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MedSurge Advances to Exhibit at Medical Spa Expo

MedSurge Advances to Exhibit at Medical Spa Expo

On Sunday, May 4 and Monday, May 5, 2007, MedSurge Advances will be exhibiting at Medical Spa Expo in Los Angeles. MedSurge Advances will provide physicians with information about medical spas, body-management centers, and integrating aesthetic procedures into their existing practices.

Dallas (PRWEB) March 3, 2007

MedSurge Advances will exhibit at Medical Spa Expo in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 4, 2007 and Monday, March 5, 2007 to provide interested physicians with information on medical spas, body-management centers, and integrating aesthetic procedures into their existing practices. The company's booth number for the event, to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, is FP 836/MSR 762.

Many doctors today feel squeezed by financial pressures such as declining insurance reimbursements and rising malpractice insurance costs. At Medical Spa Expo, representatives of MedSurge Advances will discuss the clinical and business aspects of adding aesthetic procedures to a medical practice. MedSurge Advances will also provide information for physicians interested in starting standalone medical spas or body-management centers.

MedSurge will educate physicians on a variety of procedures and treatment programs, including:

 Skin rejuvenation with laser and IPL therapy  Acoustic Wave Therapy™ (AWT™) for dimpled skin  New body-management systems (FuturePerfect™)  Hair reduction  Vascular and pigmented lesions  Microdermabrasion and skin resurfacing  Combination acne therapy (Clear Concept Acne Treatment Process)  BOTOX and other injectables

Attendees interested in scheduling a meeting with MedSurge Advances representatives at Medical Spa Expo are invited to contact Rob Huckels at 214.540.3807 or or at the contact information included with this press release.

About MedSurge Advances

Based in Dallas, MedSurge Advances helps physicians across the United States build and manage their practices in aesthetic medicine, one of the fastest-growing healthcare segments. Since its founding in 2002, MedSurge Advances has provided technology and business resources for more than 330 physicians in 42 states who have started stand-alone businesses or added aesthetic procedures to their existing practices. For more information, contact MedSurge Advances at 972.720.0425, or visit www. medsurgeadvances. com.


WSI Energycast Outlook Calls for Colder-Than-Normal Period in US, Especially in Northern States

WSI Energycast Outlook Calls for Colder-Than-Normal Period in US, Especially in Northern States

WSI Corporation recently issued the seasonal outlook for the upcoming three-month period (February-April). WSI expects the upcoming three-month period to average colder than normal across most of the US, with the exception of the southeastern quarter of the country. The WSI seasonal outlooks reference a standard 30-year normal (1971-2000).

Andover, MA (PRWEB) January 29, 2009

WSI Corporation recently issued the seasonal outlook for the upcoming three-month period (February-April). WSI expects the upcoming three-month period to average colder than normal across most of the US, with the exception of the southeastern quarter of the country. The WSI seasonal outlooks reference a standard 30-year normal (1971-2000).

The monthly breakdown follows:
In February:
Northeast  - Colder than normal
Southeast  - Warmer than normal
N Central  - Colder than normal
S Central  - Warmer than normal
Northwest  - Colder than normal
Southwest  - Warmer than normal

Expected Market Impact (provided by ESAI) 
The WSI February forecast indicates colder-than-normal temperatures in the key demand centers of the Northeast and Midwest; colder-than-normal temperatures are also expected in the Pacific Northwest and California. Warmer-than-normal temperatures are expected in Texas and Florida. With inventories in the Consuming East six percent below both the five-year average and last year's level, basis pressure can be expected in the Northeast. Higher basis pricing is expected to keep power prices firm in NY, NE, and PJM, though heat rates are likely to soften due to fuel switching. Relatively low prices for fuel oil this year have already had an impact on implied market heat rates in those regions during recent periods of basis strength. Temperatures in California are expected to be slightly milder in February than the December forecast had indicated. With inventory levels in the Consuming West back to twelve percent above the five-year average, soft basis pricing is likely to continue at western hubs (though prices may firm from the depressed prices of January).

In March:
Northeast  - Colder than normal
Southeast  - Warmer than normal
N Central  - Colder than normal
S Central  - Colder than normal, except AR/LA
Northwest  - Colder than normal
Southwest  - Colder than normal

Expected Market Impact (provided by ESAI) 
The WSI forecast for March indicates colder-than-normal temperatures in the Upper Midwest, Northeast, and California; while warmer-than-normal temperatures are expected to remain in place in the South. As a result, natural gas prices at Henry Hub are likely to remain subdued through the end of the withdrawal period, while basis pricing in the Northeast is likely to remain firm. The Consuming East is at a six percent deficit to the five-year average and with a colder-than-normal February, natural gas basis to the Northeast will likely remain firmer than normal in March. Although slightly colder-than-normal temperatures are expected along the West Coast, abundant inventories in California will keep prices moderate. California power prices are expected to remain subdued in March as a result.

In April:
Northeast  - Colder than normal
Southeast  - Warmer than normal, except MS
N Central  - Colder than normal
S Central  - Warmer than normal
Northwest  - Colder than normal
Southwest  - Colder than normal

Expected Market Impact (provided by ESAI) 
The WSI April forecast indicates colder-than-normal temperatures along the West Coast, and throughout the northern portion of the country. Warmer-than-normal temperatures are expected in the South (and particularly in Texas). As a result, aggregate natural gas demand for April will likely be higher than normal. With heating demand lingering in NY and NE (the start of the generator maintenance period), power prices may be firm despite the lower electrical loads of the shoulder period. Despite WSI's expectation of colder-than-normal temperatures in the Consuming East and the Consuming West over the next 3 months, year-over-year increases in North American natural gas production capacity are expected to leave inventories at healthy levels at the end of the withdrawal season. ESAI currently expects ending stocks of around 1,500 Bcf; though that number could be higher considering fuel switching for power generation will play a larger role this winter than it has over the past two years.

According to WSI seasonal forecaster Dr. Todd Crawford, "The general pattern of cold-north and warm-south observed during the winter so far will generally continue into early spring. The warmest temperatures, relative to normal, will be in the south-central and southeastern states while the coldest temperatures will continue to be observed in the north-central states. The cold Pacific Ocean suggests that the upcoming aggregate three-month period will be relatively cold nationwide, relative to normal, especially in March and April. An incipient stratospheric warming event, which appears to be historic in magnitude, may continue to favor more Arctic air masses in mid-latitudes and increases confidence in the widespread cold forecast of the US these upcoming few months."

WSI, which provides customized weather information to energy traders, issues its seasonal outlook twice-monthly. An update to the current forecast will be issued on January 29, while the next new forecast package (for March-May) will be issued on February 24.

About WSI
WSI Corporation is the world's leading provider of weather-driven business solutions for professionals in the energy, aviation, and media markets, and multiple federal and state government agencies. WSI is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts with offices in Birmingham, England and was recently purchased by a consortium made up of NBC Universal and the private equity firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital. More information about WSI can be found at www. wsi. com.

About ESAI
Since its inception in 1984, Energy Security Analysis Inc. (ESAI) has been dedicated to monitoring, analyzing, and synthesizing information about world-wide energy markets. Tapping the talents of its senior-level staff, ESAI provides clients with unparalleled insight into where the markets have been and where they are headed. ESAI provides ongoing systematic analysis of energy prices in the oil, natural gas, and energy markets. For more information on ESAI services, see www. esai. com.

Kristen Sullivan 
Weather Services International
(978) 983-6607 

Jill Kinsley
(781) 245-2036


Friday, October 29, 2004

IndianaHealthCareers. com Teams with e-Practical Solutions to Launch Indiana Health Industry Job Board

IndianaHealthCareers. com Teams with e-Practical Solutions to Launch Indiana Health Industry Job Board

Today IndianaHealthCareers. com, the only web site dedicated to connecting employers, professionals and educators in IndianaÂ’s health industry, and e-Practical Solutions, and Indiana based internet marketing firm, announced that they have entered into a marketing partnership.

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) September 19, 2004

Today IndianaHealthCareers. com, the only web site dedicated to connecting employers, professionals and educators in IndianaÂ’s health industry, and e-Practical Solutions, and Indiana based internet marketing firm, announced that they have entered into a marketing partnership.

IndianaHealthCareers. com is an internet site where job seekers can search for positions with Indiana health employers, as well as connect directly to Indiana educational institutions that offer health-related training and education. E-Practical Solutions will provide internet marketing services for the site, including search engine optimization, email marketing and online PR.

According to Joe Sheets, president of IndianaHealthCareers. com, “This partnership allows our organization to focus on building relationships with major Indiana health employers like Cardinal Health System and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and with major health educators like Ivy Tech State College and Purdue University. e-Practical has a great track record of increasing website traffic – something that is critical when 100% of revenue comes from the internet.”

Employers can list open positions on IndianaHealthCareers. com for only $99, a fraction of the cost of other internet based job boards or traditional print media, and reach a targeted audience of health professionals who are seeking employment in Indiana’s health industry. “There is no more efficient or targeted way to find qualified health employees in Indiana," said Sheets.

IndianaHealthCareers. com is an online job board dedicated to connecting employers, professionals and educators in IndianaÂ’s health industry.

E-Practical Solutions is a full service Internet Marketing and Communications firm, focusing exclusively on assisting companies realize the potential of their internet investment. E-Practical Solutions is quickly becoming the first choice of Indianapolis and Indiana based companies for Search Engine Optimization, Web SearchabilityTM and other internet marketing and communication services.

Additional Press Contact:

IndianaHealthCareers. com

Joe Sheets, President

Phone 317-569-8059 

Email info@IndianaHealthCareers. com

Website www. IndianaHealthCareers. com

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

MedZilla Reports: Overcoming Age Discrimination and Getting a Job

MedZilla Reports: Overcoming Age Discrimination and Getting a Job

Job seekers in their 40s and 50s tell MedZilla that it's extremely difficult to even get a phone call returned. But the same strategies that work for younger employees will work for you too -- and there are doors open to you that you might not expect.

