829-4210 
Mitch. briggs @ consona. com

Valerie Harding
Ripple Effect Communications
Direct: +1 (617) 536-8887
Vharding @ recommunication. com


Saturday, August 28, 2004

Jamie Oliver Chef Training and Career Featured on ChefSchoolReview. com

Jamie Oliver Chef Training and Career Featured on ChefSchoolReview. com

The new Chef Spotlight article on ChefSchoolReview. com discusses the training and career of British top chef Jamie Oliver, including Oliver's ongoing and successful efforts to make British school lunch programs healthier and more nutritious. Culinary employment is expected to grow in the future, and the best jobs will go to people with credentials from a culinary arts school. ChefSchoolReview. com offers a comprehensive online guide and links to cooking and hospitality schools by state.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) May 23, 2007

The current Chef Spotlight at ChefSchoolReview. com discusses the chef training and career of British top chef Jamie Oliver, who is using his training to help improve the nutrition in British school lunch programs (http://www. chefschoolreview. com/blog/2007/05/chef_spotlight_jamie_oliver. html (http://www. chefschoolreview. com/blog/2007/05/chef_spotlight_jamie_oliver. html)). ChefSchoolReview. com, a top online guide to culinary education, has extensive information and links to top cooking and hospitality schools by state. Culinary jobs will increase in the future, and a cooking school credential will be the key to getting the best jobs.

Culinary training is critical to landing great cooking jobs, as illustrated by the top chefs featured in ChefSchoolReview. com's Chef Spotlight articles (http://www. chefschoolreview. com/chef-spotlight. html (http://www. chefschoolreview. com/chef-spotlight. html)). Jamie Oliver worked in his parents' pub restaurant from the time he was a small child, and he graduated from cooking school. Chef Martin Yan's parents operated a restaurant in China, yet he earned a diploma from a chef school in Hong Kong and an M. S. in food science from the University of California. Chef David Gilbert graduated from culinary arts school and encourages his kitchen staff to arrange their work schedules so that they, too, can attend chef school.

"Once you decide to take your culinary talent outside your home and into the 'real world,' your next step is selecting a culinary school that will help position you in the cooking job of your dreams--or at least on the path toward that ultimate job," says ChefSchoolReview. com. Being a chef requires more than just knowing how to cook. Landing the best jobs also requires knowing how to manage a business, deal with human resource issues, create and price menus, make the best food purchasing decisions and organize a kitchen for maximum effectiveness. Culinary schools prepare chefs to do all this and more. ChefSchoolReview. com (http://www. chefschoolreview. com (http://www. chefschoolreview. com)) has the resources to help people who love to cook transform their talent into a lucrative career.

ChefSchoolReview. com is a comprehensive online guide to chef schools offering educational resources and degree programs in cooking and culinary arts. The site also features links to recipes from around the world, a culinary library tool, a chef spotlight feature and a culinary school listing.


Friday, August 27, 2004

Katam Financial & Wealth Services Announces the Appointment of Earl Savage as a Junior Partner

Katam Financial & Wealth Services Announces the Appointment of Earl Savage as a Junior Partner.

The Financial Firm of Katam Financial & Wealth Services & Home of National Radio Show "Money Evolution" is pleased to announce that Earl Savage has joined the firm.

(PRWEB) February 28, 2005

Earl will provide services to his current and future clients as well as the firms. He will also be an integral part of Katam Financial's National Radio Show "Money Evolution" He will specialize in wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution strategies.

When asked why he choose Katam Financial he responded "My whole personal & professional life has been focused on helping people. This business relationship brings unique financial tools and exclusive resources to handle the diverse needs of current and future clients. I am excited about the possibilities that this relationship presents".

Savage began his financial service career just short of a decade ago after 20 years in the US Air Force. He has been actively involved with Habitat for Humanity and is currently a Volunteer Coordinator. His involvement with Springfield Methodist church dates back to 1982 and he is currently Chairman of the Administrative Council. He also spent 14 years with scouting and youth sports. He has been married for 36 years to his bride Mary and has three children and five grandchildren.

When the president of Katam Financial, Matt Marshall, was asked about the appointment of Earl Savage he responded "Earl has always placed the needs of his clients first. He brings valuable experience, the utmost integrity, and tremendous financial strategy execution. He is a great addition to our firm and our National Radio Show, 'Money Evolution' " on www. healthylife. net at 3pm (CST) on Mondays.  

Katam Financial & Wealth Services is known for "Guiding Retirees With Respect To Understanding Defining and Achieving Retirement Objectives". They are also home to National Radio Show “Money Evolution” on www. healthylife. net. and a leading provider of the Asset Cycle Portfolio.

Special Limited Time Offer - To Request a FREE Report “10 Biggest Mistakes People When It Comes To Their Retirement” (While Supplies last?) call their Toll Free Consumer Hotline at 1-877-452-2245 or for a Free initial Consultation call 402-478-5638 (ask for his assistant Machelle).

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Optimetra President to Present at 2005 MHPOA Annual Meeting; Will Provide Insight on RFP Analysis for Medicaid Health Plans

Optimetra President to Present at 2005 MHPOA Annual Meeting; Will Provide Insight on RFP Analysis for Medicaid Health Plans

Optimetra President, Dave Kumpf, will help Medicaid managed care plans make better bid/no-bid decisions with a category-based approach to Request For Proposal (RFP) analysis.

Monument, CO (PRWEB) August 25, 2005

David Kumpf, President and Key Consultant for Optimetra, has been invited to speak at the Inaugural Annual Meeting of The Medicaid Health Plans of America which will be held in Uncasville, Connecticut from October 24-27,2005.

This event brings together senior health plan executives, policy-makers, physician leaders, federal and state representatives, and other industry experts. They will share experiences, insights, and best practices, giving particular focus to the paramount issue of Medicaid reform.

The struggle to contain state Medicaid costs has resulted in an increasingly fierce competitive landscape for Medicaid managed care contracts. Bidding on such contracts is expensive and time-consuming for health plans, but winning can be very lucrative and in some cases, even critical. The timelines for Medicaid managed care procurements are frequently very tight which gives the bidder precious little time to analyze what is often a voluminous RFP. However, quickly "skimming" an RFP can cause an analyst to overlook key requirements and referenced information. Such oversight could easily result in a disastrous bid/no-bid decision.

David's presentation will provide health plans with valuable insight about how to quickly, but effectively, "digest" complex Medicaid managed care RFPs. He will demonstrate how to identify and categorize the primary elements that drive a bid/no-bid decision on a particular contract opportunity. Doing so does not eliminate the need for the analyst – the individual who will review the RFP – to conduct an in-depth review. It does, however, help ensure that all of the important factors are identified and presented to the decision team in an unambiguous way.

About Optimetra, Inc.

Optimetra, Inc. is a nationwide leader in business capture management solutions focused on serving the needs of public sector and commercial healthcare companies. Customers enhance their competitive advantage by calling upon Optimetra to provide healthcare proposal expertise and leadership. Optimetra leverages B&P budgets by conducting early and intelligent RFP analysis; quickly and effectively guiding proposal teams to consensus throughout the proposal development process; and providing seasoned proposal developers with many years of healthcare business development experience. Founded in 1997, Optimetra is based in Monument, CO. For more information on Optimetra, visit www. optimetra. com or call 719.964.2323.

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Graduating Seniors Must Establish Healthy Money Management Habits to Ensure Future Success

Graduating Seniors Must Establish Healthy Money Management Habits to Ensure Future Success

The money management habits that young adults implement in their first few years of independence are critical to their future financial security. CareOne Credit Counseling offers advice for the next generation of young adults.

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) May 23, 2007

The transition from college student to working professional in the "real world" can be scary. As twentysomethings face overwhelming choices about career, home, social networks and other adult responsibilities, the one challenge they must tackle immediately is their finances. It's now time to see if that baby bird can fly on its own.

In 2004, 83 percent of undergraduate college students had at least one credit card in their name with an average outstanding balance of over $2,300, according to Creditcards. com. That amount on top of student loan debt is intimidating to anyone -- especially those on an entry-level salary.

"Now's the time for graduating seniors to start out the right foot," says Clarky Davis, CareOne Credit Counseling Services spokesperson. "The money management habits that young adults implement in their first few years of independence are critical to their future financial security."

CareOne offers the following tips as starting points for young adults who want to successfully support themselves without digging into debt or getting a handout from Mom and Dad.

