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Zodiac InfoTech’s Transcription Service is Streamlining EMR Implementation

Zodiac InfoTech’s Transcription Service is Streamlining EMR Implementation

Zodiac InfoTech – one of the leaders in providing transcription, EMR transcription, medical record management services – announces an easy-to-implement, in-office solution for medical professionals that also comes with a support system that allows for the easy & quick implementation of Electronic Medical record system (EMR). Zodiac’s innovative solution allows technology staff to focus on technical issues during the implementation process.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) June 6, 2010

One of the biggest hurdles in the medical industry – EMR implementation – as it relates to physicians and other medical professionals being able to take effective and pertinent notes on their patients (which for many trained medical professionals degrades their years of medical training by making them feel as if they are data-entry operators), is being transformed into an easy dictation process. This is thanks to an easy-to-use EMR transcription service that has been designed by Zodiac InfoTech – the leader in transcription, EMR transcription, medical record management and other documentation management services – which greatly eases the process for medical professionals.

Zodiac’s transcription service alleviates many of the commonly experienced woes of implementing such dictation and EMR services, as well as the ability of physicians to adapt to using a new system. One of the biggest hassles for many physicians is after several years of medical training; they are reluctant to perform a job of a data-entry operator. Because many medical professionals have to spend a reasonable amount of time to take notes on their patients, and then have those notes later dictated, it can ultimately delay the complete process of EMR implementation.

Zodiac InfoTech offers an easy-to-use and affordable process for easing the EMR transcription and diction process, however. This is because the company offers initial EMR implementation support service which includes: transcription and medical record management services, word processing, document tagging even for early adopters of EMR systems.

This service aids the doctor’s office to be able to easily maintain their current workflow. However, the Zodiac team also works with them as a parallel support team, hand-in-hand, in order to ensure that the EMR system is populated for them (the medical professionals using the system) on an ongoing basis, so when they want to switch over from a paper-base medium to 100% electronic system, it is an easy switchover.

A recent study conducted by the company yielded some surprising results. The results demonstrated that the EMR adoption and learning time was reduced tremendously from 90 days, to less than 35-40 days, when these additional support services from Zodiac were implemented.

The Company executive, Mr. Vishal Mehta, commented that, “This is way to go for the future of EMR transcription services!”

When asked how it would better enable the overall, day-to-day operations of any doctor office, Mehta adds, “If any EMR company wants to reduce the overall implementation time they have to come up with an innovative solution that will make the physician’s life easier and far less time-consuming with things that are normally spent on the tedious nature of note-taking—as opposed to focusing their talents on treating their patients. That’s the power of our EMR transcription services!”

To learn more about this exciting EMR Transcription Technology for medical practitioners, please visit Zodiac InfoTech online at: http://www. ZodiacHealth. com (http://www. ZodiacHealth. com).