Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pet Food Disease Link: Millions Of Pets May Be At Risk

Pet Food Disease Link: Millions Of Pets May Be At Risk

A link between certain ingredients in commercial pet foods and numerous major, life-threatening diseases could be leaving millions of pets, including cats and dogs, exposed to a potentially shorter lifespan, according to industry watchdog PetFoodDanger. com

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) February 4, 2009

A link between ingredients found in most commercial pet foods and a number of major, life-threatening disease could be leaving millions of beloved dogs and cats worldwide exposed to pain, suffering and a potentially shorter lifespan, according to pet food industry watchdog PetFoodDanger. com (www. PetFoodDanger. com).

Certain ingredients found in everyday dog and cat foods have been scientifically proven to have harmful effects and to cause a range of serious conditions in pets, from diabetes to heart disease and even cancer. As a result, millions of much-loved pets are being exposed to a potentially shorter life by their unsuspecting owners.

Robert Key of PetFoodDanger. com (www. PetFoodDanger. com) believes millions of animals worldwide could be at risk from the pet food industry, simply because their owners are unaware of the dangerous substances pumped into pet foods and their harmful effects.

"Commercial pet foods are laced with low-grade and even toxic ingredients that are killing our pets. The remains of dead dogs and cats, man-made chemicals and in some cases, even rat poison, are stuffed into the branded, commercial pet foods we feed our beloved animals every single day. As a result, we're tripling the risk of our pets experiencing a health disaster, and contributing to the majority of all diseases that can affect our pets," said Key.

"At PetFoodDanger. com, we've put together the absolute must-know, critical information you need to have to protect your pets and to prevent even further damage to their health and well-being. You owe it to your pets and to your family to make sure you're well informed of the dangers of these everyday pet products, and we urge every caring pet owner to find out the facts immediately," continued Key.

PetFoodDanger. com equips concerned pet owners with the information they need to keep their animals safe and to prevent further damage from the toxic commercial pet foods currently on the market, offering a free checklist of harmful ingredients you should avoid feeding your pets at all costs.

PetFoodDanger. com (www. petfooddanger. com) is an online pet food industry watchdog, raising public awareness and helping inform pet owners against the dangers of suspect materials found in almost all commercial pet food products.


Friday, November 25, 2005

Credit Card Companies Feeling The Heat – Says Moneynet

Credit Card Companies Feeling The Heat – Says Moneynet

Credit Card Companies Feeling The heat As 'Rate Tart' Switching Costing Up To £3 Billion A Year.

(PRWEB) September 24, 2005

Credit card companies are losing around £2 - £3 billion a year through offering consumers 0 percent deals on balance transfers and purchases.

While so called 'rate tarts' have enjoyed the benefits of switching debt between credit card providers – at the expense of the plastic firms - Moneynet. co. uk, the online financial data comparison site, today said that UK credit card firms would have to deliver ever more competitive products if they wanted to retain customers.

“Recent research from Apacs and the BBA* shows that spending on credit cards is expected to rise by just 3 percent over 2005 - down from last year's rate of 8 percent – and Apacs has forecast zero growth by the end of 2006.

“The standard credit card is effectively an endangered species,” said Moneynet chief executive Richard Brown.

“Up until the end of last month, borrowing on credit cards has grown by just £0.8bn, compared with £3.8bn during the same period last year. But debit card use is currently going up at a rate of 20 percent a year, and now accounts for two thirds of all spending on plastic,” said Brown.

“And there are new threats to the overall health of the credit card – Egg's new Money Manager Account, effectively a debit card with an overdraft facility where you earn interest on credit balances and pay interest when overdrawn – is likely to herald a new trend, with more flexible cards that will pay interest when in credit.”

“One thing is for sure, mainstream card firms will have to be less complacent in order to retain existing customers – and win new ones.”

“Competition in the credit card market is potentially excellent news for consumers, and with the likes of Egg shaking up the market with innovative new products, the longer term outlook for the canny borrower is good.

“But for the credit card company executives, the future might not be so rosy,” he added.

Apacs report, August 2005 BBA bulletin, September 2005

Http://www. moneynet. co. uk (http://www. moneynet. co. uk)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Notes for editors:

Credit Card Borrowing Facts:

93 percent repaid in a year 73 percent repaid in a month 17 percent borrowed at 0 percent interest

Source: APACS Review of 2004

About moneynet:

Moneynet. co. uk is the UK's most established personal finance research and data website. The company offers consumers a wide range of low cost financial products: from mortgages and personal loans; to car, home and medical insurance; credit cards; savings accounts and best-buy fixed rate products. Moneynet. co. uk is an ethical, impartial and comprehensive source of consumer finance information, covering the whole of the personal finance sector.

Moneynet was founded in 1997 by Chief Executive Richard Brown to simplify the personal finance market and provide consumers with impartial and interactive information on financial products and services.

Contact details:

Phone: 0208 313 9030

Web: http://www. moneynet. co. uk (http://www. moneynet. co. uk)

Press enquiries:


Richard Brown, Chief Executive,

Phone: 020 8313 9030

David Andrews Media Ltd

David Andrews

Phone: 01273 774109


Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia and News/Talk 750 WSB Extend Prostate Proactivity Campaign

Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia and News/Talk 750 WSB Extend Prostate Proactivity Campaign

Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia and News/Talk 750 WSB are teaming up to extend the Prostate Proactivity Campaign. The metro-Atlanta campaign has been extended to include a screening event Saturday, February 28, from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. at Kroger located at 540 Lakeland Plaza in Cumming, GA.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 26, 2009

Metro Atlanta men will have an additional opportunity to receive a free and potentially life-saving prostate cancer screening through The Prostate Proactivity Campaign, an educational outreach effort of Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia and News/Talk 750 WSB. The campaign has been extended to include a screening event Saturday, February 28, from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. at Kroger located at 540 Lakeland Plaza in Cumming.

During the Prostate Proactivity screening, representatives from RCOG will be on hand to provide information about prostate health, prostate cancer treatment (http://www. prostrcision. com/) options and prostate cancer individual cure rates (http://www. prostrcision. com/qa/cure-rate. php). The Take Control of Your Prostate pamphlet will also be available.

According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, and one in six men will be diagnosed with the disease during his lifetime. However, with early detection and proper treatment the cure rate is nearly 100 percent.

"Prostate cancer can be cured if properly treated. And the earlier the diagnosis, the better the long-term chance of cure. This is why it is worth being knowledgeable about and tested regularly for this disease. Keep in mind that prostate cancer is typically slow growing, so men who are diagnosed have the time to learn about the treatment methods that lead to cure," said Dr. Frank Critz, medical director and director of prostate cancer research at RCOG.

Prostate cancer is detected through a simple blood test known as a PSA test (http://www. prostrcision. com/qa/about-prostate-cancer. php), which determines the level of prostate-specific antigen in the body. Men 50 years of age and older should be screened annually for prostate cancer. African American men and men with a family history of prostate cancer need to begin testing at 40 years of age because they are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

"News/Talk 750 WSB has always been committed to providing strong community support," said Dan Kearney, vice president and general manager of News/Talk 750 WSB. "We are happy to bring another free prostate cancer screening to the Atlanta community to improve survival rates through early detection and awareness of treatment options."

The Third Annual Prostate Proactivity (http://wsbradio. com/prostate/) Campaign kicked off January 2009 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a prostate cancer screening at South Dekalb Mall in Decatur. Six additional screenings were held throughout the metro Atlanta area prior to the additional screening scheduled for Saturday, February 28.

If you have prostate cancer questions (http://www. prostrcision. com/qa/), or to learn more about prostate cancer surgery (http://www. rcog. com/) and Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia, visit RCOG. com and ProstRcision. com or call 1-800-952-7687.

About Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia:
Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia is a Center of Excellence for prostate cancer treatment and research. Each year hundreds of men travel to receive prostate cancer treatment in Atlanta, Georgia (http://www. rcog. com/about/our-facilities. php) from RCOG. RCOG is one of the oldest prostate seed implant programs in the world. The first prostate implant for prostate cancer at RCOG was performed in 1977, and the first patient was treated with the combination therapy now called ProstRcision in 1979. Dr. Frank Critz, founder and medical director of RCOG, developed the ProstRcision procedure and has treated more than 8,000 patients with the disease in the past 25 years. RCOG is the only source for ProstRcision, in which two forms of radiation therapy are used to destroy the prostate gland. To date, nearly 12,000 men have received treatment with ProstRcision at RCOG's seven Metro Atlanta clinics. To learn more, please visit rcog. com.


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David F. Woods, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF to Receive the Round Table of New York's Lifetime Achievement Award

David F. Woods, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF to Receive the Round Table of New York's Lifetime Achievement Award

The Round Table of New York announced today that David F. Woods, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF, President of the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education, (LIFE) will be the recipient of the organization's 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award. Woods will be honored at a black tie event at the Union League Club of New York on November 28, 2007.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 29, 2007

The Round Table of New York announced today that David F. Woods, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF, President of the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education, (LIFE) will be the recipient of the organization's 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award. Woods will be honored at a black tie event at the Union League Club of New York on November 28, 2007.

"David leadership and commitment to the financial services industry has helped tens of thousands of professionals and their companies grow and prosper," said Louis P. DiCerbo, II, CLU®, ChFC®, RFC. "Throughout his career and during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of NAIFA, Dave was passionately dedicated to the significance and importance of the insurance professional in our industry."

Each year the Round Table of New York presents its Lifetime Achievement Award to an individual that has made significant contributions to the insurance and financial services industry. The award recognizes individuals for their accomplishments in the areas of professional ethics, education, industry leadership. Past industry luminaries that have received this award include:

Lawrence R. Pike, CLU®, FLMI Chairman Emeritus, Union Central Life
Dr. Kenneth Black, JR, CLU® Dean Emeritus, Georgia State University
Joseph J. Melone, CLU®, ChFC® Pres. & CEO Emeritus, AXA Financial
Samuel Weese Ph. D., CLU®, CPCU Pres. & CEO Emeritus, The American College
Maurice Stewart, CLU®, ChFC®, CLF® Senior Vice President, Penn Mutual Life
Charles Smith, CLU®, ChFC®  CEO Emeritus, GAMA International

Woods' contributions to the financial services industry are numerous. He is a founder of and since 1995, the President of the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education, (LIFE), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the essential role of life, disability income, long-term care insurance and annuities in sound financial and retirement planning and the value added by insurance agents and other financial advisors.

