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EH&E Offers Free Webinar on Environment of Care Compliance Management for Hospitals

EH&E Offers Free Webinar on Environment of Care Compliance Management for Hospitals

EH&E (www. eheinc. com), a leading provider of health & safety and engineering consulting services, will sponsor a free webinar entitled “A New Concept in Environment of Care Compliance Program Support.”

Newton, MA (PRWEB) September 14, 2006

EH&E, a leading provider of health & safety and engineering consulting services, will sponsor a free webinar entitled “A New Concept in Environment of Care Compliance Program Support.” The featured speaker for this event is the Director of Environmental Affairs at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts.

In January of 2006, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) implemented its new policy of unannounced inspections. This policy clearly puts added pressure on healthcare institutions to strengthen their programs and processes to ensure they are always ready for a compliance audit.

The wide range of areas covered by the Environment of Care (EC) standards represents one of the most difficult compliance challenges for healthcare institutions, considering the multidisciplinary input required and the extensive data collection and reporting requirements.

The speaker will outline the process he and his colleagues at EH&E used to identify potential weaknesses in EC programs that might be barriers to maintaining continuous compliance. He’ll then review tested solutions to these issues, including a demonstration of a cost-effective and user-friendly system to ensure continuous compliance.

This on-line event will focus on some of the key issues faced by EC groups including:

 Providing instant access to program documents and data.  Managing program continuity during organizational changes.  Gathering and managing program metrics efficiently (e. g., Hazard Surveillance Rounds).

Additional Information

For more information or to register for this FREE webinar, visit http://www. eheinc. com/news_workshops/healthcarewebinar. htm (http://www. eheinc. com/news_workshops/healthcarewebinar. htm)

About EH&E

EH&E (www. eheinc. com) has provided an extensive range of environmental and engineering consulting services for over 18 years. Our team consists of more than 60 experts with an outstanding record of providing business-focused solutions for issues that affect the built environment. EH&E has a depth of knowledge and credibility unmatched in the industry and our wealth of readily-accessible information has become a powerful resource for our clients.

Our new series of eH&E web compliance solutions is just the latest example of our continuing effort to provide our expertise to a wider range of companies. These solutions provide much of EH&E’s compliance expertise to smaller organizations through a web-based portal, and in a very affordable way. The solutions provide a complete outline of a comprehensive EH&S compliance management program, and includes tools, databases and document templates to facilitate easy program development and maintenance.

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Study Shows that High-Dose, High-Frequency Interferon Produces no Additional Benefit on Efficacy Compared to AVONEX(R) (interferon beta-1a) in Patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS)

Study Shows that High-Dose, High-Frequency Interferon Produces no Additional Benefit on Efficacy Compared to AVONEX(R) (interferon beta-1a) in Patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS)

Results of a phase IV, open label, head-to-head study of intramuscular AVONEX and high-dose, high-frequency subcutaneous Rebif(R) (interferon beta-1a) provide clinical evidence that the two drugs show similar efficacy over 18 to 30 months of continued therapy in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). These data are published in the April 2008 issue of the Current Medical Research and Opinion journal.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (PRWEB) April 15, 2008

 The Prospective and Retrospective Long-Term Observational Study of AVONEX and Rebif (PROOF), involved 217 patients with 136 completing a median of 25.9 months of AVONEX 30 mcg once weekly (n=69) and a median of 22.2 months Rebif 44 mcg three times weekly (n=67).

Led by a group of principal investigators including Dr. T. Jock Murray of Division of Neurology, Dalhousie MS Research Unit, Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Center, Halifax, Nova Scotia; Canada; and Dr. Alireza Minagar, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport, Shreveport, Louisiana, the study provides further clinical evidence that the dose and frequency of treatment shows no advantage on delivering better efficacy.

Upon evaluation of baseline disability, Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) scores showed no statistically significant differences between the two treatment groups during the prospective portion of the study, with sustained disability progression similar for both: 25.8 percent for AVONEX vs. 26.7 percent for Rebif. Additional key findings include:

-- Relapse rates, MRI endpoints of brain parenchymal fraction, T1 lesion volume, T2 lesion volume, number of new/enlarging T2 lesions and gadolinium enhancing (Gd+) lesion volume and count were also comparable between both groups.

-- In addition, 19 percent of patients taking Rebif tested positive for neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) at end of treatment compared with zero percent taking AVONEX.

"Given that this data shows similar efficacy between AVONEX and Rebif, physicians and patients with relapsing-remitting MS may want to consider factors that influence ease of use and adherence to treatment such as convenient administration, injection tolerability and immunogenicity when selecting therapy," said Dr. Murray.

"These results are in accordance with a growing body of evidence from other trials that suggest that interferons show similar efficacy regardless of dose or frequency," said Thorsten Eickenhorst, MD, vice president of Medical Affairs at Biogen Idec. "AVONEX is the only once-a-week therapy that has proven to slow disability and offers a low incidence of injection site reactions."

AVONEX is the number one prescribed treatment for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS) worldwide, and is the only once-a-week MS therapy that is effective after the first attack. AVONEX is also proven to slow the progression of physical disability (as shown by 37 percent reduction over two years) and reduce the number of relapses. Nearly nine out of 10 patients remained fully functional after five years. AVONEX has been proven effective in clinical trials for up to three years.

This study was supported by Biogen Idec.


AVONEX is the number one most prescribed treatment for relapsing forms of MS worldwide, with more than 130,000 patients on therapy. It was launched in the U. S. in 1996 and later in Europe for the treatment of relapsing forms of MS to slow the progression of disability and reduce relapses. AVONEX has been proven effective in clinical trials for up to three years. AVONEX is marketed internationally in more than 90 countries. AVONEX was the first treatment approved for patients who have their first clinical MS attack and have a brain MRI scan consistent with MS; this use was approved in Europe in 2002 and in the U. S. in 2003.

The most common side effects associated with AVONEX multiple sclerosis treatment are flu-like symptoms, including myalgia, fever, fatigue, headache, chills, nausea, vomiting, pain and asthenia.

AVONEX should be used with caution in patients with depression or other mood disorders and in patients with seizure disorders. AVONEX should not be used by pregnant women. Patients with cardiac disease should be closely monitored. Patients should also be monitored for signs of hepatic injury. Routine periodic blood chemistry and hematology tests are recommended during treatment with AVONEX. Rare cases of anaphylaxis have been reported. Please see complete prescribing information available at http://www. AVONEX. com (http://www. AVONEX. com).

'Love Talk' – A Live, 1-Hour Weekly Call-in Show – Launches on Lime Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 114

'Love Talk' – A Live, 1-Hour Weekly Call-in Show – Launches on Lime Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 114

“Love Talk” – a live, one-hour weekly call-in show, co-hosted by Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck, Co-Founders of TheLoveCenter, launches on Lime radio, Sirius satellite radio, channel 114.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 30, 2006 –

“Love Talk” – a live, one-hour weekly show, co-hosted by Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck, Co-Founders of TheLoveCenter, has launched on Lime radio, Sirius satellite radio, channel 114. “Love Talk” airs live every Friday at 2 pm Eastern time, 11 am Pacific time.

“We love co-hosting this show,” say co-hosts Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck. “The world is in such need of rising higher in love and this show gives us a wonderful opportunity to talk with a nationwide audience about what truly makes love work. Our aim is to give listeners a live, love experience. We want them to feel loved. We cover a wide variety of love topics -- dating and falling in love, creating intimacy, expanding love, healing hurt & abuse, resolving conflict into peace, and bringing healing to relationships – and the hour flies by.”

The Pecks are Co-Founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising universal love awareness and are authors of many books on love and healing, including their new book, Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation: Secrets of a Love Master (September, 2006 in bookstores but advance copies are available now for editors, reviewers, & the public at www. TheLoveCenter. com.

Besides airing live on Fridays at 2 pm Eastern, “Love Talk” is rebroadcast four additional times during the weekend: Fridays, 8 pm EST, Saturdays, 11 am EST, Sundays, 2 pm EST, and Mondays, 2 am EST.

For a sample of the Pecks on radio, listen to their “Valentine Love Minute” (attached as an mp3 file).

Lime Radio is a 24/7 channel on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 114. Offering 8 daily hours of live call-in shows, Lime gives listeners an opportunity to connect with America's best-known experts on personal growth, healthy living, parenting, business ethics, and more. Lime is the multimedia home of today's healthy lifestyle. It's the place for millions of people who are embracing all things green - by choosing organic foods, hybrid cars, mindful exercise, and a more authentic, balanced life. From TV to radio to online, from DVDs to books to video on demand, Lime offers a world of choices and interests in one natural place.

Lime is owned by Revolution, a new company committed to building businesses that can truly revolutionize their industries. Steve Case, co-founder of America Online and CEO of Revolution, believes there is an enormous opportunity in creating a wellness-based lifestyle company. In Lime, he sees the potential for enormous growth with a benefit of bettering the lives of millions. For more information on Lime, visit www. Lime. com

About Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck & TheLoveCenter

Scott & Shannon Peck are Co-Founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising universal love awareness and awakening a world of Love Masters. They are authors of books on love and healing, including The Love You Deserve, Liberating Your Magnificence, and their newest, Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation: Secrets of A Love Master. The official release date for this book in bookstores is September, 2006, but advance copies are available exclusively through TheLoveCenter. Review copies for editors and publishers are also available. Shannon Peck is also the author of Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love.

The Pecks are co-hosts of “Love Talk,” a live, nationwide, call-in, satellite radio show on Sirius, Channel 114 (Lime - Healthy Living with a Twist). They are also inspiring speakers (both are members of the National Speaker's Association). For more information, including a free and empowering “Love Skills Quiz” and a large resource of articles on love and healing, visit www. TheLoveCenter. com. The Pecks are available for radio, TV, or print interviews.