O Manage your expectations -- Don't expect to start this chapter of your life at the same comfort level your parents have or better. You're just starting out, and it took them 15-20 years to establish themselves at their current financial level.

O Keep your expenses low -- Now's the time to live on a shoestring while you're establishing your career. Share an apartment with friends to save on living expenses. Learn to cook to save money by not eating out. Skip expensive vacations and take advantage of free entertainment events available in your town. Be creative to live a lifestyle within your means.

O Payoff any student loan or credit card debt -- The most important thing you can do to accomplish this goal, is to always make your payments on time without incurring any additional debt. To really get this monkey off your back, you should try to make more than the required minimum monthly payment. This will speed up the time it takes you to get out of debt and reduce the total cost of debt you generate from finance charges.

O Invest in your company's 401K -- When you get settled into your first job, invest in your company's 401(k) plan and never touch the money until you retire. You'll be amazed at how the money will grow and what a difference it makes by starting your retirement savings at a young age

O Don't use credit cards -- Live within your means. If you want to buy something, but need to put use a credit card credit, then you can't really afford it. Be patient. Rewards are much sweeter when they are earned.

O Write it down -- It's hard to keep track of all those transaction receipts, so keep a financial journal of all expenditures. You will be amazed at the little things that you blow your money on. By writing down what you're spending, you can create a budget that works for you, and you won't get in trouble by spending more than you earn.

CareOne is the industry's leading debt management program (http://www. careonecredit. com) brand, linking consumers together with agencies that provide customized solutions, 24-hour account access, electronic payment options, strict privacy controls and ongoing support and counseling.

Contact Information:
Clarky Davis, Spokesperson
CareOne Credit Counseling Services
8930 Stanford Blvd
Columbia, MD 21045


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

TriWest Healthcare Alliance Joins CGSC Foundation to Support Military Leader Education

TriWest Healthcare Alliance Joins CGSC Foundation to Support Military Leader Education

TriWest Healthcare Alliance is donating $550,000 to the Command and General Staff College Foundation (CGSCF) in support of a new lecture series named after the famed retired general and former Secretary of State, Colin L. Powell. The lecture series will enhance the education of U. S. military and international officer students at the U. S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. McIntyre announced the gift at a foundation board of trustees dinner Feb. 12.

Fort Leavenworth, Kan (PRWEB) February 15, 2008

David J. McIntyre, President and CEO of TriWest Healthcare Alliance, announced TriWest's commitment to provide the CGSC Foundation with a $550,000 gift in support of a new lecture series named after the famed retired general and former Secretary of State, Colin L. Powell. McIntyre announced the gift at a foundation dinner Feb. 12.

"This gift is tremendously significant for this new program," said Lt. Gen. Robert Arter (U. S. Army, Ret.), chairman of the board of trustees of the Command and General Staff College Foundation (CGSCF). "TriWest's generous support allows the Foundation to honor this great Soldier-Statesman by inviting prominent national and international dignitaries to contribute to the education of our nation's military leaders as part of the Powell lecture series."

The CGSC Foundation is still finalizing details for the program and according to Col. Bob Ulin (U. S. Army Ret.), the CGSCF chief executive officer; the Foundation will work with the U. S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) to begin the program this year. Ulin also said having corporate partners who are intimately involved with the education of the military officers and future leaders of our nation is critical and contributes to the foundation's community outreach program.

"TriWest is proud of this new relationship with the CGSC Foundation and the ability to honor one of our great American leaders--Colin Powell--to perpetuate his legacy," said McIntyre. "We support service members and their families each and every day as part of our normal duties of healthcare administration, but contributing to the education of our nation's military leadership provides us with a different kind of opportunity to help assure the health and welfare of our troops."

TriWest is the U. S. Department of Defense's contractor for management of the TRICARE health entitlement program available to active duty military members, their families, retirees and retirees' families. When health care cannot be provided at a military installation, TriWest connects families with an extensive network of more than 129,000 community physicians, hospitals and other health care providers in the 21-state TRICARE West Region. For more information visit www. triwest. com.

The CGSC Foundation was established December 28, 2005 as a tax-exempt, non-profit private corporation. Programs supported by the Foundation include awards for the students and faculty, support for symposia, conferences, lectures, and community outreach activities that help connect the American people to their Army. For more information about the Foundation and how to become involved, visit www. cgscfoundation. org.


National Association of Chronic Disease Directors Urges Congress to Confirm Sebelius as United States Secretary of Health and Human Services

National Association of Chronic Disease Directors Urges Congress to Confirm Sebelius as United States Secretary of Health and Human Services

Chronic Disease Directors Commend Governor's Leadership in Health Care Issues and Urge Focus on Chronic Disease in Future Reform Efforts The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) urges Congressional members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee and the Senate Finance Committee, to confirm Kansas Governor, Kathleen Sebelius, as United States Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Altanta, GA (PRWEB) March 31, 2009

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) urges Congressional members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee and the Senate Finance Committee, to confirm Kansas Governor, Kathleen Sebelius, as United States Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

"As Congress and the President contemplate major reforms to address our nation's most pressing health care needs, including chronic disease prevention and management, our nation's public health agency needs a leader," said John Robitscher, Executive Director of NACDD. "As governor of Kansas, and throughout her career in public service, Kathleen Sebelius has prioritized health care issues and proven to be a leader and an advocate for health reform. We hope Congress will move with appropriate speed to confirm Gov. Sebelius and provide HHS with a strong voice in the debate on providing quality, affordable health care to all Americans."

For two decades, NACDD has linked nearly 1,500 public health officials from every state and U. S. territory to advocate for preventive policies and programs, at the national, state and local levels, to reduce the rates of chronic diseases.

More than 45 percent of Americans, or 133 million people, have at least one chronic disease. Chronic disease is the leading U. S. killer: Seven out of 10 people, or more than 1.7 million, die of a chronic disease and five chronic diseases - heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes - cause more than two-thirds of all deaths each year. More than 70 percent of all U. S. health care costs relate to chronic diseases, and with much of that cost being preventable.

"Fixing the country's badly broken health care system will require a commitment from Congress, the White House and Health and Human Services to move forward with an aggressive plan for comprehensive health reform," said David Hoffman, Chair of NACDD's Legislative & Policy Committee. "Our members are confident in the abilities of Gov. Sebelius to lead this charge, and we look forward to working with her to ensure a focus on addressing the rising rates of chronic disease.

About the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD):
The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) is a national public health association for chronic disease program directors of each state and U. S. territory. The NACDD works to reduce the impact of chronic diseases on the American population by advocating for preventative policies and programs, encouraging sharing of knowledge and developing partnerships for health promotion. (www. chronicdisease. org).


Clear Indexes Announces Quarterly Rebalance of the Clear Mid Cap Growth Index

Clear Indexes Announces Quarterly Rebalance of the Clear Mid Cap Growth Index

Clear Indexes LLC, which creates custom indexes for investment product design and individually tailored benchmarks for institutions, family offices, trusts and endowments, announces its quarterly rebalancing of the Clear Mid Cap Growth Index (Amex: CLRMCG).

New York (PRWEB) October 1, 2007

Clear Indexes LLC, which creates custom indexes for investment product design and individually tailored benchmarks for institutions, family offices, trusts and endowments, announces its quarterly rebalancing of the Clear Mid Cap Growth Index (Amex: CLRMCG).

Effective October 1, 2007, the following stocks will be added to the Clear Mid Cap Growth Index:


Additionally, effective October 1, 2007, the following stocks will be removed from the Index:


The 50 stocks in the Clear Mid Cap Growth Index are selected from the universe of mid cap growth companies based on Clear’s proprietary multifactor models.

Clear Indexes LLC has granted Claymore Advisors the rights to license the Clear Mid Cap Growth Index for the creation of the Claymore/Clear Mid Cap Growth ETF (MCG). The Fund seeks investment results that correspond generally to the performance of the Clear Mid Cap Growth Index before fees and expenses. Claymore Securities, Inc. acts as the distribution agent for the Fund. Neither Claymore Advisors nor Claymore Securities has any involvement with the ongoing administration of the Index.

About Clear Indexes LLC
Clear Indexes LLC creates and publishes custom indexes using a combination of qualitative research and quantitative methodologies. Clear Indexes designs custom indexes to quantitatively measure specific market segments. The indexes are used for custom institutional benchmarks and investment product design. Clear Indexes is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clear Asset Management Inc. For more information, please see www. clearindexes. com.