From 2003 until this past August 31 Woods also served as Chief Executive Officer of the National Association Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), a trade organization representing approximately 60,000 insurance and financial professionals. There he spearheaded a financial turnaround and led the creation and adoption of a sweeping new strategic plan known as "NAIFA 21." Woods also served as the President of NAIFA's predecessor organization, the National Association of Life Underwriters (NALU) from 1986-1987.

Over the course of his career, Woods has contributed his time and energy to the success of other notable industry organizations. He is a former director of the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU) and is a member of its Legislative Circle. He is on the Board of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association. (IMSA).

In 1997 he received The John Newton Russell Memorial Award, the industry's highest honor for service to the industry and the community.

Woods also served on the Board of Trustees of The American College, the nation's leading financials services educator, and is a member of the institution's President's Circle and Golden Key Society. He earned his Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) designation from The College in 1967. He later went on to earn his Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) designation in 1983 and his LUTC Fellow from the institution in 1984. Woods also has a bachelor's degree in economics from Loyola College in Baltimore.

David Woods started his career in 1961 in the Home Office of Fidelity and Guaranty Life Insurance Company. From 1966 - 1995, Woods was a leading agent with the MassMutual Financial Group in Springfield, MA. and still holds an Agent Emeritus contract with that company. He has been a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) since 1970 and is a Knight of the MDRT Foundation.

Woods is a frequent author and speaker in both the United States and abroad. He served in the United States Air Force as a jet fighter pilot. He and his wife Evie have been married since 1958 and have four children and eight grandchildren.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Parental Summer Session Tips That Equips Parents With The Tools To Confront The Alarming Statistics Regarding Children Being Confronted Daily With Decisions About Negative Behavior And Drug Use Whlie On Summer Break

Parental Summer Session Tips That Equips Parents With The Tools To Confront The Alarming Statistics Regarding Children Being Confronted Daily With Decisions About Negative Behavior And Drug Use Whlie On Summer Break

Dr. Donovan Davis is equipping families with the tools to address the elephant in the room.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) July 4, 2008

The term "an elephant in the room" refers to a situation where an issue or truth is being ignored or unaddressed. Fortunately, Donovan Davis is equipping families with the tools to address the elephant in the room. Donovan believes that it starts with respecting our children.

The truth is when kids have idle time and make the leap from elementary school to junior high, their exposure to negative behavior and drugs increases dramatically. Recent studies reveal that 1 in 13 sixth graders have smoked marijuana. The figure jumps to an even more alarming 1 in 5 by the seventh grade. This is an increase of nearly 300 percent. elf esteem is crucial to there social development.

While many parents have had "the talk" with their teenagers, others have yet to discuss the dangers of drugs with their teens. As a parent, you do make a difference in your child's decision about the right choices throughout the teenage years and their self esteem is crucial to there social development. For the summer parents, your children may be confronted daily with decisions about negative behavior or drug use.

Let's look at the definition of self esteem: it is the ability to feel good about ourselves whether or not we are always. Successful it is a feeling of satisfaction we experience after our needs are met. We as parents can help build our children's self-esteem by telling them positive things about themselves. Additionally, we must praise them for good decisions, small deeds and great initiatives.

Since most teenagers have a strong desire to conform to their peer groups, parents are encouraged to help build their self esteem and to control the friends that surround them. If the adolescent is hanging out with a group of teens that are involved in sports, and then meets someone who is into drugs, his opinion of that teen will most likely be "he is stupid." Why?
Partly because he will embrace the opinion of the teens closest to him. The problem is that the reverse is also true. What then does this mean for parents of idle teens?

I provide Life Coaching services, and I work with families daily to address their adolescent decision making process. During my time as a teacher and administrator I have learned different strategies on how to build self esteem in individuals. I also have listed the different strategies for parents on how to build self esteem in their children in my book "The Blueprint of Parenting". As a teacher I enjoyed teaching our future, but I quickly realized that most teachers have no idea the warning signs of possible illicit drug exposure. I made sure I listed different drug diagnosis in my book "The Blueprint of a Successful Classroom", for teachers to be able to recognize the symptoms of drug use and other mental health disorders within the classroom.

Every parent has great expectations for there children and it is the goal of all parents to raise wonderful children. In my book "The Blueprint to and through College", I give positive advise for high school seniors and college freshmen on vital decisions that they must make for a successful future. In the world we live in, we must protect our children from negative influences that could alter their future and affect their possibility of success. Illicit drugs affect all of us and in my book "The Blueprint of Recovery", I site the stories of addicts and there journey through addiction.

Lastly, parents must acknowledge their child's potential. If a parent does not speak of the child's unlimited possibilities, their child may become susceptible to negative peer feedback. Henceforth, sending them into an unsuspecting path of poor decisions and negative consequences. As parents, it is our responsibility to assist our children in feeling good about themselves.

Donovan Davis is the founder of askdonovandavis. com, a Social Service Agency, dedicated to raise humanity's awareness, acceptance and understanding of our changing world through his books series entitled "Blueprint". Donovan Davis can be reached at 888.264.6168 or via email donovan@askdonovandavis. com.


Free Choice Media

Free Choice Media

Free Choice Media is a venue where people from any occupation, race or region can voice their opinions on the many aspects of life. In addition to the usual world news, business, sports and entertainment reports youÂ’ll find articles on a variety of subjects.

(PRWEB) October 4, 2003



Free Choice Media www. freechoicemedia. com is the number one alternative for news junkies who want something a little different with their morning coffee. In addition to the usual world news, business, sports and entertainment reports youÂ’ll find articles on a variety of subjects, including political and social issues, sports and games, health and fitness, movies, music, child-rearing and environmental concerns, all written by veteran journalists, people working toward a career in broadcasting and journalism, and regular folks with words of wisdom to share.

Free Choice Media is a venue where people from any occupation, race or region can voice their opinions on the many aspects of life. Says FCM founder and Editor-in-Chief Joe Lemon: “This website is intended to give anyone who has access to the internet a chance to voice their opinion publicly, whether it is a college student, an English teacher, someone who is currently unemployed, or yes, even a journalist. The creation of Free Choice Media is in no way some sort of an attempt at a coup d'état against journalists or the mass media. This website is here, because I, and others, believe there is a better way than what is presently currently being displayed in the media.”

We are currently looking for writers from various backgrounds and viewpoints to contribute to this forum which, for the time-being, is a non-paying venue where novice writers and experienced journalists can share their thoughts and opinions with the world.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Joe Lemon, the Editor-in-Chief of Free Choice Media, at jlem@freechoicemedia. com

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What Do Senator Harry Reid, Chris Brown, Tiger Woods, and Precious Have in Common? The Black Inferiority Brainwash

What Do Senator Harry Reid, Chris Brown, Tiger Woods, and Precious Have in Common? The Black Inferiority Brainwash

SmileyBooks publishes the highly praised, groundbreaking book BRAINWASHED : Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority by advertising visionary Tom Burrell. A Black History Month release.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 1, 2010

Recently there has been a collage of disturbing images featuring black Americans: Chris Brown's abuse of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna; pro golfer Tiger Woods' serial adultery with several white women; 16-year-old honor student Derrion Albert's senseless killing by fellow teens in broad daylight; the controversial black pathology on display in the film, Precious. While these images are disturbing, they are not surprising, according to advertising visionary Tom Burrell, author of the groundbreaking BRAINWASHED: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority (SmileyBooks; February 1, 2010; Trade Paperback Original; $15.95).

Burrell, a 45-year veteran of the advertising industry and an inductee of the Advertising Hall of Fame, explains that such images are too often the rule rather than the exception, and their genesis can be traced back 400 years to the days of slavery in America when the Black Inferiority/White Superiority brainwashing campaign began.

Burrell calls the marketing of the myth of Black Inferiority to justify slavery within a democracy "one of the greatest propaganda campaigns of all time." In BRAINWASHED he shows how the torturous enslavement and indoctrination of a people resulted in the powerful, all-pervasive, mass-media driven brainwashing that impacts African American lives even today. The BI brainwashing campaign may be more subtle than in the past, given that a black First Family occupies the White House, but nonetheless, it exists.

In a volume both instructive and enlightening, Burrell draws on his unique experience of over four decades in the ad industry, where he coined the memorable phrase, "Black people are not dark-skinned white people." To complement the narrative's broad historical perspective, the book boasts a riveting 8-page color insert, a dramatic visual history of Black Inferiority propaganda and how blacks "pushed back" against the brainwash. It "reminds us of how far we've come and how far we've yet to go," says Burrell.

BRAINWASHED examines how the very fabric of black American life has been undermined by brainwashing--from family issues and finances to emotional and spiritual concerns, entertainment, health, and education. In each chapter, Burrell presents the contemporary manifestation of an issue that perpetuates Black Inferiority, examines the historical roots, builds a bridge to the present, and offers positive propaganda solutions.

More than a book, BRAINWASHED is a movement that offers people engagement and empowerment. Burrell explains that the most potent resource in the anti-brainwash initiative is media: audio or visual, via television, radio, film, music videos, billboards, print, the Internet, or cell phones--everything that influences our minds.

To recruit "evangelists for positive propaganda," Burrell has established The Resolution Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting community-based new media campaigns. One of The Resolution Project's first activities will be to sponsor the 1st Annual "Flip the Script…Stop the Brainwash" campaign. This worldwide competition will honor the best positive propaganda campaigns in video, art, creative writing, poetry, music, and other media based on a theme inspired by BRAINWASHED. For more information, go to www. stopthebrainwash. com.

"An audacious and powerful wake-up call! Brainwashed … challenges us to confront the prevailing cultural order and deprogram our minds so that we can be free and fully human."
--Cornel West

"Brainwashed is a well-argued and essential counter to those who claim the last presidential election heralded the arrival of a new post-racial age."
--Ellis Cose, columnist, Newsweek, and author of Envy of the World and The Rage of a Privileged Class

"With uncompromising courage, Burrell has created an indispensable book for our time."
--Susan L. Taylor, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Essence

A Selection of the Black Expressions Book Club

About the author
Marketing communications pioneer, founder and former CEO of Burrell Communications, and Advertising Hall of Fame inductee, Tom Burrell is credited with revolutionizing the image of African Americans in television and changing the face of American advertising. He lives in Chicago's South Loop area.

