Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Telehealth Weight Scale Awarded Patent

Telehealth Weight Scale Awarded Patent

The US Patent Office has awarded a patent to RNK Products, Inc. for its high capacity SC-2 "step-ON" telehealth weight scale.

Rockledge, FL (PRWEB) October 22, 2010

The US Patent Office has awarded a patent to RNK Products, Inc. for its high capacity (440 lbs) SC-2 "step-ON" telehealth weight scale. The patent covers an economical and reliable means to turn the battery operated SC-2 scale ON and automatically take a weight measurement just by stepping on the scale.

Other battery operated telehealth/telemedicine scales either take the “tap ON” approach (the patient must tap the scale to turn it ON then wait for it to initialize before stepping on it), or are much more expensive, or both. Having to tap the scale to turn it ON can be a problem for some patients because the scale could time out and goes back to sleep before the measurement is completed.

With this patent, the SC-2 telehealth scale has the preferred “step-ON” capability, but with a more favorable cost implementation than “tap-ON” scales.

The “step-ON” feature is provided on both the cabled SC-2 scale and the (Bluetooth) wireless SC-2/BT scale.

RNK Products, Inc. is a medical device manufacturer that markets under the trade name TeleHealth Technologies. In addition to providing telehealth scales, RNK Products is a leading provider of telephonic stethoscopes. RNK Products markets its products through telemedicine value added resellers.

For more information contact:
Rich Abbruscato
Http://www. telehealthtechnologies. com


Monday, August 28, 2006

Lose Weight The LuxSauna Way

Lose Weight The LuxSauna Way

Millions of people are overweight and or obese. The market is flooded with gimmicks for losing unwanted weight, including “miracle” diet pills, machines that supposedly tone and sculpt the body, and one fad diet after another. Now there's a real, proven solution to shed unwanted pounds: Infrared saunas!

(PRWEB) January 27, 2005

Today more than any other time in history, people are taking health serious. People living in the United States are at their heaviest weight, leading to major health problems such as heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and more. The market is flooded with gimmicks for losing unwanted weight, including “miracle” diet pills, machines that supposedly tone and sculpt the body, and one fad diet after another.

In truth, losing weight and gaining health takes a common sense approach. This means eating a well-balanced diet, daily exercise, and detoxifying the body of toxins and unhealthy chemicals. If you find yourself in this category, tired of the yo-yo dieting and zero results, start by changing your diet to include eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, and whole-grain foods. In addition, cut back on soda or other beverages, switching to a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day.

For exercise, walking, jogging, bicycling, tennis, and swimming are among the top choices. Not only will these exercises help tone the body but they also help pounds melt away. In addition to diet and exercise, experts have also found that the internal body needs to be healthy as well. Too often, we take care of one aspect of weight loss and health but fail to care for the entire body.

One of the best ways you can improve your overall health is to detoxify the body, cleansing and purifying it from dangerous chemicals. An amazing product is now on the market LuxSauna. This “infrared sauna” is not just another gimmick – this is a way to change your life forever! When most people hear the word, “sauna”, they immediately think of a traditional type of sauna. However, LuxSauna is not only different but the benefits are far greater.

Unlike your standard steam or hot rock sauna, the LuxSauna is contribute superior therapeutic benefits. By using infrared heat instead of steam, you will enjoy amazing benefits, some of which include:

· Infrared heat is able to penetrate the body anywhere from one and one-half to two inches, far deeper than traditional steam or hot rock saunas

· The body will sweat up to three times more than with a steam sauna

· You lose water weight immediately. Although you regain the water weight by drinking clean, healthy fresh water, you will not regain the calories lost

The result is that the nasty toxins within the body that make you feel tired, sick, and battle against weight loss are eliminated. In fact, with the LuxSauna, up to 300% more carcinogenic heavy metals, sodium, cholesterol, nicotine, and even alcohol are eliminated than with a standard type sauna.

Therefore, if you are finished with fad diets and gimmicks that simply do not work, but set on losing weight and becoming healthy, the LuxSauna removes the fat and toxins from the body to speed up the weight loss process, helping you achieve your goal quicker. Now you can relax, read a book, or listen to your favorite CD while allowing the infrared heat to give your body a natural, healthy workout from the inside out.

About LuxSauna, Inc.

LuxSauna, Inc. is an infrared sauna manufacturer with distributors nationwide. For more information, contact LuxSauna at 877-368-8517. Email to info@luxsauna. com, or visit http://www. LuxSauna. com (http://www. LuxSauna. com).

Download free Ebook: "Detox, the Lazy Way to Perfect Health": http://luxsauna. com/ebook/ (http://luxsauna. com/ebook/)

Watch Video on how infrared heat works: http://www. luxsauna. com/media/Lux_Sauna-2Min. wmv (http://www. luxsauna. com/media/Lux_Sauna-2Min. wmv)

For further information about LuxSauna, please contact David Floyd at 720-495-1132.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Disaboom Survey Reveals 52 Percent of Americans Would Rather be Dead Than Disabled

Disaboom Survey Reveals 52 Percent of Americans Would Rather be Dead Than Disabled

Survey commissioned by Disaboom reveals that majority of Americans think life with a severe disability is not worth living.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 9, 2008

52 percent of Americans would rather die than live with a severe disability, according to a recent national survey commissioned by Disaboom (OTCBB: DSBO; www. disaboom. com)], the premiere online community for people touched by disability. Disaboom today announced the shocking results in an effort to educate people about why this viewpoint is so tragic. 

The survey, launched in an effort to understand America's perception of disability, asked, "Which would you choose: Living with a severe disability that forever alters your ability to live an independent life, or death?" The survey findings noted significant attitudinal differences based on age, income, geographic location, and level of education.

Highlights of the research include:
Middle-aged Americans were less willing to live with a severe disability than older Americans; 63 percent of people age 35 to 44 chose death over disability versus 50 percent of people 55 to 64 and 56 percent of Americans 65 and older.

People with higher incomes were more likely to choose death over severe disability. Among those with household income levels of $75,000 or more, 59 percent chose death, versus those with household incomes of $25,000 or less, of whom 45 percent chose death.

Geographic location affected a person's choice of death over severe disability. While only 45 percent of people living in the South chose death, 61 percent of people in the West would rather die than be disabled.

Americans with higher levels of education would rather die than live with a severe disability. Of those with a college education, 57 percent answered that they'd rather die than live with a severe disability, versus 30 percent of respondents who have not completed a high school education.

Dr. Glen House, founder of Disaboom, wants to quash these statistics and is dedicated to changing America's perception of disability. House, himself a quadriplegic since his 20s, founded Disaboom to create the first interactive online community dedicated to improving the way people with disabilities live their lives. As the first student in a wheelchair to graduate from the University of Washington School of Medicine, the first person to climb 14,110-foot Pikes Peak in a wheelchair, and also a doctor, inventor, extreme sports enthusiast, husband and father, House hopes that Disaboom will spark a paradigm shift in the way America views disability.

"I want to share ways for people to understand that disability isn't the end of life. It can be a new beginning," said House. "Disability touches more than 54 million Americans. My goal with Disaboom has been to provide the information, community, and connection that will enable people to pave a path that supports new goals and dreams - and determine the way they will choose to live forward."

In its effort to engage, educate and encourage people with disabilities, as well as their friends, family and caregivers, Disaboom offers the following resources:

Information: A comprehensive information source for people touched by disability, www. disaboom. com] offers recommendations from medical professionals; articles about disability-related legislation, caregiving and education; listings of accessible products and services; a job bank and hundreds of additional resources to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities.

Community: The online community's social networking functions allow its users to interact with thousands of others in the disability community. Through discussion forums, blogs, groups and chat rooms, www. disaboom. com] allows its members to share experiences, information and support with others, enabling them to overcome obstacles and live forward.

Inspiration: Disaboom provides inspiration and encouragement to its members by highlighting stories of people with disabilities who are living forward - from world-class hand cyclist Alejandro Arbor, who will represent the United States in the 2008 Paralympic Games, to Josh Blue, a comedian with cerebral palsy whose stand-up routines earned him NBC's Last Comic Standing title in 2006.

For more information about Disaboom or living forward with a disability, visit http://www. disaboom. com (http://www. disaboom. com)].

About Disaboom
Disaboom, Inc. was founded to develop the first interactive online community dedicated to constantly improving the way people with disabilities or functional limitations live their lives. It will also serve as a comprehensive online resource not only for people living with such conditions, but also their immediate families and friends, caregivers, recreation and rehabilitation providers, and employers. More than 54 million American adults live with disabilities or functional limitations today in the United States alone. Founded and designed by doctors and fellow disaboomers to meet this community's specific needs, www. disaboom. com brings together content and tools ranging from specialized health information to social networking to daily living resources, in a single interactive site.

About the Kelton Research Survey
The disaboom. com Survey was conducted by Kelton Research between June 12, 2008 and June 16, 2008 using an email invitation and an online survey. Quotas are set to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the total population of 1,000 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and over. Results of any sample are subject to sampling variation. The magnitude of the variation is measurable and is affected by the number of interviews and the level of the percentages expressing the results. In this particular study, the chances are 95 in 100 that a survey result does not vary, plus or minus, by more than 3.1 percentage points from the result that would be obtained if interviews had been conducted with all persons in the universe represented by the sample.