Monday, August 23, 2004

Goodale and Tolley: A California "Team" That is Creating Championships For Entrepreneurs

Goodale and Tolley: A California "Team" That is Creating Championships For Entrepreneurs

The Strength of Skills & Friendship is Recreating the Definition of Success via a Unique Business Model Introduced by California's Top Entrepreneur Duo.

Redding, CA (PRWEB) August 21, 2008

The decade of the 1980's in the NFL was defined by the talents of Jerry Rice and Joe Montana... the lethal offensive combo that helped the San Francisco 49ers capture 4 Super Bowl titles. And in the year 2008 another California combination is creating Championships for Entrepreneurs with their Innovative Health and Wellness business model. "I coached high school sports and when you have in place talent and teamwork it normally leads to success. That defines what is unfolding in life with the help of my long time partner Jerret Goodale," said Redding native Ryan Tolley.

Goodale and Tolley have combined (www. SuccessGT. com) a similar personal and business background as their driving force to create long term success for team members. "Both Ryan and myself truly would be considered self made success stories," said Goodale, "as I was raised by a single mother who inspired me early in life and made me understand that hard work and honesty are the keystones to creating a successful life path. I had full time jobs starting at age 15 and thru the guidance of my grandfather I learned early to handle my money with care thru investments. My life changed when I began attending Life Empowerment Training and truly embraced the entrepreneur spirit. Thru an associate I was introduced to her husband Ryan Tolley. There was an instant bonding experience that led to working as a team. After refining our leadership techniques through the teachings of a Great Mentor, who had owned companies in China, Mexico and Africa we decided it was time to take our skills and leadership capabilities and form a business model where we could create success for everyone we touched... From the feedback of our recent rollout I am proud to say that that goal has been achieved with flying colors."

The success that Goodale and Tolley have seen early on in their newest business is based around a growing health issue that is reaching unseen levels in the United States. "Facts hurt but this country has become very obese," said Tolley, "as estimates have 64% of the United States adult population are overweight. We have a business model (www. skinnybodyfatwallet. com) in place that offers the answer to this challenging problem. The core product is a gastric bulking agent designed to work with water which expands in the stomach naturally signaling the brain that the stomach is full. Not only does one control eating habits, but it will also reduce the hunger associated with weight loss regimens which target meal portion size. By partially filling the stomach before meals it will help reduce overeating, thus creating portion control. The benefits are incredible... it is the first product of its nature to hit the marketplace, it contains no drugs or stimulants, it works 100% of the time, and it will effect the lives of millions in a very positive manner. Losing weight is a challenge for many and that challenge is a thing of the past for our clients with a product and company destined to become the MICROSOFT of the Weight Loss Industry."

Goodale and Tolley have created a home for entrepreneurs tired of chasing dreams with no results. "Ryan and Jerret are a true inspiration to work with as their success has carried over to inspiring myself and many others on a daily basis," said business parter of 3 years Jeremy Robison, "and the great part is having the resource of such an experienced support team to just a call away." And for Tolley the "Triple Crown" offering in place is what is quickly separating their program from the competition, as Life changing products, an unbeatable coaching support and a core of top notch marketing leaders is helping to create instant success stories. "We build our business models around the same concept used to create championship sports teams... talent, coaching and top line management that work together for a common goal," said Tolley.

With a product that is redefining standards in a $75 billion dollar per year industry, bodies are changing physically every day and so are bank accounts. "Ryan and myself are looking for entrepreneurs that want an opportunity to partner with a proven support team and a revolutionary company in order to create a long term business relationship based on a common vision. Our management team is top notch and our funding is what other startup business ventures dream about," said Goodale. "Opportunities are not lost... they are taken by someone else."

Mr. Tolley and Mr. Mr. Goodale available to handle all questions @:
1-530-410-6562 / ryan@skinnybodyfatwallet. com 1-530-917-0249 / jerret@skinnybodyfatwallet. com


Sunday, August 22, 2004

It’s a 1099 World, Baby

It’s a 1099 World, Baby

Knowledge and experience is being downsized right and left in Corporate America, but the younger generations are seeking coaches and consultants like never before. If “Knowledge is Power,” Corporate America will want a piece of this power. It is just a matter of time before they turn back to the old ways, and seek the guidance of “the wise elders;” those now known as the “phased retired” Baby Boomer.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) December 7, 2005 -–

No matter where you look - - you cannot help but notice the impact Baby Boomers (some 76 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964) have in just about every facet of life. According to Business Week magazine, Baby Boomers have “transformed social, political, and marketplace themes; transforming lifestages and consumer trends”. In particular, leading edge workforce trends are being set by this significant demographic which currently forms 28% of the U. S. population today.

Boomers Today - What’s Happening? (Source Fortune Magazine May 16, 2005) –In his cover article “50 and Fired!”, author John Helyar sheds light on current and upcoming workforce changes. From 2002 to 2012, the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of 35-to-44-year-olds in the labor forces will decline by 3.8 million, while the number of available 55-to-64-year-olds will increase by 8.3 million. Encouraging his clients to not start their corporate job searches but instead, start or buy their own business (assuming they have the requisite cash, skills, and attitude); John McDorman (an outplacement counselor in Dallas) is basically doing his part to ease people into their next life stage: involuntary entrepreneurship, stating “Your W-2 days are over, it’s a 1099 world now.”

Boomers in the Future (Source: Princeton Survey Research Associates International and Civic Ventures) – No doubt Baby Boomers will reshape the concept of “retirement”. Civic Ventures (an organization that “works to transform the aging of America into a source of individual and social renewal”) published the results of the New Face of Work Survey in June 2005. The findings show that half of all Americans age 50 to 70 want jobs that contribute to the greater good now and in retirement; particularly jobs in education, healthcare and social services. With an eye on careers that focus on people, purpose, and community; 57 percent say it’s very important that the job provide them a sense of purpose.

There will be significant changes in the workforce once Baby Boomers begin to retire; but they will not disappear from the work environment altogether. The “1099 World” will be where many Boomers transition to during phased retirement as they enter a period of performing “good work”. With a significant gap in experience between the current generation of leaders and that of the future; the benefit of experience Baby Boomers possess will increase in value as organizations realize that their own future success relies on the enlistment of “phase-retired” boomers as part time “wise elder” (consultant) to help mentor the next generation of leaders.

About Rinker & Associates

Rinker and Associates is focused on business advancement and career transition. Servicing people who are planning their next career step or re-entry to the workforce; Rinker and Associates specializes in the niche market comprised of “Baby Boomers.”

# # #

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Personality Test Troubles and Medical Care Costs Rank Among July's Most Popular Topics at HR Directory

Personality Test Troubles and Medical Care Costs Rank Among July's Most Popular Topics at HR Directory

Professionals continue to use HRmarketer. com's online home for thousands of white papers, blogs, podcasts, videos, company profiles and other research

Capitola, Calif. (PRWEB) July 29, 2009

Troubles with personality tests and saving money on medical plans were two of the five most requested topics in July from the HR Directory's White Papers section.

A popular online destination for human resource professionals, HRmarketer. com's HR Directory (http://www. hrmarketer. com/community/) contains a "White Papers Plus" section with thousands of white papers, articles, videos, blogs, podcasts, webcasts and research. July's five most popular resources include:
The Trouble With Personality Tests - HR Chally Group (White Paper) American Medical Review - Ameriplan USA (Video) Emotional Intelligence: What's New, What's True - The TRACOM Group (White Paper) Strategic Method for More Accurate Talent Management Decisions - HR Chally Group (White Paper) Best Practices in Talent Management: Factors in ATS Selection - nowHIRE. com (White Paper)

Located at http://www. hrmarketer. com/community (http://www. hrmarketer. com/community), the HRmarketer. com HR Directory helps HR suppliers showcase their companies and share their expertise with the professional HR community. The site is visited by thousands of decision makers monthly and includes five major sections: the HR Buyers Guide, HR White Papers Plus, HR Forms and Templates, HR News and HR Discussion Boards.

The directory also allows human resource and employee benefit vendors (http://www. hrmarketer. com/community/) to build interactive company profiles and syndicate their content. Since a vendor's content is hyperlinked to their Web site, it helps HR suppliers improve their search engine optimization (SEO) and generate sales leads.

The five most accessed vendor profiles in July included:

Accurate Background, Inc. - Background screening solutions.

Arbita - Recruitment marketing technology.

LifeCare, Inc. - Health and productivity solutions to employers

Cornerstone OnDemand - On-demand, integrated talent management solutions.