To arrange an interview with Tom Burrell, please contact:
Terrie M. Williams at (212) 316-0305
Or Danette Wills at (347) 244-7027

For a review copy, please call:
Rose Jefferson-Frazier at (646) 484-4962

BRAINWASHED: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority
By Tom Burrell
(978-1-4019-2592-5/Trade Paperback Original/$15.95, USA; $18.95, CAN; £8.99, UK)
SmileyBooks, February 1, 2010
Www. smileybooks. com
Www. stopthebrainwash. com


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Gifts That Grow with Meaning and Value The No-Fuss, No-Muss, Fits All Sizes, No Returns Gift Alternative!!!

Gifts That Grow with Meaning and Value The No-Fuss, No-Muss, Fits All Sizes, No Returns Gift Alternative!!!

Growing Gardens offers an alternative gift for the holidays that keeps growing with meaning and value. "Gifts That Grow" are donations in honor of someone special that make it possible for low income households in Portland, Oregon to grow their own nutritious, organic food, right where they live.

(PRWEB) December 4, 2003

Oregon has one of the highest rates of hunger and food insecurity in the United States. While many government programs designed to tackle this enormous problem are currently under threat, Growing Gardens has designed a unique approach to bringing back meaning to the holiday season while working to defeat the hunger issues that plague our state.

“Gifts That Grow” are donations to Growing Gardens made in honor of someone special. These donation gifts make it possible for others to improve their nutrition, health, and self-reliance growing healthy food in backyard and neighborhood gardens. They are gifts that grow in meaning and value long after they are given. What’s more, these gifts are the ultimate no-fuss, no-muss, fits all sizes, no returns gift alternative!

“Gifts That Grow” works by choosing a level of donation that represents the value of items needed to carry out our food garden work. For example, a donation of $5 pays for eight of the organic vegetable plant starts that Growing Gardeners receive during their first three years enrolled in the program. A donation of $500 represents the installation of two raised garden beds, soil, seeds and plant starts, staff and volunteer support for a first-year gardener ($25 represents a share of this Home Garden Package). There are at least 10 levels of donation giving for the holiday season. Each donation gift includes a Gift Card that describes the donation in honor of the person receiving the gift as well as information about Growing Gardens. Gift shoppers can call Growing Gardens at 503.284.8420 for a brochure or to order by phone, or download the “Gifts That Grow” brochure at www. growing-gardens. org. “Gifts That Grow” will also be available at the Mindful Gifts Bazaar on Saturday, December 13, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Bridgeport United Church of Christ, 621 NE 76th Avenue in Portland.

Growing Gardens, a local nonprofit organization, has been helping low income Portland residents develop skills and secure the necessary resources for growing organic food. Growing Gardens staff and volunteers install over 40 raised bed gardens, teach workshops on topics like seed saving, composting, and food preservation, and serve as mentors to new gardeners each year. This approach of creating continued access to fresh and healthful food nearly year-round emphasizes self-reliance, which in turn encourages a range of positive outcomes, from personal empowerment to community improvement.

In order to provide these Portland gardeners with the services, equipment, and seeds necessary to start productive food gardens (a first step in establishing food security), Growing Gardens relies on the generosity of individuals, foundations, and local businesses. This year, “Gifts That Grow” makes it easy for everyone to become a part of the solution to end hunger in Oregon one vegetable plant at a time-- a plant that keeps growing after the emergency food box is empty.


Friday, November 18, 2005

Free Downloadable Interviews With Natural Health Experts at TruthPublishing. com

Free Downloadable Interviews With Natural Health Experts at TruthPublishing. com

Truth Publishing offers free ebooks featuring interviews with leading experts in natural and alternative health.

(PRWEB) August 12, 2005

Exclusive interviews with several leading authors and doctors in the field of natural health are now available for free download at TruthPublishing. com. Authors included in these reports:

The late Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of numerous books on health cures from water.

Dr. Michael Holick, author of The UV Advantage and world expert on vitamin D.

Dr. Ray Strand, author of Death By Prescription.

Dr. Gary Null, author of countless (and timeless) books on natural health.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, author of the #1 alternative health website (www. Mercola. com).

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, coauthor of The Textbook of Natural Medicine.

Additional interviews are in production, including one with Carol Simontacchi, author of Natural Alternative to Vioxx, and another with Dr. Russell Blaylock, author of Excitotoxins.

All interviews are available in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF), and may be downloaded free of charge, no strings attached. To download these books, visit http://www. TruthPublishing. com (http://www. TruthPublishing. com) and scroll to the bottom of the index page.

About Truth Publishing

Truth Publishing (http://www. truthpublishing. com (http://www. truthpublishing. com)) is now one of the most popular publishers of books covering natural health, disease prevention, and nutrition. It is also publisher of www. NewsTarget. com, an independent media website covering natural health, modern medicine, technology, and more.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ethical Issues Still Abound In Treatment of HIV/AIDS

Ethical Issues Still Abound In Treatment of HIV/AIDS

Psychologist, Dr. Angela Londoño-McConnell, states that the recommendation for routine HIV screening by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will highlight a host of ethical and legal concerns shared by patients and health care workers.

Athens, GA (PRWEB) May 18, 2006

A quarter of a century into the most significant health crisis of our time, health care providers still face considerable challenges in the ethical care of persons with AIDS, according to Dr. Angela Londoño-McConnell, a psychologist who has been involved in HIV prevention efforts for the past two decades. She notes that while advances have been made in the medical treatment of HIV/AIDS, a variety of ethical concerns continue to confront our healthcare system.

Although education and prevention efforts have made great strides in curtailing the number of infected persons, it is estimated that approximately 40,000 people continue to be infected each year in the United States. Now that federal officials are concerned that the battle against AIDS may be stalling, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending routine screening for HIV for anyone aged 13-64 years.

This recommendation will likely highlight a host of concerns shared by both patients and health care personnel regarding privacy, access to medical services, and possible discrimination as a result of an HIV-positive status. Disturbingly, an HIV diagnosis carries today some of the same latent and non-latent biases as it did 25 years ago both in health care and in the general population.

As of 2004, twenty-eight states had laws that made it a crime, often a felony, for someone to knowingly spread the HIV virus through sexual contact, shared needles, or other forms of transmission. In many of those states, there is often another law which requires infected individuals to notify current and past partners. However, if the CDC’s recommendations for routine HIV screenings are implemented, this may have far-reaching ethical and legal implications for health care workers. Of particular concern are those situations where the infected person is unwilling to notify their partners. Many practitioners are then faced with the ethical dilemma surrounding their duty-to-warn and the legal battles that may ensue.

Given that more than a million people have HIV in the United States alone and that many are unaware of their infection, routine HIV screenings will likely identify greater numbers of HIV-infected persons. While this is our goal, it will likely tax an overburdened healthcare system working to serve this population of patients.

Dr. Kip Matthews, co-founder of AK Counseling & Consulting, Inc. says that “access to health care, rigorous and complex medical regimens, mental health treatment concerns, societal discrimination, limited resources, and legal issues already make it difficult for practitioners to adequately and effectively serve persons with HIV or AIDS.”

On June 7, 2006, Dr. Angela Londoño-McConnell will present a workshop in Athens, Georgia discussing the ethical and legal challenges that arise in the behavioral health treatment of persons infected with HIV. While this workshop is open to the general public, mental health professionals may obtain three hours of continuing education credit in Ethics through their participation. To register, please contact AK Counseling & Consulting, Inc. at (706) 613-5290 or e-mail at info@akcconline. com.

Dr. Londoño-McConnell earned her Ph. D. degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Memphis and has been active in local, regional, and national professional associations. She has held a variety of higher education positions, including posts at Boston University, Northeastern University, and the University of Georgia. Dr. Londoño-McConnell is also certified as a HOPE Trainer by the American Psychological Association to provide education and training to mental health professionals about working with persons with HIV/AIDS. She has also provided a variety of training programs on issues of diversity. She is bilingual and offers counseling in Spanish.

Dr. Matthews earned his Ph. D. degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Tennessee. He has offered programs on numerous topics including stress management, men's issues, relationship enhancement, and sport performance enhancement. His research has been presented at the American Psychological Association, the American College Personnel Association, and in a variety of other forums. Dr. Matthews has broad and extensive experience in providing psychological services at a number of universities including the University of Maryland, Georgia State University, and the University of Georgia. He is currently credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Free Weight Loss Motivation e-Book Shows the Simple Way to Willpower

Free Weight Loss Motivation e-Book Shows the Simple Way to Willpower

The author of a free, weight loss motivation e-book requests your help to increase its usefulness to his patients. The title is Willpower for Bodyweight Relief and Overweight Prevention. It's quickly available following this link: www. wellnessnet. com/lean. html. Dr. Lovelace says, "People who help sell products, programs and procedures, perhaps unintentionally, mislead overweight adults. This e-book enables self-help for weight loss and control. It avoids misdirecting and tells the facts that release the motivation that's strong and persists."

(PRWEB) August 24, 2004

This might be the first truly nonfiction weight-loss book. It introduces a different approach identified as “tell the truth.”

The health care clinician who spent the past 31 years writing, testing and giving away the book says it’s a program that simplifies healthy weight loss and prevents overweight more than a diet plan or weight-loss book. “It offers signs (answers) that are easy to follow and the missing engine, will power, folks simply add to what they already know that would work (to lose weight) or add to any diet plan, medical procedure (for example, obesity surgery) or exercise program they choose.”


According to Richard T. Lovelace, the author of this weight loss motivation (willpower) made simple program, many books want to help achieve success. However, they have too little chance. “Probably without knowing it, they tell politically correct untruths.”

He gives this example: “You occasionally read something like, ‘The basic cause that makes and keeps individuals overweight is they don’t burn more calories than they consume.’ The National Institutes of Health says that idea is untrue. It’s false. A major NIH report said, ‘The basic mechanism is an imbalance between caloric intake and energy expenditure, but why this imbalance occurs is unclear.’”