NOVA ScriptsCentral Expands Prescription Drug Service with Help from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

NOVA ScriptsCentral Expands Prescription Drug Service with Help from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Managing Chronic Disease a Major Factor in Reducing Health Care Costs

Falls Church, VA (Vocus) April 29, 2009

NOVA ScriptsCentral (NSC (http://www. novascriptscentral. org/)), Inc., with help from a $250,000 grant by CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst (http://www. carefirstcommitment. com/html/index. html)), aims to expand its operations in 2009 to meet the rising demand for prescription medication among lower income and uninsured residents in Northern Virginia. Many NSC clients are among the 125 million Americans suffering from chronic diseases. Alarmingly, NOVA ScriptsCentral clients are at greater risk of missing life-sustaining treatments than most if they are unable to afford proper medications.

JoAnn Pearson Knox, Executive Director for NSC, said, "NOVA ScriptsCentral has provided more than 25,000 months of medications for the 35 most common chronic diseases in our first 18 months of operation. We expect even more Northern Virginia residents to need our support in 2009 as the effects of economic hardship persist. Our partnership with CareFirst helps us enhance our ability to meet our clients' needs and continue work toward our broader goals -- to increase safety in medication use and improve accessibility through cost efficiencies."

A recent report issued by the Center for Studying Health System Change (http://www. hschange. com/index. cgi? file=about) estimates that one in five Americans ages 19 to 64 is at risk of not filling a prescription due to prohibitive cost. NSC utilizes a central pharmacy model; whereby, medications are distributed based on areas of greatest need through its partnering safety net clinics. For every $1 invested in NSC $34 in prescription services are returned to the community.

Chet Burrell, President and CEO of CareFirst said, "Taking better care of individuals with chronic diseases who also have limited financial means pays off in many ways. Improving the health of residents of the area is the greatest benefit. And when chronic conditions are better managed, it can help lighten the burden on emergency rooms and reduce their amount of uncompensated care. This benefits the community as a whole."

Northern Virginia has 190,000 residents at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Improvements made in this segment of the population can significantly help shape the overall success of health care for the region.

Proper use of medications by patients and effective provider utilization of e-prescribing are major objectives for NSC. Without the emphasis on proper use, some patients may do more harm than good. The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS (http://nacds. org/wmspage. cfm? parm1=6210)) recently estimated the cost of patient error at $177 billion per year to the U. S. health care system.

NOVA ScriptsCentral utilizes a list of 350 approved medications. These prescription drugs support treatment for more than 35 chronic diseases -- such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, depression, epilepsy, heart disease, Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, glaucoma, sickle cell disease, allergies, migraines and thyroid disorder. Approximately 85 percent of the medications used are generics purchased by NSC and 15 percent are donated brand-name pharmaceuticals received through partnerships with Rx Partnership (http://www. rxpartnership. org/) and AstraZeneca (http://www. astrazeneca-us. com/about-astrazeneca-us/).

NOVA ScriptsCentral is a nonprofit collaborative pharmacy whose mission is to provide quality pharmaceutical care as an integral component of health care for the most vulnerable of our neighbors - the uninsured working poor and their children. It is the only stand-alone nonprofit pharmacy in the nation integrating the valuable resources of the clinical pharmacist into the health care homes of the low-income uninsured and embracing the use of e-prescribing to enhance prescription safety.

In its 72nd year of service, CareFirst, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, is a not-for-profit health care organization which, through its affiliates and subsidiaries, offers a comprehensive portfolio of health insurance products and administrative services to 3.4 million individuals and groups in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. Through its CareFirst Commitment initiative and other public mission activities, CareFirst supports efforts to increase the accessibility, affordability, safety and quality of health care throughout its market areas.

Kevin Kane
Mediarelations (at) carefirst. com


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The Book Doctor(Dr. Julius Dueley) Returns to South Africa

The Book Doctor(Dr. Julius Dueley) Returns to South Africa

Dr. Julius Wayne Dudley who has shipped more than 3 million books to South Africa makes his seventh visit to the country and his first as the vice-president of the Phelps-Stokes Fune.

(PRWEB) October 11, 2002

Phelps-Stokes Vice President Julius Wayne Dudley, Ph. D.. returns to

South Africa in October to renew friendships and local contacts as part of the Ralph

Bunche Read, Write, and Share Initiative. The initiative is a continuation of the work

That Dr. Dudley, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, has done for more than 10 years in South

Africa, as founding president of the Collaborative Education With South Africans. This

Visit will mark DudleyÂ’s seventh trip to South Africa, since 1995. The american professor,

Who is known as the "Book Doctor”, collected and shipped more than 3 million books

To South Africa. According to Dudley, “Giving of books and computers represents more

Than just giving items of need, but builds relationships in international cooperation, which

Was the cornerstone of the career of the late Dr. Ralph Bunche, Noble Peace Prize winner

And United Nations mediator. Under the new Phelps-Stokes Read, Write and Share Initiative,

DudleyÂ’s goal is to more than double this number to exceed 7 million books within 5


Like Dr. Ralph Bunche, who lived during a time of great racial turmoil and rose

From humble origins to make a notable contribution to international understanding and

Diplomacy, Dudley also lived during much of the same period and shares a similar background.

Dudley seeks to contribute to the living legacy of Dr. Bunche - - the quintessential

Statesman and humanitarian of the 20th Century. Coincidently, Dr. Bunche also

Served as chairman of the Board of Phelps-Stokes for 25 years.

The Phelps-Stokes Foundation is one of the oldest and continuing operating Funds

In AmericaÂ’s history. Founded in 1911 and based in New YorkÂ’s Wall Street District, it

Is well known for several activities in South Africa, such as providing leadership in the

Founding of the South African Institute of Race Relations (1921); providing scholarships

For South African refugees (1986); establishing the Archbishop Tutu Scholarship Fund;

And sending books to underserved libraries and schools in the country. In addition, hundreds

Of South Africans have benefited from the work of such former Phelps-Stokes Foundation

Employees, as Ms. Ida Wood, who was truly dedicated to the humanitarian mission

Of the Fund. Dudley is especially looking forward to recognizing those relationships.

Caroline Phelps-Stokes, (1854-1909), was one of the first women philanthropists in

New York City, who provided millions of dollars to establish the Foundation, and part of

Her ancestral roots can be traced directly to, “Daniel Lindley, the first minister of the Voortrekkers,

And an early missionary among (the) Zulu”. Thereby, partially explaining why

She, as a Caucasian female wanted part of the FoundationÂ’s funds to be used to improve the

Condition of blacks both in America and Africa, especially, South Africa. Phelps-Stokes

Also targetes other groups, such as and Native Americans and destitute Whites.

As Vice President, Dr. Dudley seeks to expand on the Phelps-Stokes tradition, in order

To address the social concerns of South Africa. For example, the Fund intends to supports

The Order of St. JohnÂ’s, Baby Therapy Center in Pretoria. In a letter from Archbishop

Tutu, who is a member of the Board of Trustees of Phelps-Stokes, to Dudley, Archbishop

Tutu sees The Baby Therapy Center as “offering a remarkable service to the most vulnerable

Members of our society, disabled infants.” In like manner, Dudley will be making

Several presentations and donations on behalf of Phelps-Stokes to several charitable organizations.

He will also bring some of the health and educational items to the Center, from a

Wish list that was submitted to him last month.

Part of Dr. DudleyÂ’s month-long trip to South Africa will be to expand his network

Of friends and contacts, as well as to assess the feasibility of establishing a regional office

In the country. Another initiative of Phelps-Stokes will focus on HIV/Aids Education in

South Africa. He will also serve as a liaison between the prominent Atlanta Butler Street-

YMCA and the YMCAs of South Africa in their planning of a boxing match to “knock

Out” global illiteracy, which is spearheaded by a committee led by Dr. Solomon Tutu in

2003. The boxing match pays tribute to Nelson Mandela and Vernon Jordan (a prominent

Advisor to former President Clinton), who were known boxing enthusiasts.

DudleyÂ’s South African trip will include visits to, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg,

And Bisho, as well as the townships of Alexandria and Soweto. He will hopefully visit 7

Of the 9 provinces, during his stay.

Individuals wanting more information on the Ralph Bunche Initiative or other

Phelps-Stokes programs may contact Dr. Dudley directly at his e-mail address

(wdudley777@aol. com).

Sunday, January 29, 2006

AP9 Passport to Fun Helps Make This Valentine’s Day Unforgettable

AP9 Passport to Fun Helps Make This Valentine’s Day Unforgettable

AP9 Passport to Fun, by Adaptive Marketing LLC, provides a few fun ideas to make your sweetheart swoon.

Stamford, CN (PRWEB) December 30, 2005

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In preparation of the big day, Cupid is sharpening his mighty arrows and tightening his bow while AP9 Passport to Fun (http://www. passporttofun-program. com/), a membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC, lends a hand by providing its members with some heart-pumping, pulsating ideas to get their loved ones in the mood. 

On February 14th, much of the love struck populace, both young and old, dedicate the entire day to celebrating their admiration, devotion and appreciation for that certain someone in their lives. Valentine’s Day has to be one of busiest days for florists, restaurants, movie theaters, video stores and sweet treat shops around the world, but AP9 Passport to Fun members don’t need to wait in long lines to get their heart-felt message across. They can simply access DealPass (http://www. dealpass. com/) to find a wide selection of fun-filled activities and entertainment ideas that are sure to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable and affordable. 

AP9 Passport to Fun gives a few ideas on how to make this Valentine’s Day special for all.

1. A breakfast of hearts. There’s nothing like starting the day knowing that you are loved by somebody. Turn plain, ordinary pancakes into chocolate chip hearts -- a sweet for your sweetie. Take a heart-shaped cookie cutter, place it on the griddle, pour in the pancake batter and top with chocolate chips. It is an easy and fun way to say, “I love you!” No time for breakfast? Use the cookie cutter to make a heart-shaped sandwich and cookies to go!

2. A book of poems. If you can’t find the words to say how much you love your lover, buy a book of poems. You can give the entire book as a gift, or make copies of the poems that touch you the most and secretly place them all over -- one on the bed, on the shower door, on the seat of the car, tucked inside his/her briefcase -- places your true love will be sure to find them. You might even want to leave a voicemail at work reciting one of the poems to provide your mate a midday pick-me-up and reassurance of your love. 

