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90% of New York Seniors Can Expect Higher 2010 Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Premiums

90% of New York Seniors Can Expect Higher 2010 Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Premiums

Based on the newly released 2010 stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan information, 90% of New York seniors and Medicare beneficiaries can expect to see an increase in their current monthly Medicare Part D premiums unless they switch to a lower cost plan. A summary of New York’s stand-alone 2010 Medicare prescription drug plans now online at Q1Medicare. com also shows that seniors can expect to see more 2010 Medicare prescription drug plans with an initial deductible and fewer plans with donut hole coverage. Medicare beneficiaries who also qualify for the full low-income subsidy will find a few changes in 2010 plans that offer the LIS $0 premium.

Saint Augustine, FL (Vocus) October 2, 2009

Based on the 2010 Medicare Part D plan information recently released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), 90% of New York’s seniors and Medicare beneficiaries can expect an increase in their current stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan premiums unless they switch to lower cost plans. Medicare prescription drug plan designs are also changing with more plans now implementing initial deductibles and reducing donut hole coverage. Seniors can find a summary of New York’s 2010 stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan changes online at Q1Medicare. com (http://www. q1medicare. com/PartD-2010MedicarePartD-PlanStatistics. php? crit=NY).

"Our online Part D plan summaries were designed to provide seniors with an overview of changes between the 2009 and 2010 stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plans," notes Dr. Susan Johnson technical director of the Q1Medicare. com website. "This year we also added a narrative or ‘plain text’ version (http://www. q1medicare. com/PartD-2010MedicarePartD-StatisticsText. php? crit=NY) of our prescription drug plan information so people can simply read a summary of the Part D plan changes."

According to the 2010 CMS Part D plan data, the average monthly Medicare Part D premium in New York will increase to almost $48 or 6% above the 2009 monthly premium average of $45.04. When taking into account the Part D plan popularity, the average monthly 2010 Medicare Part D premium in New York, weighted by the number of people enrolled in each plan, will increase to almost $35, a 14% increase over the 2009 weighted monthly premium of $30.50.

The good news is that the range of monthly Medicare Part D premiums narrowed in 2010, perhaps signaling some stabilization or consistency in Medicare Part D plan designs. The 2010 Medicare Part D plan premiums in New York extend from a low of $19.50 (First Health Part D - Secure) to a high of $117.50 (Aetna Medicare Rx Premier). The 2009 monthly premiums in New York ranged from a low of $19.60 to a high of $136.80.

Seniors will also find that, although the average monthly Medicare Part D plan premiums are increasing, the selection of 2010 Medicare Part D plans is slightly shrinking. In 2010, New York Part D plans will decrease by one to 50 plans (http://www. q1medicare. com/PartD-SearchPDPMedicare-2010PlanFinder. php? state=NY&sort=premiumdesc) from the 51 Part D plans offered in 2009.

Stand-alone prescription drug plan designs will also be changing in 2010. Most importantly, the majority of 2010 Part D plans will have an initial deductible, with nine (9) fewer plans (http://www. q1medicare. com/PartD-2010-2009PDPComparePartDAllPlans. php? state=NY&ded=00) offering the $0 initial deductible. Also, only 18% of the 2010 Part D plans will offer some form of gap coverage. Although, no 2010 Part D prescription drug plan will offer complete donut hole coverage, one Part D plan (Cigna Medicare Rx Plan Three with a $71.00 premium) will offer some generic and limited brand-name drug coverage in the donut hole.

In 2010, New York Medicare beneficiaries will find ten (10) Part D plans that have a monthly premium qualifying for the low-income subsidy $0 monthly premium benchmark, with three of the ten (http://www. q1medicare. com/PartD-2010-2009PDPComparePartDAllPlans. php? state=NY&lis=Yes) 2010 plans having changed since 2009. Accordingly, CMS has already noted that, because of changes in Part D plan premiums, some full low-income subsidy qualifying Medicare beneficiaries will be automatically reassigned to new Part D plans that qualify for the 2010 $0 monthly premium. However, the number of people who will be auto-reassigned into other Part D plans should be significantly lower than last year.

The newly released 2010 Medicare Part D prescription plan information can be found on Q1Medicare. com or directly at PDP-Facts. com, along with other online tools, a section of Frequently Asked Questions, and a free monthly Medicare Part D Newsletter (http://www. q1medicare. com/PartD-StayingInformedOn-Medicare-PartD. php) all designed to help Medicare beneficiaries, advocates, and insurance agents navigate the Medicare Part D prescription drug program.

About the Website Q1Medicare. com
Q1Medicare. com is one of the largest independent online resources for Medicare Part D prescription drug plan information. The Q1Medicare. com website was designed and is operated by Q1Group LLC (Saint Augustine, FL). Site users are encouraged to follow Q1Medicare on Twitter at twitter. com/Q1Medicare.

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Fabric Awnings Provide Flexible, Affordable Solutions for Hospitals and Care Facilities

Fabric Awnings Provide Flexible, Affordable Solutions for Hospitals and Care Facilities

New video reveals that custom awnings provide easy functionality and adaptability for hospitals and health care facilities

Saint Paul, MN (PRWEB) November 17, 2010

Commercial building owners and operators have long embraced the aesthetic beauty and sheltering benefits of awnings, but the flexible, cost-effective functionality for health care facilities is creating renewed interest.

“Awnings have long been used commercially for promotion, and to provide shade and cover,” says Michelle Sahlin, Managing Director of the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA). “Today, the adaptability of customized fabric awnings provides an easy decision for facility managers to add awnings to their buildings.”

In a new video, produced by PAMA, commercial buildings professionals report the positive impact awnings have on their operations. The video “Awnings Extend Commercial Success: Hospitals and Care Facilities” can be viewed at http://www. awninginfo. com/commercial_awning_hospitals. html. The video highlights the benefits provided by awnings.

Add cost-effective safety, comfort and convenience
After a vehicle lost control, crashed into the Providence Hospital and destroyed approximately one-third of the emergency room area, Joe Serra, Manager of Plant Operations, needed a quick, safe and cost-effective solution for the hospital’s patient discharge area.

“Due to the incident, we had to come up with some kind of design to facilitate security, to facilitate the elements of the weather, and also to have a nice comfortable place… for our patients being discharged, [and for the nurse, attendant or volunteer accompanying them],” says Serra. “And that’s where the awning came in with this unique design.”

“If you look at (the awning) you’ll see where it’s compartmentalized… We have heat in there. It’s very comfortable, even when it’s down in the teens.”

What Serra appreciates most about the new awnings is how seamlessly they’ve integrated into the hospital facilities. “It serves its functions… so well that you don’t notice it anymore. It’s just there… It’s part of the building. So from that aspect, it’s been very advantageous for us.”

This video is one in a series of three highlighting the benefits of fabric awnings for commercial buildings including hospitals, restaurants and office and retail spaces. For more information on the benefits of commercial awnings, visit http://www. awninginfo. com.

About PAMA
The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA), a division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), is the only international trade association committed to the awning industry.


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AWWA, WEF Sign Collaboration Agreement

AWWA, WEF Sign Collaboration Agreement

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) today announced an agreement to more closely collaborate on programs, services and major policy issues.

Denver, CO (Vocus/PRWEB) January 24, 2011

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) today announced an agreement to more closely collaborate on programs, services and major policy issues.

The resolution states that the organizations “resolve to support and lead as necessary an effort to develop a cohesive voice for the water community by encouraging collaboration between our members, coordinating programs and services, and developing consensus on major water policy issues.”

The agreement grew from a conversation among AWWA’s and WEF’s presidential officers and treasurers, who gathered in Washington, D. C. during the fall of 2010 to explore opportunities to work together. WEF’s Board of Directors approved the resolution at its November 10 meeting and AWWA’s Board completed the approval process yesterday at its meeting in San Antonio. With the resolution in place, leaders from both organizations will develop a work plan for 2011 and subsequent years to fulfill the spirit of the agreement.

“This resolution enhances our existing efforts to work more closely together to advance sound water policy, the interests of our members and the publics they serve,” said WEF President Jeannette Brown. “Both AWWA and WEF are excited to explore future partnerships that make the water profession’s collective voice even stronger.”

“The water industry has changed in recent years, and our work is no longer easily defined as either ‘water’ or ‘wastewater’,” said AWWA President Joseph Mantua. “AWWA and WEF recognize that, now more than ever, increased collaboration will benefit members from both organizations and improve our collective effectiveness, particularly in matters of public policy.”

AWWA and WEF already work together on many initiatives, including the Young Professionals Summit, the Utility Management Conference, the Work for Water workforce development project, and in many other areas. As a first step under the new resolution, the organizations recently announced plans to combine forces for the 2011 Water Matters! Fly In, which will bring more than 150 leaders from both organizations to Washington, D. C., in April to inform Congress on key water issues.

AWWA is the authoritative resource for knowledge, information, and advocacy to improve the quality and supply of water in North America and beyond. AWWA is the largest organization of water professionals in the world. AWWA advances public health, safety and welfare by uniting the efforts of the full spectrum of the entire water community. Through our collective strength we become better stewards of water for the greatest good of the people and the environment.

Formed in 1928, WEF is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization with 36,000 individual members and 75 affiliated Member Associations representing water quality professionals around the world. WEF and its Member Associations proudly work to achieve our mission of preserving and enhancing the global water environment.

Contact: Greg Kail


Stop the Black Plague of Death with Corporate Security Training

Stop the Black Plague of Death with Corporate Security Training

Security Black Plague of Death Affects Today's Corporate Information with Unauthorized Computer System Access

Parsippany, New Jersey (PRWEB) January 15, 2004

In the years between 1347 and 1350, more than 25 million people succumbed to the Black Plague. Today's Black Plague affects the health of countless corporations, accounting for millions of dollars of corrupted and stolen corporate computer information. According to a survey conducted by Information Security Magazine, 91.6 percent of companies have suffered from unauthorized access by hackers.