Marysville, WA (Vocus) September 30, 2010

Everyone knows it's against the law, and everyone knows it happens anyway: age discrimination against those who were downsized after working twenty years or more for the same company. It would be unethical to lie about your year of graduation or time spent working, and anyway, isn't a lot of experience (http://www. medzilla. com) supposed to be a good thing?

Not if you listen to the word on the street.

"Anecdotal evidence is mounting that pharmaceutical reps in their forties or fifties are having trouble getting jobs after being downsized," said John Burkhardt, Director of Operations for MedZilla. com, the internet's most established source for health care, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology job postings. "Many of our job seekers have expressed frustration at the trend -- be it perceived or actual -- of pharmaceutical companies hiring younger reps, especially those just out of college."

In the MedZilla. com social networking (http://www. medzilla. com/forum/) forums, where job seekers discuss trends and share information about their experiences, posters have spoken freely about appearance, age, and experience acting as negative influences on their job prospects. "I have over 22 years experience and was caught in a downsizing," said one poster. "The minute my resume is looked at and they see the length of time with the same company and the date [I] graduated from college, that's it. No return call." Another poster said every place he interviewed claimed he was "too experienced," or that the company was trying to "develop the younger employees."

"(It's) wrong to assume that all (experienced applicants) want money," one post read. "Older workers want a challenge plus a decent wage -- no one is asking for $200,000 to start." However, job seekers (http://www. medzilla. com) in all fields who have been downsized have found difficulties in finding even lower-paying or lower-ranked jobs. An online technology executive let go from a major media company in Atlanta told MedZilla he spent more than a year unemployed because of his experience and salary history -- and he is only in his mid-thirties. Like the forum (http://www. medzilla. com/forum/) poster, most people who have been unemployed for more than a few months are simply seeking a decent wage, and are often willing to forgo the challenge of a new job in favor of bringing home a steady paycheck.

But job seekers who have been looking for work for several months without success often find themselves feeling discouraged about the employment situation in general -- especially given that they spend a lot of time at home, watching CNN or Fox News reporting on what they say is a worsening job market -- and their employment situation in particular. "It's tough when you've been out of work for a while," said Del Johnston, MedZilla's Client Relations Specialist, "but even when things seem at their darkest, the worst thing you can do is stop applying and stop networking."

Another option for professionals who already have experience in the medical field -- including pharmaceutical sales -- is to change careers. MedZilla's September Employment Report (http://www. medzilla. com/press201009-4526434.html) highlighted the coming increases in health care jobs serving the growing numbers of older citizens. In fact, older practitioners may in fact be preferred because they better identify with their patients' needs, since they're the same needs they themselves are facing. "If you have a severance package and you're really concerned about your future in sales, going back to school is a viable option," said Burkhardt. "There's government money for professionals to go back to school, and elder care is definitely a growing field."

But for those who wish to remain in pharmaceutical sales (http://www. medzilla. com), sometimes the best tactics are the ones no one is using. A post in the thread about age discrimination recommended finding other ways to get your resume in front of hiring managers -- snail mail or even hand delivery being two options, although the latter can sometimes be difficult without the proper network to help get you in the door. Additionally, the role of the recruiter has changed greatly in the past decade and once you have a recruiter on your side you have the power of his or her entire network as well. Sometimes just applying to a job posting online can be enough to get a recruiter's attention, since many job postings are made by recruiters on behalf of their clients -- the very people you want to see that you've still got what it takes.

About MedZilla. com:
Established in mid-1994, MedZilla is the original and leading web site to serve career and hiring needs for professionals and employers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, science and healthcare. The MedZilla jobs database contains about 7,500 open positions. The resume database currently contains over 285,000 resumes with 16,800 less than three months old. These resources have been characterized as the largest, most comprehensive databases of their kind on the web in the industries served.

Medzilla® is a Registered Trademark owned by Medzilla Inc. Copyright ©2010, MedZilla, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce and distribute this text in its entirety, and if electronically, with a link to the URL www. medzilla. com. For permission to quote from or reproduce any portion of this message, please contact MedZilla, Inc. at press(at)medzilla(dot)com

Press Inquiries
Contact: MedZilla, Inc.
Phone: (360) 657-5681


TodaysSeniorsNetwork. com publisher calls on Senator Frist to ‘practice what he preaches’, allow up-down vote on prescription drugs from outside US

TodaysSeniorsNetwork. com publisher calls on Senator Frist to ‘practice what he preaches’, allow up-down vote on prescription drugs from outside US

Daniel Hines, publisher www. TodaysSeniorsNetwork. com, a leading seniors' informational web site calls for Senate Majority leader to allow up-down vote on sale of prescription drugs from outside the U. S. to Americans

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) September 2, 2005

The publisher of www. TodaysSeniorsNetwork. com, one of the nation’s leading informational web sites for America’s Seniors, today called on Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to ‘practice what he preaches,’ and allow the U. S. Senate to have an up-down vote on legislation allowing the sale of prescription drugs from outside the U. S. to American citizens.

Daniel Hines says that while the Tennessee Senator was highly vocal in his demands for the right of Senators to ‘do their job’ and vote up or down on judicial appointments of the Bush Administration, he continues a policy of not allowing such a vote on prescription drugs from outside the U. S. Currently, such sales are not allowed by law, leading the FDA to make unfounded accusations regarding the safety and efficacy of such prescriptions, and to be the claimed basis for a recent rash of seizures of prescription drugs being shipped primary to elderly Americans.

There are two major pieces of legislation stalled in the Senate: S.334, the Dorgan-Snowe Pharmaceutical Access and Drug Safety Act, sponsored by Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) and Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME), and co-sponsored by a bi-partisan coalition of 32 other Senators; and S.109, the Vitter-Thune Pharmaceutical Market Access Act of 2005, sponsored by Senator David Vitter (R-LA) and Senator John Thune (R-SD). It has three co-sponsors.

“Despite the overwhelming and continuing support for providing some sort of relief to Americans besieged by high prescription drug costs, Senator Frist does the bidding of the pharmaceutical manufacturers by not allowing a vote,” Hines observes.

“In the meantime, the American public has already voted with its pocketbook, turning in increasing numbers to Canadian-based licensed and registered pharmacies. And, despite the costly promotion of the Bush Administration for the flawed Medicare Prescription Drug Card Plan, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the option of using such mail-order pharmacies is still a better value for American seniors.

“Add to this number, the large groups of un - and underinsured, as well as those affected by the Medicaid cuts taking place across the nation, and it becomes readily apparent that the U. S. is rapidly approaching a national health care crisis.

“If this weren’t enough to prompt Senator Frist to allow the Senate to do its job on behalf of the American public, the Bush Administration faces yet another challenge in its budgetary crisis when the true costs of the Medicare Prescription Drug Card Plan create an even larger deficit. Policy-makers very likely will have to turn to competitively priced prescription drugs from outside the U. S. to ease the pain.”

Hines notes that Senator Frist is mentioned frequently as a possible candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008.

“Senator Frist has already reportedly angered the Bush Administration by his stance on stem-cell research,” Hines observes. “It is now time for him to take another step of political courage by allowing an up-down vote on these bills.

”He should separate himself from the Bush Administration yet again, this time by having the political courage to do the right thing, break from the policies of pharmaceutical manufacturers, thereby risking alienating them and losing them as a source of funding for any Presidential run, but making sure that Americans have access to safe, high-quality, low-cost prescription drugs from outside the U. S.

“As a medical doctor, Senator Frist should know first hand the importance of prescription drugs in health maintenance. As the Majority Leader, he should practice what he preaches, and allow the U. S. Senate to have its chance to vote.”


Monday, October 25, 2004

InvestorIdeas. com Launches <a href="http://www. BeverageStocks. com" onclick="linkClick(this. href)">http://www. BeverageStocks. com</a> Investor Portal for Beverage, Health and Diet Industry, Featuring “Skinny Water®”, A New Enhanced Bottled Diet Water Bottled Water is the Number Two Commercial Beverage in U. S

InvestorIdeas. com Launches http://www. BeverageStocks. com Investor Portal for Beverage, Health and Diet Industry, Featuring “Skinny Water®”, A New Enhanced Bottled Diet Water Bottled Water is the Number Two Commercial Beverage in U. S

Www. InvestorIdeas. com is pleased to launch the new investor portal for the diet, beverage and health industry, www. Beveragestocks. com. The global research portal features industry news, links, a list of public companies in the sector and featured company Creative Enterprises International, Inc. (OTC: CEII), with its new brand "Skinny Water®," an enhanced diet water.

Point Roberts, WA (PRWEB) April 25, 2004

Www. InvestorIdeas. com is pleased to launch the new investor portal for the diet, beverage and health industry, www. Beveragestocks. com. The global research portal features industry news, links, a list of public companies in the sector and featured company Creative Enterprises International, Inc. (OTC: CEII), with its new brand "Skinny Water®," an enhanced diet water.

Bottled water is the fastest growing sector of the beverage industry, with U. S. bottled water wholesale sales surpassing $8.3 billion in 2003. Within the bottled water market, enhanced water is the fastest growing segment, with sales growing to $230 million in 2002, up from $80 million in 2001. As consumer trends such as "being seen with premium bottled water" drive the bottled water craze, investors can research the industry news and the participating public companies poised to benefit.

The site features a list of beverage stocks for investors to research: http://www. beveragestocks. com/Companies/CreativeEnterprises/StockList. asp (http://www. beveragestocks. com/Companies/CreativeEnterprises/StockList. asp)

Featured Company:

Creative Enterprises International, Inc. (OTC: CEII) latest licensed product is "Skinny Water®," an enhanced bottled water that features an all-natural patent-pending formula, is designed to help people lose weight, and maintain that weight loss, suppress appetite, block carbs from converting into fat, and increase fat burning without stimulating the nervous system.