3. Have some fun. Think of an activity you and your significant other have never done or haven’t done in a long time -- ice skating, bowling, or going to an amusement park. This gives you a chance to be kids again -- being carefree and silly while falling in love all over again. Add an element of surprise by blindfolding your partner and make him/her guess where you are taking them -- it will definitely add a little suspense and excitement to your night. 

4. Stay in. Nothing comes close to the feeling of spending quality time with the one you love. Make a nice dinner with a special dessert for two, light candles, sprinkle rose petals on the table, and cuddle while watching a romantic movie. This may seem a bit traditional but a chance to talk, touch, and get to know your sweetheart all over again is absolutely priceless.

Members are able to access many money-saving benefits to make your Valentine’s Day memorable and affordable such as discounts on the purchase of CDs/DVDs, movie tickets, books, gift cards for popular restaurant chains, plus so much more, concludes AP9 Passport to Fun.

About AP9 Passport to Fun

AP9 Passport to Fun (http://www. passporttofun-program. com/) is a leading membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC (http://www. adaptivemarketing. com/). Headquartered in Stamford, Conn., Adaptive Marketing is a category leader in both membership and loyalty programs, bringing value direct to consumers through an array of benefits in healthcare, discounts, security, personal property and personals. Members may access their benefits at DealPass. com, an online portal for Adaptive Marketing membership programs. With broad online and offline distribution capabilities, Adaptive Marketing offers its corporate client partners effective tools to enhance market presence, strengthen customer affinity and generate additional value through programs, such as AP9 Passport to Fun.


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New Book Release: Photographers Document Porn Stars’ Intimate “Off the Set” Relationships

New Book Release: Photographers Document Porn Stars’ Intimate “Off the Set” Relationships

A new book of photography released on April 2, “Off the Set: Porn Stars and Their Partners” takes an intimate look at porn stars’ off-screen romantic lives. Featuring more than 100 photos and several essays written by the stars themselves, Off the Set is a unique collection that groundbreaking photographer Barbara Nitke describes as “a playful, insider's view of porn stars in a way they are never seen.” Off the Set is available right now on Amazon. com, Barnesandnoble. com, and in select bookstores.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 2, 2010

“Off the Set: Porn Stars and Their Partners” is a new hardbound book by photographer duo Paulie & Pauline that documents the off-screen romantic relationships of ten couples who work in porn, including Jesse Jane, Kylie Ireland, Seymore Butts, and Tera Patrick. In addition to more than 100 photos, the book features essays on the realities of relationships for performers written by the stars themselves, and a foreword written by sex educator Tristan Taormino. Published by Aural Pink Press, Off the Set is available right now on Amazon. com, Barnesandnoble. com, and in select bookstores.

Writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, Violet Blue says that “the stars are shown with their lovers and true loves, in their homes, in bed, fully dressed out on romantic dates, at the corner cafe, wherever Paulie & Pauline saw a moment between real-life lovers that came from the heart. And in the resulting photos, these moments are tangible.” According to Penthouse Magazine, Off the Set “treats porn seriously, and its stars shine when given the chance to exhibit all of themselves, not just the naughty bits.” Groundbreaking documentary photographer Barbara Nitke describes Off the Set as “a playful, insider's view of porn stars in a way they are never seen. Paulie & Pauline have given us a glimpse into the everyday, shockingly normal sex lives of these hardcore stars who look like they could be your next door neighbors.”

Photographers Paulie & Pauline explain that they embarked on this project because, in spite of recent dialogue regarding the “pornification” of America, porn stars remain a group of people who are consistently pushed to the margins of society. The pair spent five years behind the scenes of the adult entertainment industry to create this unique look at the private lives of ten stars and their significant others, including:

Digital Playground contract star Jesse Jane
Seymore Butts and Mari Possa, stars of the Showtime hit series Family Business
Adult industry veteran performer Kylie Ireland and award-winning director Eli Cross
XRCO Female Performer of the Year and cancer survivor Nicki Hunter
AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year Buck Angel
Feminist porn sensation Madison Young and Kink. com’s James Mogul

What they discovered was not a collection of people whose work as performers reduced them to damaged victims. Instead, they found a group of acutely self-aware individuals who, along with their partners, embrace their choices to work in porn, and thrive on their romantic relationships. The photos in Off the Set balance intimacy and the ordinary to capture the beauty of the genuine bonds shared by these couples, and to reveal their humanity.

A portion of the sale price of each book is being donated to the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM), a non-profit corporation founded in 1998 to care for the physical and emotional needs of people who work in the adult entertainment industry.

Hardcover: 120 pages
Publisher: Aural Pink Press, LLC; First edition (April 2, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615338631
ISBN-13: 978-0615338637

About the Author/Artists.
In their portrait work, erotic, and documentary photography, Paulie & Pauline seek out uniquely candid moments in the human experience with a curiosity that is heavily influenced by their backgrounds in journalism and sociology. Mostly, though, their photos reflect their voyeuristic fascination with people and their stories. Photos from Off the Set have been published in print and online, appeared in several group exhibitions, and are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Sex in New York City and the art gallery at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.

Tristan Taormino is an award-winning author, columnist, editor, sex educator, and feminist pornographer. She is the author of six books, including True Lust: Adventures in Sex, Porn and Perversion and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. She runs her own adult film production company, Smart Ass Productions, and has been an exclusive director for Vivid Entertainment since 2006. She wrote the popular syndicated sex column Pucker Up for The Village Voice for almost ten years.

More information about Off the Set and Paulie & Pauline can be found at paulieandpauline. com

Contact Information:
Paul Sarkis
Phone: 201-936-8167
Web: paulieandpauline. com
On Twitter: @pauliepauline


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jacob Inspires The Giving Hope Ride a Fundraiser for BC Children's Hospital

Jacob Inspires The Giving Hope Ride a Fundraiser for BC Children's Hospital

Transoft Solutions is proud to be the official sponsor of “The Giving Hope Ride” dedicated to BC Children’s Hospital patient, Jacob. Jacob, the 3 and a half year old son of one of Transoft Solutions’ employees, has faced cancer twice. Jacob’s strength and innocence have inspired Transoft Solutions to raise $50, 000 for the Oncology Unit at BC Children’s Hospital.

Richmond, BC (PRWEB) March 17, 2005

Transoft Solutions is proud to be the official sponsor of “The Giving Hope Ride” dedicated to BC Children’s Hospital patient, Jacob. Jacob, the 3 and a half year old son of one of Transoft Solutions’ employees, has faced cancer twice. Jacob’s strength and innocence have inspired Transoft Solutions to raise $50, 000 for the Oncology Unit at BC Children’s Hospital.

Jacob was first diagnosed with Wilm's Tumour when he was 14 months old. Wilm's Tumour, also called Nephroblastoma, is a form of cancer that originates from the kidney. He underwent six months of chemotherapy, one surgery, and nine sessions of radiation. Everything went smoothly and at the time the cancer went into remission. On August 16, 2004, after a routine ultrasound, a tumor was found in Jacob's pelvis; his cancer had relapsed. The return of Wilms Tumour devastated Jacob’s family’s hope. The little boy endured five major rounds of Chemotherapy and a Stem cell transplant. After seven long months, Jacob’s mother, Margaret, is ecstatic to announce that her son “holds the record for the fastest recovery in Children’s Hospital after a Stem Cell Transplant”.

Today, the brave three and half year old boy is healthy and happy. Admired by his parents and everyone around him, Jacob is passionate about life; he doesnÂ’t just walk, he runs, he doesnÂ’t smile, he laughs; his spirit and innocence have shown everyone around him the real power of hope. Both Margaret and James, JacobÂ’s parents, feel that none of this would have been possible without the support and care from BC ChildrenÂ’s Hospital.

“We are forever indebted to the wonderful team of doctors and nurses that takes care of Jacob”. Margaret

About The Giving Hope Ride

One of Transoft Solutions’ employees will cycle the final leg of the 2005 Tour D’Áfrique Race in recognition of Jacob’s fight against cancer. Fully sponsored by Transoft Solutions, The Giving Hope Ride is raising funds by donating a minimum of $10.00 per km for BC Children’s Hospital. This 1430km ride will take place in May from Windhoek, Namibia to Cape Town, South Africa. Together with fundraising activities and donations, Transoft Solutions’ goal is to raise $50,000.00 for BC Children’s Hospital. And Transoft Solutions will be matching that amount for a total goal of $100,000!

About BC ChildrenÂ’s Hospital

Every year in BC, about 150 children are diagnosed with one of the most devastating diseases a child can face-- cancer--and all of those children will get treatment at BC ChildrenÂ’s Hospital. As the provinceÂ’s only treatment and research centre for children with cancer, BC ChildrenÂ’s Hospital provides hope for these children and their families. Thanks to advances in treatment and research, three-quarters of the children diagnosed with cancer now survive and grow up to be adults. The success of this fundraising event, and the money that it raises, are helping us reach our ultimate goal - raising money to help sick kids get better!

For more information please contact Richard Link at Transoft Solutions via phone at 604-244-8387 or via email at rl@transoftsolutions. com.

# # #

Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Case Study: Personalized Employee Benefit Statements Create Successful Enrollment of Voluntary Benefits

New Case Study: Personalized Employee Benefit Statements Create Successful Enrollment of Voluntary Benefits

Motivated by continuously rising costs for health insurance, increasing numbers of employers and employees both are turning to employee-paid Voluntary Benefits (VB) for insurance coverage. Yet group brokers often struggle with employer resistance to stand-alone VB enrollments at the workplace, as well as low participation and limited access to employees. As detailed in a new Cornerstone Enrollment Services Case Study, personalized Benefit Statements can open the door to a VB enrollment, create almost 100 percent access to employees, and dramatically increase voluntary participation.

NASHVILLE, TN (PRWEB) December 23, 2005

A new study from Cornerstone Enrollment Services highlights the power of personalized Benefit Statements to motivate HR departments to offer a Voluntary Benefits (VB) enrollment (http://www. cornerstonevb. com/Cornerstone_Case_Study_Benefit_Statements. pdf), enable access to employees, and dramatically increase participation—and premiums—in VB enrollments.

