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Probiotic Skin Nutrition From The Inside Out: Hot Beauty Trend in '09

Probiotic Skin Nutrition From The Inside Out: Hot Beauty Trend in '09

One of the world's first nutritional supplement companies to formulate a skincare supplement based on probiotics, Ascent Nutrition has developed an all natural clinically proven skincare formulation that is appropriate for consumers of anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and skin rejuvenation products.

Park City, UT (PRWEB) May 21, 2009

Building upon years of scientific research on the patented L. casei KE-99 probiotic strain, Ascent Nutrition, one of the country's most innovative nutritional supplement companies announces the launch of patent pending KINU Probio Beauty to skin and nutritional professionals in the U. S. Formulated from a balanced blend of L. casei KE-99, cranberry seed oil and fish collagen peptide, KINU becomes one of the world's first commercially marketed probiotic supplements targeted specifically for skincare.

"Skincare specialists have known for years that what people put into their bodies has a dramatic effect on the quality of their hair, skin and nails," according to Matthew Smith, President of Ascent Nutrition. "KINU addresses this unmet need plus provides the added benefit of probiotics such as boosting the immune system and helping with digestive problems such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). KINU doesn't' replace the skincare products that women use, it just may help them work better."

Consumers are becoming very familiar with the benefits of probiotics due to the introduction of live culture food supplements that can be found in grocery stores. Similar to these products, the L. casei KE-99 in KINU is also patented, but rather than a daily yogurt or a drink, a couple of convenient capsules replenish the digestive system with good bacteria. The good bacteria displace "bad" or unwanted bacteria which are known to send toxins throughout the body and compete for nutrients. Once good bacteria are well established in the digestive system, essential fatty acids and nutrients can be processed and sent throughout the body, including the skin.

KINU also adds two new ingredients known for beauty and health: Cranberry seed oil and a fish collagen peptide. The cranberry seed oil is naturally balanced with Omega 3, 6, and 9, beneficial for circulation skin integrity and moisture retention. Cranberry seed oil, a potent anti-oxidant, also contains all 8 isomers of Vitamin E, which nourish and promote healthy skin and hair. The other natural component of KINU is a fish collagen peptide from Japan (www. nitta-gelatin. co. jp). This peptide is rich in Threonine and Methionine, essential fatty acids for healthy hair, nails and skin. This highly concentrated natural protein is also known to repair and restore skin.

The application of probiotics in skin disorders is being widely studied with very encouraging results. A clinical study with KINU was recently completed with over 90% of the women reporting a reduction of fine lines, increased skin elasticity and moisturization of the skin. The subset of women with digestive problems also reported a resolution of symptoms.

While many of the major beauty product manufacturers are jumping on the topical probiotics bandwagon, KINU is at the forefront of getting the most of probiotics from the inside out. "One of the interesting things we have heard back from our test markets is the effect KINU has on hair growth and nail strength," said Smith, "this is consistent with what we know about our ingredients but was an unintended surprise. We will be sure to be looking at this closer in our next study."

For additional information on KINU, contact Matt Smith or visit www. kinu. us.

About Ascent Nutriition:
Park City, UT.-based Ascent Nutrition was established in 2008 and launched in May 2009 with a unique product and pipeline that is sparking a revolution in the skincare and beauty industry.

Matthew Smith
Ascent Nutrition