These are dangerous times. The potential damage to security from a cyber-based attack includes devastating interruptions of critical communications, transportation, and other services. The US government has been trying to make all corporations aware of the huge dangers of a network attack. A network attack doesn't just cost enormous loss of time and money. A network attack can stop a company dead in its tracks. Just the simple opening of email attachments opens computer ports, making networks easily accessible to hackers, paving the way for the Black Plague of Death to a kill a company's assets and reputation. Continuous Training and Educating employees are a more effective solution.

Software By Bay's (www. softwarebybay. com) Web/Intranet/CD based Information Security Education (WISE) training program helps companies avoid this new plague of the 21st century. The program is a series of interactive courses to help companies and their employees increase their knowledge of ongoing internal and external security breaches and attacks, and the defenses available to protect against them.

WISE is a self-paced training course that provides training ranging from general security awareness and security management to detailed technical training.

"Antivirus software and firewalls are not enough to protect employees from errors that can threaten a company's IT infrastructure. The right training can help reduce exposure to the weakest link in information security: the employee," said John Bay, President and CEO of Software By Bay.

The course components teach employees the proper use of organization resources like computers, email, and the Internet, trains them to identify intrusions from hackers, viruses, the hacker's improper use of social engineering, and allows the employee and his/her manager to combine their efforts in the strengthened defense of information and physical assets.

Employees can pace themselves, begin and end a session at any time and pick up where they left off, while they gain skills in information:

Security concepts and policies

Acceptable system use

Business use of email

Malicious code as pertaining to viruses

Email worms

Trojan horses

Data handling

Security breach management

Threat identification and assessment

Hacker and denial of service attacks.

Software By Bay president John Bay added, "This is NOT a PowerPoint slide show on the web. It is a true learning experience that incorporates a number of components including text and voice in combination with video, animation, simulation, and interactive sessions."

Based on the internationally recognized ISO 17799 information security standards that establish information security best practices, the course program has been designed to provide training for all levels of company personnel, ranging from general security awareness and security management to detailed technical training.

The introductory special cost for each course is $99. Annual updates are $39.95. CD's are $10.00 each if purchased with the course. Site license pricing is available.

A free four-minute Flash video presentation and a security screensaver can be downloaded from www. softwarebybay. com for those who wish to learn more about today's cyber-dangers, and demonstrates what a hacker does to infiltrate a system.

For information on the complete series, a press kit, the Flash video and information screensaver, contact Joel Hudesman at 973-257-1205, Ext 5506 or USA Toll Free: 1-866-973-8324 or Fax: 973-257-1607, emailto:joel@softwarebybay. com. Software By Bay is located at 99 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 300,Parsippany,

New Jersey 07054.

About Software By Bay:

SoftwareByBay is the trademark of John Bay & Associates, LLC, a company of seasoned veterans in the Information Technology field, providing clients with logical solutions through specially designed software application products. With average service of 25 years founding and managing businesses in software development for public safety, computer security, and wireless data access, the company's experienced team delivers to the client a high degree of value and safety from a boutique of technology applications that provide security awareness and protection, ease of access to disparate information and business intelligence, as well as data search, archiving, and retrieval solutions.

NFR copies are available of the Security Training, also please contact us if you would like the CD of the four-minute Flash video presentation and/or the security screensaver. For those who wish to learn more about today's cyber-dangers, and demonstrates what a hacker does to infiltrate a system.


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IRS Section 125 Cafeteria Plans Should be Updated by 1-1-2007

IRS Section 125 Cafeteria Plans Should be Updated by 1-1-2007

Employers all over the country are rushing to amend and update their Section 125 Cafeteria Plans before the New Year. Changes in IRS Section 125 tax code, revenue rulings and the law require employers to update their old plan documents for administrative purposes.

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) December 7, 2006

Bradenton, Florida based Core Documents, Inc. the nation's primary source for Section 125 Cafeteria, HSA and HRA plan documents reports that employers all over the country are running out of time to amend and update their old, outdated Section 125 Cafeteria Plans. This includes: Section 125 Premium Only Plans, Health Flexible Spending Accounts and Dependent Care Assistance FSA plans.

Numerous updates in the tax code, revenue rulings and the law affect the way employers are required to administer their tax-free benefit plans. If plan documents are not updated employers risk making sensitive administrative decisions based on outdated tax law.

Today many employees are better informed about changes that affect their benefits due to information readily available on the Internet. It's not unusual for employees to know more about sensitive human resource issues than do their employers.

Core Documents has seen an increase in the number of disgruntled employees calling their offices for clarifications on issues which should be covered by their company's Section 125 Cafeteria plan document or Summary Plan Description. Many issues relate to changes in the tax code their employers are unaware of.

The IRS requires employers to maintain a written plan document and the Department of Labor requires every employee to receive a Summary Plan Description or SPD. The SPD is a summary of the Section 125 Cafeteria Plan in easy to understand language. The SPD is required to contain all the information the employee needs to file a complaint with the Department of Labor if the plan is not being administered properly.

The Department of Labor also requires that every employee receive a copy of the Section 125 SPD each time the Plan Document is changed or at least once every five years.

How long has it been since your Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Document has been updated? And, have you distributed copies of the SPD to each of your employees? In a recent interview with Gene Ennis, CFC, the President of Core Documents, Inc., he reports that employers can completely replace old and outdated plan documents and summary plan descriptions for as little as $99 plus $15 shipping and handling for each of the three modules. A Section 125 Cafeteria Plan is made up of three components: the Premium Only Plan module ($99) allows employees to pretax their portion of insurance premium, the Health FSA module ($99) which reimburses out-of-pocket medical expenses, and the Dependent Care Assistance FSA module ($99) which can reimburse up to $5,000 annually for daycare expenses. If all three modules are combined together employers realize a $48 discount bringing the price to only $249 plus $15 shipping and handling. For more information call 888-755-3373 or go to www. CoreDocuments. com.

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Nubella™ Launches Health & Wellness Newsletter

Nubella™ Launches Health & Wellness Newsletter

Nubella™ LLC, an innovative direct marketing and technology firm catering to consumers interested in improving their personal health, today launched a weekly electronic newsletter featuring news, tips, and articles relating to healthy living, nutrition, and well being. The weekly digital newsletter will be delivered, free of charge, to those signing up at Nubella’s websites and its partner destinations.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) September 20, 2004

Nubella™ LLC, an innovative direct marketing and technology firm catering to consumers interested in improving their personal health, today launched a weekly electronic newsletter featuring news, tips, and articles relating to healthy living, nutrition, and well being. The weekly digital newsletter will be delivered, free of charge, to those signing up at Nubella’s websites and its partner destinations.

Each issue will feature tips and facts, a summary of the previous weekÂ’s healthy headlines, original articles, recipes, and more. Since the announcement of the newsletter, Nubella has received a tremendous amount of subscriber interest.

The newsletter has two purposes, according to Matthew Combs, CEO of Nubella. “First, and foremost, the newsletter is designed to bring information to consumers in a quick and easily digestible format. This is a quick and easy read, in a light and breezy graphic style,” he said. “Second, we wanted a way to stay in touch with readers who have signed up for the N Booklet in between issues. The newsletter also features several places where readers can write in with their own suggestions and comments, and we will publish those ideas that make sense for other readers.”

The first issue features a range of material, including an original article by Barbara Bourassa, N Booklet Editor-in-Chief, on what it means to eat 5 servings of vegetables per day. “I write about topics that I struggle with everyday, such as eating healthy, losing weight, and well being. I am just like our readers—living a busy life and trying to stay healthy at the same time. By opening up a channel to communicate with interested readers, I will better be able to share my own ideas for living a healthier life, as well as, ideas from others.”

The newsletter also includes 10 headlines from NubellaÂ’s Healthy Headlines. Healthy Headlines, which are posted 4 to 5 times per day on the www. nbooklet. com web site. Each headline is a short summary of an important and interesting health, nutrition, and other newsworthy stories. The newsletter will provide links to the 10 most important stories from the previous weekÂ’s news.

About Nubella, LLC

Nubella, LLC is based in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2002, the company is dedicated to helping improve the health and nutrition of all consumers. The Nubella N Booklet and Bill of Health concept is a first-of-kind offering aimed at educating consumers about their overall nutritional intake, while at the same time, educating them on various ways to improve their personal health.

More information is available at http://www. nubella. com (http://www. nubella. com) or http://www. nbooklet. com (http://www. nbooklet. com)

Hangover School Announces New Years 2011 Hangover Cures

Hangover School Announces New Years 2011 Hangover Cures

Hangover School, a website dedicated to hangover cures, has released eleven ways to cure your New Year’s hangover. These hangover cures, which have been collected from around the world, range from conventional to exotic.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 29, 2010

Hangover School, a website dedicated to hangover cures, has released eleven ways to cure your New Year’s hangover. These hangover cures, which have been collected from around the world, range from conventional to exotic.

“Hangover School is a website dedicated to curing hangovers. This New Years, we wanted to compile a list of hangover cures so the general public could reap the benefits,” said a Hangover School representative.

Hangover School was started by two brothers who enjoy drinking, but hate being hungover. The website has been created to start a movement against experiencing a hangover.

“We just didn’t want to be hungover anymore. Simple as that!” said a representative.

Hangover School has listed the following hangover cures to help New Years partiers beat their hangover. Each of the cures has been rated on the Hangover School website.
 Crazy Health Smoothie  Grilled Mahi-Mahi Hangover Cure  Vitamin Water  Tuna Smoothie with Egg  Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich  Chaser Tablets Hangover Cure  Gatorade  Kentucky Friend Chicken  Puking Before you go to Bed  Dr. Pepper Hangover Cure

Read the full repot here: (http://hangoverschool. com/hangover-cures-from-around-the-world/)

Hangover School urges you to drink plenty of fluids and to be safe this New Years. If you wake up feeling hungover you can double check your hangover symptomsor watch funny hangover related videos on the Hangover School website.

