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New Website Provides Free Skin Care Advice

New Website Provides Free Skin Care Advice

A new website, FreeSkinCareAdvice. com, has been released. It provides free advice on a variety of skin care topics.

Pompton Plains, NJ (PRWEB) August 18, 2006

You need skin care advice because, as you already know, the way your skin looks influences how you feel about yourself. When your skin is clear and smooth, you feel confident. But unfortunately when your skin is giving you problems, you feel self-conscious.

A new website, FreeSkinCareAdvice. com, was created to help.

It contains 5 sections of free skin care advice. The information covers a wide variety of skin care topics from vitamins to wrinkle treatment.

The sections of skin care information include:

Section 1: Cleansing Skin Care Information - free advice on the best way to clean your skin because properly cleansing is the basis for healthy skin, no matter what your age or skin type is.

Section 2: Anti Wrinkle Treatment - free advice on how to prevent wrinkles. Several conditions can cause your skin to form wrinkles, regardless of your age or skin type.

Section 3: Vitamin Recommendations for Healthy Skin - free advice on which vitamins to take for good skin because incorporating certain vitamin supplements will also improve the appearance of your skin, as well as provide a wide variety of additional health benefits to your body.

Section 4: Sun Damaged Skin Treatment - free advice on how to prevent and treat skin damage caused by the sun because sunlight harms your skin, most particularly the upper layer of skin known as the epidermis.

Section 5: Food for Healthy Skin - free advice on which food to eat to keep your skin healthy and clear. The basis for having healthy skin is a well-balanced diet that includes essential vitamins that aid in the important functions of your body's system.

Each section address it's particular topic and provides general information and tips proven to be effective. Skin care can be a complicated and emotional topic and this website covers it from a variety of different angles.

"Skin care is such an important issue because everyone is emotionally affected by the health of their skin," said Ryan Cote, Owner of FreeSkinCareAdvice. com. "When your skin is clear and smooth, it's amazing the confidence this gives a person. Because of this, I set out to create a website with good, free skin care advice.

For more information, please visit:

Http://www. FreeSkinCareAdvice. com (http://www. FreeSkinCareAdvice. com)


For Dad, Sounds in Silence Says: ‘Sleep In On Father’s Day’

For Dad, Sounds in Silence Says: ‘Sleep In On Father’s Day’

New BabySleep System™ CD Helps Babies Sleep Longer, Gives Dads (and Moms) the Gift Of Sleep

CARLSBAD, CA (PRWEB) June 12, 2004 -

– Dads everywhere look forward to Father’s Day — a day all their own where they can kick back, watch the U. S. Open, marvel at that stunning new tie, have a profound barbecue experience – and generally rest peacefully and easily, right?

Wrong. If youÂ’re a new dad or a father to young children, chances are youÂ’re up early and often (though, in fairness, probably not as much as mom). Perhaps the very best gift you could receive would be the gift of uninterrupted sleep.

With that idea firmly in mind, Sounds in Silence (www. babysleepsystem. com) today urged dads to “Sleep In on Father’s Day” – and recommended that moms and friends consider its new BabySleep System™ CD as this year’s Father’s Day gift of choice -- one sure path to blissful sleep… for father and child.

WHO:  Fathers (and mothers) whoÂ’d like their newborns and young children to fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and stay asleep for a longer period of time.

WHAT: The breakthrough BabySleep System CD, from Sounds in Silence –- a company formed by experts from the music industry –- is something quite different from garden-variety lullaby CDs. The BabySleep System uses ambient music with the Womb Effect™ to bring relief to sleep-deprived parents by enabling young children to fall sleep faster and to stay asleep longer.

The result of five years of research, the Womb Effect effectively recreates in utero sounds. These sounds are muffled and primarily of low frequency, including the motherÂ’s regular resting heartbeat. Mixing that with a soothing, ambient audio track, world-class musicians Jay Oliver and Bill Lenihan have created an environment that is truly calming to a baby or young child.

WHEN:Now through June 20

HOW: Go to http://www. babysleepsystem. com (http://www. babysleepsystem. com) or request an evaluation copy of the BabySleep System CD from Edge Communications, Inc., at ken@edgepress. com


Founded in 2001 by professional musicians and world-class audio engineers, Sounds in Silence, Inc. (www. babysleepsystem. com) consists of a team of pediatricians, researchers and specialists focused on providing comfort, relaxation and healthier sleep patterns for newborns and infants. The BabySleep System CD, Sounds in SilenceÂ’s flagship product, is built around a breakthrough technology called The Womb Effect -- an audio simulation of the womb sound environment, combined with a proprietary music track. The company is based in Carlsbad, Calif.

Recognizing Opportunities and Influence of E-Commerce Are Critical to Growth of Distribution Channels, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts

Recognizing Opportunities and Influence of E-Commerce Are Critical to Growth of Distribution Channels, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts

Distribution channel system is affected through factors such as demographic and psychographic characteristics, customer preferences and culture, nature of companies operating in the marketplace, product characteristics, pricing and placement of the product, capital resources and coverage of sales areas. Well-managed distribution systems result in cost reduction in receiving, handling and merchandising the products.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) September 15, 2008

Distribution channel is as a group of interdependent enterprises that engage in transfer of products and information from a supplier to a consumer. An effective distribution system helps in better use of space, labor and stores and reduces costs related to inventory, control, and delivery. Rapid technological growth and roll out of myriad distribution channels had led to intense competition and price wars among manufacturers and retailers. Generally, distribution channels (http://www. strategyr. com/Distribution_Channel_Research_Industry_Market_Report. asp) are classified based on exclusive (narrow) or intense (wide) networks. Goods such as automobiles are sold through exclusive network while soft drinks are sold through a wide spread distribution network. Many companies also opt for parallel distribution where in products are sold both through traditional channels and through Internet or factory outlet stores. Other marketing strategies include taking up in-store activities such as samples, demonstration, and special placement. Often, manufacturers offer certain products for low cost as a promotional activity and some offer compliments with corporate logo to promote their products.

New technologies expand the capabilities and effectiveness of the distribution system and add up to the pressure on the traditional distribution channels. Technologies that make such differences profound include logistics management such as global positioning systems and bar-coding, communications media such as the Internet, Intranets, bandwidth expansion, and e-business; and IT technologies such as SAP, Oracle and Aribia. com.

Market for Electronic commerce (http://www. strategyr. com/Distribution_Channel_Research_Industry_Market_Report. asp) is bubbling with growth opportunities. Each company places detailed information about the products offered by them, and when a consumer uses search machine it not only displays the product details but also offers detailed list of manufacturers offering the product. The E-commerce marketing is quite popular with the sophisticated class who wish to survey about various types of products available in the market and choose the best. E-business channels bring to table virtual shopping opportunities and a strong alternative to contemporary distribution methods. E-Business would allow manufacturers a new and more efficient way to reach to customers and channel partners.

Non-store retailing (http://www. strategyr. com/Distribution_Channel_Research_Industry_Market_Report. asp) involves selling of products to consumers through mail order, e-commerce, TV marketing, and through direct sales. Non-store retailing is the latest fad in the developed economies, particularly China for consumers who are vary of buying goods without seeing or trying before purchase.

The report titled "Distribution Channel Research: A Global Outlook" provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. The report offers a bird's eye view of the structure of the distribution channel system, and the changing trends dotting its landscape. Discussion on the global market is lined up with concise primers on major distribution channel markets, such as, Agricultural Sector, Retail Banking, Insurance Sector, and Mutual Funds. The retailing/distribution landscape in the US is quantitatively analyzed, and annotated with 46 market data rich tables that portray the prevalent retailing practices and distribution infrastructure scenario in select industries such as Cosmetics (Fragrances, Hair Care, Health & Beauty Aids), Office Products, and Consumer Food & Beverage Products, among others. Other briefly discussed and statistically illustrated regional markets include France, Italy, UK, China, and India. Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 2,281 companies worldwide.

For more details about this research report, please visit
Http://www. strategyr. com/Distribution_Channel_Research_Industry_Market_Report. asp (http://www. strategyr. com/Distribution_Channel_Research_Industry_Market_Report. asp)

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) (http://www. strategyr. com) is a reputed publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company is globally recognized as one of the world's largest market research publishers. The company employs more than 700 people worldwide and publishes more than 880 full-scale research reports each year. Additionally, the company also offers a range of more than 60,000 smaller research products including company reports, market trend reports and industry reports encompassing all major industries worldwide.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Telephone 408-528-9966
Fax 408-528-9977
Email press @ StrategyR. com
Web Site www. StrategyR. com


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Limor Schafman of KeystoneTech Group Presents at CES on New Internet Ipv6 Home and Mobile Entertainment

Limor Schafman of KeystoneTech Group Presents at CES on New Internet Ipv6 Home and Mobile Entertainment

Limor Schafman, President of KeystoneTech Group and Immediate Past President of the World Future Society’s Washington D. C. chapter will present at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 5. Joining panelists on the topic of Ipv6 – the New Internet Protocol – Ms. Schafman will be speaking on what the Next Generation Internet means for Home and Mobile Entertainment in device and software application development.

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) January 5, 2006

The technoentertainmentgeekbiz throngs converge on Las Vegas once again for CES 2006. With over 140,000 attendees anticipated, and approximately 2,500 exhibitors keeping the show floors abuzz, this years Consumer Electronics Show promises an exciting exploration of new gadgetry and technology trends. Limor Schafman, President of KeystoneTech Group, based in Arlington, Virginia, and Immediate Past President of the World Future Society’s US National Capital Region Chapter will bring her vision of the New Internet, also known as the Next Generation Internet, or IPv6 when she presents on January 5th. She joins expert panelists who will discuss IPv6 and its future impact on Home and Mobile Entertainment.