Click on CEII's Power Point presentation (http://www. investorideas. com/Companies/CreativeEnterprises/CEI_SW. pps (http://www. investorideas. com/Companies/CreativeEnterprises/CEI_SW. pps)) to read about their positioning in the enhanced water industry.

Skinny Water® is CEII's entrant into the rapidly growing bottled water category. According to industry research, bottled water has surpassed beer, milk, and coffee in popularity, and the market has reached over $8 Billion a year in the U. S. The nutrient-enhanced water segment has grown by a thousand percent lately, and is the fastest growing segment within the bottled water industry. Such 'energy drinks' are also noted for the excellent profit margins they command versus traditional sugared drinks.

The Company has engaged Coleman Brandworx, one of the country's leading strategic branding companies to reposition and develop all marketing materials for the rollout of Creative's enhanced diet water, Skinny Water®, with a debut scheduled for summer 2004 in major US markets. Coleman Brandworx's efforts will include developing a visualized position for the Skinny Water® brand, and development of structural packaging, packaging graphics, point-of-purchase displays, collateral system, promotional materials and the development of the Skinny Water® e-commerce enabled web site. Their clients have included well-known brands such as Danone Water, Coca-Cola, Snapple and Sparkletts.

With the one requirement of virtually every diet program being to drink water daily, Skinny Water® is perfectly positioned to become a significant part of America's diet regimen. The Skinny Water® formula has undergone extensive scientific testing, and consumer feedback is excellent. CEII plans to release Skinny Water® nationally this summer.

About Creative Enterprises International, Inc.:

Creative Enterprises International, Inc., www. creativepi. com, (OTC: CEII) is a marketer and developer of unique consumer products that include evidence-based nutraceuticals, aquaceutical beverages and other specialty products. CEII uses an integrated marketing system that includes national television, radio, print, and Internet advertising to sell directly to consumers as well as creating demand at retail. CEII's exclusive portfolio of products includes MilkCal Milk Calcium and Skinny Water®. "Amazing Health Discoveries™" -- The Secrets to a Longer and Healthier Life is CEII's thirty-minute television series that CEII uses to build brand awareness for its proprietary health and wellness products.

ECON Investor Relations, Inc. and ECON Corporate Services, offer clients customized, comprehensive corporate IR/PR programs, corporate strategies and industry research within specific sectors.

Creative Enterprises International, Inc. (OTC. PK: CEII) is a client of ECON. BeverageStocks. com is compensated by CEII.

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Http://www. investorideas. com/About/News/Clientspecifics. asp (http://www. investorideas. com/About/News/Clientspecifics. asp)

ECON also owns the web sites: China-AsiaStocks. com, FuelCellCarNews. com, HomebuilderStocks. com, HomelandDefenseStocks. com, NanotechnologyInvestment. com, NaturalGasStocks. com, and RenewableEnergyStocks. com.

SOURCE: Investorideas. com

For more information contact:

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Email: dvanzant@investorideas. com or truehs@investorideas. com

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Portland Scientist Receives Distinguished Alumni Award For Breakthrough Work In Nanotechnology

Portland Scientist Receives Distinguished Alumni Award For Breakthrough Work In Nanotechnology

Dr. Bruce L. Gibbins PhD Recognized by Washington State University’s College of Science For His Pioneering Work in Infection Control And Wound Healing Technology.

PORTLAND, Oregon (PRWEB) April 28, 2006

Dr. Bruce Gibbins, the founder and chief technology officer of Portland-based AcryMed Inc., earlier this month was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from Washington State University’s College of Science. The honor is given each year to a single alumni member for his or her outstanding achievements in the field of science. Gibbins’ work in infection control and wound healing technology has resulted in a number of life-saving medical breakthroughs including recent discoveries in nanotechnology that have resulted in a new medical device treatment process that can halt the spread of deadly infections.

Gibbins received a Bachelors of Science degree from Washington State University in 1970. He also earned a Masters of Science degree in 1973 and a PhD in 1975, both from Washington State University.

“Dr. Gibbins is a pioneer in the field of silver antimicrobial infection control technology,” said Michael Griswold, Dean of Sciences at Washington State University. “His groundbreaking work in the laboratory as well as his dedication in the field are exemplary and it is our honor to present him with this award.”

After obtaining his Ph. D. in Bacteriology and Public Health from Washington State University, Gibbins spent several years as a faculty member of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Otago Medical School in New Zealand. While there he also helped start a company that developed the prototype for a new skin substitute material. Gibbins eventually purchased the patents to this technology and moved back to the U. S. where in 1993, he founded AcryMed Inc., a company dedicated to the advancement of wound care and infection control technology.

At AcryMed, Gibbins perfected the work he began in New Zealand which eventually led to the creation and market introduction of Microlattice®, an advanced tissue repair product that controls moisture in the wound site to ensure maximum healing.

Gibbins also focused his attention on the antimicrobial properties of silver. He and AcryMed researcher Lance Hopman perfected the stabilization of silver in a moist environment, leading to the development of the world’s first moisture containing silver antimicrobial wound dressing.

In 2001 Gibbins and his team of scientists at AcryMed developed the first silver antimicrobial gel. Solving many of the problems associated with the medical application of antimicrobial silver, SilvaSorb® gel offers an easy way to apply a highly effective broad spectrum bacteria fighting agent to virtually any type of wound or burn.

Gibbins led a team that included Dr. Bhalachandra Karandikar in developing a silver antimicrobial application process to tackle the devastating effects caused by hospital-acquired infections. In 2005, Gibbins and his team of scientist discovered a way to apply silver nanoparticles to the surface of medical devices. Unlike any other medical device treatment process available today, SilvaGard™ nanotechnology allows medical device manufacturer to easily and cost effectively render their medical devices resistant to infection-causing bacteria.

Due to his expertise in wound healing technology, Gibbins was asked to share his knowledge with medical professionals in China where chronic wounds caused by diabetic ulcers are epidemic. Starting in 2004, Gibbins has led a team of doctors and nurses on several trips to China where they examine patients and provide training to medical staff. Dr. Gibbins is currently playing a leading role in establishing a center of excellence for wound care in Guangzhou, China. The new institute will serve as a training center and hospital dedicated to the treatment of chronic wounds.

“We are at the forefront of a medical revolution in the area of advancing wound care and in controlling hospital acquired infections,” said Gibbins. “I am continually grateful for the broad platform of education and training I received from WSU that has helped to prepare me for contributing to the development of products and technologies for wound care and infection control.”

For more information on Dr. Gibbins and the work he is leading at AcryMed Inc., visit www. acrymed. com or call Brad Brenner at 503-736-0610.


Univita Health to Sponsor Indepdence Expo

Univita Health to Sponsor Indepdence Expo

Independent Living Home Expo Showcases Options for Aging Boomers

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) January 7, 2010

The Independent Living Home Expo is pleased to announce today that Univita Health will sponsor the 2010 Independent Living Home Expo at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from April 23 - 25, 2010. Univita Health is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based health care company aimed at promoting and supporting a home-centered approach to independent aging.

"Univita Health's mission, to help people live and age with independence, aligns perfectly with the goals of the Independent Living Home Expo," said Mark Reagen, chief marketing officer for Univita Health. "We look forward to playing a role in empowering and educating individuals about options to remain independent as they age."

Joining Univita as show exhibitors are leading providers and manufacturers of items to help aging boomers maintain their independence. The expo focuses on four areas: Healthy Living, Staying Connected, Easy Living, and Financial & Planning.

The Health Living area will host vendors that relate to good health and daily function including nutrition, home care services and wellness programs. The Staying Connected portion will introduce the public to volunteer groups and clubs plus Internet assistance and everything else to help boomers stay independent and in touch. In Easy Living, attendees will learn about products and services that make it all possible to stay in your home. Information on legal, financial and insurance services can be found in the Financial & Planning section where experts will be onsite to offer guidance and answer any questions about estate planning, trusts, retirement savings, 401K, etc.

The expo is open to the public. Admission for adults: $6.00. Children are free. For more information about the show or to get discounted tickets, please visit the website at: www. independentlivinghomeexpo. com or call 877-431-5824 ext. 3.

About Independent Living Home Expo:
The Independent Living Home Expo provides adults a unique experience to learn about products and services that will enhance their independence as they enter the next chapter of their lives - all under one roof. The Independent Living Home Expo was created to help you live the best years of your life comfortably. Whether you're thinking ahead about your own needs or involved in helping a loved one, the Independent Living Home Expo helps you plan and prepare. For more information on the show or to get tickets, please visit: www. independentlivinghomeexpo. com.

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Recent Developments on Inhibition of Influenza Virus Research That Could Help Slow The Possible Global Influenza Pandemic

Recent Developments on Inhibition of Influenza Virus Research That Could Help Slow The Possible Global Influenza Pandemic

The Pandemic Flu Awareness Week was ended on Oct 9, however, World Health Organization (WHO) has continued its efforts to warn the world of the possible pandemic. Currently there are no vaccine available to fight against the deadly bird flu. Recent research collaboration between Far East Biotech Company (FEBICO) and Dr. Shin-Ru Shih of Clinical Virology at Chang Kung University (Taiwan) in microalgae science has shown that the phycobiliproteins, microalgae protein extracts, has high in-vitro antiviral activities.

TAIPEI, Taiwan (PRWEB) October 14, 2005

October 9 marks an end to the week long of Pandemic Flu Awareness Week. The purpose of the awareness week is to disseminate information to the general public so that everyone is better prepared. The preparation works do not end there as World Health Organization (WHO) has continued its efforts to warn the world of the possible pandemic. On December 8th of last year, WHO announces that the recent appearance and widespread distribution of an avian influenza virus, Influenza A/H5N1, has the potential to ignite the next pandemic. The present official case counts according to the WHO, since December of 2003 is 117 confirmed human cases of avian influenza and 60 cases of deaths from the flu.