NowHIRE. com - applicant tracking and I-9 compliance systems for companies.

"HR decision makers are looking for sources of information they can trust to help them do their job better and more efficiently," said Kevin Grossman, president of HRmarketer. com, the company that owns The HR Directory. "They typically turn to the Internet first. Having great content increases the likelihood of your company showing up on search results - and of prospects finding you first."

HR suppliers and those interested in adding white papers, webcasts and research are invited to visit http://www. hrmarketer. com/community/ (http://www. hrmarketer. com/community/).

About Fisher Vista, LLC
Fisher Vista, LLC, is a marketing and information services firm focusing on the human resources and health care industries. HRmarketer. com, the company's flagship application, is the largest online marketing and PR service in the human capital industry. A similar service, SeniorCareMarketer. com, was introduced to the health care market in 2009. Both help companies get noticed and get sales leads through increased publicity, website traffic and improved search engine rankings.

Media Contact:
Elrond Lawrence, media relations

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.




Webify Solutions, the company that pioneered Business Services Networks, announced today that Conway Regional Physician Hospital Organization (CRPHO) has selected Webify ClaimsNetTM on-demand applications for Claims Lifecycle Management.

(PRWEB) August 7, 2003

Webify Solutions, the company that pioneered Business Services Networks, announced today that Conway Regional Physician Hospital Organization (CRPHO) has selected Webify ClaimsNetTM on-demand applications for Claims Lifecycle Management.

CRPHO represents 60 clinics and 125 physicians in the Central Arkansas area with a membership that includes Conway area physicians and Conway Regional Medical Center. CRPHO members can use Webify ClaimsNet to directly connect and collaborate with health insurance payers for critical business processes such as claims submission, validation, and electronic remittance advice thereby reducing costs, improving revenue management, and ensuring HIPAA compliance.

"Webify ClaimsNet provides us with a comprehensive solution for claims lifecycle management. Not only does the solution enable us to submit HIPAA compliant claims to our payers who receive electronically submitted claims, it provides us with complete claims visibility and delivers electronics remittance advice directly, significantly improving revenue management, while reducing costs," said Bobby Riggs, director of Conway Regional Physicians Hospital Organization. "Webify Business Services Networks bring clinics and hospitals closer to the payers, delivering value added services that will truly transform the administration of healthcare claims."

Healthcare payers and providers are looking for strategic alternatives to expensive claims clearinghouses, which mostly provide limited claims editing, formatting, and delivery services. In a recent report by Forrester Research, Healthcare plans stated that they are looking to establish direct connections with the providers, increasing the level of collaboration, and reducing the dominance of the national clearinghouses.

“We welcome the Conway hospitals and clinics to the Webify ClaimsNet Business Services Network, and look forward to working with them and driving new services that further collaboration between payers and providers,” said Manoj Saxena, chairman and CEO of Webify Solutions. “The selection of Webify ClaimsNet by Conway Regional PHO demonstrates the value of providing low cost, HIPAA compliant, direct connections between payers and providers systems to improve provider revenue cycle management and reduce a good portion of the annual $250 billion the industry spends nationwide on healthcare transactions.”


Webify ClaimsNetTM, the industryÂ’s first open software solution for Claims Lifecycle Management, enables the automation of claims management processes across thousands of payer and provider organizations, connecting disparate systems and driving real-time collaboration between payer and provider organizations.

WebifyÂ’s ClaimsNet on-demand applications replace the inefficient tangle of phone and paper-based transactions between healthcare payers and physician offices with an on-demand, HIPAA compliant business services for core processes such as claims submission, claims status inquiry, eligibility verification, and claims reconciliation management. For more information about Webify ClaimsNet and Business Services Networks, please visit http://www. webifysolutions. com/healthcare (http://www. webifysolutions. com/healthcare).


The Conway Regional Physician Hospital Organization (CRPHO) is a non-profit organization with a membership that includes 125 Conway area physicians and Conway Regional Medical Center. The CRPHO provides a patient-centered, provider-focused and cost conscious network of care for the Central Arkansas area. Its objectives are:

· To contract with competitive managed care organizations,

· To improve communications between healthcare providers, the community and managed care organizations,

· To offer services to increase the practice efficiency and effectiveness of its members, and

· To coordinate utilization improvement activities throughout the healthcare spectrum.


Webify Solutions pioneered the market for Business Services Networks and is the leading provider of loosely-coupled applications for the healthcare, financial services, and high technology manufacturing industries. WebifyÂ’s solutions connect systems, processes, and people within and across enterprises, to dramatically reduce costs and generate new revenue streams.

Webify Solutions was founded in early 2002 by an elite team of software and industry executives, to deliver the next generation of enterprise software with Business Services Networks. Since its inception, Webify has launched successful Business Services Networks and associated on-demand applications for healthcare, financial services, and high technology manufacturing industries, which are delivering dramatic results for leaders in the industries.

Privately held Webify Solutions is based in Austin, TX and Mountain View, CA, and is backed by premier technology and financial partners. Visit http://www. webifysolutions. com (http://www. webifysolutions. com) or call 1-866-4WEBIFY for more information.

Friday, August 20, 2004

If Your New Year's Resolution is Losing Weight, Don't Talk to This Fitness Expert

If Your New Year's Resolution is Losing Weight, Don't Talk to This Fitness Expert

In a surprise turnaround on the typical New Year's resolution, Anthony Ellis says he's going to gain weight using many of the same strategies people use to lose.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 18, 2006

On every corner, in every store, on every magazine cover, and in whatever direction you turn, people are obsessed with weight loss. When the clock struck 2006, nearly one in four Americans made a New Year's resolution to start a diet this January and drop some of those "holiday pounds."

No wonder fitness expert Anthony Ellis feels like an anomaly. His resolution: to gain weight, and to help others do the same.

Ellis isn't a contrarian, or someone who thinks that "fat" is fabulous. Quite the contrary. "Fat is a killer," he says emphatically. "It puts a strain on just about every organ of the body and leads to more life-threatening illnesses than I can count."

Some of the Diseases Linked to Fat in the Body

Heart disease Stroke Diabetes Cancer Gallstones Osteoarthritis Gout High blood cholesterol High blood pressure

"But lean muscle," he continues, "that's the kind of weight we should all be gaining!" And although his personal journey has been one of helping hard-gainers like himself add lean muscle mass, Ellis notes, "Many of the key principles at the heart of my weight gain techniques are the pillars of many of the most popular weight loss programs as well."

In 1998, Ellis resolved to transform his perpetually too-thin physique into something bigger…something better. He already knew the unhealthy consequences that occurred with the quick fix provided by steroids, and he was aware of the problems that come with simply packing on pounds by becoming a carbohydrate-eating coach potato.

So the self-proclaimed "98-lb. weakling" decided to embark on a personal voyage of discovery and creation. He dedicated himself to finding the best way to gain lean muscle mass and to creating a system that would help him avoid the nightmarish side-effects of chemicals and bad eating. He "woke up" -- just 12 weeks after he began his carefully researched regimen -- to a dream come true…

He was able to add 32 pounds of pure muscle mass to his frame without steroids, fad diets, or bogus supplements.

"People who meet me think that I'm exaggerating, but I'm not," says Ellis who notes that he posts his "before and after" pictures online at http://www. fastmusclegain. com (http://www. fastmusclegain. com), a website dedicated to helping hard gainers gain lean muscle mass through a healthy, integrated program of diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation.

For adding lean muscle mass, Ellis promotes a three-part program of diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation. "They're the same three areas that people trying to lose weight need to focus on, too."

A key difference between eating to gain and eating to lose is the calorie-content of foods. "Hard gainers need to choose calorie-rich foods from each of the food groups," he says, "Whereas as people trying to lose weight need to go to the other end of the spectrum.

Despite this difference, Ellis says that there are an amazing number of "intersections" between dieting to gain and dieting to lose.


Medical Practices and Companies Can Earn Sizable Profits by Joining the Estrofil Menopause Supplement Distributor or Affiliate Programs

Medical Practices and Companies Can Earn Sizable Profits by Joining the Estrofil Menopause Supplement Distributor or Affiliate Programs

Medical practices, companies and bloggers now have the opportunity to earn sizable profits and high commissions by joining the distributor or affiliate programs for Estrofil – a new all-natural plant-based menopause supplement from BIOTX Limited. Natural remedies for women are becoming popular in the rapidly growing field of women’s natural healthcare. However, Estrofil is different than other natural remedies for women addressing hot flashes and menopause symptoms because it safely encourages a woman’s endocrine system to naturally regulate proper hormone levels. In addition, Estrofil is safe because it is not estrogen and doesn’t contain risky phyto-estrogens like Soy – yet is more effective than other herbal remedies for women containing Black Cohosh.

