Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Start to Close the Hidden Loopholes

Start to Close the Hidden Loopholes

Hidden loopholes are inherently present in even the most sophisticated cyber-systems, anti-virus and firewall programs. Daily, companies and proprietary businesses fall prey to cyber-attackers while thinking they are protected. http://www.4terrorism. com/securityaudits. htm

(PRWEB) February 2, 2005

Axiom Internet Commerce, previously a company providing services exclusively to the Health Care Industry now together with our strategic partners Project Bailout and Security 4Terrorism, are providing solutions to technology problems.

Axiom® Internet Commerce www. axiominternet. com provides links to security audits that identify your risk from these hidden loopholes. Audits http://www.4terrorism. com/securityaudits. htm (http://www.4terrorism. com/securityaudits. htm) can be scheduled daily.

You may be ready to or are already planning on spending millions on technology, yet not be sure you are secure? Http://www. projectbailout. com/second-opinion. htm (http://www. projectbailout. com/second-opinion. htm) can provide a second opinion for your technology projects.

Our www. axiominternet. com combines experience in Information Technology, Aerospace, Health Care Management, Construction and the Internet focusing on compliance solutions. Axiom expertise includes cybersecurity, internet solutions, Sarbanes Oxley, point-of-service software, electronic commerce solutions, regulatory compliance automation and health care enterprise systems.

“Information security issues are complex and are often rooted in organizational and business concerns. Information security requires far more than the latest tool or technology. Organizations must understand exactly what they are trying to protect (and why) before selecting specific solutions. The vast majority of successful cyber-attacks are made possible by vulnerabilities in a small number of common services. Attackers usually take the easiest and most convenient route and exploit the best-known flaws with the most effective and widely available attack tools,” said 4Terrorism Chief Technology Officer Jim Bullough-Latsch, www.4terrorism. com

4Terrorism is focusing its efforts on Information Security and Cybersecurity (www.4terrorism. com/listtemp. htm (http://www.4terrorism. com/listtemp. htm)). Today, it is imperative that companies develop and possess effective, individual controls over critical information. 4Terrorism is able to review your entire system and use our findings as a launching pad to help improve the effectiveness of your overall security. Computers and networks essentially run the operations of most business in the country. Most computer systems, computer software and networks were not designed with security in mind. Even most “secure systems” are riddled with vulnerabilities due to the underlying technology that could enable an attacker to disrupt operations or cause damage. 4terrorism can help your company or organization develop a cost effective, threat effective, cyber security plan. 4Terrorism starts first with an audit of your IT system and security and then develop an implementation plan that matches your business needs. www.4terrorism. com/securityaudits. htm (http://www.4terrorism. com/securityaudits. htm )