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CANIDAE Pet Foods Holds Charity Raffle at 2009 Michigan Pet Expo to Benefit MSU College of Veterinary Medicine

CANIDAE Pet Foods Holds Charity Raffle at 2009 Michigan Pet Expo to Benefit MSU College of Veterinary Medicine

By donating grand prize and selling tickets, CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods continues its tradition of raising funds to promote companion animal cancer research.

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2009

CANIDAE Pet Foods, Inc. (http://www. canidae. com (http://www. canidae. com)), a manufacturer of all natural holistic pet foods that are fed and recommended by thousands of certified breeders and rescue organizations throughout North America, sold raffle tickets at the 2009 Michigan Pet Expo to benefit cancer research.

The Michigan Pet Expo is a three day family-focused annual event where thousands of pet lovers are treated to a wide range of pet products, services, and great entertainment including CANIDAE Pet Foods sponsored Team Air Gunner in the Ultimate Air Dog Dock Diving competitions.

Enthusiastic expo attendees purchased raffle tickets at the CANIDAE Pet Foods booth for both a chance to win a Felt bicycle and to help contribute to the ongoing cancer research projects at the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Center for Comparative Oncology.

As part of their continuing commitment to foster Responsible Pet Ownership and help animals in need, CANIDAE donated the bicycle to the raffle, allowing 100% of the proceeds to go directly to the college to help fund its research programs. To date, CANIDAE has helped raise thousands of dollars for pet related charities across North America as part of its ongoing mission to help needy animals.

Thomas MacGillis of Westland, Michigan was the grand prize winner of the Felt bicycle. He has two dogs, both of whom he rescued from the Westland Animal Shelter. His younger dog Jed, 3, has been fed CANIDAE All Life Stages his entire life. His other dog Jasper, 13, was switched to CANIDAE several years ago.

Upon hearing of his good fortune, MacGillis said, "I switched Jasper from another brand when I got Jed. Jasper lost 5 pounds within a couple of weeks. The vet was very happy with this. She wanted him to take some weight off his hips because he was getting older. Jasper has maintained this weight for the last 3 years. I have also received many compliments on how good Jed's coat looks."

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