Friday, January 26, 2007

Website Launches New Concept In Relaxation

Website Launches New Concept In Relaxation

Peacefulday. com is a new website designed for relaxation and fun. The unique interactive Zen-like activities on the site provide an oasis from a hectic day, helping one to feel greater calmness and clarity. CONTACT: Amanda Register, 631 896 9629, Web Site: http://www. peacefulday. com

Long Island, NY (PRWEB) September 29, 2009

Need a quick antidote to stress? Look no further than your computer and the one-of-a-kind experience offered at www. peacefulday. com. Peacefulday. com is a unique interactive subscription-based website of Zen-like activities that inspires fun and relaxation. Activities on the site, including a Zen rock garden, an easel, a koi pond, journal, firepit and messenger bird, provide a user-friendly format for meditative reflection and creative expression.

Visits to the site can easily be incorporated into a person's daily health routine as a way to promote well-being. The benefits to members who use the site on a regular basis include feeling more relaxed, less stressed out, and more peaceful and balanced in life. The website provides an introduction to meditation for those who might have a difficult time getting started with a practice. The website incorporates the basic concepts of a meditation practice yet offers a creative and stimulating environment within which to contemplate and engage.

Experience peacefulday. com at https://www. peacefulday. com/home/tryitnow. html (https://www. peacefulday. com/home/tryitnow. html)

Peacefulday Challenge
Peacefulday. com is currently offering a one week free trial to try out the site and then complete a survey at the end of the week. The first 100 people to complete the survey will be entered to win a $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble. For further details go to our homepage and click on "Take the peacefulday Challenge."

Holiday Stocking Stuffer
A gift membership to peacefulday. com would make an interesting and unique stocking stuffer for the coming holiday season. For only $19.99 for a one year subscription you can give an inexpensive, imaginative holiday gift - for children, college students, seniors and everyone in between. The holidays are a time for giving and what better gift than relaxation and inner peace.

Here is what members are saying about peacefulday. com:
"I love the Firepit! I use it to release negative emotions and feelings. Seems to me it would be a great tool for sales teams to use. I also use the Flute to send positive energy out to patients. Oh and the Journal is great too… beautiful Website" -- Myrna Sandbrand, Nurse and Director of Long Term Program, New York

"Peacefulday. com is an anchor for my thoughts and visions. I use it to center myself and gain clarity for my daily goals. As an artist, business woman, wife and mom I need a space to meditate in an efficient and clutterless manner. Thank you peacefulday!" - Carolyn Cary, owner Nutty Girl, Inc., Georgia

"As a full-time professional, I need a way to clear my mind and relax when I get home from work. Peacefulday. com helps me do just that. The activities are well-designed and great fun, and the zen garden and koi pond are very calming. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to recharge." - Jim Polan, attorney and artist, Oklahoma.

Web Site: http://www. peacefulday. com (http://www. peacefulday. com)