Shannon Fern
Office: 303-433-7020
Cell: 303-667-3553
Sfern @ csg-pr. com


Friday, August 25, 2006

Jill Bolte Taylor Keynotes ATSU Women's Wellness Luncheon

Jill Bolte Taylor Keynotes ATSU Women's Wellness Luncheon

Luncheon held to celebrate the launch of ATSU's Women's Wellness Program

Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) December 12, 2008

Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph. D., noted scientist, author, and stroke survivor, joined A. T. Still University (ATSU) to keynote a luncheon celebrating the launch of ATSU's Women's Wellness Program Nov. 18 at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort and Villas. Dr. Taylor, who was recently named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World, shared her personal story of survival, recovery, and discovery during her presentation entitled "How to Get Your Brain to Do What You Want it to Do".

Dr. Taylor, a Harvard-educated neuroanatomist, had a rare form of stroke 12 years ago which caused a severe hemorrhage in the left hemisphere of her brain. It took eight years for Dr. Taylor to successfully rebuild her brain following the stroke, and she shares her story in her book "My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey."

Dr. Taylor's message of compassion during the healing process resonated deeply with an audience of ATSU friends, faculty, and staff who support a university mission that focuses on compassion, integrity, and ability. "Dr. Taylor inspired our students and faculty to look beyond a patient's illness or injury and connect with their humanity through compassion and understanding," said ATSU Provost Craig M. Phelps, D. O., FAOASM. "She was inspired to see development of compassion in our students, faculty and staff as a major component of ATSU's mission statement."

ATSU Associate Provost Ted Wendel, Ph. D. was in agreement. "Dr. Taylor's experience and knowledge brought reality to the words of the ATSU mission," he said.

Close to 150 were in attendance at the luncheon that was also the launch of ATSU's new Women's Wellness Program. The program was founded to provide educational opportunities to the public as well as develop a collective of women focused on improving the quality of their lives and the lives of those around them.

According to Dr. Phelps, the Women's Wellness Program is an important component in the university's overall community outreach efforts. "As a leading edge university with a school of osteopathic medicine, it is imperative that we be involved in community wellness," he said.

"For many years, women went unrecognized as important decision-makers in how families accessed healthcare," he continued. "(This program) will provide information to key household stakeholders who often make healthcare decisions for immediate family, extended family, and sometimes the entire community."

For more information about ATSU's Women's Wellness Program, please contact Gretchen Buhlig at 480.219.6105.

About A. T. Still University
Founded in 1892 as the nation's first college of osteopathic medicine, A. T. Still University provides graduate level education in whole person healthcare. Recognized internationally for its integrated approach, ATSU equips students with the knowledge, compassion, and hands-on experience needed to address the body, mind, and spirit. The University also provides online programs including Masters in Health Science online (http://www. atsu. edu/ashs/online_programs/index. htm), Transitional Physical Therapy Online (http://www. atsu. edu/ashs/online_programs/physical_therapy/index. htm) and Doctor of Audiology Online (http://www. atsu. edu/ashs/online_programs/audiology/index. htm) programs among many others.


Bakers Square Dishes Out Pink Pies to Benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure® to Help Fight Breast Cancer

Bakers Square Dishes Out Pink Pies to Benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure® to Help Fight Breast Cancer

During October, Bakers Square commits $1 from the sale of every Pink Ribbon French Silk™ Pie to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® to help fight breast cancer

Denver, CO (Vocus) September 30, 2010

Joining the fight against breast cancer just got as easy as pink pie. From Oct. 1 to Oct. 31, Bakers Square Restaurants, a division of American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC (ABRH), is supporting the nationwide efforts of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the world’s largest breast cancer organization, and pledging a minimum donation of $25,000 from the sale of Pink Ribbon French Silk™ pies. The funds raised at each restaurant will help Komen for the Cure fund life-saving community outreach projects and ground-breaking research grants.

•“We are proud to support Komen through the sale of our Pink Ribbon French Silk pies,” said Dave Rawn, regional vice president of Bakers Square Restaurants. “Our goal through the sales of the pies is to help contribute to breast cancer education, research and treatment, and at the same time, offer a fun way for people to support the cause by gathering with friends and family to enjoy a piece of The Best Pie in America®.”
•“Significant advancements have been made over the past 30 years, but when someone in the world dies of breast cancer every 69 seconds, there is still much to be done,” said Katrina McGhee, EVP and chief marketing officer for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. “Komen and its corporate partners like Bakers Square are working to put an end to this disease across the globe.”

•For every restaurant or online purchase of the Pink Ribbon French Silk pie during the month of October, $1 will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. In the first year of dedicating pie sales to support Komen for the Cure, Bakers Square and Village Inn (another division of ABRH) have committed a minimum donation of $25,000 that Komen will allocate across its local Affiliates.
•The Pink Ribbon French Silk pie is the company’s traditional French Silk chocolate pie, the company’s number-one selling pie, and features light and dark pink ribbon sprinkles.
•To receive periodic text messages from Bakers Square, text “pie” to 333222 for pie reminders. Message and data rates may apply.
•There are a total of 45 Bakers Square locations in six states, concentrated in the Upper Midwest region.

•Every 23 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer.
•1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
•During 2010, about 207,090 new cases of invasive breast cancer will occur among women in the United States.
•There are about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors alive in the United States today, the largest group of cancer survivors in the country.

•Interviews available upon request.

About Bakers Square Restaurants
Bakers Square is an award-winning family restaurant concept with 45 locations in the Upper Midwest specializing in award-winning pies and fresh-baked, high-quality menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For over 40 years, Bakers Square has served up The Best Pie in America® and continues to be the leader in developing premium pie offerings that enhance life’s special occasions. To find a Bakers Square in your area, visit the Bakers Square website at www. BakersSquare. com.

About American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC operates three restaurant concepts under proven and well-recognized brands, Bakers Square, Village Inn and Max & Erma’s– as well as commercial baking subsidiary Legendary Baking. ABR Holdings has 338 restaurants in 29 states, consisting of 227 company-operated restaurants and 111 franchised restaurants.

About Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
Nancy G. Brinker promised her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. In 1982, that promise became Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which is now the world’s largest breast cancer organization and the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer with more than $1.5 billion invested to date. For more information about Susan G. Komen for the Cure, breast health or breast cancer, visit www. komen. org or call 1-877 GO KOMEN.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Regional Book Fair Celebrates History of Pennsylvania

Regional Book Fair Celebrates History of Pennsylvania

Joint venture of Lackawanna and Luzerne County Historical Societies celebrate a continuing commitment to the history, talent and community spirit of Pennsylvania and its people.

(PRWEB) November 5, 2004

Patricia Gatto & John De Angelis will be amongst fifteen local authors scheduled to participate in the First Annual Regional Book Fair. Co-sponsored by the Lackawanna Historical Society and Luzerne County Historical Society, the Fair will take place on Saturday, November 13, 2004 from 11 am – 3 pm at The Lackawanna County's Visitor's Center on Montage Mountain, PA.

The Lackawanna and Luzerne Historical Societies are committed to preserving the history of their respective counties for the benefit of future generations. Each facility continues to collect a significant amount of published works, manuscripts, maps and atlases, documents and artifacts capturing the area's rich and historical resources. This joint venture celebrates a continuing commitment to the history, talent and community spirit of Pennsylvania and its people.

Attendees will have an opportunity to meet the authors, purchase autographed copies of their titles from children's books to sports, and hear a variety of presentations. In addition, this event provides an excellent opportunity for one-stop shopping for local history and an afternoon filled with a variety of free presentations for the entire family.

Gatto and De Angelis, authors of MILTON'S DILEMMA, are advocates for children's rights, especially literacy and anti-bullying policies, are looking forward to the event. They believe in fostering self-esteem and confidence in children through creative endeavors. They currently perform at schools, libraries, and communities in an effort to help children identify and cope with the negative and aggressive behavior of bullying. Their goal is to foster awareness and provide children with an understanding of their rights to a safe and healthy learning environment.

In addition to Gatto and De Angelis, the list of participating authors includes Elizabeth Ferguson Brown, Mary Theresa "TC" Connolly, Lucia Dailey, Mary Liz Donato, Kitty Dye, Aileen Sallom Freeman, Jack Hiddlestone, Robert Janosov, William Kashatus, Stephaine Longo, Nancy McDonald, Nick Petula and Arnie Weiss.

For further information on the First Annual Regional Book Fair, call (570) 344-3841. To find out more about Gatto and De Angelis, visit Joyful Productions on the web at http://www. joyfulproductions. com (http://www. joyfulproductions. com)

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LGBT Living & Weddings Valentine's Day Issue Out Now

LGBT Living & Weddings Valentine's Day Issue Out Now

New Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender lifestyle magazine debuts with an All-New February edition of LGBT Living & Weddings

CHICAGO, IL (PRWEB) February 11, 2006

Log on to LGBT Living & Weddings in February to get the most comprehensive Valentine’s Day guide for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender community.

Learn how to decorate for your love, plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner suggestions that will leave your mouth watering.

Also in February, re-organizing your life, the three rules you must master, and the kick off to our series, “Ab Secrets Unveiled” the more than 135 secrets to abdominal training. Plus, 10 ways to protecting your credit and limiting the damage brought on by identity theft. We’ve got what you need to know.

And, later in the month, an update on the Puzzle Lounge mayhem. What really happened? And would you know what to do to protect yourself?