Seattle, WA (Vocus) August 11, 2010

Natural remedies for women coping with menopause hot flashes are becoming popular in the rapidly growing field of women’s natural healthcare. Now medical practices, companies and bloggers seeking the best new herbal remedies for menopause to offer their customers have a new, healthy and effective menopause supplement choice – Estrofil from BIOTX Limited – http://www. estrofil. com (http://www. estrofil. com). For the first time, BIOTX Limited is offering medical practices, companies and bloggers the opportunity to earn sizable profits as an Estrofil distributor or 25% commission per sale of Estrofil as an affiliate.

Estrofil is unique - its plant-based ingredients safely encourage a woman’s endocrine system to naturally regulate proper hormone levels. This is what distinguishes Estrofil from other natural menopause remedies. As an added benefit, Estrofil is the only menopause supplement that offers many of the advantages of hormone replacement therapy without the risks. Estrofil is not estrogen or hormone replacement therapy. Unlike Black Cohosh, which doesn’t work for all women and has been surrounded by controversy, Wild Yam, which has an active phyto-estrogen, and Soy, which can cause weight gain in menopausal women and suppress thyroid function – only Estrofil’s ingredients have been proven to be safe after hundreds of years of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Estrofil does not contain phyto-estrogens and is safer than prescription-based Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Estrofil’s Distributor Program - http://www. estrofil. com/distributor-program-signup. html (http://www. estrofil. com/distributor-program-signup. html) includes the following:
 Wholesale pricing on all orders  Low minimum purchase requirements  Free advertising on the Estrofil website  Reciprocal website linking on the Estrofil website

To get started earning 25% commission per sale with the Estrofil Affiliate Program go to http://www. estrofil. com/affiliate-program. html (http://www. estrofil. com/affiliate-program. html) and:

 Click on the bottom button that says “Join Estrofil Affiliate Program” and complete the online application.  Wait for approval notification.  Add banners or text ads to your website, e-newsletter or email campaigns.  Get paid when someone who learned about Estrofil through your web traffic makes a purchase.  Affiliate partners will continue to earn residual commissions for all the additional sales coming from a customer that they referred for up to 180 days.

The company is also offering a new Partner Links page where companies, products and services can request a reciprocal link to boost their website traffic.

A 90-day supply of Estrofil is MSRP $99 plus shipping. Visit http://www. estrofil. com (http://www. estrofil. com) for more information or join Estrofil on Twitter at http://twitter. com/estrofil (http://twitter. com/estrofil).

About BIOTX Limited
Founded in 2004, BIOTX Limited manufactures and develops new dietary supplements based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The company works closely with the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in developing its proprietary formulations and produces dietary supplements under the strictest quality standards.

Media Contact:
Ria Romano, Partner
RPR Public Relations, Inc.
Tel. 786-290-6413


Join First Candle/SIDS Alliance as They "Light" the Way to a Future Where All Babies Survive and Thrive

Join First Candle/SIDS Alliance as They "Light" the Way to a Future Where All Babies Survive and Thrive

On this day, in communities across America, expectant moms will feel their babyÂ’s first kick; parents will listen joyfully to their newbornÂ’s first cry; and families will celebrate the birthday of a healthy baby. - Also on this day, seven babies will be lost to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS); more than 70 new parents will have listened sadly to their stillborn babyÂ’s silence; and countless lives will be lost to miscarriage and other sudden, unexpected infant deaths. First Candle/SIDS Alliance is working to provide every baby with the best possible change to survive and thrive.

(PRWEB) October 11, 2004

October is SIDS/Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and First Candle/SIDS Alliance (the nationÂ’s leading organization dedicated to infant health and survival) is joining forces with individuals, local and national member organizations, as well as corporate and retail partners to increase awareness about these tragic causes of infant death. Individuals can show their support by lighting a candle at 7:00 pm on Friday, October 15 to celebrate the lives of the thousands of babies that have died this past year. Contributions are also being solicited to support the organizationÂ’s bereavement programs and services.

“It is our goal at First Candle to make it possible for every baby to celebrate not only their first birthday, but many happy birthdays beyond,” says Dr. Marian Sokol, president of First Candle. “By expanding our mission to include stillbirth and other causes of infant death, we will be taking the knowledge that we have gained in reducing SIDS rates nationwide by nearly 60 percent and using it to save even more precious lives.”

Despite this tremendous success, SIDS remains the leading cause of death for infants one month to one year of age. According to recent statistics, the majority of SIDS and accidental suffocation deaths are occurring in unsafe sleep conditions. First Candle reminds parents and caregivers of the importance of providing a safe sleep area for their baby. “With education alone, we know we can save many more lives,” says Sokol. To learn more about safe sleep and other ways to help your baby survive and thrive, visit the First Candle website at www. firstcandle. org.

In addition to promoting infant health and survival, the organization supports medical research into causes and/or cures for SIDS, Stillbirth and other infant deaths. Until recently, stillbirth research was almost nonexistent. Thanks to funding at the National Institutes of Health and organizations like First Candle and the International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) there is now an international movement to try and understand and prevent stillbirth deaths. “It is with research that we stand to gain the most in our search to find the answers families so desperately need,” says Laura Reno, Director of Public Affairs for First Candle. “Until we find the answers, we must keep the flame burning.”

First Candle/SIDS Alliance is a national, nonprofit, health organization dedicated to promoting infant health and survival during the prenatal period through age two with programs of advocacy, education and research; while at the same time providing compassionate grief support to those experiencing an infant death. For more information on helping babies survive and thrive, to access local support services or to make a donation, please call 1.800.221.7437 or visit www. firstcandle. org

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Darst & Associates, Inc. Announce Alliance With Simentra

Darst & Associates, Inc. Announce Alliance With Simentra

Simentra's International Sales Acceleration Services added to Darst & Associates' Guidance Services

BOSTON, MA; SAN JOSE, CA; ULSTER, Northern Ireland (PRWEB) November 4, 2004

Massachusetts based Darst & Associates, Inc., an internationally recognized performance leader in sales guidance, education, competency and turnarounds announced today an alliance with Simentra. Simentra provides international business acceleration services through unique sales, marketing and business development programs utilizing a global network of sales executives, partners and associates.

The addition of Simentra's international acceleration services to Darst & Associates' existing array of sales guidance services is part of an ongoing expansion designed to provide customers with a single source for sales performance improvement. Companies will now be able to see immediate results in their domestic and international sales efforts.

"We are thrilled to add Simentra's experience and capabilities to our portfolio of services," said Michael Darst, president and CEO of Darst & Associates, Inc. "We have always had a strong international focus, but Simentra gives customers an immediate entry point into additional key technology markets around the world. We have a solid reputation as an objective and trusted business advisor, and we continue to expand our capabilities to meet our customers' needs. With Simentra, we don't just offer lip service to help you sell domestically or internationally, we offer the services to make it happen."

Darst & Associates and Simentra will concentrate on international sales acceleration for technology companies, academic institutions, commercial incubators, science parks, technology transfer programs, and government trade departments. All engagements include tailored services, disciplined project management, focused campaigns, and measurable revenue points. The ultimate goal is for the Darst & Associates/Simentra alliance is to deliver accelerated growth, with minimal risk.

"Darst & Associates is an outstanding partner," said Steve Palladino, Managing Director, Simentra, USA. “Our alliance with them is designed to add further support to Simentra's world class clients who must perform fast in today market or get left behind. Darst & Associate's sales guidance, education and turnaround services are a natural fit with Simentra's sales acceleration services and this now creates a unbeatable suite of services designed to create sales results, momentum and profitability."

"Our alliance with Simentra is based on complementary strengths," said Darst. "For those organizations struggling with the complexity of generating sales, we offer a complete package of services, knowledge, experience, and direction. Our combined strengths truly offers accelerated growth, with minimal risk."

The geographic scope of this alliance includes the US, Canada, Europe, South America, South Africa, and the Pacific Rim. Darst & Associates and Simentra will offer acceleration services in the following business sectors:

Life Sciences




Medical devices

Cancer research


Digital Industries






New media



Business Services

Offshore financial services


High tech incubation

Customer contact centers

Shared services centers

Science parks

Educational/commercial partnerships

About Darst & Associates http://www. darstinc. com (http://www. darstinc. com)
Founded in 1985, Darst & Associates assists customers in building and maintaining profitable momentum. Their sales guidance services, sales education programs and sales turnaround services are customer-focused, practitioner-based, P&L driven, and tailored to specific customer environments. Darst & Associates maintains a global perspective by serving multinational corporations in a wide range of industry and service sectors. ...because performance is reality...

