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Southern California Podiatrist Announces Exclusive House Call Practice for Seniors Only - At $45 Per Home Visit, No Toenail Fungus is Safe

Southern California Podiatrist Announces Exclusive House Call Practice for Seniors Only - At $45 Per Home Visit, No Toenail Fungus is Safe

Podiatrist defies traffic congestion, high gas prices and restrictive health insurance "hoops" to make home visits for senior citizens in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and now, parts of the Inland Empire.

Fullerton, California (PRWEB) July 28, 2010

Dr. David Rizzo, a Fullerton, California-based podiatrist, announces one of the first house-calls only practices for patients over sixty years of age. At the same time, the geographic area of practice has been expanded to include the western edges of Riverside and San Bernardino counties from the original margins of the central metropolitan Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

“Many other podiatrists have offices and do house-calls on the side, but I believe that I am unique in only making home calls, all the time, for geriatric patients who can’t get out of their home,” says Rizzo.

In practice for 34 years, Rizzo displays a penchant for going mobile. His alter ego is none other than Dr. Roadmap (registered trademark), one of the most recognizable names in providing alternate routes in gridlocked Southern California -- as evidenced by his two books, “Freeway Alternates” and “How to Beat Freeway Traffic in Southern California.” In fact, it was his early years of making house calls to treat toenail fungus, and an ingrown toenail here and there, that provided Rizzo the opportunity to discover his secret routes.

“I use my street smarts to travel from Santa Monica to San Dimas, and from San Fernando to San Clemente to attend to common podiatry problems such as nail fungus, ingrown toenails, and corns and calluses," Rizzo continues. "All the while, I hardly ever get slowed down by traffic congestion."

In this day and age of virtual business transactions where even doctor consultations are conducted via the Internet, it’s hard to imagine that modern medical care is still provided in the old fashioned tradition of coming to the patient’s home. Yet, in defiance of impersonal trends, Rizzo more than demonstrates a willingness to make the trek to the patient’s door.

“Being old-timers, my patients are pleased to learn that a doctor will still come to their bedside or wheelchair, even if they are in a board and care home,” notes Rizzo. “They are also amazed that I charge rates that are more in keeping with what was paid twenty years ago.”

Rizzo isn’t kidding. At $45 for a house call, this podiatrist has to be the least expensive doctor on record. For geriatrics with aching feet, this news should be well received.

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