For more information on LGBT Living & Weddings or to create your FREE member profile visit us online at lgbtliving. com

About LGBT Living & Weddings

LGBT Living & Weddings is the first-ever online magazine exclusively dedicated to enriching the lives of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Americans, their friends, and family.

About GLBT Media Group, Inc.

GLBT Media Group, Inc. is the world’s first Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) multimedia company dedicated to providing compelling, informative, and entertaining lifestyle content in various mediums (internet, print, radio, television) for our LGBT audience, their families and friends.

GLBT Media Group, Inc. is based out of Chicago, Illinois, and is a privately owned corporation. For all media inquires, or general information send requests to info@glbtmedia. com. For more information on GLBT Media Group, Inc. - www. glbtmedia. com

Mission Statement

Our company vows to inspire, motivate, challenge, and guide the LGBT community, their family and friends through our continuous stream of distinct, invaluable, and high-quality online networks, publications, video and audio programs, products, and services. We take familiar fundamentals of life, from relationships, current issues, to health & wellness, and more, infuse them with special content ideas that uplifts and fosters confidence in our audience and ourselves.

Press Release Source: GLBT Media Group, Inc. unless otherwise indicated.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

‘Roid Rage over Shingles Treatments

‘Roid Rage over Shingles Treatments

There are many health concerns associated with the steriod treatments used against shingles.

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) February 23, 2006

Treating shingles pain with epidural steroid injections is only a temporary solution for those suffering from the herpes zoster virus, a recent study shows. “The study reveals the treatment did help ease painful symptoms for the first week and was still helping some patients even one month later, but the effects wore off soon after,” Ivanhoe Broadcast News reported in a recent article.

There are many treatments for shingles available, such as creams, steroids injections, and pain killers. These medications treat the symptoms of shingles but do so at the risk of side effects and potential drug interactions. Often these expensive treatments are only short-term answers to the problem.

One company in Memphis believes they have a better way to permanently deal with shingles. A spokesman for Selmedica Healthcare Corporation said, “Some people report that they see positive results almost immediately after first using Zynoxin. Others say that the symptoms disappear with one two to three weeks at most.”

George C. from Groveland, MA was didn’t think he would ever get relief from his shingles. “I have tried creams, pain killers, muscle relaxers, and nothing really worked.”

George was resigned to live with this disease until his daughter bought Zynoxin for him. “I was willing to try anything. After a few days, the pain had all but left completely. After a full week of taking Zynoxin, I was playing tennis, something I assumed I would never do again,” he said.

For more information about Zynoxin, visit www. zynoxin. com.


Snoring Isn't Sexy, LLC Announces Professional Relationship with the American Sleep Apnea Association

Snoring Isn't Sexy, LLC Announces Professional Relationship with the American Sleep Apnea Association

Snoring Isn't Sexy, LLC is honored to announce it's professional association with the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA).

(Vocus) July 15, 2009

Snoring Isn't Sexy, LLC is honored to announce it's professional association with the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA). The American Sleep Apnea Association is the only non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about sleep apnea and to serving people with this common disorder.

The American Sleep Apnea Association is dedicated to reducing injury, disability, and death from sleep apnea and to enhancing the well-being of those affected by this common disorder. The ASAA promotes education and awareness, the ASAA A. W.A. K.E. Network of voluntary mutual support groups, research, and continuous improvement in care.

Snoring Isn't Sexy, LLC supports the efforts of the American Sleep Apnea Association and has provided a professional membership in the ASAA for every member dentist.

"We encourage our members to participate in the activities of the ASAA not only by supporting the association financially, but also by speaking to A. W.A. K.E. groups across the country." Said Dr. Barsh. "The numbers of people who have a problem with snoring and sleep apnea is escalating and it is the responsibility of all health professions to screen their patients and participate in management of these problems."

While nasal CPAP is the "gold standard" for treatment of sleep apnea, oral appliances, provided by dentists with special training, have been accepted as an alternative for those patients who prefer them to CPAP and for those patients who cannot tolerate a CPAP device. Snoring Isn't Sexy, LLC's web site provides information about oral appliances and the dentists who have been trained to provide this therapy.

About Snoring Isn't Sexy, LLC
Snoring Isn't Sexy, LLC was founded in 2008 by Laurence I. Barsh, DMD, a dentist who has been involved with sleep medicine since 1992 and who now devotes full time to educating the public about dentistry's role and responsibility in the recognition and management of snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Barsh and the dentists associated with Snoring Isn't Sexy, LLC feel strongly that management of sleep-breathing disorders is a shared responsibility of both the medical and dental professions.

Snoring Isn't Sexy, LLC consists of independently owned and operated affiliated offices. Visit http://www. SnoringIsntSexy. com for a directory of all participating dentists.

Laurence I. Barsh, DMD
315 East 70th St., #7H
New York, NY 10021


Monday, August 21, 2006

Drinking Water Of The Future Developed in Toronto, Canada

Drinking Water Of The Future Developed in Toronto, Canada

(PRWEB) September 2, 2000

Due in thanks to the technology developed and employed by the United States Navy for its post world war submarine program to desalinate sea water to potable water, it is now possible to purify any source of water to absolute quality. The techniques, equipment, and procedures involve all natural processes of filtration, purification and sterilization without the use of chemicals. This revolutionary process is indicative that the world's clean drinking water has an inexhaustible supply. As long as we can pay approximately 40 cents per liter, we can process virtually any water on earth to absolute pure water. In the near future thousands of plants will be dotting the earth, producing clean, pure drinking water. Imagine the possibilities! All the hullabaloo about clean drinking water shortages in the future in the western world will no longer be an issue. Water, water everywhere --- and many oceans to drink. Start-up cost of water filtration plants can be as little as $100,000 U. S. and can output a maximum production capacity of 50,000 liters per day. Imagine this: you pour yourself a glass of water --- it tastes crisp, clean, fresh, light, silky - smooth, satisfying, and yet uniquely intoxicating. You empty your glass as you savor the unique taste and succumb to the tantalizing sensation. Not enough, you reach for another fill of your glass and with great relish you empty it --- absolutely delicious. But this is water, you thought to yourself. As far as you knew, water always tasted like medicine. If it comes from the tap, you must hold your nose and close your eyes when you drink it. Or if it is spring water, it tastes of clay, chalk, and earth, or some indigestible, inorganic mineral, and is heavy on sediments. This is your perception of water: an unpleasant fluid which you would rather not drink. but for the fact that you cannot exist for long without it, you force yourself not to drink it, but rather swallow it. You spend good money to buy predominantly-useless filters (mostly charcoal or sediment filters) and other fancy gadgets with exaggerated claims for pure, good, tasting drinking water from your tap. But all you are getting is an empty satisfaction that you are doing something to improve your drinking water quality.

Until now you never thought that water could taste this good. It can even become addictive. The fact that water can even become your beverage of choice was never a thought you entertained. Why is this? The answer is simple. In your life you have probably never tasted absolute pure water aerated with 20 percent dissolved oxygen as first created and intended by nature. If you have not, it is not your fault. It is because there is no reservoir of pure water on earth. As a result, man has no perception of pure water. The absolute quality of water (i. e. pure water) is water alone. For your convenience, pure water, is defined as water with less than 10 ppm(parts per million) of tds (total dissolved solids). What we know about the reality of water is a mixture or a contamination of water. Reservoirs or bodies of water are by all account mixtures of water and all the natural elements local to that particular body of water. For example, seawater is a mixture of a predominant salt substance, the quantity of which varies from sea to sea.

Contrary to popular beliefs, spring and ground water are not and were never pure water, even during the most pristine primordial era. Spring water is a mixture of inorganic indigestible minerals and its taste is derived from the dominant minerals common to the local of that spring. Hence, the varying tastes of spring water. The romanticism surrounding spring water is a result of human ignorance and the quest for the fabled fountain of purity. Tap water, in addition to being a mixture as all ground water, contains foremost chlorine which is used for residual sterilization. The scent of chlorine is rather unpleasant which affects the taste. Apart from chlorine, there are other chemicals used for water treatment which give an underlying taste to tap water. With all of these inorganic minerals, sediments, and particulates in spring & ground water, and chemicals in tap water, the actual taste of absolute pure water is totally compromised. It is at this state we become totally repulsed and reject water as the ultimate beverage. No longer. Now you actually crave water. Coffee, tea, pop, sodas, juices, and even milk, you would now go without for days. Your whole drinking habit is now altered. You find yourself waking up at night: thirsty, longing for water, and first thing in the morning you must down a glass or two. Perhaps and most surprising are your kids, age regardless, now lining up at the cooler while pop is lying around in the fridge. Sounds too good to be true? Wrong you are, Slake... Your Thirst, a Scarborough bottled water company has been producing this 100% absolute quality water for over a year in Toronto. Like a well kept secret, Slake until now was promoted only by word of mouth from satisfied customers. Just ask Wendy, the Director of Mid-Scarborough Childcare Center at Rainbowvillage on Eglinton Ave., and her assistant also called Wendy. Both women are among the finest Canada has to offer. That also means that they are, for good reason, very careful and diligent with responsibilities placed in their trust. When they were approached, a major bottled water company was supplying their daycare. After months of waiting, Slake was finally given the opportunity to run a trial with two coolers and four bottles of water. And that was all Slake asked for --- the opportunity to compete. It was about a week later that Nathan Rogers, founder of Slake, got a call from Wendy, the Director. Nathan will never forget the tone of her voice. It was sweet with excitement, surprise, and satisfaction. "Nathan, this is not about Gloria, she is fine". Gloria is NathanÂ’s daughter who goes to that daycare. "You better bring us more water fast, weÂ’re all out. It went so well with everyone. All the kids are drinking water now. The teachers love it. Mary wants a cooler for her home. Bring us ten bottles." It was sweet soul music to NathanÂ’s ears. The daycare now orders twelve bottles weekly and needless to say that the beverage of choice at that establishment is Slake.. Your Thirst. Particularly pleasing to Nathan is that his daughter got recognition amongst the kids at that daycare because of her dad's "Yummy Water", his wife stated. Wendy said: "we have never gone through so much water, not even with other bottled water companies". Maryanne is a teacher in Maple. Her drinking habits have changed and her preferred beverage is Slake. Further she has been noticing the line up at the water cooler when her daughter's friends visit. Yvan and Joan are so prompt and regular, there is no doubt to their satisfaction. Joan said: "I've never had water this good".Carolyn is a real estate agent in Parkdale and Slake has changed her lifestyle. For all the many others not mentioned (for whom we cannot find space in this article), the consensus is the same and the bond is common. Slake is the healthy beverage of choice.