“IPv6 will become the fundamental infrastructure which enables continuous, ubiquitous, always connected, personalized, computing. It is so important that this year there is a track covering this topic at CES. We are lagging behind Asia in development of this protocol, and this needs to be corrected now,” says Limor. “U. S. global economic health and our very rights, access and imprint on the Internet are at stake. We created the Internet and the current IPv4, but IPv6 is in the hands of other countries. This is dangerous for our on-going technological production and for our Homeland Security.” “Consumer demand has the power to drive adoption of this New Internet,” says Limor. “By showing the value added of deploying IPv6 and producing software and hardware to the CES audience, we hope to see IPv6 ready products by CES 2007 and 2008.” Limor adds, “IPv6 will enable us to compete with Asia and Europe for the top spot in entertainment technology innovation. Finally!”

The IPv6 track will present information on how to do build New Internet businesses, Home Networking, Home Entertainment, Home Office and Mobile and Security with IPv6. Thursday, January 5 from 10:00am-5:00pm at the Sands Hotel/Convention Center Room 105.

About KeystoneTech Group:

KeystoneTech Group (www. keystonetechgroup. com) is both a Marketplace Maker for high technology commercialization targeting a myriad of industries in the commercial and government sectors including retail, design, video games, immersive environments, consumer electronics, visual displays, mobile and security industries; and a Service Consultancy offering Market Research, Market, Operations & Finance Strategy, Alliance Development and Sales.

About Consumer Electronics Show 2006:

Www. cesweb. org

Contact Information:

Limor Schafman

Www. keystonetechgroup. com

Blogging live from CES:

Http://keystonetechgroup. typepad. com/ktg_blog/ (http://keystonetechgroup. typepad. com/ktg_blog/)


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Americas Watchdog Would Like to Talk with People who were Given Trasylol During Open Heart Surgery or Hip Replacement Surgery or Their Family Members

Americas Watchdog Would Like to Talk with People who were Given Trasylol During Open Heart Surgery or Hip Replacement Surgery or Their Family Members

Americas Watchdog's is conducting a national out reach to surgical patients who may have been given the drug Trasylol during heart surgery or hip replacement surgery. The group is conducting a national investigation to determine if individuals exposed to Trasylol may have suffered kidney failure, or other side affects that have been associated with this drug. In the event a family member lost a loved one during open heart surgery or a hip replacement, Americas Watchdog would like to hear from the family member. Americas Watchdog is warning the entire health care industry, this will not be just another case of business as usual.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 22, 2008

Americas Watchdog has launched a national investigation involving the medication called Trasylol. Trasylol was given up to one third of all US patients undergoing open heart surgery and tens of thousands of US citizens undergoing hip replacement surgery. According to the national TV news program 60 Minutes, Trasylol may have been a contributing factor in the deaths of 22,000 Americans or more. According to 60 minutes, "the drug manufacturer may have known about the side affects of kidney failure or death long before it was pulled from US pharmacies or hospitals".

Americas Watchdog wants to talk to every US surgical patient who was given a hip replacement or went through a open heart procedure that may have involved Trasylol, from 2000 to 2006. Alleged side affects from Trasylol exposure include:
Death Kidney Failure Other side affects. In order to facilitate victims or their loved ones, Americas Watchdog has set up a 24/7 national toll free number for anyone wishing to learn more about the investigation. The national toll free number is 866-714-6466.

According to Americas Watchdog, "What is most despicable about this drugs use is the fact that a single dose of Trasylol may have cost over $1000, yet there were much lower priced generics available at around $7.00."

According to 60 Minutes, the $7.00 generics came with no side affects. "We are suggesting that physicians demanded that patients be given Trasylol to the unsuspecting patients because the doctors and the drug company had a sweet heart arrangement, also known as a consulting agreement. Consulting agreements in the pharmaceutical industry are little more than pay offs, designed to compensate the physician for prescribing very expensive drugs. If this is all true, we may be talking about corporate mass murder at $1000 a dose," says Americas Watchdog. There could be a significant reward for hospital insiders with very specific information.

If an ethical employee of a hospital or a nurse has information about Trasylol being used on open heart surgeries or hip replacement surgeries they should contact Americas Watchdog immediately at 866-714-6466. If an employee of a health insurance company or an HMO has data about Trasylol being used in any surgical procedure, they should call Americas Watchdog immediately at 866-714-6466. According to Americas Watchdog, "Hospitals had to look the other way on Trasylol use in order to keep admissions up and admitting doctors happy, and according to 60 Minutes people died because of it."

Americas Watchdog is inviting any US citizen who lost a loved one, or a loved one suffered kidney failure from 2000 to 2006, during, or as a result heart or hip surgery, to call the group. Americas watchdog's toll free number is 866-714-6466. Americas Watchdog went onto say, "We intend to end pharmaceutical company/doctor consulting arrangements, when we have proof of wrong doing, we will go right to the US Justice Department, The National News Media, and the public. The drug companies might currently own the US Congress, but its an election year and we think things in health care are about to change. The party's over."

Americas Watchdog is all about consumer, medical patient and taxpayer protection along with corporate responsibility. The groups web site is located at http://AmericasWatchdog. com (http://AmericasWatchdog. com).


Bomgar Introduces Secure Remote Support Solution for Government Agencies

Bomgar Introduces Secure Remote Support Solution for Government Agencies

First Remote Support Product to Achieve FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Certification, Validating Bomgar’s Ongoing Commitment to Security.

Ridgeland, MS (PRWEB) June 15, 2010

Bomgar Corporation, a leading provider of secure remote support solutions, announced today the availability of its Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 certified (http://csrc. nist. gov/groups/STM/cmvp/) remote support product for the government sector. The new product meets stringent requirements set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (http://www. nist. gov/index. html) for both hardware and software, demonstrating Bomgar’s extensive commitment to security. As the industry’s only remote support provider to achieve FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliance for its complete solution, Bomgar can now offer government agencies and heavily regulated industries the most secure remote support solution on the market.

Bomgar’s one-of-a-kind appliance-based delivery model serves as an additional safeguard for security-conscious enterprises, government agencies, and heavily regulated industries, such as retail, hospitality, banking, insurance, medical and financial services. The Bomgar appliance centralizes all data and audit logs on-premise, avoiding the security risks inherent to SaaS-based alternatives. The FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified appliance not only expands Bomgar’s product line, but also provides the government sector a secure solution for delivering efficient, remote support to branch offices, customers and mobile workers.

Bomgar’s unique approach to remote support has enabled the company to successfully work with thousands of leading security-conscious companies, including Novell, Humana, CapGemini, MIT, Fiserv and CSC. The recognition of the FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification validates Bomgar’s continued commitment to providing customers with the highest level of remote support protection and validates both the software and hardware components of Bomgar’s new product.

“Bomgar doesn’t just talk the talk on security; they walk the walk,” said Dennis Scales, director of corporate IT, Fidelity National Information Systems. “Undergoing the FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validation process is one of the many ways Bomgar demonstrates that they take security seriously.”

Bomgar added several features to the new product, such as software zeroization and self-test, which allows the product to failsafe if it has been comprised or tampered in any way. These new enhancements, in combination with Bomgar’s appliance-based, on-site deployment model and secure architecture, enable Bomgar to meet the stringent IT security requirements of the federal government. In addition, the reporting features within Bomgar help businesses comply with regulations including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The new FIPS-certified Bomgar Box is currently available today. More information can be found at www. bomgar. com.

About Bomgar Corporation
Bomgar is the worldwide leader in secure, appliance-based remote support. The company’s award winning solutions enable organizations to improve IT support efficiency by securely accessing and managing virtually any system – Mac, Linux, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphones plus all versions of Windows. Over 5,000 leading companies around the world have deployed Bomgar’s enterprise-class solutions to transform their IT support functions and significantly improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction while dramatically reducing costs. Bomgar is a privately-held company headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi with offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington DC, Paris and London. In 2009, Bomgar was named one of the fastest-growing companies in the US by Inc. 500 (http://www. inc. com/inc5000/2009/company-profile. html? id=200904110).


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Vocal Code Research Produces Outcomes Considered Improbable by Current Medical Standards

Vocal Code Research Produces Outcomes Considered Improbable by Current Medical Standards

A system of numeric Vocal Codes that accurately reflect the biochemical expressions and structural integrity of the body has been discovered within the frequency architecture of the human voice.

Albany, OH (PRWEB) October 7, 2005

A system of numeric Vocal Codes that accurately reflect the biochemical expressions and structural integrity of the body has been discovered within the frequency architecture of the human voice by Sound Health, a small research facility located in Southern Ohio. Logically the establishment of a reliable model of BioAcoustic Biology, based on the mathematical patterns of the voice, will follow as this emerging science become more viable.

Using a computerized profile of the voice, Vocal Codes have been used to create individual frequency-based protocols that appear to have resulted in outcomes that are improbable using contemporary medical standards. One such example is Russ Rudy, a physician who had a presumed diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). His lower body was numb; his nerves deteriorating; his gait unstable; his stamina fragile. After novel vocal based sounds were ambiently presented, an Electromyleogram (EMG) nerve conduction evaluation revealed that the nerves of the hips, thighs and lower legs had significantly improved. Dr. Rudy states, "I had regressed to the point that I was using a motorized scooter to try to practice medicine. After using BioAcoustic techniques, my EMG showed that the nerves in my quadriceps had completely regenerated. When I first started BioAcoustic sound presentation, I was very weak; my stamina and tolerance for exercise was very low. I could lift 10 lbs when attempting knee extensions. I can now lift 115 lbs and I continue to show improvement. I’m stronger and less tired." 

Rudy’s miracle of non-medicine was accomplished after the Cleveland Clinic and several research hospitals had given him no hope for recovery. Dr. Rudy, and those who work closely with him, perceives his progress as nearly impossible to comprehend within the current medical paradigm but the results cannot be denied. The seemingly impossible feat of large-scale nerve regeneration has been repeated with other research subjects including the restoration of hearing loss due to nerve damage that occurred eighteen years earlier.

Continuing BioAcoustic Biology based research is being conducted by Sharry Edwards, MEd, the pioneer of this promising technique. "In the beginning the progress was slow but as the pieces began to fall into place, the process became more sophisticated, computer-based and obvious. It was like putting together a large puzzle. The more pieces you put in place the more quickly you can work the rest of the puzzle," explains Edwards.