“Hangover School is a fun site created to deal with a serious problem, hangovers. Visit our site and our social communities to help fight hangovers. Because at Hangover School, its’ not your drinking that is the problem, it’s your hangover.”

Connect with us on Social
Twitter. com/hangoverschool
Facebook. com/hangoverschool

About Hangover School
One day, while on a voyage to find the perfect wave, two brothers faced an earth-shattering hangover. One brother peered into the others sickly red, glazed, and distant eyes and proposed perhaps the greatest task either one of them has pursued in this confusing journey we call life. That is to create Hangover School, a website dedicated to riding the world of hangovers. Whether you are looking to cure your hangover, read funny articles or watch hilarious videos, Hangover School is your home when you are hungover.


OnMessage Wins Two Awards in 26th Annual Healthcare Advertising Competition

OnMessage Wins Two Awards in 26th Annual Healthcare Advertising Competition

Dallas-based advertising agency honored for creative campaigns for two of its clients, AmerisourceBergen® Specialty Group and 3M Unitek.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 20, 2009

OnMessage, an integrated advertising agency based in Dallas, was recently named a winner of two awards in the 26th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards sponsored by Healthcare Marketing Report, the leading publication covering all aspects of healthcare marketing, advertising and strategic business development.

OnMessage was presented with one award in the Publication Design category for the successful redesign of Oncologistics magazine for AmerisourceBergen® Specialty Group. The second award OnMessage received was in the New Media category for its iBraces™ Orthodontic Braces online/banner campaign, created for 3M Unitek.

AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group publishes Oncologistics as a quarterly magazine for community-based oncologists throughout the United States. The publication includes clinical and operational best practices related to cancer care. OnMessage updated the publication with a more sophisticated and cleaner look that was more consistent with the Specialty Group's corporate branding.

The iBraces Orthodontic Braces online campaign centered around the fact that since the braces are worn on the back side of one's teeth, they are perfect for people who want a beautiful smile without the look of traditional braces. OnMessage tailored each message to the specific sites where the campaign was featured, from TeenVogue. com ("The only braces made for prom") to People. com ("The only braces made for the paparazzi") and iVillage ("The only braces made for girls night out").

"We are extremely honored to be acknowledged for our work in the competitive arena of healthcare advertising," said Jim O'Gara, president and founder of OnMessage. "These awards illustrate the quality of work we produce for our clients and we are grateful to be acknowledged alongside other innovative campaigns."

More than 3,600 entries were received for the 2009 Healthcare Advertising Awards and a national panel of judges reviewed entries based on creativity, quality, message effectiveness, consumer appeal, graphic design and overall impact. The Healthcare Advertising Awards is one of the oldest, largest and most widely respected healthcare advertising awards competitions.

O'Gara and his outstanding team of seasoned advertising, marketing and creative professionals in the agency's healthcare division OnMessageTHRIVE have extensive experience and a proven track record of success developing strategic marketing campaigns and messaging for clients within the healthcare sector.

The agency adds these two awards to the growing list of accolades the agency has received from the advertising/marketing industry over the years. For more information about this year's winners, please visit http://www. hmrpublicationsgroup. com/ (http://www. hmrpublicationsgroup. com/).

About OnMessage:

OnMessage is an integrated advertising agency that specializes in creating brand stories that emotionally connect with a specific audience, and telling those stories through the most appropriate advertising and marketing vehicles. Leveraging traditional and digital media, OnMessage has helped clients such as AmerisourceBergen® Specialty Group, 3M Unitek, The SCOOTER Store®, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and others improve the return on investment they receive for every marketing dollar they spend. With a core philosophy of staying "on message," and its team of branding and storytelling professionals, OnMessage is the agency leading companies turn to for innovative advertising ideas.

For more information, please visit www. itsonmessage. com or call 972-931-3444 Ext. 1106.

Visit www. onmessagethrive. com to learn more about OnMessageTHRIVE, the agency's healthcare division.

Get the inside scoop on our day-to-day marketing strategies - follow us on Twitter: onmessage

For leading edge thoughts and opinions on marketing go to www. blogonmessage. com.


Find Yourself with the New GPS Navigation For Dummies® Device

Find Yourself with the New GPS Navigation For Dummies® Device

For Dummies®, the internationally acclaimed series of books that simplify a myriad of complex technologies and subjects for consumers, announced today it will produce GPS Navigation For Dummies®, a state-of-the-art personal navigation product that ensures its owners need never become lost again. The product was developed by Wiley Publishing, Inc., owner of the For Dummies brand, in partnership with the Maylong Group, a Detroit-area technology company.

Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) July 2, 2007

For Dummies®, the internationally acclaimed series of books that simplify a myriad of complex technologies and subjects for consumers, announced today it will produce GPS Navigation For Dummies®, a state-of-the-art personal navigation product that ensures its owners need never become lost again. The product was developed by Wiley Publishing, Inc., owner of the For Dummies brand, in partnership with the Maylong Group, a Detroit-area technology company.

"We are thrilled to be working with Wiley on the GPS Navigation For Dummies product," said David Valade, President of the Maylong Group, which is developing the technology. "Wiley was a natural partner for the Maylong Group and our vision of EZ-2-Go™ personal navigation, since the For Dummies brand has been helping consumers understand complex new technologies for years."

The new GPS Navigation For Dummies devices -- perfect for use in automobiles, backpacks, purses, RV's, and while bicycling -- will be the easiest and most intuitive to use on the market for the estimated 7 million new users who will purchase their first personal navigation devices (PND's) this year in the U. S. alone. It features technology from the Maylong Group -- whose Chief Executive Officer Ming Wang helped design and implement the OnStar™ telematics and navigation system -- backed by an exceptionally clear, helpful interface from the For Dummies creative team.

The GPS Navigation For Dummies® device will feature:
a 3.5" touch screen and 2.0 GB memory card digital mapping with browsing capability state-of-the art text-to-speech navigation, turn by turn, using actual street names complete mapping of North America: the U. S. plus Canada! 2 million 'points of interest' (mapped points) with search capability, the perfect amount of data on each screen to get users where they need to go an included MP3 player and eBook reader and the familiar, easy-to-use For Dummies user manual, icons, and user interface leading users through the product's installation, optimization, and use.

Subsequent releases of the product will include an expanded, 4.3" screen as well as richer, Internet-connected content such as travel destination information or traffic data.

"Working with Wiley's For Dummies design team and our strategic technology suppliers, the Maylong Group will apply our expertise in GPS navigation and consumer electronics and focus on ease of use, selected features, and value-added content," said Ming Wang, CEO of the Maylong Group.

"Our GPS Navigation For Dummies PND will provide new and existing consumers with a truly easy-to-use experience, thanks to its unique For Dummies software application and user manual," added Valade. "We are very excited that our customers will soon be able to experience this new user interface."

"The foundation of the For Dummies brand is in helping consumers tackle new technology and helping consumers get the most from technology," noted John Hislop, Associate Director for Licensing at Wiley. "The For Dummies brand is the essential resource in today's need-it-now information age -- ideal for navigation devices and mobile content. We are very excited about this partnership with the Maylong Group. Together we are building the best PND's on the market, which will empower new GPS users to get the knowledge they crave in the fastest, easiest way possible: The Dummies Way®."

Maylong expects to begin shipping the new product by mid-October 2007 to retailers, in time for the holiday season.

About Wiley:
Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (www. wiley. com) has been a valued source of information for 200 years. Its core businesses include scientific, technical, and medical journals; reference books; online products and services; professional and consumer books and subscription services; and educational materials for undergraduates, graduate students, and lifelong learners. Wiley's global headquarters are located in Hoboken, New Jersey with operations in the U. S., Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia.

About For Dummies®: With near-universal name recognition and more than 150 million books in print on more than 1,000 subjects, For Dummies (www. dummies. com) is the world's best-selling reference series. It covers topics from health to history, math, sports, self-help, and technology. The For Dummies brand franchise also includes an extensive licensed product line including DVD's, software, consumer electronics, cooking, cleaning, and automotive products, craft and hobby kits, games, and more. For Dummies® is a branded imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

About the Maylong Group LLC:
Headquartered in Rochester, Michigan, the Maylong Group LLC (www. gpsnavigationfordummies. com) is one of the emerging leaders in connected and mobile computing technologies. Its strategy is focused on developing and marketing digital products -- including personal navigation systems, mobile entertainment devices, and digital home electronics -- as well as delivering value-added services through those platforms.

For further information, please contact:
Contact: Lindsay MacGregor


Thursday, July 26, 2007

BABYCENTER Partners In Promoting Safe And Healthy Pregnancies Through Text4baby

BABYCENTER Partners In Promoting Safe And Healthy Pregnancies Through Text4baby

Text4baby Marks First Ever Free National Mobile Health Initiative Addressing Rising Infant Mortality Rates

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 4, 2010

Today, BABYCENTER®, the leading global resource for new and expectant parents, announced that it is an implementation partner of Text4baby – a new, free mobile information service providing timely health information and tips to pregnant women and new moms from pregnancy through a baby’s first year. BABYCENTER, the premier global parenting digital media company, was instrumental in the research, promotion and creation of the bilingual mobile messaging content used in the Text4Baby program. BABYCENTER will leverage its award-winning Web site, experts, promotional channels and its reach to 8 million moms in the U. S. to broaden the overall awareness of the campaign and drive registration for the service through babycenter. com and babycenter. com/espanol. Text4baby is made possible through an unprecedented broad, public-private partnership that includes government, corporations, academic institutions, professional associations, tribal agencies and non-profit organizations.

Each year in the U. S., more than 500,000 babies are born prematurely and an estimated 28,000 children die before their first birthday – signifying a public health crisis. The infant mortality rate in the U. S. is one of the highest in the industrialized world, and for the first time since the 1950s, that rate is on the rise.

Today, 90-percent of Americans own mobile phones and mobile phones play a critical role in reaching the target audience for Text4baby: younger women from lower income communities throughout the U. S. A majority of these women do not have Internet access but do own mobile phones and an overwhelming percentage use SMS text.