Health officials around the world are now closely monitoring the spread of avian influenza and particularly officials in Asian countries are sounding alarms to warn the general populations that the so-called “bird flu” presents a risk of evolving into an efficient and dangerous human pathogen. The possible pandemic could be a threat to human health and a disaster for agricultural production. According to the health authorities at WHO, there are several countries in Asia including Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, China (Hong Kong), Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia that have confirmed cases of H5N1. Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia are recent additions to the confirmed cases of H5N1. And just last week Turkey and Romania killed thousands of poultry in an attempt to stop the bird flu.

H5N1 is a subtype of the Type A influenza virus. Wild birds are the natural hosts of the virus but the virus has proven deadly to poultry and human. Deaths have been reported in humans exposed to the virus in Thailand and Vietnam. What could we do to improve the situation? Currently there are no vaccine available to fight against H5N1. However, four prescription drugs are available for flu prevention. These are the M2 inhibitors (amantadine and rimantadine) and the neuraminidase inhibitors (oseltamivir and zanimivir). These drugs have been approved for the prevention and treatment of human influenza in some countries, and are thought to be effective regardless of the causative strain.

Recent research collaboration between Far East Biotech Company (FEBICO) and Dr. Shin-Ru Shih of Clinical Virology at Chang Kung University (Taiwan) in microalgae science has shown that the phycobiliproteins, microalgae protein extracts, has high in-vitro antiviral activities. According to Dr. Shih, the extract is capable of inhibiting influenza Type A replication. In-vitro studies also show that the lethal concentration (LC50) of the extract is similar to popular anti-flu prescription medicine (oseltamivir). In other words, the extract effectively inhibited influenza Type A and with minimal side effects. Recent animal study designed to discover the inhibitory functions of Apogen®, the trade name for the phycobiliprotein extract, in influenza infections shows great potential for further clinical studies. The results show that mice infected with influenza WSN virus (H1N1) at 3 different plaque-forming units (pfu) or concentrations died, as expected. On the other hand, mice orally fed with Apogen® survive the influenza infection.

These studies further confirm previous research on microalgae extract in inhibiting influenza type A and B and Enterovirus 71. The results were published in prestigious peer reviewed journal, Journal of Medical Virology (May, 2003). US Patent was obtained for methods describing the inhibitory effects.

The Company is looking into the potential of drug development for the Apogen®. According to James Hsieh, vice president at FEBICO, “…the natural microalgae protein extract is being offer as natural health supplement” which is a less expensive alternative to other preventative treatments. The health supplement has been formulated to help boost the immune system and, according to recent studies, prevent influenza virus infections.

FEBICO is a leading biotechnology company that researches, develops, manufactures and commercializes microalgae products. FEBICO is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

Chang Gung University is Taiwan’s preeminent university. CGU is known for its medical science research and collaboration with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital under Formosa Plastics Group. CGU is the cradle of the country's outstanding academic technological and management talents needed by the medical, industrial and management professions.

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Free Help for Smokers to Quit Smoking!

Free Help for Smokers to Quit Smoking!

Palm Beach, Fla. (PRWEB) September 9, 2005

Great News - Smoke Free Society, a nonprofit organization solely dedicated to helping smokers quit and educating kids not to start, has made its “Proven Stop Smoking Technique” available online for free download for those smokers who want to quit smoking while bringing more awareness to the hazards of smoking and its toll on our loved ones’ lives. This National Grandparents’ Day, help your grandparents and loved ones quit smoking for good.

This 57-page self-help and effective technique helps smokers wean themselves off of their cigarettes in just 17 days without the use of any substance or drug. The booklet contains helpful information and many useful tips on what to do before, during and after quitting and stay smoke-free for life. It explains the cost of smoking and its toll on smokersÂ’ lives and their loved ones around them. The technique was developed by Smoke Free SocietyÂ’s founder who used it to quit his own 20-year smoking habit.

“This National Grandparents’ Day, September 11th, I urge everyone to get involved and help their grandparents quit smoking to live longer and healthier lives. We are making our core quit smoking technique available online for free download, to those who are interested in quitting or want to help a loved one quit,” said Rez Seyedin, founder of Smoke Free Society. “If we care and want a healthier future, we must all work together to help our friends and loved ones quit smoking. Because, when someone quits smoking they not only improve their own life, their secondhand smoke no longer harms and kills their loved ones around them,” continued Seyedin.

Tragically, one out of four Americans smokes. That means in a family of four, either the father or mother, or both, are smokers destroying their lives as well as their two children’s lives and future. Sadly, an average smoker spends over $1,800 a year on their cigarettes alone, and that doesn’t include all other related costs. A Duke University study puts the true cost of lifetime smoking at $40 a pack – money that could be used to provide food, education, healthcare and wellbeing for their family.

Smoke Free Society also offers many other effective quit smoking plans, tools and solutions that are based on its three-step principle: preparation, quitting and support. For example, its “Buddy System” pairs up smokers or a smoker with a loved one to help provide the support and encouragement they need to overcome their deadly addiction.

To help your grandparents, yourself or a loved one quit smoking, grandchildren, family and friends are urged to visit its website today at: www. SmokeFreeSociety. org to take advantage of this free download and save their loved ones lives before itÂ’s too late.

For related photo: http://www. smokefreesociety. org/Press/PRelease/Grandparent-Photo. asp (http://www. smokefreesociety. org/Press/PRelease/Grandparent-Photo. asp)

History - The impetus for a National GrandparentsÂ’ Day originated with Marian McQuade, a housewife in Fayette County, West Virginia. Her primary motivation was to champion the cause of lonely elderly in nursing homes. She also hoped to persuade grandchildren to tap the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed that National GrandparentsÂ’ Day would be celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day.


Taylor Swift Auctions off an Experience to Make a Difference in Children’s Lives

Taylor Swift Auctions off an Experience to Make a Difference in Children’s Lives

Live Celebrity Charity Auction With Auction Cause– May 13-23, 2010

(Vocus) May 12, 2010

MyWorkButterfly. com (http://www. myworkbutterfly. com) announces auctioning off "A night to remember with Taylor Swift", four-time Grammy Winner and youngest artist in history to win music industry's highest honor, the GRAMMY Award for Album of the Year. At the 2010 GRAMMYs, she took home additional awards for Country Album of the Year, Best Country Song, and Best Country Female Vocal Performance.

Proceeds from this live auction will benefit the VH1 Save the Music Foundation in helping to make a difference in the lives of students across the country without access to music education.

WHO: MyWorkButterfly. com (http://www. myworkbutterfly. com), the most comprehensive social networking site that provides free resources to help return-to-work moms and working moms, is made up of a community of parents who have an overwhelming desire to make a positive impact in the lives of children.

WHAT: MyWorkButterfly. com proudly presents this auction with Taylor Swift to help raise funds to benefit the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, which relies on donations to execute its mission.

The highest bidder will win:
Two Tickets to Taylor Swift’s Fearless Concert on June 2nd, 2010 at the Verizon Center in Washington DC Meet & Greet A Personalized Autographed Acoustic Guitar Two Roundtrip Domestic Air Tickets from JetBlue to Washington DC Hotel Room for One Night Gift Bag from MyWorkButterfly. com Gift of two Powersticks™. Stay connected – charge any of your mobile devices on-the-go with the POWERSTICK™ www. powerstick. com

WHEN: Bidding will take place over a ten-day period, May13-May 23, 2010 with cause marketing agency Auction Cause.

HOW: Visit MyWorkButterfly. com to bid on “A Night to Remember with Taylor Swift” Auction, on May13-May 23, 2010
While there, you can also take advantage of MyWorkButterfly's free resources in child care, career counseling, financial, parenting, psychotherapy, health, fitness, travel, as well as 10,000+ job opportunities and celebrity “Mom Mentor” videos. Your donation will positively impact children's lives forever.

When you sign-up to become a member of MyWorkButterfly. com, you will be automatically entered to win an assortment of hit CD's featuring Universal Republic's featured artists: Colbie Caillat, 3-Doors Down, Hinder, Amy Winehouse, Jack Johnson...and more!

Terry Starr

Bradi Nathan

**For auction questions, contact Taylor Robles of Auction Cause, the auction management agency, at (323) 655-0554.
**For inquiries regarding the VH1 Save The Music Foundation please contact: Elizabeth Rosenthal/Susan Blond, Inc., 212.333.7728 ext.105, erosenthal(at)susanblondinc(dot)com
**For inquiries on Powerstick™, please contact Nigel Harris, 613-230-4840 x 104, Ecosol. Nigel(at)gmail(dot)com


Saturday, October 23, 2004

Armchair Millionaire Community Bulletin - Dropping Out of the Rat Race

Armchair Millionaire Community Bulletin - Dropping Out of the Rat Race

The thought of simply chucking it all and escaping the treadmill of work and a materialistic lifestyle can be highly seductive. But look carefully before you go there -- you may find that you're giving up a lot more than the job stress, and changing your life in ways you never could have imagined.

New York City, New York (PRWEB) August 31, 2004

The many heartfelt comments we had about dropping out of the rat race from members of the Armchair Millionaire community are telling of just how many struggle with balancing work and life. Here are two comments from folks who have succeeded in dropping out:

"Four years ago my wife and I, 38 and 48 respectively, took our proceeds from a business that we sold and left the office for good, hopefully. We aren't mega rich but so far it appears that buying what we need and doing what we want can be sustained with minimal income. Kids in school have kept down the travel but that restriction ends soon as our youngest heads off to school." --Joseph S.

"We left the rat race at 52 and 51 years old. During our working time we lived well below our means. We did not live a life of deprivation, just that we didn't buy the stuff we didn't need. Being retired is great, although the days do seem to go by more quickly." --Alan and Kay

As Americans, we're generally taught and encouraged to get on a defined track. It starts with school when we're youngsters, moves on to a job and career as we become adults, and continues on most of our lives until we retire, usually sometime in our 60s. You're proposing jumping that track completely.

That's a big move, and for some people could be very rewarding. But before you take that first big step, consider all the angles. My checklist will get you started on the big issues.