Awareness to the fact that the ultimate beverage for healthy human drinking is of course 100% absolute pure water has been born (a fact on its own account that human beings are 60 to 70% by weight absolute pure water). Indeed one has only to look at the market trend to understand this direction. The market is saturated with all kinds of gadgets promoting point-of-use water filtration and purification. The claim surrounding the effectiveness of these gadgets is another issue altogether. Slake is the ultimate quality as far as drinking water technology at this stage. By definition it is 100% pure demineralized water. Water purification to absolute quality is an age-old human quest. Though absolute pure water is not stored in nature, the natural cycle of water purification is endless. Water evaporates, ascends, leaving behind all substances, and comes down as pure water, aerating with 20% oxygen as it falls as rain or dew. In pristine primordial times, rain or dew was nature's only pure water, until it touches the ground. No longer. Rain or dew is now contaminated with air pollutants.

Distilled water: distillation is the oldest process of purifying water to absolute quality. The procedure is similar to nature's evaporation. Many health stores no longer carry spring or mineral water because of their excessive mineral and TDS contents. These health-conscious stores are now selling distilled water which has a very low TDS, approximately 2 ppm. However, it is now common knowledge that in distilled water, depending on the source, some carbon and radio active substances boil off at the same temperature of steam, and are collected with the steam and remain in the distillate. The major drawback of distilled water is the flat dead taste which is due to the boiling off of the dissolved oxygen in the water.

Reverse Osmosis water: derived and modified from the natural process used by plants. Osmosis water is purified using high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane to a TDS count of 10 ppm or less. The quality of water varies vastly due to many factors such as membrane quality, pre and post filtration setup and general setup. Maintenance and vigilant quality control are of utmost importance when setup as point-of-use with no residual sterilization capacity.

Tap filters, counter-top filters, under-sink filters, and all other point-of-use-filters: have very limited capacity. They are mostly sediments or charcoal / carbon type filters. Tap water and filtered water contain approximately the same level of TDS or at best reduce the TDS by only 10 ppm, which is about 4%. With these gadgets, water (depending on the source) will still contain after their action: sediments (decayed plants and animals etc.), inorganic minerals, chlorine, chemicals (used for cleaning and removing waste), pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, run-offs and precipitated air pollutants.

Slake is unique because its purification is focused not on the obvious contaminants. At Slake, their knowledge of water is complete. As a result they are able to focus their efforts on those aspects which are not so obvious, which are not so little, but greatly affect and can even compromise the quality of absolute pure water. They know that it is not only enough to reduce the conductivity or TDS level of water in pursuit of the ultimate quality but that it is imperative that the nature of its absolute quality be achieved and maintained. Further to their very rigorous and closed all natural 8-step filtration, purification, and sterilization process, they have sought to simulate the natural events as they occured in primordial environment in the formation of absolute quality water. They ozonate, churn, mix, cascade, and aerate over and over until they have a perfect brew aerated with 20% dissolved oxygen. At Slake, they are constantly looking for ways and means to take their quality one step further and they always keep an ace up their sleeve. Slake is the ultimate beverage at the dawn of quality drinking for healthy living! Nathan Rogers holds a Master's degree in biological sciences with a major in biochemistry and fellowships in microbiology, immunology, and molecular biology. His water plant has been producing Slake for a year and has a customer base of several hundred satisfied customers in Toronto (he refers to them as Slakers). He has just hired a marketing and sales firm to increase his exposure and to highly convert the public into Slakers. He is also looking to open plants in all major cities worldwide and is currently seeking investors for franchising possibilities. Nathan believes that in the near future, when all the public will become fully aware as to the true quality of water, all bottled water will be of absolute quality only and all other waters will cease to exist. Slake is currently sold in 18.9 liter jugs at $7.50 CDN with home delivery service. Cooler rentals are also available. Tours of the plant are available by appointment and water quality tests of consumer drinking water are done free of charge. You may contact Slake in Toronto, Canada, at (416) 335-9505, or fax Slake at (416) 335-9506. You may reach Slake by E-Mail at slakemontreal@videotron. ca or visit the Slake website at www. slakeyourthirst. net.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Muller Media Conversions Helped NYC Firms Restore Technology Following 911 Attacks

Muller Media Conversions Helped NYC Firms Restore Technology Following 911 Attacks

New York, NY---December 11, 2001---Not all of the good deeds following the WTC attacks reached the levels of heroism of the now legendary efforts of firefighters and police. But by helping to restore the functioning of companies affected by the attacks, Muller Media Conversions (MMC), a lower Manhattan-based technological firm located just blocks from Ground Zero, stepped into the recovery arena.

(PRWEB) January 4, 2002

New York, NY---December 11, 2001---Not all of the good deeds following the WTC attacks reached the levels of heroism of the now legendary efforts of firefighters and police. But by helping to restore the functioning of companies affected by the attacks, Muller Media Conversions (MMC), a lower Manhattan-based technological firm located just blocks from Ground Zero, stepped into the recovery arena.

MMC provided free and reduced-cost technical support to firms whose offices were destroyed; the firmÂ’s superbly trained technicians helped restore information from computers which had been smothered under burning ash, and restored operation of sensitive technological equipment. MMC also enlisted the aid of Overland Data (loaner equipment) and Verbatim Corporation (free CD media) to help ravaged companies get rolling again.

Offices of the NYC Law Department, for example, were completely demolished. When Senior Counsel for Information Technology Jack Hupper sought help, he immediately contacted MMC whose technicians worked overtime to retrieve hundreds of thousands of files. They duplicated valuable backup tapes from off-site storage locations and transferred files to CDs for each of five hundred attorneys so work could be carried on in the aftershock.

MMC often processes sensitive and critical information for the government and the legal community. Many clients require anonymity as well as extreme confidentiality for their projects. MMC handles difficult and critical processing circumstances. Their IT professionals, with broad experience, make MCC a frequent participant in high visibility projects, for example, working with the National Archives on the Iran-Contra tapes, and helping an Arkansas law firm to "un-vacuum" Whitewater related material.

Ongoing projects for MMC include creating a database for a firm preparing for an expected post-911 onslaught of real-estate litigation and developing new software for the National Archives and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Illinois has purchased MMCÂ’s BDE product to securely transfer HIPAA-regulated healthcare information. MMC is also involved in translation of complex financial and medical records from hundreds of computer tapes to more analysis-friendly formats for law firms and the courts. MMC continues work with legacy migration and the conversion of some half million Wang word-processing documents for a New York state agency in the next month.

Ironically, while MMC was helping NYC businesses climb out of the rubble, their own Internet Provider went out of business, requiring some painful readjustments. MMC is fully back on its feet now and, as many WTC victims will concur, MMC is a standup company.

For information: Phone: 212-344-0474 or 800-OLD-2-NEW

Email: info@mullermedia. com

Web site: www. mullermedia. com

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Business and Life Expo Set for Nov. 19 - Thousands Expected to Attend Historical Event

Business and Life Expo Set for Nov. 19 - Thousands Expected to Attend Historical Event

Nashville’s first ever GLBT Business and Life Expo will be held November 19 and features Lady7 Chablis, a trip to Europe, free set of Firestone tires and more.

Nashville, Tenn. (PRWEB) November 3, 2005

Nashville’s first ever GLBT Business and Life Expo will be held November 19 at The Cannery, from Noon to 5 p. m.

The free event, which marks a milestone in Nashville’s growing GLBT business community, will allow those who attend to sign up for a chance to win a free trip to Europe, a set of tires from Bridgestone, and network with more than 50 different businesses.

The Expo begins with a lunch and keynote address by Justin Nelson, president of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (11:00 a. m. - 12:30 p. m.). Tickets to the luncheon can be purchased for $35 and there are only a limited number left.

The exhibit hall and Workshops are FREE and Open to the public from Noon - 5 p. m.

1 p. m.workshop - Gay and Lesbian Health Issues presented by Vanderbilt Medical Center

2:30 p. m. workshop - Success in Small Business presented by Josh Estrin, Concepts in Success, Miami, FL.

