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Pharmacist, 72, tells Boomers how they really can put old on hold

Pharmacist, 72, tells Boomers how they really can put old on hold

Ageless 72 year old pharmacist has written a book for Boomers telling what works and what doesn't work to stay young. Endorsements include Florence Henderson, Phyllis Diller, Julie Newmar.

(PRWEB) January 3, 2002

Escondido, CA. Barbara Morris passionately believes itÂ’s possible to put old on hold indefinitely and has written a book to help Boomers and others achieve their dream of remaining ageless. Looking 20 years younger than her 72 years, and working full time as a pharmacist, sheÂ’s discovered some highly successful techniques to defy time and wants to share them with others.

 Florence Henderson, who read BarbaraÂ’s book, Boomers Really Can Put Old on Hold, and “loved it,” says the author “explains in a very unique way how you can put old on hold longer than ever thought possible.”

 Â“I know what works and what doesnÂ’t,” says Barbara. “I want everyone to have their best shot at remaining healthy, productive and ageless as long as possible. Our society accepts the notion that advancing age and decline go together and thatÂ’s wrong,” she insists.

 To help debunk traditional thinking that “getting old” is inevitable, Barbara's revelations include:

The single most important key to unlock your ability to put old on hold *Three vital decisions guaranteed to put you in control of your aging

How the Religion of Chronological Age (RCA) negatively influences your thinking and how to avoid becoming a "true believer." How society's paradigm for aging short-circuits youth and productivity and what to do about it

 In addition to Florence HendersonÂ’s enthusiastic endorsement, BoomerÂ’s Really Can Put Old on Hold has also been praised by celebrities Julie Newmar and Phyllis Diller as well as author Susan Gail, Longevity Labs (Portland) CEO Brandon Barnum and anti-aging physician Dr. Andrea Cole-Raub.

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