Women who sign up for the service by texting BABY to 511411 (or BEBE for Spanish) receive three free SMS text messages each week timed to their due date or baby’s date of birth. These messages focus on a variety of topics critical to maternal and child health, including birth defects prevention, immunization, nutrition, seasonal flu, mental health, oral health and safe sleep. Text4baby messages also connect women to prenatal and infant care services and other resources.

“The increased infant mortality rate in the U. S. is sobering,” said Tina Sharkey, Chairman and Global President of BABYCENTER. “At BABYCENTER, we are committed to doing all we can to help reverse this trend, and support the underserved population on maternal health issues. Innovative programs like Text4Baby are critical to empowering women to take an active role in their own healthcare. Our goal is to support all moms in their journey of motherhood by utilizing our insights and providing them with the information they need at critical times in their lives to ensure their family’s health.”

An educational program of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB), Text4baby delivers timely health tips via text message to those who need it most. It is made possible through an unprecedented public-private partnership which includes the White House Office on Science and Technology Policy, the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, Voxiva, CTIA-The Wireless Foundation, Grey Healthcare Group (a WPP company) and founding corporate sponsor Johnson & Johnson. Premier sponsors include WellPoint, Pfizer and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and wireless carriers are distributing text messages at no charge to recipients. Implementation partners in addition to BABYCENTER include Danya International, Syniverse Technologies, Keynote Systems and The George Washington University.

“We believe the power of partnership and community can make an incredible difference in women’s and children’s lives,” said Judy Meehan, executive director of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition. “Text4baby brings HMHB’s mission to life and with the help of our partners, we believe we can be a strong catalyst for change.”

The Text4baby wireless carriers are voluntarily providing the critical communications link of the initiative, distributing text messages to recipients at no charge. Participating carriers include: Alltel, AT&T, Cellular South, Cellcom, Centennial Cellular, Cincinnati Bell, Metro PCS, N-Telos, Sprint, T-Mobile, U. S. Cellular, Verizon and Virgin Mobile.

BABYCENTER® is the leading global resource for parents, reaching 78 percent of new and expectant moms online in the United States, and 16 million parents monthly across 21 markets worldwide. BABYCENTER has nurtured more than 100 million parents since its launch in 1997 providing a customized experience that blends trusted expert advice with mom-to-mom wisdom from pre-conception through age eight. As the voice of modern motherhood, BABYCENTER is the go-to resource for 21st Century Mom™ insights. Through its unique combination of content and community, BABYCENTER delivers award-winning stage-based content to parents via personalized home pages, e-mail newsletters, useful online and mobile tools, two popular parenting blogs (MomFormation™ and FameBaby®) and the BABYCENTER Community, the fastest growing parenting community on the Web. BABYCENTER provides the most comprehensive, exclusive set of industry-leading 3D animated videos about pregnancy and birth while also housing a series of complete live birth videos with expert narration and commentary. Through its proprietary research and industry-leading mom panels, BABYCENTER has helped some of the world’s leading brands better understand how to market to moms. BABYCENTER has garnered numerous prestigious awards, including six Webby Awards, two Mediapost OMMA Awards and was listed on Advertising Age’s 2008 “Digital A-List.” BABYCENTER is available on the Internet in eight languages and has mobile applications available in English, Spanish and Hindi. BABYCENTER, LLC is based in San Francisco, California, and is a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. BABYCENTER is a registered trademark of BABYCENTER, LLC.

About the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition
The National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB) is the only coalition of its kind which acts as a catalyst for change by creating partnerships among community groups, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, businesses and government agencies. The Coalition promotes optimal health for mothers and babies, and works to strengthen families and build healthy communities.

Press Contact:
Dina Freeman
BabyCenter, LLC
(310) 433-1765


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Petcaskets. com Launches its Website and New Line of Eco-friendly Caskets & Funeral Products for Pets: Redefining Dignity For Precious Pets

Petcaskets. com Launches its Website and New Line of Eco-friendly Caskets & Funeral Products for Pets: Redefining Dignity For Precious Pets

Pets are important members of the family, and nothing can replace the years of love, dedication and companionship they provided. The Petcaskets. com staff is committed to helping pet owners find the most appropriate method for laying to rest a beloved friend.

Toronto, ON, Canada (PRWEB) September 20, 2010

For most people, the death of a beloved pet means losing a family member. Pet owners face particular challenges when it comes to laying the pet to rest in a manner that provides dignity to the pet and comfort to the pet owner.

With a commitment to offering a dignified farewell to those cherished animals that share our homes and our lives, Petcaskets. com officially launched online to introduce a new eco-friendly pet coffin, individually sized and customized to accommodate all pets, from small to large.

Every pet casket is made from a, seamless, thermoformed acrylic composite containing no fiberglass, toxic resins or non-recyclable components. Pet caskets are double walled and designed using an ergonomic curved shape to fit pets in their most natural resting position. Each patented pet casket comes complete with a custom interior mattress, pillow, shroud and exterior photo frame. Choose from a selection sized to provide a peaceful and secure casket for virtually any pet.

“Losing a pet is difficult for anyone,” said Desmond Kendall, president of Petcaskets. com parent company Castek Environmental Products Inc. “We believe that burying a pet responsibly and with dignity can be a healthy way to grieve the loss and achieve a sense of peace and closure.

“Our goal is to provide pet owners with an ecologically sound option to accomplish this,” Kendall said.

Pets are important members of the family, and nothing can replace the years of love, dedication and companionship they provide. The Petcaskets. com staff is committed to helping pet owners find the most appropriate method for laying to rest a beloved friend.

About Petcaskets. com:

A division of Castek Environmental Products Inc., (CASTEK), Petcaskets. com’s coffins are manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art Toronto factory. All design work, fabrication and decoration is performed in-house, and shipped worldwide. Each pet casket is packaged in a heavy duty carton produced from recycled paper and ships complete including specialized double-sided tape for a secure seal.

Incorporated in October 29, 1997, Castek is a related company of Swedcan Lumican Plastics Inc., a leading Canadian plastics distributor since 1980 specializing in high-performance plastic sheet and proprietary thermoformed products.

Just as Castek focuses on sustainable and environmentally safe products, Petcaskets. com continues this tradition with its pet funeral products and superior customer service. With Castek’s solid history of supplying high quality consumer products, Petcaskets. com leads the pet funeral industry offering ergonomic and personalized caskets holding true to their commitment to “Dignity For Precious Memories.”


Will Doctors Soon be Taking Out Your Appendix Without Cutting You Open?

Will Doctors Soon be Taking Out Your Appendix Without Cutting You Open?

It sounds like the stuff of Star Trek, but a California-based medical device company – Minos Medical Inc – believes that this futuristic idea will soon be a reality.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) September 5, 2006

Today the appendix is removed (appendectomy) by either traditional open surgery or by keyhole techniques known as laparoscopy. Both of these methods have one major disadvantage; they both invade the abdomen of the patient. According to Minos Medical Inc’s medical director Prof. Christoph Gasche, this can increase the risks of infections, adhesions and other serious complications.

Minos Medical Inc hopes to avoid entering the abdomen with an innovative new procedure called APPENDOECTOMY(TM) that approaches the appendix via the colon.

“By approaching the appendix from inside the colon, we avoid the need to incise the abdominal wall and pass near critical structures inside the abdomen,” says Prof Gasche. “This should bring major benefits to both patients and clinicians. Hopefully we will be able to avoid the need for general anaesthesia and should see faster recovery with much less pain.”

With an estimated 800,000 appendix procedures performed each year in the western world, the proposed APPENDOECTOMY system would be able to help a lot of patients and potentially reduce a lot of health care dollars.

“We hope to revolutionize first the appendix procedure, and then a host of other procedures,” says Brad Sharp, CEO of Minos Medical Inc. “So far we have tested our system in the lab and demonstrated that our unique appendix inverting procedure seems to be feasible. Our first results were presented at DDW in May last year and we have had a lot of interest since then. There’s a long way to go, but we really do believe that soon we could be taking out the first appendix with no incisions using the APPENDOECTOMY system.”

Natural Orifice surgery (or NOTES) is seen as a next major frontier in the world of medicine, offering the hope of eliminating incisions from many procedures. This will not only offer cosmetic benefits, through the elimination of unsightly scars, but also clinical benefits that are associated with such incisions.

As new medical frontiers are passed, it really seems that the fantasy world of Dr McCoy and Star Trek could soon be a reality.

For more information on Minos Medical Inc visit www. minosmedical. com

APPENDOECTOMY is a trade mark of Minos Medical Inc.

STAR TREK is a trademark of CBS Studios Inc.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Senate Conservation Leaders Introduce Bill to Fully Fund Vital Park and Outdoor Recreation Program

Senate Conservation Leaders Introduce Bill to Fully Fund Vital Park and Outdoor Recreation Program

NRPA Calls on Congress to Fully Fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund at $900 million.

Washington, DC (Vocus) November 10, 2009

On Friday, Nov. 6, Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and Max Baucus (D-MT) introduced legislation to permanently provide $900 million to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The program will provide $450 million annually to states and local communities for close-to-home parks and outdoor recreation facilities. Additionally, $450 million will be available annually to the four federal land managing agencies for national parks, forests, refuge acquisitions for land protection, and critical conservation.

Sen. Bingaman stated, "Since its inception in 1964, LWCF has led to the protection of more than five million acres of land and water across the country, including such irreplaceable landscapes as the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, the redwood forests in California, the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana, and Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska."

Bingaman continued, "Equally important, this program’s flexibility means that it also is used to protect what is sometimes most valuable to our communities—the lesser-known special places virtually in our own backyard." LWCF state assistance has provided more than 41,000 state and local projects in 98 percent of all U. S. counties.

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and a broad coalition of conservation and recreation organizations support S. 2747, and have pledged to work toward generating further public support for the bill.