“Stating or implying that not burning enough calories is a cause,” explains Lovelace, “is politically correct because it pleases exercise advocates and their friends. It is untrue that burning fewer calories than are consumed is a cause of human overweight and obesity. That’s simply the physical mechanism involved.”


At the rate itÂ’s increasing, essentially every child and adult in developed countries will be obese within the next two centuries. Lovelace says a simple reason finally surfaced.

He explains with this analogy: “You want to live in a place I call Best Wellness. When you find and travel on the actual road to that secure and fun place, you safely get your body lean. Then you can call and give directions to Best Wellness to people you love--so they soon can follow and join you there."

"Once you arrive, you will happily and safely stay lean enough. Or if never chronically overweight, you finally can prevent becoming fat.”

“Through no fault of your own, you now drive and carefully follow signs experts and others promised would guide you to Best Wellness. Sometimes it might seem you’re close. . . but you never arrive.”

“The reason you get lost more than you lose weight is that nearly all the signs are wrong. They’re only politically correct. Those signs direct you down gosh-awful trails that money-motivated or misinformed people want you to take. After all your efforts and time spent, you still are nowhere near Best Wellness.”

“To get to where you want to be soon enough to protect yourself and someone who needs you,” says the doctor, “you have to know which signs to ignore. Avoid being misled! Those misleading signs are politically correct untruths. This book is the first to expose them. Most important, it clearly shows and explains the 22 signs, truthful LEAN-answers, that guide you along the sure route to Best Wellness.”


The following are additional commonly accepted thoughts and theories. Dr. Lovelace believes his book proves that none of them are true. He identifies them as “some of the most misleading signs” individuals who want to lose weight are told to follow.

  "Emotional eating or emotional hunger is real. Stress, moods or mental states do cause eating too much or eating the wrong foods."

  “Something is wrong with fat folks. Being too fat suggests thereÂ’s some physical problem or defect, maybe genetic, or some personal inadequacy such as laziness.”

  "Often the eating behaviors that make and keep people fat are bad habits."

  “A meaningful number of adults who were chronically overweight are successful getting and staying sufficiently lean–without substituting something as or more dangerous.”

  “We should blame factors such as having fewer incentives to exercise and eating more fast and junk foods for the recent overweight and obesity epidemic.”

  “Will power is a myth that involves making a harmful character judgement of overweight people and means that they must exert considerable effort to lose weight.”

“Two-thirds of people surveyed say overweight folks need and don’t have motivation, desire or dedication that’s strong enough and lasts. That’s essentially what patients I treat mean when they use that word, ‘willpower,’” says Dr. Lovelace. “I’ve seen hundreds of patients who said they didn’t have will power or enough of it. I don’t believe any of them defined it in one of the negative ways so many experts do.” “If nothing else,” he says, “experts’ definitions reflect how negatively they feel about obesity and overweight.”


When someone gets rewarded for attempting to help by doing something to people or their surroundings–even though his or her attempts don’t make a substantial difference–understandably, he avoids promoting the idea that people can help themselves. In fact, he discourages self-help activities.

Lovelace is certain that we and our children are seriously threatened because of a “sales strategy.” He points out that weight-loss specialists “say will-power isn’t needed or apply negative spins to it to subtly discourage the beliefs adults have that being motivated and taking personal responsibility are important. Publically, they fib and say they support those beliefs. Weight-loss experts mislead and distract us because that helps sell their, or their allies’, procedures, products and programs.”

Those specialists get their funds and incomes from profits, taxes, grants and fees. Getting enough money to do what they think is correct depends on convincing enough of us that overweight children, teens and adults probably canÂ’t or wonÂ’t help themselves. To the point. . . they want us to think that an effective treatment or outcome requires some drug, dietary supplement, diet plan, exercise device or program, research study, environmental change, new or higher tax, surgery or direct contact.

Because his book hasn’t been sold to make a profit, the drive to make money hasn’t dictated what it says. Dr. Lovelace has given away–for free or at cost–thousands of hard copies.


The author published this work for his patients and clients. They see him as needed and usually make independent use of his program. They tell him itÂ’s easy enough to get to where they want to be when they follow the answers provided. Because itÂ’s free of anything harmful and clearly identifies whom itÂ’s intended for, the program is safe.

Dr. Lovelace wants to increase the likelihood that adults he sees will take advantage of his weight loss motivation book closer to the way he recommends. He hopes that making a complete edition available to adults he doesn’t treat and getting reactions from them will make the service more flexible and responsive to the needs of readers. “Please review my program and email suggestions or questions that’ll make it more readily useful to patients and workshop clients I serve.”


The title of the book is Willpower for Bodyweight Relief and Overweight Prevention. If you agree to help strengthen how easily it responds to the needs of self-help readers, it is available following this Web link: http://www. wellnessnet. com/lean. html (http://www. wellnessnet. com/lean. html).

The Web site is free of any product to buy and promises to protect your privacy.


Lovelace asks, “What happens after spending our lives having experts, news media personalities, talk show hosts and others tell us answers we and they don’t realize are untruths?” His answer: “Indispensable (voluntary weight loss and control) facts are so different that, at first, they sound like the biggest lies of all.”

“This work is so unusual that reasonably you may have two reactions, typical of human denial, to get past:

1. Â‘It isnÂ’t true.Â’ Once you read enough to know that itÂ’s probably factual, you might have the second defensive response.

2. Â‘It isnÂ’t new.Â’ If you think so, please overcome that by telling yourself what I know is true.

Bodyweight Relief and Overweight Prevention takes an experience based rather than a theory driven approach. The book uses parts of theory to help explain unique insights gained from 40 years of clinical health care experience. That makes it exceedingly different from what you’ve seen and heard before! It is new.”

# # #

Notice and author: This press release contains the opinions and ideas of its author and is for educational purposes only. Richard T. Lovelace is a licensed clinical social worker, lifestyle health risk researcher, workshop leader and author. His publishers include John Wiley & Sons and McGraw-Hill. At www. wellnessnet. com, he gives free online access to health and wellness books, articles, self-help programs and self-tests.


1. Â“Methods for Voluntary Weight Loss and Control,” Read online at http://consensus. nih. gov/ta/010/010_statement. htm (http://consensus. nih. gov/ta/010/010_statement. htm)
2. Â“Public Opinion and the Politics of America's Obesity Epidemic,” q=cache:eAfI1lDFPwEJ:ksgnotes1.harvard. edu/Research ( q=cache:eAfI1lDFPwEJ:ksgnotes1.harvard. edu/Research)
3. Â“Obesity Epidemic and Alcohol Abuse - Linked to stopping smoking?” http://www. prweb. com/releases/2004/6/prweb133639.htm (http://www. prweb. com/releases/2004/6/prweb133639.htm)
4. Â“Weight Loss and Overweight Denial Virus" http://www. wellnessnet. com/art-health-media. html (http://www. wellnessnet. com/art-health-media. html)

Contact Information:

Richard T. Lovelace, Ph. D., MSW

Suite 1-A

2200 Silas Creek Parkway

Winston-Salem, NC 27103

(336) 722-7300  (336) 414-1628

Web site http://www. wellnessnet. com/ (http://www. wellnessnet. com/)

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Family Caregivers Feel the Heat: Home Cooking for Seniors a Source of Stress for Caregivers of Older Adults

Family Caregivers Feel the Heat: Home Cooking for Seniors a Source of Stress for Caregivers of Older Adults

Adult daughters - who typically serve as home cooks for seniors - are feeling the heat in the kitchen, according to a recent study of family caregivers. That's why Home Instead Senior Care has partnered with national nutrition experts from the University of Maryland and Duke University Medical Center to promote healthy, stress-free grocery shopping and provide meal preparation tips and recipes for family caregivers.

Omaha, Nebraska (PRWEB) July 28, 2009

Adult daughters - who typically serve as home cooks for seniors - are feeling the heat in the kitchen, according to a recent study of family caregivers (http://www. foodsforseniors. com). The stress is especially high for adult children who are caring and cooking for someone with several nutritional risk factors.

Research conducted for the caregiving company Home Instead Senior Care (http://www. homeinstead. com) revealed that caring for an older person who has three or more nutritional risk factors is tied to increased stress levels. Of the caregivers who rated their lives as extremely stressful, 67 percent were caring for loved ones with three or more nutritional risk factors, compared with 33 percent of caregivers whose seniors had fewer than three nutritional risk factors(1).

Adult children caring for an older adult (with an average age of 81) reported the top three nutritional risks as:
1. Three or more prescribed or over-the-counter drugs per day.
2. An illness or condition that made the senior change his or her diet.
3. Having lost or gained more than 10 pounds in the past six months without trying(2).

That's why Home Instead Senior Care has partnered with national nutrition experts from the University of Maryland and Duke University Medical Center to promote healthy, stress-free grocery shopping and meal preparation tips and recipes for seniors (http://www. foodsforseniors. com).

Senior care expert and Home Instead Senior Care CEO Paul Hogan said that risks associated with conditions such as medication use and illness can negatively impact seniors' health and independence as they age. "Good nutrition is, in fact, the first line of defense in helping to keep seniors healthy and independent," said Hogan.

According to research, family caregivers are taking an active role in the lives of these seniors who need help shopping and preparing meals for their older loved ones, which could be contributing to that stress, Hogan said. In the Home Instead Senior Care survey, 83 percent of family caregivers help with groceries or other errands; 65 percent assist with meal preparation(3).

Experts advise stressed-out family caregivers to get organized by creating a shopping list so their seniors regularly have healthy ingredients (see the Senior Shopping List), collect interesting recipes, and ensure their senior has the companionship they need to shop for groceries and make mealtimes enjoyable.

"Buy fresh ingredients and prepare meals with older adults, enticing them with what they like to eat. Bring in new recipes and ingredients; we all get in a rut," said Dr. Nadine Sahyoun, associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Maryland, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Elisabetta Politi, nutrition director of the Duke Diet and Fitness Center at the Duke University Medical Center added that there's no need for family caregivers to act as the food police. Instead, "ask, 'Is there anything I can do to help you?' Listen to seniors' concerns. Maybe you want to go with them to shop."