Numeric codes found in the voice, which follow predictable matrix-like patterns, have been used for experimental purposes in an attempt to emulate the body’s own self healing potential. Supposedly incurable degenerative diseases such as Macular Degeneration have been reversed. Back pain, something experienced by 60% of adults, is being eliminated. Using the mathematical matrix found within the Vocal Codes, the system can often decipher why a person develops such stressors as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, celiac disease, allergies, autism, metabolic and immune deficiencies. Edwards states that the growing list of issues she and her team have dealt with is getting longer by the day, and slowly but surely overshadowing the list of issues they have not yet attempted.

This seminal work is just now getting the attention of Ohio's government supported research agencies. Omeris, a non-profit organization designed to build and accelerate bioscience industry, research and education in Ohio, has recognized that Sound Health, "has brought a revolutionary idea to the forefront of the Bioscience Community." Omeris officials believe that the research being done by Sound Health could become a vital part of Ohio's bioscience economy.

Larry Trivieri, author of several books relating to the subjects of health and alternative medicine, believes Edwards to be a truly inspired health innovator. In his newest publication, Health on the Edge, Trivieri devoted an entire chapter to Human BioAcoustics in an attempt to introduce the public to the groundbreaking concepts of Vocal Profiling. Trivieri writes, "In my long career as a lay investigator of, and writer about, cutting edge healing methods, I've had the great fortune to meet literally hundreds of truly exceptional healers and visionaries. In Sharry, we have someone who is both, and the work that she is doing in the field of sound therapy is to me among the most important breakthroughs in the entire field of healing, both conventional and holistic."

The research being conducted by the Sound Health Research Institute is not widely known because of Edwards' reluctance to publish the developing protocols except among trusted colleagues. "Most of the people who are referred to us by the medical profession are those patients who have 'unknown' disease processes. This is a work in process. As we find partners willing to work with us, we are discovering that the body has the ability to diagnose and prescribe for itself through the voice. In many cases the numeric links explaining how issues such as aging, immune deficiencies and mitochondrial disorders have evolved are beyond what is currently being published in the medical literature," states Edwards.

"Sharry gets nervous when I refer to her as 'the doctor's doctor'," states Roman Chrucky, a practicing physician from Pennsylvania. "We don’t want to share her with the world but we know it is only a matter of time until there are swarms of people demanding to have her take their voice print and learn what she does," he laments.

Ralph Fucetola, JD, a health system legal specialist, maintains that Edwards' research is "the most profound research I've ever seen. It is so profound that most people simply won't be able to fully comprehend it. The use of Vocal Codes has been shown to be efficacious against pathogenic invasions. It is highly likely that the predicted pandemic plague could be seriously curtailed using this system. Even resistant and mutating pathogens could be quickly identified and contained."

Even though Vocal Codes have the ability to individually calculate what will happen and what is happening for any individual in terms of the frequency relationships of health and wellness, Edwards is often quick to add that what has been accomplished so far is rudimentary compared to the potential it holds for the advancement of medicine.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Intent. com Launches 30 Days of Intentions and Announces Winners of 2010 Intent Web Awards

Intent. com Launches 30 Days of Intentions and Announces Winners of 2010 Intent Web Awards

This week, Intent. com launches their second round of 30 Days of Intentions to mark the mid-point of 2010.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 3, 2010

This week, Intent. com launches their second round of 30 Days of Intentions to mark the mid-point of 2010. The 30 Days of Intentions is a challenge to the internet community to commit to posting one new intent a day for 30 days straight as a way to bring positive change to one's personal life, community and the planet as a whole.

"Posting daily intents has become a powerful anchor for me to achieve my goals, live consciously and give back," says Mallika Chopra, founder of Intent. com. "I am so thrilled to see a community develop around intentions to improve our daily lives, our communities and the planet."

To read Intent. com founder Mallika Chopra's message to the community and to comment on the blog post to publicly commit to the 30 Days of Intentions, click here: http://www. intent. com/mallikachopra/blog/dear-intent-community-join-us-our-30-years-intentions (http://www. intent. com/mallikachopra/blog/dear-intent-community-join-us-our-30-years-intentions).

Intent. com is also excited to announce the winners of their first-ever 2010 Intent Web Awards. For the last month, community members and internet users from all over the world were asked to vote for their favorite reader-nominated blog or website for achieving their intentions in the areas of Parenting, Sex and Relationships, Sustainability, Spirituality, Yoga & Fitness, Diet & Healthy Eating, Happiness, Health & Healthy Eating, Career and Get Involved.

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2010 Intent Web Awards listed below. We applaud these websites and blogs for their dedication towards helping individuals everywhere achieve their intentions for a better life and a better world.

The full list of winners, which include sites like Tonic. com and Om Gal, can be found here: http://www. intent. com/intentteam/blog/congratulations-winners-2010-intent-web-awards (http://www. intent. com/intentteam/blog/congratulations-winners-2010-intent-web-awards)

About Intent. com

Intent. com is a premier wellness site and supportive social network where like-minded individuals can connect and support each others' intentions. Founded by Deepak Chopra's daughter Mallika Chopra, Intent. com aims to be the most trusted and comprehensive wellness destination featuring a supportive community of members, blogs from top wellness experts and curated online content relating to personal, social, global and spiritual wellness.


Jill Greenfield Comments on the Numerous Failings Highlighted by the Griffin Inquiry into Godstone Farm E. Coli 0157 Outbreak

Jill Greenfield Comments on the Numerous Failings Highlighted by the Griffin Inquiry into Godstone Farm E. Coli 0157 Outbreak

Field Fisher Waterhouse partner Jill Greenfield provides her comments on the findings of the Griffin Inquiry into the E. Coli 0157 outbreak at Godstone farm in August 2009 announced by the Health Protection Agency.

London (PRWEB) June 16, 2010

The Health Protection Agency today announced the findings of the Griffin Inquiry into the E. Coli 0157 outbreak at Godstone farm in August 2009.

Jill Greenfield, personal injury (http://personalinjury. ffw. com) partner at law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse is currently co-ordinating a group action on behalf of a significant number of the children who suffered serious consequences due to their exposure to the E. Coli 0157 whilst visiting Godstone farm.

This is the largest outbreak of people affected by E Coli 0157 linked to an open farm in the UK. There were 93 people affected and of those 76 were children aged under 10. Of the 93, 27 were admitted to hospital and 17 developed serious kidney problems.

The Griffin Inquiry highlights numerous failings at many levels both in the way that Godstone Farm managed its appreciation of the risks to its visitors, but also in relation to the various authorities that were involved in the regulation and subsequent recommended closure of this farm. The report highlights that, at its peak, 1 in 100 visiting Godstone Farm were exposed to E. Coli 0157.

Commenting on the report Jill Greenfield said:

"It is a relief to see that the Griffin Inquiry recognises the very serious nature of E. coli 0157 and differentiates that strain of the bacteria from the normal e-coli that many of us carry. Too many people seem to think that hand washing is the answer; this report makes clear that it is not and a great deal more needs to be done to make Open Farms safe.

"From the evidence in the report it does appear that at every possible level there were fundamental failings in the handling of the outbreak. Such failings are simply unacceptable.

"Many of the children that I am representing suffered significant pain and distress and continued to require medical treatment. We will not know for many years whether or not they will require further dialysis and/or kidney transplants. Their parents have also gone through a terrible experience and it is at least some comfort to them to see that this inquiry is taking matters so seriously. It is particularly important that the report gives clear guidance to the open farming industry in relation to the safety of children and E. Coli 0157."

Jill Greenfield highlights the following key points from the report:
The report highlights that the symptoms from 0157 can result in catastrophic injuries for young children, causing renal failure, potentially brain damage and death. It explains that this is a new strain of E. Coli, first noted in the US in 1982. It is different to those that society usually comes into contact with. It is particularly surprising to us is that it is clear from this report that the farm had previous experience of an outbreak of E. Coli 0157 in 2000. The Griffin Inquiry states that Godstone farm failed to provide suitable training to staff members to identify hazards on the farm and to enact suitable control measures as required under health & safety law. The report suggests that Godstone Farm showed little evidence that they appreciated the importance of their own actions in controlling the risk to the visitors and that they were not proactive in seeking out best practice and limiting the exposure of visitors to infection by E. Coli 0157.

Specific reference in the report is made to:

The fact that children were able to climb into pens where they would then have been exposed to faecal material. Children's buggies and wheelchairs were taken through areas where faecal material would have been present. A deep bedding system in which bedding is allowed to accumulate in an animal pen over a period of time was being operated. This would have allowed a build up of faeces to be present within the pens in which the children then had walked to feed the animals. The indication from the report is that the farm relied heavily upon the parents' knowledge of E. Coli 0157 and appeared to have adopted hand-washing at the expense of other "crucial controls" (principally the avoidance of faecal contamination). It is also clear in the report that many parents do not know and appreciate the danger of E. Coli 0157. People regularly hear of E. Coli but do not know just how dangerous this particular strain is. This report is hard hitting and makes serious recommendations that will assist the open farm industry to regulate and control the running of open farms in the future. This points to an accreditation scheme and for new regulations to be put in place allowing children to continue to visit open farms and to have contact with animals, where it is safe to do so.

For further information or if you believe you have an E Coli 0157 legal claim (http://personalinjury. ffw. com/areas-of-expertise/personal-injury/e-coli-0157-claims. aspx) please contact Jill Greenfield on 020 7861 4557 or email jill(dot)greenfield(at)ffw(dot)com


The MedZilla Report for July, 2009 - Health Care Creates 20,000 More Jobs As Economy Hits Insurers

The MedZilla Report for July, 2009 - Health Care Creates 20,000 More Jobs As Economy Hits Insurers

Health care jobs continue to be both created and lost each month, though the average of new jobs in the industry remains at 20,000 monthly, and health care has one of the the lowest unemployment rates of any field in the U. S. However, companies ancillary to health care, such as insurers, are feeling the economic pinch more and more.