"We are seeing significant support of close-to-home parks and outdoor recreation opportunities,” said Stacey Pine, chief government affairs officer for NRPA. “Local bond issues for parks and recreation pass over 64 percent percent of the time. New Jersey just elected a conservative tax-cutting governor and at the same time approved a $400 million bond for state and local parks, conservation and historic preservation.”

“With the Ken Burns PBS documentary on national parks, and national conservation thought leaders gathering across the country, making bold recommendations and creating a national dialogue, Americans are vocalizing that their iconic national parks as well as the close-to-home outdoor experience is something that they want to secure and be a mainstay in their lives,” said Barbara Tulipane, CEO of NRPA.

Each year, $900 million goes into LWCF from oil and gas leases on federal land. However, Congress has often diverted the money for other purposes, putting forth 100% of the money for its original intent only once in the history of the fund. This year, the fund saw its greatest allocation in many years at more than $300 million—one third of the full allocation.

“Because the money hasn’t been spent as intended, there is a backlog of more than $30 billion worth of lands that federal agencies would like to protect. In addition, states say they have a huge unmet need for local parks and recreation resources totaling more than $27 billion in eligible projects,” said Pine.

“NRPA believes it’s imperative that full funding is provided for LWCF,” said Tulipane. “Parks, refuges, forests and other public lands, and the development of close-to-home outdoor recreation facilities greatly enhance communities’ quality of life. Not only do they provide opportunities for physical activity and stress reduction, they also provide local jobs, increase home values, and attract new residents, businesses and revenues,” said Tulipane.

For more information on NRPA’s legislative initiatives, contact Stacey Pine, chief government affairs officer, at (202) 887-0290 or spine@nrpa. org.

The National Recreation and Park Association is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing park, recreation and conservation efforts that enhance quality of life for all people. Through its network of some 21,000 recreation and park professionals and citizens, NRPA encourages the promotion of healthy lifestyles, recreation initiatives, and conservation of natural and cultural resources.

Headquartered in Ashburn, Va., NRPA works closely with local, state, and national recreation and park agencies, citizen groups and corporations to carry out its objectives. Priorities include advocating favorable legislation and public policy; continuing education for park and recreation professionals and citizens; providing professional certification, university accreditation, research and technical assistance; and, increasing public awareness of the importance of parks and recreation. For more information, visit www. nrpa. org. For digital access to NRPA’s flagship publication, Parks & Recreation, visit www. parksandrec-magazine. org.

Media Contact:
Amy Kapp
National Recreation and Park Association
Akapp (at) nrpa (dot) org


Monday, July 23, 2007

Two QHR Management Clients Celebrate "Trustee of the Year" Wins

Two QHR Management Clients Celebrate "Trustee of the Year" Wins

Gritman Medical Center and Rhea Medical Center Leaders Honored by Modern Healthcare

Brentwood, Tenn. (PRWEB) February 23, 2009

B. J. Swanson, chairman of the Board of Trustees at Gritman Medical Center in Moscow, Idaho, and Bob Carty, former board member at Rhea Medical Center in Dayton, Tennessee, have been presented 2009 Trustee of the Year awards by Modern Healthcare (http://www. modernhealthcare. com). The awards were announced in this week's issue of Modern Healthcare. Mr. Carty's award is being given posthumously.

"These awards are significant because they celebrate excellence in healthcare governance, which is critical to a hospital's success," said QHR (http://www. qhr. com) President and CEO James L. Horrar. "That B. J. and Bob were chosen from a field of 64 trustees, representing hospitals of varying sizes nationwide, says so very much about their dedication to and love for their respective hospitals."

B. J. Swanson has been a member of Gritman Medical Center's 10-member board of trustees since 1984. She was named board chair in 2001 and since then has guided the hospital through a series of changes and challenges, including the hospital's conversion to critical access hospital status in 2004, a debilitating flood in 2007, and, most recently, an $18 million new hospital expansion project.

"It's been my privilege and honor to have worked with B. J. during my nine years as president and CEO of Gritman Medical Center. Our hospital enjoys a favorable reputation throughout this region, and much of the reason for this is B. J. and her leadership," said hospital President and CEO Jeff Martin. "We are so excited and proud to see her recognized in this special way."

Bob Carty served on the board of trustees at Rhea Medical Center for nearly 20 years. He was chairman of the Finance/Strategic Planning Committee from 1991 until the time of his death in April 2008.

"Bob was a brilliant professional with a great community spirit; a fine Christian man," said Rhea Medical Center CEO Kenneth Croom. "He put all of his energy into hospital issues, even though it became more and more difficult for him to participate. He was a wonderful man and a great friend."

QHR (http://www. qhr. com) (Quorum Health Resources) has provided consulting, management and education resources to hospitals and health systems for three decades. QHR is the market leader in hospital management, with more than 150 current multi-year clients across the U. S. As a consulting resource, QHR is among the 15 largest healthcare management consulting firms in the U. S., and the QHR Learning Institute trains over 8,000 healthcare professionals each year. For more information, go to www. qhr. com].


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Brain Tumor Survivor's Family Finds Value in Gullikson Foundation Camp Scholarship

Brain Tumor Survivor's Family Finds Value in Gullikson Foundation Camp Scholarship

The Riley Family, who's third of four children is a brain tumor survivor, benefitted from a scholarship provided by the Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation for two of its children to attend Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times.

Grenada Hills, CA (PRWEB) March 3, 2005

A serious illness to one family member affects an entire unit. ThatÂ’s why Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times welcomes children with cancer, their siblings and parents to one of the largest year-round recreational programs at its facility at Mountain CenterÂ’s Apple Canyon Center near Idyllwild, Calif.

The campÂ’s ability to provide a free fun-filled medically supervised camp experience for these children depends on the generosity of supporters like the Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation. Since 1997 the Foundation has provided scholarships for children affected by brain tumors to attend camp and enjoy experiences other kids may take for granted.

“It is really important that kids who are brain tumor survivors have fun and be kids,” said Rosemary Gullikson who serves as the Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation President and is the widow of tennis professional and coach, Tim Gullikson. “Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times is a safe venue with medical care where children can have some of the same experiences that healthy kids and their siblings do. Just the ability to develop socially at camp is a lifetime benefit.”

The Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation was founded by tennis professionals Tim & Tom Gullikson and their families after Tim was diagnosed with brain tumors in 1995. At the time of diagnosis, Tim Gullikson was coach to No. 1 ranked Pete Sampras. His goal in teaming with his family to create the Foundation was to help brain tumor patients and their families manage the physical, emotional and social challenges presented by the disease.

The Riley family of Granada Hills, Calif., knows the benefits of such support. Hospital visits, it says, can be physically and emotionally draining. Bolstered by scholarships provided by the Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation, Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, it found, is a place to enjoy friendship, fun and adventure.

Peter Riley was once a curly red-haired boy who loved dinosaurs and Legos. He was only five years old, but his mother dreamed the super-sized dreams that many parents do – a Super Bowl MVP or as a scientist who traveled the world and beyond. It wasn’t long, however, before Kathy Riley craved ordinary things for her son: a high school diploma, true and lasting friendships, a driver’s license and a first love. The third of four children, Peter Riley was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1993. Now 17, Riley, who struggles socially and is limited intellectually and physically, continues to enjoy activities such as backpacking, rock climbing and other activities that make him feel like he can conquer the world, but only under the guidance of professionals at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times.

“As a parent, I’m grateful to the Gullikson Foundation for providing brain tumor kids with a chance for adventure at camp that they’d never be able to experience anywhere else,” Kathy Riley said.

The Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, assists brain tumor patients and their families deal with the physical, social and emotional challenges presented by the illness.

# # #

Thursday, July 19, 2007



We naturally encounter stress every day and we bring it home. When the body is stressed we get angry and fearful. Our environment also affects our emotions and behavior. When the energy at home is good it supports us, when it is negative it works against us. Here is how you can lighten up your home and your body to create a sanctuary of peace in a not-too-friendly world.

(PRWEB) March 19, 2003


It is physiologically impossible to get angry when your muscles are relaxed. Anger cannot exist without muscle tension and neither can fear. Get in the habit of relaxing your body without tensing one single muscle. Free yourself of anger and fear to be at peace.


Everything in your home, each and every one of your possessions has memory, association or meaning attached to it. Each item symbolizes something to you personally. When you look at something negative, it lowers your energy. When you look at something positive, it raises your energy. Take a look around your home. If something has a negative association like an item from a relationship that ended, something that is broken, or something the family fights about, it will create unnecessary negative energy in the home. The more negatives you have around the house, the more negative the energy in the house. Getting rid of all the negatives and surrounding yourself with positives raises the energy in the house, keeps your energy positive, and supports peace.


Whatever you give your attention, you give your energy. That's how we make mountains out of molehills. We have the ability to make some big, ugly mountains or we can make some big glorious mountains. When we are surrounded by positives, it's easier to make the glorious mountains. There are many places around the home where we can place an inspirational picture, symbol, or words. Early in the morning when you are looking in the bathroom mirror brushing your teeth and fixing your hair, what could be there inspiring you? When you are on your way out the door heading to a job that some days you like and some days you don't, what could be on the wall by the door to give you inspiration to start your day? It can be a picture, a symbol, or words in a frame. It doesn't take much. It doesn't need to be fancy. It just needs to be something you really connect with.

We're all connected by this energy that we're made of. Where our attention goes, energy flows. What are you going to give your energy to today? Negative or positive? War or peace?

Robyn Bentley is a gifted holistic practitioner, author and teacher dedicated to the study of vibrational arts and sciences for the purpose of helping others achieve good health and a better life. She can be reached in Richmond, Virginia at 804-241-1685 or through her web site www. fengshuidiva. com.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NAMI San DiegoÂ’s Walk in Balboa Park Recognizing San Diego Residents Affected by Mental Illnesses

NAMI San DiegoÂ’s Walk in Balboa Park Recognizing San Diego Residents Affected by Mental Illnesses

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of San Diego (NAMI SD) is hosting the organizations nationally held Walk for Wellness, Strides for Mental Health on Saturday, April 17, 2004 in Balboa Park.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) March 6, 2004

Mental Illness is a National crisis, affecting 1 in 4 families in the United States. With limited funding, San Diego’s mental health programs don’t even come close to serving its mentally ill population. On any given night, there are approximately 1,900 homeless mentally ill in San Diego County. These, essentially, ‘ignored residents’ will be recognized in Balboa Park on April 17, 2004 at NAMI San Diego’s Walk for Wellness – Strides for Mental Health.