Hogan added that companionship is one ingredient that family caregivers don't want to leave out of a senior's meal plan. Companionship is vital to making mealtime more engaging for an older adult as well as in alleviating the strain on family caregivers. "So many seniors are alone or lonely. If you can't be there to shop for groceries or eat with loved ones, consider a congregate meal site - such as a senior center - a meal delivery program or a paid companion to help encourage older adults to develop the kind of nutritional habits that will keep them healthy and give you peace of mind."

A Cooking Under Pressure handbook is available free through your local Home Instead Senior Care office. The Foods for Seniors Web site (http://www. foodsforseniors. com) provides additional information, research, and resources.

1,2,3. The Boomer Project completed online interviews with 1,279 U. S. adult caregivers, ages 35 to 62, with a parent, stepparent, or older relative for whom they or someone in their household provides care. Questions regarding nutritional risk factors and stress adapted from Abbott Laboratories' "Determine Your Nutritional Health" checklist and used with the permission of Abbott Laboratories, copyright 2008.


Home Spa Consultant Brings The Day Spa Home To You!

Home Spa Consultant Brings The Day Spa Home To You!

Beauty & Spa Essentials brings the day spa home to you with an exceptional line of home spa pampering accessories that relax, revitalize and relieve stress.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PRWEB) January 30, 2004

A Fort Lauderdale resident has created a service to help busy women relax, relieve stress and ease tension. Beauty & Spa Essentials, Inc. http://www. beauty-n-spa. com (http://www. beauty-n-spa. com) is a website that provides home spa accessories that teach you how to bring the day spa home.

“She really knows her stuff,” said Christine Owen who uses Beauty & Spa Essentials accessories. “We have made our focus wellness, the elimination of stress by relaxation techniques and the special art of pampering. We discerned the great desire that women, especially, have – to be pampered and to find quiet time for herself alone,” said the creator of Beauty & Spa Essentials, Pamela A. Johnson, a Home Spa Consultant and Member of the International Stress Management Association, and Complementary Wellness Professional Association.

The site features a variety of home spa accessories and information that teach relaxation techniques, the importance of stress relief and wellness. “This is s-o-o-o relaxing,” said Amber Owen. Amber, a court reporter, regularly commutes from Tamarac to Miami each week and welcomed the relaxing foot soak and soothing eye pads. The accessories come with tools that educate and enlighten. “Home Spa is necessary. It has become more than a want these days. Stress builds up in our lives, manifesting itself in varied ways. It is linked to heart disease, skin disorders and mental disorders. It weakens the immune system, leading to illness, burnout and fatigue. So it goes without saying that healthy, balanced living begins with giving the right kind of attention to your mind and body”, Johnson said.

Many of the services provided at spas can be purchased on the website for use at home. From bodywraps, aromatherapy candles, spa wear, and relaxing CDs to manicure and pedicure essentials, a spa experience can be recreated in the home for a fraction of the cost of a spa visit. “So many women feel depleted because they don’t take the time to receive, because they are always giving to others. This is especially true if you have small children at home. However, the busiest of women can and should find at least 5 – 10 minutes each day for personal pampering”, the website’s creator said.

Ramona Van Ness of Nottingham, Maryland decided to try the home bodywrap kit. "I really enjoyed the body wrapping system. My results were very good. I could definitely see toning right away." Inch loss and toning are guaranteed with the bodywraps, and the bodywraps available on the site are considerably less expensive than what you would pay at a spa.

Connie Walker said, after purchasing the home spa accessories, “I really needed this”. “I wanted to feature accessories on my website that when used by women, would make them feel special and pampered. I’m excited about what we offer and it feels good to know I’m filling a need”, said Johnson.


Friday, November 11, 2005

JK Logistical Operations Acquires JDF Installation Logistics

JK Logistical Operations Acquires JDF Installation Logistics

JK Logistical Operations has acquired the assets of JDF Installation Logistics, one of the industry’s leading hospitality installation companies. JK Logistical Operations was founded by industry veterans Jeff Kaspar and Kevin Hart and is headquartered in Chicago with strategic operations offices in Dallas and Denver.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 14, 2010

JK Logistical Operations has acquired the assets of JDF Installation Logistics, one of the industry’s leading hospitality installation companies. JK Logistical Operations was founded by industry veterans Jeff Kaspar and Kevin Hart and is headquartered in Chicago with strategic operations offices in Dallas and Denver.

JK Logistical Operations will continue to offer the same services offered by JDF Installation; liquidation, freight management, warehousing, installation, project management and consulting services. To take advantage of Kaspar and Harts extensive experience in numerous industries, JK Logistical Operations will expand operations by offering logistical services to the military, healthcare, assisted living, corporate housing, and food service industry and large scale commercial relocation projects.

Kaspar and Hart’s success was evident during their tenure with JDF. In fewer than 4 years, the team helped build JDF into one of the largest FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) installation companies in the industry, with over 50,000 successful room installations throughout North America and the Bahamas. In September 2009, Kaspar and Hart agreed to purchase the portfolio and select assets of JDF. Today the two head up the newly formed JK Logistical Operations team.

Says Hart, “Our philosophy is simple; strong teams deliver strong results. That is why we brought with us several former key JDF senior managers. Our goal is to continue the excellent service our clients expected from JDF, and add to it, as we build the JK Logistical brand”.

The JK Logistical Operations team has hundreds of exciting projects to their credit including; The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Ritz-Carlton Chicago, Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek, Westin Bayshore in Vancouver, Fairmont Chicago, Westin Verasa in Napa, Westin Monache in Mammoth Lakes, The Nines in Portland, and Miller Park. “Our track record speaks for itself”, says Kaspar. “Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering superior service built around concise planning and knowledgeable execution.”

For more information, please contact the JK Logistical corporate office at 1-888-366-5037.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Food Industry Veteran Tom Oliver Joins Executive Team at NEXT Proteins, Inc., Maker of DESIGNER WHEY&#174

Food Industry Veteran Tom Oliver Joins Executive Team at NEXT Proteins, Inc., Maker of DESIGNER WHEY®

Tom Oliver to Drive All Aspects of NEXT Proteins Growing Operations And DESIGNER WHEY® Brand Implementation

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2008

NEXT Proteins, the makers of number one selling* DESIGNER WHEY protein products, today announced the hiring of food industry veteran Tom Oliver as Chief Operating Officer. With an extensive track record in food based consumer packaged goods, Oliver will oversee all aspects of the company's internal and external operations, brand philosophies and product launches.

"We are thrilled to announce the addition of Tom Oliver to our executive management team," said David Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer and founder of NEXT Proteins. "Tom brings a wealth of cutting edge food product experience to NEXT Proteins. He has a stellar record in leading and growing companies, which coupled with this global experience, makes him the ideal leader to expand our number one selling DESIGNER WHEY business."

"I am delighted to utilize my aptitude in operations, leadership, brand building and business growth at NEXT Proteins," commented Tom Oliver, Chief Operating Officer for NEXT Proteins. "I look forward to working with our internal teams, distribution partners, retail affiliates and manufacturing suppliers to build on the current success of DESIGNER WHEY products in the competitive nutritional supplement category."

Tom's focus on people and commitment to building a strong corporate culture has been central to his ongoing success in management. He institutes a "Play to Win" methodology which at its most basic encourages everyone in the organization to consciously go as far as they can with all that they have. The opposite of Playing to Win is Playing Not to Lose, which is avoiding fear and risk. If you Play to Win, you engage, thrive on adventure, and pursue growth.

Oliver is a veteran food executive with extensive experience in product development and the operations of creating successful consumer goods. Oliver served as Executive Vice President of domestic and international operations while at PowerBar. He oversaw the development and launch of four new product lines in one year; managed a new factory and distribution center that produced over a million bars a day. Oliver also headed PowerBar's company-owned subsidiary in Germany. Additionally, he was a member of the executive team that sold PowerBar to Nestle for one of the highest multiples ever paid for a food company.

Most recently, Tom manned the helm for seven and one half years as Chief Executive Officer of CoolSystems, the makers of Game Ready. CoolSystems produces an advanced injury treatment system, marketed to athletic trainers, professional athletes and physical therapists. The company's product, Game Ready, is a powerful solution for speeding recovery, minimizing tissue damage, and reducing pain. Oliver guided the company through a multitude of issues - product set-backs, funding challenges, and the loss of the CoolSystems headquarters from a devastating fire. Oliver directed the company from a three-person start-up to a respected medical device company with 75 employees and 2007 revenue over $14 million.

Prior to his tenure at CoolSystems, was the Vice President of global Quality Control for Dole Foods and also served as Vice President & General Manager of Dole Foods in the Philippines. Many of the initiatives he executed led to overall company savings of $130 million. Oliver started in the food industry with global powerhouse General Foods as a Facility Manager, and then he moved on to Nabisco Brands, where he was a plant and then project manager in the company's wildly successful Biscuit Division.

Tom earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. In addition, he received his Masters of Science Degree from Troy State University, an M. B.A. from the University of Delaware and is a graduate of Stanford University's Executive Program. Additionally, after graduating from the Air Force Academy, Oliver served as a flight instructor pilot and combat flight instructor pilot for both propeller and supersonic fixed-winged aircrafts.

The DESIGNER WHEY vision is to change the "WHEY" America feels about protein by providing consumers with great tasting, healthy whey-based products that improve their healthy lifestyles.**

Since 1993, NEXT Proteins has pioneered the manufacture of a full line of branded consumer whey-based products, including powders, bars and beverages. NEXT Proteins manufactures the industry's best selling protein, DESIGNER WHEY, which powers the company's innovative, great tasting products such as DESIGNER WHEY Protein2GO™ and DESIGNER WHEY protein beverages.

Whey protein has been called the ultimate functional food. The revolutionary benefit of DESIGNER WHEY products is the utilization of Whey, a protein-rich liquid component of milk produced as a by-product of the cheese-making process.

NEXT Proteins, the makers of DESIGNER WHEY, have spent more than $10.3 million on research to match the perfect blend of nutritional whey protein with great taste.

Other delicious DESIGNER WHEY products include Protein2GO Paks in unique flavors like Orange Mango, Pomegranate Fruit, French Vanilla and Double Chocolate.