About Simentra http://www. simentra. com (http://www. simentra. com)
Simentra is a business acceleration company dedicated to providing a cost effective, low risk and fast route to domestic or international sales revenues. Simentra has Business Acceleration Centres in San Jose, California; Sydney, Australia; Sandton, South Africa, and Bracknell, Berkshire UK. A Simentra Business Resource Centre is located with the Technology, Engineering and Innovation Centre at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. minimizing risk, accelerating growth


Michael Darst


Darst & Associates, Inc.

175 Derby Street, Suite 12

Hingham, MA 02043

Tel: 781-740-4606

Email: mdarst@darstinc. com

Web: http://www. darstinc. com (http://www. darstinc. com)

Steve Palladino

Managing Director, Americas

Simentra USA

111 N. Market Street, Suite 600

San Jose, CA 95113

Tel: 707-537-1798

Email: steve. palladino@simentra. com

Web: http://www. simentra. com (http://www. simentra. com)

Gareth White

Founder, Managing Director

Simentra Ltd.

Technology, Engineering and Innovation Centre

University of Ulster

Jordanstown, N. Ireland BT37 0QB

Tel: 44 2890 930 093

Email: gareth. white@simentra. com

Web: http://www. simentra. com (http://www. simentra. com)


Morehead Associates Inc. Wins Contract with Premier for Employee and Physician Engagement Surveys

Morehead Associates Inc. Wins Contract with Premier for Employee and Physician Engagement Surveys

Morehead Associates Inc., a market leader in providing surveys, research, and consulting services to the healthcare industry, announced that it has been chosen for a new 36-month contract by Premier Purchasing Partners, L. P., the group purchasing unit of Premier, Inc.

Charlotte, NC (Vocus) August 10, 2010

Morehead Associates Inc., a market leader in providing surveys, research, and consulting services to the healthcare industry, announced that it has been chosen for a new 36-month contract by Premier Purchasing Partners, L. P., the group purchasing unit of Premier, Inc.

The new agreement provides Premier’s 2,400 member hospitals and nearly 70,000 additional healthcare sites with access to contracts for Morehead’s employee and physician surveys and consulting.

“We are very pleased to formalize a ‘contracted supplier’ relationship with this prestigious group of hospitals,” says Brad Morton, Morehead’s Senior Vice President of Product Management. “Our commitment to helping our clients create and maintain an engaged workforce will assist Premier as they work with their members to improve the health of the communities they serve,” Morton adds.

Morehead will offer Premier member hospitals, on a discounted basis, an extensive array of customized surveys and analyses to measure and drive employee and physician engagement. Research shows engaged employees and physicians are linked to positive business outcomes such as patient satisfaction, safety, quality healthcare, and financial stability. In addition, Morehead will provide its extensive suite of employee normative benchmarks to help interpret survey results and prioritize improvement initiatives. These national and hospital benchmarks are drawn from Morehead’s extensive client base, which includes nearly 40% of the U. S News and World Report’s Honor Roll Hospitals.

Clients will have access to Morehead’s online action planning tools, best practices, and consulting to implement proposed activities to increase engagement and commitment among their employees and physicians.

About Premier Inc., 2006 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Recipient

The Premier healthcare alliance is 2,400 U. S. hospitals and nearly 70,000 other healthcare sites working together to improve healthcare quality and affordability. Premier maintains the nation's most comprehensive repository of clinical, financial and outcomes information and operates a leading healthcare purchasing network. A world leader in helping deliver measurable improvements in care, Premier works with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the United Kingdom's National Health Service North West to improve hospital performance. Premier has offices in San Diego, Charlotte, N. C., Philadelphia and Washington. For more information, visit http://www. premierinc. com.

About Morehead Associates

Morehead is a market leader in providing surveys, research, and consulting services to the healthcare industry for the purpose of creating an engaged workforce. Morehead has more than 30 years experience and offers products and expertise built on robust data and norms from their substantial client base of hospitals and healthcare systems. This Charlotte based company is known for its superior customer service and partners with clients nationwide. Morehead’s focus is helping clients drive quality-focused, cost-effective, and patient-centered healthcare through an engaged workforce. For more information, visit http://www. moreheadassociates. com.


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Natural vs. Synthetic Herbs & Vitamins Four Mountains, Inc. Reveals WHOLE truth about holes in the Health Supplement Industry

Natural vs. Synthetic Herbs & Vitamins Four Mountains, Inc. Reveals WHOLE truth about holes in the Health Supplement Industry

Four Mountains, Inc. a clinical & research laboratory is unveiling unknown facts, stating that millions of people are buying incomplete imitation nutrition pills and are not getting the vital information or nutrients they need.

(PRWEB) June 29, 2003

Contact: Stacey Kumagai at 818/506.8675 


Natural vs. Synthetic Herbs & Vitamins

Four Mountains, Inc. Reveals WHOLE truth about holes in the Health Supplement Industry

Calabasas, CA –Paper or Plastic? 1 ply or 2? The best, natural, conscious choice is obvious. When it comes to herbs and vitamins… Natural or Synthetic? For those unclear about having the right to choose, Four Mountains, Inc. a clinical & research laboratory is unveiling unknown facts, stating that millions of people are buying incomplete imitation nutrition pills and are not getting the vital information or nutrients they need.

 Â“Virtually all vitamin companies buy their raw materials from similar and frequently made from the same handful of manufacturers. The vitamin products that line the shelves in stores are basically all made from the place, all using synthetic imitations of actual nutrients. These formulas that are sold en mass to the public, are not real nutrition...VERY UNDERREPRESENTED in ALL MEDIA, THIS MESSAGE NEEDS TO BE MAINSTREAM NEWS," states Dr. Ward Coleman, N.D. and President of Four Mountains, Inc. "This is about biological facts that humans need to recognize and respect. The human body requires hundreds of whole, functional nutrients and needs UNfragmented, WHOLE FOOD COMPLEXES to be healthy. Fragmented, crystalline, synthetic, non-FUNCTIONAL bits and pieces are not adequate to build health, that's a fact. Formulas that provide what the human body actually needs are very rare. The imitations are not adequate!” Coleman explains.

 Four Mountains believes the main reasons people buy vitamins & herbs are vanity and health. The anti-aging market continues to grow as millions of consumers learn to take more control of the aging process. Consumers are becoming aware of the ‘power of preventativeÂ’ and natural homeopathic/wholistic ways to treat certain ailments. Scientists and consumers both continue to learn more about the connections between diet, nutrition, degeneration and disease. New nutrition discoveries are continuous.

 Â“Only whole food nutrition complexes made from a rich array of food concentrates can supply a spectrum of nutrition BEYOND SCIENCE. The formulas Four Mountains has been using for ten years, from Standard Process Labs., provide thousands of nutrients that no food chemist has been able to imitate,” states Coleman.

 For media requests, contact Stacey Kumagai - 818/506-8675 or mediamonster@yahoo. com. Get your FREE EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT GUIDE from the #1 international supplier of Standard Process –

Contact Four Mountains, Inc. at fourmountains@earthlink. net or call 800-736-0904


Net Media Group is the New Name for AffiliateCREW

Net Media Group is the New Name for AffiliateCREW

Affiliate Crew, an online marketing agency, has changed their name to Net Media Group. The name change was done in an effort to better reflect the company and all of its marketing capabilities.

Salt Lake City (PRWEB) October 19, 2008

Affiliate Crew, an online marketing agency, has changed their name to Net Media Group. The name change was done in an effort to better reflect the company and all of its marketing capabilities.

"Our business is helping companies connect to customers online," said Mark Swaby, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Net Media Group. "Over the years we have become the industry experts in doing this. While our affiliate business is essential to what we do, and we will continue to do it better than anyone else, it really is just one component in a very large, and successful solution for our customers. We are passionate about taking a customer's online campaign from inception to successful implementation with all of the resources at our disposal. Net Media Group helps us convey that message to our customers."