The case study (available at http://www. cornerstonevb. com/Cornerstone_Case_Study_Benefit_Statements. pdf (http://www. cornerstonevb. com/Cornerstone_Case_Study_Benefit_Statements. pdf)) centers on a suburban hospital with 700 VB-eligible employees. The broker added value for the employer by distributing customized Benefit Statements (http://www. cornerstonevb. com/Cornerstone_Case_Study_Benefit_Statements. pdf) to employees during the enrollment to show them the value of their "Hidden Paycheck." Because Cornerstone Enrollment Services produced free personalized Benefit Statements for the broker and client as part of their enrollment services, the statements were a no-cost way for the hospital to boost employee morale and retention.

With good pre-enrollment communication, employee interest in the Benefit Statements was high and brought most employees to the enrollment tables. Despite being restricted to the hospital cafeteria, the enrollment team eventually met with almost 100 percent of the VB-eligible employees.

Good employee access resulted in strong participation in the VB offerings (http://www. cornerstonevb. com/Cornerstone_Case_Study_Benefit_Statements. pdf). Cornerstone’s salaried Benefit Counselors wrote over $150,000 in new annualized Voluntary Benefit premiums.

“Our Benefit Statements created a definite ‘buzz’ among employees,” notes the study, “such that our counselors were able to arrange scheduled meetings with many employees in work areas beyond the cafeteria, where we were initially stationed.”

The paper’s closing analysis notes that, by using the VB enrollment (http://www. cornerstonevb. com/Cornerstone_Case_Study_Benefit_Statements. pdf) to both increase employee retention and morale and enhance the hospital’s benefit offerings, the broker further established further proved his value to the client and created an additional revenue stream from an existing client.

“Our pledge as an enrollment firm is to make Voluntary Benefits work for both our partnering broker and the client,” said Dan O. Maclellan, president of Cornerstone Enrollment Services. “Cornerstone Enrollment Services has proven that personalized Benefit Statements help us successfully meet the differing needs of both the broker and the client.”

To view the case study in its entirety, visit http://www. cornerstonevb. com/Cornerstone_Case_Study_Benefit_Statements. pdf (http://www. cornerstonevb. com/Cornerstone_Case_Study_Benefit_Statements. pdf)
To download it or call 1-866-370-3401 to request a free copy by mail.

About Cornerstone Enrollment Services

Cornerstone Enrollment Services is an independent enrollment and benefits communication company, with over 60 years of combined experience in employee benefits insurance and 25+ years of voluntary benefits experience.

We use only career, salaried enrollment counselors and experienced case managers. And you can expect one of our partners to be on-site during every enrollment to monitor the process and assure a quality enrollment.

Cornerstone employs current technologies—including our in-house dedicated call center with voice stamping—to enhance communication, maximize enrollment outcomes, assure quality data, and satisfy both broker and employer expectations. Other services include personalized Benefit Statements and a turnkey Hispanic Enrollment Service.

Our objective is to be a valuable, long-term partner with the broker. For more information, please call Nelson Griswold at 866.370.3401 or visit the company’s website at www. CornerstoneVB. com.

Cornerstone Enrollment Services


Www. CornerstoneVB. com

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Friday, January 20, 2006



Vigilinx,™ the leading full-service provider of digital security solutions, announced today that it has selected the Qualys vulnerability assessment solution, QualysGuard, to integrate with the Vigilinx IntelliSHIELD security intelligence service. This integration enhances the IntelliSHIELD workflow management capability, that rapidly notifies network administrators to potential security threats, providing the administrator with the ability to immediately conduct a complete network scan to identify, fix, and verify elimination of vulnerabilities in real time.

(PRWEB) May 4, 2002

Parsippany, NJ and Redwood Shores, CA –May 2, 2002 – Vigilinx,™ the leading full-service provider of digital security solutions, announced today that it has selected the Qualys vulnerability assessment solution, QualysGuard, to integrate with the Vigilinx IntelliSHIELD security intelligence service. This integration enhances the IntelliSHIELD workflow management capability, that rapidly notifies network administrators to potential security threats, providing the administrator with the ability to immediately conduct a complete network scan to identify, fix, and verify elimination of vulnerabilities in real time.

The IntelliSHIELD security intelligence service examines thousands of security related sources

To provide users with near real-time notification of emerging or changing security threats and vulnerabilities. The integration of QualysGuardÂ’s network scanning engine with IntelliSHIELDÂ’s knowledge portal enables customers, when they receive an alert, to immediately conduct a complete scan of their networks to determine whether or not they are vulnerable. The assessment report includes a comprehensive audit of all vulnerabilities, their severity and potential impact, and links to validated remedies. Upon the next scan, customers can verify the elimination of those detected vulnerabilities.

“Qualys is a leader in taking vulnerability assessment to a new level, from simply detecting holes in network systems to a service that additionally assesses configurations, prioritizes threats, and points administrators to available fixes,” said Bruce Murphy, Vigilinx CEO. “IntelliSHIELD is the most efficient and highest quality means of alerting customers to threats and emerging vulnerabilities. The addition of QualysGuard now gives our customers access to a full suite of proactive security protection.”

Vigilinx will use the QualysGuard API, designed to enable third parties to integrate vulnerability assessment via an extensible XML interface, to integrate the service into the IntelliSHIELD solution. QualysÂ’ centralized back-end scanning system scales to assess millions of devices connected to the Internet and meets the needs of businesses of any size. QualysGuardÂ’s inference-based scanning engine mimics the workflow process that hackers use to provide customers with the most realistic perspective into their networkÂ’s security.

“Companies are looking for solutions that will enable them to immediately respond to network security threats and alerts,” said Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO of Qualys. “The integration of QualysGuard with Vigilinx’ IntelliSHIELD provides network administrators with an added level of security, enabling them to automate vulnerability identification and resolution to reduce the window of exposure between a security alert and a potential attack.”

Qualys is also partnering with Vigilinx to incorporate IntelliSHIELDÂ’s security threat and vulnerability content into QualysÂ’ KnowledgeBase of exploits, enabling QualysGuard to become the most current and comprehensive vulnerability repository on the market.

“Vigilinx is actively pursuing integration of our security related knowledge into ‘best of breed’ security management services. We see Qualys as a logical extension of our strategy to integrate

Our world-class security content into robust security management solutions,” said Adam Lipson, EVP Client Services for Vigilinx.

About Vigilinx

Vigilinx is a leading digital security solutions company, offering a complete line of security products and services including security intelligence, managed security services, knowledge products, security advisory consulting, integration services, investigation/forensics services, and training. The company has industry practices devoted to vertical markets, including financial services, telecommunications, government, media and entertainment, and general services. The firm serves both mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies, including New York Life Insurance Company, General Electric, AT&T, News Corporation, and Cardinal Health. Visit the company online at www. vigilinx. com.

About Qualys

Qualys, Inc., the leader in Managed Vulnerability Assessment, enables security providers, security professionals, and corporate customers to automatically audit Internet-connected networks for security vulnerabilities. Qualys' innovative Web service delivers automated, scalable, and cost-effective security auditing and risk assessment of global networks. Founded

In 1999 by a team of Internet security experts, Qualys is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, with offices in France, Germany and the U. K. Customers using the QualysGuard service include Adobe Systems, Agilent Technologies, Apple Computer, Bank of the West, BlueCross BlueShield, BT Ignite, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, and Siebel Systems. For more information about Qualys, please go to http://www. qualys. com (http://www. qualys. com).

Vigilinx Contact: Iris Goldhaber  Director of Marketing 


Qualys Contact: Piper Fretz Merritt Group     703-556-6300 x123

Diversified Investment Advisors Awards 2009 Leaders in Health Care Scholarships to Minority Students Pursuing Advanced Degrees in Health Care

Diversified Investment Advisors Awards 2009 Leaders in Health Care Scholarships to Minority Students Pursuing Advanced Degrees in Health Care

Diversified Investment Advisors, Inc., an Institute for Diversity in Health Management ("the Institute") sponsor, is proud to announce that Kristian Henderson and Pernell Jones have been awarded the 2009 Leaders in Health Care Scholarships.

Purchase, NY (PRWEB) August 12, 2009

Diversified Investment Advisors, Inc., an Institute for Diversity in Health Management ("the Institute") sponsor, is proud to announce that Kristian Henderson and Pernell Jones have been awarded the 2009 Leaders in Health Care Scholarships. They will each receive a $5,000 award.

The Diversified Investment Advisors Leaders in Health Care Scholarship award is available to first - and second-year graduate students pursuing degrees in health care administration or a comparable degree. Candidates are required to demonstrate financial need, a commitment to community service and academic excellence. In addition, they are evaluated on the basis of a personal statement about their interest in health care management and career goals, as well as an essay on the most challenging issues facing the future of the American health care system. The Institute coordinates the application and candidate selection process on behalf of Diversified.

Kristian is currently working toward her master of public health degree in health policy administration at Yale School of Public Health. She also earned a B. A. from Yale University. She is the recipient of numerous honors and awards including the Accolade Leadership Award and the Richter Summer Fellow, and she has been recognized among Urban America's Best and Brightest.

Active in numerous organizations, she is a chapter vice president of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; serves as the director of research and development for the Elm City Youth & Family Center in New Haven, CT, and is a community health educator for a local high school relationship and abuse group. Henderson intends to pursue a career in global public health which she learned about as an undergraduate after traveling to New Orleans to assist with the Hurricane Katrina clean-up efforts, as well as to the Dominican Republic and Swaziland, Africa. After witnessing firsthand so many residents lacking basic necessities and access to adequate health care, she returned from these experiences "eager to learn more about health disparities, public health, and how this global issue could be addressed," as she wrote in her essay. "Realizing that health disparities were a global issue, traveling solidified my desire to start a global health organization."

Pernell is working toward his master of health administration at the University of Southern California, where he is also a teaching assistant in health policy & management, and serves as a student liaison to the Student Health Council. Jones earned his B. S in health science from California State University, where he also minored in biology. He has held several research positions including one at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as at the University of California. He has presented at several conferences and has served as a volunteer at LA Health Action, as well as for Compton's Youth Against Tobacco Coalition.

