Tuesday, December 26, 2006

PR Firm Takes Zen Approach - Flow PR & Management Launches With a Refreshing New Approach to Branding and Management

PR Firm Takes Zen Approach - Flow PR & Management Launches With a Refreshing New Approach to Branding and Management

“The only un-changing thing in today’s market is change itself. Creating a profitable and robust brand will test your metal. The key is to view your present challenges as what they truly are: beautifull, invaluable opportunities to further strengthen your brand and market position. In short, Brands with higher potentials should rise above where they are to where they deserve to be—successful, in charge, and flowing. Why Not?”

(PRWEB) July 13, 2005

(PRWEB) July 13, 2005 — Flow Public Relations and Management hit the market running with its refreshing approach to streamlining and growing brand integrity and recognition—giving clients control of their projected image, vision and profits. Co-owners Mina E. and Jason Boarde have a compelling mission: to bring a new perception to the traditional methods of branding, PR, marketing and product placement & distribution. Providing cost effective solutions without ever compromising content and aesthetics. 

“Once a brand is developed, the overall management of “identity” is crucial to its strength and profitability. A major factor in sustained relevance in a nano changing market, whether it be print, broadcast or online presence-- a periodic reality check to strategically fine tune a brand and its multi-layered representation across the board. Re-visioning is a vital process; requiring informed objectivity and a great deal of caring and attention. Addressing critical questions such as: are your resources working together to project a unified message? Does your image project gravitas? Who’s in charge of your brand—you or your various service providers? And finally, does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?” - Mina E., co-Owner / Creative Director.

Integration and overall management of your identity is the only way to control the destiny of your vision—and control, you must. After all, it’s all about you. Flow Public Relations and Management is your partner in clarifying, re-defining and optimizing your image; in addition to integrating and streamlining every aspect of your brand—according to your vision.

The dynamic force behind Flow’s concept and methodology is clearly apparent in its co-owners. Mina is a hybrid, east-west creative strategist—inspired equally by Pop Culture, aesthetics and teachings of ancient and contemporary schools of consciousness. Jason is a striking fashionista with an innate gift for relationship marketing. In March 2005 they met and produced a PR venue for a mix of sponsors such as: Angeleno Magazine, Fiji Water, Scooter Media, Genesis and Paramount Farms. Their synergy quickly evolved into a mutually fabulous working partnership, combining 17 years of industry experience and beyond. Flow Public Relations and Management is currently based out of Los Angeles and supported by a global network of professionals. They have the flexibility of working on a retainer basis and or by project—your choice. They love what they do and are happily bringing exciting projects to fruition.

Currently, the Flow team is working with QVC on behalf of their client Genesis, an alternative health and wellness company that manufacture therapeutic aroma therapy pillows and other natural healing products. Their eclectic roster of clients includes anything from conceptual artist, models, actors, consumer product companies, entertainment clients and corporations.

About Flow:

Flow Public Relations and Management is based in Los Angeles and supported by a global network of PR and Marketing professionals. The scope of services offered are distinctly integrated; beyond the traditional role of PR. We offer our relationship-based industry knowledge to optimize your resources and maximize your return on investment. You have the option to retain us as your on-going PR, Marketing and Distribution arm, or use our inclusive menu of services on a project basis

For information on Flow and their menu of services, please visit www. flowpr. net

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