Net Media Group (http://www. netmediagroup. com) works with successful national companies, with established products and brands that are lacking an online retail or sales presence or looking to make an existing campaign better. Some of the tools used to do that include:
Lead Generation Pay Per Click Management (http://www. netmediagroup. com/paid-search) Search engine optimization (SEO) Affiliate Program Management (http://www. netmediagroup. com/affiliate-programs) Turnkey Website Multi-Variable Testing

Another way Net Media Group works to set itself apart from other online marketing agencies is by working on a performance-based business model. If clients don't see a predetermined, desired action, they don't pay. Only when their clients succeed does Net Media Group succeed. The company currently has a client roster filled with successful national companies including Little Giant Ladders, Rug Doctor, Register. com, Rockwell Tools, WORX, Lipozene, Bosley, Pro-Form, and Health Rider.

For more information about Net Media Group and their services please call 801-993-2222 or visit www. netmediagroup. com.

About Net Media Group
Located in Salt Lake City, Net Media Group is an online marketing agency specializing in helping nationally known companies selling products or services via traditional media connect with the online component. This is done through groundbreaking strategies in lead generation, paid search, online search optimization strategies (SEO), affiliate programs, turnkey website, and multi-variable testing.


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation Announces Grants

Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation Announces Grants

Foundation of statewide physicians organizations makes grants for care for the unisured, battered women and children, violence prevention, and health care for adults and children.

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) April 15, 2006

Waltham, Mass., April 15, 2006 – The Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation has announced it has awarded 12 grants totaling $128,000 to nonprofit organizations in the Commonwealth to provide a variety of health services for adults and children.

Established in 2000, the Foundation is a supporting organization of the Massachusetts Medical Society, the statewide professional associations of physicians, and the MMS Alliance, the organization of physicians’ spouses committed to promoting good health among the citizens of Mass. and to advancing the health and well being of the medical family.

The Foundation’s mission is to support the charitable and educational activities of the Society and Alliance and address issues affecting the health, benefit, and welfare of the community.

The latest grants include:

Cape Cod Free Clinic and Community Health Center, Falmouth, $25,000, to support the Diabetes Initiative for the Uninsured. The grant will provide a series of services to identify and care for uninsured adults with diabetes. This is the Foundation's second grant to the Free Clinic, which received $26,400 in 2002 to provide services for the uninsured Brazilian population on Cape Cod.

Children's Cove, Barnstable, $18,000, to support the agency's Sexual Abuse Awareness Campaign, a radio advertising campaign on local stations to raise awareness of sexual abuse.

ProjectHEALTH, Boston, $12,000, to support the development of hospital-based resource/advocacy centers in Boston, to help low-income families in gaining access to resources and services for their health and well being.

Health Care for All, Boston, $10,000, to support the Outreach for Kids Project, a statewide effort to enroll Massachusetts children who have not yet been insured by the Covering Kids and Families Program.

Katie Brown Educational Program, Fall River, $10,000, to support outreach to more communities in gathering data for health care analysis. This is the agency's second grant from the Foundation; in 2005 it was awarded $20,000 to support dating violence recognition and prevention programs.

The Sharewood Project, Malden/Boston, $10,000, to support expanded health care service at the agency's clinic, including diabetes screening and HIV testing.

Southbridge Interfaith Hospitality Network, Southbridge, $10,000, to support case management for the homeless and potentially homeless populations in the area.

VIM (Volunteers in Medicine) Berkshires, Great Barrington, $10,000, to expand preventive medical and mental health services, increase free dental care, and establish a cardiology clinic. This is the third grant VIM has received from the Foundation. In 2004, VIM received $30,000 to help establish the clinic, and in 2005, $30,000 to provide for a medical interpreter and outreach to uninsured residents in the southern Berkshire region.

Center for Community Health Education, Research, and Services (CCHERS), Roxbury, $8,000, to support a range of services for battered women and their children.

Franklin Medical Center, Greenfield, $5,000, to support a program in the elementary schools teaching the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of infection.

CHANGE (Children's Health Care and Nutritional Goals through Education), serving Shrewsbury, Hudson, and Millbury, $5,000 to support prevention services for uninsured individuals in Central Massachusetts.

REACH (Refugee, Education, Advocacy, Change), Waltham, formerly the Support Committee for Battered Women, $5,000, to support REACHing Teen Voices, a project aimed at the health epidemic of teen dating violence.

These 12 grants bring the Foundations' total allotments since its inception in 2000 to more than $968,000. For more information on the Foundation, visit http://www. mmsfoundation. org (http://www. mmsfoundation. org)

The Massachusetts Medical Society is dedicated to educating and advocating for the patients and physicians of Massachusetts. The Society publishes The New England Journal of Medicine, one of the world’s leading medical journals; the Journal Watch family of professional newsletters covering 11 specialties; and AIDS Clinical Care. The Society is also a leader in continuing medical education for health care professionals throughout Massachusetts, conducting a variety of medical education programs for physicians and health care professionals. Founded in 1781, MMS is the oldest continuously operating medical society in the country.


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Professional HealthCare at Home Expands Services to Provide Licensed Hospice Care in Northern California

Professional HealthCare at Home Expands Services to Provide Licensed Hospice Care in Northern California

Professional HealthCare at Home has announced the expansion of its services to include in-home hospice care to families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Walnut Creek, CA (PRWEB) November 2, 2009

Professional HealthCare at Home, a leading provider of home nursing, rehabilitation therapy and personal caregiver services in Northern California, has announced the expansion of its services to include in-home hospice care to families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The company underwent a detailed licensing survey of its hospice program by the California Department of Public Health, a required process before offering the program to the public. "I am pleased to announce that we passed with flying colors," stated John Griscavage, CEO. "The surveyor did comment that it really helped that our hospice was affiliated with such a high quality home health agency."

The company is now able to accept private insurance hospice patients. "We will be working with the Community Health Accreditation Program over the next several months to earn our Medicare certification," continues Griscavage, "which will allow us to accept Medicare and Medi-Cal patients."

Hospice, or end-of-life care, provides a special form of care for people during their last months of life, when medical treatments cannot cure an illness. Specialists in this type of palliative care are skilled in pain management, hands-on care giving, grief counseling and other support for family members.

Professional HealthCare at Home is a full service agency offering both medical and non-medical home care to families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years, with services now including hospice home care. Its service area includes San Francisco as well as cities throughout Alameda County, Contra Costa County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, and Solano County. Its Victorian Home Care (http://www. montereyinhomecare. com) division serves Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties, and its Haven HealthCare (http://www. havenhh. com) division serves counties within the Salt Lake City, Utah region. Services include nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, post-hospital rehabilitation, extended nursing care, wound care, home health aides, medical social workers, medication management, senior care and hospice care. Home caregivers and personal care assistants provide help with activities of daily living, eldercare, transportation and companionship. Information is available at Professional HealthCare at Home (http://www. professionalhc. com).

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Jackson & Coker Industry Report Highlights Healthcare Trends, Forecasts for 2011

Jackson & Coker Industry Report Highlights Healthcare Trends, Forecasts for 2011

Latest Jackson & Coker Industry Report spotlights major newsworthy events that influenced the medical community in 2010, as well as makes some forecasts of what may occur in the medical field in 2011.

Alpharetta, GA (Vocus/PRWEB) January 18, 2011

Where is health care in the United States headed given the recent trends that shape many sectors of the industry?

The current edition of the Jackson & Coker Industry Report addresses this question in its monthly Special Report, which spotlights major newsworthy events that influenced the medical community in 2010, as well as makes some forecasts of what may occur in the medical field in 2011.

“Certainly 2010 was a watershed year for health care transformation,” mentioned Sandra Garrett, president of Atlanta recruitment firm Jackson & Coker. “Along with passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, other notable events shaped the direction that health care delivery in the U. S. is likely to take in the near future,” she noted.