NAMI is a nonprofit, grassroots, self-help, support, education, and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the lives of all those affected by mental illnesses. As San DiegoÂ’s voice on mental illness, NAMI SD provides education and support for families and persons affected by mental illnesses.

"Our community needs mental health support now more than ever. Our community needs to know where they can reach out for help and obtain resources. Many people in our community are affected by San Diego CountyÂ’s diminishing Mental Health Services. Our walk is an opportunity for our entire community to walk together and reach out to families, friends, colleagues, fellow workers, agencies, businesses, and the community," said Bettie Reindheart, Executive Director of NAMI SD.

The walk will begin at 9 a. m. at the intersection of Quince and 6th Avenue in Balboa Park. Registration begins at eight. There is no fee and free refreshments provided by HenryÂ’s Marketplace, Coffee Ambassador, Penta Water and Ne-MoÂ’s.

Major sponsors like, Qualcomm, 24Hour Fitness, HenryÂ’s Marketplace, Penta Water, CarlÂ’s Jr., Coffee Ambassador and TimelessNow. com are supporting this worthy cause. Resources will be provided by organizations like United Behavioral Health, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, County Mental Health, Mental Health Services, Paradise Valley Hospital and UCSDÂ’s Department of Psychiatry.

"There are a number of organizations in San Diego that provide support, information and resources to those affected by mental illnesses," said Karen Guneck, President of NAMI SD. "We want our community members to know we’re here for them, we encourage them to reach out and get educated”.

Register yourself today! Visit NAMI SD at www. namisandiego. org and click on WALK.


Women's Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Incontinence Guide Informs, Outlines Treatments

Women's Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Incontinence Guide Informs, Outlines Treatments

Cleveland Clinic's new guide for women--Treatment Options for Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse--provides helpful information about the common conditions of urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. It explains the two types of incontinence and defines their symptoms, as well as the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse. Finally, treatment options are detailed, including surgical as well as non-surgical methods.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) September 22, 2009

Nearly one-fourth of all women in the United States have some sort of pelvic floor disorder such as urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse, and more women are likely to be affected as they get older. These statistics underscore the need for increased education about the prevention and treatment of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. A new PDF guide from Cleveland Clinic's Center for Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery does exactly that.

The incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse guide (http://www. clevelandclinic. org/lp/pelvic_organ_prolapse_incontinence/index. html) reveals treatments for both incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. The treatments for incontinence range from simple exercises and bladder training to more sophisticated interventions such as electrical stimulation, biofeedback, and surgical therapies. The surgical therapies include outpatient procedures like the vaginal sling and neuromodulation.

"Women need to understand that these disorders are often a common part of the aging process, and that there is no shame in seeking treatment for incontinence and related pelvic floor disorders," says Dr. Marie Fidela Paraiso, of the Ob/Gyn & Women's Health Institute. "At Cleveland Clinic, we have a comprehensive team that provides state-of-the-art treatment options including both non-surgical and minimally-invasive surgical techniques that offer quick recovery."

"The urogynecologists and urologists at Cleveland Clinic have vast experience in treating vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence, and neurogenic and overactive bladder," says Dr. Sandip Vasavada, of the Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute. "And our team is specially trained to diagnose incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse using basic and advanced urodynamic testing."

Experience matters. Cleveland Clinic's urology and gynecology programs are ranked among the best in the nation and number one in Ohio by U. S.News & World Report.

The treatments for pelvic organ prolapse include laparoscopic and robotic-assisted reconstructive surgery as well as a newer development that uses supportive vaginal mesh. Both procedures restore vaginal anatomy and relieve associated symptoms. More information on incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse treatment options (http://www. clevelandclinic. org/lp/pelvic_organ_prolapse_incontinence/index. html) is available in the new downloadable PDF guide from Cleveland Clinic.

About the Center for Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery:
Cleveland Clinic's Center for Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery is a state-of-the-art, specialized center offering a multidisciplinary team approach for women with urological conditions. The center provides individualized treatment with the latest procedures targeted at comprehensive evaluation and management of disorders from urinary and fecal incontinence to pelvic organ prolapse, in addition to offering complex pelvic reconstruction by open, vaginal, laparoscopic, and robotic-assisted routes, urethrovaginal reconstruction, fistula repair, neuromodulation, vaginal aesthetics, and treatment for bladder, vulvar, and vaginal pain disorders as well as management of complications of vaginal surgery.

About Cleveland Clinic:
Cleveland Clinic, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is a not-for-profit multispecialty academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. Cleveland Clinic was founded in 1921 by four renowned physicians with a vision of providing outstanding patient care based upon the principles of cooperation, compassion and innovation. U. S. News & World Report consistently ranks Cleveland Clinic among the nation's top four hospitals in its annual "America's Best Hospitals" survey. Approximately 1,800 full-time salaried physicians and researchers at Cleveland Clinic and Cleveland Clinic Florida represent more than 100 medical specialties and subspecialties. In 2007, there were 3.5 million outpatient visits to Cleveland Clinic and 50,455 hospital admissions. Patients came for treatment from every state and from more than 80 countries. Cleveland Clinic's Web site address is http://www. clevelandclinic. org (http://www. clevelandclinic. org).

The information contained in this communication was developed by Cleveland Clinic's Marketing Department.


Male Breasts, No Longer a Growing Concern

Male Breasts, No Longer a Growing Concern

Although considered to be only the concern of women, excessive breast tissue, or removal of it, now ranks among the five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures requested by men. Last year alone, nearly 14,000 men underwent breast reduction surgery to remove undesirable breast fat, otherwise known as gynecomastia.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 1, 2005

Although considered to be only the concern of women, excessive breast tissue, or removal of it, now ranks among the five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures requested by men. Last year alone, nearly 14,000 men underwent breast reduction surgery to remove undesirable breast fat, otherwise known as gynecomastia.

According to Harvey Abrams, M. D., a Board Certified cosmetic dermatologist and medical director of Los AngelesÂ’ exclusive Wilshire Aesthetics, its not that men have suddenly started growing breasts, its that the removal of male breast tissue has recently become a much easier, less traumatic experience.

Gynecomastia is a common and embarrassing problem that affects nearly 50% of all men, stated Dr. Abrams. The good news is that we now have several advanced techniques that help us gently and safely remove the unnecessary fat and tissue.

There are several different reasons why one may have gynecomastia, and different treatments for each. For example, for those patients whose enlarged breasts are due to obesity or a genetic predisposition, the most effective treatment is liposuction. During this process, Dr. Abrams makes small punctures into the skin usually in the armpits and the center of the chest. He then injects a fluid to help soften and loosen up the breast tissue. Lastly, he uses a cannula to gently suction out the unwanted fat.

In the specialized case that gynecomastia is due to the use of anabolic or “performance enhancing” steroids, a more aggressive approach is used because these steroids produce tougher, thicker, fibrous tissue. Steroid use can also cause a man’s nipples to appear swollen when they are not and they may be tender to the touch.

Often times the underlying tissue is so tough, it cannot be eliminated through liposuction. The best approach is a small surgical procedure that involves making a small half-moon incision around the base of the darker circular part of areoloa, and then cutting out the hardened tissue.

Recovery time for both of these procedures is four weeks for liposuction and four to eight weeks for surgery.

Dr. Abrams notes that sometimes for optimal results a combination of both procedures can be used. When both of these procedures are performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon, the result should be a chest that appears firm, smooth and masculine.

“Regardless of the cause, gynecomastia makes most men feel self conscious and uncomfortable with their body,” adds Dr. Abrams. “These patients can rest assured that there is a treatment that will help them regain the masculine chest they always had or wanted.”

BIO: Harvey Abrams, M. D. is the Founder and Medical Director of Wilshire Aesthetics in Los Angeles. Dr. Abrams is widely recognized as one of the worldÂ’s leading experts in cosmetic dermatology. He has been called on by many media outlets such as the Leeza GibbonÂ’s Show, Discovery Health Channel, and Soap Talk to discuss developments in dermatology and is a contributing writer for magazines such as Ms. Fitness, Being Alive, IN Los Angeles and La Brea Living. For more information on Dr. Abrams visit www. wilshireaesthetics. com

For more information and interview opportunities, please contact The Professional Image, Inc. (949) 760-1522 or tpi4pr@theprofessionalimage. com

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Open Invention Network Extends The Linux Ecosystem As TomTom Becomes Licensee

Open Invention Network Extends The Linux Ecosystem As TomTom Becomes Licensee

Open Invention Network™ (OIN), the company formed to enable and protect Linux, today extended the Linux ecosystem with the signing of TomTom as a licensee. By becoming a licensee, TomTom has joined the growing list of companies that recognize the importance of participating in a substantial community of Linux supporters and leveraging the Open Invention Network to further spur open source innovation.

Durham, NC (PRWEB) March 23, 2009

Open Invention Network (OIN), the company formed to enable and protect Linux, today extended the Linux ecosystem with the signing of TomTom as a licensee. By becoming a licensee, TomTom has joined the growing list of companies that recognize the importance of participating in a substantial community of Linux supporters and leveraging the Open Invention Network to further spur open source innovation.

Patents owned by Open Invention Network are available royalty-free to any company, institution or individual that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux System. This enables companies to continue to make significant corporate and capital expenditure investments in Linux - helping to fuel economic growth. By developing a web of Linux developers, distributors, sellers, resellers and end-users that license its patent portfolio, Open Invention Network is creating a supportive and shielded ecosystem to ensure the growth and adoption of Linux.