The Armchair Millionaire's Checklist for Dropping Out of the Rat Race

Be realistic about how big the change will be. We're not talking about simply retiring at age 55. Dropping out of the rat race means a serious lifestyle shift. To be able to afford to give up that high-powered job, you'll probably need to substantially downsize all aspects of your life--house, car and entertainment budget included. For many people, it even means moving abroad to a country where living is cheaper. It may be just fine with you for your life to look completely different, but be sure of that ahead of time.

Envision your new life. Many people just want to escape their jobs, and fail to envision how they will fill their days once that job is gone. Make sure you're clear about what you really want to do. What does your ideal day look like? Will you have plenty to do to give your life some meaningful structure? You may find out that you don't need a new life at all, but just a healthy dose of balance in your current one.

Consider what you'll lose. Stressful as it is, your job probably gives you a lot that you may take for granted. It may keep you intellectually challenged, or surround you with a community of people, or provide you with your primary identity. If nothing else, it may give you health and pension benefits. How will you fill these gaps?

Don't rule out work. You want to dump your high-stress job, but don't rule out taking a lower-stress full - or part-time job. It will still allow you to leave your work at the office and call your time mostly your own. And it can make a world of difference in helping making ends meet.

Plan like crazy. If you think planning for a regular retirement is a chore, wait until you try planning for this. If you end up living in poverty, that high-stress job is going to start looking very good again. Get help from a financial planner to determine if you really can afford it. At a minimum, you'll need to consider your living expenses, investment returns, a safe rate of withdrawal rate, the impact of inflation and your life expectancy.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The thought of simply chucking it all and escaping the treadmill of work and a materialistic lifestyle can be highly seductive. And for some, it’s not entirely out of reach. But plan carefully before you leap. By removing yourself from the rat race and accepting a “subsistence” lifestyle, you may find that you’ve exchanged one kind of stress for another.

THE ARMCHAIR MILLIONAIRE WEEKLY SURVEY: What's the best education money can buy? Log on to www. armchairmillionaire. com and let us know.

Lewis Schiff is a contributor to CNNfnMoney. com, the Web sites for CNN and Money Magazine. His newest report, "How to Know When You Are Rich," is now available at www. armchairmillionaire. com.


Lewis Schiff

Armchair Millionaire


Http://www. armchairmillionaire. com (http://www. armchairmillionaire. com)

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Expat Marketplace is the New Online Shopping Mall for Brits in France and Spain

Expat Marketplace is the New Online Shopping Mall for Brits in France and Spain

The Expat Marketplace has been launched to cater for the online shopping needs of British Expats in France and Spain. Over 15 shops providing everything from DIY to Cars available to buy online and delivered to your door in France or Spain.

(PRWEB) June 9, 2005

Six million more Brits will be living or working abroad by 2020 forecasts Alliance & Leicester International and many will pack their bags because they've had enough of the punishing work culture in Blighty.

Reducing stress, will be the key factor leading Britons to contemplate emigration - and it will be an even stronger motivation for people working long hours in pressurised, highly paid, occupations in the City.

One in three Britons dream of a less stressful life and are considering moving abroad.

However, there are many home comforts that migrating Brits would prefer not to give up. UK Shopping ranks extremely high on this list of the things Brits miss when moving abroad.

To cater for the huge demand of an increasing number of ex-British shoppers a new online shopping mall has been launched. The ExpatMarketplace promises to deliver products direct to the doors of Expats in France and Spain. With thousands of products available and displayed for you to browse in 15 online shops the Expat Marketplace stands to deliver a valuable and much wanted service to a growing Expat community.

Spain remains the number one destination for individuals moving abroad. With 500,000 properties in Spain owned by Brits with another 400,000 expected to move to Spain in the next four years.

France is the 2nd most popular destination for young professionals considering emigration with over 300,000 Brits already living there and many more owning holiday villas and gites.

It seems that the Expat Marketplace definitely has a captive market of Brits who are in much need of some retail therapy. With shops featuring DIY, Health & Beauty, Gifts & Gadgets, and Bathroom, Kitchen and Garden products, the UK High street is now just a click away.

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Southridge Funds Facilitate Special Capital Distribution for Technest Shareholders

Southridge Funds Facilitate Special Capital Distribution for Technest Shareholders

Southridge-managed funds, as controlling shareholders and whose principals served on the Technest Board of Directors, have been instrumental in successfully resolving the arbitration matter on behalf of all Technest shareholders which has led to this distribution.

New York (PRWEB) January 20, 2010

Technest Holdings, Inc. (OTC. BB:TCNH) announced that FINRA has determined that the ex-dividend date will be January 19, 2010 for the special "return of capital" cash distribution declared by its Board of Directors on December 23, 2009. The ex-dividend date is the date on or after which the security begins to trade without the right to receive the dividend payment. The cash dividend of $0.407 per share of Common Stock is payable on January 15, 2010 to shareholders of record as of January 4, 2010. This distribution relates to the sale of EOIR Technologies, Inc. as previously announced.

"Southridge-managed funds, as controlling shareholders and whose principals served on the Technest Board of Directors, have been instrumental in successfully resolving the arbitration matter on behalf of all Technest shareholders which has led to this distribution. We are pleased that our efforts will assist the company in moving forward," said Stephen Hicks, Chairman Southridge LLC.

Prior to year end Technest Holdings, Inc. entered into a settlement agreement with EOIR Holdings, LLC and EOIR Technologies, Inc. ("EOIR"), settling all claims related to the Stock Purchase Agreement ("SPA") which the parties entered into in 2007 to effectuate the sale of EOIR, a subsidiary of Technest at the time.

About Southridge LLC
Southridge LLC is a diversified financial holding company offering a wide range of products and services, including Fund Management, Investment Banking, Merchant Banking, Wealth Management and Business Solutions. For more information please visit www. southridgellc. com.

About Technest Holdings, Inc.
Technest Holdings, Inc. is a provider of: advanced remote sensor systems, intelligent surveillance and advanced 3D imaging technology solutions to the defense, homeland security and healthcare marketplaces. Technest is committed to setting next-generation imaging standards through the provision of innovative emerging technologies. Through strategic development, Technest focuses on the creation of dual-use technology and products with applications in healthcare as well as the fields of defense, civilian homeland security and law enforcement. For more information, please visit the company's website at http://www. technestinc. com (http://www. technestinc. com).

800 Third Avenue 9th Floor
New York NY 10022

Rubenstein Public Relations
Contact: Alan J. Segan Tel: 212-843-8064


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

NetQoS Integrates with Cisco WAAS to Deliver End-to-End Application Response Time Reporting for WAN Optimization

NetQoS Integrates with Cisco WAAS to Deliver End-to-End Application Response Time Reporting for WAN Optimization

NetQoS® Inc. is working with Cisco® to develop a management interface for accurate end-to-end application response time measurement for WAN optimization. Integrated in Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) devices, the software will allow IT organizations to accurately validate the results of WAN optimization deployments.

Anaheim, Calif. (PRWEB) July 25, 2007

NetQoS® Inc. is working with Cisco® to develop a management interface for accurate end-to-end application response time measurement for WAN optimization (http://www. netqos. com/CiscoWAASSolutions/Cisco_WAAS_overview. html). Integrated in Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) devices, the software will allow IT organizations to accurately validate the results of WAN optimization deployments.

"This is a significant advancement in the WAN optimization space, because accurate response time data is essential to ensuring WAN optimization deployments are fully optimizing application performance for the end user, and no other WAN optimization solution offers this," said Dr. Cathy Fulton, NetQoS CTO. "Current WAN optimization technologies obscure application response times through locally acknowledged TCP sessions, making it difficult to quantify the real benefits of a WAN optimization deployment. NetQoS and Cisco have developed a truly end-to-end solution where application performance statistics are captured and reported from the end user to the data center."

The integrated software on Cisco WAAS devices will export TCP header information before optimization occurs to NetQoS SuperAgent (http://www. netqos. com/CiscoWAASSolutions/WANOptimizationResponseTimeMonitoring. html), the end-to-end performance monitoring module of the NetQoS Performance Center product suite. Using Cisco WAAS with NetQoS SuperAgent will help enable joint customers to quantify Cisco WAAS response time improvements accurately with before and after analysis and provide consistent and improved application delivery to end users.

To measure Cisco WAAS traffic flow improvements, Cisco and NetQoS will also market NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer (http://www. netqos. com/CiscoWAASSolutions/WANOptimizationTrafficAnalysis. html)™, the traffic analysis module of the NetQoS Performance Center that reports on enterprise wide Cisco IOS® NetFlow statistics. Cisco WAAS provides compliance with network-based NetFlow collection and export, and does not impede the ability to see traffic composition before and after WAN optimization is applied.

"Cisco WAAS integrates transparently within customers' networks, and the management interface we have developed with NetQoS extends that transparency to performance reporting data, giving our customers accurate insight into how to best leverage our technology to maximize application performance and remote user productivity," said Dr. Issy Ben-Shaul, CTO of the Application Delivery Business Unit, Cisco.

Using NetQoS Performance Center (http://www. netqos. com/solutions/NPC) modules with Cisco WAAS will help enable IT organizations to validate the results of WAN optimization deployments and:
Identify and prioritize the network segments and applications that will benefit from a WAN optimization deployment Obtain before and after measurements for pilot testing of optimization Determine the impact optimization has on application performance and data volume across WAN segments and in the data center Troubleshoot problems after rolling out optimization Calculate the ROI of WAN optimization deployments

The initiative was driven by mutual customers who wanted accurate end-to-end metrics to ensure optimal application performance, and thus end user productivity. More than 75 enterprise customers have approached Cisco and NetQoS about integrating WAN optimization and performance reporting metrics (http://www. netqos. com/CiscoWAASSolutions/Cisco_WAAS_overview. html).

SRA International, Inc. is a leading provider of technology and strategic consulting services and solutions - including systems design, development and integration; and outsourcing and managed services - to clients in national security, civil government, and health care and public health.