The report cites a number of health care industry trends that received prominent attention in the business press and medical publications during 2010. Here are some of the significant trends discussed: 
The Physicians Payment Sunshine Act requiring disclosure of payments to physicians by medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Implementation of the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Act of 2008, intended to make mental health care more accessible and affordable. Congressional exemption of physicians from compliance with the FTC’s “red flag” rule concerning physicians extending credit to patients, similar to retail “creditors.’ More hospitals hiring physicians as direct employees and also being involved in “collective recruiting” of providers with other hospital partners. Increased financial incentives for Primary Care physicians whose patients show significant improvement in disease management and general health. To address the physician shortage, more healthcare organizations hiring Advanced Practice Professionals (Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants). More states involved in major tort reform, which has mixed reactions in the medical community.  Widespread use of smartphones and other information technology by practitioners who want easier remote access to their patients and medical information.  Accelerated adoption of electronic medical records by hospitals and health care organizations in compliance with mandates of the Affordable Care Act. Dramatic advancements in telemedicine, including innovative applications for anesthesia, psychiatry and surgery. Notable increase in hospitals incorporating social media as part of patient education, community relations, and institutional branding. Additionally, the report forecasts some likely events and occurrences that will impact the health care field in 2011:

 Deeper cuts in Medicare / Medicaid payouts, resulting in a surge of uninsured patients requiring medical treatment. More recovery audit contractors (RACs) to track and reduce Medicare fraud. To cope with the sluggish economy, greater number of hospital consolidations on the horizon, along with increased sales of medical office buildings. Hospitals facing fiercer competition by non-traditional suppliers of medical care—i. e., retail drug chains expanding their in-store clinics. To counter the physician shortage, hospitals expanding efforts to entice retired or semi-retired physicians to resume patient care. Curtailing the influence of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers on medical education as a result of alleged improprieties.  Mounting House of Representative and state challenges to the Affordable Care Act.

“Absent a clear crystal ball, no one can say for sure what the future holds for health consumers, policymakers and practitioners,” mentioned Calvin Bruce, Managing Editor of the Jackson & Coker Industry Report. “One can only hope that the impact and benefits of medical technology, drug discoveries and scientific advancements will overshadow any setbacks experienced in implementing health care reform stemming from renewed debate in legislative circles,” he added.

The entire JCIR Special Report discussing these trends and forecasts can be accessed at: http://www. jacksoncoker. com/physician-career-resources/newsletters/monthlymain/des/Highlights2010.aspx.

About Jackson & Coker
Jackson & Coker believes that all hospitals, clinics, physician practices, and patients should all have access to a physician whether for a day, a lifetime, or any of life’s changes in between. For over three decades, Jackson & Coker has been uniting physicians and hospitals to ensure that all patients’ needs are met by providing physicians for as little as a day and as long as a lifetime. The firm specializes in anesthesiology jobs, CRNA jobs, neurology jobs, psychiatry jobs, surgery jobs, primary care jobs as well as emergency medicine jobs.

Headquartered in metro Atlanta, the firm has earned a reputation for providing cost-effective, time-sensitive solutions to both government and commercial health care organizations. The recruitment staff works in two divisions of the company: Retained Search, which places physicians in over 40 medical specialties in permanent staff positions, and locum tenens, a staffing model that recruits medical providers (physicians and CRNAs) for temporary vacancies.

The company has earned a “Gold Seal” designation as a “Certified Health Care Staffing Service” by the Joint Commission and is affiliated with a credentials verification organization (JH CVO) that has received certification by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) in ten out of ten credentialing services.

Additionally, Jackson & Coker participates in social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter—including managing separate Twitter websites focused on major medical specialties.

Media Contact:
Edward McEachern
Email: emceachern(at)jacksoncoker(dot)com.

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Free Checklist Helps Elderly Reduce Drug Costs, Health Risks

Free Checklist Helps Elderly Reduce Drug Costs, Health Risks

Leading eldercare website is providing complimentary medicine cabinet checklist to caregivers to assist aging parents' Medicare Part D enrollment and as a first step to reduce adverse drug reactions among seniors.

San Rafael, Calif. (PRWEB) November 19, 2006

With the annual Medicare prescription medication enrollment period underway, millions are helping aging parents make lists to find the plan that reduces their costs. Parent Care (http://www. parents-care. com), a San Francisco Bay Area firm, is providing a list to let them go a step further to also reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions, a cause of over two million hospital admissions among seniors each year. The firm recommends asking seniors' doctors and pharmacists to review the completed list to spot potential drug interaction problems in addition to using it to complete Medicare enrollment.

The complimentary list includes space for not only prescribed medications but also over-the-counter drugs, vitamins and supplements that seniors might be using. It advises caregivers to first collect all the seniors' medications - from medicine cabinets, bedside, purses or car, wherever they might be stored to complete an itemized inventory. Space for health care provider contact information is also provided.

Parent Care (http://www. parents-care. com) CEO William Gillis says "We encourage seniors' progeny to be proactive in helping their parents. If we can help just one senior citizen avoid a mishap, our mission will have been accomplished."

The medicine cabinet checklist is one of a series provided to subscribers to the ten dollar service. The firm is making the list available free to all visitors to its website through December 31, the end of the Medicare enrollment period.

In addition to providing copies to health care professionals, the firm also recommends placing a copy in the seniors' purse or wallet. This could prove helpful in emergencies since some research indicates that seniors have difficulty listing all medications used when visiting emergency rooms. Gillis noted, "Only health care professionals can provide medical advice. However, they can provide the best advice only when they have complete information. Our checklist can help serve that purpose."

The Parent Care site (http://www. parents-care. com) provides caregivers quarterly reports on services available in each US county to help locate and evaluate services seniors may need. It also features monthly articles by experts, weekly caregiver chats, daily tips and senior-related news.

To download the checklist, caregivers go to the Parent Care site and click on 'Free Checklist".

About Parent Care, Inc.

Parent Care is the leading information source for the nation's seven million long distance eldercare providers. Parent Care, The Parent Care Report and The Parent Care Channel are registered trademarks of the firm.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Cymtec Systems Posts Record Growth in 2009 with 40% Increase in Revenue

Cymtec Systems Posts Record Growth in 2009 with 40% Increase in Revenue

Demand for affordable network visibility, performance and security in remote and branch offices continues to increase despite economic contractions.

St. Louis, MO (Vocus) February 4, 2010

Cymtec Systems (http://www. cymtec. com/)®, a leading provider of products that help companies optimize network performance and fulfill the rigorous audit and compliance standards imposed on today’s organizations, announced significant momentum heading into 2010. The company experienced a 40% increase in revenue in 2009 over the previous year, due largely to record sales of Cymtec Sentry (http://www. cymtec. com/cymtec-sentry. html), the company’s flagship network optimization and visibility appliance for remote and branch office environments, in the fourth quarter.

As remote and branch office networks become more widespread and essential to daily business operations, so too does the need for technology to effectively manage, troubleshoot and optimize those environments. With many organizations scaling back IT budgets and minimizing intensive IT support as a result of economic contractions, Cymtec Sentry has emerged as a robust solution for meeting the specific performance and visibility needs of remote and branch offices. With an affordable price point and scalable configuration, Cymtec Sentry can support small offices with only several users, up to worldwide organizations with hundreds of sites.

In December 2009, Cymtec received its largest order in company history, bringing the number of deployments to over 1,000 and expanding the company’s international footprint to over 30 countries worldwide. In addition to Cymtec Sentry, Cymtec continues to enjoy success with Cymtec Scout (http://cymtec. com/cymtec-scout. html), its unique “plug and play” Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Intrusion Detection System (IDS).

Plans for Continued Success in 2010
On the heels of the company’s most successful year ever, Cymtec expects to maintain its growth into 2010. Since the new year, the company has already expanded its international presence with the addition of several new distributors, including new partners in both Europe and Asia. Cymtec also continues to secure customer wins across top vertical markets, including legal, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing.

On the product front, Cymtec will soon announce the availability of Sentry Stand-Alone. This new version of the company’s flagship offering will combine the network appliance and the management console into a single solution, making it ideal for small office environments that want the powerful visibility and performance capabilities of Cymtec Sentry without the need for separate centralized management.

“Cymtec’s growth is fueled by a commitment to providing tools that help companies optimize network performance and dedication to serving the remote and branch office environment,” said Andrew S. Rubin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cymtec Systems. “Our record performance over the past year underscores how effective we’ve been in accurately assessing the market need for our solutions, listening to our customers and engineering best-of-breed technology.”

About Cymtec Systems
Cymtec Systems (http://www. cymtec. com/) provides tools that help companies optimize network performance and fulfill the rigorous audit and compliance standards imposed on today’s organizations. Known for ease of deployment and simplicity of operation, as well as the industry’s lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Cymtec’s plug-and-play product line, including Cymtec Scout® and Cymtec Sentry® provide traditional Intrusion Detection (IDS), as well as the unique visibility and control necessary to manage today’s remote and branch office environments. To learn more about Cymtec Systems please visit www. cymtec. com.

Media and Analyst Contacts: 
Katelyn Henry 
Version 2.0 Communications

Andrew Rubin
Cymtec Systems, Inc.
+1.314.993.8700 Ext. 11