4 p. m. workshop - Home Renovations and Expansions presented by Lynn Taylor of Taylor Made Plans, Nashville, TN.

Expo participants will also have the chance to visit the booths of more than 50 companies who have signed up to exhibit their products or materials to the GLBT community, said John Wade, one of the organizers of the Expo, which is sponsored by the Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce (NAPP) with American Home Mortgage as the presenting sponsor.

“These are companies who are saying directly to Nashville's GLBT community, 'We want your business.' I hope the community turns out in large numbers to meet many of these gay owned and gay friendly businesses,” he said.

The free trip to Europe – which offers roundtrip airfare and lodging for two people for one week in the winner’s choice of Amsterdam, Berlin or Paris – is being offered by Traveling Proud to people who come to the Expo to register.

“It will be an exciting and historical day for the Middle Tennessee business community,” said Christopher Sanders, president of NAPP. “We are expecting a great turnout. The committee has worked very hard and their hard work will be mirrored in the great success of the day.”

In addition to the workshops and booths, a celebrity will be on hand to greet Expo goers. The Lady Chablis, best known for her character in the book and movie, “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil,” will be present to sign copies of her book, other autographs and pose for photos with expo attendees.

The public can see her perform at Play on Friday November 18 and then attend the Expo on Saturday to meet her in person.

Some of the exhibitors attendees can expect to see at the expo:

Diversity Builder, www. diversitybuilder. com, American Home Mortgage; Out and About Newspaper; Ameriprise Financial; Nashville Scene; Tribe; Play; SBResults Marketing Solutions; DNGraphics; Planned Parenthood; Xenogeny; Deloitte; Village Real Estate; Wells Fargo Mortgage; Freedom Financial; Superglass Windshield Repair; Michael Mills, Attorney; Tennessee Transgender Pac; Taylor Made Plans; Gay Days Orlando; Sheila Bernard, Realtor; Tennessee Equality Project; The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee; The Salas Slocum Law Group; Nashville Pride; Allstate Insurance; Jive Digital; Josh Estrin; Nashville Title Insurance; One in Teen; Traveling Proud; Out RIGHTS Outfitters; Packers and Poodles; Freedom Press; Wachovia Bank; Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; Julie Hall, LMT; Metro Health Department and Hanging Around Gallery.

For more information on the Expo, visit www. nashvilleglbtchamber. org.


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IHES Chooses 2004 Meeting Site

IHES Chooses 2004 Meeting Site

The Institute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers has chosen The Villas of Grand Cypress as their site for their Winter 2004 meeting.

(PRWEB) February 29, 2004

The Institute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers, (IHES), has selected the award winning The Villas of Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, FL to host their Winter Meeting. IHES has nationally reconized healthcare system CEOs and executives that will provide sales and marketing insight to their clients at this meeting.

The Institute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers, (IHES), is a consortium of carefully selected and highly respected hospital system CEOÂ’s and senior executives that consult with and offer their industry specific knowledge to quality healthcare suppliers of products and services. IHES provides executive focus groups, education and networking opportunities for their healthcare clients. IHES CEOÂ’s and senior executives lead local, regional and national healthcare systems.

Annually, this group of CEOÂ’s purchases in excess of $ 6 billion dollars of products and services and manage over one hundred hospitals. IHES convenes twice yearly to offer small group consulting panels to leading healthcare suppliers or products and services. The Franklin, TN based company's website can be found by visiting www. ihesllc. com and can be contacted at (615) 794-2501.

Secova Powered by Ultralink to Deliver Final Webinar in its 2006 "Maximizing Your Investment in HR and Employee Benefits" Series

Secova Powered by Ultralink to Deliver Final Webinar in its 2006 "Maximizing Your Investment in HR and Employee Benefits" Series

Secova powered by UltraLink, a leading provider of human resource and benefits management services, today announced the final webinar in its 2006 series entitled, “Maximizing Total Compensation as a Recruiting and Retention Tool” scheduled for Tuesday, December 5th at 12:00 pm PST. Company’s Chief of Client Consulting To Present New Webinar Following Successful Presentations at Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conferences

COSTA MESA, Calif., (PRWEB) November 14, 2006

Secova powered by UltraLink (http://www. Secova. com), a leading provider of human resource and benefits management services, today announced the final webinar in its 2006 series entitled, “Maximizing Total Compensation as a Recruiting and Retention Tool” (http://www. secova. com/company/news/events. asp) scheduled for Tuesday, December 5th at 12:00 pm PST.

The webinar, to be presented by J. Stephen Ashley, Secova’s Chief of Client Consulting, follows successful presentations at three important industry conferences. Highlighting strategic benefits issues including employee communications and absence management, Ashley recently took center stage at the Garden State Council – SHRM 15th Annual Conference & Exposition where he presented “Building an Interactive Self-Service Employee benefits Portal.” A few weeks before that he spoke at the 16th Annual Southeast HR Conference in Atlanta on “Critical Strategies for Successful Absence Management.” And prior to this event, he moderated a panel discussion at the Benefits Management Forum and Expo with several other benefits professionals on the issue of Employee Self Service. A benefits industry expert with over 20 years’ experience, Ashley has presented at six (6) industry events in the past year as well as in the company’s successful series of webinar events.

“We’ve received very positive feedback not only from our webinar series but also the presentations that we’ve delivered at industry conferences,” said Ashley. “We’ve covered a variety of topics in all of our presentations, attempting to address issues that are both timely and helpful. Ours reviews have shown that our presentations have been of immense help to HR and benefits personnel as they try to navigate the difficulties they come across in their ongoing activities.”

Secova’s new Total Compensation webinar will focus on how companies can communicate with employees so that they better understand the value of the benefits they are provided. Ashley will focus on Total Compensation Statements and how these statements not only provide employees with the typical paycheck details but more importantly a summary of all the benefits they most likely never consider in their overall compensation. To register for Secova’s new webinar or to view previously recorded webinars, HR and benefits professionals can visit the Secova website at www. secova. com/company/news/events. asp (http://www. secova. com/company/news/events. asp).

A Full Suite of HR & Benefits Management Services

Secova processes more than 80 million eligibility records, almost $1 billion in healthcare premiums, and managing over 450 vendor/carrier relationships annually on behalf of its clients, Secova helps clients reduce costs and streamline their HR processes. The company offers a comprehensive menu of services – from Benefits Enrollment and Administration to Absence Management and beyond – including Benefits Auditing, Benefit Plan Management, COBRA Administration, Employee Communications, HR Support Services and Payroll. All of the administrative functions can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as individual outsourced services or as total HRO/BPO processes - delivered cost-effectively through multiple service centers located globally.

Following its customer service philosophy – ‘SErvice is our COre VAlue’ as derived from the Secova name – the company operates on the concept of "Value-Sourcing," in which Secova determines the optimum mix of processes, technologies and service locations to help clients stay competitive in today's marketplace. Over the years, the company has fine-tuned its methodology for addressing HR and benefits outsourcing processes into three essential steps – Audit, Implement and Manage.

Secova offers global clients a broader range of HR and employee benefits administration services while also providing incomparable flexibility through customized offerings. Uniquely, Secova’s "Best Shore" strategy allows the company to shape services based on our clients corporate goals and strategies, utilizing each of our locations to deliver the solution that provides the best value, both in quality and cost - a new approach for the mid-to large market companies looking to streamline their HR and Benefits Management operations. As a result, employees are more productive, HR staff is more effective and human resources administrative costs are lowered.

About Secova powered by UltraLink

Secova delivers HR and benefits management services focused on helping clients control and drive down the costs of their health and welfare benefits offerings. While many outsourcing solutions modify pre-set vendor/service programs, the merged company offers a distinctive, flexible approach, tailoring services to a employer's individual needs. Our “Best Shore” strategy allows us to shape each solution based on our clients corporate goals and strategies, utilizing each of our locations to deliver the solution that provides the best value, both in quality and cost – a new approach for mid-to large market companies looking to streamline their HR and Benefits Management operations. For more information, visit the company’s website at Secova. com (http://www. Secova. com).

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


New Spring Cosmetics Collection Unveiled by Local Beauty and Wellness Company, Noevir USA, Inc. to Overwhelming Response

New Spring Cosmetics Collection Unveiled by Local Beauty and Wellness Company, Noevir USA, Inc. to Overwhelming Response

Orange County-based beauty and wellness company Noevir USA, Inc. has been deluged by the overwhelming response to its new Spring cosmetics collection, launched February 1.

Irvine, CA, (PRWEB) February 9, 2005

Orange County-based beauty and wellness company Noevir USA, Inc. has been deluged by the overwhelming response to its new Spring cosmetics collection, launched February 1.

While not yet a household name stateside, the prestige brand boasts a solid 27-year reputation as a high-end cosmetics and skincare powerhouse in its native Japan. A growing number of Noevir devotees throughout North America are now flocking to snatch up items like the new, runway-inspired N5 Color Stick, a moisturizing multi-purpose makeup stick that flatters eyes, cheeks and lips with a natural, sun-kissed glow. Other products flying off the shelves include revamped items from the companyÂ’s already popular cosmetics line, such as the new N5 Eye Color palettes evoking exotic flower arrangements or lush beach landscapes, and N5 Treatment Liquid Foundation SPF 15, a weightless, skin-perfecting makeup reformulated with broad-spectrum UV ray protection.