Launching in 2008 are new DESIGNER WHEY Drinks which include Lite & Lean Protein Water, 100 Calorie Protein Water and PROTEIN BLITZ beverages. Consumers can also find traditional products such as 12.7oz canisters and 2 lb jugs of Strawberry, Chocolate, French Vanilla and Natural flavors on retail shelves nationwide.

Fitness enthusiasts who use DESIGNER WHEY protein products before and after workouts will experience better strength, better power, better muscle recovery, better health and performance.

Media members looking for additional information on DESIGNER WHEY's complete line of protein powders and drinks should visit DESIGNERWHEY. COM. You may also learn innovative ways to incorporate protein into current diet plans, meals and discover tasty protein shake recipes.

*Based on AC Nielsen sales monitoring for 52 weeks ending February 23, 2008, DESIGNER WHEY brand is #1 in Unit Sales for high protein powder in US-FOOD for 148 weeks straight.

**The current recommended dietary guidelines and practices in the U. S. support the use of dietary protein at levels above 1.5 g/kg per day or.68g/lb body weight/day (A150 lb woman needs 102 grams of protein per day) during weight loss. - Layman, Donald K., Journal of the American College of Nutrition


Dynavax to Report Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results : -- To Present at Oppenheimer's Healthcare Conference --

Dynavax to Report Third Quarter 2008 Financial Results : -- To Present at Oppenheimer's Healthcare Conference --

Dynavax Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:DVAX) announced today that it plans to report third quarter 2008 financial results before the market opens on Monday, November 3, 2008.

BERKELEY, Calif. (PRWEB) October 30, 2008

The company also plans to have a corporate overview presentation at the Oppenheimer 19th Annual Healthcare Conference in New York City on November 3, 2008 at 11:20 a. m. EST (8:20 a. m. PST). Michael S. Ostrach, Vice President and Chief Business Officer of Dynavax, will present at this conference. To access the live audio webcast and the subsequent archived audio recording of the presentation, please log onto Dynavax's website at http://investors. dynavax. com/events. cfm (http://investors. dynavax. com/events. cfm).

About Dynavax

Dynavax Technologies Corporation is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that develops innovative products for the treatment of infectious diseases, respiratory diseases and cancer. The company's novel Toll-like Receptor 9 (TLR9) agonist products are based on its proprietary immunostimulatory sequences (ISS), which are short DNA sequences that stimulate the innate immune response. Dynavax's clinical product candidates include: HEPLISAVTM, a hepatitis B vaccine partnered with Merck & Co., Inc.; a therapy for hepatitis B; and therapies for cancer and hepatitis C funded by Symphony Dynamo, Inc. The company's preclinical pipeline includes an asthma and COPD drug candidate partnered with AstraZeneca and a Universal Flu vaccine. For more information visit www. dynavax. com.

Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Can Preserve the Natural Look of the Breast, Says Houston Plastic Surgeon Norman Rappaport, MD, FACS

Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Can Preserve the Natural Look of the Breast, Says Houston Plastic Surgeon Norman Rappaport, MD, FACS

A study in the Sept. 8, 2009 Journal of Clinical Oncology reports that nipple-sparing mastectomy may be suitable for some breast cancer patients, as well as for women undergoing a preventive mastectomy. The researchers found that leaving the nipple and areola in place during mastectomy allows plastic surgeons to reconstruct a more natural-looking breast--and may even preserve a degree of nipple sensation.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 1, 2009

"The loss of the nipple and areola is basically the largest deformity after a mastectomy, but now some women have a promising new option," says Houston board-certified plastic surgeon Norman Rappaport, MD, FACS.

"There's a trend of conserving the nipple and areola (http://www. normanrappaportmd. com/reconstructive/nipple-sparing) in certain mastectomy patients, with replacement of the breast mound itself but sparing the anatomical landmarks of the breast," Dr. Rappaport explains.

"Being able to keep my nipples after my mastectomy has made every difference in the world for me personally," says Stefanie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30. "Was it for vanity reasons? Of course it was. Having my natural nipples and breast reconstruction has helped me mentally, emotionally and physically."

The Sept. 8, 2009 Journal of Clinical Oncology reports that nipple-sparing mastectomy may be suitable for selected breast cancer patients with small tumors and a low risk of nipple involvement in their cancer. It is also an option for women who choose to have a prophylactic, or preventive, mastectomy after testing positive for the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.

Traditionally, breast reconstruction surgery (http://www. normanrappaportmd. com/reconstructive/breast) is done in several phases. The breast mound is replaced with implants, the patient's own tissue or a combination of the two. Then, in a later procedure, the plastic surgeon tattoos an areola (the darker area surrounding the nipple) and uses a flap of the patient's skin to make a small bump resembling a nipple, then grafts it onto the breast mound. "But when the nipple is spared, mastectomy and reconstruction can be done at the same time," Dr. Rappaport explains.

Leaving the nipple and areola in place after mastectomy allows women to have very natural-looking breasts after reconstructive surgery. "After nipple-sparing mastectomy and reconstruction, some women actually have a better shape to their breasts than they had before," says Dr. Rappaport.

"Being able to keep my nipples has helped my self-esteem, self-confidence and sexuality," says Stefanie. "I didn't want to feel less of a woman when I started dating again. Being free of disfigurement has made me feel more accepted into society."

On Sept. 29, Dr. Rappaport presented a lecture on nipple-sparing mastectomy to the Breast Cancer Tumor Board at Houston's Methodist Hospital. "This is a controversial topic," he acknowledged.

"There is a risk of residual tumor, but we can always go back and remove the nipple and areola if necessary," he told the doctors. "In that case, the nipple-sparing mastectomy will have saved a significant amount of skin, which then makes reconstructive surgery that much easier."

"It's important for mastectomy patients to meet with a plastic surgeon before any surgical intervention so they fully understand their options," says Dr. Rappaport. "If the woman opts for reconstructive surgery, it's best for her general surgeon, oncologist and plastic surgeon to work together as a team."

What determines whether a woman is a suitable candidate for nipple-sparing mastectomy? "A lot has to do with the mentality and philosophy of the general surgeon and the breast tumor board you're working with," Dr. Rappaport explains.

"Not every patient is a candidate for nipple-sparing reconstruction. There are certain criteria you need to meet aside from the tumor, its location and distance from the nipple-areola complex. Many factors need to be taken into consideration."

"But, given an appropriate team approach, there is a possibility of being able to preserve the anatomical landmarks of the breast rather than just replacing the breast mound itself," Dr. Rappaport adds.

"I think it's crucial to be sure that every breast cancer patient knows about the option of nipple-sparing mastectomy," says Stefanie. "Some women might not care about it as much, but it should be a personal choice. The Breast Preservation Foundation offers more information about skin-sparing mastectomy at www. breastpreservationfoundation. org.

Breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy is covered by health insurance under U. S. law. The Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 (http://www. dol. gov/ebsa/Publications/whcra. html) requires coverage for all stages of reconstruction of the breast on which a mastectomy was performed. The law also requires insurers to cover surgery and reconstruction of the other breast to produce a symmetrical appearance.

For more information about nipple-sparing mastectomy and reconstruction, visit www. normanrappaportmd. com/reconstructive/nipple-sparing (http://www. normanrappaportmd. com/reconstructive/nipple-sparing).

For more information on breast reconstruction, visit www. normanrappaportmd. com/reconstructive/breast (http://www. normanrappaportmd. com/reconstructive/breast).

For more information about lumpectomy, visit www. normanrappaportmd. com/reconstructive/lumpectomy (http://www. normanrappaportmd. com/reconstructive/lumpectomy).

Norman Rappaport, MD, FACS, is a Houston, Texas plastic surgeon board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. For more information, visit www. normanrappaportmd. com.


The HR-govHR Summits 2006 – Network, Learn from Leaders in the Industry & Explore Proven HR Solutions

The HR-govHR Summits 2006 – Network, Learn from Leaders in the Industry & Explore Proven HR Solutions

These exclusive events offer the senior HR executive from corporate companies and local, state and federal agencies, the unique opportunity to network with peers and explore new technologies through a series of one-on-one meetings, case studies and presentations delivered by distinguished speakers from the Office of Personnel Management, NASD, Wegmans Food Markets and Coca Cola. www. humanresourcessummit. com

(PRWEB) November 10, 2005

Today, HR executives face the challenge of maintaining a motivated workforce at a time when key issues such as outsourcing, talent acquisition, leadership development, recruitment, retention, diversity programs and the rising cost of healthcare are now at the core of HR functions. Also factoring as a major issue is Corporate Governance and how the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has impacted the HR role with particular focus on its implications for executive compensation, performance, remuneration and of course reporting.

Similarly, effective HR Management in the modern government workforce is a constant balancing act between efficiency and effectiveness, cost reduction and superior delivery of service, all resulting in increased productivity, performance results and financial accountability. Nevertheless, Human Capital requirements in the Federal Government are shifting to support evolving missions, changing business requirements and new technologies. Consequently, strategic planning in this rapidly evolving government environment is no longer an option but a necessity! The HR-govHR Summits 2006 offer the senior HR executive from corporate companies and local, state and federal agencies, the unique opportunity to not only meet and network with peers from companies shaping the future of the industry but also explore new ideas and technologies through prescheduled one-on-one meetings with leading solution and technology providers, while learning from distinguished speakers and relevant case studies on how to overcome the various challenges now facing the industry. 

The HR–govHR Summits 2006, taking place February 6-7, 2006 at The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia promise to provide attendees with an in-depth look at the key areas of concern within HR and similarly, current best practices and strategies. The summit’s unique format is an amalgamation of keynote presentations, interactive sessions, think tanks, panel discussions, networking opportunities and one-on-one meetings with technology providers, which allow delegates to explore individual needs and the ways that HR solutions can be employed to boost the growth and development of their respective companies. Attending delegates at the HR-govHR Summits 2006 will include CPOs, CLOs, CDOs, Chief Workforce Officers, Chief Human Capital Officers and EVPs, SVPs, VPs & Senior Directors of Human Resources, Employee Services, Talent Management, Succession Planning, Recruitment, Training & Development and Human Resource Information Systems.