"As we look to enable the Linux Ecosystem, we are pleased to have TomTom become a licensee," said Keith Bergelt, chief executive officer of Open Invention Network. "TomTom is one of a growing number of companies, of all sizes, that value the openness and collaborative culture of the Linux community. We applaud their support for Linux."

"Linux plays an important role at TomTom as the core of all our Portable Navigation Devices," said Peter Spours, director of IP at TomTom. "We believe that by becoming an Open Invention Network licensee, we encourage Linux development and foster innovation in a technical community that benefits everyone."

OIN has accumulated more than 275 strategic, worldwide patents and patent applications. These patents are available to all licensees as part of the patent portfolio that OIN is creating around, and in support of Linux. This makes it economically attractive for companies that want to repackage, embed and use Linux to host specialized services or create complementary products. Additionally, it helps ensure the continuation of innovation that has benefited software vendors, customers, emerging markets and investors.

The Open Invention Network license agreement can be found at http://www. openinventionnetwork. com/pat_license_agreement. php (http://www. openinventionnetwork. com/pat_license_agreement. php).

About Open Invention Network
Open Invention NetworkSM is a collaborative enterprise that enables innovation in open source and an increasingly vibrant ecosystem around Linux by acquiring and licensing patents, influencing behaviors and policy, and protecting the integrity of the ecosystem. It enables the growth and continuation of open source software by fostering a healthy Linux ecosystem of investors, vendors, developers and users.

Open Invention Network has considerable industry backing. It was launched in 2005, and has received investments from IBM, NEC, Novell, Philips, Red Hat and Sony. For more information, go to www. openinventionnetwork. com.

Open Invention Network, the Open Invention Network logo, Linux Defenders, Linux Defenders 911 and the Linux Defenders 911 logo are the property of Open Invention Network, LLC. All other names and brand marks are the property of their respective holders.


David H. Brooks Starts Foundation for America's Wounded Heroes While Supporting Numerous Worldwide Humanitarian Charities

David H. Brooks Starts Foundation for America's Wounded Heroes While Supporting Numerous Worldwide Humanitarian Charities

David H. Brooks has recently started an essential non profit called "The Foundation for American Wounded Soldiers". David H. Brooks' foundation caters to the vital needs of soldiers and soldiers' families in their most tumultuous times. David H. Brooks is also an active humanitarian and philanthropist by means of donating time, effort, and money into numerous non profit organizations worldwide.

Old Westbury, NY (PRWEB) January 2, 2009

David H. Brooks Starts Foundation for America's Wounded Heroes While Supporting Numerous Worldwide Humanitarian Charities

The David H. Brooks Foundation for America's Wounded Heroes is for all of the heroic American soldiers who have served us bravely in battle and have sacrificed in the name of our freedom. This foundation gives all of us an opportunity to give our thanks to the commitment and patriotic acts of these fine soldiers.

David H. Brooks (http://www. davidhbrooks. com) is the founder of DHB industries Inc. He has contributed to US soldiers and police officers all over the world with his remarkable body armor technology. David H. Brooks is responsible for many charitable donations including donations to The Kabbalah Centre and donations to the Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation where he is still currently a dedicated member. He has also donated to the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education in Long Island, The Living Torah Museum, Oneg Shabbos, and The Kabbalah Centre.

With the generous private funding made by David H. Brooks the Foundation for America's Wounded Heroes is graciously providing health care, medicine, counseling, physical therapy, housing assistance and helping the families of disabled survivors. The Foundation for America's Wounded Soldiers continues to touch the hearts of American's everywhere.

America needs saviors like David H. Brooks (http://david-h-brooks. blogspot. com) to provide assistance for people in need. He is out there doing what needs to be done about the futures of our wounded soldiers. We need more people to step up and help during these very hard and stressful times with America's slowing economy, and poor assistance to our soldiers that have been injured fighting for us and our freedom. You can help an American soldier provide food for his family, shelter for their children and physical therapy to get them back on their feet to provide for their families. Don't you think they have earned it? Now is your chance to give back to so many have who have sacrificed, Pledge your support today by donating to the David H. Brooks (http://www. davidhbrooks. org) and save our soldiers from the pain and anguish of returning home from the war.

Http://www. davidhbrooks. com (http://www. davidhbrooks. com)

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Amelia Island Plantation Earns Lifesaving Certification

Amelia Island Plantation Earns Lifesaving Certification

AAA-Four Diamond and Florida-certified Green Lodging Resort recognized as industry standard in both environmental and guest health and well being.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) August 13, 2008

CR Certification Corporation ("CardioReady"), the nation's only provider of independent auditing and certification of cardiac emergency readiness programs, today announced that the Amelia Island Plantation Inn, its Conference centers, and its Beach Club have met the best practices and necessary standards to obtain CardioReady Certification for cardiac emergency preparedness. Amelia Island Plantation features more than 49,000 square feet of versatile function space to accommodate banquets, conferences and theme parties of up to 1,000 guests.

"We are very proud of this accomplishment. CardioReady Certification exemplifies our commitment to the health and safety of our guests and employees," said Richard Goldman, Sr. Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer, Amelia Island Plantation. As travelers become more sophisticated, they expect more. We have delivered better service, better facilities and now, with the AEDs and CardioReady's standards, we are delivering a safer environment for everyone who visits or works at our resort."

"Amelia's commitment to the environment, as well as their attention to detail has always set them apart," said John C. Adderton, President and CEO of CardioReady. "Deploying an emergency response program across their Inn and meeting space areas is another example of their ongoing efforts to raise the bar and deliver on their commitment to their guests."

"Our partnership with Amelia is strong and growing as we now look forward to adding their 72 championship holes to our exclusive list of CardioReady Medalist Certified golf courses in the United States," Adderton added.

CardioReady® Certification assures that a comprehensive and reliable public access AED program is in place which provides immediate AED accessibility, proper AED maintenance, appropriately CPR/AED trained on-site personnel, medical oversight and prompt EMS notification.

About Amelia Island Plantation
Amelia Island Plantation, known for its commitment to nature and the beauty of its property, is a Florida-certified Green Lodging resort. As such, it is recognized for its voluntary commitment to the environment and its innovative programs in energy, lighting and water management, recycling, use of reclaimed water for landscape and golf course irrigation, use of clean and green products in pest control and housekeeping, and transitioning to solar energy and biodegradable containers throughout the resort's 1,350 acres. Just 29 miles northeast of Jacksonville International Airport, the resort boasts 3 ½ miles of wide, uncrowded beach, 72 holes of championship golf, 23 Har Tru® clay tennis courts, 20 pools including the two-tiered three pool Beach Club, luxury spa, nature center, 10 dining options, Segway tours, kayaking, and much more.

About CardioReady Certification Corporation
CR Certification Corporation ("CardioReady"), in collaboration with the American Heart Association, works with industry-leading entities in the markets it serves to reduce death from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) through the education, certification, and promotion of the proper implementation and usage of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). CardioReady is a federally registered certification mark owned by CR Certification Corporation and the company is also an exclusive licensee of AED Patent Holdings, LLC. For additional information, go to www. cardioready. com / info@cardioready. com

CR Certification Corporation Media Contact:
Theresa Thomas
Muhlenkamp Strategic Marketing


WAVE Begins Shipment of Vibration Technology to Physiomed Franchises

WAVE Begins Shipment of Vibration Technology to Physiomed Franchises

WAVE (Whole-Body Advanced Vibration Exercise) is pleased to announce that the company is now the exclusive provider of vibration exercise technology to Physiomed, a multi location health care provider network with comprehensive rehabilitation and wellness programs. Residents of Missisauga, Ontario are the first to experience WAVE's revolutionary technology in the Physiomed facilities, with the implementation of two WAVE Pro Elites in their 160 Dundas Street East location.

(Vocus) August 26, 2009

WAVE (Whole-Body Advanced Vibration Exercise) is pleased to announce that it will be the exclusive provider of vibration exercise technology to Physiomed, a multi location health care provider network with comprehensive rehabilitation and wellness programs. Residents of Missisauga, Ontario are the first to experience WAVE's revolutionary technology in the Physiomed facilities, with the implementation of two WAVE Pro Elites in their 160 Dundas Street East location.

“We’ve looked at several brands in the marketplace, but felt the WAVE provides the quality and features necessary in a medical and rehabilitation setting, in addition to our clinical weight loss and lifestyle wellness programs that address chronic metabolic conditions.” says Dr. Scott Wilson, CEO of Physiomed.

According to Felix Umana, a physiotherapist with Physiomed, “We’re seeing amazing benefits of WAVE technology for our population. From patients with arthritis, sports injuries, to back pain and stroke, the WAVE technology enhances our existing exercise programs and allows us to provide an effective solution for patients that may have difficulty in performing their rehabilitation protocols.”

Physiomed is currently franchising its innovative and efficient clinic model in North America. With 19 clinics already, Physiomed intends to stay on the cutting edge of patient care. “WAVE vibration allows our current clinic owners, and future franchise owners, the opportunity to immediately integrate an effective rehabilitation and fitness solution within their practice without the need to add more space,” says Michael Forint, Vice President of Franchise Operations.

WAVE (Whole-Body Advanced Vibration Exercise) is a North American company that specializes in the manufacture, education, research and training in vibration technology. WAVE technology is currently being used in hospitals, universities, and various rehabilitation facilities throughout North America. For more information on WAVE Inc., please visit us on the web at www. wavexercise. com.

Based on the foundation of "clinical conditioning", Physiomed is a growing chain of multi-disciplinary health and wellness clinics offering patients access to physiotherapists, chiropractors and other regulated health professionals, as well as related health products. Under the corporate name PM Management Systems Inc., Physiomed is currently franchising across Canada and the United States. For more information, visit www. physiomedhealth. com.