Everett, WA (Vocus) August 12, 2009

There is a dichotomy between simultaneous job creation and job elimination in health care, and other fields as well. Those seeking new jobs in that industry are used to seeing layoffs alongside reports that jobs remain available and the field in fact continues to grow. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care employment continued to grow as it has done for the first half of 2009, with about 20,000 new jobs created in July. This remains 10,000 below the average monthly job creation number for 2008, but it is still a very positive statistic. Also, the unemployment rate within the health care field is 6.1 percent – the lowest rate among all job classes measured by the Bureau except government workers and the self-employed.

The declining U. S. economy has begun causing layoffs in areas not traditionally associated with each other. One of those is in insurance. When companies try to cut costs, employee benefits are generally part of the mix. For example, when GM and Chrysler cut their dental coverage, more than 50 people at one dental insurer were affected. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama cited similar troubles when they cut more than 150 people last month. Other services are also being eliminated – leading to job losses – including social services agencies such as the Association for Individual Development in Aurora, Ill., which served 1,100 persons with disabilities.

Last month, the MedZilla (http://www. medzilla. com) employment report raised the concern that, once everyone who is not involved in patient care is laid off, who will health care agencies eliminate? The obvious answer has begun revealing itself in carefully-worded press releases, such as one from the North Philadelphia Health System, which said they would be “substantially reducing [their] operations and permanently reducing [their] staff by discontinuing a number of programs.” July's biggest layoffs directly from health care – at least in terms of scope of personnel – came from Pennsylvania, as the West Penn Allegheny Health System announced a reduction of 185 people. There were also two big layoff announcements from the pharmaceutical sector – Caraco, who faces difficulties due to manufacturing violations, will be forced to cut 350 people, and PPD, a contract research company, plans to lay off 270 workers nationwide.

Meanwhile, in terms of job growth, companies in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California posted significantly more jobs in July than June – New Jersey led the pack with a 3.5 percent job increase. Of the new jobs posted, however, July was the first month in several where primary care and surgical postings dropped by as much as they did – more than eight percent fewer jobs posted in July than June. A few months ago, MedZilla suggested there was a 'research cycle', where certain jobs were created and posted as needed by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms that were working on new medications and devices. In July MedZilla saw significant increases in the number of jobs posted in the research and development sections, which seems to lend credence to that hypothesis.

Companies actively seeking new employees were most active in New Jersey, increasing their activities by seven percent; Louisiana and Illinois also jumped more than two percent apiece. And while job seekers did not much change the frequency with which they looked for new jobs, it was again New Jersey that was the most active – applicants there increased their searching by more than one percent over the previous month, the greatest change among all states.

Job seekers in New Jersey and across the world have a variety of tools available to them, including niche job sites such as MedZilla. com (http://www. medzilla. com), but the most visually-compelling – and therefore often the most reported-upon during television news broadcasts – is the job fair. A recent report from WXIA-TV in Atlanta, Ga., touched upon job seekers' dissatisfaction with job fairs, however, in that many of the companies represented there suggest the people they meet apply online. Stephanie Lloyd of Radiant Veracity told the station that the best strategy for attending a job fair is to treat it as a networking opportunity. Dr. Frank Heasley, founder and CEO of MedZilla. com agrees: “Never underestimate even the tiniest amount of face-time with a recruiter or human resource officer. Knowing who you need to follow up with is immensely valuable information so that, when you do apply online, you'll know who you're talking to.”

About MedZilla. com:
Established in mid-1994, MedZilla is the original web site to serve career and hiring needs for professionals and employers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, science and healthcare. The MedZilla jobs database contains about 7,500 open positions. The resume database currently contains over 285,000 resumes with 16,800 less than three months old. These resources have been characterized as the largest, most comprehensive databases of their kind on the web in the industries served.

Medzilla® is a Registered Trademark owned by Medzilla Inc. Copyright ©2009, MedZilla, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce and distribute this text in its entirety, and if electronically, with a link to the URL www. medzilla. com. For permission to quote from or reproduce any portion of this message, please contact MedZilla, Inc. at press(at)medzilla. com.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

NitroSecurity and SC Magazine Host “The Trusted Insider Threat - Lessons learned from WikiLeaks” Webcast

NitroSecurity and SC Magazine Host “The Trusted Insider Threat - Lessons learned from WikiLeaks” Webcast

Protecting against and detecting potential data leakage is at the heart of the WikiLeaks controversy. However, there is no "one size fits all" solution. This must be addressed at multiple levels with collaborating technologies, including SIEM, database monitoring and application monitoring, to provide the most complete prevention and detection strategy possible.

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) January 19, 2011

Protecting against and detecting potential data leakage is at the heart of the WikiLeaks controversy. However, there is no "one size fits all" solution. This must be addressed at multiple levels with collaborating technologies, including SIEM, database monitoring and application monitoring, to provide the most complete prevention and detection strategy possible.

To help organizations securely navigate these challenges, NitroSecurity, Inc., the leader in high-performance, content-aware security information and event management solutions (SIEM), and SC Magazine are hosting a webcast today at 2 p. m. EST – The Trusted Insider Threat - Lessons learned from WikiLeaks. To register, or for more information, please visit http://bit. ly/dSfAMX.

Join Jeremy Conway, senior security analyst, NitroSecurity to understand the lessons learned from WikiLeaks and the strategies and technologies available today that can best address this multi-layered threat.

The topics covered in this webcast will be:
 Defining the Insider Threat  Historical Insider Examples  The Realness and Advantages of the Insider Threat  Insider Threat Detection Technologies  WikiLeaks Use Case

Any organization can fall victim to an Insider Threat:
 Government at All Levels (Local, State, National)  Government Contractors  Banking and Finance  Information Technology Companies  Critical Infrastructures  Research and Development

If you are unable to attend the live webcast, a recorded version will be available online the next day for you to view at the link above. You may also schedule a personalized demo by going to http://www. NitroSecurity. com and click on Request a Demo.

About NitroSecurity
NitroSecurity develops high-performance security information and event management (SIEM) solutions that protect critical information and infrastructure. NitroSecurity solutions reduce risk exposure and increase network and information availability by removing the scalability and performance limitations of security information management. Utilizing the industry’s fastest analytical tools, NitroSecurity identifies, correlates and remediates threats in minutes instead of hours, allowing organizations to quickly mitigate risks to their information and infrastructure. NitroSecurity serves more than 500 organizations in the energy, healthcare, education, financial services, government, retail, hospitality and managed services industries. For more information, please visit http://www. nitrosecurity. com.


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Black Business Circle Supporters Set to Flock Upcoming Economic Empowerment Events Power Up! and Man2Man Empowerment Events June 2005

Black Business Circle Supporters Set to Flock Upcoming Economic Empowerment Events Power Up! and Man2Man Empowerment Events June 2005

Black Business Circle Power Up! June 4, 2005 Black Business Circle will be presenting Power Up! A Day of Pampering Total Empowerment Fitness for Today's Women! The Men's Empowerment Day "Man 2 Man" segment will be held on Saturday, June 11, 2005 at Greater Bright Light Baptist Church 1320 Sutter Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

(PRWEB) February 19, 2005

Black Business Circle supporters set to flock upcoming Economic Empowerment events Power Up! and Man2Man Empowerment Events June 2005.

Black Business Circle Power Up! June 4, 2005 Black Business Circle will be presenting Power Up! A Day of Pampering Total Empowerment Fitness for Today's Women!

Conversation and Dialogue on Business Development, Faith and Empowerment, Health Empowerment, Entertainment Empowerment and more will be presented at Power Up! Women Empowerment Day Faith and Business Empowerment "Changing the Way Blacks do Business with Each Other" Health Empowerment” Reducing Stress" Women in Media "TV, Radio, Print and Advertising" Men for Women Empowerment "Branding Style and Public Image" Entertainment, Food, Networking

Power Up! Will be held on Saturday, June 4, 2005

12:00 noon – 4:00 pm 1320 Sutter Avenue (between Hemlock and Crescent St.) Brooklyn, NY 11208 1.718.277.5588 Advance registration only Click link below http://www. blackbusinesscircle. com/Registration. htm (http://www. blackbusinesscircle. com/Registration. htm) Absolutely No Door Sales!

The Men's Empowerment Day "Man 2 Man" segment will be held on Saturday, June 11, 2005 at Greater Bright Light Baptist Church 1320 Sutter Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

The event will begin at 12:00 noon and end at 4:00 pm. Men Empowerment Day will include discussions for men on Faith and Business Empowerment, Black Male Empowerment, Community Empowerment, Legal Empowerment, Image and Public Relations Empowerment, etc.

For more information concerning advance vendor registration or advance registration policy, regarding the upcoming Men's Empowerment Day segment of Conversations and Dialogue on Empowerment with Men). You may log on to our web site at http://www. blackbusinesscircle. com/ (http://www. blackbusinesscircle. com/) or email us at blackbusinesscircle@yahoo. com

In addition and Economic Empowerment Reception will be held on June 17, 2005 click on link below to register for Economic Empowerment Reception. http://www. blackbusinesscircle. com/Registration. htm (http://www. blackbusinesscircle. com/Registration. htm)


Girl, I just love you and I'm so glad we met!! I'm so grateful for the opportunity on Monday. All I asked of God is a hand up and that's exactly what I got!! I'm lining up some businesses for you and I will do my sign up by the end of next week. —–Gail Richardson, NY

From my very first encounter with Black Business Circle and Lisa Washington I feel my business has not only grown but its also been blessed. When I did not have a voice in the community Black Business Circle gave me a voice. Kudos to our founder Lisa Washington who is diligent in connecting quality people to quality resources. —Sharon, NY

Letters to the Editor (unedited)

Overdue Apology

Last year I midjudged BBC; thinking it was some kind of scam, and wrote you a negative note. I deeply and humbly apologize for that. I've been ripped off in the past by organizations posing as "Black Empowerment groups", and my anger and disappointment spilled on you [BBC]. Please accept my apology and know that I appreciate BBC's initiatives. Also, lemme know what type of assistance you need. Maybe I can help, or know someone.