Pernell's long-term goal is to start a not-for-profit organization that aims to decrease the prevalence of childhood obesity and diabetes in medically underserved communities through exercise, dietary management and health education.

"For the third year, Diversified is proud to award the Leaders in Health Care Scholarships to two commendable students who have already demonstrated a commitment to the delivery of health care and have well-stated plans to continue their work, especially among the underserved," said David Ray, vice president and national 403(b) practice leader at Diversified. "Both Kristian and Pernell are highly motivated and capable based on their track records to date of taking on some of the healthcare industry's most compelling challenges. Their academic achievements were very impressive but what set them apart was their passion for serving their communities and all that they have already accomplished through internships and volunteerism. We are so proud to be able to recognize these two young people this year."

For more information about the Diversified Investment Advisors Leaders in Health Care Scholarship contact Pamela Janniere, 312-422-2691. Applications for the 2010 scholarship will be available online only. Students can apply beginning in October on the Institute's Web site, www. diversityconnection. org. Information on other scholarships is also available at the site.

About Diversified Investment Advisors, Inc.
Diversified Investment Advisors, Inc. is a national investment advisory firm specializing in retirement plans. The company's expertise covers the entire spectrum of defined benefit and defined contribution plans, including: 401(k) and 403(b) (Traditional and Roth); 457; non-qualified deferred compensation; profit sharing; money purchase; cash balance and Taft-Hartley plans; and rollover and Roth IRA. Providing comprehensive plan administration, investment and communication services for mid - to large-sized organizations, Diversified helps more than 1.5 million participants save and invest wisely for and throughout retirement.

Headquartered in Purchase, NY, the company's regional offices are located in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. To learn more, visit www. divinvest. com.

About the Institute for Diversity in Health Management
In 1994, the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE), and the American Hospital Association (AHA) responded to the lack of diversity in the health care management ranks by founding the Institute for Diversity in Health Management (IFD). The Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives (AHHE) and, more recently,
The Catholic Health Association (CHA) signed on as sponsors, and in 2002 the IFD Board of Directors voted to formally affiliate with the AHA.

The Institute for Diversity in Health Management, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works closely with health services organizations and educators to expand leadership opportunities for ethnic minorities in health services management. The Institute's mission is to increase the number of people of color in health services administration to better reflect the increasingly diverse communities they serve, and to improve opportunities for professionals already in the health care field. To accomplish this, the Institute has designed several initiatives to generate significant long-term results through educational programs, summer internships, professional development and leadership conferences. For more information, visit www. diversityconnection. org.


The Future of Nanomaterials

The Future of Nanomaterials

In the next 10 to 20 years, we'll see major breakthroughs in nanomaterials and related processes used to produce many of our consumer and industrial products, according to a new report from the futurist research and consulting firm Social Technologies

Washington DC (PRWEB) December 30, 2007

The DC-based research and consulting firm Social Technologies recently released a series of 12 briefs that shed light on the top areas for technology innovation through 2025. The brief on "nanomaterials," by futurist Peter von Stackelberg, is the fourth trend in the series.

In it, von Stackelberg explains that small is the key word that describes the world of nanotechnology. The concept centers on miniaturization, and involves the creation of particles, fibers, films, coatings, and other materials that are significantly smaller than the typical bacterium -- between one and 100 nanometers in size.

Because these particles are so tiny, nano-objects can access previously impenetrable areas. That means they can make consumer products lighter, stronger, and more efficient--creating a significant competitive advantage for the companies incorporating them into their goods. In an era when consumers are demanding products that are more effective, protective, and assistive, nanomaterials provide the perfect fit.

Industries and consumers are also demanding more efficient use of resources and fewer waste streams. Again, nanomaterials fit the bill. Additionally, rising energy costs and the insecurity of petroleum supplies are driving research into nanomaterials that can boost production from alternative sources, or cut demand via greater energy efficiency.

Challenges Ahead

As nanotech emerges as a major technological force over the coming decades, it will face a variety of obstacles. These include:
Mastering nanoscale behavior. To date, the potential interactions of nanoscale matter are not understood, von Stackelberg explains. "As research progresses, we may find that nanomaterials do not act as expected, leading to unanticipated and potentially harmful consequences. Once understanding improves about how matter behaves at the nanoscale, researchers will be able to develop increasingly sophisticated applications of nanotech while avoiding human side effects."

Public fears. The perception of the benefits vs. hazards of nanotech will have a significant impact on consumer acceptance of the technology. "A survey conducted in 2006 showed that although 42% of those polled had no awareness of nanotech, 20% had heard a little about it and 11% were quite familiar with it," von Stackelberg says--noting that the majority of those in the know believed that the risks of nanotech outweigh the benefits (35%). Only 15% said they believe the benefits outweigh the risks, and 7% said the benefits and risks are about equal.

Nanotech risks. "Obviously, a rational assessment of the true risks of nanotechnology are needed to ensure that wild cards like 'grey goo' don't dominate the discussions of risk while other, more realistic risks are ignored," he points out. The potential for severe risk have been identified by the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, and include:

Health and environmental risks. A growing body of scientific evidence reports that nanomaterials have the potential to pollute air, soil, and water and to damage human health. Some of the most interesting properties of nanomaterials -- such as the ability of nanoparticles to penetrate human cells -- also present health risks if these particles escape into the environment, where they can be absorbed into people's bodies. "Our understanding of the potential health and environmental implications of nanotech are extremely limited," adds von Stackelberg.

Proliferation of "nanolitter." As more sophisticated nanomaterials become widely used, nano-byproducts will need to be dealt with. For instance, it isn't currently known whether nanoparticles used to treat cancer can remain in a patient's body or be excreted. "The reality is that nanomaterials which are useful and benign in one setting can actually be harmful in another," von Stackelberg explains.

Criminal or terrorist use. Small, powerful weapons made from nanomaterials would be difficult for society to defend against.


Although the underlying concepts of nanotechnology were thought up in 1959, only during the 1990s were the first tentative steps taken toward identifying and developing nanomaterials. "Between the end of the first decade of the 21st century and 2025, a number of gamechangers will need to occur if nanotech is to advance significantly," von Stackelberg says.

These gamechangers include:

A shift from "passive" to "active" nanotech. In the coming decades, nanotech will likely make the transition from simple nanomachines -- particles, crystals, rods, tubes, and sheets of atoms -- to more complex ones that contain valves, switches, pumps, and motors.

Nanoscale tools. To work at the nanoscale, new tools will be needed to allow researchers and technicians to see, measure, and manipulate individual atoms and molecules. "One promising approach uses dynamic light scattering, a technique that measures how much nanoparticles jiggle when hit with laser light," von Stackelberg shares. "Many scientists agree that this method has the potential to do rapid, accurate measurement, and is expected to be operational by 2010."

Nanofabrication. Currently, manufacturing processes for nanomaterials are extremely expensive, produce only small amounts of material, and generate a significant amount of impurities and waste, von Stackelberg says. "But consider this: Assembly of nanodevices today is at the same stage as the automobile industry was before Henry Ford developed the assembly line."

Learn More

To determine the relevance of these findings and forecasts for major business sectors, set up an interview with Peter von Stackelberg by sending an email to Hope Gibbs, leader of corporate communications, at hope. gibbs@socialtechnologies. com.

Peter von Stackelberg) Futurist
Peter von Stackelberg, the leader of Social Technologies' Futures Interactive program, brings more than a decade of experience as a futurist, strategic thinker, and writer. He also serves as an adjunct instructor in strategic management of technology and innovation at the State University of New York-Alfred, and as an advisor to the computer animation program at Alfred State. Peter has previously worked as a journalist, business analyst, university webmaster, e-commerce project manager, published poet, and computer artist. He is former editor-in-chief of Shaping Tomorrow and the founder of Applied Futures and FuturesWatch. org. He received a BA in journalism from Ryerson Polytechnical University in Toronto, Canada, and an MS in studies of the future from the University of Houston-Clear Lake, and has taken graduate courses in creative writing, computer art, and art history in pursuit of an MA in Humanities. Areas of expertise: Biotechnology, energy (green, renewable, oil), nanotechnology, future of technology, scenario planning.

About) Social Technologies
Social Technologies is a global research and consulting firm specializing in the integration of foresight, strategy, and innovation. With offices in Washington DC, London, and Shanghai, Social Technologies serves the world's leading companies, government agencies, and nonprofits. A holistic, long-term perspective combined with actionable business solutions helps clients mitigate risk, make the most of opportunities, and enrich decision-making. For information visit www. socialtechnologies. com our blog: http://changewaves. socialtechnologies. com (http://changewaves. socialtechnologies. com) and our newsletter: www. socialtechnologies. com/changewaves (http://www. socialtechnologies. com/changewaves).


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Maredy School Fundraiser Company Announces Hurricane Katrina Fundraising Initiative

Maredy School Fundraiser Company Announces Hurricane Katrina Fundraising Initiative

Maredy Corporation, a leader in school and community group fundraising products, announced today that it will donate a portion of its profits from all 2005 fundraising programs to aid in the rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Maredy specializes in catalog fundraising products including cookie dough, chocolates, candy bars and gift wrap.

Poway, CA (PRWEB) September 18, 2005

Maredy Corporation, a leader in school and community group fundraising products, announced today that it will donate a portion of its profits from all 2005 fundraising programs to aid in the rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Maredy specializes in catalog fundraising products including cookie dough, chocolates, candy bars and gift wrap.

"Every year Maredy helps over 15,000 groups raise money for things that are important to them. It seems only natural that we would take the opportunity expand the community of people that we help by making every one of our customers’ fundraisers a double fundraiser” said Carlton van Putten, Chief Operating Officer for Maredy. “Schools get to help themselves and help others at the same time.”