“The fashionable 18-35 year old wants to re-interpret the modern red-carpet look for every day,” said Hanna Wagari, Executive Manager of Marketing at Noevir. “She wants versatile makeup that can be customized to suit her mood, but not at the expense of her skin. Our new Spring collection lets her dress the trend up or down, and the colors work beautifully on any skintone. Even better, our ultra-refined ingredients mean skin looks and feels healthier even when the makeup comes off.”

Indeed, Noevir products are distinguished by their pure, skin-caring ingredients and anti-aging benefits, developed without animal testing by the companyÂ’s in-house chemists in Japan. A rare ISO 9001/14001 certification is evidence of NoevirÂ’s steadfast commitment to strict quality standards, and a compelling testament to the companyÂ’s claims of combining the very best of science and nature.

The elegant, state-of-the-art Noevir showroom was featured last year in Orange Coast Magazine’s 30th Anniversary issue (“Shortcuts: Japan’s Beauty Secret is Out”), and serves retail clientele as well as wholesale business through the company’s independent distributors. Located minutes from John Wayne Airport and South Coast Plaza at 1095 Southeast Main Street in Irvine, the showroom hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a. m. to 5:30 p. m.

For more information, please contact Hanna Wagari at 949-660-1111, ext. 3911 or marketingdept@noevirusa. com.


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Daughter of the Caribbean Explores a Rarely Told History of Jamaican Life, Politics and Family Bonds

Daughter of the Caribbean Explores a Rarely Told History of Jamaican Life, Politics and Family Bonds

Astonishing new book reveals true-life stories of West Indian family heritage, politics and unshakable family bonds told against the backdrop of Jamaica.

Sacramento, CA (Vocus) December 16, 2010

Every once in a while a unique and special book comes along that surprises and delights the reader with a completely fresh story. Just such a book has been released, and it’s titled Daughter of the Caribbean, a riveting family saga that is inspired by the life of the author, Norma Jennings. It is love letter that pays homage to the exotic culture and heritage of Jamaica, an island paradise that most people know very little about.

Daughter of the Caribbean is an epic story told through the eyes of a Jamaican native, Olivia, who was raised for years by “church mouse of a grandmother” Sedith on the sprawling estate of Twickenham. “Growing up at Twickenham under the watchful eye of my grandmother Sedith was a unique experience unlike anything known here in the States,” said author Jennings. “After my beloved parents and older brother died during a seven-month timeframe, I reached deep inside myself to write this tale about my heritage. I wanted to embrace the notorious ancestors that are characteristic of the islands, whose daunting presence helped mold us into the strong and creative rebels that we are, and I also wanted to probe the bonds of family while exploring the journey of life.”

Jennings’ book delves into the history of the island, slavery, revolution and rebellion, flirts with the supernatural, and deep family values and experiences unique to the region. She keeps the story germane to her heritage and genuinely explores, through the unique oratory of a remarkable grandmother’s recounting their family history; the impacts of the region’s culture and politics on family; deeply rooted values and belief systems that shape a family’s life; and how family can come together despite relentless challenges.

“When I explore issues like the Cuban Revolution, I keep it tied to how it impacted a Jamaican family given that Cuba is Jamaica’s closest geographic neighbor,” explains Jennings. “The islands of the West Indies have suffered through tumultuous historical challenges, yet here in the States few people know much more about Jamaica other than it’s an island paradise with white-sand beaches — but that’s a very limited view of Jamaica. I wanted to share with the world what it was truly like to be raised in this island paradise. Writing about the magical, exotic and erotic experiences of growing up in Jamaica is my gift to my homeland and to others. This story transcends ethnicity and provides the reader with a unique and provocative educational experience.”

Daughter of the Caribbean is available on Amazon, 3L Publishing’s website (http://www.3LPublishing. com), and on the website http://www. daughterofthecaribbean. com. To request a review copy, please contact Michelle Gamble-Risley at 916.300.8012 or send an email to michelle. risley(at)mcommunicationsinc(dot)com.

About Norma Jennings
Norma Jennings migrated to the United States in the early 1970s, where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Angelo State University and graduated from the Management Development Program at Harvard Graduate School. She built a successful career as corporate executive in the hotel, education, banking and health care industries and has specialized training and experience in recruitment, employee relations, compensation, employee benefits, information technology and labor and immigration laws. She is currently working on her second book.

About 3L Publishing
3L Publishing is a Sacramento, California-based full-service publishing house. Offering what is called “The New Publishing,” 3L crosses traditional publishing services with self-publishing to create a hybrid business model for authors. It also offers complete end-to-end publishing services, production, distribution, marketing and public relations. For more information, send email to info(at)3LPublishing(dot)com.


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Tips on Getting Your Home Ready for A New Pet Dog

Tips on Getting Your Home Ready for A New Pet Dog

It's Christmas and the decision has been made to give that special someone a pet puppy as gift. Well, it's not enough to just bring the new family member home. Is your house safe and ready for your new pet?

East Amherst, NY (PRWEB) December 15, 2005

It's Christmas and the decision has been made to give that special someone a pet puppy as gift. All the homework has been done in selecting the proper breed with the right characteristics and temperament.

Numerous dog breeders and pet shops have been visited in order to find just the right puppy. Finally an adorable puppy is found, one that will make the perfect companion.

Well, it's not enough to just bring the new family member home.

Your house needs to be ready for the new addition. Remember that puppies are like babies, wanting to explore all parts of your house.

Is your house safe and ready for your new pet?

Check for these:

1. Clear your house of poisonous items: Has the house been cleared of all poisonous items? Have they been taken them out of your pup's reach? If not yet done, now's the time to put away cleaners, laundry detergents, bleach, disinfectants, insecticides, cleaning fluid, fertilizers, mothballs and antifreeze in cabinets or high up on shelves. An adventurous growing pup will be sure to jump high on to your shelves to find out what's there.

2. Uproot all life-threatening plants: Does your home have life-threatening plants? Apricot pits, spinach and tomato vines are dangerous to your puppy. Ask your vet to identify more such plants that could affect your pet's health and life. An excellent resource on the web is to visit http://vet. purdue. edu/depts/addl/toxic/cover1.htm (http://vet. purdue. edu/depts/addl/toxic/cover1.htm) for a detailed listing of poisonous house plants. If suspected, that the puppy may have been poisoned with the wrong plant, contact the Animal Poison Control Center 888-4ANI-HELP (888-426-4435).

3. Put away dangerous objects: Are electrical cords and tools hanging and lying around? If there are such dangerous objects lying around, pick them up and put them away.

4. Supervise the puppy: Don't let your pup be unsupervised whether inside or outside the house. Remember to keep the puppy away from balconies, upper porches and high decks or they may just slip through the openings and fall.

5. Keep your toilet covered: Puppies sometimes like to play in the toilet bowl water. This is harmful for the pup as they may swallow the toilet cleanser.

6. Get sharp objects out of the way: Put away all sharp objects such as sewing needles and pins far away from your puppy's reach. If swallowed, these objects can harm their mouth and internal organs.

7. Don't tie ribbons round the pup's neck: They may chew it and this can lead to digestive problems or choke them if the ribbon gets caught in something.

8. For plant nibblers: If the puppy tends to nibble on grass, don't worry, this is natural. But if they expand this habit and nibble on certain other plants, this could affect your pet's health and life.

These simple precautions will help ensure the safety of your new puppy as you welcome the new family member into your home.

Other helpful information can be found at http://www. chowchowinfo. com (http://www. chowchowinfo. com)


Friday, August 11, 2006

NYIT Engineering Students Make a ‘Clean Sweep’ at Regional Robotics Competition

NYIT Engineering Students Make a ‘Clean Sweep’ at Regional Robotics Competition

New York Institute of Technology’s (NYIT) team of engineering students captured first place at a regional Vex Robotics Competition contest held in Baltimore, Md., Feb. 20 - 21.

Old Westbury, N. Y. (Vocus) March 4, 2010

New York Institute of Technology’s (NYIT) team of engineering students captured first place at a regional Vex Robotics Competition (http://www. vexrobotics. com/competition/vex-robotics-competition) contest held in Baltimore, Md., Feb. 20 - 21.

After several months of preparation, the students won all matches and the award for best design in the 2009-2010 competition, called the “Clean Sweep.” The team members – who were selected to participate by NYIT’s Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) chapter – designed, built, and programmed an innovative, autonomous remote-controlled robot that scored the highest number of points in this event.

“The Vex Robotics Competition is one of many challenges that bring out the best in our students – enthusiasm, leadership, creativity, and school pride,” said Nada Anid, Ph. D., dean of NYIT’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences. “I am extremely proud of them, and I wish them success in the upcoming Vex Robotics World Championships in April.”

Team members included engineering students Paul Ulezeko (B. S.’10, IEEE president); Robert P. Roman (B. S. ’11, IEEE vice president); Anthony Brown (B. S. ’11, IEEE secretary); and Robert Domingo (M. S. ’11). “Our school has been so supportive of our efforts, including sponsorship of our trips,” said Ulezeko. “We hope our win in Baltimore will inspire fellow and future NYIT student engineers.”

