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Find a Vacuum That Can Beat Germs at Hide-and-Seek

Find a Vacuum That Can Beat Germs at Hide-and-Seek

Cleaning tasks from dusting to vacuuming can help kids to take pride in the home. There are many ways to instill good cleaning habits, from turning tasks into a game to using "chore charts." When kids are old enough to use cleaning appliances and products on their own, they can play an even larger role - and the new Eureka Clean Living vacuum allows kids to adjust the handle according to height so it can be used by all cleaners in the house.

Bloomington, IL (Vocus) July 2, 2010

Everyone knows that keeping a clean home is important – but those with families understand that it is especially essential for the health of little ones. Many parents work to instill the lessons of cleaning in children – and, like many important skills, it is one that can kids can begin to learn at an early age.

“Parents are finding it more and more valuable to have their children help take care of their living space – and take pride in keeping it clean,” said Jackie Cooper, director of marketing and communications for Eureka® vacuums. “By making chores entertaining and encouraging good habits, kids can get involved in household responsibilities and see that cleaning can be fun.”

As kids go from crawling around on the floor to helping keep it clean, incorporate these fun and easy ways to make housework more enjoyable for cleaners of all ages

--Use job charts. From a large fridge calendar with a dry erase board to a computer spreadsheet, job charts help children keep track of their assigned tasks and make sure that the chores are distributed fairly.

--Game on! Engage kids in cleaning by making it a game. Write down several tasks on slips of paper, put them in a hat and let the children pick a task to work on together. Also, turning a chore into a “race” allows them to make the most of their sense of competition and allows them to enjoy a feeling of accomplishment when the “cleaning game” is over.

In addition, make cleaning tools more exciting to offer an added incentive for children to clean. For example, allow small children to use a squirt gun with cleaning solution, or help them to personalize a cleaning rag that they use whenever they help.

--Build from toy vacuum cleaners to real ones. Small children may need a lot of assistance and incentives – including toy cleaning supplies – to pitch in, but as kids get older they can take on more duties. Be sure that the delegated chores are simple to understand and offer detailed instructions for how children should accomplish them.

When they are old enough to use cleaning appliances and products on their own, bigger kids can take on a larger role in housekeeping responsibilities. For instance, many kids love to vacuum – and some vacuums are particularly suited for cleaners of all ages. The new Eureka Clean Living™ vacuum allows kids to adjust the handle according to height – meaning both you and your child can use the same “grown-up” vacuum. And, Clean Living features On-Guard Antimicrobial, which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the brushroll bristles and on specific parts of the dust cup.*

“The Eureka Clean Living is the ideal vacuum for consumers looking for added protection against germs, allergens and odor-causing bacteria in their homes – and is an age-appropriate cleaning tool that allows children to contribute to a cleaner home,” said Cooper.

--Reward both kids and adults. At the end of a cleaning spree, reward the family with a favorite sweet treat – or take turns letting children pick a fun activity for the family. Everyone – even adults – accomplishes tasks better when there is something to look forward to, and the promise of a small indulgence will motivate the family the next time the home needs cleaning.

The Eureka Clean Living vacuum is available only at Walmart and walmart. com and retails for $89.88. For additional information about Eureka’s Clean Living, consumers can visit http://www. eureka. com or call 1-800-282-2886.

*Areas treated with On-Guard include the filter basket and dirt tube within the dust cup assembly.

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