MaredyÂ’s commitment to fundraising for those in need has been ongoing throughout its company history. Maredy has a partnership with the Star of Life/C. S. Landre Foundation to help support families with children in crisis. Last year Maredy helped Star of Life raise $50,000 aid families with a child in a cognitive education program. These programs help youth with behavioral and emotional issues make positive, healthy choices as they go through life. For this current fundraising event, 5% of the profits from every fundraiser will be donated to the national Red Cross relief effort earmarked for Hurricane Katrina

Maredy’s typical school fundraiser (http://www. maredy. com/) season coincides with the reconstruction from Hurricane Katrina, and Maredy has decided to become a part of the assistance effort by donating a portion of every sale for aid and relief. “Maredy fundraising products are typically purchased as gifts or treats for friends and family members, and we wanted to make sure that part of that gift goes to help those with the greatest need,” said Van Putten.

Maredy Corporation is a catalog fundraising company specializing in school fundraising (http://www.5dollarfundraiser. com) events. Founded in 1988, Maredy has distribution locations in Illinois and California totaling over 60,000 square feet. MaredyÂ’s product line includes candy, chocolate, and cookie dough fundraiser (http://www. cookiedoughfundraiser. com) products. Their web presence, Maredy. com offers free catalogs for school, teen, elementary, and community group fundraising, as well as information and ideas for fundraising projects. Over two million individuals have sold Maredy fundraising products to raise money for fundraiser events.

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Tony Saccaro: Announcing New Standards in the Wellness Industry

Tony Saccaro: Announcing New Standards in the Wellness Industry

Quality products and endorsements from world class athletes will change the landscape of the wellness industry via Tony Saccaro's new business venture.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) October 13, 2007

"Build it and they will come" is a famous line from a baseball movie. In many ways that line applies to the business model offered by Florida entrepreneur Tony Saccaro. "When World Class Athletes offer testimonials regarding the effectiveness of my products you have Credibility that quickly moves your company to the role of front runner in this industry, " said the 33 year old Saccaro.

Saccaro markets worldwide more than 70 exclusive nutritional health and skincare products. "If you have searched for solutions before, you are going to quickly discover that our products are very unique," said Saccaro, whose athletic background includes numerous half marathons and triathlons. "The products are formulated with quality ingredients that have passed standards set by some of the most brilliant minds in this industry. I looked at numerous Wellness Programs and immediately noticed that this concept in place would allow me to effectively market world class products designed to help consumers regain and maintain active and healthy lifestyles," said Saccaro.

"I saw tremendous improvements in my workouts when first introduced to the products," said Saccaro. "The increase in my energy level felt like I had turned back the clock to my teenage yeas. I went home and researched online and quickly decided to add the title of product distributor on top of satisfied consumer and was the wisest decision I have ever made."

Saccaro has a diversified business background that includes nearly a decade in the Cellular Industry and an avid investor in the Real Estate since the early part of this decade. "I was searching for an opportunity that would allow me to be my own boss in this industry. The products guarantee a base of repeat clients with a generous compensation plan that is unique to this industry," said Tampa native Saccaro.

"Entrepreneurs are offered a compensation plan is tied in with a system that teaches the principles of debt, money and investing. You not only get to generate a nice income from home marketing products that are going to change the Wellness Industry but at the same time build up a secure future. The products have helped to change my life both physically and financially."

Mr. Saccaro can be reached directly in his Tampa office at 813-758-3852 or via his website at www. advocare. com/0312767 (http://www. advocare. com/0312767)


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tuscan Dairy Farms Announces $25,000 Start Right -- End Right Sweepstakes

Tuscan Dairy Farms Announces $25,000 Start Right -- End Right Sweepstakes

Tuscan Dairy Farms announces "Start Right-End Right" $25,000 Sweepstakes to promote daily personal and family health and wellness in the New Year. The sweepstakes gives consumers a chance to win a $25,000 Visa® gift card that they can use to build their dream kitchen and ultimate home entertainment center. Consumers can enter to win at http://www. tuscandairy. com or collect the caps from Tuscan Dairy Farms milk can enter promotional codes at StartRightEndRight. com to participate. The sweepstake runs through the end of February 2009.

Burlington, NJ (PRWEB) January 27, 2009

Tuscan Dairy Farms announces "Start Right-End Right" $25,000 Sweepstakes to promote daily personal and family health and wellness in the new year.

"The Start Right-End Right program encourages families to start off the new year by forming good habits, every day," stated Derek Archambault, Marketing Manager, Tuscan Dairy Farms. "We hope that the health message encourages individuals, parents and their kids to begin their day with a great tasting breakfast and end their day with a delicious snack - both of which include Tuscan Dairy Farms' milk."

The dairy's collaboration with Kraft Foods® includes coupons for healthy snacks set to reach consumers in mid to late January. Featured Kraft brands include Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs®, Newton's Fruit Crisps® and Teddy Grahams Snacks®.

Tuscan Dairy Farms (http://www. tuscandairy. com) is also offering a national sweepstakes giving consumers a chance to win a $25,000 Visa® gift card that they can use to build their dream kitchen and ultimate home entertainment center. Consumers who collect the caps from Tuscan Dairy Farms milk can enter promotional codes at http://www. StartRightEndRight. com (http://www. StartRightEndRight. com) to participate. The sweepstakes launches in January 2009, and runs through the end of February, 2009.

In addition, on its web site, Tuscan offers downloadable coupons for the full line of creams, flavored milks and Over the Moon® milk. Tuscan Dairy Farms products are currently sold in supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the five boroughs and surrounding suburbs of New York City, Long Island and Northern New Jersey. For a complete list of retailers and recipes, to download a coupon or enter the sweepstakes, go to http://www. tuscandairyfarms. com (http://www. tuscandairyfarms. com).

Beginning in 1918, Tuscan Dairy Farms has a rich history of delivering the highest quality dairy products including fluid milk, cream, half and half, flavored milk, juices, and cultured dairy products. A long-time leader of advances and innovations in the local dairy industry, Tuscan services the New York City metro market, including the five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester and Dutchess counties as well as Northern and central New Jersey. Its central processing facility is located in Burlington, New Jersey, and distribution centers are located throughout the greater New York City area. Tuscan Dairy Farms has a proud tradition of providing quality dairy products from more than 200 dairy farmers across New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey for more than 90 years. Tuscan Dairy Farms offers a broad line of products, including milk and cream, flavored milk, juice, egg nog and Over The Moon milks.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Invida to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw Annual Global Investment Conference

Invida to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw Annual Global Investment Conference

Invida Group Pte Ltd, the leading specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization of healthcare products throughout Asia Pacific, today announced that the company has been selected to present at the 2010 Rodman & Renshaw Annual Global Investment Conference.

Singapore (PRWEB) May 14, 2010

Invida Group Pte Ltd, the leading specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization of healthcare products throughout Asia Pacific, today announced that the company has been selected to present at the 2010 Rodman & Renshaw Annual Global Investment Conference. The presentation will occur on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 12:20 PM in London, UK and will be webcast live and available on the conference's website at http://www. wsw. com/webcast/rrshq17/invida. CEO John A. Graham will provide an updated overview of the Company, its strategy for 2010 and key partnering opportunities for growth in Asia Pacific.

John A. Graham, Chief Executive Officer of Invida, said, “During this time of focused growth for Invida, we look forward to the opportunity to provide an update on our corporate developments and future plans for the Company. The Rodman conference will provide us with an excellent opportunity to meet with potential partners, as well as members of the financial and investment community, and to update our stakeholders on our plans for continued success.”

About Invida Group Pte Ltd
Invida improves the lives of patients in Asia by commercializing differentiated pharmaceutical products of superior quality - the result of which will allow all our stakeholders to prosper. We do this through our proven brand marketing and sales know-how, strong expertise across a number of key therapeutic categories and deep experience in all critical Asian markets. Comprehensive functional capabilities provide rapid market access delivered by our passionate team of professionals.

With more than 4,000 employees in 13 markets in Asia Pacific, Invida operates across the commercial value chain from regulatory approval and product launch to lifecycle management. We manage a portfolio of proprietary healthcare brands as well as licensed products from small biotech firms and large multinational companies. Partnering is a critical component of Invida’s business model. We collaborate closely with our partners in developing effective strategies and put our extensive experience behind maximizing the potential of the assets entrusted to us.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Manufacturer of Natural and Organic Dog Grooming Expands Company to the United Kingdom

Manufacturer of Natural and Organic Dog Grooming Expands Company to the United Kingdom

Clifford McGrath of the United Kingdom obtains Exclusive ditributorship of Botanical Dog Products

(PRWEB) April 7, 2005

An old leather journal.

A stable block in Yorkshire England.

A Victorian dowager.

Formulas written years ago for natural pet care.

Our company is based on the statements above. During an extended stay at my family home in England. I found an old brown leather journal in my great grandmothers stable offices. Written in the late 1800's, it contained a treasure trove of all natural pet care. Many of her formulas were written for the Yorkshire terriers and Dalmatians that she bred. Skin and Coat care were discussed in detail, as well as flea remedies. Plant leaves were used in abundance. Freshly picked off the moors on a daily basis.

Lavender was used frequently to calm sensitive and hyper dogs. Harvested in Scotland and brought to Yorkshire by her sister on her many visits. I was fascinated with the knowledge that she had carefully chronicled. Upon returning to the USA. I began experimenting with many of the recipes on my own dogs. Working with a formulator, I was finally able to develop Botanical Dog as it is known today. Our company uses the latest technology in manufacturing our products, while still retaining the original vision of natural and safe pet care.

Botanical Dog is pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with Clifford McGrath Inc for the distributorship of their products in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Their product line includes:

Skin Therapy formulated to relieve most skin ailments including Hotspots. Coat Therapy formulated to rehydate and to provide health and shine to the coat. Flea Therapy, an alternative to chemical based flea products. Calming Therapy, calming hyper dogs with lavender. This product is especially helpful at bathtime.

All of these products contain Natural and Organic Ingredients, no chemicals and are avilable as:

Shampoos, Conditioners, Ear Cleaners, and Daily Refresher Sprays.

Visit us online at http://www. botanicaldog. com (http://www. botanicaldog. com)


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Acupuncture & Massage College Announces Ricky William's Scholarship

Acupuncture & Massage College Announces Ricky William's Scholarship

Miami Massage School announces their new tuition scholarship, awarded to one African-American student of high achievement. Ricky Williams is the First Recipient.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) March 25, 2009

Miami, FL USA - March 25, 2009 - Acupuncture & Massage College has established a new scholarship. It will be awarded once a year to an African-American student of high achievement. The first recipient will be Ricky Williams, Miami Dolphins running back.