The Vex Robotics Competition is a year-round event that attracts thousands of participants from around the world at the middle school, high school, and college levels. The Clean Sweep competition consists of two alliances–one "red" and one "blue"–composed of two teams each, competing in matches. The objective is to place as many game pieces on the opponents’ side of the field as possible within an allotted time. At the college level, the robots must perform autonomously for 80 seconds followed by 60 seconds of remote control. Each team had free range to design, build, and execute the task, and the format encouraged the use of mechanical, electrical, and computer science engineering.
The NYIT team will compete next at the Vex Robotics World Championship in Dallas on April 22 - 24.

About NYIT
NYIT is the college of choice for more than 15,000 students enrolled in more than 90 specialized courses of study leading to undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees in academic areas such as architecture and design; arts and sciences; education; engineering and computing sciences; health professions; management; and osteopathic medicine. As a private, nonprofit, independent institution of higher learning, NYIT embraces an educational philosophy of career-oriented professional education for all qualified students and supports applications-oriented research to benefit the greater global community. Students attend classes at NYIT’s campuses in Manhattan and Long Island, as well as online and in a number of programs throughout the world. To date, more than 81,500 alumni have earned degrees at NYIT. For more information, visit www. nyit. edu.

Contact: Lorraine Todisco, communications specialist, 516.686.7812


Thursday, August 10, 2006

During Vacation Season, Respite Care Gives Caregivers, Seniors A Break

During Vacation Season, Respite Care Gives Caregivers, Seniors A Break

With the summer vacation season in full swing, caregivers and the seniors they love can get a much-needed break by arranging a short-term respite stay at an assisted living center, retirement community or nursing home.

Cary, IL (PRWEB) July 14, 2010

With the summer vacation season in full swing, caregivers and the seniors they love can get a much-needed break by arranging a short-term respite stay at an assisted living center, retirement community or nursing home.

“Not everyone realizes that these services are available on a temporary basis, sometimes for stays as short as a few days,” explains Jennifer Prell, president and co-owner of A Silver Connection (www. asilverconnection. com), a free Chicago area eldercare referral service.

“Caregiving can be a very demanding and stressful job, and even the most dedicated, patient caregivers need time away to re-charge their batteries,” she said. “Respite care provides the break they need, along with peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved ones will receive the necessary attention, care and medical support in their absence.”

Respite care can also provide a refreshing change of scenery for seniors, and a way to try out various housing options minus a full-time, longer-term commitment. “For older adults who have been reluctant to make the move to senior housing, respite care is a great way to increase their comfort level, as they get a first-hand, trial experience,” says Prell.

Referral services like A Silver Connection can help caregivers and family members identify appropriate respite care sources, based on health status, geography, budget and other factors.

“While respite stays are not free, they are priceless in that they allow family members and other caregivers to take the time off that, sooner or later, everyone needs,” says Prell.

About A Silver Connection
A Silver Connection is a free eldercare resource and referral service operating throughout the Chicago area for seniors, their families and professionals who help older adults. Its consultants are experts on senior housing and care options, including retirement communities, independent living, assisted living, memory care, supportive living, skilled nursing, and in-home care. Learn more at www. asilverconnection. com or by calling 866.421.8266.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Mattress of the British Royal Bedroom Now Available to the American Luxury Market

Mattress of the British Royal Bedroom Now Available to the American Luxury Market

The New York First Company (www. newyorkfirst. com) introduces the mattress made for Britain's Queen Elizabeth by Hypnos Ltd. to the American luxury market. The world's most luxurious mattress is priced from $4,500 to $10,999.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 9, 2005

In the 17th century, privileged courtiers would take turns in the British king's bed chamber, watching as his majesty slept. They could only take vicarious pleasure in the most comfortable bed in the kingdom. Today, The New York First Company (www. newyorkfirst. com) announces an agreement with mattress maker Hypnos Ltd. of Buckinghamshire, England, permitting introduction of the bedding currently used by the Queen and other members of the Royal Family to the American luxury market.

The Hypnos Royal Collection, including custom-made models selling from $4,500 to $10,999 in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, features responsive, high coil-count, calico-encased pocket springs layered with cashmere and silk in a personal choice of feel preferences.

Hypnos has been in business for more than 100 years, and for the past 40 years has held a royal warrant from both Queen Elizabeth II and the late Queen Mother. A royal warrant is the ultimate “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval — it means it is not only approved by the Queen, but used by the Queen.

"These are the most luxurious mattresses in the world, providing healthy, restorative sleep," says Jeffrey Turback, spokesman for The New York First Company. "Each mattress is supported by a 25-year guarantee — longer than the average reign of a British monarch."


Monday, August 7, 2006

New Mesothelioma Videos Added to SimmonsCooper's Educational Online Library

New Mesothelioma Videos Added to SimmonsCooper's Educational Online Library

The Mesothelioma Video Library, an educational Internet resource from the SimmonsCooper law firm, has added 19 new videos to its "True Stories" section of patient chronicles. The personal portraits of mesothelioma patients and surviving family members underscore the human costs of cancer derived from asbestos exposure.

East Alton, IL (PRWEB) February 23, 2009

Nineteen new videos have been added to the Mesothelioma Video Library, a free Internet resource started in 2008 by the SimmonsCooper law firm. The newest videos consist of stories told by a St.-Louis-area resident who was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos as a child by her father and later by her ex-husband. Her videos join the ranks of five other mesothelioma patients (http://www. mesovideolibrary. com/testimonial-mesothelioma-videos. php) or their loved ones in the "True Stories" section of the website.

Having gone through multiple surgeries and chemotherapy, the mesothelioma survivor talks about her faith, family, and the mentality that allows her to persevere. Covering the experience of her initial shock at finding a dark abdominal mass on a CT scan to her eventual chemotherapy and "de-bulking" surgeries, the videos open a window on the inner life of a woman as she struggles with sharing the diagnosis with her family and planning rigorous treatment courses.

"It's the human stories that are the most powerful elements of our Mesothelioma Video Library, and we're excited to add more compelling videos to our growing catalog," says Michael Angelides, a partner at SimmonsCooper. "Being able to connect with other human beings who have
Experienced the frustration, pain, anger, and indignity that often comes with a mesothelioma diagnosis can provide a hope for patients as well as their friends and families."

In 2008, the Mesothelioma Video Library won a WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development, presented by the Web Marketing Association. The award levels included "Legal Standard of Excellence" and "Medical Standard of Excellence." Sanctioned by the International Academy of Visual Arts, the Library has also won two W3 Gold Awards in the categories of Health and Video or Motion Graphics. All three awards salute the technical and design expertise involved in presenting the serious issues and complications surrounding pleural mesothelioma, within a format that is successful using Internet-based technologies.

About SimmonsCooper & Mesothelioma Video Library:
SimmonsCooper LLC is one of the country's leading asbestos and mesothelioma litigation firms. With offices in Illinois and California, the firm has represented over 2,000 patients and families affected by mesothelioma in nearly every state in the country. SimmonsCooper has also pledged over $10 million to cancer research and proudly works with top mesothelioma medical experts throughout the country, supporting their work toward a cure. The Mesothelioma Video Library (http://www. mesovideolibrary. com/) is an educational outreach of SimmonsCooper designed to educate and engage victims and families experiencing the issues brought on by mesothelioma.

SimmonsCooper can be found on the Web at http://www. simmonscooper. com (http://www. simmonscooper. com).

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Mom Entrepreneurs Have New Secret to Success: Portland Mamas Inc

Mom Entrepreneurs Have New Secret to Success: Portland Mamas Inc.

Portland, Ore. business owner/mom launches new resource, support & networking organization for mom business owners.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) May 18, 2006

Have you ever had to take a conference call with a screaming toddler in your arms because your sitter canceled at the last minute? How do you create a functional home office when your daughter claims half of the room with her art supplies and barges in without knocking? These are just two of the many unique challenges business owners who are also mothers face from time to time. Running a business and running a household are each full-time jobs, and now women who dare to take them on at the same time have a local support organization to help them succeed in both work and play: Portland Mamas Inc. (PMI, www. portlandmamasinc. org).

Founded by Portland, Ore. mom Marlynn Jayme Schotland, owner of Event Bliss and SchotlandPR, PMI will serve as a resource and networking organization for moms who own businesses or are thinking of launching a new business. The goal is to assist local mom entrepreneurs in achieving success in both building their businesses and balancing their home and personal life. PMI activities include an active blog community featuring insight from nine local mom entrepreneurs; an online community forum where members can post questions and receive feedback on business ideas, family life issues, share resources, and more; monthly meetings which will focus on topics that touch both business and family life in each meeting, networking opportunities, and resource sharing; plus social events and business events throughout the year.

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, one in 11 adult women is an entrepreneur, and Oregon ranks sixth in growth in the number of privately-held, majority women-owned firms between 1997 and 2004. In building her businesses, Schotland found that many of these women entrepreneurs are also mothers facing similar issues. “Many mothers are creating new pathways to success for themselves and their families by starting their own companies,” Schotland says. “We are redefining what it means to achieve “balance” and doing it on our own terms. We are not “opting out” -- we are opting for more and we are achieving it in sometimes unconventional ways. With Portland Mamas Inc., we aim to create an open, respectful atmosphere of support and knowledge of those who understand the unique challenges we go through both as moms and as business owners.”

Membership to PMI costs $35 annually, and includes the following benefits: access to the PMI Forum, free admission to monthly meetings, discounted admission to special PMI networking/social events, subscription to the bi-monthly PMI newsletter, link listing exchange on the PMI Web site, discounted advertising rates on the PMI Web site, discounts to other member businesses, from retail to health and business solutions, and more.

