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IntelliSoft Group Helping to Meet the Challenges of OPPE/FPPE in Medical Credentialing

IntelliSoft Group Helping to Meet the Challenges of OPPE/FPPE in Medical Credentialing

Medical credentialing software by IntelliSoft Group, contains sophisticated functionality in automated credentialing, to help you meet the Joint Commission's regulations for OPPE and FPPE compliance.

Nashua, NH (Vocus) June 3, 2009

The Joint Commission recently introduced revised credentialing medical credentialing software (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com) and privileging standards. These revisions are tied directly to the privileges being sought by and granted to practitioners. The six areas of ”General Competency” as developed by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) are used in the ongoing monitoring and measurement of the quality of the practitioner’s professional practice.

Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) allows the organized medical staff to focus its evaluation on specific aspects of a practitioner’s performance. It is used as a period of time which confirmation must be obtained, in relation to the practitioner’s competency http://www. intellisoftgroup. com (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com) physican credentialing (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com) within the organization’s setting, and for questions relating to a practitioner’s professional practice during the course of the Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE).

Credentialing credentialing software (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com) and privileging are performed in a cyclical process. Practitioners are evaluated when privileges are initially granted, then every two years thereafter. The OPPE process requires medical staff to conduct ongoing evaluations of each practitioner’s professional performance. This process allows for early discovery of problems related to a practitioner, and provides a more efficient privilege renewal process based on actual evidence.

IntelliCred, by IntelliSoft Group, http://www. intellisoftgroup. com (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com) medical credentialing (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com) is an automated medical credentialing software credentialing software (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com) product. Our software contains sophisticated functionality that healthcare credentialing automated credentialing (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com) professionals require, to comply with the Joint Commission’s regulations. Encompassing additional program modules such as Peer Review, Q. A. and Privileging, IntelliCred provides these professionals with the capability to create credentialing criteria used in performance monitoring. It is important that practitioner’s provider credentialing (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com) who deliver patient care at your organization, are credentialed properly, and held to the quality standards created by your organization and the Joint Commission.

An industry leader since 1997 with over 450 customers in the U. S. and Puerto Rico, and V. I. IntelliSoft Group is a national supplier of automated credentialing and innovative practitioner management solutions. We offer a wide array of software products, training, implementation and technical support. IntelliSoft Group’s sophisticated software streamlines the medical credentialing process, meeting the demands of today’s healthcare professional. For more information, please contact us at 888-634-4464, online at intellisoftgroup. com (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com), healthcare credentialing (http://www. intellisoftgroup. com) or sales(at)intellisoftgroup. com