Media Contact

Sara Koonar, Marketing Specialist | 960 Edgeley Blvd, Unit #1A Concord, Ont. L4K 4V4

Tel: (905) 761-0440 x: 406/Fax: (905) 761-9089 | Toll free: 1-866-420-7546


Friday, July 13, 2007

Tackling Hard-to-treat Childhood Cancer by Targeting Epigenetic Changes

Tackling Hard-to-treat Childhood Cancer by Targeting Epigenetic Changes

Blocking a histone-modifying enzyme may calm down gene expression driving some leukemias

Ferndale, WA (Vocus) November 3, 2008

A very difficult-to-treat child leukemia may benefit from the discovery of a small but potent epigenetic change that launches the cancer - but could potentially be reversed relatively easily, preventing cancer-promoting genes from being turned on. The study, led by researchers at Children's Hospital Boston and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute], is the cover article in the November 4 issue of Cancer Cell.

While cure rates for the major types of childhood leukemia are now about 80 percent, they are much lower for patients with a subtype of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) known as MLL-AF4, which accounts for 5 percent of all ALLs but 70 percent of ALLs striking infants. Children with this form of leukemia suffer rapid relapses and have a cure rate of just under 50 percent with chemotherapy.

"MLL-AF4 leukemias are very difficult to treat and in desperate need of new therapeutic approaches," says senior investigator Scott Armstrong, MD, PhD, of Children's and Dana-Farber. Like other leukemias, the disease leads to abnormally high numbers of immature, dysfunctional white blood cells that crowd out the bone marrow, interfering with its ability to produce healthy blood cells.

The researchers, led by Armstrong, Andrei Krivtsov, PhD and Zhaohui Feng, also of Children's and Dana-Farber, first developed a mouse model of MLL-AF4, which had eluded scientists in the past. They then showed that the abnormal "fusion" protein that characterizes the disease, also known as MLL-AF4, goes to the cell's DNA and causes abnormal modification of one of the histones, "scaffolding" proteins that give chromosomes their shape and help control gene activation. As a result of this epigenetic change, chromosome structure is altered. This jump-starts activity of a diverse group of genes, including some known to be critical in initiating leukemia.

Studying samples from children with MLL-AF4 leukemias, the team made the same observations. "The fusion protein modifies histones and turns on genes that are not supposed to be turned on, and that initiate the development of the cancer," says Armstrong. "If you could inhibit that abnormal histone modification, you might be able to reverse the tumorigenic properties of the fusion protein."

It appears this inhibition may be relatively simply to accomplish. The researchers went on to demonstrate that MLL-AF4 does its evil work by recruiting an enzyme called DOT1L, which modifies the histone H3 by attaching a methyl group to a particular amino acid. While MLL-AF4 itself would be difficult to target chemically, enzymes are generally fairly easy to target with small-molecule drugs. Simply by inhibiting DOT1L, a variety of critical genes that contribute to the malignancy could potentially be inhibited.

A pharmaceutical DOT1L inhibitor hasn't yet been found, but when the researchers suppressed DOT1L indirectly through RNA interference techniques, the abnormally activated genes were turned off.

"Based on these data, we are searching for small molecules or drugs that inhibit DOT1L," says Armstrong. "Reversal of histone modifications could be an important therapeutic approach for this and potentially other cancers."

Armstrong notes that there are already drugs in clinic that target enzymes that modify histones, namely histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors, which are used to treat a kind of lymphoma and are being tested in other cancers.

The study was funded by the National Cancer Institute, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation.

Children's Hospital Boston is home to the world's largest research enterprise based at a pediatric medical center, where its discoveries have benefited both children and adults since 1869. More than 500 scientists, including eight members of the National Academy of Sciences, 11 members of the Institute of Medicine and 13 members of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute comprise Children's research community. Founded as a 20-bed hospital for children, Children's Hospital Boston today is a 397-bed comprehensive center for pediatric and adolescent health care grounded in the values of excellence in patient care and sensitivity to the complex needs and diversity of children and families. Children's also is the primary pediatric teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. For more information about the hospital and its research visit: www. childrenshospital. org/newsroom (http://www. childrenshospital. org/newsroom).

Rob Graham
Children's Hospital Boston
Rob. graham @ childrens. harvard. edu


Core, Life in Balance, Inc. Names Phoenix/Atlanta Marketing Firm Zion & Zion as Agency of Record; Firm to Handle Advertising, PR, and Online Initiatives

Core, Life in Balance, Inc. Names Phoenix/Atlanta Marketing Firm Zion & Zion as Agency of Record; Firm to Handle Advertising, PR, and Online Initiatives

Glendale, AZ based Core, Life In Balance Inc., a leader in the areas of metabolic testing and integrated fitness and nutritional programming, has named Phoenix and Atlanta based full service marketing firm Zion & Zion as its agency of record. Zion & Zion's expanded role includes handling all advertising, public relations, and online initiatives for the company.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) May 29, 2007

With obesity having reached epic proportions and with amateur athletes' emerging interest in high tech fitness, Glendale based Core, Life In Balance Inc., is poised to help thousands of Arizona residents to achieve their weight loss and athletic performance goals.

Opening its door on January 1st of this year, Core partnered with Phoenix and Atlanta based marketing firm Zion & Zion to get off to a slingshot start, contracting with the marketing firm to develop the company's brand identity, data-driven website, sales collaterals, and public relations campaign.

Medical research in both weight loss and athletic performance improvement by several authorities, including the Journal of Applied Physiology and the American Journal of Physiology, has indicated that the key to individual success lies not in fad diets and unsustainable nutrition and fitness programs but in understanding and altering an individual's metabolism. Since late last year, Zion & Zion has worked with Core to build an awareness campaign around this concept, labeling it as an individual's Metabolic FingerprintTM.

John Crow, Core's managing partner, had this to say, "Zion & Zion's public relations people have already gotten us on Good Morning Arizona and Arizona Midday and in The Arizona Republic. What's more, the interactive marketing campaigns they've conducted for us have been driving hundreds of leads to the website they designed for us, where we've been signing up enough new clients that we're now opening up our second location."

The key differentiator and driver of the success of Core Inc.'s programs lies in first identifying a client's Metabolic FingerprintTM through metabolic testing, taking only a few minutes, and then working with the client over a period of weeks to both take advantage of, and alter, the client's Metabolic FingerprintTM through integrated, individualized nutritional and fitness program planning.

Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion stated, "The first phase of our work with Core was to craft a brand differentiated both visually and in messaging in order to drive home the concept and power of the Metabolic FingerprintTM and to then get media attention for the company. Now we're going to be working to grow the company and to increase brand equity."

Interested parties can learn more about Core by visiting the Core website, designed by Zion & Zion, at www.1corelife. com.

About Core's Management:
For several decades, the highly qualified management team at Core has been helping people to improve their health and athletic abilities through application of proven nutrition and fitness programs. Core's key management includes Andrea Albanil, Erik Heywood, Renee Hanson, and John Crow.

Andrea holds an MS degree in Public Health from UCLA as well as both a BS in Medical Dietetics and a BS in Nutrition and Physical Fitness, from the University of Missouri. Andrea is a Registered Dietitian, accredited by the American Dietetic Association and holds specialty certificates in Adult Weight Management and is a Certified Diabetes Educator. Her clinical experience includes UCLA's Gonda Diabetes Center where she served as diabetes education program director.

Erik Heywood's background includes a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Fitness and graduate work in Exercise Physiology. Erik is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a certified Health/Fitness Instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine, and a Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He also holds a credential as a Post Rehabilitation Specialist through IDEA/Physiotherapy Associates.

About Zion & Zion:
With operations based out of Phoenix and Atlanta, Zion & Zion is a full service marketing strategy, advertising, public relations, and interactive marketing firm. Zion & Zion has clients across a broad range of industries including: healthcare, consumer products, higher education, food service, hospitality, fitness, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, fine art, banking, and retail. Zion & Zion's employees include experts with graduate and post-graduate training in business, engineering, marketing, and consumer psychology as well as specialists in the areas of graphic design, web programming, public relations, and advertising.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Joys of Live Alchemy - Prosperity at Your Finger-tips

The Joys of Live Alchemy - Prosperity at Your Finger-tips

What is the key to living a simple prosperous life? Simple as it may seem, most people find easy-going, joyful living, impossible to achieve. How can Mr. & Mrs. Joe change direction?

(PRWEB) June 1, 2005

What is the key to living a simple prosperous life? Simple as it may seem, most people find easy-going, joyful living, impossible to achieve. Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe have mortgages to pay, high school fees, high medical insurance fees, irate bosses who demand more for less pay, aged parents to care for and if that is not enough, the media keep ramming negative news down their throats. How can Mr. & Mrs. Joe change direction?

Michael Levy has penned a new book "The Joys of Live Alchemy." It does not hold back from truthful revelations that can make all the difference... For sure, it is not your normal spiritual self-help book.

Michael says "No guru or financial/inspirational expert has any more power or knowledge than you have at this moment in time. It's just that you are not aware of the powers of live alchemy you possess and how you can find every answer to any problem you face now and in the future"

Michael started out with sixty dollars in his pocket at nineteen years of age. By the time he was 28 years old he was driving his first Rolls Royes. He has always lived debt free and never needed any help from doctors or medications to maintain perfect health. He retired successfully from the business world aged 46. Now at 60 years young he has written his fifth revealing, authentic information book that is already getting rave reviews.

The director of studies at the International Society of Philosophers said, quote "Michael Levy's new book is a treasure trove of philosophical advice which everyone can understand and enjoy"

Book Details:

"The Joys of Live Alchemy" by Michael Levy

ISBN: 0-9668069-6-4

Publication date: 1st June 05.

Price: US$14.95;

Target Audience: Mind/Body/Spirit

Pages: 144

Cover: Softbound

Size: 6" x 9" (150mm x 230mm)

Copyright: 2005

ISBN: 0-9668069-6-4


Michael Levy. Professional Optimist

Point of Life inc

Fort Lauderdale

Fl 33308


Http://www. pointoflife. com (http://www. pointoflife. com)
Perfect peace, perfect love, perfect mind, all live in a perfect place_ Michael Levy.

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