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Taiwan is a highly developed country with a high living standard

Taiwan is a highly developed country with a high living standard

Research and Markets have announced the addition of the ‘Taiwan Pharmaceutical Country Intelligence’ report to their offering.

(PRWEB) March 26, 2004

Whatever your needs, whether you are monitoring developments in national markets, identifying new opportunities, assessing product areas, or using the data as an integral part of your market planning, WPM's country reports are invaluable. Sections are included on the organisation and administration of health services, healthcare expenditure, hospital and outpatient services, medical personnel and healthcare development. Issues relevant to the pharmaceutical market environment are outlined, including regulation, registration, patent protection and distribution. The market section includes data on domestic production and international trade.

Taiwan is a highly developed country, with a standard of living similar to much of southern Europe. As such, hospital services and staff are of high quality, although the latter are in short supply. Taiwan has a small domestic pharmaceutical industry; there are a large number of manufacturers, but they are almost always at the low end of the technology scale, concentrating on producing generics, OTC products and Chinese medicines.

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