Currently, PMI has eight local mom entrepreneurs in addition to Schotland serving as contributing writers to the blog: Kathi O’Neil, publisher of Portland Picks and owner of Westover Media; Robyn Taylor Barbon, owner of Folklore Media and producer of Portland at Play; Jackie Weissman, founder/producer/director of Rock Mama Films, LLC; Andrea Frost, owner of Baby Wit; Michelle Ghilotti Mandel, owner of Ghilotti Ink; Tamara Nonamaker, owner of Blue Eye Boy; Erica Rochelau, accounting and tax writer; and Patti DeBlasis, legal writer. More contributors are scheduled to join the roster within the following month.

About Founder Marlynn Jayme Schotland

Marlynn Jayme Schotland has ten years of award-winning experience in the communications field, including experience as a television reporter, anchor and producer, and as a director of public relations. In September of 2005, she launched Event Bliss (www. eventbliss. com), a custom stationery design studio, as well as SchotlandPR (www. schotlandpr. com), a boutique public relations firm. In the eight months since she has been in business for herself, her work has been featured in Child magazine, Parents magazine, Portland Picks, The Daily Stroll, Mommies with Style, Blogging Baby, and more; her clientele list includes customers in more than 25 different states, and has caught the eye of producers for The Oprah Winfrey Show, who have placed repeat orders. Schotland lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, 23-month-old son, and Lab Retriever.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

FitzSimmons Joins American Kidney Fund as Vice President of Programs

FitzSimmons Joins American Kidney Fund as Vice President of Programs

Rockville, MD (Vocus) August 27, 2008

Stacey FitzSimmons, M. P.H., Ph. D., has been named Vice President of Programs at the American Kidney Fund, a charitable organization that is the nation's No. 1 source of treatment-related financial assistance to kidney patients and a leader in providing health education to people with or at risk for kidney disease.

Dr. FitzSimmons will lead the American Kidney Fund's financial assistance programs; public, professional and minority health education programs; and Congressional relations efforts.

"Over a career spanning more than 30 years, Dr. FitzSimmons has provided strong leadership and expert guidance to major private and public institutions, and has made substantive and lasting contributions to the renal field," said LaVarne A. Burton, President and CEO of the American Kidney Fund. "We are thrilled to welcome her to an already strong team."

Dr. FitzSimmons, an epidemiologist, has worked for federal agencies, state and local health departments, academic institutions and non-profit foundations. These have included the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, the National Center for Health Statistics-Centers for Disease Control, the City of Berkeley Public Health Department, Cambridge University, University of California, Berkeley and non-profit organizations such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Dr. FitzSimmons provided national and international leadership for kidney and urologic disease epidem¬iology from 1987 to 1990, when she served as the Epidemiology Program Director, Division of Kidney, Urologic and Hematologic Diseases, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, at the National Institutes of Health. In this position, she developed the United States Renal Data System, the central national source for tracking trends in the incidence, prevalence and financial impact of end-stage renal disease.

From 1990 to 1999, she served as director of Clinical Research at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Most recently, she formed a consulting organization, FitzSimmons and Associates, spending eight years planning and directing epidemiologic and clinical research projects at various non-profit, state and federal institutions and private organizations.

"I am honored to join the American Kidney Fund because it's an organization that is improving lives in measurable ways on a daily basis--whether it's providing dialysis patients with grants to
Help them pay for treatment, or whether it's providing education and screening to people who are at risk for kidney disease," said Dr. FitzSimmons. "I look forward to building on the existing successes of the American Kidney Fund while identifying new opportunities for outreach."

Dr. FitzSimmons received her A. B. from Stanford University. She received her Masters in Public Health (Health Care Administration) and her Ph. D. (Epidemiology) from the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley.

The American Kidney Fund is the nation's No. 1 source of treatment-related financial assistance to kidney patients and a leader in providing health education to people with or at risk for kidney disease. In 2007, the American Kidney Fund provided treatment-related grants to 68,000 kidney patients totaling more than $100 million. The American Kidney Fund reaches tens of thousands of individuals each year with information about kidney health; operates a kidney disease screening program in high-risk communities; and maintains a toll-free HelpLine (866-300-2900) which provides education about kidney disease. The American Kidney Fund is a six-time recipient of the highest "Four Star" rating from Charity Navigator; holds an A+ rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy; adheres to the National Health Council Standards of Excellence; and is a member of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance. For more information, visit www. kidneyfund. org


Hospice By The Bay Group Helps Ease Grief from Spousal/Partner Loss

Hospice By The Bay Group Helps Ease Grief from Spousal/Partner Loss

Hospice By The Bay offers an eight-week grief support group for adults coping with the death of a spouse or partner. Group is held Thursdays, March 19th-May 7th, 6:30-8:00pm, at Hospice By The Bay, Larkspur, CA.

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) February 11, 2009

Hospice By The Bay (http://www. hospicebythebay. org/) offers an eight-week group to help adults who have lost a spouse, partner, or significant other, cope with feelings of grief. The group meets Thursdays, March 19th - May 7th, 6:30-8:00pm, at Hospice By The Bay, 1902 Van Ness Ave., 2nd Floor, San Francisco. The fee for one group series is waived for those whose family member received Hospice By The Bay's care in the past year. Donations are gratefully accepted. For other community members, the fee is $175. Hospice By The Bay is committed to providing support to anyone who needs our services regardless of their financial circumstances. Contact our Bereavement Team to qualify for our sliding scale fee.

Reservations are required. Please call the Bereavement Team at (415) 526-5699, ext. 8500, by March 12th. For online information about Hospice By The Bay Bereavement groups and activities, visit www. hospicebythebay. org.

Hospice By The Bay, which serves Marin, San Francisco, Northern San Mateo, and Sonoma counties, is dedicated to providing the highest quality of end-of-life care to patients and their families regardless of their ability to pay. Hospice By The Bay also serves people whose lives have been affected by the loss of a loved one through its community grief support program.

Hospice By The Bay is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been serving the Bay Area since 1975. Hospice By The Bay programs are funded through health care reimbursement and financial donations from community members and businesses. For more information about Hospice By The Bay services or how to support our work, call (415) 626-5900, or visit www. hospicebythebay. org

Calendar Listing:
Spousal/Partner Loss Support Group Starts March 19th: Hospice By The Bay offers an eight-week, grief support group for adults who have lost a spouse, partner, or significant other. Meetings are Thursdays, March 19th - May 7th, 6:30-8:00pm, at Hospice By The Bay, 1902 Van Ness Ave., 2nd Floor, San Francisco. The fee for one group series is waived for those whose family member received Hospice By The Bay's care in the past year. For other community members, the fee is $175. Hospice By The Bay is committed to providing support to anyone who needs our services regardless of their financial circumstances. Contact our Bereavement Team to qualify for our sliding scale fee. For reservations, call (415) 526-5699, ext. 8500, by March 12th For information about our grief support program, visit www. hospicebythebay. org.

Erin Henke
Hospice By The Bay
Director of Communications & Community Relations
(415) 526-5668
Ehenke (at) hospicebythebay (dot) org


Dental-Plan-Plus. com Announces Strategic Alliance with AmeriPlan USA to Provide Affordable Discounted Health Services

Dental-Plan-Plus. com Announces Strategic Alliance with AmeriPlan USA to Provide Affordable Discounted Health Services

Dental-plan-plus. com will begin marketing the AmeriPlan Health Benefits package through their call center in Chicago, IL.

CHICAGO (PRWEB) September 6, 2005

Dental-Plan-Plus. com announced today that they will begin marketing AmeriPlan USAÂ’s affordable discount health membership throughout the U. S. to millions of Americans who are under-insured or have no health insurance coverage.

Dental-plan-plus. com and their strategic team of marketing professionals assist families and business in receiving affordable health care services. Members can expect to save up to 80% on dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic services with no claim forms, no limits on visits and no deductible.

The health discount card program offers a reduction in the cost of medical services. This is not insurance no is it an alternative to or substitution for insurance coverage. Since it is not health insurance, members are responsible for payment at the point of service of reduced health care fees. All health care providers are professionally licensed in the state they practice.

According to Theresa Johnson, Independent Representative for Dental-Plan-Plus. com, "members can expect to save thousands of dollars using our discount health plan. Our plan is accepted at over 100,000 provider location nationwide. They really had the consumer in mind when they developed this low cost health care membership".

The average cost for a teeth cleaning is just under $20 with the discount membership verses the $95 fee millions of Americans pay without the membership. Members can expect to pay just $11.95 per month for a individual and $19.95 for an entire household. This plan includes dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic services. For under $50 per month members have access to health care services including medical procedures, general physicians office visits and laboratory fees. The health plan includes the dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic membership.

Mark Jarvis, National Vice President of AmeriPlan USA stated," over 1.9 million families are currently covered under our plan." Nearly 90% of our members have been with the plan for over 5 years. This is an excellent retention rate. Our members appreciate our commitment to providing quality health care services to those who would otherwise be unable to afford these services.

For more information please visit - http://www. dental-plan-plus. com (http://www. dental-plan-plus. com).

Theresa Johnson

Http:///www. dental-plan-plus. com (http:///www. dental-plan-plus. com)