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Black Better Business Bureau Seeks Business Members

Black Better Business Bureau Seeks Business Members

The blackbbb online, launched during Black History Month, facilitates a forum of communication between business and the African American Consumer.

(PRWEB) February 14, 2005

In conjunction with Black History Month, on February 8, 2005, the Black Better Business Bureau (Blackbbb) was launched on behalf of the Black consumer. The organization is designed to promote fairness and equality in business/consumer relationships through voluntary self-regulation and to allow Black consumers a forum to communicate their experiences to other consumers as well as to rate companies based on their experiences.

The organization was created out of recognition that inequality in business practices exist and that the Black consumer is often the victim of systematic discrimination by business practices as evidenced by disclosures of discriminatory practices in finance, lending, health care, insurance, and disparity of treatment in retail, hotel, and restaurant services as well as those that exist within many other venues. While a number of forums currently exist to ensure high ethical business practices in the United States, there is an absence of a forum dedicated to African American discussions of their unique business experiences.

The Blackbbb, allows consumers to submit immediate evaluations of businesses as well as follow-ups

It is also important for businesses to be aware of the discussions and opinions Black consumers have concerning their business. The Blackbbb facilitates this by sending a copy of every comment or complaint posted on our site regarding a member company, to that company and provides a forum whereby, our business members can respond online to any posted comment or complaint.

Our updated membership list, is posted on our web site and to the Black consumer these are businesses that are identified as being committed to fairness and equality in their business practices.

The annual buying power of the Black consumer is estimated to be in excess of 650 billion dollars. Given the substantial contribution blacks provide the global economy, it is imperative for the Black consumer to be aware of each others business experiences and a forum should exist to enable the Black consumer to make informed decisions with respect to their potential business relationships.

Membership in the Blackbbb is possible for an annual, renewable yearly fee of $350.00. The membership fee includes a Blackbbb wall plaque containing our recognizable logo, that can be displayed at a participating companiesÂ’ place of business. Membership also includes a Blackbbb window decal, participation in the member identification program, which allows a company to use our exclusive logo in advertisements, Yellow Pages, business cards, and internet websites, and qualification for the "Business Excellence" award, which will be awarded yearly to the one selected business that exemplifies ethical and fair business practices, based on comments and ratings from our site users.

The Blackbbb operates primarily through our website at www. blackbbb. com, which will be heavily marketed to insure maximum participation. The Blackbbb does not take sides in a dispute, nor does it offer dispute resolution, but offers a method of communication between consumers and businesses in an effort to facilitate dispute resolution

The blackbbb believes that businesses should want to know what African American Consumers are saying to each other about their business practices.

Business can join in promoting fairness and equality in business practice, by becoming a business member of the Blackbbb. You may join the Blackbbb online at; www. blackbbb. com, or by completing and returning a downloable membership application. An application can also be obtained via e-mail to; aatimes@aol. com.

Www. blackbbb. com