Mr. Williams, in his NFL eighth season and fourth season with the Miami Dolphins, has decided to enroll in the Massage Therapy program. Due to his high achievement in athletics and Asian Studies, AMC is proud to present its inaugural scholarship to the man who will also bear the name of the award.

"I am honored to be the first recipient of this scholarship program, and am very much impressed with the programs offered at Acupuncture and Massage College," says Ricky Williams. He is a certified Yoga Instructor, who has also spent time in India. In India, Ricky learned more in depth about Yoga, and also studied Ayurvedic Medicine.

AMC fully prepares Massage Therapy students to become certified, licensed massage therapists, specializing in Japanese Shiatsu. "Due to Mr. Williams exemplary achievement in all areas he applies himself to, we decided to name our scholarship program after him," says Dr. Richard Browne, founder and president of AMC.

For additional information about the Ricky Williams Scholarship, contact Dr. Richard Browne, or visit AMC Ricky Williams Massage Scholarship page (http://www. amcollege. edu/rickywilliams. htm).

AMC's Massage Therapy Certificate program offers a comprehensive curriculum of massage techniques. The program is designed for students seeking a career in the field of bodywork as well as practitioners who want to offer additional modalities to their patients.

The Massage Therapy program's specialization in Japanese Shiatsu enables students to develop experience working with a range of techniques within Asian systems of medicine. Students complete courses in Shiatsu, Swedish and Medical massage and the biosciences. The program enrolls applicants on a monthly basis.

About Acupuncture & Massage College
Acupuncture & Massage College in Miami, Florida is an accredited institution, recognized as a leader in natural health education. Founded in 1983 as the Acupressure Acupuncture Institute, the College integrates the teaching of traditional Oriental healing methods with the knowledge of Western medicine science. The College offers a Master's program in Oriental Medicine and a Massage Therapy certificate program.

Dr. Richard Browne, School President 
Acupuncture & Massage College 
Http://www. amcollege. edu (http://www. amcollege. edu)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory Leading LASIK Refractive Experts Help Educate Eye Doctors at Annual AAO Meeting in Atlanta, GA

Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory Leading LASIK Refractive Experts Help Educate Eye Doctors at Annual AAO Meeting in Atlanta, GA

Many of the top experts and leading researchers in LASIK and refractive eye surgery who are listed in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory were actively involved at the recently concluded American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) annual meeting in Atlanta. Dr. Roy Chuck, Dr. Daniel Durrie, Dr. Colman Kraff, Dr. Donald Serafano, Dr. Jonathan Davidorf, Dr. Parag Majmudar, and Dr. Rick Fraunfelder made presentations of their research through lectures, courses, training, and panels concerning the latest developments in vision correction surgery and ophthalmology in general.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 28, 2008

Trusted LASIK Surgeons (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com) is pleased to feature some of the top experts in the advancement of vision correction care in its Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/find_a_lasik_eye_surgeon. htm), were actively involved in educating their fellow eye doctors in the latest in vision correction surgery and ophthalmology at the this years annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the International Society of Refractive Surgeons (ISRS/AAO) in Atlanta, Georgia. This annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology is always the largest gathering of ophthalmologists from all over the world. This year's meeting was held in conjunction with the European Society of Ophthalmologists. Over 13,000 ophthalmologists, technicians and industry representatives attended this meeting.

Baltimore, Maryland LASIK eye surgeon (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/baltimore_lasik_surgeons. htm) and innovator Dr. Roy Chuck, who serves as the Tom Clancy Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of Refractive Surgery of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins (http://www. hopkinsmedicine. org/wilmer/employees/cvs/Chuck. html), lectured about "Visual Outcomes in Post-RK Patients with Wavefront-guided PRK" in the Refractive Surgery session at the AAO meeting. His presentation described how to use laser eye surgery to correct residual refractive errors in patients who have undergone radial keratotomy. According to Dr. Chuck, "patients who have had radial keratotomy make up a very complicated and controversial group of patients. We have had good success with these type of patients at Wilmer Eye Institute, and are encouraged." In addition to moderating a Dry Eye CME breakfast symposium, Dr. Chuck also presided over the Chinese American Ophthalmological Society Meeting as its president.

Daniel Durrie, M. D. of Durrie Vision (http://www. durrievision. com/), one of the world's top LASIK surgeons and experts from Kansas City (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/kansas_city_kansas_lasik_surgeons. htm), gave a great lecture on the worthy subject of community service in the context of laser vision correction surgery. In his speech, entitled "LASIK in the Handicapped Patient", Dr. Durrie discussed Focus on Independence (http://focusonindependence. org/index. html), a program on performing LASIK on quadriplegic patients who require glasses at no charge. He showed a very powerful video about how LASIK was of tremendous value to patients who simply cannot put on their glasses or contact lenses by themselves. Dr Durrie is the driving force behind an attempt to have the Focus on Independence program available across the United States with the cooperation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. In addition, Dr. Durrie made a presentation on a course on emerging technology in refractive eye surgery, where he compared two Femtosecond laser systems used to make LASIK flaps, the Intralase and the Ziemer. This course was part of a program directed by Jonathan Davidorf, M. D., a refractive eye surgery expert also listed in the Trusted LASIK Surgeon's directory from Los Angeles, California. Other presentations by Dr. Durrie included off label use of the Near Vision CK with OptiPoint Template system for correction of astigmatism, Complications in Excimer Laser Refractive Surgery, Laser Refractive Surgery for Ophthalmology Residents, and Multifocal IOLs: One Eye, Two Eyes, Mix and Match-What is the Best Recipe?

Dr. Colman Kraft of the highly regarded Kraff Eye Institute (http://www. kraffeye. com/index. shtml), a lasik and refractive surgery expert from Chicago, Illinois (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/chicago_lasik_surgeons. htm), presented an E-poster on "Presbyopia: Developing a Successful Process for Monovision, at the Subspecialty Day, Refractive Surgery Track." Presbyopia is a common vision problem to people over 40 who have trouble seeing things up close, such as reading a book. Monovision allows the patient to see better with one eye for near vision while the other eye is corrected for distance vision. It is the most common method of reducing the need for reading glasses in patients over the age of 40 who undergo LASIK or PRK and is usually very well tolerated.

Long Beach, California LASIK surgeon (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/long_beach_lasik_surgeon_donald_serafano_md. htm) Donald Serafano, M. D., of ViewPoint Laser Centers (http://www. viewpointlaser. com/LongBeach/DrSerafano. html) served as the moderator for a panel on "Phaco and Refractive Pearls from Around the World with Live Surgery in High Definition". The surgery was performed by multiple surgeons at remote locations connected by satellite to a high definition system in Atlanta. The doctors performing surgery were from Italy, China, and the United States. Dr. Serafano explained the procedures to his fellow refractive eye surgeons and served as the moderator for questions and answers. Dr. Serafano also served on the faculty for "Complications in Excimer Laser Refractive Surgery," which is particularly relevant in light of the FDA panel hearings earlier this year concerning LASIK and laser eye surgery complications. The Excimer laser course was made up of an international faculty from Italy, Switzerland, and the United States.

One of Los Angeles' most respected LASIK and refractive pioneers, Jonathan Davidorf, M. D (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/california_lasik_surgeon_west_hills. htm), who practices at the Davidorf Eye Group (http://www. davidorf. com) served as the Senior Instructor and featured speaker for "New and Emerging Technologies in Cataract and Refractive Surgery" course. Dr. Davidorf has been organizing and presenting research at this course for the previous 5 years. The course covered investigational and newly FDA-approved technologies and techniques. Featured topics included accommodating and multifocal intraocular lens (IOLs), light adjustable intraocular lens (IOLs), phakic intraocular lens (IOLs), and new phacoemulsification systems. Dr. Davidorf also lectured about an investigational lens for correcting presbyopia which can be implanted at the time of cataract surgery. Dan Durrie and James Salz, who are both listed in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory, also presented lectures at this course.

In addition, Dr. Davidorf was an instructor for "Astigmatism in the Cataract Patient". With the new, exciting lens implant options available to cataract patients, controlling astigmatism has gained increased importance among surgeons aiming to free their patients of glasses. This course covered preoperative planning as well as intraoperative and postoperative surgical techniques used in controlling astigmatism. Intraoperative limbal relaxing incisions were also discussed in detail, along with the use of toric intraocular lens (IOLs) and options available to enhance visual outcomes. Upon course completion, participants learned who to effectively control post-cataract astigmatism.

Top Chicago, Illinois LASIK eye surgeon and expert (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/illinois_lasik_surgeons. htm) Parag Majmudar of Chicago Cornea Consultants (http://www. chicagocornea. com/html/about. html) served as the moderator of one of the refractive surgery invited paper sessions and an instructor for 2 skills transfer courses/labs, one on LASIK and the second on astigmatism management in cataract surgery. The skills transfer course allows the surgeons to get hands on experience with the techniques under the observation of experienced surgeons like Dr. Majmudar. In the LASIK course, the students were able to obtain hands on experience with 3 different mechanical keratomes and the Intralase Femtosecond laser system.

Portland LASIK Surgeon (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/portland_lasik_surgeons. htm) Dr. Rick Fraunfelder, of the Casey Vision Correction Center (http://www. ohsucasey. com/patient/cvcc_experience6.asp) presented his continuing research on "Drug Related Adverse Effects of Clinical Importance to the Ophthalmologist." This lecture, in its eighth year, is of value to all practicing ophthalmologists as no matter which sub-specialty of ophthalmology they practice, since ophthalmic and systemic drugs are generally part of any treatment and it is very difficult to keep up with all the drug interactions and side effects. Dr. Fraunfelder's course is a great summary of important adverse effects of the various drugs used by patients on a daily basis. This course has consistently ranked in the top 10% each year of all the courses at the AAO. Dr. Fraunfelder received an award again for this years presentation on double vision caused by statins.

