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Baptist Breast Health Center Becomes Center of Excellence, Promotes Mammography Screening by Offering Immediate Results

Baptist Breast Health Center Becomes Center of Excellence, Promotes Mammography Screening by Offering Immediate Results

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month reminding women to get their annual mammogram. Baptist Breast Health Center has been designated a "Center of Excellence" and promotes mammography screening by offering immediate results.

(PRWEB) October 1, 2004

Baptist Breast Health Center is excited to be launching its Breast Center of Excellence program during National Breast Cancer Awareness month. The objective of the Breast Center of Excellence is to offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for breast cancer awareness, diagnosis, and treatment. This objective is enhanced by the ability to provide immediate results to patients.

Immediate results are available because of the presence of a full-time, on-site radiologist. BaptistÂ’s radiologists have generously scheduled their time in order to meet the needs of the center. However, same-visit results may not be available if the radiologist does not have access to the patientÂ’s previous x-rays. Women who need additional opinions or diagnostic mammography are also given the opportunity to be seen immediately instead of scheduling an additional appointment.

“The hard part for women is worrying and waiting for the results of their mammograms,” says Sis Hovis, RN, Director of New Program Development, Oncology Services. “Fear of the unknown is difficult.

Providing these results in a very timely manner will go a long way toward reducing patient anxiety.”

Waiting on results is not the only difficult part to traditional mammogram services. Breast Health Specialist Mary Ellen Yarbrough, RN, MSN admits, “ Additional difficulties are involved with follow-up if it means taking another day off work and coming in for another appointment.” The ability to provide immediate results reduces the number of people who do not return.

The American Cancer Society recommends that women 40 and older should receive an annual clinical breast exam and mammogram. Women ages 20 to 40 should have a clinical breast exam every three years. Monthly self breast exams are recommended for women 20 and over. Women who have family history, genetic tendency, or other increased risks should discuss the option of earlier or more frequent mammography screenings with their physicians. For more information on the Breast Center of Excellence or mammography screenings call the Baptist Health Line at 1-800-948-6262 or 1-601-948-6262 or visit www. mbhs. org.