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MedSurge Advances to Debut LipoFirm™ at ASLMS Annual Conference: A New Laser Lipolysis Technology for Localized Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

MedSurge Advances to Debut LipoFirm™ at ASLMS Annual Conference: A New Laser Lipolysis Technology for Localized Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

New LipoFirm™ 980 nm semi-conductor (diode) laser system* is a premier lipolysis laser that selectively emulsifies adipocytes and tightens skin.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 22, 2008

MedSurge Advances, the nation's largest independent provider of aesthetic medicine products and services to physicians, today announced the availability of LipoFirm, the new semi-conductor (diode) laser system. LipoFirm is manufactured by Osyris of Lille, France. LipoFirm will be exhibited at the ASLMS Annual Conference in Kissimmee, FL Booth #935.

LipoFirm 980nm is a laser lipolysis device specifically designed to disrupt adipocytes through a controlled thermal effect. The effect from the laser not only liquefies fat but also creates skin tightening, thus making this procedure ideal by itself when treating localized areas of fat or in combination with traditional liposuction whenever skin laxity is problematic. LipoFirm has been clinically proven to reduce fat deposits in the chin, ankle, calf, knees, lower back, lower abdomen and back of arms.

Laser Lipolysis Offers Many Benefits
The patented 1 mm cannula delivers perfectly homogeneous results and requires only local tumescent anesthesia. Incision-free delivery results in maximum patient comfort and is a perfect complement to traditional liposuction with less downtime. The LipoFirm laser utilizes a 600 micron fiber. With a thicker fiber, breakage during treatments is drastically reduced resulting in fewer procedural interruptions. Additionally, an integrated thermal imaging system provides enhanced visualization for physicians while performing procedures. LipoFirm technology has an auto-regulation temperature control, thus preventing overheating of patient tissue during the treatment.

Smart Card Technology Provides an Easy to Upgrade Platform
Smart card technology allows physicians to add additional procedures by simply changing the smart card and handpiece. The same laser system easily switches from laser lipolysis to exovenous treatments for the removal of blue leg veins and endovenous treatments for the removal of great saphenous veins. The 980 nm semi-conductor (diode) laser has a ten-year lifetime and weighs only 15 kg making the whole system easily transportable.

Mathematical Modeling at the Core of Laser Lipolysis
LipoFirm™ was developed by researchers in Lille, France at the Lille University Hospital using a unique mathematical modeling approach. Prior to actual laser development, sophisticated mathematical models were built and tested to determine the best possible outcomes with the greatest likelihood of reproducibility. Once mathematical models were perfected, actual laser development began. To learn more about this unique approach, attend the following presentation at the ASLMS Annual Conference:
Presentation titled, "Mathematical Modeling of Laser Lipolysis," as presented by Serge Mordon, Benjamin Wassmer, Jean Pascal Reynaud and Jaouad Zemmouri on Friday, April 4, 2008 at 4:30 p. m.

* Pending FDA Clearance

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