Indeed, the HR–govHR Summits 2006 are exclusive events which promise to provides a platform for participating Delegates to gain up-to-the-minute information on issues now foremost in the mind of every HR executive through case studies and presentations delivered by high profile keynote speakers and distinguished presenters.

Karen Shadders, VP, People at Wegmans Food Markets; Dave Binkley, SVP, Human Resources from Whirlpool Corporation; Eva Lynne Disbro, VP, Human Resources with McKee Foods Inc; Daniel Bowling III, SVP, Human Resources at Coca Cola Enterprises; Sheryl Anderson, VP, Human Resources for Starz Entertainment; Robert Gulick, SVP, Education & Training at NASD; Alan Momeyer, VP, Human Resources of Loews Corporation and Leslie Ashford, Director, Leadership Development with Aetna are just some of the notable presenters participating at the HR Summit 2006.

Likewise, key presenters at the govHR Summit 2006 include Samuel Bowser, Assistant Director, Workforce Diversity at the Department of the Interior; Norman Enger, Director, Human Resources Line of Business Program Management of the Office of Personnel Management; Meg Hogan, Director, Human Resources with the Department of Defense; Mari Barr Santeangelo, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, HR and Administration for the Department of Justice; Jesse Hoskins, Chief Human Capital Officer at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Jim McDermott, Acting Chief Human Capital Officer of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

Topics to be addressed include:

Change Management - Adapting to Organization Change and Development Healthcare Cost Containment – The Impact of Rising Costs on the Organization Developing Your Talent Pool – The Time to Secure Your Future Leaders is Now Recruitment and Retention – Identifying and Retaining your Key Employees Performance Management and Development – Expanding the Organizational Mission Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance – Analyzing Its Direct Implication on Human Resource Responsibilities Addressing the Needs of Today’s Diverse Workforce – Corporate Excellence Through Diversity Technology Integration in the HR Function – Capitalizing on the Benefits of Innovation Capitalizing on the Benefits of E-Gov Initiatives – Leveraging Technology to Promote Agency Advancement Leadership Development – Empower Tomorrow’s Leaders to Explore Their Full Potential Strategic Planning of Human Capital Initiatives – Key Initiative of the PMA

About marcus evans

Every year marcus evans produces more than 150 of the world’s leading business and economic summits for senior-level decision makers. Held at locations around the world, these events provide attendees with a unique opportunity to individually tailor their schedules of keynote presentations, think tanks, seminars and one-on-one business meetings to provide an effective, highly focused interactive event.

For more information contact Simone Reeves:

Simone Reeves, Marketing Assistant, 246.417.5379

Online: www. humanresourcessummit. com, www. marcusevans. com


Tuesday, November 8, 2005

SightWorks Revamps Ronald McDonald House Chapter Website

SightWorks Revamps Ronald McDonald House Chapter Website

Web-design Firm Effectively Increases Online Engagement Through Built-In, Easy-to-Use SightWorks Platform of CMS Tools

Portland, OR (PRWEB) January 22, 2010

Portland, Oregon-based web design firm SightWorks has just announced the launch of the latest website for the Ronald McDonald House Chapter of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana (RMHC-CNI). This website revamp follows on the heels of a similar website restructuring for the Oregon and SW Washington chapter.

The site features a suite of state-of-the-art CMS Tools, an integrated blog, and formatted email template, all built on the SightWorks Platform, allowing RMHC-CNI to easily update content themselves and continually create a dynamic site that encourages return visitors and enhances the chapter’s fundraising efforts. Personal testimonial videos featuring families being helped, as well as the board member team, increase the connection with the organization and demonstrate how donor money is being used. Most innovative is SightWorks’ auto Search Engine Optimizer, which automatically re-writes and generates a Search Engine-Friendly URL for any new posting RMHC creates on the site. The No-IT-necessary platform translates to even the non-techiest of staff being able to streamline content, thus ultimately lowering maintenance costs.

According to RMHC-CNI’s Director of Marketing, Ben Morgridge, “Working with SightWorks has been wonderfully easy. I have very little experience with web design and using this program has allowed me to create a beautiful website and keep it constantly updated without much more than their initial walk-through on how to use it!”

RMHC’s tested site design can be adapted for other charity organizations to provide a cost-effective, turn-key solution to enhance web presence and increase donor participation and ultimately donations.

Since 1997 SightWorks has been helping businesses realize their online marketing goals through award-winning web design, intuitive and innovative online applications, dynamic e-commerce solutions, and individualized internet strategy. Clients include Adidas, Care Medical, Cisco, General Electric, Hungry Man TV, and Providence Health Care Systems.

# # #

Monday, November 7, 2005

New Survey Reveals Higher Compensation Levels for Senior Living Positions in Massachusetts

New Survey Reveals Higher Compensation Levels for Senior Living Positions in Massachusetts

WageWatch, Inc., (http://www. WageWatch. com), the leading online compensation and benefits survey company, announced today that jobs in the senior living industry in Massachusetts pay from 15% to 30% higher than the national average. WageWatch’s Senior Living Industry report for Massachusetts contains data on 10,500 employees from over 111 facilities in the area.

Scottsdale, AZ, (PRWEB) September 21, 2006

WageWatch, Inc., (http://www. WageWatch. com (http://www. WageWatch. com)), the leading online compensation and benefits survey company, announced today that jobs in the senior living industry in Massachusetts pay from 15% to 30% higher than the national average.

WageWatch’s Senior Living Industry report for Massachusetts contains data on 10,500 employees from over 111 facilities in the area.

The survey has data on 52 healthcare jobs that are found in all types of senior living organizations, including Continuity of Care Retirement Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospice, and Home Healthcare. The vast majority of the jobs in the survey pay significantly higher than national averages. For example, jobs such as Certified Nursing Assistant, Assisted Living Caregiver, Licensed Practical Nurse, Directors of Nursing, Admissions Coordinator, and Nursing Home Administrator all have salary levels 15 to 30 percent higher than national averages.

“For many jobs that deliver core services in the senior living industry, employers recruit locally”, said Margaret Dyekman, President and COO. “It’s important for them to know what the local pay levels are so they can be competitive,” she continued.

WageWatch’s surveys enable participants to define custom cuts of the data so they can be very specific about the companies against which they compare compensation levels, providing comparisons of like to like.

For additional information, contact Jim Crews, 480-657-6504.

About Wage Watch

WageWatch (www. WageWatch. com),the leading Web-based source for compensation and benefits data, provides instantly accessible industry wage, salary and benefits data, delivered to any Internet-enabled device. Using a patent-pending technology, WageWatch surveys industries and provides companies with the data they need to make their compensation and benefits decisions. As a pure information provider, WageWatch gives its customers the ability to see what their competitors are paying and position themselves in their markets.


Take The Time to Value What is Of Value to Your Employees: Key to Business Success Says Author Noelle Nelson

Take The Time to Value What is Of Value to Your Employees: Key to Business Success Says Author Noelle Nelson

Learning how to truly value your employees is the key to generating business success, says Dr. Noelle Nelson, author of The Power of Appreciation in Business: How an Obsession with Value Increases Performance, Productivity and Profits (MindLab Publishing).

Malibu, Calif. (PRWEB) February 6, 2006

Learning how to truly value your employees is the key to generating business success, says Dr. Noelle Nelson, author of The Power of Appreciation in Business: How an Obsession with Value Increases Performance, Productivity and Profits (MindLab Publishing).

Fully 44 percent of American workers feel overworked, as reported by the Families and Work Institute in 2005, almost double the number who felt overworked just a few years ago. "The rising number of overworked employees creates a real problem for companies. They need the work to be done, and yet aren't in a position to hire an ever increasing stream of employees," says Nelson. "Too often, the very best workers are the ones carrying far too much of the load, to the detriment of their health, their family lives, and eventually the company when they burn out."

One example of a company valuing what is of value to its workers is Best Buy Co., Inc, which employs more than 90,000 people. It has implemented a novel approach called "ROWE" (Results Oriented Work Environment) where what matters isn't the hours a worker puts in, but the results. Employees in the ROWE program can work when and where they wish, as long as they get the job done.

"ROWE values what is of value to the employees--to have the time and flexibility to tend to their families and personal lives--and their work," says Nelson. "Employees report that they are not necessarily working fewer hours, but they are more productive even as they thoroughly enjoy their freedom, all of which spells greater success for their company."

Nelson is a clinical psychologist, business consultant, international speaker, seminar leader and author of nine books. Contact her at www. PowerOfAppreciationInBusiness. com.


Chess Makes Kids Smarter Presentation at the Georgia Home Educators Association Conference and Fair in Atlanta

Chess Makes Kids Smarter Presentation at the Georgia Home Educators Association Conference and Fair in Atlanta

Scholastic chess coach will demonstrate materials and methods of teaching chess at the Georgia Home Educators Association Conference and Fair in Atlanta, Georgia, Friday, May 6, 2005 at 3:30 p. m. in Australian Room 3, at the Georgia International Convention Center.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 4, 2005 -

Based company, will demonstrate materials and methods of teaching chess in a 50-minute workshop at the annual Georgia Home Educators Association Conference and Curriculum Fair in Atlanta, Georgia, May 6 and 7, 2005. This will be the second consecutive year for the presentation and the third consecutive year Championship Chess has participated in the conference.

Lynn Wheeldin Suruma, a chess coach with Championship Chess and a former classroom teacher, will present “Chess: It’s More Than a Game” in Australian Room 3 Friday, May 6 at 3:30 p. m. Championship Chess coaches will also demonstrate materials at Booth #607 on May 6 and 7, 2005. Children in attendance will have an opportunity to play in a specially designated area. Convention organizers expect 4500 home schoolers to participate in this year’s conference and fair.

For more than 20 years, Championship Chess coaches have guided scholastic chess clubs that, consistently, have placed high in state championships. Coaches have made presentations to various educator groups throughout the country, including teachersÂ’ conventions, conferences on the gifted child and staff development workshops.

Both the materials and the methods were developed by Stephen A. Schneider, who is the director of Championship Chess and the author of The Scholastic Chess Series. The Series includes Chess Basics, Chess Openings I, Endgames Strategies I and a chess readiness activity book, Color My Chess World, that introduces pre-chess activities to very young children. Schneider, who has been teaching chess to children for more than 30 years, teaches chess incrementally, using chess strategies from day one. As student players advance, they are taught strategies that apply critical thinking skills like visualization, thinking ahead, thinking concretely and abstractly, weighing options, focusing and planning.

