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Food For Love

Food For Love

Food Coach Susan Marque shares an article on Food For Love

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) November 12, 2005

Chocolate is what many people think of when asked about the relationship between love and food. Whether you are looking for love, in love, or any state of relationship with people you love, you know food plays a part. An enormous amount of our social activities revolve around food.

We use food to create moods (Conscious or not). We use food to hide feelings, share feelings or to feel pleasure. We use food to give our love or create connectedness. So what do you wish to create? Being a food coach enables me to offer clients more choice. More choice can create more freedom.

I had a client who really wanted to feel sexier and attract a partner. She had several obstacles to overcome. She didn’t feel good in her body that was overweight. She felt self conscious about anyone touching her lumps of fat, as she described herself. She had body odor and breath problems that also made her self-conscious and her hair was starting to thin. Cooking was not a skill she possessed but she said she was willing to learn as long as it was easy to do.

I listened to her background with using food as comfort and love. She was a bit shy and food had been a good friend. I asked her if she would like to learn how to create with food and she said yes. I asked her if she was willing to have a new relationship with food. Again, she said yes.

I taught her first how food works in the body. She started to incorporate more whole grains, veggies, beans and other whole foods. Most of which were brand new to her. The first thing she noticed was her breath and body odor seemed to lesson and she lost a few pounds.

After a month she had let go of enough weight to start feeling very encouraged and her energy picked up. We started to do some cooking sessions together and by the second month of working with this woman, she was having men ask her out. Her entire disposition transformed and she was happier than ever before. When I asked her about her hair, that looked much healthier, if it seemed thicker to her and now her answer was yes yes yes!

The cooking lessons paid off big time when she impressed one of her dates with a home cooked meal. He loved the food. She ended up getting engaged later on. All in all, food became a tool she’ll have for the rest of her life. We can all use food for love and love the results we get!

About Susan Marque

Susan Marque is a food coach based in Santa Monica, California. She has been teaching her whole foods approach to health since 1997 while helping people to achieve their goals through the choices they make in diet and mind. Her distinctions have helped people with easy weight loss that stays off, creating more vitality and energy, clearing ailments and feeling better on every level.

Susan has written three Fast and Easy Cookbooks, and co-created the Beyond Weight Loss™ seminars. Susan is certified in NLP, Hemispheric Therapy™ and Belief Relief. 


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