"As a Cisco WAAS customer with 45 sites deployed, we are looking forward to the new application performance management integration features in this new software release," said Frank Kist, Acting CIO, SRA International, Inc. "The management interface from Cisco and NetQoS will allow us to accurately measure end-to-end application response time and WAN utilization. With this additional analysis, we can report precisely the performance, productivity and ROI benefits delivered by Cisco WAAS."

In addition to technology integration, NetQoS and Cisco will engage in joint marketing, sales, and support activities, helping customers to understand how to calculate WAN optimization improvements accurately.

The integrated response time solution will be available in the next release of Cisco WAAS (http://www. cisco. com/go/waas), scheduled for the third quarter of 2007. NetFlow reporting is available today, with no changes required to Cisco WAAS or NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer. There will be no additional charge for the integrated NetQoS SuperAgent software that operates on the Cisco WAAS Wide Area Application Engine (WAE) and Wide Area Application Engine Network Module (NME-WAE) devices. Pricing for NetQoS SuperAgent starts at $40,000 and NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer starts at $25,000. The NetQoS Performance Center is available to customers at no additional cost with the purchase of one of NetQoS' product modules.

"Prudent IT managers will not deploy WAN optimization products without first identifying the best candidates for optimization based on traffic composition, latency, and bandwidth utilization, and establishing an end-to-end application performance baseline so that the improvement from optimization can be quantified accurately," said George Hamilton, director of enterprise infrastructure at Yankee Group. "And if quantifying performance improvements is a concern, then this joint NetQoS/Cisco solution should be at the top of any IT manager's list of solutions to evaluate."

"Ultimately, it all comes down to having visibility into what's on your network before and after WAN optimization device deployment," said Dr. Fulton. "Organizations need visibility into the amount of congestion on each link, what applications are running over the link, and end-user response times to quantify 'normal' latency in the application, server, and network components. Only then can organizations make informed decisions about which WAN optimization technologies to deploy and understand how those technologies are working. This joint solution with the NetQoS Performance Center product modules provides an integrated, overall view of response time and traffic flow data necessary to plan for and fully leverage Cisco WAAS improvements."

For more information about Cisco WAAS solutions go to www. cisco. com/go/waas (http://www. cisco. com/go/waas)

For more information about the NetQoS Performance Center or its NetQoS SuperAgent or NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer product modules, visit http://www. netqos. com/solutions/NPC (http://www. netqos. com/solutions/NPC)

About the NetQoS Performance Center
The NetQoS Performance Center product suite provides global visibility, via a single Web-based management console, into the key metrics necessary to quantify network performance across an organization: end-to-end performance (NetQoS SuperAgent), traffic analysis (NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer), and device performance (NetQoS NetVoyant®). The NetQoS Performance Center provides a top-down view of all applications--data, video, and voice--for the entire network infrastructure. IT professionals can also drill down into this data with customizable, role-specific views in order to:

Measure end user response times Provide consistent application service delivery Understand how infrastructure changes affect network and application performance Isolate performance problems to the application, server, or network Identify the applications and users consuming bandwidth, and when Avoid unnecessary WAN costs Manage the convergence of voice, video and data Identify virus or denial of service attacks

About NetQoS Inc. (http://www. netqos. com/)
NetQoS software and services help service providers, government agencies, and large enterprises - including half of the Fortune 100 - improve the delivery of applications over wide area networks by enabling them to monitor application service levels, troubleshoot problems quickly, and plan for change. Representative NetQoS customers include Chevron, Lockheed Martin, American Express, Hilton Hotels, Siemens, Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, NASA, and Barclays Global Investors. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetQoS has R&D centers in Austin and Raleigh, N. C., and regional sales offices in London and Singapore. For more information, visit www. netqos. com or call (877) 835-9575.

NetQoS, SuperAgent, and NetVoyant are registered trademarks and ReporterAnalyzer is a trademark of NetQoS Inc. All other trade names, trademarks, and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Easily Upgradeable Semiconductor Chips Essential for Success in Hospital Equipment Market

Easily Upgradeable Semiconductor Chips Essential for Success in Hospital Equipment Market

Since most of these high-end medical systems are one time investments with low non-recurring costs, capability to handle upgrades to other components in the system has become all the more crucial to increase sales.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) January 28, 2006

Increasing demand from hospital equipment for higher precision levels, are likely to see semiconductor manufacturers competing to offer the most innovative and flexible processors and data converters.

Hospitals are opting for sophisticated data storage and data processing equipment for better and faster access and process times. Since most of these high-end medical systems are one time investments with low non-recurring costs, capability to handle upgrades to other components in the system has become all the more crucial to increase sales.

“The technological developments taking place in the healthcare industry have been quite significant,” says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Aditya Prasad. “This calls for upgraded versions of available semiconductor products that push vendors to re-innovate their existing product line.”

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, (www. semiconductors. frost. com) World Market for Semiconductors in Hospital Equipment, reveals that the total revenues obtained by semiconductor vendors from hospital equipment applications in the year 2004 was nearly $1 billion and expects to grow to $1.57 billion dollars by the year 2008.

If you are interested in a virtual brochure, which provides manufacturers, end users and other industry participants an overview of the latest analysis of the World Market for Semiconductors in Hospital Equipment, then send an e-mail to Tori Foster, Corporate Communications, at tori. foster@frost. com, with the following information: your full name, company name, title, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address. Upon receipt of the above information, an overview will be sent to you by e-mail.

The majority of the revenues generated from the medical imaging modalities market in the United States were $1.20 billion primarily because these systems demand very high-end semiconductor products with greater average costs.

Designing equipment that helps in quicker diagnostics will also provide semiconductor vendors with new avenues for growth, increase the unit shipments and will ultimately offset falling profit margins.

With cheaper labor available in countries such as China and India in the Southeast Asian region, cutting in-house costs and outsourcing is taking priority. Such strategies are expected to meet the growing competition and reduce prices for increasing the reach to a much more diverse customer base.

Reduction in the time to market is also likely to be a key competitive strategy in the coming years. In this context, the field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are set to gain market share due to greater flexibility that makes it ideal for high priced and low volume products.

“Since OEMs demand equipment at fairly short notice, products such as FPGAs are at a competitive advantage as compared to mixed signal application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) that usually have a longer product development time,” observes Prasad.

With the increase in density, flexibility and high performance the FPGAs provide the system-on-chip capabilities to drive the next generation systems. They also have an edge over other devices in terms of managing the supply and inventory problems.

“Efficient marketing is likely to play a major role for FPGAs, since they are up against well established technologies globally such as digital signal processors and OEMs of medical systems,” concludes Prasad.

World Market for Semiconductors in Hospital Equipment, part of the 9952 subscription, analyzes and forecasts the semiconductor market for hospital equipment, segmenting it into FPGAs, digital signal processors (DSPs), data converters and mixed signal ASICs. It discusses the various market trends and opportunities while providing in-depth analysis of market share, revenue forecasts, market drivers and restraints. Executive summaries and analyst interviews are available to the press.

Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, has been partnering with clients to support the development of innovative strategies for more than 40 years. The company's industry expertise integrates growth consulting, growth partnership services, and corporate management training to identify and develop opportunities. Frost & Sullivan serves an extensive clientele that includes Global 1000 companies, emerging companies, and the investment community by providing comprehensive industry coverage that reflects a unique global perspective and combines ongoing analysis of markets, technologies, econometrics, and demographics.

World Market for Semiconductors in Hospital Equipment



Tori Foster

Corporate Communications – North America

P: 210.477.8448

Magdalena Oberland

Corporate Communications – Europe

P: +44 (0) 20 7915 7876

F: +44 (0) 20 7730 3343

Donna Jeremiah

Corporate Communications – Asia Pacific

P: +603 6304 5832

F: +603 6201 7402

Www. frost. com

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Talking Dog Lands Mouth Watering Deal with Gourmet Custom Petfood Company

Talking Dog Lands Mouth Watering Deal with Gourmet Custom Petfood Company

RedMoon Custom Pet Food Company has announced that it has hired Rex, the talking Boston terrier (animated), to an exclusive multi year-services contract as its first-ever official spokes dog.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) September 29, 2010

The story of Rex became an Internet phenomenon earlier this year when it was revealed that the young Boston terrier (animated), who to that point had been a faithful and beloved pet, but otherwise a dog of little note, had suddenly developed the ability for human speech. In a fast-talking one and a half-minute video monologue that went viral on YouTube, the capricious canine unleashed a talent for linguistic legerdemain rivaling that of most humans, while extolling the virtues of his favorite pet food, RedMoon. Rex credits the custom pet food maker for his dramatic transformation.

Said Rex, “This food is so good, after eating it for a month I began to experience a change. Instead of simply howling my pleasure, I found I was able to express real satisfaction—I could even spell it out: R-E-D-M-O-O-N. So I sat my human down and got him to shoot a video on his handheld so I could tell the whole world what every dog and cat owner needs to know—'this stuff is supercharged’.” http://www. thedogrex. com (http://www. thedogrex. com)

RedMoon is the first customizable high-quality pet food for cats and dogs. It uses all natural ingredients while avoiding fillers, chemicals and also grain, gluten, rice, corn and soy products that can lead to allergies, bloating and bad breath.

Notes Red Moon President and CEO Jason Bailey: “After years in the pet food industry, we knew that something was missing—the ability to customize high-quality pet foods to your dog or cat’s unique dietary needs. After a few years of development and only months of the product being available online, we are happy with how this new trend is catching on and how pet owners are realizing that there is a much better option for their pets. We are confident that with this food, dogs and cats will eat less, poop less, look and feel much better.”

RedMoon products can be customized to include supplements consisting of herbs, enzymes, vitamins and nutraceuticals, designed to boost immune systems, assist oral health, strengthen joints, revive coats and aid digestion.