Kind regards,

Brenda Wyche CEO, NY

Letters to the Editor (edited in part)

Make Smart Business Decisions

Your article prompted me to create a link within our site to chat entitled "That's Your Opinion" it's not quite completed yet but I am interested in gathering other opinions.

I initially took offense to the article because although I have signed up to receive emails I have not joined your "Membership", like in church when the pastor is preaching because he/she looks in your direction you ASSUME he/she is talking directly to you.

After re-reading it a second time, the verbiage which was used "gonna" is not a word I would use AT WORK, there's a time and a place for everything judge accordingly. Keeping that in mind please know that I do intend on becoming a "Member" of your organization.

Karen Compton-Vice President

Reserve your admission and vendor space early. Vendors and Brothers are welcome to come out and support our Sisters! Log on to www. blackbusinesscircle. com.

You may also call Black Business Circle at 1.718.277.5588 for advance admission, and vendor registration.

Phil Andrews

*Public Relations Services * Corporate and Organization Communications Email us today at philandrews2001@yahoo. com for Free Estimate on *Press Releases * Event Promotion * Media Announcements


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Pet Sitters International Shares Water Safety Precautions for Dog Owners

Pet Sitters International Shares Water Safety Precautions for Dog Owners

Obesity, heart and lung issues, short snouts are among potential hazards.

King, NC (Vocus) August 30, 2010 —

Pet owners might be surprised to learn that not all dogs can swim. While some take to water naturally, others do not. Even for dogs that enjoy swimming, risks may exist. If a day at the beach, lake, river or pool is on the agenda this weekend, Pet Sitters International (PSI), the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters, offers a few safety precautions to help keep dogs safe.

Dr. Louise Murray, director of veterinary medicine at Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital in New York City, says the most important thing for pet owners to consider is a veterinarian consult before taking dogs to any body of water.

“Even before making sure that a dog can swim, it needs to be determined if it’s safe for a dog to swim,” Murray said. “Ask your veterinarian if there are any underlying medical conditions that would make swimming a dangerous activity for your pet.”

Conditions that can make swimming hazardous include obesity, heart and lung issues, short snouts, flat faces, age and heavy coats of fur.

Once it’s been determined that it’s safe to swim, Murray advises that pets be introduced to water carefully and gradually.

“Initially restrain your dog with a leash when first getting into the water,” Murray said. “Get on the steps of the pool and have your arms at the ready. If you have a large dog, make sure someone is there to help you get your dog out of the water if something goes wrong.”

Once you’ve got your pet in the water and swimming, there are several signs of stress or danger to watch for. Just like humans, dogs will look distressed if something isn’t quite right.

“Watch for a frantic look on your dog’s face or its head slipping under the water,” Murray said. “Also be on the lookout for heavy panting, warm gums and gums that are dark in color.”

Murray said that one of the most important things to remember is never leave a pet unsupervised around a body of water. She also advised that dogs should be rinsed off and thoroughly dried after swimming.

“Rinsing off your dog after swimming will help avoid any skin irritations from forming, whether from chlorine, chemicals, salt or algae,” Murray explained. “Be sure to completely dry your dogs after rinsing them. If not properly dried, hot spots can form.”

In addition to water-safety issues, pet owners should also be concerned with sun exposure.

Murray recommends that sunscreen be applied to any dogs with short or light coats of fur, as well as to areas with little or no fur. She said that sunscreen should be designed for dogs and should not contain zinc, as zinc is highly toxic to dogs.

The ASPCA offers pet owners these additional water-safety tips:

If on a boat, use a pet life preserver. Pets can easily slip or fall off a boat.
Provide your dog with fresh water. Keep your dog from drinking pool water, which contains chlorine and other chemicals that could cause stomach upset. Also keep pets from drinking any stagnant water, which can contain algae or salt water.
If you and your dog are visiting a river, keep an eye out for snakes. Even if they’re not poisonous, snakes can deliver nasty bites if curious dogs get too close.
If you’re visiting the beach, supervise your dog closely when venturing into the water. Many dogs aren’t prepared for the motion of the waves.
Watch out for rip currents, which are most dangerous during high surf conditions. A strong current can quickly carry a swimming dog away from shore.
Learn about marine life native to the area you’re visiting. Jellyfish, lionfish, stingrays, Portuguese man-of-war and other animals on the shore or in the water can be dangerous to both people and dogs.
Continually monitor dogs for signs of heat stroke when spending time outside in the heat.

Using the professional pet-sitting services (http://www. petsit. com/hire-a-professional-pet-sitter) of a PSI member business makes it possible for pets to continue their daily routines when pet owners are away. If swimming is a typical activity for your pet, be prepared to provide your professional pet sitter with verification that your pet’s health can support this level of activity. While some people may be surprised that not all dogs can swim, it’s a fact that should be addressed to help ensure the pet’s safety and well-being.

To locate a professional pet sitter in your community, visit PSI’s Pet Sitter Locator (http://www. petsit. com/locate/).

About Pet Sitters International
Established in 1994, Pet Sitters International (PSI) is the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters, representing nearly 8,000 independent professional pet-sitting businesses in the United States, Canada and abroad. PSI provides members with access to affordable bonding and liability insurance and educational resources including a comprehensive Accreditation Program (http://www. petsit. com/pet-sitter-accreditation-program? id=331831), The Pet Sitter’s WORLD (http://www. petsit. com/pet-sitters-world-magazine? id=330924) magazine and PSI’s annual Quest convention (http://www. petsit. com/conferences/). For more information, visit www. petsit. com], home of the Official Pet Sitter Locator™ (http://www. petsit. com/locate/), or visit the PSIStoreOnline, the largest specialty retailer of products for pet sitters and pet-sitter business


Southern Nights Are More Entertaining, Affordable and Authentic than Ever Before at the Renaissance Ft. Worth Luxury Hotel with Special Deals

Southern Nights Are More Entertaining, Affordable and Authentic than Ever Before at the Renaissance Ft. Worth Luxury Hotel with Special Deals

With southern cuisine, affordable rooms, and the perfect getaway, couples can have a nice vacation at the Renaissance downtown Fort Worth hotel without having to break the bank

Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB) November 8, 2009

From southern hospitality to southern food and style, the Southern Nights Package offered by the Renaissance Worthington Downtown Fort Worth Hotel (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/dfwdt-the-worthington-a-renaissance-hotel/) gives travelers the full experience of vacationing below the Mason Dixon line. Rates are from $179-$209 and the offer is valid until June 30, 2010.

Fort Worth is the city of cowboys and culture, and the Renaissance Worthington Hotel (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/dfwdt-the-worthington-a-renaissance-hotel/) plans to help guests experience both sides. They intend to accomplish that with great food onsite and lots of fun in the surrounding areas.

When people take advantage of the deal, they will get a taste from the best of the downtown Fort Worth restaurants. Travelers will get a three course dinner for two. The dinner includes an appetizer or salad, entrée, desert, and non alcoholic beverage at Vidalia’s.

The special also comes with deluxe accommodations, complimentary in room coffee and tea, as well as use of the health club and indoor pool.

Southern style and southern cooking go hand in hand, which is why the focus of the package is the best of the Fort Worth restaurants in downtown. Restaurants in Fort Worth (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/hotel-information/restaurant/dfwdt-the-worthington-a-renaissance-hotel/) are known for their southern hospitality and style, and Vidalia’s has it all. The restaurant is headed by Chef Brian Farinelli, who provides authentic southern dishes.

In order to receive the Southern Nights Package, be sure promotional code ZJ8 appears in the Corporate/Promotional code box when making your reservations.

Travelers can also get out and take in the nightlife as well as the culture. With all of attractions in the area, visitors can experience the best of Fort Worth. From Bass Performance Hall to Billy Bobs Honky Tonk, vacationers can have a trip that consists of cowboys and culture.

For more information or to book the Southern Nights Promotion, visit the downtown Fort Worth hotel’s website at: http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/dfwdt-the-worthington-a-renaissance-hotel/ (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/dfwdt-the-worthington-a-renaissance-hotel/) or call 1-800-HOTELS-1.

About the Renaissance Worthington (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/dfwdt-the-worthington-a-renaissance-hotel/)
The Renaissance Worthington is the only 4-Diamond Hotel in Fort Worth. The hotel is home to Vidalia’s. Vidalia’s is one of the best Fort Worth restaurants in downtown and provides authentic southern cooking. The Ft. Worth luxury hotel is close to popular Fort Worth attractions and is located in Sundance Square.

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It's Unanimous -- Bright Hub Experts Agree, Utility Software Is Essential

It's Unanimous -- Bright Hub Experts Agree, Utility Software Is Essential

Technology pros offer candid advice to keep your computer current.

Troy, NY/Arlington, VA (PRWEB) January 16, 2008

Technology experts from the security, information and computer development fields at BrightHub. com recently reviewed three top utility computer software (http://www. brighthub. com/category/software/1006000/All-Categories/Utilities. html) packages, and advised the general public on the need for this often overlooked and valuable addition to your software library.

"Hard drives can't be trusted...," states Joao Cardosa, a seasoned computer developer and Microsoft MVP. "...DVDs are even less reliable. Are you surprised?" Cardosa goes on to review Acronis True Image Home (http://www. brighthub. com/review/Acronis/Joao-Cardoso/article/385.html), a tool he awarded a 5-star rating and that can, in his words, "save the day." Cardosa also described Acronis as "a steal", prompting a rating of excellent.

David Berry, a Microsoft Certified Professional and author, explains how the Windows system registry "can cause slow system performance and even system crashes." Says Berry, "...the registry can become bloated or even corrupted as you make changes to your system....the goal of a registry cleaner is to restore your system to a healthy working state." Berry reviewed 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro (http://www. brighthub. com/review/3BSoftware/David-Berry/article/392.html), awarding a 5-star rating, and stating that it is "an excellent registry cleaner that will handle the job for you with out causing more problems."