Interest in playing chess has been growing steadily in the U. S. since the 1980s. In schools across the country, chess is making a strong contribution to childrenÂ’s learning across academic areas. Studies conducted over the last 30 years show that studentsÂ’ IQs increase and test scores improve after less than a year of systematic chess study. As a teaching tool, chess is quickly gaining ground in schools all over the United States. Championship Chess will explain the academic benefits that accrue after less than a year of systematic chess study, as well as its social and emotional benefits.

Fun and motivational, chess turns problem-solving into a game and encourages students to use patterns and logical deductive reasoning to solve problems. Chess also develops self-esteem, builds team spirit and increases concentration. Chess players come in all ages. Even very young children can be successful at chess, as demonstrated by the annual national kindergarten championship.

Championship Chess clubs and their coaches have won local, state, regional and national awards and distinctions. Currently, Championship Chess players are ranked in the top 10 in the state of Georgia and the top 100 in the United States.

The coaches teach lessons in strategy and supervise chess play among public, private and home schooled students. The workbooks created for the Scholastic Chess Series are designed for students who are beginners in chess, as well as for those who are ready to improve their skills. Each of these titles has a supporting video/DVD.

Chess Basics is the initial workbook for students. Step-by-step, it introduces the chess pieces one at a time, not only demonstrating how they move and capture but, also, how they work together. Chess Openings I introduces openings that are most popular with beginning scholastic players, and Endgames Strategies I prepares players for the most common endgames of chess. A chess tactics book that builds upon Chess Openings I, and is ideal for the beginning player as well as the tournament player, is scheduled for publication later this year.

Color My Chess World is a chess readiness activity book with an accompanying music CD of short, fun songs that invite kids to dance and sing along. It builds the skills to make the introduction of chess easy ¯ and fun ¯ for very young children. Developed by certified early childhood educators and scholastic chess coaches, this program builds academic skills through chess activities designed to capture the interest of young children. Color My Chess World introduces children to the “world of chess”: the chessboard, chess “characters” and chess play. Activities in the book introduce basic chess concepts while improving spatial skills, developing math and reading readiness skills, and reinforcing skills in listening and following directions.

Championship Chess is a division of Teachable Tech, Inc., an award-winning company of curriculum writers and educational consultants. Teachable Tech has designed curriculum for pre-K and K-12 for such diverse clients as the American Red Cross, the National Park Service, Social and Health Services in association with SAMHSA/HHR, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, ABC News, HBO and The Weather Channel.

For more information about starting a scholastic chess club and/or purchasing materials in the Scholastic Chess Series, contact:

Dennis Jones or Stephen Schneider

3565 Evans Road

Atlanta, GA 30340

(888) 328-7373 or (770) 939-4596

Fax: 770-493-1115

Championship Chess: www. championshipchess. net

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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Velaris helps Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with a Business Intelligence (BI) Health Check Assessment

Velaris helps Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with a Business Intelligence (BI) Health Check Assessment

The Health Check Assessment has been developed specifically for customers to prepare for Oracle’s latest Business Intelligence (BI) Release

West Chester, PA (PRWEB) September 7, 2010

In the current economic environment where many organizations are reducing staff or shifting responsibilities in an effort to save money, few have time to dedicate to tasks beyond day to day operations and tactical system maintenance. Topics such as understanding Oracle’s latest BI roadmap or planning for strategic BI initiatives are viewed as non-critical and end up poorly understood or largely overlooked. The situation is acerbated by increasing maintenance costs for older systems that are not aligned with organizational business goals.

The Health Check (http://www. velarisconsulting. com/services/health_check. asp) assessment and report provide a perfect starting point for organizations looking to evaluate their existing BI strategy. Velaris has the ability and expertise to support organizations through the entire process by suggesting best practices; providing health checks; upgrade and migration services; training; and ongoing support services for the Oracle BI environment.

“Some organizations tend to take the ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ approach with regard to their BI systems, while those same systems may not be running properly unbeknownst to the staff. This situation is compounded in most organizations, but especially in higher education, when critical knowledge of the BI system is lost or becomes rare due to organizational restructuring or staff turnover. Our Health Check report helps educate an organization by presenting data about the system’s current state and the BI product’s roadmap for the future. The report also provides a health score based on various areas such as system resources, reporting functionality, and potential points of failure. The results allow Velaris to make recommendations based on best practices that are tailored to each organization’s deployment scenario in order to maximize opportunities for success.” said Doug Scheidig, Senior Systems Engineer at Velaris.

Velaris’ Health Check assessments start at $1000 and are conducted over a one to two day span either onsite or remotely via collaboration tools. The Health Check report is delivered to the client within five business days. After the customer has had time to review the Health Check report, we conduct a conference call with the client to discuss the findings of the Health Check and answer any other questions the customer may have. The Health Check fee is refundable if the customer engages us to perform other services, such as migration or ongoing support, within 60 days of the Health Check.

Velaris provides Business Intelligence consulting services for commercial, government, and higher education clients. Leveraging more than 15 years’ experience as a leading IT consulting organization, Velaris has established partnerships with top BI vendors and led hundreds of engagements with top-tier organizations. Velaris delivers a comprehensive suite of capabilities that help clients migrate to new product releases, effectively maintain and administer their system, create more sophisticated reports, and provide end-user training.

Velaris has implemented over 200 data warehouses, created over 10,000 reports for more than 50,000 users, and has trained over 20,000 users in the last 10 years. Velaris is committed to client satisfaction, with a focus on exceeding client expectations and building long-term relationships. Velaris has delivered an annual repeat business rate of 94% for over 15 years.

For more information visit http://www. velarisconsulting. com (http://www. velarisconsulting. com)

Rensselaer was founded in 1824 in Troy, New York. It is the nation’s oldest technological university, operating an undergraduate and graduate residential campus in Troy and an additional campus for working professionals in Hartford, Connecticut. Rensselaer is an internationally recognized research university of approximately 7,241 undergraduate and graduate students. The university offers degrees from five schools: Engineering; Science; Architecture; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; and the Lally School of Management & Technology; as well as an interdisciplinary degree in Information Technology.


Saturday, November 5, 2005

LymphaCare and Healthlight to Offer Discounts On Home Infrared Therapy Devices to Medicare Patients

LymphaCare and Healthlight to Offer Discounts On Home Infrared Therapy Devices to Medicare Patients

Healthlight wants Medicare patients to have a high quality, yet inexpensive infrared therapy option now that Medicare has issued its National Coverage Determination (NCD) not covering these devices. Despite the countless patients who've seen results with Healthlight, Anodyne® Therapy and others, the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) has determined that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that the use of infrared devices is not reasonable and necessary for treatment of Medicare beneficiaries. This includes conditions such as diabetic and non-diabetic peripheral sensory neuropathy, wounds and ulcers, and similar related conditions, including symptoms such as pain arising from these conditions. As a result they have issued this NCD (CAG-00291N).

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) October 25, 2006

Healthlight Infrared Therapy (http://www. infraredtherapy. com/) offers some of the most effective and safe near infrared pad systems on the market. or aprovides patients a range of products from our single standard and boot pad systems, to our popular dual boot system. Patients with sensitive or painful feet appreciate the full coverage the boot pads provide. The safety of the Healthlight system is unmatched with built in timers and auto shut-offs to the non-burning pad technology. While some manufacturers have been revealed by the FDA for 50 or more adverse events involving burns, Healthlight's record is spotless. Infrared Therapy providers and patients can count on Healthlight as another trusted yet inexpensive supplier for their infrared light therapy needs. LymphaCare states that "Healthlight is currently used by the US Airforce, VA Hospitals, as well as physical therapy, chiropractic, home health care, and physicians through out the USA, Canada, and internationally."

According to Medicare's NCD Policy: (http://www. cms. hhs. gov/mcd/viewdecisionmemo. asp? id=176) The use of infrared and/or near-infrared light and/or heat, including monochromatic infrared energy (MIRE), and other similar devices, are not covered for the treatment, including symptoms such as pain arising from these conditions, of diabetic and/or non-diabetic peripheral sensory neuropathy, wounds and/or ulcers of skin and/or subcutaneous tissues in Medicare beneficiaries.

The Medicare website also states "CMS staff extensively searched MedLine (1965 to present) for primary studies evaluating the use of infrared light therapy for peripheral sensory neuropathy and dermal ulceration. CMS staff likewise searched the Cochran Collaboration, the NHS (National Health Service [GB]) Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, and the INAHTA (International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment) databases for all systematic reviews and technology assessments. Systemic reviews were used to identify some of the obscure studies. Unpublished data were not included. Keywords used in the search included: laser and wound, laser and ulcer, laser and neuropathy, diode and wound, laser and pain, diode and ulcer, diode and neuropathy, diode and pain, infrared and wound, infrared and ulcer, infrared and neuropathy, infrared and pain, photonic therapy and wound, photonic therapy and ulcer, photonic therapy and neuropathy, and photonic therapy and pain."

The team at Healthlight believes strongly in the healing powers of infrared therapy. Light therapy has proven to be more effective than Lyrica, Neurontin, Cymbalta, and other drugs that have been utilized on similar patient populations. Hopefully Medicare will consider changing it coverage policy regarding these devices as more positive scientific studies are completed within Medicare's strict criteria to be considered for the next review period.

LymphaCare (http://www. lymphacare. com/) is a New York based company and a national distributor of the Healthlight system. LymphaCare provides a full range of products for patients with peripheral vascular disease, post mastectomy, post breast cancer, lymphedema, diabetes, neuropathy and wound care. LymphaCare will be exhibiting the Healthlight system along with its line of lymph edema compression products at the upcoming National Lymphedema Confernce in Nashville in November 1-5, 2006.

For more information LymphaCare Healthlight can be reached at 800-288-1801 or http://www. infraredtherapy. com/ (http://www. infraredtherapy. com/)

Medicare National Coverage Decision for Infrared Therapy (CAG-00291N) (http://www. cms. hhs. gov/mcd/viewdecisionmemo. asp? id=176)