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Noted Celebrity Chef Works Her Culinary Magic in the North Phoenix

Noted Celebrity Chef Works Her Culinary Magic in the North Phoenix

Former celebrity chef of Bob Hope, Maria Carey and Europe's Kelly Family Rock Band, uses what she developed for the stars to help busy executives lose weight and stay healthy and she delivers the meals right to your door.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) August 20, 2005

Phoenix, Ariz. (PRWEB) August 20, 2005 – Celebrity Chef, Zipora Einav, has left the world of serving the rigorous needs of Hollywood celebrities to launch a high-end specialty chef service that focuses on “Personal Weight Loss Solutions” for busy executives and those who are ready to commit to their health and weight loss in a new way.

Zipora consults with her clients to design custom eating plans that are delicious, slimming and packed with ingredients that promote energy and health. A full dayÂ’s meals and snacks are conveniently delivered right to her clientÂ’s front door by one of ZiporaÂ’s staff.

Sam Pratt of Paradise Valley wrote Zipora saying, “I love your program and having my meals delivered. The food is delicious and I look forward to it arriving each day. Also, I love that I don't have to think about it! I know the food is the best quality and the right amounts. I feel such freedom!,”

Born and raised in Israel, Zipora Einav moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to serve as private chef for Bob Hope and later Cybil Shepherd. By 1997, Zipora was on tour with the Kelly Family Rock Band, a very popular band in Europe. After the tour, Zipora served noted celebrities such as Seal and Pierce Brosden. In 2000, Zipora joined the Rainbow Tour as Mariah Carey's personal chef. During this tour, Zipora made it a point to use her culinary skills to create exquisite dishes in some of the finest hotels in the world including the Ritz Paris, which is noted for its exclusive chef selections.

In 2001, Zipora settled in Scottsdale and realized that she had been so busy working for celebrities that she had neglected her own weight and had expanded to a size 16. For a feisty woman of just over 5 foot tall, this weight had the potential to produce serious health issues. Zipora focused on her own health using the principles she'd developed for her clients and soon slimmed down to a size 4, where she remains today.

"I don't believe in depravation. Food should be enjoyed and it should provide energy and vitality. Well-chosen food, prepared with passion in a proper environment makes the body dance and the cells sing. It's part of the joy of being alive." Says Zipora.

Zipora is becoming somewhat of a local celebrity in her own right and has been featured in Arizona Woman, Phoenix Home and Garden, Fitness Magazine and Healthy Cooking. Zipora is currently working on a book aptly titled “Alchemy of Eating” where she shares her passion not only for the process of selecting the ingredients and the steps of preparation but the genuine passion for creating a cooking environment that celebrates delicious food and health.

Eleanor Klein, Publisher, Arizona Woman, states that she lost over 30 pounds, dropped six dress sizes and astonishingly lowered her cholesterol level by 50 points in just four months of working with Zipora.

“Under Zipora's guidance I am able to eat the prepared meals in a timely manner and keep my own hectic business schedule going at the same time. I am never hungry, always satisfied and have no food cravings. The food is so perfectly balanced and delicious that I breezed through four months effortlessly.” Says Eleanor Klien.

ZiporaÂ’s Web site if filled with testimonials, sample recipes and excerpts from her book. ZiporaÂ’s services are not for the financially challenged or those caught up in the latest fad diet. Zipora only handles clients who are dedicated to their own health and ready to make a commitment to her program. ZiporaÂ’s exclusive clientele and their requirement for very specific attention to detail are a perfect pairing with the ever grown affluent communities of North Phoenix, Anthem, Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Paradise Valley.

Zipora is currently accepting a limited number of new clients and recently contracted with a family of four who use the program not only as a way to support their own health but as a way to support each other in a new lifestyle that they all share. The exclusivity of the program and the demand for convenient, celebrity treatment has Zipora and her team quite busy with a service that is literally exploding in the valley.

Zipora is available for consultations for those who wish to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle that is built on personal freedom and convenience offered by her program.

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