"Prospective LASIK patients will find significant value in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons website as much of the legwork of selecting a qualified, trusted LASIK surgeon has already been done," commented Dr. Parag Majmudar. "The members of the Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory are often key researchers and innovators in the field of refractive surgery as evidenced by their involvement in academic meeting and commitment to education of their colleagues."

The refractive eye surgeons listed and profiled in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory are among the most highly qualified LASIK and refractive surgeons and includes many of the true pioneers in vision correction surgery, not just LASIK but other procedures such as lens implants, phakic implants, and conductive keratoplasty.

For more on why consumers should consider the refractive eye surgeons listed in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory for their vision correction needs, please visit:

Why choose a Surgeons from the Trusted LASIK Surgeon's Directory (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/why_use_a_trusted_lasik_surgeon. htm)

The screening process and standards used by Trusted LASIK Surgeons are located at:
How Are LASIK Surgeons Qualified at Trusted LASIK Surgeons? (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/how_are_lasik_surgeons_qualified_at_tls. htm)

To find a highly accomplished LASIK and refractive specialist in your local area who has been qualified and listed in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory, please visit
The Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory (http://www. trustedlasiksurgeons. com/find_a_lasik_eye_surgeon. htm)

SOURCE: Trusted LASIK Surgeons

About Trusted LASIK Surgeons, Inc.

Trusted LASIK Surgeons, Inc. (Trusted LASIK Surgeons) is a premier LASIK, laser eye surgery, and refractive eye surgery directory service whose primary mission is to assist consumers in finding the best and most qualified LASIK and vision correction surgeons in their local area in the United States. To accomplish this, Trusted LASIK Surgeons uses a unique screening process where each prospective LASIK eye surgeon must meet the minimum required qualifications set by Trusted LASIK Surgeons. These qualifications for these doctors are based on experience (not just in LASIK but complete refractive care), research (including FDA approval studies for manufacturers and academic appointments at major universities), publications and lectures (to their peers, not to the public via infomercials) and patient care standards (treating other eye professionals and managing complications from patients first operated on by someone else). All refractive eye surgeons listed at Trusted LASIK Surgeons have qualified, been accepted, and have subscribed to our services. For more information on why we believe consumers interested in LASIK should consider an eye surgeon listed in the Trusted LASIK Surgeon's directory, please visit our website at www. TrustedLASIKSurgeons. com.

Trusted LASIK Surgeons
(800) 483-8028
New at TrustedLASIKSurgeons. com

About the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)

The American Academy of Ophthalmology is the largest national membership association of Eye M. D.s. Eye M. D.s are ophthalmologists, medical and osteopathic doctors who provide comprehensive eye care, including medical, surgical and optical care. More than 90 percent of practicing U. S. Eye M. D.s are Academy members, and the Academy has more than 7,000 international members. The mission of the American Academy of Ophthalmology is to advance the lifelong learning and professional interests of ophthalmologists (Eye M. D.s) to ensure that the public can obtain the best possible eye care. The American Academy of Ophthalmology is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for every individual they treat by helping each to see his or her best and by protecting their patients' vision and eye health throughout life. Academy members are committed to responding compassionately to their patients' individual needs and to advancing the highest standards of comprehensive eye care. To enable its members to meet these goals, the Academy provides a wide variety of programs, products and services to Eye M. D.s and the patients they serve.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

SnapSports® Introduces Outdoor BounceBack® Sports Surfacing with ShockTower™, Technology

SnapSports® Introduces Outdoor BounceBack® Sports Surfacing with ShockTower™, Technology

SnapSports® Game Courts & Athletic Surfaces, introduces their new outdoor BounceBack® sports surfacing with the multi-patent pending ShockTower™ technology.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) March 31, 2009

SnapSports® Game Courts & Athletic Surfaces, the industry's leading manufacturer and provider of modular athletic surfaces and outdoor game courts, introduces their new multi-patent pending Outdoor BounceBack® surface with ShockTower™ technology.

SnapSports continues to lead the industry with the most advanced athletic sports surface on the globe, Outdoor BounceBack® Game Courts. With the recent addition of the multi patent-pending ShockTower™ technology, SnapSports has again raised the bar in performance and safety that is unsurpassed by any other outdoor sports surfacing available.

The main focus of the new Outdoor BounceBack Game Court with ShockTower technology is to reduce the severity of injuries as well as enhance the personal safety of the athletes who play on it. There are sixteen individual 'shock-towers™ ' per square foot that ensure a consistent playing surface, an excellent coefficient of friction, and provides an unmatched level of shock absorption.

"We have successfully developed the most innovative outdoor modular sports surfacing in the last 25 years. Our new ShockTower™ technology will revolutionize athletic surfaces by providing our customers with virtually the same shock absorption and cushion as professional game courts," says Jorgen Moller, CEO SnapSports.

The addition of an Outdoor BounceBack Game Court with ShockTower technology will not only increase the value of your home; it will strengthen the health of your family and friends as well as provide a lifetime of safe athletic fun.

About SnapSports
Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, SnapSports manufactures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in their 100,000 square foot facility. The family at SnapSports is proud of more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing & providing Courts and Athletic surfacing worldwide. Their unmatched experience and innovative product line has made them the undisputed champs in their industry.

For more information visit The SnapSports® website (www. SnapSports. com) or call 1-800-664-3865

For more information about the New SnapSports BounceBack Sports Surface with ShockTowers visit www. snapsports. com/shocktowerOut. html (http://www. snapsports. com/shocktowerOut. html).

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Contexo Media Hires New Personnel to Assist with Development and Release of New Business Information Products/Services and Enhance Customer Service

Contexo Media Hires New Personnel to Assist with Development and Release of New Business Information Products/Services and Enhance Customer Service

Two new managers to assist in building its business information products/services.

SALT LAKE CITY (PRWEB) December 20, 2005

Contexo Media Inc., a business information company, today announced it has hired Richard Horsley as its sales and marketing manager, and Mark Poole as its customer operations manager.

Horsley will be accountable for building a sales and marketing organization to promote Contexo Media’s products and services in new and existing markets. Poole’s responsibilities include enhancing the customer experience by improving customer service and data collection and verification, as well as overseeing accounts receivable and product fulfillment.

“We are thrilled to have such knowledgeable and experienced additions to our team,” said Treavor Peterson, president of Contexo. “Having both Rich and Mark onboard gives us the ability to expand our reach and further our goals of continually providing the highest quality business information products.”

Before coming to Contexo, Horsley worked at Marketstar Corporation as a Hewlett-Packard ProCurve account executive and as one of its HP ProCurve SMB marketing managers. Prior to Marketstar, he was a sales supervisor and coach at Convergys. Horsley received his master’s degree in business administration in 2003 and his bachelor’s degree in business marketing in 1999, both from Weber State University.

“Since coming to Contexo, I have been amazed at how motivated and talented my coworkers are,” Horsley said. “The people here foster an environment that promotes innovation and excellence. I look forward to contributing my own talents and skills in an effort to provide Contexo’s customers with quality business information products and services they expect and deserve.”

Poole was previously the call center/product operations and customer service director for Flying J, where he directed a 24/7 inbound call center that handled 45,000 calls each month. Before that, Poole worked as an operations manager at Bank Boston and as an inside sales manager for Cameron Ashley Building Products. Poole received his master’s degree in business and technical communication in 1995 from Utah State University and his bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Business in 1992 from Weber State University.

“I am very excited to be a part of Contexo Media,” Poole said. “With Contexo’s commitment to developing great new business information products, there are a number of exciting new challenges to be found along the road ahead, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to take Contexo’s customer service to the next level.”

About Contexo Media Inc.

Contexo Media is focused on delivering products and services to meet and exceed the needs of underserved business information customers in the public health market. For more information, please visit www. contexomedia. com or call 801-365-0700.

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Live Free Or Die Wristband Campaign To Protect First Amendment Right

Live Free Or Die Wristband Campaign To Protect First Amendment Right

American Longevity has just formed the Live Free or Die campaign on behalf of the industry in order to help protect our first amendment rights and help consumers have more access to truthful information in order to base a more informed nutritional decision regarding their own health and wellness.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2005

American Longevity has formed the Live Free or Die organization to raise awareness and funding for the fight for our first amendment right by gaining permission from the FDA to use words that educate people on the positive elements of supplements and nutrients. The FDA believes the publicÂ’s access to health information should be limited to what the FDA allows, which is quite limited. By forming this organization, American Longevity ultimately hopes to eliminate the worldwide health crisis one person at a time. The Live Free or Die bands are to retail on three contributory tiers: Red $5, Blue $25 and White $50.

"My goal is to see these bracelets worn by everyone concerned with their health and protecting their first amendment rights," said Dr. Wallach, founder of American Longevity. "To be able to communicate the diagnostics of alternative medicine that purportedly heals, more people will have that choice to be educated about what their body needs and how to fulfill those nutritional requirements."

American Longevity spends tens of thousands of dollars just gathering the independent information for each health claim and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these claims. The claims they have gotten authorized so far have to do with reducing the risk of certain cancers by consuming the trace mineral Selenium and reducing the risks of Cardiovascular Heart Disease (CHD) by consuming EPA and DHA which are Essential Fatty Acids primarily found in fish oils. The authorized health claims achieved donÂ’t give American Longevity any direct advantage. These claims are allowed for use by anyone if their products qualify for them.

The bands are available for purchase from www. LiveFreeOrDie. biz or by calling 1-800-982-3197. Proceeds from the sale of each band will go to the Live Free or Die campaign for the funding of getting authorized health claims approved by the FDA so the public can obtain more information to better come to an educated decision regarding their own health.

For more information on the Live Free or Die campaign, visit www. LiveFreeOrDie. biz.

American Longevity is a leading designer of Dietary Supplements and cutting edge personal care and wellness lifestyle products. The company was founded in April of 1997 in San Diego, California by Joel D. Wallach BS, DVM, ND, and Ma Lan MD, MS. American Longevity markets its products worldwide, through a network of independent distributors. Live Free or Die organization was formed by American Longevity in May 2005.

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