RedMoon scientists note that they cannot guarantee that other canines and felines consuming their products will develop the power of speech; they believe that Rex’s transformation may be the result of a unique combination of several RedMoon supplements taken during a full moon and following a bite by a radioactive spider. However, they do assure owners that pets consuming their products will receive all other benefits advertised by RedMoon.

Meanwhile, when asked about the benefits of RedMoon for cats, Rex shrugged, questioning whether the world really needed or was ready for a talking “cat-astrophe”. However, the frank-speaking spokes dog did ultimately recommend the product to cat owners, conceding that it would be nice to “not have to deal with stinky cat farts” anymore http://www. thedogrex. com (http://www. thedogrex. com)

The terms of Rex’s deal with RedMoon are undisclosed, but are rumored to involve free RedMoon pet food and unlimited supplements for a term of 99 (dog) years.

RedMoon has been involved in the pet food industry since 1996. Applying its expertise, and a philosophy of using no fillers, only harvest-fresh fruits, vegetables and real meat, RedMoon has spent more than 2 years developing its line of custom pet food products. Employing only fresh, functional and wholesome ingredients, RedMoon Custom pet food is the first custom petfood company that caters to the individual dietary needs of each pet. Their products have been released to the market and available online at http://www. redmoonpetfood. com (http://www. redmoonpetfood. com) since March 2010. RedMoon has cutting edge production facilities both in Canada and the United States and delivers its products free across North America.  http://www. thedogrex. com/media-kit (http://www. thedogrex. com/media-kit)

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Businesses Save with New Healthy Body Weight Workplace Tools

Businesses Save with New Healthy Body Weight Workplace Tools

Health in the workplace is critical for the long term success of any organization. If you are not addressing obesity in the workplace, your health care costs are headed higher, faster.

Kent, OH (PRWEB) December 8, 2005

Healthy Body Weight http://www. HealthyBodyWeight. com (http://www. HealthyBodyWeight. com) has launched a drive to improve the health of American workers. All the tools to improve the health and well being of a company’s employees may now be purchased on the website, including the recently released Employee Health Poster Series.

The poster program is designed to cover a 24-month period. Each month has two posters -- one set for the first 12-months and one set for the second 12-months. In addition to the monthly posters, there are four permanent posters that are rotated quarterly and they are designed to convey two important themes -- body weight is controlled by calories and managing portion sizes is critical to managing body weight. Although the posters are meant to be used in a scheduled format, a company may elect to pick and choose the ones that best fits their wellness effort. All posters are 11 x 17.

In addition to the Poster Series, the book “Move It. Lose It. Live Healthy” is discounted until January 2006, to help employers give the gift of health for the holidays. This book covers not only employee health, but family health as well.

These tools can also augment wellness planning that can save companies a considerable amount in health care costs over multiple years. Posters, Books for employees and children and the wellness tools are all available at http://www. HealthyBodyWeight. com (http://www. HealthyBodyWeight. com)

For more information on creating a wellness plan to help control obesity in the workplace, contact Tom Gilliam, Ph. D. at 1-877-316-5097.

# # #

Friday, October 15, 2004

Miller Hull-Designed Northwest Maritime Center Achieves LEED Gold Certification

Miller Hull-Designed Northwest Maritime Center Achieves LEED Gold Certification

From energy use reduction to habitat restoration and material selection–all aspects of sustainability were considered by the client and the design team.

(Vocus) December 9, 2010

Designed by the Miller Hull Partnership, the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend, Washington, recently achieved LEED Gold Certification. As a nonprofit organization committed to promoting and preserving a rich maritime heritage, on-the-water programs, and nurturing the art and craft of wooden boats, the maritime center was designed not only to protect but to actually improve and restore the waters of the Puget Sound. From energy use reduction to habitat restoration and material selection–all aspects of sustainability were considered by the client and the design team.

"A community-based planning process more than 10 years in the making, we ensured the Northwest Maritime Center’s two buildings were compatible with the other historic structures in Port Townsend’s National Landmark Historic District," said Craig Curtis, partner at Miller Hull and the lead designer of the project. "The two buildings, constructed of over 60% of FSC certified wood, occupy a prime location at the end of Water Street, at the transition between the old brick buildings of the late 1890’s and the adjacent Coast Guard clapboard buildings at the Point Hudson Marina, which were constructed in the 1930's."

The site of the Northwest Maritime Center was formerly a bulk oil terminal for over eighty years. To clean up this critical waterfront property on Port Townsend Bay, more than 2,400 tons of contaminated soil was removed and properly disposed and the old pier that supported barges loaded with oil was removed.

The new pier, the hub of the center’s on-the-water programs, was designed to minimize shadows over prime eelgrass habitat. Construction utilized innovative materials such as reflective panels and grating, and included a voluntary planting of more than 8,000 shoots of new eelgrass to restore fragmented eelgrass beds in the bay. Students and volunteers from the community assisted scientists and divers in the restoration process. Eelgrass plays a vital role in a shoreline's ecosystem as it is the nursery grounds for many fish and shellfish species. The first water source heat exchanger plates were installed in Puget Sound under the new pier to utilize the temperature of water to efficiently heat and cool the buildings.

In a unique public/private partnership, access to the shoreline, the center's second level walkways, as well as the waterfront boardwalk, were deeded to the city in perpetuity, making the outdoor spaces a gathering place for both visitors and full-time residents of Port Townsend. In addition, the maritime center partnered with the city in a pilot project for development of a low impact development (LID) pedestrian streetscape. This included the installation of raingardens to control and treat stormwater due to the proximity of Puget Sound. The center also worked with the city to establish the first Transportation Demand Management Plan in the city to reduce vehicle trips and parking congestion, and provide ample bike storage and outlets for electric cars.

Other energy use reduction strategies included abundant natural daylight and ventilation achieved through operable clerestory windows running the length of the buildings which minimized the need for artificial lighting. Furthermore, 100 percent of the center's power derived from Puget Sound Energy is from the utility company's "green power" program, thereby reducing the center's energy load on the city's power grid. One element that was not installed due to funding constraints was a solar system to reduce electrical usage. However, the center is primed and wired for solar panels to be installed on the roof if funding becomes available at a future date.

A move toward LEED Gold certification was conducted at the later stages of the design process. "The intent was always to build a sustainable building," said Curtis. "However, a donor learned that the project would easily qualify as a certified building under the LEED program." The Martin/Fabert Foundation stepped forward to support the campaign’s additional costs to incorporate other sustainable elements that would help it achieve LEED Gold certification.

"Every sustainable project needs a champion and given the center’s mission, sustainability goals, and prime location on Puget Sound, it was a wise investment on our part," said Lisa Martin. "We strongly believe that a sustainable building is key to ensuring the health of the center and its programs for future generations."

The Miller Hull Partnership (http://www. millerhull. com) specializes in award-winning design for public works buildings that actively engage their communities. Miller Hull’s built work spans a wide range of project types such as interpretive, community and nature centers, museums, city halls and public administration buildings, libraries, schools, higher education facilities, mixed use buildings, laboratories, corporate offices, condominiums and small residences. The Miller Hull Partnership is the recipient of the National Firm Award from the American Institute of Architects.

High resolution photos available upon request.

Robin Clewley
Communications Director, The Miller Hull Partnership
+1 206-254-2045

# # #

Thursday, October 14, 2004

How To Give The Gift Of Sight: Richard Mash Racing Supports The Levar Burton Fund Raiser And Live Nascar Auction

How To Give The Gift Of Sight: Richard Mash Racing Supports The Levar Burton Fund Raiser And Live Nascar Auction

The representatives at Richard Mash Racing would like to inform everyone, racers and non-racers alike about a fund raiser and live NASCAR auction taking place later on this spring. This fund raiser is important to our organization for a number of reasons. "This fund raiser matters to us because of our platform," states Team PR Director Michelle Dyer. Team Manager Joe Tisi states, "We are excited for Dr. Hearing because of how much he's endorced our race team."

Sanford, FL (PRWEB) February 9, 2006

The representatives at Richard Mash Racing would like to inform everyone, racers and non-racers alike about a fund raiser and live NASCAR auction taking place later on this spring. This fund raiser is important to our organization for a number of reasons. "This fund raiser matters to us because of our platform," states Team PR Director Michelle Dyer. Team Manager Joe Tisi states, "We are excited for Dr. Hearing because of how much he's endorsed our race team."


Richard Mash Racing got it's start in the famed NASCAR Goody's Dash Series. The team won several national championships with many different race car drivers. "We are a championship race team with a proven track record," states Team Manager Joe Tisi.

Our goals move beyond the Old Dash Series. Team Manager Joe Tisi states, "We are looking toward the future. Our hope is to run Female Driver Sondi Eden in ARCA and NASCAR. The NASCAR world needs a quality Female Driver, and Sondi is that person."


Actor LeVar Burton and Optometrist Dr. M Richard Scott Hearing will be holding a Fund Raiser to benefit The LeVar Burton Center For Vision Enhancement Technologies as well as The Jupiter Tequesta Sunrise RAngel Doner Vision Program. The live Auction is to support Dr. Hearing's efforts will be held on Friday March 31, 2006. The time for this benefit is at 6:30 pm.

The evening's activities will be held at The City Lasik and Optique. This event is Sponsored by Visual Health. The time of the reception will be from 8 to 10 pm. The location of this benefit will be held at The Harriet Himmel Theater.

Attendees to this fund raiser will be greeted with a whine and cheese reception. Coffee and Dessert Will also be served. Enjoy Music during the evening's festivities.

The location of this fund raiser can be found at CityPlace, 700 South Rosemary Avenue, Suite 200. West Palm Beach, Florida, 33401.


Dr. M Richard Scott Hearing is planning a live auction during this fund raiser. "We have an idea, we want to auction off a NASCAR fan package. We are wanting to offer race fans the opportunity to meet their favorite driver, obtain a weekend for two with a genuine NASCAR race team, race tickets for two for either the Pepsi 400 or Ford Championship weekends and possibly a NASCAR ride-along. Our goal is to give every race fan the experience of a lifetime while raising money for a worthy cause" If you are a race team or race school, and would like to be a part of this live auction, please contact RMR PR Director Michelle Dyer at (407)-549-7177. To learn more about the work of Dr. M Richard Scott Hearing please visit http://www. drhearing. net (http://www. drhearing. net).