"Even though hard drives consistently get bigger, storage is not infinite," advises Ben Rothke, author and network security professional in his 5-star review of StuffIt Deluxe Windows, a utility computer software he describes as "the Swiss Army knife of data compression". Data compression is a great way to save space and according to Rothke, "...StuffIt is definitely the compression tool of choice."

As consumers demand increasingly larger hard drives and as DVD usage soars, the need for PC maintenance and utility software tools become evident. These three 5-star utility software programs contribute to keeping your computer stable and efficient. You can read the full reviews by Rothke, Cardoso, and Berry at BrightHub. com. For more information on Bright Hub, contact Kim Lloyd at (518) 822-0233.

About Bright Hub
Bright Hub is a social commerce network company featuring monetization solutions for bloggers, websites, ISV's, and content contributors. Bright Hub syndicates targeted, rich product content to drive commerce transactions to create a premium online advertising option for blog sites and web sites. Bright Hub also offers reviewers a way of getting paid for sharing their expertise. Bright Hub is a venture-backed company, headquartered in Troy, New York. For more information, visit www. brighthub. com.


Parker Waichman Alonso LLP Files Suit Against Baxter Healthcare Corporation and Baxter International, Inc. in Death of New Jersey Man

Parker Waichman Alonso LLP Files Suit Against Baxter Healthcare Corporation and Baxter International, Inc. in Death of New Jersey Man

Firm alleges man died after being given recalled Heparin; suit seeks actual and punitive damages against Baxter.

(PRWEB) April 9, 2008

Parker Waichman Alonso LLP announces that it has filed suit in the death of an individual whom the firm alleges suffered an adverse reaction and died as a result of complications after being administered recalled Heparin.

Since November 2007, Baxter Heparin has been linked to serious and sometimes life-threatening reactions in some patients, including difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating and rapidly falling blood pressure that can lead to life threatening shock The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the District of New Jersey (Docket Number: #2:08-cv-1705).

Boris Doncov, a resident of Hoboken, New Jersey, was admitted to the hospital in February 2008 with pneumonia, and was subsequently diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. He was treated with Heparin supplied by Baxter International and Baxter Healthcare Corporation, and shortly thereafter experienced rapidly falling blood pressure.

Boris Doncov died several days later. The lawsuit, brought on behalf of Mr. Doncov’s estate, by his son Vladimir Doncov, alleges that negligent and wrongful acts on the part of Baxter International, Inc. and Baxter Healthcare Corporation caused Boris Doncov to suffer severe and permanent physical injuries and subsequent death.

Heparin is a blood-thinning drug used to treat, among other things, pulmonary embolism. Sales of Baxter Heparin constitute roughly 50% of the market share in the United States. As early as November 2007, there had been reports of adverse reactions to Baxter Heparin from 19 dialysis clinics in more than 12 states. According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), there have been 350 reports of adverse reactions to Baxter Heparin since December 2007, including four fatalities, in contrast to 100 such reports the agency received in all of 2007.

In January 2008, Baxter International, Inc. and Baxter Healthcare Corporation announced a recall of 9 lots of Heparin Sodium 1000 unit/mL vials for injection. In February, the FDA warned healthcare practitioners not to use Baxter Heparin products, and on February 29, Baxter expanded the Heparin recall to include all of its Heparin products sold in the United States. Shortly after the Heparin recall, it was learned that, despite representations to the contrary, the Chinese facility from which Baxter obtained raw ingredients for Heparin had never been inspected by the FDA.

Since the Baxter Heparin recall, the FDA has confirmed that the active ingredient for Heparin that Baxter sourced from China had been replaced with a chemical called over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate, a substance derived from animal cartilage. The FDA said that the chondroitin sulfate had been molecularly altered to mimic the blood-clotting properties of Heparin.

Parker Waichman Alonso LLP has been retained by numerous individuals who have had adverse reactions after being administered Heparin and continues to investigate many other similar complaints.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury after being administered Heparin manufactured by Baxter International, Inc. and Baxter Healthcare Corporation, please contact our office by visiting www. yourlawyer. com. Free case evaluations are also available by calling 1-800-LAW-INFO (1-800-529-4636).

About Parker Waichman Alonso LLP
Parker Waichman Alonso LLP is a leading products liability and personal injury law firm that represents plaintiffs nationwide. The firm has offices in Florida, New York and New Jersey. Parker Waichman Alonso LLP has assisted thousands of clients in receiving fair compensation for injuries resulting from defective drugs, tainted foods, and medical devices.

Parker Waichman Alonso LLP  
Fred R. Rosenthal, Managing
(800) LAW-INFO
(800) 529-4636
Info@yourlawyer. com
Www. yourlawyer. com


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Leading Medical Practice for Women Opens New Office in Huber Heights

Leading Medical Practice for Women Opens New Office in Huber Heights

Lifestages - Samaritan Centers For Women, a nationally recognized medical practice, has opened its newest office in the recently completed Good Samaritan Health Center-Huber Heights.

Dayton, OH (PRWEB) January 19, 2009

Lifestages - Samaritan Centers For Women, a nationally recognized medical practice, has opened its newest office in the recently completed Good Samaritan Health Center-Huber Heights.

The Lifestages' office, located at 6251 Good Samaritan Way, Suite 130, opened January 13th and offers patients obstetrics, wellness care, gynecology, midlife hormone replacement therapy and osteoporosis screening.

Lifestages has partnered with other service providers in the facility to create a Women's Health Network. This is the first full-service health network in the area, offering women a one-stop healthcare center for their medical needs.

One of the added benefits of the Women's Health Network will be the patient's access to state of the art digital mammography. Patients will now have the ability to schedule their annual gynecological appointment and mammogram on the same day.

"We decided to enhance our presence in Huber Heights because of a need in the area for a comprehensive women's health program," said Lloyd William Rettig, III, MD, CEO of Lifestages. "And through the Women's Health Network, women will have better access to a range of medical services, including gynecology and obstetrics, cardiac care, imaging, primary care, and educational events."

On April 18th, 2009, Lifestages and Good Samaritan Health Center-Huber Heights will hold an open house for the community. As the date nears additional information will be available.

To make an appointment or to get additional information about Lifestages, patients can call the office at (937)277-8988 or 1-888-808-1016.

Lifestages - Samaritan Centers For Women
Lifestages - Samaritan Centers For Women is a nationally recognized medical practice focused on clinical excellence, technological innovation and a comprehensive approach to health care for women of all ages. With a group of 8 physicians, 3 midwives and 3 nurse practitioners they provide obstetric, gynecological and health promotion services, that focus on giving patients the quality care they need and deserve. Lifestages - Samaritan Centers For Women has four convenient locations in Dayton, Englewood, Huber Heights and Trotwood. For more information visit http://www. lifestagescenters. com (http://www. lifestagescenters. com).

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tees2Please Announces $5,170.00 To Help Those in Need

Tees2Please Announces $5,170.00 To Help Those in Need

Flemington, NJ - January, 2002 - Tees 2 Please Screen Printing (T2P) located on Central Avenue in Flemington, NJ presented the Hunterdon County Chapter of the American Red Cross with a check in the amount of $5,170.00 to assist victims of the September 11th tragedy.

(PRWEB) January 13, 2002

When the World Trade Center disaster occurred, it was decided that Tees 2 Please would create a distinctive line of products and the proceeds would go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for the WTC Disaster. T2P designed American Pride tees and sold commemorative World Trade Center pins to raise the funds. "The response was overwhelming," said Glenn Legacki, President of T2P.

The magnificent donation of over $ 5,000 to the American Red Cross was one of the largest gifts produced by a Hunterdon County business. The money was used exclusively for disaster relief of the September 11th events. This included assisting victim's families in financial obligations, bringing relatives from great distances for funerals and memorial services, feeding the rescue and recovery workers and providing ongoing counseling services to those directly impacted by the disaster. Partnerships between the Red Cross and businesses have formed the backbone of successful programs which serve the community. "The Red Cross is proud to be associated with Tees 2 Please and the sincere, humanitarian spirit of it's owners and staff," said David Dunay, Executive Director of the Hunterdon County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

T2P would like to thank all of their retail customers, Caruso Jr's Deli for their help in marketing, Clinton 5 and 10 for their purchase of tee-shirts, and Mary Rodweller and the New Jersey State Police offices in Trenton for their support and resolve. The collective efforts of the aforementioned as well as the outpouring of American Pride in our time of strain allowed us to provide some additional financial means to those in need.

Quick and Effective Response

Tees 2 Please responded to the community's need to express their American Pride in the same way they respond to every customer need - Quickly and Effectively.

Community Ties

Tees 2 Please has sponsored and coordinated many fundraisers within the Hunterdon County Community(Spina Bifida Race, WPST Softball Game to benefit the United Way to name a few) and would be happy to assist your organization in running a successful campaign. Visit our Website or contact us (Information below).

About Tees2Please

At Tees 2 Please, our focus is on serving our customers and our community. Tees 2 Please has been satisfying customers throughout central New Jersey for over 15 years. In 1999, the company was acquired by new owners. In the past two years, we have been growing and continue to grow each month by satisfying one customer at a time.

Company Website: http://www. tees2please. ws (http://www. tees2please. ws)

About Hunterdon County Chapter of the American Red Cross

The Hunterdon County Chapter of the American Red Cross has been serving the community for 85 years. The Chapter provides immediate response to local disasters such as house fires, floods, building collapse and other events which cause people to seek shelter and assistance. The chapter also provides health and safety training such as first aid, CPR and life guarding.

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IPCPR Questions Proposed Boston Cigar Bar Ban

IPCPR Questions Proposed Boston Cigar Bar Ban

In a letter written today to the Boston Public Health Commission, the global association representing Boston area cigar bars laid out its reasons why the Commission should reject its proposal to ban cigar bars in the city. The Commission has scheduled its vote on the matter for its December meeting and has announced it is seeking input from both sides of the issue for consideration prior to the vote.

Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) November 16, 2008

In a letter written today to the Boston Public Health Commission, the global association representing Boston area cigar bars laid out its reasons why the Commission should reject its proposal to ban cigar bars in the city.

The Commission has scheduled its vote on the matter for its December meeting and has announced it is seeking input from both sides of the issue for consideration prior to the vote.

"I fear you may be basing your decision on information and data that remain inconclusive and enveloped in reasonable doubt.... There exists legitimate research...that contradicts such claims (regarding secondhand smoke), including those regarding the 2006 Surgeon General's Report," wrote Chris McCalla, legislative director of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association.

McCalla included with his letter to the Commission copies of several papers and reports that challenge the claims of anti-smoking groups regarding secondhand smoke.

"A cigar bar is a 'destination location' that a non-smoker would not enter... without first understanding the nature of the business" and that "... employees of cigar bars, like their patrons, are aficionados of premium cigars who choose their career based on their personal passions," he wrote, implying that forcing cigar bars to close to protect their employees would be like forcing fast food outlets to close because they may employ overweight people who like to eat french fries.

McCalla also compared cigar bars to some of yesterday's traditional gathering places.

"Cigar bars have become the modern-day 'barbershop' or 'salon' -- a publicly-accessible, privately-owned business where people of varying demographics may gather for conversation and socializing," McCalla wrote.

The IPCPR also maintains that owners of private property like cigar bars and other businesses have the Constitutional right under the Fifth Amendment to decide whether or not to allow smoking on their premises. Customers and employees then have the right to patronize or work at those businesses, according to IPCPR literature.

"Certain businesses are adult destinations aimed at adults who enjoy cigars. No adult non-smoker is going to accidentally walk into a cigar store or cigar bar, for example. Even if they do, such incidental exposure to secondhand smoke is not going to harm them one bit," McCalla maintained.

Tony Tortorici
Tony @ tortoricipr. com

Http://www. ipcpr. org (http://www. ipcpr. org)

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Harry and David carries IZZE® Sparkling Juice in 147 stores nationwide

Harry and David carries IZZE® Sparkling Juice in 147 stores nationwide

The gourmet flavors and all-natural ingredients of IZZE Sparkling Juice attracts one of the United StatesÂ’ most premiere gourmet food chains.

BOULDER, CO (PRWEB) March 3, 2004 -

— Harry and David has Discovered Pure Refreshment.

IZZE® Beverage Company, a leader in the Sparkling Juice market, has been shipping IZZE to Harry and David stores across the country. Harry and David shoppers are now able to purchase IZZE along with the many other fine products that Harry and David carries.

“For such a young company as ours, this is a real success,” says Todd Woloson, co-founder and President of IZZE. “We had always believed Harry and David to be a great place for IZZE since we started, and now it’s happening.”

IZZE® is a new, all-natural sparkling fruit juice inspired by European sodas — A pure and simple blend of 100 percent fruit juice and sparkling water. IZZE® contains no added sugars, caffeine, preservatives or artificial flavors. One bottle of IZZE® Sparkling Fruit Juice provides a full serving of fruit along with the hydration of natural spring water.

“We have a good feeling about IZZE®,” says Cathy Fultineer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harry and David Stores. “Our customers pay extra attention to the quality and value of the foods they buy from us, and IZZE is a high-quality product that also complements our current food selections perfectly.”

IZZE is sold in natural food groceries nationwide, as well as in local gourmet groceries, delis and restaurants in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, and Georgia, offering consumers a thoughtful choice of 5 natural flavors. IZZE has recently launched a new flavor—Sparkling Clementine—to complement its original 4 flavors: Sparkling Pear, Sparkling Lemon, Sparkling Blackberry and Sparkling Grapefruit. Soon to be launched, Sparkling Blueberry is next on IZZE’s list.

“Harry and David fits perfectly into our already existing high-end customer account profile,” says Greg Stroh, also a co-founder and VP of Sales for IZZE® Beverage Company. “Many of the people who are drinking IZZE today are making a conscious choice to buy only the best and adopt the inherent quality of our product, its all-natural ingredients, great taste…and the passion of the people inside the IZZE® Beverage Company. We are very proud to be available at Harry and David.”

IZZE® Beverage Company was started by two friends, Greg Stroh and Todd Woloson, in 2002. The original concept was to have some fun while raising money and awareness for the Global Education Fund (GEF). GEF is a non-profit organization started by Todd and his wife, Eliza, in 1996 to develop libraries for underprivileged children throughout the world

According to Woloson, by creating a 100 percent natural beverage and exhibiting a strong commitment to philanthropic ventures that contribute to the individual and the world as a whole, IZZE® demonstrates an intelligent, holistic balance of health and conscientious thought.

What are IZZE’s biggest hopes in partnering with Harry and David? “We only hope they’ll let us make our IZZE Sparkling Pear flavor with their signature fruit, the Royal Riviera® Pear,” says Drew Grumhaus, IZZE’s Vice-President of Product Development. “That would be a dream come true.”

IZZE Natural Sparkling Fruit Juice is available nationally at Harry and David and Wild Oats Markets. It is also available in Whole Foods and other regional natural food stores, gourmet grocery stores, delis and local food stores in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, and Georgia. IZZE is sold in 4-packs and in single-serve, 12-ounce glass bottles. Suggested retail price is $1.39-$1.49 per bottle or $4.99 per 4-pack. A new 16-ounce bottle will be available in 2004 along with an 8-ounce can.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Intermec Incorporates Vista Technology Into Its Lightweight 2415 Handheld Computer

Intermec Incorporates Vista Technology Into Its Lightweight 2415 Handheld Computer

Intermec Technologies Corporation announced today that it has integrated its high performance Vista scanning technology into its 2415 handheld computer. With integrated Wi-Fi certified 802.11b or OpenAir radios, the 2415 is now ideal for wireless data collection applications in retail, healthcare and industrial markets.

(PRWEB) April 19, 2002

Intermec Incorporates Vista Technology Into Its Lightweight 2415 Handheld Computer

· High-performance Vista™ scanning technology provides retailers reliable data for shelf audit, stock replenishment, price verification and inventory control.

· Solid-state design improves reliability

· Single scanner reads small, high density, and large bar codes

Singapore, April 17, 2002 – Intermec Technologies Corporation, a leader in global supply chain solutions, announced today that it has integrated its high performance Vista scanning technology into its 2415 handheld computer. With integrated Wi-Fi certified 802.11b or OpenAir radios, the 2415 is now ideal for wireless data collection applications in retail, healthcare and industrial markets.

Designed to increase the efficiency of in-store operations, the 2415 wireless scanner provides reliable data for shelf audit, stock replenishment, price verification and inventory control. In addition to retail applications, it can provide healthcare organizations with the type of patient record, asset and disposable inventory tracking that improves productivity and reduces cost.

“The 2415 with the Vista scan engine provides retailers with the best scanning performance and reliability in a lightweight, wireless scanner,” said Henri Juvanon, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Intermec Technologies. “As part of the 2400 family, it’s easy for IT managers to protect their investment by developing applications – one time – using Microsoft Visual C++ or Intermec’s EZBuilder that run across the entire 2400 series.”

The 2415 delivers convenient operation with an optional removable pistol grip and easy-to-remove rechargeable lithium ion batteries that offer full shift operation – the longest battery charge available in this class of product. It’s built for years of service and the ability to survive four-foot drops on concrete.

The Vista scan engine in the 2415 outperforms laser technology in several ways. First, a high-performance custom ASIC provides scan rates that are nearly seven times faster than lasers (270 vs. 40 scans per second). Unlike lasers, the 2415 can decode small, high-density bar codes (2 mil) and larger codes (100 mil) with a single scanner. It reads even badly damaged bar codes, ensuring faster, more accurate performance, and can capture bar codes from kiosk and laptop displays. With a depth of field of up to 19 inches, nearly all applications for standard range bar code scanning are satisfied.

Finally, the solid-state linear imaging technology in the 2415 scanner is significantly more reliable than laser scan engines. Lasers use a complex system of oscillating mirrors to automatically move the beam back and forth to successfully read a bar code symbol. Linear imagers are solid state with no moving parts.

The 2415 is part of IntermecÂ’s popular 2400 line of data collection computers. Based on a common architecture, the 2400 family is the industryÂ’s broadest line of data collection computers, with batch and wireless handhelds, vehicle mounts, and stationary data collection computers. The 2400 product line provides a complete solution from the storefront to the warehouse, supporting industry standard development tools and connectivity.

Pricing and Availability details:

The new 2415 will be available with Intermec distributors by the end of April. The estimated price for: base configuration of full alphanumeric, 2MB flash, UDP plus, IEEE 802.11b is US$1,900. There is an additional cost of US$500 for the Vista Engine option. The complete unit will cost US$2,400.

About Intermec

Intermec Technologies Corp. has been named Microsoft’s OEM Embedded Partner of the Year. Intermec is a leader in global supply chain solutions and in the development, manufacture and integration of wired and wireless automated data collection, Intellitag® RFID (radio frequency identification) and mobile computing systems. The company’s products and services are used by customers in many industries to improve productivity, quality and responsiveness of business operations, from supply chain management and enterprise resource planning to field sales and service.

For more information please refer to: www. intermec. com

Friday, April 13, 2007

Al-Faris Information Technology Selects Plexis Healthcare Systems Claims Processing Manager

Al-Faris Information Technology Selects Plexis Healthcare Systems Claims Processing Manager

Plexis Healthcare Continues its World Marketplace Expansion by Moving into the Middle East.

Ashland, OR (PRWEB) April 16, 2009

Plexis Healthcare Systems announced recently that Al-Faris Information Technology (AFiT), a Kuwaiti company located in Kuwait City, Kuwait, has selected the company's Plexis Claims Manager (PCM) to perform back-office TPA claim processing services in the Middle East. AFiT will also use other Plexis partners, Mitan Technologies for real-time eligibility checking and claims processing from the point of service and Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, for complete integrated A/P, A/R and general ledger as part of the overall solution. AFiT, a publicly traded company on the Kuwaiti stock exchange, provides innovative e-Business solutions that enable growing companies to increase their revenues and market share.

