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Muscle Angel Massagers™ Bring Welcome Relief to Physical Therapists and Their Patients

Muscle Angel Massagers™ Bring Welcome Relief to Physical Therapists and Their Patients

Muscle Angels™ Help Physical Therapists Reduce Work-Related Muscle Pain.

Brookline, MA (Vocus) June 9, 2010

Susan Z. Robins, President and Founder of Muscle Angels™, a Boston-based start-up -- helping people reduce muscle pain, is pleased to announce that AliMed® Inc., a leading developer, distributor, and manufacturer of medical equipment and supplies, is now reselling Muscle Angel Massagers™ to its physical and occupational therapists, podiatry and ergonomic massager customers, and consumers who suffer from muscle pain and tension headaches.

Muscle Angel Massagers™ are the only hand-held massager of its type that enables users to access hard-to-reach muscles easily, and without the need for assistance. Also unique is the product’s hands-free option for people who suffer from bilateral hand and arm pain. Occupational and physical therapists are finding Muscle Angel Massagers extremely effective on patients who suffer from chronic muscle tension and discomfort, including hand and arm pain, back pain, piriformis syndrome/sciatica, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and carpal tunnel injuries, and other muscle-related ailments. Therapists also realize the benefits of using Muscle Angels™ on their own muscles, sore from work-related repetitive stress injuries. Some of the benefits of this innovative product include:
 Proven relief from chronic muscle pain and tension headaches  More versatility than a massage ball or foam roller  Easy, Hands-Free application, even for people with bilateral hand pain, that is lightweight and portable  Endorsements from physical and occupational therapists, physicians, dentists/hygienists, and elite athletes looking for a plantar fasciitis massage device

“Finally, there is an effective product for minimizing muscle pain and tension,” says K. Belinsky, MS, OTR/L, from Performing Arts Occupational Therapy. “If you, or your patients, suffer from chronic hand, arm, head, neck and/or shoulder pain, Muscle Angels™ can help!”

“This is not just another massage ball,” explains Jonathan Bretz, AliMed’s Senior Vice President. “From the moment you pick it up, you realize the Muscle Angel is different. Healthcare providers appreciate its multiple applications. Not only are they finding it useful during clinical therapy sessions, but when they’re done using the Muscle Angel on patients—they can then use it for their own pain. Plus, the hands-free option offers therapy without the need of a partner’s assistance.”

Muscle Angels Massagers are now available through the AliMed catalog, and online at AliMed. com, as well as through the Muscle Angels™ website -- http://www. MuscleAngelMassagers. com.

About Muscle Angels™
The Muscle Angels™ hand-held massager provides quick relief from muscle pain and fatigue while increasing flexibility, circulation, mobility and elasticity. Muscle Angel Massagers™ combine the benefits of Myofascial Trigger Point, Acupressure, and Deep Tissue Massage—all in one product, and it is the only massager of its type that has been designed with an easy-to-use hands-free option for people who suffer from bilateral hand and arm pain. The Stability Sleeve, an add-on product, enables users to access
Hard-to-reach muscles without assistance.

About Alimed
Since its inception in the early 1970s, AliMed® inc. has grown to become a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of patient care, rehabilitation, OR/critical care & diagnostic imaging, orthopedic, and ergonomic products. AliMed is a customer service oriented company committed to promoting health and wellness by providing high-quality, health-related supplies in a cost-effective manner. Through a combination of proprietary branded products and partnerships with more than 500 suppliers, AliMed now distributes more than 70,000 products to healthcare facilities and businesses worldwide. A comprehensive selection of AliMed products is available online at http://www. AliMed. com.