LeVar Burton has played in some of the culture’s most memorable characters for the past three decades. He's done the most recent modern Star Trek Shows including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek; Voyager and Enterprise.

Mr. Burton has served as host and series producer of “Reading Rainbow,” the highly acclaimed, long-running Emmy - Award-winning series on PBS. A 1990 recipient of a star on Hollywood’s legendary Walk of Fame. He is also a member of the cast of the children's television series called "Captain Planet".

As a sophomore at the University of Southern California, Mr. Burton won an Emmy for his role as Kunta Kinte in the acclaimed miniseries, “Roots.” Following “Roots.” He starred in a variety of television movies including the Emmy-nominated “Dummy,” “One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story,” “Gambling’s White Tiger,” “The Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones,” “Battered,” “Billy: Portrait of a Street Kid,” “A Roots Christmas: Kunta Kinte’s Gift” and the miniseries “Liberty.” Last but not least, his most acclaimed featured film credits are “Looking for Mr. Goodbar,” “The Hunter” with Steve McQueen and “The Supernaturals.”

As the president of Eagle Nation Films & Integrity Entertainment, Mr. Burton is developing projects for film and television. He is also developing the LeVar Burton brand of child and family-friendly books and literature for international distribution. Finally, Mr. Burton’s charitable endeavors include projects concerning the development of reading skills and accessibility issues for those with sensory or physical impairments.


To register for this event, please contact Rotary International. The street address is: Jupiter Tequesta Sunrise Rotary Endowmen, Post Office Box 3643, Tequesta, Florida 33469. To register or pay on line please visit, http://www. levarburton. org (http://www. levarburton. org).


This is a breakdown of the ticket costs per person. For 1 Ticket Each will cost $35.00. Two Tickets are $50.00

Here's how to obtain a Photograph with LeVar. Singles Photo: $10.00. Couples Photo will cost $15.00.

If you cannot attend, but wish to make a tax deductible contribution, please make check Purchases Payable to Jupiter Tequesta Sunrise Rotary Endowment. Send to Post Office Box 3643, Tequesta, Florida 33469.


There are several ways that corporations can sponsor this event. 1.) A Platinum Sponsorship will cost $2500. 2.) A Corporate Gold Sponsorship is $1500. 3.) Silver Sponsorships cost $1000. 4.( Bronze Sponsorships are $500 each. ll sponsors, commensurate with level of funding will be featured in the following media: All print materials, banner advertising and website exposure. Sponsors will also receive tickets to the event, a special private time and photos with LeVar Burton. Opportunities exist for “in-kind” as well as cash sponsorship.


Even though representatives from Richard Mash Racing can not attend this event, we are highly supportive of the causes discussed herein. We here at Richard Mash Racing wish to give all of our support to LeVar Burton and Dr. M Richard Scott Hearing for being so willing to give back to the community in this manner. To learn more about Richard Mash Racing, please visit http://www. richardmashracing. wbby. us (http://www. richardmashracing. wbby. us).


Michelle Dyer

Richard Mash Racing

Phone: (407)-549-7177

Cell: (407)-430-7041

Http://www. richardmashracing. wbby. us (http://www. richardmashracing. wbby. us)


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Effects of Nutritional Supplements in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Effects of Nutritional Supplements in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is diagnosed in approximately 7% school age children. Stimulants are commonly prescribed for this condition. This study examines the role of glyconutritional supplements in children with ADHD with promising results. Clearly, more and larger studies are needed.

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) August 18, 2006

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is characterized by inattention, impulsivity and, in many cases, hyperactivity. ADHD affects up to 7% school age children. Problems with focus, concentration and impulsivity affect all levels of both academic and interpersonal function. Secondary problems include low self-esteem, anxiety and problems related to impulsive, hyperactive behavior.

Psychostimulants have been well documented to improve attention span, but not without risk of adverse effects, including loss of appetite, headache, stomachache, and mood changes. There is a growing concern about what appears to be an increasing prescriptive use of controlled substances in children.

Since 1990, prescriptions for methylphenidate have increased by 500%, while prescriptions for amphetamines have increased 400%. According to Gene R. Haislip, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration, “There is a legitimate place for these drugs, but we have become the only country in the world where children are prescribed a vast quantity of stimulants that share virtually the same properties as cocaine. We must find a better balance”.

In 1998, a small pilot study was conducted by Dykman and Dykman to document the effects of glyconutritional supplements in children with ADHD. During the first two weeks of the study, in children taking glyconutritionals, a decrease was noted in severity of symptoms associated with ADHD. (Integrative Physiological & Behavioral Science; Jan-Mar 1998:33(1): 49-61.)

Last year, this writer and a team of professionals, with the support of Fisher Institute for Medical Research,(Fisher Proceedings, Vol 4, No.2) studied the effects of glyconutritionals in children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 20 children between ages 5-18 were studied, with most children prescribed stimulants at the onset of the study. The children were administered glyconutritionals for 40 weeks from the onset of the study.

11 children completed the 40 week study. 2 of 11 children experienced improvement by week 4. This improvement was sustained for the duration of the study. Considerable improvement was noted in 5 children by week 8 and in 2 children by week 12. One child experienced transient progress by week 16, one other child did not appear to exhibit any changes for the duration of the study.

Side effects diminished considerably. A mean side effect score dropped from 18.75 to 0 by week 40.

A second control group was studied; 13 children were monitored without supplements for 12 weeks and then started glyconutritional supplements.

Of the 13 children in the control group, 7 exhibited considerable improvement shortly after administration of glyconutritional supplementation. The progress was sustained for the duration of the study 16 weeks later.

These results suggest glyonutritional supplements may help children by reduction of symptoms of ADHD. Glyconutritionals may also play a role in reducing side effects and improving tolerability to medications. Clearly, more formal, and larger studies are needed.

By: Mary F. Zesiewicz, MD is the Chief Medical Officer of Integrity Health Solutions, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the transformation of health care through research, relief and education.

Copyright 2006 Integrity Health Solutions


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Mesothelioma Victims Center Expands Its 2011 Call Us First Campaign To US Navy Veterans, & All Other High Risk Individuals Dealing With A Mesothelioma Diagnosis

Mesothelioma Victims Center Expands Its 2011 Call Us First Campaign To US Navy Veterans, & All Other High Risk Individuals Dealing With A Mesothelioma Diagnosis

The Mesothelioma Victims Center is aggressively expanding its efforts to get the word out about its free world class service, for individuals, or family members dealing with a mesothelioma cancer diagnosis. The group says, "Tragically two thirds of all US mesothelioma victims diagnosed with this rare form of cancer either served in the US Navy, worked in a shipyard, power plant, oil refinery, mine, as a plumber, construction worker, auto mechanic, or as a city, or county water district employee. Exposure to asbestos is the cause." They say, "There is no law firm, or any type of organization that will do more for a just diagnosed victim of mesothelioma, or their family members, when it comes to providing the number of free high quality services, or resources, for an individual dealing with this rare form of cancer, than the Mesothelioma Victims Center." For more information, a just diagnosed mesothelioma victim, or their family members can call the Mesothelioma Victims Center anytime at 866-714-6466, or they can contact the group via its web site at http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter. Com

(Vocus/PRWEB) January 24, 2011

The Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "Our 2011 goal is to offer just diagnosed mesothelioma victim, or their family members with the most comprehensive free service in the world. Our emphasis is, call us first, and you get everything you need, on the spot. We lived with mesothelioma ourselves, we are passionate about helping every victim, and their family members, and our motto is nothing but the best, for a individual, or family dealing with a mesothelioma diagnosis." According to data from the National Cancer Institute, about one third of all 2011 mesothelioma victims are retired US Navy veterans, another third of all diagnosed US mesothelioma victims are comprised of retired oil refinery workers, pipe fitters, plumbers, power plant employees, miners, auto repair mechanics, ship yard workers, city, or county municipal water workers, and or demolition construction workers. The Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "Our world class free services, for a just diagnosed mesothelioma cancer victim include, on the spot help, and assistance with VA, or Social Security disability payments, a written report detailing the best health care options, and names of some of the most qualified physicians in the area of the mesothelioma victim, family counseling, and the names of the most qualified, and successful mesothelioma trial law firms in the United States-no middleman marketing law firms." http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter. Com

The Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "The exposure to asbestos may have occurred 30, or 40 years ago, and typically the just diagnosed mesothelioma victim, or their family is trying to figure out-how did this happen? One third of the time, its because an individual served in the US Navy, and was exposed on board a ship, in a ships engine room. or was on a ship dry docked for repair work." A just diagnosed mesothelioma victim, or their family members, seeking answers can call the Mesothelioma Victims Center anytime, for the most comprehensive free mesothelioma victims service in the US at 866-714-6466, or they can contact the group anytime via their web site at http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter. Com

The Mesothelioma Victims Center is the premier mesothelioma advocate, and watchdog in the United States, for a victim of mesothelioma. They say, "The Internet, talk radio, and cable TV are loaded with advertisements, about compensation, and or treatments for mesothelioma, ads talking about mesothelioma class actions, and or lawsuits, related to this rare form of cancer. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the attorneys, or law firms advertising for help, compensation, or heath care options for victims dealing with a mesothelioma diagnosis are middlemen marketing law firms-not the actual trial law firms, that will prosecute these cases." The group says, "We want to make certain all mesothelioma victims get to the actual trial law firms, or attorneys, that have the best record in achieving significant results for their clients dealing with a mesothelioma diagnosis-not a middleman marketing law firm, and we will give you their names, and contact numbers. You just decide who you like the best-not one other group in the world does this." http://MesotheliomaVictimsCenter. Com.