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Your Children Are Building Friendships Online, Are You Prepared?

Your Children Are Building Friendships Online, Are You Prepared?

Whether they are on the school campus or online, the relationships our kids build today are the foundation of those to come.  As parents it is our responsibility to have boundaries in place to appropriately guide our children in this natural phase of development.

Yucaipa, CA (PRWEB) December 4, 2008

More and more teens are flocking towards cyber hangouts like Myspace, Facebook, Friendster and countless others to mingle with their friends and keep up to date with the latest happenings.  While more teens flock to their computers parents are facing a new challenge in teen behavior and how they are developing relationships. 

That's why the publishers of Unique Parenting are proud to offer 'Online Safety - A Parent & Teen Contract for Myspace or Facebook.' (http://www. uniqueparenting. com/online-safety. html (http://www. uniqueparenting. com/online-safety. html)) It is a downloadable contract for parents and teens designed to clearly state expectations and place teens in a position of accountability for their actions online.

"When my daughter first came home and said she wanted a Myspace account I was immediately against it," Michedolene explained, "for me it was a matter of unmonitored interaction."

In the confines of their rooms, parked in front of their computers, teens are exploring dating, academic disciplines and peer approval.  With the growing popularity of cyber-hangouts parents find themselves in a middle position of either denying their teens the online interaction or allowing the interaction while hoping to properly guide their kids.

Michedolene Hogan, publisher of Unique Parenting, was one of those parents.  She shares her story of how her 15-year-old daughter found herself involved in an inappropriate cyber-relationship in her article, When Your Kid's Safety Online Becomes Necessary will You be Prepared? (http://www. uniqueparenting. com/kids-safety-online. html (http://www. uniqueparenting. com/kids-safety-online. html)) It was this story that motivated her to have a better method in place to ensure her children's safety and accountability. 

In her efforts to ensure her teen was personally responsible for her actions online, she sat down and evaluated her primary concerns with cyber hangouts and what she believed to be the best solution.  Michedolene stated, "I wasn't concerned with the typical internet safety precautions, rather with the type of relationships that were being built.  That's why I put together Online Safety - A Parent & Teen Contract for Myspace or Facebook."

The contract places an emphasis on the teens' responsibilities in how they conduct themselves online.  A teen signing this contract acknowledges, "As a teen interested in having access to a Myspace/Facebook account I am aware there are guidelines that need to be in place in order for my parents to remain actively involved in my life."

A Parent & Teen Contract for Myspace or Facebook focuses on the choices made before and during interactions with peers in the same manner face to face interactions take place.  "As parents it is our responsibility to guide our children as they learn proper development of relationships," shares Michedolene. 

It is for this reason that Unique Parenting is proud to announce that this contract is available FREE to print and use by all parents looking for a solid way to establish ground rules where teens are accountable for their choices up front.  Be sure to visit http://www. uniqueparenting. com/online-safety. html (http://www. uniqueparenting. com/online-safety. html) to print your copy of Online Safety - A Parent & Teen Contract for Myspace or Facebook.

About Michedolene Hogan:

After witnessing the decline in family values she began diligently studying to understand what her children were up against in the world around them and how she could maintain strong family values.  Michedolene dedicated her time to understanding the role parents play in strong families and the importance of a healthy relationship between both parents.  She is the publisher and co-author of Unique Parenting, a site that offers support and information to other parents seeking a unique, affective and God centered approach to building strong families.

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