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GCI ConnectMD Increases Safety for Puget Sound Blood Center Patients

GCI ConnectMD Increases Safety for Puget Sound Blood Center Patients

ConnectMD’s Medical Network Enables Innovative Remote Allocation for Blood Distribution

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) December 29, 2010

GCI ConnectMD (ConnectMD) is making a new blood-distribution process possible for the Puget Sound Blood Center (the Blood Center), increasing patient safety and hospital efficiency. ConnectMD, the premier provider of telehealth connectivity and services throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, partnered with the Blood Center, the recognized leader in transfusion medicine and the world's largest transfusion service, to provide hospitals with the ability to quickly and securely access blood and blood components at the point-of-use. The new system will launch at Swedish Medical Center - Cherry Hill Campus this month.

“Similar to modern manufacturing processes, the new distribution system allows blood to be available in an efficient just-in-time model, instead of preparing, transporting and storing patient-specific blood components that may never be transfused,” said James P. AuBuchon, president and CEO, MD, FCAP, FRCP (Edin), Puget Sound Blood Center.

ConnectMD provides the Blood Center with a direct connection to the medical facilities that are currently members of the ConnectMD medical network. Any medical facilities not on ConnectMD’s network will be connected to the Blood Center through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The blood distribution devices of the Blood Center’s hospitals are stocked with an appropriate inventory of red blood cells and plasma. When a hospital patient requires a transfusion, blood is electronically cross-matched for them by the Blood Center. Through the connection provided by ConnectMD, the appropriate blood components in the hospital's blood distribution device are automatically assigned to the patient. When those components are needed, a trained medical professional with secure access simply inputs the patient's information into the blood distribution device and the proper component is dispensed.

“Patient safety is increased because human error is greatly reduced by having the automated technology manage the process while ensuring blood is available instantly, without time required to transport it from the Blood Center to the hospital,” said Sandy Kukla, senior program manager, RN, CFHP, GCI Connect MD.

About GCI ConnectMD
GCI ConnectMD® is a private medical network made up of clinics, hospitals, and medical corporations, securely and reliably exchanging medical data and critical health information. ConnectMD is a service of GCI (Nasdaq: GNCMA), an Alaska-based telecommunications company that has been successfully providing solutions to customers for over 25 years. The unique combination of telecommunications expertise, a focus on healthcare, and proven experience delivering medical network services, regardless of location, distinguishes GCI ConnectMD from other health IT solutions. Currently 200 facilities are securely exchanging medical data and have access to a suite of health IT tools and services on the GCI ConnectMD medical network. Visit http://www. connectmd. com for more information.