Plexis will work with the AFiT team to install, implement and test PCM and the other partners' systems to ensure AFiT becomes a superior model for TPA services in the Middle East region, further increasing Plexis' presence in that part of the world.

"We are extremely pleased that AFiT selected us as their claims and benefit administration partner," commented Jorge Yant, CEO of Plexis Healthcare Systems. "They are a very dynamic company with a large presence throughout the Mid-East and we look forward to them helping us expand our presence throughout the region."

The Plexis Claims Manager is an integrated healthcare information system providing complete benefit administration, claims processing, premium billing and reporting features for organizations in a competitive healthcare IT environment. By providing benefits administration software tailored to promote flexibility and efficiency, Plexis Claims Manager provides an exceptional return on investment.

About Plexis Healthcare Systems
Plexis Healthcare Systems is a leading payer solution and claims processing/benefit administration software company based in Ashland, Oregon. Founded in 1996, Plexis software is utilized in 7 countries by more than 90 companies providing administration for approximately 35 million covered lives. Plexis' family of core software products includes Plexis LCS for small and medium size third party administrators and self-funded groups; Plexis Claims Manager for mid-size, TPAs and managed care healthcare organizations; and Plexis Quantum Choice for middle to large government healthcare organizations, benefit administrators and payers. Plexis' solutions enable government healthcare organizations, health plans, TPAs and provider groups to automate and streamline benefit administration, claims payment and utilization management, enhance customer satisfaction and expand market share. For more information, please call toll free (877) 475-3947 or visit www. plexisweb. com.


Ten Key Trends for Women in 2005 and Beyond

Ten Key Trends for Women in 2005 and Beyond

Women today are bold and confident, unapologetic for who they are and the things they like, and vast in their ability to influence nearly every aspect of modern life.

(PRWEB) January 27, 2005

As people move through life, they search for signposts along the way. They search for those rare pieces of intelligence that give them a gut-level feeling of confidence about what to do next. TodayÂ’s women are particularly adept at reading these signposts, which range from magazine articles, to movies, to conversations with a people they trust. They trust their instincts and arenÂ’t afraid to make critical decisions.

Women today are bold and confident, unapologetic for who they are and the things they like, and vast in their ability to influence nearly every aspect of modern life.

In spite of the heavy load that most women shoulder, and the torrid pace of living, the bad years are now past, and a resurgence of hope seems to be building. With guarded smiles reacting to each new piece of positive news, they listen intently for the rhythm of hope that beats continuously in their lives.

Women create our culture. They give birth to each new generation and heavily influence nearly every major decision being made today. Its critically important that we pay close attention to the drivers that are influencing the emerging new thinking class of bright articulate women wanting to make a difference in todayÂ’s world.

The Emerging New Value Set – Unlike the past generation of baby boom women with their idealistic dreams, the torch has been passed to a younger generation who views the world quite differently. While they still dream of finding the perfect relationship, nearly three-quarters think marriage should be for life, they are quick to take action when change is needed. Upwards of 75% of all divorces are initiated by women. They know the safety nets if things go wrong.

Buoyed by strong female role models like Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, and Uma Thurman in movies like Erin Brockovich, Cold Mountain, and Kill Bill has spawned a generation of powerful ambitious women, noble in their purpose, driven to succeed. They need to feel real, genuine and authentic, while at the same time, a new class of elegance is returning to the workplace with classier styles and appearance signaling the end of the survival years. This new woman is a member of 3-5 book clubs, is more fiscally conservative, enjoys going to martini bars, and is looking for their next date on Match. com.

Virtual Families - The new reality is that more people today are part of second marriages than first marriages. With a growing number of people living in transitional relationships, multiple divorces, and children from multiple parent combinations, the social fabric has evolved into a culture of mixed parenting, confusing lines of authority, distributed and often shifting responsibilities resulting in an often-confused sense of ethics and morality. By default, mothers are working more and more as arbiter of the truth, sorting through competing value sets to make the final call.

People are buying houses sized for "peak demand" times when all of their virtual family members are home. With the relentless pace of work, family, and school, kids often find themselves in a constant state of movement, shifting from parent one, to parent two, to grand parents, to friends, to sitters. This lack of permanence manifests itself in a number of ways with kids carrying the "need to move on" attitude with them throughout the rest of their lives, but also has prepared them for living in the virtual world stemming from their virtual childhood.

Our Gender-Confused Nation - Traditional distinctions between men and women are becoming blurred. While some are blaming the "gender-bender" effect of natural and synthetic hormones being found in increasing levels in our water supplies, men today are far less likely to exude the rugged demeanor of John Wayne. Men are becoming more feminized as they take an active role in parenting, become more fashion-oriented and develop beauty regimes, including opting for plastic surgery.

Women continue to make inroads into many traditionally "male" areas of employment and are earning more. There are also more women entering tertiary education, and are marrying later or staying single. WomenÂ’s drinking habits have radically changed too. In England, their consumption of alcohol had increased by almost 27% between 1998 and 2003.

Women Viewed through the Cyberporn Lens – Nothing triggers the inner Jekyll and Hyde personalities in men like pornography, and the Internet’s cyberporn culture is stoking the testosterone fires. Its become the "crack cocaine" of sexual addiction. Men become lost in this artificial world that feeds them with delusional fantasies that women serve no greater purpose than to feed their every desire. New forms of sexual compulsiveness are creating chaos with 15% developing dysfunctional sexual behaviors that will eventually cause a train wreck in their lives.

The mystery of female sexuality has long disappeared and the innocence of first love has been replaced with a drive to satisfy Neanderthal-like urges, with little sensitivity expressed for the female partner. This distorted view of womenÂ’s desire is causing a degradation of partner relationships and the disassociation of sex with intimacy. Training classes for coping with the emerging cyberporn males will be needed to help women develop techniques for uncloaking the true deviants and separating them from their lives.

Quiet Demand for the Gritty Truth – Nobody likes a phony and in the process of uncovering phony aspects of society, women are quietly peeling away the onion layers to uncover all the gritty truth about the world. Shows like MTV Road Rules and Survivor are good at revealing the raw side of human nature, giving people realistic views of how the world works.

The blogger world is also giving rise to people who are genuine and authentic, speaking from the heart rather than in the sanitized conversational tones of media past. The marketing world has picked up on this trend with companies like Apple Computers and Levi using real customers to strip away the gloss and connect with their customers on a personal level.

The Social Obligation to "Live the Life" and "Do Your Part" – The Baby Boom generation believed in the big dreams, grandiose and idealistic, shoot for the stars and become one in the process. Today’s generation believes in living the life, often volunteering and making donations to "things that matter". In short, women are very invested in "doing their part".

Women are very concerned about the world around us and are taking it upon themselves to make some changes. A full 30% of the people working on Habitat for Humanities projects are women. They comprise 60% of the hybrid car market, tend to stay away from luxury brands like Gucci and Rolex, are more likely to "turn off the lights", and in most families women are responsible for philanthropic giving.

Transition from a Product-Based Economy to an Experience Based Economy - Research among luxury consumers (top 25% of U. S. households with incomes $75,000 and above) has shown that experiential luxuries provide the ultimate luxury satisfaction, more so than home luxuries or personal luxuries like clothes, cars or jewelry. People no longer want to be known by the things that they own, but by who they are and the things that they have experienced.

The experience economy is comprised of three types of products: freedom products, experience products, and memory products. Freedom is our most prized possession. Every device that gives us control also gives us freedom. Experience products allow us to "touch and feel" the world through our mind. And memory products are those things that we spend a fortune on each year trying to create good memories.

The Age of Cross-Functional Foods – With attempts being made to address complex lifestyle needs, food product designers are looking to add a second and sometimes third dimension to the products being developed. Not only do the foods have to be tasty and nutritious, but also entertaining and healthy, or anti-aging and educational, or just fun.

A multitasking gazing snack that keep the brain functional, while at the same time feeding some natural craving, packaged in way that fits in a carÂ’s cupholder and alternately dispensed from a vending machine, branded to give some experiential feeling of being part of the "in" crowd is the type of complex product development efforts happening inside our food labs today. And with women being the primary purchasers of food products, everything from food fashions to styling is being closely scrutinized.

24-7 is Back – People love to complain about their busy lives, yet most are going even further by multiplexing – something akin to putting the brain in constant channel surfing mode – living with simultaneous streams of consciousness through dual and often triple activities. Watching television while responding to an email and cooking dinner is all too common. But it’s still not enough. Everything has to be available 24/7.

The past four years saw shortening store hours, reduced availability, and darkened streets at midnight. People sleep on average 2 hours less per night than 100 years ago (8.9 hrs vs. todayÂ’s 6.9 hrs), and working with a new drive and positive energy both women and men are determined once again to live unrestrained lives. And they are demanding support from the business community to help feed this lifestyle.

Get the Geek Out - The Internet was primarily developed by 20 and 30 something nerd-guys who had a tough time relating to women. Perhaps it was less about their inability to relate to women and more about their inability to relate to first time users. Irregardless, early Internet users had to know how to speak geek. The closer they were to having a programmer mindset, the closer they became to functional proficiency on the Net.

However, the lingering charm of being able to talk the language of nerds is now gone, and women are demanding a simpler interface. They need to "get it" on the first try or they will move on, and companies that have mastered the female interface are now finding that they are being rewarded with increased sales by both men and women.

The complete paper can be found at www. davinciinstitute. com/page. php? ID=80 (http://www. davinciinstitute. com/page. php? ID=80 )

ABOUT: Thomas Frey is the Senior Futurist and Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute, a non-profit futurist think tank based in the innovation corridor of Colorado. The Institute has developed original research studies, on unusual topics, translating trends into unique opportunities. More information about the institute can be found at www. davinciinstitute. com or 303-666-4133.

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